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Pls make this a meme

4 days ago
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After four consecutive negative tests, Joe Biden, 79, has again tested positive for the coronavirus.


The Washington leader tested positive for Covid-19 again on Saturday, July 30, according to a briefing by presidential physician Kevin O'Connor. Biden, who contracted the infection on July 21, has experienced "no recurrence of symptoms and continues to feel quite well." As a result, he will not resume treatment, the White House said.


The White House leader received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine shortly before taking office. He did the booster in September and an additional amount on March 30.


Top memes about Biden


Covid positive, Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, gave Biden a headache, and Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of Al-Qaida, was killed on the orders of Joe Biden.


1. Saudi Arabia


2. Ungrateful


3. Ukraine


4. No, honey!


The leader of Al-Qaida was killed on the night of Saturday to Sunday in Afghanistan in a drone attack, a new blow to the terrorist organization.


"On Saturday, on my orders, the United States coordinated an airstrike in Kabul, Afghanistan, that killed al-Qaida emir Ayman al-Zawahiri. Justice has been served, and this terrorist is gone," Biden said in an address from the White House.


Zawahiri was one of the most wanted terrorists in the world. He had taken over the leadership of the jihadist group in 2011, after the death of Osama Bin Laden, killed by an American commando in Pakistan.


The Al-Qaeda leader was considered the mastermind of the September 11 attacks, which killed nearly 3,000 people in the United States.


The attack occurred on Sunday in Kabul, and US President Joe Biden gave the order. According to the information obtained by the American press, al-Za-was-hiri would have moved to the capital of Afghanistan a few months ago.


American intelligence agencies knew where he was hiding as early as April and began preparing the coup. And Zawahiri was allegedly killed by a drone while on the house's balcony.


5. Hold my beer


6. See the difference


7. Special Mission


US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan is a significant commitment by the United States to the island. Still, it may mark a turning point in the strained relationship between the US and China. American analysts question whether this escalation was worth it and what the stakes are, after all.


In Taipei, Nancy Pelosi explained her reasons for coming to Taiwan. "We have three goals - security for our people, for global security. The second is the economy and governance. We want to increase collaboration and dialogue between our parliaments.


At the center of the latest political and economic disputes between the US and China, Taiwan is currently managing to keep both of the world's superpowers under control by securing a global quasi-monopoly on the chip industry, practically some of the essential components of the modern world. By producing 92% of the world's chips and semiconductors, Taiwan has thus become indispensable to both China and the US, superpowers whose economies are now entirely dependent on these products.


And one of the stakes of Pelosi's visit to Taiwan concerns semiconductor production precisely.


After meeting with representatives of the Taiwanese legislature and President Tsai Ing-wen, to whom she conveyed that the United States "will not abandon Taiwan", Nancy Pelosi is said to have scheduled a meeting with the president of Taiwan's largest semiconductor manufacturer, according to Washington Post.


Pelosi and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Chairman Mark Liu was scheduled to discuss implementing the recently passed "Chips and Science" Treaty, which provides $52 billion in federal subsidies to US chip factories.


8. Galaxy




10. Failure


The meeting, planned for Wednesday, comes as TSMC is building a chip factory in Arizona and considering expanding the project to include additional factories at the same site, sources familiar with the matter told The Washington Post.


Small electronic components are the brains that power all modern electronics. They have been in short supply globally for nearly two years due to rising demand and component shortages, prompting countries worldwide to scramble to build more manufacturing centers.


TSMC is the world's largest chipmaker and a vital supplier to the United States and other Western countries. It is the largest of Taiwan's chipmakers, producing more than 90% of the world's most high-tech chips.


However, Taiwan currently dominates the crucial sector of so-called microchips under 10 nanometers, considered essential in the arms race between the US and China. The respective chips contain billions of electronic components on a surface of only a few millimeters.


If China were to invade Taiwan militarily and gain control over the chip factories in this territory, US military power would be directly affected.


"If a potential adversary overtakes the United States in terms of semiconductors or suddenly cuts off US access to these types of chips, it could gain a decisive advantage in any military domain," according to a March 2021 report to the US Congress drawn up by the National Security Commission in the field of Artificial Intelligence.


At the same time, China would suffer significantly if it lost access to precious Taiwanese chips. The Chinese market currently covers 60% of the world's semiconductor demand. 90% of semiconductors are imported by China or produced locally by foreign companies.


11. Raise your hand


12. Maga time


13. Biden


14. More covid


15. Bidenese


16. Second covid


17. Biden Voter


18. Just guess


19. Free market


20. Pro farmer


21. Recession


22. Farting


23. Wisdom


24. Cereals today


25. If I ran


26. Run again


27. Taxpayers


28.  Threats


29. No votes


30. Thanks Biden


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Stray is a video game in which the protagonist is a cat, but it was not created just for memes, it is an adventure game that brings us a new perspective and one with an emotional story and likable characters.


Stray has piqued the internet's curiosity ever since it was revealed at a PlayStation event. And rightly so since it was a cat-starring game in a cyberpunk environment. If one thing is certain in this world, it is people's fascination with cats.


Stray memes and pictures


In Stray you play with an unnamed cat with whom you can do all the cat things: walk, sleep, bathe, climb objects, knock things over, hide in boxes, and claw at furniture and carpets. If it was just that, it would probably be enough for cat lovers, but Stray is more than that, and we recommend it to non-cat lovers as well.


1. Cat help


2. Meow


3. Voice actor


Stray starts with a group of cats on a walk, you control one of them, the most orange one, and as a kind of little tutorial you start exploring the environment, jumping from one object to another and meowing. At one point, you slip and your furry friends look on helplessly as you fall. You find yourself in a cyberpunk city that seems to be populated only by robots.


Through messages you are directed to a house where you come across a small drone that seems to have belonged to a scientist. It will help you in your adventure and can unlock doors, translate robot language and communicate with the cat. Basically, this little drone is the only direct way you perceive the story being told by the game. Indirectly you learn a lot just by observation, through short conversations with robots, and the environment can tell more than you think.


Stray isn't just the adventure of this cat trying to get back to the surface, it's also a mystery where you try to find out what's wrong with this city, where are the people, what's going on with these robots and why aren't they trying to get out on the surface.


It's an interesting thing to have a cat as your protagonist because you have another useful perspective both from the gameplay point of view, which I'll talk about later, but also from the story point of view. As a cat you are a very good observer of what is happening around you because you are small and you are not much noticed, especially by robots who are not familiar with the existence of such animals. You can observe them from a distance and watch them go about their useless existence in this closed city. There is even a button, L2, with which you can zoom in and thus better perceive the atmosphere of this sad city.


The story is short and you'll finish it in about 5-6 hours of gameplay, depending on how much you're willing to explore. A bit short for a video game, but if it was longer I think it would have affected the quality of the final product.


4. Playing Stray


5. System requirements to run Stray


6. Feelings


7. Moding community


8. Male fantasy


With this game people started to be more understanding with their cat who climbs on the typewriter at night, on the headboard of the bed, who knocks things off the desk or the chest of drawers, who claws at the door frames and who sometimes just run around the house. 


Even when you didn't need to you were climbing on things, why? Because the perspective was too low: cats are small creatures and the environment is one created by humans for humans. This means that in a chair or on a table you can see things differently and have a wider perspective on your surroundings and dangers. It's no wonder cats prefer high places because they have a better view of what's going on around them.


At the same time, knocking over objects, walking over keyboards is simply fun and satisfying. The game was created by cats, not humans, so much fun to climb on the table and knock over glasses and bottles.


Our cat has no super powers, nothing special. He's just a fast, smart, but vulnerable cat. In this world there are creatures like oversized worms that eat everything they catch, including robots. At first our cat has no choice and all he can do is run away from them, but later he will get his hands on a weapon that you can use against them.


Besides that there are times when you have to solve various simple puzzles like move an object to one side to climb on it to jump to another and so on. There are also side quests in the game, but they are all related to the main quest, and that's a good thing. Most of them are simple, but it couldn't be otherwise, after all you are a cat without superpowers and without opposable fingers.


9. Follow


10. Bruh


11. Mod turns the cat


12. Mewo button


13. Perfect


14. Had you time


15. My cat


16. CJ


17. No context




19. Perfect game


20. Stary reviews


21. Orange


22. Love this game


23.  A game about a cat


24. Playing Stray


25. So cute


26. Press B to meow


27. Winner


28. Stray now


29. Pspspspsps


30. A must in the game



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@Theturtle202 OMG! I want that game soooo bad!

In a market economy, the prices of goods and services can change at any time. Some prices go up, some go down. Inflation occurs when there is a general increase in the prices of goods and services, not just specific items, which means that today you can buy one euro less than you could buy yesterday. In other words, inflation reduces the value of currency over time.


Inflation memes


1. Actual inflation


2. Cereals today


3. Me in my 30s


When calculating the average price increase, a greater weight is given to the prices of products we spend more on, such as electricity, than to products we spend less on, such as sugar or postage stamps.


Each household has its own consumption habits: some own a car and eat meat, others prefer to use public transport exclusively or eat a vegetarian diet. The average consumption habits of the population's households, taken as a whole, determines the weight that different products and services have in measuring inflation.


When calculating inflation, all goods and services included in household consumption are taken into account, including:


daily items (such as groceries, newspapers and petrol);

durable goods (eg clothing, personal computers and washing machines);

services (such as hairdressing, insurance and housing rentals).


All goods and services consumed in households during the year are represented by a "basket" of products. Each product in this basket has a price that may vary over time. The annual inflation rate is given by the price of the entire basket in a given month compared to its price in the same month of the previous year.


4. About tax


5. UK workers


6. Government services


7. When you are the inflation


The inflation rate in the Eurozone has reached a record level. Unfortunately, the forecasts for the coming months are not good either.


According to a survey by the Ifo research institute, in June the estimates of representatives of the retail trade for food and beverages were 98.9 points. The dots indicate the probability of price increases. A value of 100 points would have meant that all surveyed entrepreneurs intend to raise prices. Minus 100 would have indicated a decrease in them.


The forecasts are also valid in other trade sectors where the institute's specialists registered 78.6 points. "Thus, the inflation rate will remain high", explained the head of the economic department of Ifo, Timo Wollmershäuser. At the same time, there are indications that the inflation rate "could gradually decline again" this year.


In certain sectors of the economy, where production outstrips consumption, points on the intention to raise prices fell for the second time in a row. Among others, there is a chance that prices will be slightly lower in industry, the construction sector and wholesale trade.


8. 10 euro now


9. Inflation


10. Income tax


Rising energy prices have pushed inflation to a record high across the Eurozone. According to Eurostat, in June, prices increased by an average of 8.6% over a year. Specialists estimated an inflation rate of 8.4 percent.


In June, energy prices increased by 41.9% compared to the same period last year, after having already increased by 39.1% in May. Unprocessed food was 11.1% more expensive last month, and services by 3.4%.


It is the highest inflation rate in the Eurozone since the euro monetary system in 1999. Inflation has risen steadily since the summer of 2021. The war in Ukraine and China's tough anti-corona measures have exacerbated the upward trend in prices.


"The pressure from the war and the measures to combat the coronavirus could increase even more in the coming months," warns Fritzi Köhler, chief economist of the KfW bank. Thomas Gitzel, representative of the VP bank, sees the situation in the same way: "For now, there are no signs of relaxation. Many product delivery issues will persist for a long time to come."


Against the backdrop of current developments, Commerzbank Chief Economist Jörg Krämer believes that the European Central Bank should intervene. "The Eurozone has a massive inflation problem and the European Central Bank would need to intervene decisively."


Due to inflation, the ECB announced a change in interest rates. After years of ultra-loose monetary policy of negative interest rates and massive bond purchases, interest rates would be raised by 0.25 percentage points for the first time in more than a decade.


11. Gen Z


12. Wallet


13. Printing money


14. CEO pay


Inflation continued to grow at an accelerated pace in March in the US, reaching the highest level in the last 40 years, which increases the chances of a new interest rate increase by the Federal Reserve, reports Reuters.


The data on the consumer price index, published on Tuesday by the Department of Labor, show that in March compared to February, prices increased by 1.2%, the largest jump recorded since September 2005. On an annual basis, consumer prices have registered a jump of 8.5%, the largest increase in annual rate since December 1981. In addition, it is for the sixth consecutive month that consumer prices in the US register an annual jump of over 6%, writes Agerpres.


The Department of Labor stated that gasoline prices increased by 18.3% compared to February and were responsible for more than half of inflation. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), the average price of gasoline reached an all-time high of $4.33 a gallon (a gallon is equivalent to 3.785 liters) in March. Even if gasoline was the main factor behind last month's inflation, the prices of food and services also had an important contribution.


Russia is the world's second largest exporter of crude oil. The US has banned imports of oil, liquefied natural gas, natural gas and coal from Russia as part of a wider package of sanctions imposed on Moscow after its invasion of Ukraine. In addition to rising gasoline prices, the war in Ukraine, now in its second month, has also caused a global increase in food prices because Russia and Ukraine are major exporters of agricultural commodities such as wheat and sunflower oil.


In March, the US Federal Reserve raised its policy rate by 0.25%, the first increase in the cost of credit in three years. Many analysts believe that the advance of inflation will lead the Fed to adopt another increase in the cost of credit, this time by 0.50%, at the meeting that will take place next month.


15. Born in it


16. Inflation be like


17. About it


18. Monopoly


19. Inflation


20. Real inflation


21.Federal reserve


22. Tiered


23. Against inflation


24. US inflation


25. Turks


26. Just affected


27. Things I can buy


28. Covid-22


29. Food lover


30. Easy about inflation




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