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The brand of the search giant Google is probably one of the most recognizable on the globe, and today only a person who is very far from the Internet and civilization has not heard about the company. At the same time, the activities of the "corporation of good" are so diverse that even its employees themselves do not know about all the initiatives of their management. Bemorepanda choosed 30 unusual and interesting facts about the world famous company that you most likely did not even know about.

Many people dream of working at Google. Getting there is not easy - sometimes interviews alone can take six months. But if you happen to be there, even if you are an intern, you can celebrate winning the jackpot.

1. Before giving the user the result of a search query, Google takes into account about 200 different factors.

2. The company owns a bunch of domains that are the wrong spelling for Google. For example,,, and many others. Among them there are even such exotic ones as - these are numbers on the phone's disk that correspond to the letters of Google.

3. When Google launched in 1998, the system was processing 500,000 queries a day. Now users ask the system for something more than 2 million times per second.

4. Since Google launched Street View in 2007, the project team has photographed over 11.5 million kilometers of roads and objects.

5. The first five American cities were captured with a 5 megapixel camera. Now the company uses devices with 75-megapixel sensors.

По всему миру у сервисов Google были проблемы с работой - новости ZIK.UA

6. Every month, YouTube users watch over 6 billion hours of video - about an hour for every inhabitant of the globe.

7. Google regularly buys and funds projects that aim to change the world and the lives of millions of people. However, the "corporation of good" does not shun small, local projects. For example, in 2012, the company added the Cherokee American Indian language to Gmail.

8. More than 300 hours of new videos appear on YouTube every minute.

9. Last year, more than 1 billion Android devices were sold worldwide. This means that Google's market share in this segment is 81%.

10. In total, Google employs 53,600 people in 70 offices from 40 countries.

Google выпустила Android 10

11. If a corporation likes something, then it will not stand up to the costs to buy it. This year, the company made more than 170 acquisitions, and the value of the top 10 purchases exceeded $ 24.5 billion.

12. Despite the huge number of adventurous and super-innovative projects, such as self-driving cars or smart contact lenses, the bulk of Google's revenue comes from advertising. In 2014, revenue from this type of activity amounted to $ 66 billion.

13. Larry Page and Sergey Brin released the first Doodle in August 1998. During this time, they were participating in the Burning Man rally through the Nevada desert and wanted the world to know where they were at the moment.

14. The volume of the Google search index is over 100 million GB. To accommodate this amount of data would require over 100,000 terabyte hard drives.

15. People trust and love Google services so much that when the system dropped by 5 minutes in 2013, the volume of global traffic dropped by 40%.

Анонс нового сигнала ранжирования от Google - SEO Ukraine

16. Google is probably the only company in the world that wants people to spend as little time on their website as possible.

17. Google was originally called BackRub. This is how the main page of the search engine looked like, which became the prototype of Google.

18. Google's incredibly fast growth is especially noticeable against the backdrop of one curious fact: since 2010, the Internet giant has bought an average of one company per week.

19. The first doodle was invented by Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page together. It happened in 1998. A schematic image of a burning guy, a symbol of the Burning Man festival, which takes place in the Black Rock desert of Nevada, has been added to the usual multicolored Google inscription. Brin and Page went there in 2008.

20. Google's own chef, Charlie Ayers, came to Google in 1999, when the company had only 40 employees.

В Україні перестали працювали сервіси Google – Радіо Перше

21. Ayers built a good career in the corporation, becoming the chef of the entire company. At the time of leaving Google, he controlled 150 employees and 10 cafes at Google's Mountain View headquarters.

22. Gmail already supports over 50 different languages. Among them are the Basque, Welsh, Tagalog, Malayalam, Telulu and Cherokee languages.

23. In 2004, Google went public, selling part of its shares on the stock exchange. On the same day, about 1,000 of its employees became millionaires.

24. One of these lucky ones is masseuse Bonnie Brown. She joined the company in 1999. Her initial salary was $ 450 per week.

25. Button "I'm Lucky!" became extremely popular. But it costs Google $ 100 million every year in lost ad revenue.

Google дає співробітникам 2 вихідних і «тиждень без нарад», щоб боротися з  вигоранням – E&Lnews

26. Google is hiring goats. In 2009, the company rented about two hundred goats that grazed on its California campus, while fertilizing the soil with their excrement along the way.

27. The first official tweet from Google's corporate Twitter meant "I'm in luck," but it was written in binary, meaning it was all zeros and ones.

28. Google's competitor, Mozilla (Firefox browser), receives money from the Internet giant. For the fact that the default browser uses the Google search engine, its developer receives $ 300 million a year.

29. The total cost of this 16 percent stake is close to $ 46 billion.

30. Each new employee within the company is called a noogler, and the former is called a xoogler.

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Everyone knows, where you can order fast and convenient delivery of everything. Its creator, Jeff Bezos, promises that it will soon be possible to deliver orders in 10 minutes using aerial drones. But few have heard of By typing this address in a search engine, you will be automatically redirected to Amazon.


The fact is that "Relentless" is one of the first names that 30-year-old Bezos came up with for his online store. The second option was "Kadabra" as part of a magic spell. But both did not pass, then Bezos simply took a dictionary from the shelf and chose one of the first words he came across - the Amazon River. Thus began one of the most successful business stories in the world. It has a bit of magic and ruthlessness.


Brad Stone's book "The Everything Store" is about Jeff Bezos and the Amazon era, which explores the early years of Amazon and how it evolved from an online bookstore to today's e-commerce giant. Bemorepanda have collected some interesting facts about Amazon from this book.


The Skills that Made Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Successful | Fortune


1. Amazon originally had a different name.


Jeff Bezos wanted to give his company the name Cadabra, which sounded like part of a spell.


But Amazon's first lawyer, Todd Tarbert, said the name was too similar to the word cadaver, which translates from English as "corpse." Customers may have misheard such a name on the phone.


Bezos also liked the title Relentless. By the way, if you go to, you will be redirected to the Amazon home page.


Finally, Bezos chose the name Amazon - he liked the idea of ​​naming the company after the largest river in the world. It can be seen on the original Amazon logo.


2. There used to be a bell in the company's office that would ring whenever someone made a purchase on Amazon


After a few weeks, the bell began to ring so often that it had to be removed.


3. Initially, Bezos opened a company in his garage. The servers required so much power that when Bezos and his wife turned on a hairdryer or vacuum cleaner in the house, they would short-circuit.


4. In its first month of operation, Amazon sold books to people from all 50 states of America and 45 different countries.


5. A little-known lichen book saved Amazon from bankruptcy.


Book distributors demanded to buy books in batches of ten, but Amazon didn't need that much, and the company wouldn't have enough money to buy them.


But in the end, there was one loophole with which it was possible to bypass this rule. Amazon began ordering one book and nine copies of some obscure lichen book that was always out of stock.


Amazon Reports Mixed Q1 Results As Jeff Bezos Vows Massive COVID Response:  “We're Not Thinking Small” – Deadline


6. Bezos used to hold meetings at the Barnes & Noble bookstore.


In the early days of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, his wife Mackenzie, and their first employee, Shel Kafan, held meetings at a local Barnes and Noble store.


In 1996, Bezos met with the shopkeepers, and they said they respect him, but they are still going to launch a site that will destroy Amazon. Barnes and Noble co-founder Len Riggio wanted to call this site the Book Predator.


7. Jeff Bezos wanted his employees to work at least 60 hours a week.


Previously, the company did not know what it meant to maintain a balance between work and personal life. One of the first employees said that he worked without rest for more than eight months: he came to work early in the morning and returned late at night. He constantly rode his bike to work and completely forgot about the minibus that was parked at his house.


He didn’t have time to check his mail, and when he did open it, he saw several parking tickets, a notification from the tow truck and, finally, a message that his minibus was sold at an auction.


8. In 1998, Amazon had a very busy Christmas.


At that time, the company had a significant staff shortage. At Christmas time, all fulfillment center employees had to work the night shift. They called for help from friends and relatives and sometimes slept in their cars to go straight to work in the morning.


After this incident, Amazon promised to make sure that the next holidays the company has enough employees who would be able to fulfill the holiday orders. This is why Amazon is recruiting so many seasonal workers these days.


9. When eBay came along, Amazon launched its own auction site.


The idea failed, but Bezos liked it.


For $ 40,000, he bought the skeleton of a primeval cave bear and displayed it in the lobby of Amazon headquarters. This skeleton stands there to this day, and next to it is a sign "Please do not feed the bear."


10. Bezos enjoyed growing his company quickly, leading to chaos in Amazon's order centers.


In the late 90s and early 2000s, Amazon was in chaos. Centers were closed for several hours due to system failures, and mountains of goods were lying around, and the company was not ready to store new categories of products.


When Amazon started selling kitchen goods, it sometimes happened that the knives without the protective packaging cut the conveyor belt. The situation was extremely dangerous.


Jeff Bezos sells $3.5bn of Amazon shares in a week | Financial Times


11. In early 2002, Bezos introduced the concept of a “two pizza team”.


He suggested that workers should work in groups of less than ten people - that's how many people can be fed with two pizzas. According to Bezos, such groups should work autonomously, they should have clear goals and a formula for assessing success.


12. Dissatisfied customers can send a complaint to Bezos's personal mail, and he will forward it to the right employee with a single scary "?"


Whenever Amazon employees receive a letter from Bezos with a question mark, they react to it like a bomb. They usually have several hours to solve the problem and prepare a detailed explanation of why it arose. The explanatory note is checked by senior managers and then redirected to Bezos himself. In this way, Bezos shows customers that their complaints are constantly reviewed by the company.


13. Even before Google Street View came along, Amazon had Block View.


In 2004, Amazon launched the search engine. The team that worked on it also began to develop a project called Block View, which would display photographs of them from the street in response to a search query about stores and restaurants. For less than $ 100,000, Amazon sent its car photographers to twenty US cities to photograph the restaurants they needed. In 2006, Amazon abandoned the project, and in 2007 Google launched Street View.


14. Amazon employees fought stress with primal screams.


During the holidays, it is especially difficult for the employees of the logistics department. In the early 2000s, Jeff Wilkie, Chief Operating Officer for Amazon, allowed anyone who was able to achieve a big goal at work to close their eyes and yell at him with all their might on the phone.


Some of these primal screams nearly broke his speakers, Wilkie said.


15. Sometimes the "protests" of employees of Amazon fulfillment centers ended in rather funny ways.


The working conditions in these centers are notorious and sometimes their employees have tried to go on strike. One day, a worker decided to quit his job and sat astride a conveyor belt - and so he rode all the way out of the building.


But the funniest story happened in 2006 with a temporary employee of a Kansas center.


This employee came and went at the beginning of the shift, but no one saw him during working hours. Only a week later, it was discovered that the man had made himself a lair inside a pile of empty wooden boxes. Inside, he built a bed of Amazon products, reinforced the walls with pages torn from books, and even stole ordered food. When his lair was finally discovered, the employee was fired (not surprisingly).


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announces $1 bn investment for India by 2025


16. The original Amazon Kindle e-reader was codenamed "Fiona".


This name Kindle got from the book by Neil Stevenson "The Diamond Age". It told of a distant future in which an engineer managed to steal a rare interactive book for his knowledge-hungry daughter, Fiona. The team behind the Kindle prototype was inspired by this fictional device.


The team asked Bezos to keep the name Fiona, but he ended up choosing the Kindle. This word is translated as "kindle the flame", and it really liked Bezos.


17. Jeff Bezos is said to have hired a leadership coach to shout less at his subordinates.


Bezos is known for being quite harsh or sarcastic about employees who tell him something unpleasant. Rumor has it that he has hired a special assistant to help him respond to the news in a less harsh manner.


During one meeting, Bezos chastised employees in his usual harsh manner. He said that they were all fools and that he gave them a week to figure out what they were doing. Then he took a couple of steps, froze as if he suddenly realized something and said: "But still, you did a good job."


18. Bezos Realized a childhood dream.


Bezos founded his own space tourism company Blue Origin in 2000, decades after telling teachers and friends as a child that he wanted to be a “space entrepreneur” when he grew up.


19. Space enthusiast.


Jeff is so passionate about NASA during the Mercury and Apollo missions that he equipped and financed an underwater expedition to locate and recover the debris of Apollo rockets.


20. Bezos doesn't use an alarm clock.


He does not use an alarm clock and tends to sleep a full eight hours a night. No overnight fires or early risings for this CEO.


Jeff Bezos (CEO Amazon) explains his business model to shareholders | by  Alex Circei | | Medium


21. A good father.


As a child, Jeff was adopted by his stepfather Miguel Bezos. Today, the entrepreneur has four children with his wife Mackenzie: three sons and a daughter, whom the couple adopted in China.


22. He has come a long way.


As a teenager, Bezos worked at McDonald's, making French fries. At the same time, he founded a small summer camp for primary school students DREAM Institute.


23. Demanding to women.


Jeff had high demands on candidates for the role of a life partner. In an interview with Wired, he said that he was looking for one that "will get him out of the trap of the Third World."


24. Altruist, but not strong.


Originally from Albuquerque, Jeff studied at Princeton. There he studied electrical engineering and computer science. In 2011, he donated $ 15 million to the university to build a center for the study of neurological disorders.


At the same time, being the richest man on earth, Bezos is ranked last in the ranking of the top 10 billionaire benefactors.


25. A big fan of reading.


Bezos's favorite book is The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro.


US lawmakers demand Jeff Bezos testify over Amazon's 'possibly criminally  false' statements | Amazon | The Guardian


26. Customers come first.


If you have any complaints or suggestions, just email Receiving emails to this mail, Bezos forwards the question to the person in charge at the company, who then reports directly to the CEO on the progress of the issue. So the problem is under control.


27. Bezos made the first tables for himself and Amazon employees himself.


He could not afford expensive furniture at the beginning of the journey, so he put together tables for the first employees himself, using wooden doors instead of tabletops and boards for legs. Now these tables have become something of an artifact at the company - for over 20 years at Amazon, they have been using various variations of that historically simple design for the desktop.


The company even instituted the Door Desk Awards, which give creators "good ideas to offer consumers the lowest prices."


28. Bezos is not a fan of expensive cars.


Despite the fact that after the founding of Amazon, Bezos' business rapidly went uphill, he did not, like many, buy yachts and expensive cars for himself and for a long time remained faithful to his 1987 Chevrolet Blazer, which at first personally delivered deliveries. In 1997, when the company went public, he finally swapped out his old car for the new Honda Accord.


29. Bezos once looked into the eyes of death.


In 2003, Jeff Bezos practically looked death in the eye. He was looking for land to build a test site for Blue Origin when his helicopter crashed on a tour of Texas. The Amazon CEO received a number of minor injuries and recovered quickly, but after that he did not fly helicopters for a long time.


“Nothing special occurred to me. I was only thinking about what a stupid way to die, ”Bezos told Fast Company in 2004.


It didn't become some kind of life-defining experience for me. I’m afraid I’ve learned a rather mundane lesson: Avoid helicopters whenever possible! They are not as reliable as air transport with wings. "


30. Bezos is an Early Investor in Google.


Less than five years after founding Amazon, Bezos demonstrated his investment flair by investing $ 1 million in Google in the late 90s. Then it was a serious risk, which by now has paid off handsomely.

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Leading British sexologist Tracey Cox, the author of numerous books, named the main sex trends of 2020 and shared predictions for 2021. Her words are quoted by the Daily Mail.

According to Cox, 2021 will be the year of sexual experimentation. According to a study by a British sex toy retailer, in 2020, 52 percent of couples surveyed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and self-isolation have tried something new in sex: role-playing, car sex and the embodiment of partner's erotic fantasies. 71 percent of them said they will continue to experiment after the end of the pandemic.

Representatives of one of the sex dating sites noted that in 2020 an unusually large number of users began to identify themselves as bisexual. They assume that the number of people open to new sexual experiences will only grow in the next year.

The sexologist claims that people began to search more often in search engines for information about BDSM. In 2020, sales of strap-ons have grown by 200 percent. Ten percent of the 1,000 British women surveyed said they used them in sex with male partners, another ten percent admitted that they would like to try.

Cox said that in 2021, people will become even more open to long-distance relationships: due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, meeting in person is becoming more difficult. According to one of the dating apps, half of the users are ready to look for a partner "anywhere", before the majority preferred to set strict geographic boundaries. 66 percent of those surveyed said talking with a partner became much more important to them than before. 70 percent of respondents are ready for a virtual date, and 33 percent are open to long-term long-distance relationships.

In 2021, the trend for sex toys will continue: a third of respondents bought new devices in 2020. At the same time, sales of toys for couples have grown unprecedentedly in the past year. Cox said the category is usually much less in demand.

The sexologist noted that the pandemic made people remember about their former partners. One in five respondents admitted that he wrote or called them, a quarter of the respondents said that they themselves contacted them. The overwhelming majority supported the dialogue. In most cases, people just wanted to know if their ex was doing well.

Cox emphasized that in 2020, many began to practice mindfulness during sex: that is, enjoying the moment, and not worrying about their appearance, skills or problems reaching orgasm.

Earlier, sexologist Emily Morse told why women fake orgasm. According to her, they often do this to please the male ego and avoid embarrassing situations.

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It seems that the year 2020 is a decisive one for many of us. The year 2020 came with a lot of changes, better and worse news, and taking into account everything, the pandemic and many other events, the year 2020 is a special one.

Likewise for many celebrities, 2020 was a life-changing year. Some artists I simply looked for to see what they were doing, and others amazed me with the events of their lives, encouraged us and even some of them disappointed us. Many celebrities this year have enlarged the family with another member, someone else lost a lot of weight, and someone else got into bad situations.

Bemorepanda found the 10 most searched musicians on Google this year. We will provide you with information about what changes they had in 2020, and in some cases you will refresh the information you already know about them.

1) Shakira


She recorded her first album before she graduated from school, and by the time she came of age she was known all over the world and was personally acquainted with the Pope.


Shakira was born in 1977 into a large family, her parents raised eight more children - all from her father's previous marriages. The family was wealthy enough. Father - Lebanese William Mebarak Shadid - owned a jewelry store, so he could provide the children with everything they needed. Mother - Colombian Nidia Ripol - took care of the house.


Shakira began to read and write early, by the age of four she was already ready to go to school and wrote the first poem La Rosa De Cristal, dedicated to her mother. Then the girl was sent to dance.


At the age of seven, she was already typing poetry on her own typewriter, which she chose as a Christmas present. On Fridays, children from her school traveled to the poorer parts of the city to help those who could not study. Then Shakira decided that if she earned enough money, she would do everything to fix the situation.


At school, she attracted attention to herself. The girl did not know how to sit around, she danced at every competition and meeting, participated in any event.


From the age of ten, Shakira constantly performed at concerts in her hometown. She signed her first contract already at 13. Then Ciro Vargas from Sony Colombia heard her and arranged an audition for the studio executives. The young singer impressed them, and the studio signed a contract with her.


The first of the albums was released in 1991, it was called Magia. Shakira wrote most of the tracks herself, sang in Spanish. They even shot a video for the title track. The girl performed in several cities in Colombia to draw attention to the collection, but sales were modest - just over a thousand copies. But the tracks got into rotation on the radio. Also imperceptibly, Peligro came out in 1993, it had 10 tracks. Shakira considered her first works immature, so she did not republish.


 The first English-language album of the performer was released in 2001, she called it Laundry Service, translated as "Laundry". The artist compares love and music with soap and water, together they help to purify and revive. The singer was going to write the tracks herself, so first she had to improve her English. She studied the texts of Bob Dylan, read poetry and studied with a tutor. The artist herself came up with the cover: it is a close-up, and on the shoulder is a Laundry Service tattoo. Two years later, work on the album ended and the hit Whenever, wherever played on radio stations around the world. The track peaked at number one on the charts in 19 countries and entered the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100.


During her career, the performer has released 11 albums and received more than 200 awards. At home, a five-meter monument made of Colombian iron was installed for her.


He depicts Shakira dancing with a guitar in her hands, but appeared not only because of the artist's musical talent. When the singer was only 18, she founded the Pies Descalzos Foundation, which helps children to get education. At his expense, seven schools were built in Colombia. The foundation not only allowed children to study, but also provided jobs for many adults. Pies Descalzos has a rule that parents can get a job at the school.



2) August Alsina


In 2020, American singer August Alsina stated that he had been the lover of Will Smith's 48-year-old wife Jada for several years.


According to August, the actor knew about the relationship of the 48-year-old lover and was not against the adventures of his wife. The performer spoke about this in an interview with radio host Angela Ye.


The singer said that he met Jada in 2015 through a friend and her son Jaden. He says they became very close and even vacationed with their family in Hawaii in 2016.


“I completely surrendered myself to this relationship for the years of my life, and I sincerely and truly, very deeply love and feel a great love for her. then ", - said August about the relationship with Jada.


Now they are not together, but the singer is glad that they had love.


"I loved the person very much, I felt it and I know how it is, and some people will never have this in their lives," the singer noted.


The guy said that he loved the Smith family, and his wife did not instruct Will, as outsiders think about it.


"Actually, Will and I sat down and talked about transforming their marriage into a life partnership ... he gave me his blessing," Alsina assured.


Despite the fact that Will Smith's wife refutes this novel, in 2017 the couple went to one of the ceremonies together.


Note that rumors about an open relationship between Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith have been circulating for a long time. Like, the spouses allow themselves a relationship on the side and at the same time they have had a happy marriage for 22 years.


3) Adele


Fans love the British singer Adele for her enchanting strong voice that penetrates to the core. And now, in addition, everyone began to admire her new fit figure. The girl has been “in the body” all her life, and it seems that this did not bother her at all. But a few months ago, she decided to change and began to lose weight. We will tell you what was the reason and how the artist was able to get rid of 40 kilograms.


Why did Adele decide to lose weight?


Glory came to the singer in 2008, and she almost immediately began to categorically defend her non-standard forms. “Even when the contracts were signed, everyone in the music business knew that if someone dared to say that I needed to lose weight, he would definitely not work with me. I am not a product, no one will turn me into it. My weight has nothing to do with my career, ”- boldly declared Adele.


However, last fall, she still abruptly changed her life, and recently exposed the result of a colossal work for everyone to see. The last photo on Instagram shows how much the singer's figure has changed. What made her change her views?


Talent is more important than waist size. Melissa McCarthy conquered the world of cinema without a model figure

Journalists made fun of the Hollywood actress, but she still achieved success. And now she has also lost weight.


Naturally, it has nothing to do with a career. To anyone, but Adele does not have to complain about the lack of demand, popularity and recognition. The singer did not have any complexes about extra pounds. Adele herself has not yet spoken publicly on the topic of losing weight, but the British press has already found out through sources that pushed the girl to such a step.


Now the most important thing in the singer's life is her seven-year-old son Angelo, and for him Adele changed her lifestyle. “Everyone sees only the transformation of the figure, but, in fact, everything is much more complicated there. Her health worsened, and she realized that something needed to be changed. She wants to stay healthy for her son. Adele focuses on improving her health, treating her body more correctly. It was not at all about losing weight, it was only an additional effect after she cut down on alcohol and began to eat right. But she is also pleased with the transformation of her figure. She has become more confident, began to dress differently and generally looks happier than before, "- quotes an anonymous source, The People.


It can be assumed that the new appearance helps Adele to cope with the experiences in her personal life: a year ago she broke up with her husband. They say that now the artist has already overcome this difficult stage and found harmony. As always, music also helps her in this: soon the singer should present new songs to the public.


How did Adele manage to lose 40 kilograms?


The first reports that Adele changed her nutrition plan and began to exercise hard appeared in the summer of 2019. She did it before, but the simulators made her bored. “Mostly I just grunt, training does not give me pleasure,” she said in 2016. But even then, the star was ready for a lot for the sake of her son: she reduced her sugar intake, quit smoking. “I loved smoking, but if I died of a disease caused by smoking, it would break my son's heart. Not cool at all. "



Around the same time, Adele got acquainted with the fashionable sirtfood diet, which we have already described in detail at the "Championship". It is a nutritional program that focuses on foods that activate the body's production of sirtuins. They regulate the aging process, speed up metabolism, burn fat and suppress appetite. You won't have to starve on such a diet, you can even drink red wine and eat dark chocolate, and it has a positive effect on the state of the nervous system.


Adele really lost some weight in previous years, because in 2008 she was a real plump! But, obviously, she got down to business seriously only in 2019, and now the total weight loss has already reached 40 kg.


4) Doja Cat


After meeting the artist of the music label Sony Music Doja Cat, whom you already know from the song "Say So", you will not have a chance - you will want to listen to all her songs, subscribe to Instagram and settle on her YouTube channel.


Amalaratna Zandile Dlamini was born into a family of artists. Father - South African actor, danced in Broadway musicals. Her Mother, an American with Jewish roots, was an artist and is now in visual design, and, according to Doja, "loves to sing behind closed doors." The girl credits her creative parents with influencing her current career: "I took from both of them a little bit of everything." For example, my mother instilled in the girl a taste for music such as: Erykah Badu, Fugees, Jamiroquai, Seal, Earth, Wind, & Fire, Alice Coltrane, John Coltrane.


At about 11 years old, she took up break dance, and danced in a gang in Los Angeles. She also went to surf camp when she grew up.


Doja dropped out of high school in 11th grade and took up music. She recorded tracks on GarageBand and uploaded them to SoundCloud.


Doja at the age of 16 decided that "Dodge" sounded like the name of a cute girl, and since she loves cats, she took "cat" as an addition.


Doja came across his most popular YouTube video (7,000,000 views) "Honeypie". She did not like the track at all, but the girl was hooked by the artist's pants and the way he moved in them. Wanting to see more, she went and checked his Instagram account before posting under the photo that she loved him. Johnny playfully gave her an answer and the guys never parted.


Rumor has it that Chris Brown is now courting the girl.


Doja Cat's musical career kicked off when she began releasing songs on SoundCloud in 2013. At the age of 16, Doge dropped her first single, "So High". And less than a year later, she signed a contract with RCA Records, which collaborates with Sony Music.


Doja believes that her style of creating a track is spontaneous: she uses a variety of methods to write songs. According to her, sometimes she writes a text from the end, starting with a punch, and then thinks out the beginning.


Doja was inspired by the thought of two strangers who never looked away from each other. But the girl is too scared to approach. Doge said that she locked herself in her room and went to work headlong to write a single:


The track is about when you came somewhere, saw someone, but he is with a girl and cannot approach you, although you both look at each other and feel attracted.


She added that she loves vintage e-type funk from the 70s and feels that it suits her very well. This is why Say So is so full of disco vibes.



5) Grimes


Claire Boucher, known as Grimes, is one of the top newsmakers of 2020. She gave birth to baby X Æ A-XII, appeared on the cover of the May issue of Vogue Italia and put up a piece of her soul for $ 10 million for sale, and the other day she also started an important discussion about positioning herself as an artist in the comments under her post with a candid photo. Here's how thoughtful self-presentation helped her achieve fame and recognition - in the world of music, art and fashion.


Boucher began dating Elon Musk and was burdened by the status of a billionaire girl, changed her name to C, where c is the speed of light in a vacuum, released one of her best albums and gave birth to baby X Æ A-Xii. What has not changed is the priorities voiced five years ago and the habit of juggling roles. Whether Grimes is Miss Anthropocene or Marie Antoinette at a rave, all of her looks show an unwillingness to be described by one pre-existing genre or style.


There were many contrasts in the life of Grimes from an early age. She grew up in Vancouver in an English-speaking family with Ukrainian roots and loved Russian, studied ballet professionally, studied at a Catholic school and came to classes, smoked marijuana, dreamed of a career as an astrophysicist, did not enter and eventually went to study philosophy and neurobiology. But in local Canadian newspapers she became famous not as a young luminary, but as the same girl who traveled with a friend during a vacation on the Mississippi River in a houseboat loaded with several dozen bags of potatoes and live chickens. The first musical experiences - under the name Grimes Claire Boucher began to create in 2007 - aroused much less interest than this story.


Her debut two albums - Geidi Primes and Halfaxa - she recorded in 2010 at her home. By that time, her image and style had not yet finally taken shape, but after the very first attempts, an understanding appeared that she wanted to make music, not science. In 2011, she dropped out of university and released Vanessa's first viral video.


Boucher, who at the beginning of her career stated that she did not have a single designer item in her wardrobe, in the video for the song Violence has already starred in the futuristic couture look Iris Van Herpen. She herself, as it was recently revealed, is also not averse to trying herself in the design of technological clothes - but only digital. However, it is unlikely that it will be very soon - a lot of time and effort is now being spent on taking care of the firstborn.


However, Grimes was obviously not destined to become a diligent housewife. On December 1, she posted a post-announcement about her collaboration with the creators of the video game Cyberpunk: 2077 - it will play the Grimes soundtrack and one of the heroines will speak in her voice. The ad was accompanied by a nude photograph of the singer.


6) Van Halen

Eddie van Halen, guitarist, composer, founder of the rock band Van Halen, died of cancer. He was 65 years old.


“I can't believe I have to write this, but my father Edward Lodewijk van Halen lost a long and difficult battle with cancer,” his son Wolfgang William van Halen tweeted. “Every moment with him on and off stage was a gift ".


Edward (Eddie) Lodewijk van Halen was born on January 26, 1955 in the city of Nijmegen (Netherlands). In 1962, when he was seven years old, the van Halens emigrated to the United States. In the early 70s, Eddie founded with his brother Alex the group Van Halen, which in the late 1970s and early 1980s was one of the most successful in rock music.


In 2007, Van Halen was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Eddie van Halen was ranked eighth on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the greatest guitarists of all time.


Eddie Van Halen, along with his brother Alex, emigrated to the United States from the Netherlands during the heyday of rock and roll in the late 60s and soon left the piano for drums and electric guitar. They spent years playing in small clubs, beer bars and house parties, forming the band's current lineup along the way.


Van Halen was opened to the public in March 1977 and, as Eddie himself noted, was somewhat reminiscent of a scene from a movie. One day, Mo Austin, then president and chairman of Warner Brothers, and producer Ted Templeman saw them performing at the Starwood Club in Los Angeles. They also convinced the newly minted musicians to record an album.


Over the course of three weeks, the band, with Eddie and brother Alex on drums, Michael Anthony on bass and lead singer Dave Lee Roth, recorded 40 songs, including "Running with the Devil", the fiery guitar solo "Eruption", and a cover of "You Really Got Me »The Kinks, and embarked on a nine-month tour of the US and Europe.


Templeman insisted that Eddie pick up the guitar. In one session, the Van Halen brothers improvised on the theme of "Eruption" and the producer demanded that they record a solo.


7) Lizzo


At the last Grammy ceremony, only one person could compete with Billie Eilish. Meet 31-year-old Melissa Vivian Jefferson, known under the pseudonym Lizzo. She has about 140 kg, she loves to sing about healthy self-love and sex, reads fem-rap and just exudes (body) positive. In 2018, Forbes included the singer in the "30 under 30" rating. Her fan list includes billionaires, superstars and Forbes Woman.


In the US, everyone is crazy about Lizzo. Time magazine publishes her photo on the cover. "Lizzo, I fucking love you!" - Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler shouts from the stage at the Grammy ceremony. Support from other industry figures like Rihanna or Missy Elliot is not surprising, but even the richest man in the world Jeff Bezos posts a selfie with the singer and the caption “I just did a DNA test, and it turns out that I am a 100% fan of Lizzo!”, To paraphrase lines from the main hit of the rapper "Truth hurts" (I just took a DNA test, turns out I'm 100% that bitch).


10 years ago, the aspiring singer lived on the streets of Houston, sleeping in a car. It was with this fact that all the articles in the American press began, anticipating her victory at the Grammy. Between the lines it read: look, another "American dream" that has come true - thanks to painstaking work, even a dark-skinned lesbian in a body (almost like a one-legged heroine of a common joke) can collect stadiums. But in the case of Lizzo, the emphasis should not be on that at all, but on her amazing talents - after all, how many pop artists do you know who play flute freely? Moreover, those who have this very flute is an integral part of the stage show? Well, except for Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull.


The first group Melissa gathered at school. From school and hobby for the flute - an instrument actually imposed on music lessons, and the nickname Lizzo in honor of the famous Jay-Z song "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)". After school, the singer changed several bands and even managed to be the vocalist of the prog-rock band Ellypseas. Left after the death of her father without a livelihood, Lizzo did not give up her dream of a musical career and continued to make her way to fame, even if in the evenings she "often cried to somehow fall asleep."


Last year was a key one for the singer in connection with another event: on the day of the release of Lizzo's new album Cuz I Love You in April, the romantic comedy "Someone Great" was released on Netflix, where the same Truth Hurts sounded in one of the key scenes. The same night, the track began to actively "shazam" and download, by July the song reached the first place in the Billboard Top 100 chart. The rest is history: hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, the very three Grammys (one of them - for "Truth Hurts), a selfie with Bezos, and a $ 37,000 dress by Greek designer Mary Katranzu on the cover of Time.


How much Lizzo earns is not known for certain, but it is obvious that the turn of 2019-2020 was marked for her by a sharp increase in income. According to the singer herself, concert activity in 2018 brought her a million dollars. At the same time, ticket prices for the show skyrocketed throughout 2019 - for example, for the rise in the price of tickets for a concert in Dublin from £ 44 to £ 140, Lizzo was sharply criticized by fans. Some of the American media, after the singer won the Grammy, valued her brand at $ 10 million. Compared to 2019, this figure has quadrupled - both the success of Truth Hurts and subsequent singles, and the fact that Lizzo's music was sold to advertise the supermarket chain Walmart, and she herself became the brand ambassador of Absolut vodka.


8) Tamar Braxton


Toni Braxton was born on October 7, 1967 in Severn, Maryland, to Michael Conrad and Evelyn Jackson. Both parents were very religious: her mother, a retired opera singer, was a pastor in a local Methodist church, her father helped her in his free time on the power grid. Children - and after Tony they had five more - sang in the church choir from an early age.


In addition, in 1973, the family joined the Apostolic Pentecostal sect, where children were not allowed to make noise, and all girls and women had to hide their bodies from prying eyes. This sect was not the only one in Tony's childhood, but over the years, his parents changed their minds and returned to their usual way of life.


In the late 1980s, Tony and her four younger sisters - Tracey, Towanda, Trina and Tamar - formed The Braxtons. At the time, it was a good way to promote the most talented of children (examples are Michael and Janet Jackson). In 1989, after several concerts in the surrounding towns, they signed a contract with Arista Records. Pretty soon it became clear that Toni Braxton was better off performing solo.


The first album in the R&B genre was released in 1993 and was named after her (another tradition of that time) - Toni Braxton. The songs soared to the top of the charts, Tony received many awards, including three Grammy Awards.


The second Secrets album appeared in 1996, and the single Un-Break My Heart ("Don't break my heart") conquered the charts in different countries of the world. Tony received two more Grammys, she began to be recognized on the streets and recognized as the most successful black singer of the 90s.


Toni Braxton's career developed, she was preparing to record the third album ... and then it turned out that the famous singer was bankrupt! It was not her direct fault in this, just the contract was drawn up very cunningly. The proceedings led to a monstrous failure of Tony's reputation: she was even forced to return the Grammy and other awards.


She put up all her property for sale, but the conflict was soon settled.


Obviously, during this period, her talent needed a new application - and Tony was invited to Broadway.


For half a year, from August 1998 to February 1999, she played the main role in the musical Beauty and the Beast. This was the first (and so far the last) time a black singer played a Disney princess on Broadway.


By the way, in 2003 she once again returned to this stage to play in “Aida”.


In 1998, Toni Braxton met musician Keri Lewis, and they began an affair. Some time later, she had an abortion, which she later regretted. In 2001, the musicians got married, and on December 2, Tony gave birth to a son named Denim Kai.


Her third album after the bankruptcy scandal did not sell well, and the company was in a hurry to release a fourth. In the summer of 2002, Tony became pregnant again, this time everything went hard, she was forced to lie for several months. But the studio rushed her and did not postpone the release of the album More Than a Woman. It came out in November and was not successful either.


On March 31, 2003, Toni Braxton gave birth to her second son, who was named Diesel Kai.


Three years later, he was diagnosed with autism. The singer was very sorry that this had not happened before, but the boy was lucky: he managed to compensate for his development, and now he is studying in a regular school. Toni Braxton herself has since supported international autism organizations.


9) Quando Rondo


In 2020, Quando Rondo released the song "End Of Story". In it, the rapper comments on King Von's death and talks about his role in it.


“Sometimes it’s better not to answer that at all,” the track Rondo begins. “Today, it’s like all the fans have appointed themselves the police. You are gangsters only in words and in tears when your person is lying, but you have to be responsible for the bazaar. Hey, if it were the other way around , no one would say that he was wrong. "


"Damn, of course, we're shouting about self-defense, you shouldn't have attacked me," says Rondo about the start of the shootout, referring to the video of his fight with the rapper.


A week after King Von's death, an Atlanta club announced the cancellation of Quando Rondo's concert "for legal reasons." Rumors circulated online that a large number of tickets for the show were purchased by Lil Durk. On Instagram, Derk expressed his grief over the death of Von, after which he deleted the account.


"To be clear, I was not going to perform in Atlanta," Rondo responds to rumors in the track. "A million for my head, so they say. Just? Bitch, put all eight!"


Chicago-based rapper King Von was gunned down outside the Monaco Hookah Lounge in Atlanta on November 6 during a conflict with the Quando Rondo entourage, and two other people were killed and another was taken to hospital in critical condition. Charged with the murder is Timothy "Lul Timm" Leeks, close to Rondo.


An outdoor camera footage that appeared online showed that the scuffle allegedly began between Von and Rondo. In the video, Von with dreadlocks in a white T-shirt walks up to Rondo (in a black T-shirt) and hits several times. A fight ensues between them, they are separated, after which the crowd scatters to the sides.

10) Tory Lanez

In 2020, rapper Tory Lanez was indicted on multiple counts in connection with a high-profile shooting that severely injured hip-hop star Megan Thee Stallion. As the girl previously said, there was a quarrel between them - and the artist, being intoxicated, fired a shot in her direction when she tried to leave his car. Now the musician faces almost 23 years in prison.


According to TMZ, the musician is accused of assault with semi-automatic firearms, as well as carrying unregistered firearms. In addition, the district attorney insists that the rapper is guilty of causing grievous bodily harm. The accusations against Tory Lanez, notably, were filed just days after he released his new album "Daystar", in which he declares his innocence.


If Peterson is found guilty on these counts, he faces almost 23 years in prison.


A high-profile incident involving 28-year-old Tory Lanez, who previously had no such serious legal problems, and 25-year-old Megan Thee Stallion (they were credited with a romantic relationship) occurred in July this year. Then the musician was arrested in Los Angeles after a house party, where there was a quarrel that turned violent, and accused of illegal possession of weapons in the car.


Megan Thee Stallion was in the car with him at the time of the arrest - the police noticed injuries on the girl's leg. She later explained that the injury was the result of “a crime with the use of a firearm, which was committed with the intention of causing her physical harm,” but did not disclose the identity of the attacker. However, the artist later stated that it was Tory Lanez who fired the shot.


According to Megan, there was a quarrel between her and Peterson, she got out of the car, after which the rapper shot in her direction. The injury of the hip-hop star turned out to be really serious - she even had to lie on the operating table for the doctors to remove the bullets from the injured leg.


According to sources close to Peterson, a mitigating circumstance may appear in the case that will at least reduce the rapper's term: Megan Thee Stallion is expected to call the shooting "accidental" at the trial. The girl's apologies to the attacker could have influenced such a decision. According to insiders, shortly after the incident, he sent Meghan several messages stating that he was "truly sorry." In addition, the performer referred to severe intoxication and admitted that he felt terrible.


According to media reports, after Tory Lanez was publicly accused by Meghan, his auditions fell more than threefold. In addition, some industry colleagues allegedly refused to cooperate with him, who were deeply impressed by the incident.


In 2016, lawsuits were filed against Tory Lanez following a concert in Texas, where a violent fight took place between law enforcement officers and listeners. It was noted that it was the musician who shouted calls for riots that provoked the fight.

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This year, the video game industry has found a second wind thanks to the pandemic, because many, due to self-isolation, have decided to turn to this particular type of entertainment. Metacritic, a website aggregator of reviews and ratings, has compiled a list of the best games of the outgoing year, which hit the taste of both critics and ordinary gamers.


People searched for a lot of new games titles in 2020, but some of them became famous for everyone. Bemorepanda collected all these famous games that were searched in 2020 for you. Of course we have some good information about all of them.


1) Among Us

Among Us is a multiplayer game in which players must find a traitor among the ranks of the spaceship team, whose goal is to kill everyone. The traitor needs to kill as many "teammates" as possible before being declassified. In fact, this game is an analogue of the tabletop "Mafia", where for successful subversion, players must mislead their opponents and do everything possible not to reveal themselves.


The game offers several different maps, support for a huge number of players and cross-play between platforms. On each map, players have different ways to get things done. For real crew members, this is a fight against traitors, while the latter have completely different methods of committing sabotage, which will destroy the entire crew together with the station or spacecraft.

2) Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a multiplayer game in which players will experience a mad obstacle race in which they must overtake 99 other participants and remain the only winner. The entire playing space is filled with various traps and obstacles that can prevent you from reaching the end at any time.


In fact, Fall Guys is a "royal battle" in which players should not shoot their opponents, but compete with them in agility, reaction speed and knowledge of cards. The game offers several different modes with completely different conditions. The main goal is to stay as high as possible than all other players, which will bring the crown and victory in the round.

3) Valorant

Valorant is a multiplayer shooter from the creators of League of Legends, in which players are expected to face off against teams in a 5x5 format. The gameplay is familiar to everyone who has played Counter-Strike at least once - one team is trying to plant a bomb at a certain point, the second is trying to prevent it from doing so. The main difference between Valorant and CS is the unique characters-Agents, each of which has unique skills and abilities. "Spamming" with skills, however, will not work here - each skill has a certain amount of charges that must either be bought in the store or received for kills.

4) Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an open world action RPG inspired by The Legend of Zelda series. Players will find the fantasy world of Teivat, which is full of ruins of ancient cities, fortresses, magical forests and the like. The world of the game is completely open to exploration, and you can climb every mountain - if only the character has enough stamina. Players are not limited in their freedom in any way - except perhaps by the edge of the map, behind which lies a non-playing space.


Genshin Impact is a party game where you can switch between characters at any time of the battle. The very same characters can be obtained from the "gacha" - an in-game system, similar to loot boxes, where for a certain amount of special currency players get weapons and heroes. The composition of the group must be approached wisely, because the characters have different skills of different elements, the combination of which in battle is the key to victory. The game also has a co-op that allows four players to conquer the vastness of Teiwata at the same time.

5) Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is an open-world action-adventure game set in the mid-13th century. In the center of the story is a samurai named Jin, who finds himself on the island of Tsushima in the midst of the first Mongol invasion of Japan. It is he who will have to stop the invasion of the Mongols into the territory of the Land of the Rising Sun. The game is based on real events, but the characters are created by the authors themselves.


The island of Tsushima in the game is an open world in which players can move freely in any direction, and in Ghost of Tsushima there are a minimum of different markers and pointers - you need to navigate the local world yourself. Players must not only explore the island, but also fight the Mongols, liberate castles and destroy military camps, and help civilians in trouble.

6) Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a life simulator and the fifth game in the Animal Crossing series that invites players to start a new life on a small desert island. While exploring the island in real time, players must collect resources, get food, and gradually transform the island into an inhabited settlement with anthropomorphic animals as inhabitants. As in all previous games in the series, real time and game time are synchronized with each other, so when the players have winter outside, the game will also have winter.


Players must settle down on their island, invite new inhabitants to it, and also improve and build it up in every possible way to their liking. New Horizons has both single player and multiplayer - up to four players in local mode and up to eight online can be on the same island at the same time. The game also supports Amiibo cards and figures.


7) Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla is the next installment in the Assassin's Creed series, set in a completely new location for the series - on the shores of Norway and England during the ninth century AD. The protagonist of the game is a Viking named Eivor, who opposes the English king Alfred. Players will face battles for territories, the ability to capture the settlements and cities of opponents, as well as elements of Scandinavian mythology.


In "Valhalla" there is a large base-hub, where the protagonist will have to start all his adventures, the non-linearity of the passage and a large number of RPG elements - even more than in previous games in the series. In the Scandinavian edition, the developers have once again reworked the combat system, improved hunting and progression. Naval battles are a thing of the past - in Valhalla, ships are used for fast travel, not for battles.

8) The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us 2 is a sequel to the action adventure The Last of Us. The game takes place five years after the events of the original, and the protagonists of the original game, Joel and Ellie, again become the main characters. A completely different story awaits players, centered around hatred and revenge rather than love. The main character of the second part is not Joel, but Ellie.


The second part differs from the first one not only in the subject matter, but also in the changed and modified gameplay. The Last of Us 2 relies on stealth even more than the first one - so, the heroine can hide in the grass, bushes, in crevices between houses, under cars, and so on. However, depending on a number of factors, enemies may still notice it - and in this they are helped by improved artificial intelligence. It is worth noting that not only the human enemies have changed - the infected have also become much more dangerous.


9) Madden NFL 21

Madden NFL 21 is the latest addition to the popular American football series in development since 1997. As every year, the game features licensed teams and real, faithfully reproduced athletes that we can lead to victory in subsequent matches. This game is developed by EA Sports, which specializes in sports games.


Madden NFL 21 - American football simulator. The game allows you to play matches against real licensed American NFL teams. The developers focused on the realism of the game - they made sure that the virtual wrestling resembled as much as possible what we know from real sports.


New is a player control mechanic called Skill Stick, which allows you to perform a series of maneuvers both offensively (when you are in possession of the ball) and when defending - these are turns, jumps and slides, as well as passes that can be combined into complex combinations.


It's also worth noting that thanks to the updated Superstar X-Factor (2.0) system, individual stars have their own characteristic moves and games.


In Madden NFL 21, we can play alone or with others. The game offers the opportunity to play both single matches and tournaments - both with a live opponent and with AI-controlled athletes. In this game, we can also find the Madden Ultimate Team module and the Face of the Franchise: Rise of Fame mode, which the creators describe as a documentary career mode.


Madden NFL 21 has very nice 3D graphics. Both stadiums and player models have a high level of realism and detail.

10) Jackbox

The Jackbox Party Pack 7 is a vibrant and dynamic game designed for parties and a great time with friends. In total, this project includes five unique parts, each of which will not let you get bored even for a minute. The first part is designed for a team of three to eight players, where participants need to give answers to interesting, and sometimes even funny questions, gaining points and trying to snatch victory into their own hands. The second part is a kind of collaboration, where players have to go through the various difficulties of the life of ordinary people, going straight to hell. A team of three to eight people will have a great time here. As for the third part, it was performed in the style of a fighting game, where the player needs to make every effort and opportunity to defeat an insidious and equally strong opponent. In the fourth part, everything is rather strange, because the basis is laid in the conversation, whoever speaks more will win. The fifth part is a "guessing game", where from two to six players take part, and the main task is to guess the correct answer to a particular question.

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