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Have you already joined the 30-year-olds club?

Or already on the doorstep? In our article you can find out what sex will be like in the very near future!

When women turn 30, a lot changes: we have to write 3 in the first position of our age, scroll through online forms longer to find our year of birth, and finally, no longer fear that we are not 20 years old. We have a lot to do. As for sex, it is also undergoing some changes. Here are 5 examples ...

1. It gets better

Not that sex under 30 is bad, but many women over 30 find it more wonderful. And there are at least 2 reasons for this: firstly, most people in their 30s have more sexual experience. We've already experimented, tried different options, we know what we like and what turns us on, and we feel more confident.

Secondly, hormonal changes play a role: in men, from about 30 years of age, testosterone production begins to decrease, which makes them more tender and loving.

And women, thanks to their hormonal balance, are more confident and ready to dominate, which means that they are more often at the helm in sex.

In this respect, we do not want to promise too much. But if by your 30s you've never had really good sex, that's definitely not a reason to give up!

2. You become more relaxed

Self-doubt, body dissatisfaction, excessive fear of rejection - of course, we can still experience this in our 30s, but most women have already found a way to deal with it.

At 30, we know that we are sexy, although we don't always feel that way, and that sometimes men don't want sex, but this has nothing to do with us. Psychological maturity makes us feel much more relaxed about sex after 30 and can concentrate on pleasure instead of thinking about work or our appearance.

3. You are a contraceptive professional

It may seem like after 30 we no longer need to worry about contraception, but this can quickly be misleading. Age after 30 is still childbearing. And we must of course use contraception.

But there is a difference with 20 years: we have already found our best way. Whether hormonal, mechanical or natural: we know the options that are convenient, have tried different methods and have identified the most reliable one. In this regard, we no longer need to worry about contraception and go through options.

4. It can perform different functions

When a person is just starting to have sex, just being involved in it is so special that he does not always notice other benefits of sex.

However, at the age of 30, when we already know this process and master it completely and completely, we gradually discover that sex can fulfill different functions: from pure pleasure and steam release to increasing the level and quality of communication and intimacy. For a person over 30, sex is not purely sex - more meaning is invested in it.

5. You make the world the way you like it.

The more insecure we are, the more we look for guidance from others, take an interest in advice and trends, and try to stick to them - including in sex.

When is the best time to do “it” the first time? How long does it take to know someone before having sex with them? How often should you have sex? Many people over the age of 20 are interested in such issues much more than people over 30.

As we gain self-confidence with age and experience, we focus more on ourselves than others and learn to do what we enjoy. We reveal our preferences, allow ourselves sexual fantasies and have sex when and with whom we want.

We can say that after 30 years we develop and acquire our sexual identity. And what others do in bed will continue to interest us, arouse curiosity, and possibly inspire. But this will not prevent us from following our own voice and having sex the way we want it.

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When it comes to the most popular companions of the townspeople from the animal world, pigeons immediately come to mind. They are attached to people, they are not afraid of them at all and are waiting for treats. However, as it turned out, pigeons are by no means the only forced "neighbors" of residents of different countries. In some countries, people live side by side with rather exotic animals and birds.

We decided to find out what animals in different countries are replacing pigeons for local residents.

1. Bahamas - Pigs

In the Bahamas region, there is a small uninhabited island called Pig Beach. Although it would be more accurate to say that people do not live on it, but there are inhabitants there - these are several dozen feral domestic pigs.

Pig Beach is a very popular place among tourists: many come to see funny pigs who are not at all afraid of people and gladly accept a treat. It is not known exactly how the pigs got to the island, perhaps they were left by sailors, or maybe they survived the shipwreck and swam to land. There is also a version that the animals were brought to the island specifically to lure tourists.


2. Australia - White ibises

These graceful and rather large birds feel great on the streets of Australian cities. Sometimes they steal food from garbage cans, and sometimes people feed them - just like the pigeons we are used to.

3. India - Monkeys

Despite their cute appearance and plaintive look, monkeys have become a real misfortune for India. Spoiled by tourists and locals, these animals have settled comfortably on the streets and insistently demand food. They climb through windows and steal food and belongings from passers-by. Of course, the local authorities are fighting these animals as best they can.

4. Christmas Island - Red crabs

Christmas Island is located in the Indian Ocean, 1,600 km from Australia. It is notable for the fact that in winter millions of red crabs begin to move along its territory. They migrate from tropical forests to the coast, and at this moment all roads are literally overrun with these creatures. The island even has a special road sign announcing the closure of highways due to the migration of crabs.

5.Greece, Crete - Geese

On the Greek island of Crete, some beaches are home to wild geese. In particular, they can be found near Lake Kournas. These birds feel like full-fledged owners here, they boldly approach people, demand treats, and if you refuse to share, they may hiss with displeasure and try to snatch food right from their hands.

6. Japan - Foxes

Not far from the northern capital of Japan - the city of Sendai - there is the so-called Fox Village - Dzao Kitsune Mura. More than a hundred foxes of 6 different species live in it. These animals are happy to contact people, allow themselves to be stroked and, of course, fed.

7. Sheep - New Zealand

There are more sheep than people in New Zealand. There are about 6 sheep for every inhabitant of this country. You can see these animals almost everywhere, as there are many pastures in New Zealand. In addition, you can always take a tour of various farms to get to know these cute animals better and to treat them with something.

8. Ecuador, Mexico - Iguanas

Iguanas are firmly established in these countries. They crawl along the streets and parks of cities, and caring residents sometimes treat these giant lizards with something tasty. Perhaps this can be explained by the fact that earlier on the site of some cities there were forests and animals remained to live on their territory even after construction.

9. Austria - Marmots

Many adorable Alpine marmots can be found in Austria. To do this, you just need to get into the largest Austrian mountain reserve - Grossglockner-mit-Pasteurz und Gamsgrube. As soon as a person gets into its territory, he immediately hears the characteristic cries of local inhabitants. The fact is that along the route there are many settlements of marmots, many of which are already accustomed to people and allow you to spy on their lives from a fairly close distance.

10. Australia - Parrots

Wild parrots are as common to Australians as pigeons are to us. These birds with pink breasts even outwardly somewhat resemble city pigeons, but, of course, they look much more exotic. They swim in puddles, sit on eaves and happily accept food from people.

11. Peru, New Zealand - Alpaca

They say that it is impossible to visit Peru and not meet a lama. This is the state symbol of the country depicted on the coat of arms. Although most often not llamas come across, but alpacas and vicuñas, which cannot be tamed. Therefore, they are simply herded into herds, sheared, and then released. As for New Zealand, there are several farms in this country where many alpacas live, which are quite tame and willingly make contact with people.

12. Japan - Cats

Tashiro Island is a true paradise for cats. Not more than 100 people and about 500 cats live here. There are 2 villages on the island, each of which has its own fishing port, which is especially attractive for furry animals. Since ancient times, cats have been revered on Tashiro, as they exterminated rats that interfered with local silk production. Today this place has become quite popular among tourists.

13. Thailand - Monkeys

Thailand is home to many wild monkeys that frolic on the city streets and feel extremely at ease. Eternally hungry animals beg for bananas and other delicacies from passers-by, and also raid houses and shops. Today, the situation has escalated so much that the authorities have resumed the program of neutering stray animals.

14. Venezuela -Macaw parrots

A huge macaw parrot that has flown in to sit on the balcony is a standard picture for residents of the Venezuelan city of Caracas. They arrive in the city from a neighboring nature reserve. By the way, bird watchers say that the presence of these birds in the metropolis indicates a good ecological situation.

15. Japan, city of Nara - Deer

Nara is the central city of Japan, which is famous for 2 things: it has many temples and deer. According to legend, the god of thunder and swords Takemikazuki came to guard the city on horseback. So all the animals that live in Nara now are considered sacred descendants of that very first deer. They can be fed, ironed and photographed.

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Stress is a state of tension and discomfort, which, over time, can lead to countless ailments.

The way a person responds to stressful situations has a strong impact on health.

If you are among the people affected by stress, it is important to find some techniques that will help you eliminate the discomfort.

Memes are a good way to get rid of stress. They bring a smile to our face and make us happier. That's why Bemorepanda chose to cheer you up.

1.Stressful day

2.Dealing with my coworkers, family and life in general like:

3.When you're on your 16th breakdown in three hours

4.Whenever someone asks me where I'm going

5.Trying to enjoy life when you're buries in anxiety like

6.I'm not an emotional roller coaster

7.Spreading love and light but bad things still happen to you

8.When all you wanna do is sleep but life and responsabilities won't leave you alone

9.How's life going?

10.How you are doing?

11.Me currently

12.My mood these days:

13.Social-distance and friends

14.When you are your bestie are both having mental breakdowns

15.When seasonal depression joins forces with the regular depression

16.When people ask me how life is going

17.When everything is going wrong in your life but you're used to it

18.You can't just run away from your problems forever

19.When you know you're about to get swept

20.When someone starts giving you an attitude and they don't know that you're crazy































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