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 WEEKLY ENERGY FORECAST: 30th of November -6th December, 2020

On Monday, 30th November, 2020, a Full Moon Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse will fall at 8 degrees of intelligent and light hearted Gemini.This energy sparks an interest in talking through our feelings, and for keeping our minds open to new possibilities. We will gain an instinct to communicate, think, and learn. This breezy and curious vibe is also great for reading, learning, writing, teaching, and taking short trips. The vibe can however become a little restless. This energy will be around for the next 3-6 months, so it is important that we reflect what it is that we want to release from our lives, in order to make room for fresh new opportunities.

Also on this day, Mercury, the planet of communications, will form a sextile to Saturn, the planet of life lessons, bringing clear thinking, good judgment, and organisation skills into our lives. This is great energy for catching up on paperwork, for study, and for research. We will be blessed with a great concentration and memory. Open and honest communications also make this a great day for business deals, and for negotiations.

On Tuesday, 1st December, 2020, Mercury, the planet of communications, will enter into the sign of optimistic and gregarious Sagittarius, where it will remain until the 20th December, 2020. During this period, we may notice a desire to learn about a range of topics. Our thinking will also be more optimistic, and our faith may also increase. People will also be more equipped to both believe and persuade.

On Friday, 4th December, 2020, Mercury, the planet of communications, will form a trine to Chiron, the planet of the wounded healer, and we may gain a great deal of healing and therapy through communicating with others. We may feel a need to discuss previously unspoken topics, possibly around feelings of rejection, pain, and suffering. Just be careful that the person whom you decide to spill your beans to is trustworthy, due to the sensitivity of the content. And if you are on the receiving end of someone sharing their wounds. then be sure to remain open minded, and non judgmental.

On Saturday, 5th December, 2020, Venus, the planet of love and beauty, will form a trine to Neptune, the planet of dreams and spirituality, making this a romantic and relaxing day, where we might to prone to daydreaming or fantasising. This is also great energy for creative endeavours. And our heightened sense of compassion make this great energy involving ourselves in charitable causes. We may form connections to others that are on a more spiritual level.

On Sunday, 6th December, 2020, Venus, the planet of love and beauty, will form a quincunx to Mars, the planet of drive and ambition, challenging the harmony within our relationships. We may find that by making adjustments to our thinking, then we will gain the courage to pursue through this energy, and avoid potential conflicts. 

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Read today's Horoscope and find out what the stars have in store for you next week! You have information about all the signs, provided by Bemorepanda



Personal daily expenses, but also for loved ones are shaping up this weekend. The temptation of extravagant shopping is high and you should be careful. You can receive gifts and rewards, but it seems that their author has a well camouflaged purpose. Focus your efforts only on easy things. Relax and listen to the advice of those around you!



Your moods are very changeable at the end of this week. You need rest, a light diet, outdoor walks and the company of dear and trustworthy people. Visiting body care salons, scheduling personal and professional development courses are well supported from the astral. Detach yourself from challenges!



It is advisable to rest leisurely at the end of this week, no matter how great the temptation of social activities with loved ones and outside the home. Your health is vulnerable, your moods fluctuate so it is difficult to maintain the jovial atmosphere that others are used to around you. Old hidden conflicts can come to light. Avoid challenges!



At the end of this week, your friends are with you, but something is not working well and from here, your inner voice sends you all kinds of signals. You can find interesting news and some alarming ones related to those close to you. Conflicts with friends are high and caution is advised. Some relationships can fall apart forever. Clarify the differences and listen to what you are told.


The professional field can offer you special surprises this weekend. Dialogues with bosses or authorities are frequent and distorted. There is a variant of accentuating some conflicts, but with prudence and discernment you can solve everything. Express your dissatisfaction and expectations from others. It is advisable to balance the personal side with the social side.



Foreign relations are strong at the end of this week. Approaches related to a departure outside the borders of the country or various studies may encounter inconveniences. Even if things do not go as you would like, you can trust that the stars are preparing beautiful and useful surprises for you. Enjoy cultural activities with your loved ones.


Financial issues regarding money and common goods with others are the main topic of these weekends. These are good times to pay taxes, duties or debts of any kind. Issues related to inheritances or divisions may be discussed in the event of a divorce. The use of conflicts and legal processes is high.



The end of the week accentuates the existing flaws in the partnership relations. Whether it's about the life partner or collaborators, there are heated discussions from, apparently, you wonder what. It is good to take seriously what others have said and then think of a plan to improve the situation. You really have to put an end to stressful situations and inefficient relationships.



You are very preoccupied, this weekend, with routine things, whether you are at work or at home. There is a lot of hustle and bustle in the work area, but only hustle and bustle. Collegiate relations are strained. It would be good to avoid conflicts and only take care of your own business. Health is vulnerable, but natural remedies, conscious rest and the right diet can get you out of the deadlock.


The chapter on romantic relationships and relationships with children challenges you a lot at the end of this week. The fun of fun and adventure is high, but you should also take into account the condition of those around you. The person you love can reproach you, some well-founded. The stars send you special impulses in the area of ​​creativity, so you can solve any discomfort. Remember your hobbies too!


These are good days for housework this weekend. You can do the general cleaning, the rearrangement of the living space, the move to a new home or the current repairs. You get interesting ideas related to the acquisition of heritage assets. Conflicts with family members are common, so you need a lot of caution and patience.


The end of this week brings you many emotional upheavals, mental tumult and meetings with people close to you. Prudence, patience, tolerance! It is very easy to start heated discussions from banalities. Then find out important news about a loved one. Even if I displease you, look only at the good side of things. Detach yourself from everyday life!

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In most countries of the world, New Year is considered a favorite holiday. He is loved by both children and adults. Moreover, each country has its own traditions of celebrating the New Year. There are many signs and superstitions associated with this cheerful and bright holiday. For example, on New Year's Eve, you need to make a wish so that they come true next year. Next, we suggest reading more interesting and exciting facts about the New Year.

1. Three centuries ago, during the reign of Peter in Kievan Rus, a tradition arose to celebrate the New Year. By this time, March 1 was New Year's Day.

2. Sociable, well-mannered people with good manners, were born under the sign of the goat. Despite their shyness, they value beauty and home comfort, and are also hospitable people.

3. Computer equipment is the most popular children's gift of modern Santa Clauses, and most office workers ask to freeze their boss.

4. Ginger is widely used in traditional European New Year pastries.

5. 150 years ago there was a custom to install a Christmas tree for the New Year. The richest palaces in Russia and Europe were decorated with New Year's beauties.

6. Write your cherished wish on a piece of paper a few hours before the New Year. The paper must be set on fire with the first strike of the chimes, and your wish will certainly come true if the paper burns out before the end of the last strike.

7. November 18 is the official birthday of Santa Claus. Real winter during this period comes in Ustyug.

8. For 35 years, on December 31, television has been showing the film "The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath."

9. Every year on New Year's in Tibet it is customary to bake pies and distribute them to passers-by.

10. One of the oldest customs is New Year's fireworks.

11. In the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, the world's largest artificial Christmas tree, more than 77 meters high, has been installed.

12. On December 31st, most Italian citizens throw all old things out of their homes through their own windows.

13. To the sounds of a magic verse, most girls in the old days used to guess at their beloved on the night before the New Year.

14. Lentil soup is considered the main national festive dish in Brazil, as lentils are a symbol of well-being and a happy life.

15.On 19 February 2015, the Year of the Goat will come into its own.

16. Veliky Ustyug is considered the birthplace of Father Frost.

17. Australians do not use game dishes for the New Year's table, such an animal is considered a symbol of happiness.

18. Tell your friends "Akimashite Omedetto Gozaimasu" if you want to congratulate them in Japanese style.

19. The day off was officially declared on January 1, 1947 by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

20. Santa Claus puts his presents in the oven in Sweden, on the windowsill in Germany.

21. Fortune telling on rice grains is considered one of the most popular types of New Year's fortune telling.

22. Figurines of polar bears and walruses, carved out of ice, are presented to their relatives and friends by the inhabitants of Greenland.

23. "Little Christmas" is called New Year in Romania.

24. In America, in 1985, a New Year's garland was first lit on a Christmas tree in front of the White House.

25. Ded Zhar is the main character in the New Year in hot Cambodia.

26. Every fourth year is considered a leap year.

27. Postage stamps with holiday decoration are issued in many countries for the New Year.

28. From December 25 to January 5, the New Year and Christmas holidays are celebrated.

29. Vietnamese on New Year's Eve near their home in the pond release live carp, which is a symbol of happiness and prosperity.

30. Goose liver pate, oysters, cheese and traditional turkey are New Year's Eve specialties in France.

31. Russian Santa Claus met with Finnish Yolupukki in 2011.

32. It is not recommended to give money before the New Year, this is a bad omen.

33. Rice porridge is considered a happy New Year's dish in Scandinavia.

34. The first rocket was launched by Peter I in 1700 on New Year's Eve.

35. With the first strike of the clock in England, the back door is opened to let in the Old Year, and with the last, the front doors to let in the New Year.

36. The poem "Christmas tree" by Raisa Kudasheva was published in the New Year issue of the magazine "Baby" in 1903.

37. Santa Claus rides a jet ski for Christmas in Australia.

38. In the old days, Santa Claus received gifts from people.

39. You can hang letters with wishes on the tree, and so you can diversify the New Year's holiday.

40. The symbol of 2015 is the white Goat.

41. Grapes, lentils and nuts are put on the New Year's table in Italy. It is a symbol of well-being, health and longevity.

42. Mrs. Claus is the wife of Santa Claus and is considered the personification of winter for many nations.

43. Mistletoe is considered a beautiful ritual symbol in many countries.

44. "Jelly" is the name of the month of December in Old Slavonic.

45. It is customary to wash away all sins on the eve of the New Year in Cuba.

46. ​​The Christmas tree became the symbol of New Year's holidays in the 30s of the twentieth century.

47. Cornel sticks are usually given for the New Year holidays in Bulgaria.

48. In the Czech Republic, Mikulas plays the role of the New Year character.

49. In the twentieth century, the tradition of making a snowman out of snow was born.

50. Prophetic dreams happen on December 31st.

51. Ded Moroz is always present at the festivities in the Kremlin palace.

52. Paper dragons are a symbol of prosperity in China.

53. Midnight fortune-telling and sleigh rides originate from the Old Russian New Year holidays.

54. All the troubles that happened during the year are written in New Year's letters in Ecuador.

55. Raisins, sugar and flour were the main types of gifts in medieval England.

56. Ded Moroz in folk tales is traditionally called Frost Red Nose, Moroz Ivanovich, Ded Treskun.

57. A good harvest can be expected if the sky is blue on New Year's Eve.

58. Eucalyptus is a New Year tree in the Southern Hemisphere.

59. Donuts baked according to a traditional Dutch recipe are considered a symbol of the end of the year.

60. In the middle of the twentieth century, the granddaughter of Santa Claus was born.

61. In France, Pere Noel - Santa Claus leaves gifts in children's shoes.

62. On the bulb on New Year's Eve, girls write the names of their future chosen ones, and which bulb grows faster in the water, that girl will marry for the first time.

63. Anyone can go to Bolshoy Ustyug to visit Santa Claus.

64. On New Year's Eve, it is customary to break a pomegranate fruit on the ground in Greece for good luck.

65. In Scandinavia, for the first time, the production of glass Christmas tree decorations began.

66. Santa Claus first came to the pages of the book in 1840.

67. New Year's gifts are put in a sock in Ireland and England, in a shoe - in Mexico.

68. At the beginning of summer in ancient times, the New Year began in Egypt.

69. It is necessary to celebrate the New Year in new clothes in order to go in new clothes for a whole year.

70. The Day of the Kings is called the New Year in Cuba.

71. To give birth to a boy, it is recommended for a couple in love to visit Lapland for the New Year.

72. Since 1991, New Year and Christmas have been considered an official holiday in Russia.

73. Denmark has the largest number of New Year trees sold.

74. It is customary to bake small surprises into New Year's pies in Romania.

75. Favorite white deer lives in the estate of Santa Claus.

76. The bell heralds the arrival of the New Year in England.

77. Souvenirs and postcards are traditional gifts in France.

78. Decorating a Christmas tree with sweets is a traditional custom in Russia.

79. The eastern horoscope was based on the twelfth cycle.

80. It is not customary to wash dirty linen on the first day after the New Year in Scotland.

81. Many festive lanterns are lit on New Year's Eve in China.

82. In Soviet times, the tradition has spread to invite Father Frost home.

83. The largest number of New Year's gifts in America.

84. Caviar, beans, roasted chestnuts and seaweed are happy New Years in Japan.

85. The village of Shchelikovo near Kostroma is considered the birthplace of the Snow Maiden.

86. For three minutes, exactly at midnight on New Year's Eve, the lights are turned off in Bulgaria.

87. Sting, Fidel Castro, Lewis Carroll celebrate their birthday on New Year's Eve.

88. A festive goose is put on the New Year's table in England.

89. In the old days, the character of Slavic legends and myths was Santa Claus.

90. The village of the Finnish Father Frost is located in the capital of Lapland.

91. Barrels of tar are usually set on fire on New Year's Eve in Scotland.

92. In 1954, the first New Year's holiday took place in Russia.

93. Since 1954, the folk song "Oh, frost, frost ..." has been considered

94. Donuts with jelly are served at the festive table in Poland.

95. The first New Year's card was printed in London in 1843.

96. On New Year's Eve, kites are launched into the sky in Japan.

97. The Snegurochka and Ded Moroz were recognized as the brightest "stars" in Russia.

98. It is customary to give money for the New Year in Korea.

99. The candle is considered a universal gift in Finland.

100. The title “Veteran of Fairy Tale” is given to Father Frost in Russia.

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