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Ready for the smart quiz? 90 questions and answers to them about space. How much do you know about the planets, about the Universe and our solar system? Do you want to test your knowledge? Then let's check them out right now together. It will be interesting, informative and just useful!


Remember what you forgot, find out what you did not know, and do not forget to show off your new knowledge with your friends on New Year's holidays.


Quiz: a list of questions and answers on the topic of space


So, Bemorepand's editors have selected 90 questions of varying complexity, the answers to some of which can be found by both novice astronomers and advanced people who are interested in the question…



1. When will Halley's comet be seen next?

Answer: She will return in 2061.


2. Which constellation is located in the hottest place in the universe?

Answer: Virgo.


3. What is the most plausible estimate of the age of the Earth?

Answer: 4.54 billion years.


4. On which planet can rain of diamonds be found?

Answer: Saturn.


5. What is the closest planet to the Sun?

Answer: Mercury.


6. How many stars are in our star system (galaxy)?

Answer: About 200 billion.


7. How many planets in our solar system are made of gas?

Answer: Four.


8. Who was the first person to go into space?

Answer: Yuri Gagarin.


9. What is the most common type of star in the Milky Way?

Answer: Red dwarfs.


10. One of the most famous constellations is Orion. In honor of whom did it get its name?

Answer: In honor of the hunter in Greek myth.


11. How many volcanoes do you think are on the surface of Venus?

Answer: More than 1600 volcanoes.



12. Physical space is often represented in how many linear dimensions?

Answer: In three linear dimensions.


13. What stars in the universe have a rotation speed of 600 revolutions per second?

Answer: Neutron stars.


14. The weight of the Sun in relation to the total mass of the solar system?

Answer: 99.866% of the total mass of the entire solar system.


15. Which planet in our solar system is the densest and has only one satellite?

Answer: Earth.


16. The word "astrophysics" comes from a combination of Greek words. Do you know what the word "Astro" refers to?

Answer: Star.


17. What is the second smallest planet in our solar system?

Answer: Mars.


18. What is the brightest planet in the night sky?

Answer: Venus.


19. Which planet has the most moons?

Answer: Saturn.



20. In what year was Pluto reclassified as a dwarf planet?

Answer: 2006.


21. Where can you find the biosphere?

Answer: The lower part of the atmosphere, the entire hydrosphere and the upper part of the lithosphere.


22. What phenomena keep the planets in a stable orbit around the Sun?

Answer: Gravity.


23. What color would the sky be if you were standing on the Moon and the Sun was shining on you?

Answer: Black.


24. Who was the first person to walk on the moon?

Answer: Neil Armstrong.


25. Who was the first woman to go into space?

Answer: Valentina Tereshkova


26. What color is the Sun?

Answer: The sun appears white to the eye.


27. What elements does the Sun consist of?

Answer: First of all, hydrogen and helium, with a number of some other microelements.


28. Which celestial body in the solar system has the largest mass?

Answer: Sun.



29. What is space debris?

Answer: Any artificial object left to fly in Earth's orbit.


30. How many stars make up Ursa Major?

Answer: 7 stars.


31. Why does the moon glow?

Answer: The moon does not glow by itself, but only reflects sunlight.


32. What is the third brightest celestial object in the sky?

Answer: Venus.


33. How does a meteor become a meteorite?

Answer: When it falls to the surface of the Earth, burning up in the atmosphere.


34. What is the frequency of lunar eclipses?

Answer: At least twice a year.


35. How old is the universe?

Answer: Approximately 13.8 billion years.


36. Imagine that we have arrived at the next planet, Venus. In visible light, we cannot see the surface of Venus from space. Why?

Answer: Venus is covered by a thick layer of clouds.


37. What is the distance between Earth and Mars?

Answer: About 56 million km.



38. Which planet is closest in size to Earth?

Answer: Venus.


39. How many stars are there in the Andromeda Galaxy?

Answer: One trillion.


40. What is an Emission Nebula?

Answer: An interstellar cloud that emits light in the optical range due to the ionization of the gas of which it is composed.


41. What is the size of the Earth in kilometers?

Answer: 40 075.


42. What percentage of the mass of our solar system are the planets?

Answer: 0.135% of the mass of the solar system.


43. On which planet does the wind speed exceed supersonic?

Answer: Neptune.


44. This planet, also known as the "morning star" and "evening star", has long inspired poets. What is this planet?

Answer: Venus.


45. What is the name of the planet, which is sometimes called the sister of the Earth?

Answer: Venus.


46. What are the five most famous dwarf planets?

Answer: Pluto, Ceres, Eris, Makemake and Haumea.


47. What is the name of the planet closest to the Sun?

Answer: Mercury.


48. What is the smallest planet in our solar system?

Answer: Mercury.



49. Around which planet does the moon called Titan revolve?

Answer: Saturn.


50. Which planet is larger - Neptune or Saturn?

Answer: Saturn.


51. What protects the Earth from meteorites and solar radiation?

Answer: Atmosphere.


52. How many planets can be seen without a telescope?

Answer: 5 - Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.


53. Phobos and Deimos are satellites of which planet?

Answer: Mars.


54. Which planets do not have moons?

Answer: Mercury and Venus.


55. Which planet rotates around its axis the fastest?

Answer: Jupiter.


56. How long is a year on Jupiter?

Answer: 12 Earth years.


57. What is the oldest planet in our solar system?

Answer: Jupiter.



58. What is the densest planet in our solar system?

Answer: Earth.


59. Which planets have rings?

Answer: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.


60. Which planet has the most volcanoes?

Answer: Venus.


61. What are the names of the four largest moons of Jupiter?

Answer: Europa, Ganymede, Callisto and Io.


62. Which planet rotates in the opposite direction relative to the others?

Answer: Venus.


63. What are the four planets - "gas giants"?

Answer: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.


64. What are the four terrestrial planets in the solar system?

Answer: Mercury, Venus, Mars and Earth.


65. Why does Mercury have craters?

Answer: Its atmosphere is too thin for meteoroids to burn up without harming the surface.


66. Which star is the center of our solar system?

Answer: Sun.


67. How old is the Sun?

Answer: Approximately 4.5 billion years.



68. How long does it take for the sun's rays to reach the earth?

Answer: Eight minutes.


69. When was the solar system formed?

Answer: 4.5 billion years ago.


70. If you weighed 80 kg on Earth, how much would you weigh on Mars?

Answer: 30 kg.


71. What causes the ebb and flow?

Answer: Gravity of the Sun and Moon.


72. How long does a solar eclipse last?

Answer: About seven and a half minutes.


73. Name the three most famous asteroids.

Answer: Ceres, Pallas, Vesta.


74. What is the name of a large number of meteoroids that appear at the same time and in the same place?

Answer: Meteor shower.


75. How many Earths can fit inside the Sun?

Answer: One million.


76. What color is the sunset on Mars?

Answer: Blue.


77. Where can you go to see projections of the night sky?

Answer: Planetarium.



78. What is the name of the outer atmosphere of the Sun?

Answer: Crown.


79. How is the distance between the Sun and the Earth measured?

Answer: In astronomical units (AU).


80. How long does it take for the moon to go through all its phases?

Answer: 29 days.


81. Where is the Oort cloud located?

Answer: Right behind Pluto.


82. How long does it take for the Moon to complete a revolution around the Earth?

Answer: 27 days.


83. Who was the third astronaut to walk on the moon?

Answer: Pete Conrad.


84. Which astronaut is famous for writing his daughter's initials on the moon?

Answer: Gene Cernan.



85. What are the names of the storms created by the Sun?

Answer: Solar storms.


86. In what constellation are the stars Castor and Pollux?

Answer: Gemini.


87. What studies stars, planets and galaxies?

Answer: Astronomy.


88. Which constellation has the shape of a winged horse?

Answer: Pegasus.


89. Which star is closest to the Earth?

Answer: Sun.


90. What is the name of the path traveled by a celestial body in space?

Answer: Orbit.




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Surely each of us at least once in his life wondered, looking into the starry sky - what is there, beyond our Earth? Are there brothers in mind in these endless expanses? We are not talking about the sacramental question "Is there life on Mars?".


About black holes, wandering planets and other space facts - in short and accessible language


Of course, from school textbooks on astronomy, we remember something about our Universe, but over time, if you do not get carried away with this subject, knowledge is forgotten. But that's not the point. It's just that new facts about space are constantly being discovered - from a mega-huge void to "Planet Nine". Or, for example, have you heard about white holes? We were not mistaken, it was about whites (you probably already know about blacks anyway). And how long do you think a person can stay in outer space without a spacesuit?


Do you want to know? Then read our selection. We promise: you will learn a lot for yourself.



1. Any freely moving fluid in outer space will turn into a sphere.


2. The mass of the Sun occupies 99.86% of our solar system.


3. The biggest black hole - Monster Black Hole.


4. If a star passes too close to a black hole, it can be torn apart.


5. The gravity of Jupiter attracts a large percentage of asteroids, and this protects us from cosmic collisions.


6. Saturn would float in water if there was a suitable container.


7. We know more about Mars and our Moon than we do about our oceans.


8. There are more stars in the Universe than there are grains of sand on all the beaches of the Earth. That's at least a billion trillion!


9. Earth's Moon is the fifth largest moon in the solar system.


10. Metallic snow and sulfuric acid rain on Venus.


11. Scientists have discovered a 1 billion light-year-wide void in space that could be a parallel universe.


12. Saturn has a huge extra ring that was only discovered in 2009.



13. About once a year, an asteroid the size of a car enters the Earth's atmosphere, but it burns up before it reaches us.


14. Neutron stars can rotate 600 times per second.


15. More than a million Earths can fit inside the Sun, and the Sun is considered a medium-sized star.


16. Comets are the remnants of the creation of our solar system about 4.5 billion years ago, they are composed of sand, ice and carbon dioxide.


17. There is a planet made of diamonds.


18. About 1.4 billion years ago, a day on Earth lasted only 18 hours and 41 minutes.


19. The International Space Station orbits the Earth every 90 minutes.


20. For many years, it was believed that the Earth was the only planet in our solar system with liquid water. Most recently, NASA presented the most compelling evidence that Mars also periodically flows water!


21. The International Space Station (ISS) is the size of a football field.


22. More than 4,000 exoplanets are known, and their number continues to grow.



23. Mercury is still contracting.


24. At the edge of the solar system there may be a huge planet, nicknamed "Planet Nine".


25. Stars twinkle because light is distorted as it passes through the Earth's atmosphere.


26. Pluto is smaller than the United States.


27. The first living mammal to go into space was a dog named Laika from Russia.


28. There is complete silence in space, because there is no air in space - this is a vacuum.


29. At the center of the Milky Way galaxy are tens of thousands of black holes.


30. The largest known asteroid is 940 km wide.


31. Saturn has 83 known moons and the number continues to grow.


32. There are 2,000,000,000,000 galaxies in the observable universe.


33. Gamma-ray bursts can release more energy in 10 seconds than our Sun in its entire 10 billion years of its life.



34. Shooting stars are space junk that burns up as they enter the Earth's atmosphere.


35. If you drill a tunnel through the Earth and jump into it, you will reach the other side in 42 minutes and 12 seconds.


36. The estimated cost of a NASA spacesuit made in 1974 is between $15 million and $22 million per unit.


37. If two pieces of the same type of metal come into contact in space, they will forever unite.


38. On Titan, the satellite of Saturn, there are also lakes. The liquid in Titan's lakes is not water, but a substance called methane.


39. The moon has the shape of a lemon.


40. To date, more than 600 people have been in space.


41. The sun makes a complete revolution once every 25-35 days.


42. We always see the same side of the Moon, no matter where we are on Earth.



43. There is a planet in our galaxy where the daytime temperature is almost 1093.333 degrees Celsius, and it may be raining glass horizontally.


44. Halley's Comet won't orbit Earth again until 2061.


45. Planets can wander in space without a parent star.


46. Only 5% of the Universe is visible from Earth.


47. You can't walk on Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus or Neptune because they don't have a solid surface!


48. If you could fly a plane to Pluto, the journey would take over 800 years.


49. Black holes have theoretical opposites known as white holes.


50. Powerful volcanic eruptions occur on Jupiter's moon Io.


51. There are mountains on Pluto.


52. One teaspoon of a neutron star would weigh as much as Mount Everest.


53. The moon is moving further away from the Earth every year.


54. You would last in space for about 15 seconds without a space suit.



55. Russian cosmonaut Gennady Padalka spent the most in space - 879 days.


56. The rings of Saturn seem to disappear from time to time.


57. If you fell into a black hole, you would stretch out like spaghetti.


58. The dead skin of your feet flakes off in space.


59. The star VY Canis Majoris is the largest star in the universe, its diameter is about 2000 times the diameter of our Sun.


60. The hottest planet in our solar system is Venus, whose temperature reaches 464°C.



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Autumn is the time for romance, home comfort, the beauty of nature, warm blankets, and strong relationships. In autumn, in a rainy season, you want that person you will go through life cheerfully and boldly and whom you will love with all your heart.


How to understand that this is my man


Perhaps that is why people so often fall in love in such an environment ... but not all lovers can admit this to the object of their adoration. But he doesn’t have to admit it because it’s not so difficult to calculate for a woman, and we will give 20 signs indicating that someone nearby is breathing unevenly toward you.


The good news is that you can catch a lot of signs that will give away true feelings. And best of all, they are all scientifically based, so you can be sure they will be accurate! Here is a comprehensive list of signs a man is in love with a woman, from his subtle change in habitual behavior to apparent signals that he is head over heels in love with you.



1. He talks about a future together


If he talks about how fun your next vacation will be together, what kind of house you would like to live in, or your idea of ​​a family, it means one thing: he has a vision for your future together and wants to talk about it!


Marisa T. Cohen, assistant professor of psychology at St. Francis College, says, "When partners push each other to answer these questions, it shows a certain level of intimacy." This doesn't necessarily mean he wants it right now, but he does show interest in your aspirations. This matters a lot because he wants to ensure your intentions are compatible.


2. He tries to make you happy


Although these gestures are lovely, this does not mean just giving you flowers and dedicating songs. He does everything possible to correct the situation when he sees that you are upset or sad. He might offer to cook for you when you're tired from work, or if he sees you're having a bad day, he might try to cheer you up with a surprise gift or an unexpected visit. He wants to make sure that your life is as comfortable as possible because he sincerely wants to see you happy.


3. He steps out of his comfort zone for you.


It's one thing to be nice, but it's another thing to go out of your way to try something new just because your partner wants it. Research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology shows that if he is willing to try new activities or experience new experiences that he is not used to, he is trying to bring the relationship to a new, trusting level.


4. He looks into your eyes


One win-win method can help determine if a man has fallen in love with you - and this is his look. When a person is in love, his eyes naturally turn to another person's face; this is one of the bases of psychology and human behavior. So if he looks at you with dreamy eyes, as if he is trying to look into your soul, he may be in love with you!


5. He is not shy about revealing his intimate details in front of you.


Don't let the word "intimate" fool you. Sex certainly plays an important role, but it's just a component of what creates intimacy, according to Marisa T. Cohen. He may talk about his first kiss or favorite book as a child. Maybe it will be something more serious, like his biggest fears and secrets or his family history. It doesn't matter what it is - the point is that he opens up to you, and you see him as the most vulnerable, which means that he feels safe enough around you to reveal something that he has not told anyone before (or almost nobody).



6. He shows affection in public


A man in love will often not be able to take his eyes off you and his hands. They will unnoticeably end up on your shoulder, waist, or even your forehead when he removes a strand of hair from your face one day. He may even take your hand while talking to someone else, just like that, for no apparent reason.


7. He's become more optimistic lately.


If he's acting happier than usual, he has some strong feelings for you. A German study reports that stable relationships help us feel better about life and reduce our tendency to be irritable, anxious, and emotionally unstable.


8. He makes plans


Does he seem excited about what you guys are doing together? Does he remember your work schedule and try to align it with his so you can spend more time with each other? This is a sure sign that he is involved in a love game and wants to build something more for two.


9. He invests a lot of time in your relationship.


If you're curious to know if a man is in love with you, here's a little tip: check how much time he invests in your relationship. According to a study from Purdue University, we are naturally more likely to be committed to someone with whom we have a satisfying relationship. If he does his best to spend time with you, he is clearly in love.


10. He does everything for you.


You may have heard the saying, "You will know them by their fruits." When a man does something for you, it shows that he cares about your needs, wants to make your life easier, and helps you when he can. The best thing to do is not just thank him but ask him what he needs help with. This will show him that you also care about him and his feelings.



11. He thinks about you


He might tell you a funny story, ask you questions about himself, or comment on something you've posted on social media before. Or maybe he can mention a song, video, or something else that reminded him of you - all signs that he thought about you and would like to tell you about it.


12. He always puts you first.


We are not talking here about the fact that a man in love will leave all his friends so that you become his top priority for the rest of his life. That would be crazy, or at least not very healthy behavior. But you might start noticing that he lets you choose your next date, does things for you without much objection, and generally tries to do something that pleases you. Do you think it's disingenuous? Not always!


A study published in Europe's Journal of Psychology concludes that these small but selfless acts are clear signs of compassionate love, which correlates with romantic love.


13. When you laugh, he laughs too


This may seem like an obvious sign, but laughter is truly one of the best ways to connect with other people. Evolutionary psychology research shows that men use humor to gauge a woman's interest. If the two of you constantly laugh at each other's jokes, it's a sign that the love chemistry is natural and his feelings for you run deep.


14. You are already in love with him


When it comes to love, things are a little easier for women. A Spanish study found that women in love are more likely to get love back than men. The study goes deeper, theorizing that women tend to be more selective about their partners. Conversely, men tend to say they are in love, even if they know this feeling can be unrequited.


15. You can feel his heartbeat match yours.


The natural connection of partners is more profound than we think. According to a study from the University of Colorado Boulder, when two people in love sit close together, their heartbeats and breathing tend to naturally sync and match—the body does this unconsciously.



16. He says “we” all the time


It's one of those things that may not be easy to notice, but it indicates that he's in love with you. And he says this not only because he feels that he needs it but because strong couples sincerely consider both parties to be essential elements of the picture when they make plans or discuss with others something that concerns both of them. This is why the verbal shift towards "we" is so natural.


17. He stopped cleaning up after himself.


This may sound like a bad sign, but hear us out. When a relationship starts, we all try to be the best version of ourselves. Graceful, gorgeous, charming - whatever. But over time, once we begin to feel comfortable with each other, it's okay to let down our guard and show those sides of ourselves that aren't entirely pleasant, says Marisa T. Cohen. It's not a reason to be repulsive or disrespectful, but it does show that he's comfortable enough around you.


18. He reciprocates your interest


Sex and relationship expert Shan Budram explains that the way he interacts with you speaks volumes. Suppose he gives you his full attention when you're together, responds to your text messages at a relatively reasonable time, and doesn't cancel plans at the last minute. In this case, it is safe to assume that things are going in the right direction. Especially in the early stages of your relationship, he is already looking forward to spending time with you and wants to ensure that he does not miss any opportunities for intimacy or communication.


19. He interacts with your social networks


It's not necessarily a sign of love per se, but asking about your friends and family or commenting on your photos in an attempt to make contact means a lot in this age. Christy Overstreet, a clinical sexologist and psychotherapist, confirms that these are all great signs that what he feels for you goes beyond friendship.


20. He writes and mentions you


As soon as this happens, know - this is a vital sign! Shan Budram is sure that this is a clear signal that he is in love, as he is comfortable informing his closest friends and family about his feelings for you.





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A rising sign is a sign that rises on the eastern horizon at the time of birth and is visible from the place of birth. It is used to mark the dividing line of the First House, which is associated with the physical body. Not only the exact degree of the ecliptic to which this sign rises is essential but also the entire zodiac sign to which it belongs. As a result of the continuous movement of the Earth, the angle of inclination of the ecliptic in degrees changes every four minutes. Bearers of the same sign of the Zodiac, born with a difference of more than four minutes, may have a different ascending sign.


The ascending sign's elevation angle on the chart indicates a dense line of electromagnetic energy passing into the astral body. People with clairvoyance see it. Most people do not know the exact time of birth. Even parents are surprised when asked to remember the birth time.


Practicing astrologers use various methods to solve this problem. It is possible to calculate based on the dates of important events: the first serious illness, accidents, parents' death, marriage, the birth of a child, etc. Another method is based on comparing the positions of the Houses and the mutual position of the stars and planets in the human mountain with his social status, character traits, type of work, or occupation. If the moment of conception is known, it is possible to determine the ascending sign.


How to determine your rising sign


To determine your rising sign (Ascendant), you can use a simple method: 


This method requires knowing the exact time of sunrise and sunset on the day you were born. This information is in any tear-off calendar. Most often, such sources indicate Moscow time.


So, knowing the time of sunrise and sunset, you can calculate your rising sign:



1. If you were born at dawn, the Ascendant is in your sign. That is your zodiac sign = ascending sign.


2. If your birth time is 2 to 4 hours after sunrise, your rising sign will move one step. (If you are an Aries, your rising sign is Taurus).


3. If your birth time is 4 to 6 hours after sunrise, your rising sign will move two steps. (If you are an Aries, your rising sign is Gemini).


4. If you were born in the middle of the day, your rising sign shifts three steps between morning and evening twilight. (If you are an Aries, your rising sign is Cancer).


5. If you were born 4 to 6 hours before sunset, your rising sign shifts four steps. (If you are an Aries, your rising sign is Leo).


6. If you were born 2 to 4 hours before sunset, your rising sign shifts five steps. (If you are an Aries, your rising sign is Virgo).


7. If you were born at sunset, your rising sign shifts six steps. (If you are an Aries, your rising sign is Libra).


8. If your birth time is 2 to 4 hours after sunset, your rising sign will move seven steps. (If you are an Aries, your rising sign is Scorpio).


9. If your birth time is 4 to 6 hours after sunset, your rising sign moves eight steps. (If you are an Aries, your rising sign is Sagittarius).



10. If you were born about halfway between sunset and dawn (a long winter night), your rising sign shifts nine steps. (If you are an Aries, your rising sign is Capricorn).


11. If you were born 4 to 6 hours before dawn, your rising sign moves ten steps. (If you are an Aries, your rising sign is Aquarius).


12. If you were born 2 to 4 hours before dawn, your rising sign shifts eleven steps. (If you are an Aries, your rising sign is Pisces).


If you are too lazy to count, you can use any of the many free electronic programs distributed on the Internet at the request of "CALCULATION OF THE ASCENDING SIGN" or contact an astrologer.


Check your rising sign, and then look at the descriptions below to see how it affects your character and relationships. As examples of the location of the Ascendant in different signs of the Zodiac, we present here famous personalities who need no introduction.


Rising sign in Aries

Being an impulsive and openly brave person, you always try to be one step ahead of others. You have a heightened sense of justice, but you may be disrespectful or even rude in achieving it. You react to changing circumstances around you spontaneously and with lightning speed. Sometimes your actions can be similar to how small children react to events. A distinctive feature of your appearance may be a reddish complexion or a large or snub nose.


Rising sign in Taurus

Outwardly, you can look gentle and slightly passive. However, at the same time, you are very stubborn, and this is one of your best positive qualities. However, you can get angry and lose your temper if your safety is threatened. Outwardly, you can be wonderful and, perhaps, will have a melodious voice. At the same time, even with mediocre innate abilities for music, you will strive to realize yourself in creativity. There is a tendency to be overweight, which many of you carefully hide.


Rising sign in Gemini

With mobile facial features, outwardly, you give the impression of a vibrant and friendly person. At the same time, you, being a skilled interlocutor, are likely to be involved in some area related to communication with people. With some practice, you can do several things at the same time. For example, you can receive information from the Internet and simultaneously talk on a cell phone. Such violent brain activity requires endurance and self-discipline from you.


Rising sign in Cancer

You have an innate desire to take care of your loved ones. Therefore, you will do everything to ensure that your loved ones remain in the space of coziness and comfort. At the same time, you tend towards mood swings, which may be associated with not very clear reasons that are difficult to explain to other people. Your appearance will watch towards rounded shapes, whether you play sports or not. In addition, people of this type can be distinguished by large round eyes, which cannot be confused with anything.


Rising sign in Leo

You like to be in public or gather around you an audience of grateful listeners who will, at a minimum, carefully look at you and listen, and at most, do it with admiring faces. Only when you are in society can you reach your full potential. You like to be in the spotlight and give the public a reason to discuss your persona. Your appearance is often distinguished by bright clothes and an unusual voluminous hairstyle, slightly reminiscent of a lion's mane.


Rising sign in Virgo

Your body is so complicated that even the most minor details can cause illness. You are strict not only to yourself but also to the people around you. Always look neat and hate dirt. The desire for a healthy lifestyle is in your blood so you can look younger.


Rising sign in Libra

It so happens that Libra is the only sign of the Zodiac whose symbol is neither human nor animal. Scales are a mechanism. Therefore, people with an ascending sign of Libra may differ in a certain coldness about what is happening. This gives your appearance a certain charm and makes other people view you as a detached and, therefore, fair person who can resolve a dispute and prevent the development of a conflict in the future. Often the face of such a person can be marked with dimples on the cheeks.


Rising sign in Scorpio 

You look like a relatively friendly and open person, capable of attracting the attention of others with all his appearance. At the same time, you can be very prudent and never lay out what you have accumulated in your soul to unfamiliar people. Emotional security is of paramount importance to you. Outwardly, you can be distinguished by dark eyes or an intense look that will not leave anyone indifferent. Men are often characterized by a large forehead and a squinty face.


Rising sign in Sagittarius

You are an eternal optimist and dreamer who constantly strives to discover new horizons for yourself. However, looking into the future, you risk losing sight of what is directly in front of your eyes. Sitting in one place for a long time affects you exceptionally negatively, and the only way to solve the problem is to move forward. You may be distinguished by a long neck or an unusually shaped nose. And women of this type usually prefer to wear short haircuts, or if you do have long hair, you can often be seen with a ponytail.


Rising sign in Capricorn

You are pretty serious about life in general and your role in society. Your distinctive character traits are prudence, commitment, and increased responsibility for your actions. You have an unusual sense of humor, which not everyone can understand and appreciate. You must always feel in your place and business; otherwise, you may develop an inferiority complex. Outwardly, you are distinguished by dry features and figures and, as a rule, quite tall.


Rising sign in Aquarius

You are a public person who has a broad soul, is not prone to prejudice, and believes that all people are equal among themselves. However, at the same time, you are charismatic enough to win your place under the sun. You have a great sense of humor and can easily win people's hearts. By nature, you are a very easy-going person, capable of unplanned actions and deeds. A smooth aristocratic nose distinguishes appearance, and the corners of the lips are slightly raised.


Rising sign in Pisces

Distinguished by exceptional sensitivity and responsiveness, you quickly absorb the problems and difficulties of other people, sometimes forgetting about your concerns. In communication, you try to avoid open conflicts and prefer to stay away from aggressive people. Not being a person of the system, you often do not fit into the generally accepted framework of behavior and appearance. Love to change your appearance usually, but the main distinguishing feature is invariably pronounced lips, both in women and men.


It should be noted that the examples given here of the location of the Ascendant in the horoscopes of famous people show only a general idea of the personality of a person, his character, and his appearance. A complete and more accurate picture of a particular person's life can only be drawn up based on all the data of the heavenly bodies reflected in the horoscope.


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