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Willow Smith made it clear a long time ago that she would not live up to anyone's expectations. During a recent performance, the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett shaved her head on stage. Because she decided that something important was happening in her life right now.


Born on Halloween


Isn't this a sign of a remarkable fate? Willow Smith was born on October 31, 2000, which, of course, saved her parents - actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith - from having to puzzle over the theme of their daughter's birthday every year. Most of them were organized in the theme of Halloween - from childhood, Willow dressed up as charming vampires and witches. The Smiths arranged the most magnificent celebration on the 19th anniversary of the young singer - in 2019. The main initiator and engine of progress was Jada - because she really wanted her daughter to remember the final year of her teenage years. The event was directed by the Creep LA immersive theater team in Los Angeles, which specializes in creating stories in the horror genre. A spectacular surprise was a birthday cake decorated with fly agarics of different colors and sizes. The whole holiday received an affectionate family nickname Willoween - to indicate who owns this whole day.


Music and movies

The biography of Willow Smith is connected with two areas: cinema and music. For the first time she was in front of the lens of a professional video camera at the age of 7. Participation in the filming of the fantastic action movie "I am Legend" was the girl's debut.


In the film, her father played a major role, but this did not affect the choice of producers, since Willow participated in the casting without additional privileges. Viewing revealed her acting skills, as well as endurance. Filming took place in cold weather and turned out to be a laborious process, as sometimes it was seriously delayed. Fatigue and cold did not prove to be an obstacle for Willow.


In 2008, the premiere of the film "Kit Kittredge: The Mystery of the American Girl" took place with the participation of a young actress. The project brought the aspiring performer an award in the category "Best Young Actor".


Her next job was the voice of the cartoon "Madagascar-2", the girl gave the voice to Gloria the hippopotamus. 2009 brought shooting in the series True Jackson, produced by the children's entertainment channel Nickelodion.


In 2010, Willow entered the music arena. She was mentored by rapper and producer Sean Corey Carter, known in the music community as Jay Z. It is difficult not to achieve success when mentoring such a stage mastodon. Therefore, the first single of the singer became popular. The song "Whip My Hair" literally broke into the American charts and charts.



The audience did not leave unnoticed the achievements of the teenager. In 2011, Willow won the Kids' Choice Awards, and some time later she released the next single "21st Century Girl". A music video was shot to support the song. Willow remained under the auspices of Jay Z's label. This choice was supported by her parents, who are well-versed in show business and respect the attention and support with which the producers treated their daughter. In the face of mentors, Willow found a second family.


Smith's debut album was scheduled for release in 2012. It was given the working title "Knees and Elbows". The release of the record was delayed, but the performer pleased the fans with the song "I Am Me" and a video for this song. In this single, the girl explained to the audience that she is who she is, which was symbolic in the wake of the discussion of her personal life, appearance and creative activity.


In 2013, Willow recorded the songs "Sugar and Spice" and "Drowning", and together with her brother Jaden Smith, who also found himself in the music field, released the song "Kite". Willow does not give up co-creation, so in the same year she recorded a duet with DJ Fabrega, the single "Melodic Chaotic". Following him, radio stations released the compositions "The Intro" and "Summer Fling" into rotation.



During this period, the girl was often criticized for the discrepancy between her work and age. Willow has always been distinguished by a serious opinion and an objective perception of reality beyond her years. This time, the point of view expressed in the creative message did not inspire confidence among critics. In 2014, Willow re-recorded a single with her brother, the song "5", after which she independently released the single "8".


Willow's creative and ambitious approach to any business she undertakes arouses the interest of the public and journalists. The talented girl has shown herself in cinema, on stage and in the field of design. At first, she surprised others with her appearance, claiming to be an image support for creativity.


At the age of 14, Smith was offered cooperation by several modeling agencies at once. In 2015, she became a brand ambassador for Marc Jacobs, and in 2016 she launched her own merch line of socks. In 2016, the artist's photo appeared on the cover of the Parisian Vogue magazine.


Personal life


As a teenager, Willow gave rise to discussions about orientation and the details of her personal life. Journalists are happy to exaggerate the slightest hint of non-compliance with standards, so the girl’s short haircut and bright appearance were explained by an atypical sexual orientation.


Relatives and friends did not comment on these assumptions, and Willow herself denied the speculation by appearing in public with boyfriend Moises Arias. Relations between young people did not last long. The explanation for this was Smith's booming career.


The artist has a verified account on Instagram. It doesn't include swimsuit shots or seductive shots that audiences expect. The girl often publishes portraits of the authorship of fans, uploads photos from concerts and images that mean a lot to her. Also on the page there are pictures with the family and from travels.


Willow is 170 cm tall and weighs 49 kg.


Revolted on stage


Like younger brother Jayden, Willow acts in films and plays music. Smith recorded her first single, Whip My Hair, at the age of nine, and soon after announced plans to release an entire album. To do this, Jay-Z's Roc Nation label was brought in to help, but the young star could not withstand such a rapidly gained momentum. As a result, the singer's debut disc hit the store shelves only in 2015. Willow's latest album (and fourth in a row) Lately I Feel Everything was released in 2021. It was number seventy-six on the Billboard Hot 100.


The Whip My Hair single has a lot of meaning for Willow. With him began her musical career, he also gave her early popularity. In July 2021, presenting a new punk version of this track, the girl, unexpectedly for her fans, shaved her head right on stage. It is worth noting that such cardinal beauty transformations do not happen in Willow's life for the first time. She shaves baldly for the third time in her twenty years - and each time with meaning. “I do this in iconic periods when everything changes,” Smith commented on the act. What exactly is happening to her now is not yet clear. Willow first got rid of her hair during the 2012 tour, also performing Whip My Hair. “It was a manifestation of rebellion for those people who thought that I was completely different,” the singer later explained.


Declared herself a polyamorous person


At a quite conscious age - at twenty years old. Willow chose Red Table Talk, an internet show she co-hosts with her mother and grandmother, Adrienne Banfield Norris, as a platform to talk about her own sexuality. In one of the issues, the girl shared that she sees no point in maintaining monogamous relationships, widely approved by society, if one of the partners is uncomfortable with them. “For example, you don’t need sex all the time, but your partner does the opposite. It turns out that if one does not have these needs, the other should not have them either? Willow shared her thoughts, adding that polyamory does not lead to promiscuity. “In our company, I am the only polyamorous person, and I have less sex in my life than the rest,” said the singer. In her opinion, this format of relationships eliminates betrayal - the main drawback of monogamy - and also helps partners to be honest with each other.


In 2019, Willow admitted that she is equally attracted to both women and men. In the future, according to her, she imagines herself in a relationship with two people at the same time. Officially, only one romance is known about Smith - with actor and musician Tyler Cole, who helped her record and produce new music.


Spent a day in a glass box


At the height of the pandemic, when the average level of anxiety around the world was breaking all records, Willow and her boyfriend Tyler Cole staged a performance at the Geffen Contemporary exhibition space in Los Angeles to raise awareness. They spent twenty-four hours in a glass box, expressing various emotions associated with despair, from paranoia, anger and discouragement to euphoria and acceptance. The action of the couple was available for public viewing: only fifteen people could be in the space at the same time. In total, the number of people who wanted to see the work of Willow and Tyler was estimated at least a hundred fans of contemporary art. During the day, the performance participants did not hold back their feelings, applied paint on the walls, Smith also shaved her head (that same third time). Smith and Cole allowed themselves to be distracted from what was happening only for a few minutes - for the sake of hygienic needs.



The irony was that at the same time, thousands of people around the world were in forced self-isolation in an attempt to stop the spread of a new virus. Willow herself, before the performance, also spent a lot of time at home - she actually moved from one closed space to another, similar one. “Crazy parallel,” Smith later laughed.


She cut herself, trying to cope with early popularity


Around 2012 - in the midst of an exhausting promotional campaign for her debut tracks - Willow was under extreme stress from pressure from producers, a difficult schedule for a teenager and growing popularity. Moreover, it seemed to Smith that all this was infinitely far from her personal ideas of what a successful life should be. “After the tour and everything else, they wanted me to finish the album. And I thought, "No, I won't do that." There was a lull, I listened to a lot of depressive music. Everything seemed so crazy that I was sucked into a black hole. I started cutting myself,” Willow said in an episode of Red Table Talk. According to the artist, she inflicted barely noticeable injuries on her wrist in order to "release the pain that was accumulating in her heart and soul." This did not last long - Willow was able to cope with her emotions and convince herself that such actions harmed her rather than helped.


Was recognized as an influential teenager


The corresponding rating was released by Time magazine in 2017, attributing to Willow achievements in the form of successful music recordings, collaboration with the Chanel brand and a popular Instagram (8.5 million people subscribe to it). The following year, Smith dropped out of this rating - however, the publication itself no longer continues the tradition of compiling such lists.


However, not only this can be proud of the young artist. She also owns MSFTS Production, a production company that creates a variety of content. In 2017, Deadline wrote about the brand's plans to participate in a joint project with Cartel Entertainment. Together, they were to take a big step towards Hollywood, filming the trilogy of Hamilton's "Sands" and filming the animated series Menencholy written by Willow. There is no information about the stage of production of both ideas now.


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The footage of the slap that actor Will Smith (Men in Black, Jersey Girl, I, Robot, Bad Boys) gave to comedian Chris Rock, host of the 94th Academy Awards, went around the world. Smith, who stood up for the honor of his wife, has already apologized to his opponent for the assault, but the incident has not been settled. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences launched an investigation into the incident. What is known about the wife of the actor Jada Pinkett, what are the reasons for her illness, which became the reason for the joke, and why the family life of Mr. and Mrs. Smith cannot be called ideal?


Who is Jada Pinkett Smith?


Jada Pinkett Smith is an American actress, singer, producer, director, writer, and entrepreneur. She was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1971. Her father ran a construction company and her mother was a senior nurse at a city clinic in Baltimore. Their parents named the girl after her mother's favorite actress, Jada Rowland.


As a child, Jada studied music and ballet, and studied at the Baltimore School for the Arts in the direction of dance and theater. In 1989, after leaving the North Carolina School of the Arts, she moved to Los Angeles, California to focus on her acting career. For the first time on the screen, she appeared in 1990, starring in an episode of the comedy True Colors. In total, there are about 20 films in her filmography, including Scream 2, Ali, Accomplice, etc. Her most famous role to date is the role of Niobe in the films The Matrix Reloaded (2003) and " Matrix: Revolution" (2003).


In 2008, Pinkett-Smith starred as lesbian writer Alex Fisher in the comedy Women and was nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress.


In 2014, the actress got the role of the head of the Fish Mooney crime family in the American crime fiction television series Gotham. The heroine of Jada acted as a villain, and in the first and third seasons of the series, she even became the main antagonist. In 2021, she starred in the fourth part of the Matrix franchise alongside Keanu Reeves.



Pinkett-Smith starred in various sequels, and also voiced Gloria the hippopotamus in the Madagascar cartoon.


Pinkett Smith made her directorial debut with The Human Contract. She also wrote the script for this film and played the lead role in it. The film was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2008.


Since 2002, Jada Pinkett-Smith has also pursued a musical career. She created the metal band Wicked Wisdom, in which she performs under the stage name Jada Coren. The band's debut album, My Story, was released in 2004.


In addition, Jada has her own fashion label, Maja. The clothing line offers women T-shirts and dresses emblazoned with the Sister Power slogan, sold primarily through small catalogs. Pinkett Smith also writes books. In 2004, she published a children's book, Girls, Hold This World, in which she tried to talk about the different sides of femininity.


Why Will Smith hit the Oscars host


A number of experts still doubt that the scandal that happened was not staged to draw attention to the Oscars. It all started with the fact that the host of the ceremony, Chris Rock, publicly let go of the thing to the actress Jada Pinkett-Smith, the wife of Will Smith.


I love you, Jada! Can't wait to see you in G.I. Jane 2," Chris Rock said from the stage.


Thus, the comedian compared the appearance of Smith's wife with the heroine of the American film "GI Jane" performed by Demi Moore, who, according to the plot, was a skinhead. Jada Pinkett Smith, who used to have long hair, has recently shaved her head bald. A few years ago, she admitted that she was suffering from alopecia (hair loss).


Smith, who was sitting in the hall, went up to the stage and hit Rock in the face. The joker did not have time to dodge.


Keep your mouth out of my wife's name! Will Smith called out to him.


How "Thumbelina" Jada conquered the "Prince of Beverly Hills"


Jada Pinkett is an actress, singer, producer, director, and writer. She began her film career in 1990 at the age of 21, starring in an episode of a comedy film. Later, she had other film works: "Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight", "The Nutty Professor", "Challenge" and others. Jada Pinkett's most famous role is Niobe in The Matrix Reloaded.


With her future husband Will Smith, Jada Pinkett met in 1990 at a casting in the series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (“The Prince of Bel-Air”). Will Smith was by then a popular hip-hop musician. Together with fellow DJ Jeff Towns, he released an album for which he received a Grammy, becoming the first rap artist to win a prize in the history of this award.


In the youth series, Will Smith was approved immediately, and Jada Pinkett failed. They looked too comical side by side in the frame: the actor, whose height is almost 190 cm, and the miniature Jada (her height is 152 cm). However, this did not become an obstacle to their friendly relations, which eventually grew into something more.


Will Smith starred in the series for six years, and this project brought him his first film fame. The artist's personal life was just as stormy: he managed to marry actress Shiri Zampino, become a father and get a divorce. The reason for the separation of Smith and his wife, the tabloids called the betrayal of Zampino with the athlete.


After the divorce, Shiri Zampino did not allow Will Smith to communicate with her son. In order to see the child more often, the actor, on the advice of his close friend Jada, bought a house next to his former family.


However, the ex-wife continued to prevent meetings. Then Jada Pinkett personally went to Shiri Zampino and, according to rumors, threatened her with physical violence if she did not stop blackmailing Will Smith with a child.


Either the future wife of Will Smith was really so terrible in anger, or the ex-wife finally decided to give in to the artist, but since then he has had no problems communicating with his son.


Why the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Smith in Hollywood is considered imperfect


Jada Pinkett and Will Smith got married 25 years ago, in 1997, after the approval of the actor's mother, Caroline. In the past, a school teacher, she has always been an indisputable authority for her son. As Will himself said in an interview, his mother does not care for her second daughter-in-law.


However, in Hollywood, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are considered not an ideal, but a scandalous couple. The media accused them of belonging to Scientology (recognized by the Prosecutor General's Office as an undesirable organization in the Russian Federation) and that they allegedly prefer "free marriage", allowing betrayal to each other. Transgender actress Alexis Arquette once stated on her social network page that Mr. and Mrs. Smith are adherents of non-traditional orientation. According to Arquette, their marriage was arranged, and the actor's first wife, Shiri Zampino, allegedly divorced Will because of his addiction to guys. Shiri Zampino herself unexpectedly stood up for the honor of the couple, who called Alexis Arquette "an evil and destructive woman", and made it clear that she had lied.


The Smiths have two children together: 23-year-old son Jaden and 21-year-old daughter Willow. Once, the actor admitted that it is not customary in their family to forbid anything to offspring, and was criticized by the public because of the “wrong” methods of education.



Children themselves must understand what is good and what is bad. This can only be done through trial and error. Therefore, punishment in our family is strictly prohibited, - Will Smith shared in an interview.


The heirs of the actor now and then find themselves at the center of scandals. When Smith's daughter was barely 13 years old, photos of her posing with a half-naked 20-year-old actor hit the public field. Since Willow was a minor, her parents had to deal with child welfare services. And last year, the girl admitted on the air of a TV show that she is polyamorous (relationships when partners allow each other to start romantic relationships on the side).



Smith's son Jaden also distinguished himself at the time: at the concert of rapper Tyler, The Creator, the artist's heir took the stage and confessed his love to the musician, calling him his boyfriend. In his free time, Jayden writes music and acts in films. In the films "The Pursuit of Happyness" and "After Earth", he starred with his famous father. Willow, like her brother, is fond of music and cinema and also starred with her dad in the film I Am Legend. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith have repeatedly emphasized in their interviews that they are happy with the children and are proud of their success. According to Jada, the interests of the family have always stood for her above her career.


Although she succeeded in her career. In addition to cinema, Jada Pinkett-Smith is engaged in music - she founded the Wicked Wisdom group, in which she is a composer and vocalist. The band opened the Britney Spears World Tour in 2004. Jada created her own clothing brand and wrote the book Girls Hold This World. The Smiths also set up a charitable organization that supports families and youth.


Why did Jada have an affair with a friend of her son


The biggest scandal in the Smith family erupted in 2015. Jada Pinkett herself became the culprit. 22-year-old singer August Alsina has publicly admitted to having an affair with Will Smith's wife. The piquancy of the situation was given by the fact that August was a friend of Jada's son, it was Jaden who introduced his friend to his mother. According to Alsina, Will Smith was aware of his wife's adultery and allegedly even approved of her choice.


The public outcry was so strong that Jada Pinkett Smith had to explain herself publicly. She confirmed the affair with the young performer. According to Jada, August Alsina helped her cope with depression caused by marital problems: the marital relationship of Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith was in an acute crisis.


I was very hurt. I was broken, — admitted the wife of the actor.


To save the marriage, the Smiths turned to a family psychologist.


Why Will Smith's Wife Became Bald


In 2018, on the air of the Red Table Talk show, Jada Pinkett-Smith admitted that she suffers from a severe autoimmune disease - apolection (baldness). She spoke about the inability of doctors to identify the cause of the disease and her depression, which she experienced due to hair loss.


“I remember the first time I realized I was going bald. I was washing my hair and suddenly I saw that my hair was falling out in whole strands. It was just awful. I literally started shaking with fright,” said Jada.


According to dermatovenereologist and trichologist Yulia Nagaitseva, the causes of alopecia can be different: genetic, exacerbation of chronic diseases, hormonal changes, and the consequences of colds. But the “trigger” for the development of a disorder, as a rule, is stress.


This is a malfunction of the body. The trigger is often a stressor. Therefore, we always warn patients: to avoid stress! — Doctor Yulia Nagaitseva explained in a conversation with


The specialist added that hair loss becomes a tragedy for any woman, since “hair is beauty and aesthetics.” According to the doctor, some of her patients plunged into such depression that they had to be referred to a psychologist and even a psychiatrist. Julia Nagaitseva is convinced that alopecia, like any other health problem, is not a joke. And it would be right if Chris Rock apologized to Will Smith's wife.



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Model and actress Lily-Rose Depp is best known for her role as Queen Catherine of England in the military-historical film The King opposite Timothée Chalamet. Lily-Rose Depp is also the daughter of Hollywood star Johnny Depp and French actress Vanessa Paradis. Lily has a vibrant personal life and was in a relationship with male model Ash Stymest. Now her boyfriend is the French rapper Yassin Stein.


Who is Lily Rose Depp?


The full name of the daughter of the famous American actor Johnny Depp and the famous French singer Vanessa Paradis is Lily-Rose Melody Depp. Lily-Rose was born on May 27, 1999 in Paris, at the American Hospital. The girl was the first child of a star couple, three years later her younger brother, John "Jack" Christopher Depp III, was born.


Photos of Lily-Rose appeared in the tabloids immediately after her birth, so the girl got used to increased attention from the press and the public. The stages of growing up were actively discussed and covered in the media. Journalists liked to talk about the appearance of young Depp, the girl's wardrobe.


The world of art, Hollywood stars is the ordinary life of a child from an acting family, to which Lily belonged. The only thing that has always remained outside this world is the daughter's love for her father, at the same time - an incredible desire to get away from the label "Johnny Depp's daughter." Family ties had a direct impact on any work of the young actress.



Lily's debut as an actress took place at the age of 14. The first work of the teenager was the film "Tusk". In this tape, Johnny Depp's father played with his daughter. The actor's fans considered the film strange, but nothing else could be expected from the outrageous actor and daughter. The film was perfect for the star family. It turned out to be extravagant and phantasmagoric, a little crazy.


Lily-Rose Depp is an actress and model. With such heredity, it is surprising that only in 2014 the girl declared herself as an actress, making her debut in Kevin Smith's film "Tusk". And in 2016, she became the face of the famous fragrance Chanel No. 5.


Where was Lily-Rose Depp Born and Where Does she Live Now?


Lily-Rose Depp was born on the western outskirts of Paris, in a place called Neuilly-sur-Seine in Ile-de-France, on May 27, 1999. Her father, Johnny Depp, is widely known to the public for his striking roles, for example, Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Mother, Vanessa Paradis, is a singer, but also starred in such films as Café de Flor, Under the Mask of a Gigolo, and others.


In 2002, she had a younger brother, who was named after dad.


Lily-Rose spent her childhood years at home. She lived on an estate near Saint-Tropez. However, she went to school already in Los Angeles, USA.



In 2012, her parents officially broke up, and since then the girl has lived in two cities and, accordingly, two countries. He is equally fluent in English and French.


Later, in an interview, she admitted that she was in an excellent relationship with Amber Heard ("Aquaman"), then her father's bride.


She is the goddaughter of writer François Marie-Bagné and singer Marilyn Manson.


"I identify equally with both cultures. My father is a typical American and my mother is French, and I grew up in both the US and France. I don't know if I feel like I have different personalities, but I think that I have an American sense of humor rather than a French one. I speak exclusively French with my French family and exclusively English with my American family. I always spoke French with my mother. It was important for her and for me... When I have children, I will definitely want them to speak both French and English.Thanks to this, you can have a secret language.When my brother and I studied at the same American school, whenever we wanted to say something -what was supposed to stay between us, we could say it in French, and no one understood us!


Who are Lily Rose’s Parents?


Her parents are Hollywood actor Johnny Depp and French model and actress Vanessa Paradis. Lily also has a younger brother, Christopher, who was born in 2002. Her parents are Hollywood actor Johnny Depp and French model and actress Vanessa Paradis. Lily also has a younger brother, Christopher, who was born in 2002.


Due to her highly famous parents, since the birth of Lily-Rose, Melody has been in the focus of cameras and video cameras. She has been accustomed to publicity since childhood - this largely explains her emancipation in the frame, success with the audience and fans of her unusual beauty.


The birth of a daughter was a real happiness for Johnny Depp. The actor got a tattoo on his chest with the name Lily and, together with Vanessa Paradis, composed a lullaby for the girl.



Depp retained parental rights when he left his common-law wife, so he took an active part in raising his children. Lily even made friends with his new lover - Amber Heard. The girls were repeatedly caught by the paparazzi together.


However, when Heard accused the American actor of assault, Lily-Rose sided with her father, declaring that he is the sweetest and most loving man in the world.


Lily Rose Depp's career


With such a creative pedigree, no one was surprised that from childhood, Lily-Rose showed an interest in art. At school, she participated in performances and never missed amateur performances.


In 2014, she made her debut in a small episode in the horror film Tusk. The girl played a cameo role as a saleswoman at a gas station. Lily-Rose's talent, despite the tiny role, has already been appreciated by the project leaders. In her blog, she wrote that her father, Johnny Depp, was with her on the site. But his name was not listed in the credits. It was this experience that helped her decide what she wants to do in life.


In Yoga Houts, which is a spin-off of The Tusk, she again worked with director Kevin Smith. True, this time she got one of the main roles. In addition, she participated in the recording of several soundtracks.


In 2015, she was approved for the cast of the films Planetarium, where Natalie Portman (Black Swan) and Dancer became her partner. In the latter, she played the famous Isadora Duncan.



He regularly appears in music videos of various artists. As a model, she can often be found on the covers and spreads of glossy magazines. Her debut in this field was a photo shoot for Oyster magazine from Australia in the spring of 2015.


Soon she was noticed by the legendary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. So Miss Depp became a spokeswoman for Chanel and the centerpiece of an advertising campaign for glasses, and in 2016 she was chosen as the face of Chanel No. 5. Collaborates with the fashion house in other areas, including entering the catwalks.


Shee is active in social activities, and a frequenter of charitable events.



In 2019, she played Catherine of Valois in the film The King of England. The premiere took place at the Venice Film Festival. Critics spoke very positively about her performance.


2020 brought her a role in the thriller Traffic with Gary Oldman (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban), Armie Hammer (Death on the Nile) and Evangeline Lilly (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug).


Lily Rose Depp and her beauty secrets revealed


Moisturizer is a product that Lily-Rose cannot do without. The actress and model applies it in the morning and evening after cleansing the skin. Her makeup artists also pay special attention to hydration: for example, Christophe Danchot always applies Hydra Beauty Sèrum, Chanel, and then Hydra Beauty Flash Instantly Hydrating Perfecting Balm before makeup.


In 2015, Lily-Rose became the ambassador of the Parisian House of Chanel. About the long-awaited collaboration, the actress says: “I have always been interested in cosmetics - for my 12th birthday, my mother gave me a cosmetic bag full of Chanel products. I am very excited to represent my favorite brand.”


According to Lily-Rose, one of the biggest challenges for any girl is finding a gloss that won't stick to her hair. “The Rouge Coco Gloss is very pleasant – it reminds me of a balm,” says the actress. For every day, she chooses a peach shade - for example, # 736 Douceur.



Like a true Frenchwoman, Lily-Rose prefers simple feminine styling. Particularly, she chooses light curls - the creation of star hair stylist Johnny Sapong. To create styling, he uses Leonor Greyl products: Mousse Au Lotus Volumatrice volume mousse, Laque Souple hairspray and Voluforme spray.


When asked about her favorite cosmetic product, the actress simply answers: “Lip pencil.” “If your lips are well-defined, any shade will look perfect.” Lily-Rose is advised to apply a pencil even under lip gloss, especially dark ones - then the pigment will not spread.


“Apply blush close to your nose. So the face will look fresh, and the effect will be more natural, ”advises Lily-Rose. Makeup artists always emphasize the line of the cheekbones and the “apples” of the actress’s cheeks – they apply The Sculpting Powder, Kevin Aucoin, shade Chanel’s light pink blush, and Haloscope cream highlighter in Quarz, Glossier shade is applied to the cheekbones and temples.



Kate Lee is one of the makeup artists who regularly work with Lily-Rose. It was she who did the celebrity makeup for the Met Gala 2017. To create the “cat” arrows, Kate used the Longwear Intense Cream Eyeliner in Hyperblack, Chanel. In order for the arrows to be as resistant as possible, the makeup artist advises getting rid of the remnants of the cream on the face - the pigment will lie more clearly and will not smudge during the day.


In 2016, the actress became the face of a new interpretation of the legendary Chanel No. 5 fragrance. “I remember wearing Classic #5 as a kid and feeling so feminine and mature,” Lily-Rose admitted. New Chanel No. 5 L'Eau contains notes of jasmine, ylang-ylang and rose.


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Top 14 Will Smith movies

6 months ago

Will Smith is an excellent actor with many great roles to his credit. Thanks to his acting skills, he can play in films of various genres.

Best movies with Will Smith

Will Smith is an American rapper and film actor. On September 25, he turns 53 years old. While the Hollywood star does not have a single Oscar and Golden Globe (although there were nominations), she boasts fabulous fees and four Grammys. You can evaluate the acting abilities of Smith and his family by reading a dozen films below.

14. Bad boys

USA, 1995

Action, comedy, thriller, crime.

Duration: 119 minutes.

IMDb: 6.9.

A large shipment of drugs is stolen from a police station in Miami. The family man Marcus and Don Juan Mike are instructed to return the loss. To talk to the only witness in the case, the partners must pretend to be each other.

The Bad Boys is the directorial debut of Michael Bay. Previously, he shot music videos and unusual commercials, which is why his first film came out so dynamic and with an abundance of special effects.

This adrenaline-fueled buddy movie also paved the way for Will Smith and comedian Martin Lawrence.

Bad Boys has a sequel. The second part was filmed eight years later, and the third was released in 2020 to mixed reviews.

13. Independence Day

USA, 1996

Fantasy, thriller, adventure.

Duration: 145 minutes.

IMDb: 7.0.

Aliens arrive on Earth, and their intentions are far from peaceful. The planet is in danger of complete annihilation. Humans can only survive if they infect the main alien ship with a computer virus. Scientist David Levinson and pilot Steven Hiller, who dreams of flying into space, are sent on this dangerous mission.

The fantastic blockbuster "Independence Day" is ridiculously naive, but became the most successful picture of 1996 and the finest hour of the German director Roland Emmerich.

The main role was played by Will Smith, whose career was just gaining momentum after the "Bad Boys". The young actor brought a lot of personal charm to the action movie and immediately moved from among the rising stars to the caste of the most sought-after artists.

12. Men in black

USA, 1997.

Fantasy, Action, Comedy, Adventure.

Duration: 98 minutes.

IMDb: 7.3.

Agents Kay and Jay work for the most secret organization in the world. Their task is to catch aliens dangerous to the Earth. The partners' new mission is to neutralize a giant alien bug that threatens to destroy humanity.

The myth of agents who allegedly know about the existence of aliens was very popular in the United States in the second half of the 20th century. Barry Sonnenfeld's film is based on a comic book that plays on this conspiracy theory in a funny way.

The role of Agent Jay was originally offered to Friends star David Schwimmer, but then the creators turned their attention to Will Smith: his image in the sitcom The Prince of Bel-Air made an impression on them.

In the wake of the success of the first part of "Men in Black", two more came out. It must be admitted that each subsequent film turned out to be weaker than the previous one. In 2019, a completely disastrous spin-off with Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth was born - the picture was criticized for parasitizing on nostalgia and the absence of everyone's beloved Smith.

11. Enemy of the state

USA, 1998.

Action, thriller.

Duration: 132 minutes.

IMDb: 7.3.

Compromising information on an official accidentally falls into the hands of a successful lawyer Robert Dean: it turned out that he was pushing a law that allows you to follow literally every inhabitant of the country. From that moment on, the hero turns from a law-abiding citizen into an outcast and an enemy of the state, and government agents follow him on his heels.

By starring in Tony Scott's successful tech-thriller, Will Smith further cemented his superstar status. But ahead of the actor was waiting for failure. He could have played in The Matrix instead of Keanu Reeves, but he preferred Barry Sonnenfeld and his Wild Wild West project. The latter ended up being a commercial failure.

10. Ali

USA, 2001.

Drama, biography, sports.

Duration: 157 minutes.

IMDb: 6.8.

The film tells about the great boxer Muhammad Ali. An athlete converts to Islam under the influence of black rights activist Malcolm X, and it changes his life forever.

Director Michael Mann took a big risk by inviting Will Smith, who made his name on commercial hits, into the drama. But the actor did not disappoint and performed his first serious role with maximum dedication.

The film is worth watching not only for the excellent performance of Smith. The camera work of Emmanuel Lubezki, who filmed the fights in the ring, is simply brilliant.

9. I, robot

USA, Germany, 2004.

Fantasy, Action, Thriller, Drama.

Duration: 115 minutes.

IMDb: 7.1.

In the near future, the world is inhabited by humanoid robots. No one can even think that a machine can harm a person. Everything changes when cop Del Spooner takes on a murder case involving a cyborg.

The free adaptation of Isaac Asimov's collection of short stories was liked by the audience, including the writer's fans. The film was peppy, the plot intriguing, and Smith proved that he could play not only a typical good guy, but also a much more ambiguous character.

8. Hitch

USA, 2005

Melodrama, comedy.

Duration: 117 minutes.

IMDb: 6.6.

Consultant Alex "Hitch" Hitchens secretly teaches men how to charm the woman they like. One day, the hero meets Sarah, a journalist who works in a gossip column. They immediately feel sympathy for each other, but the problem is that the girl writes about one star romance, for which Alex is just responsible.

The Russian title of the film can confuse viewers who are waiting for a hooligan comedy in the spirit of The Hangover. Jokes here, of course, will also be, but the genre is much closer to a romantic melodrama. Moreover, Will Smith showed his versatile talent here, playing a very sweet and modest hero.

7. The Pursuit of Happyness

USA, 2006

Drama, biography.

Duration: 117 minutes.

IMDb: 8.0.

New Yorker Chris Gardner is left with a young son in his arms and with little to no money. He is trying to figure out how to make money, and decides to try his luck on the stock exchange. But to get into broker courses, he will have to risk literally everything that he has.

In this wonderful drama, Will Smith played a real-life successful investor who went from a homeless pauper to a millionaire. For the role of the child of the hero, the actor offered his son Jayden. The idea came to the right place: the audience saw on the screen the most natural relationship between two loving people.

6. I Am Legend

USA, 2007.

Fantasy, Action, Thriller, Drama, Adventure.

Duration: 96 minutes.

IMDb: 7.2.

Robert Neville is the only person who has not turned into an aggressive cannibal mutant after the zombie apocalypse. At night, he is fighting for survival, and during the day he is trying to find an antidote and get to the bottom of the causes of the epidemic.

Francis Lawrence's film based on the novel by Richard Matheson is famous for two versions of the ending. In the theatrical ending, Will Smith's character acts like a typical Hollywood action movie character. The alternative denouement is much bolder. It is written in the spirit of a book source and turns the whole meaning of the plot inside out.

5. Hancock

USA, 2008.

Fantasy, Action, Drama, Comedy.

Duration: 92 minutes.

IMDb: 6.4.

Superhero John Hancock suffers from alcoholism and is forever depressed, and his every attempt to help someone turns into massive destruction. Unsuccessful PR man Ray Embry convinces Hancock that he needs to work on his image, but Ray's wife is not happy with this idea.

The script about the heavy burden of superpowers lay on the shelf for about 10 years. In general, the film was conceived as a superhero version of "Bad Santa", but during the filming a lot of things changed: for example, Smith's hero, although he appears to be a bully, is far from Billy Bob Thornton's cynicism.

As a result, the picture captivated the audience with its recklessly comedic intonation.

4. Seven Pounds

USA, 2008.

Drama, melodrama.

Duration: 118 minutes.

IMDb: 7.6.

Ben Thomas' life changes dramatically when the woman he loves accidentally dies through his fault. Ben decides to commit suicide, but first to help seven strangers, each with their own trouble.

The film directed by Gabriele Muccino is built quite unusual: only at the end of the story it becomes clear what's what. Will Smith not only played a major role here, but also acted as an executive producer.

The audience really liked the sentimental picture of sacrificial love and atonement for sins. But critics found the tape too similar to "21 Grams" by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarrita and even suspected the creators of plagiarism.

3. Collateral Beauty

USA, 2016.

Drama, melodrama.

Duration: 97 minutes.

IMDb: 6.8.

Advertiser Howard Inlet is grieving over the death of his little daughter. Colleagues develop an unusual plan to get a friend on his feet, but this leads to an unexpected result.

This story of loss, loneliness and grief from the director of The Devil Wears Prada will be appreciated by true romantics. Yes, and fans of Will Smith will see their favorite in an unusual genre for him - a touching melodrama.

2. Aladdin

USA, UK, Australia, 2019.

Musical, fantasy, melodrama, adventure.

Duration: 128 minutes.

IMDb: 6.9.

A young street thief Aladdin accidentally meets the freedom-loving princess Jasmine, who is tired of life in the palace and does not want to get married. The young man decides to win her heart, and the powerful Genie is ready to help him in this. But the insidious vizier Jafar interferes with the plans of the heroes.

Not everyone liked the game interpretation of the 1992 cartoon. Guy Ritchie, the creator of cult crime comedies, was responsible for the production, but, alas, his corporate style in the film is not felt at all.

When the trailer came out, Will Smith, who pretty much scared everyone with his blue skin color, was criticized. But after the rental, almost all viewers noted how good the actor was in the role of the charming Ginny.

1. King Richard

USA, 2021.

Biography, sports, drama.

Duration: 144 minutes.

IMDb: 7.5.

An exemplary family man, Richard Williams lives in California with his wife Brandi and five daughters. Two of them, Serena and Venus, play tennis well, but their parents don't have the money for expensive training. Therefore, Richard works as a security guard at night, and during the day he goes to famous coaches and begs them to take the girls for free - because someday they will become the greatest tennis players in history.

Will Smith played the father of two famous American tennis players - Venus and Serena Williams. But these sisters were not always like this, and the film by Reinaldo Marcus Green tells what they had to go through on the way to success.

For this role, Smith received the long-awaited "Oscar". Moreover, the image came out ambiguous: although Richard loved his children, this did not stop him from tormenting the girls with endless workouts. But Will, playing him, brilliantly revealed himself as a dramatic actor.

But Smith's triumph was spoiled by an unpleasant incident: a man hit host Chris Rock right at the ceremony because of a joke on his wife Jada. And this emotional reaction actually cost the actor his career.

He had to apologize to Will Smith Apologizes to Chris Rock for Oscars Slap: 'I Was Out of Line and I Was Wrong' / Variety before Rock, and later Will Smith announced Will Smith Resigns From Academy Over Chris Rock Oscars Slap Backlash / Variety that he was leaving from the American Film Academy. 

Major studios were quick to cancel future projects with the actor: for example, Netflix even fired Netflix Backs Away from Will Smith Film 'Fast and Loose' (Exclusive) / The Hollywood Reporter Smith from Fast and Loose.

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Since the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial started, the media exploded with moments from the court and more information on the couple's relationship. However, no one could anticipate the ridicule in the courtroom. Although Johnny's personality has enhanced the amusement of those present in court and the spectators, the trial is one of the ridiculous trials in history.


The defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is a never-ending source of entertaining television. Every day brings a fresh revelation that exceeds the expectations of courtroom TV fans, such as the news that Johnny Depp smokes cocaine with Marilyn Manson!


One thing is sure: the trial has been filled with hilarious moments after hilarious moments. Johnny and Amber's drama it's more fun and interesting to watch than any other Keeping up with the Kardashian episode. This trial put the internet on fire, and any content about Johnny and Amber went viral.


The most epic and dramatic marriage cases in history spin around Johnny Depp's trial case and his ex-wife, supposedly mentally deranged. Some would say the perfect combination for a comic drama. 


Best of Johnny Depp's Trial Moments


Let's see which moments from the courtroom aroused laughter online; here are our top best Johnny Depp's Trial moments:


1. Amber Turd


As the internet can agree, Johnny and Amber's relationship was anything but ordinary. After an alleged quarrel between the two, Amber Heard decided to play a prank on her husband. And in a moment of imagination, we assume that at the end of the digestion process, Amber pooped in Johnny's bed. The actress blamed the dogs for this incident. Johnny's response in court about this event was nothing but amusing: ,,They're teacup Yorkies. They weigh about four pounds each. (head shake) the photograph that I saw… I mean, I lived with those dogs for many years, that did not come from a dog; it just didn't."


2. And the Best Actress award goes to:


The internet has noted the juxtaposition of Amber's feelings during and after the trial. Some would say that the actress's facial expression was weird and creepy during the trial. Amber was surprised by the camera in the moments when she changed her facial expression anytime she noticed she was being filmed. 


3. The “mega-pint of wine”

Asking him about the actor's excessive alcohol consumption, Amber's lawyer arouses Johnny's laughter when he asked if the actor ,,Poured himself a MEGA PINT of red wine" after a presumed fight with his wife.


Immediately the internet responded with various memes, and some fans even created a glass of Johnny's ,,Mega pint".


4. The Muffin Man


When Dr. Shannon Curry, a clinical and forensic psychologist recruited by Johnny's defense team to analyze Amber, joined the stand during the trial, muffins became a common element of the line of questioning. She was questioned whether she asked her husband to deliver baked pastries to the Aquaman actress on the day of her examination. Dr. Curry had requested her husband to "pick up the muffins for me" from a nearby bakery because she was running late that day. Amber was not the intended recipient of the muffins.


People immediately compared it to Shrek's "Muffin Man" interrogation scene.


5. I think I would remember seeing Mr. Depp's penis."


It's not quite a meme, but it's a great scene from the trial. These words have made the whole internet laugh. When Johnny's bodyguard, Malcolm Connelly, was called to testify to talk about a less favorable supposition about Johnny, it went a bit too far. Even Johnny is amused at the mention of his private parts.


Although the relationship between Johnny and Amber wasn't typical, we can undoubtedly say that it was the most bizarre, with an even weirder and hilarious ending than all the divorces of American celebrity couples.


The internet will remember this Johnny and Amber episode, and we can only laugh out loud and hope for more comic moments from the Hollywood drama.


Check our video for more funny moments with Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard in court.


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