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The European Football Championship will take place from 11 June to 11 July 2021. Initially, the tournament was supposed to take place in 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was postponed to this summer. At the same time, the organizers did not change the dates of the event - from June 11 to July 11, and also retained the official name that appears in all documents and materials about the tournament - Euro 2020.

St. Petersburg (Russia), Copenhagen (Denmark), Rome (Italy), Baku (Azerbaijan), Bucharest (Romania), Amsterdam (Netherlands), London and Glasgow (Great Britain), Bilbao (Spain), Dublin (Ireland), Munich (Germany), Budapest (Hungary).

Prior to that, the final Euro tournament was traditionally held in one, sometimes in two countries that acted as co-organizers (Belgium / Netherlands in 2000, Austria / Switzerland in 2008 and Poland / Ukraine in 2012). The current format was invented by ex-UEFA President Michel Platini: in 2020, the organization celebrated its 60th anniversary, and in honor of this anniversary, the Euro was conceived as a football festival across Europe.

The final tournament of Euro 2020 will be attended by 24 teams, which are divided into six groups of four teams each. The teams that took the first and second places in the groups, as well as the four best teams from those that will become the third, advance to the 1/8 finals. Then everything goes according to the classical system with elimination - 1/8 finals, 1/4 finals, 1/2 finals, final.

1.Germany strategy

2.Russian supporters

3.Red card

4.World praying

5.Good kills



8.Inventing new words

9.If you know, you know

10.Get well soon

11.Stadion landing

12.Some things will never change

13.Italian hand gesture


15.Broken heart

16.Welcome to hell

17.Well, now what?


19.Starter pack

20.So happy

21.The best part

22.England fans


24.No please


26.Today is the day

27.Won the Euros

28.Are you ready?

29.So ready

30.Scotland flag


32.No question

33.Go Go

34.Coming home

35.Cashing out


37.Dreams are coming true


39.Euro 2020


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People who often visit the mountains are shocked by the rapid change in the shade of the surrounding landscapes. Climatologists came to investigate the situation.

Who covered the snow with blood?

Out of habit, inexperienced travelers sometimes get scared. And although such a picture has been observed in the mountains since ancient times, in recent years it has begun to disturb even seasoned tourists. And even more bloody landscapes interested climate experts. They noticed that in the French Alps, more and more wide open spaces are acquiring a peculiar shade.

It is widely known that microscopic algae living in the snow create the impression of the consequences of the massacre. For example, these are.

Микроводоросли Sanguina nivaloides. Фото © FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Creatures in thousandths of millimeters in size have adapted to live between snowflakes at temperatures that fluctuate around zero. As scientists suggest, they are distributed by animals and, possibly, air transport. But there is a version that in fact their ancestors settled in the mountains back in the late Proterozoic, that is, more than 600 million years ago, when the planet was almost entirely covered with ice.

Why are is it red?


They contain a special pigment similar to the one that gives the red color of carrots - astaxanthin. It is he, by the way, that makes crabs, shrimps red, gives the famous color to salmon and trout meat. Finally, it also decorates amazing pink flamingos. Astaxanthin is good because it protects against solar ultraviolet radiation, which, of course, is very important in hot countries. But lately it has become more and more important in the snowy regions.

What's wrong with them?

In 2016, French microbiologists climbed the mountains to a height of almost three kilometers and collected samples of two species of red microalgae there: Sanguina nivaloides and Sanguina aurantia. It is curious that the first of them actually live all over the planet, but the second - only in the Northern Hemisphere and, moreover, clearly prefer the Alps.

Микроводоросли Sanguina aurantia. Фото © FEMS Microbiology Ecology

But both of them settled at an altitude of two kilometers. This is quite logical: there is more ultraviolet radiation at the top, so algae without a protective substance would be uncomfortable there. But still the question remains why there are so many of them. And the answer is simple: photosynthesis takes place in these algae, that is, the absorption of carbon dioxide and the production of oxygen. And as you know, the notorious global warming is primarily to blame for the excess of CO2. The abundance of this greenhouse gas could not help but please photosynthetic creatures.

It would seem, well, good health. But there is a nuance. If the snow turns red, it darkens, which means it absorbs more sunlight and heat. As a result, it heats up and melts more. It turns out that climate change is proceeding like a bloody snowball: carbon dioxide - warming - algae bloom - accelerated melting of ice - even stronger warming.

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The world's most famous hacker group, Anonymous, posted a video message to the popular billionaire Elon Musk and warned him about the start of the war. Hackers did not like the influence of Elon Musk on cryptocurrency rates. Does it really affect them or is it just a beautiful advertisement?

Remember those beautiful days when Bitcoin was worth almost $ 60 thousand per piece? They were only recently, and then Elon Musk loved the "cue ball" very much and praised it in every second message on Twitter.

Then Elon Musk read several of our materials on global warming and suddenly became concerned about the carbon footprint left by the "mining" of cryptocurrency on the body of the planet. According to Musk, "mining" bitcoin is monstrously harmful and coal-fired power plants, which smoke the sky over half of China, burn thousands of tons of fossil fuels just for the sake of "ones and ones", whose value is highly questionable.

Elon Musk's crypto tweets have 'destroyed lives,' says video purportedly  from Anonymous - MarketWatch

Surprisingly, Elon Musk never once worried about the environmental damage caused by the flamethrowers he made, or about the damage to nature caused by the manufacture of huge batteries for his Tesla electric vehicles. And the fact that Tesla batteries are also charged not from the sun or wind, but also thanks to coal-fired power plants, Elon Musk also seemed to have never thought.

Although, most likely, this is not the case. The fact is that Elon Musk assessed the level of his influence on cryptocurrency rates and decided to try to manipulate this rate.

For many years, Elon Musk had nothing against cryptocurrencies, and even those Tesla, if anyone wanted, he easily sold for "cue balls", thus multiplying the harm to the planet twice, first on the scale that was required to produce the required amount of "crypto", and then on the scale it took to produce one Tesla car.

Only in early February, Musk said that he was interested in selling Tesla for bitcoins, and the rate of the most popular cryptocurrency in the world immediately jumped to as much as 47 thousand dollars per unit. Then the rise in the currency rate continued and reached almost 60 thousand, when suddenly Elon Musk felt remorse and in May announced that Tesla was refusing to sell cars for bitcoin due to the fact that too much heat and carbon dioxide were released during its production.

Elon Musk on his success: 'America is the land of opportunity'

It would seem that mining any cryptocurrency, especially since most of them are tied to the bitcoin rate, just as ordinary currencies are tied to the dollar rate, affects the environmental situation in the world. This means that before mining "digital gold", you need to worry about the environmental friendliness of this field, but Musk was not embarrassed, and he said that he believed in the Ethereum cryptocurrency much more than in Bitcoin.

The father of the "ether" is not some anonymous group, but a very real guy from a family of Russian emigrants - Vitalik Buterin.

Buterin was noticed in Russia even before Elon Musk. In 2017, Buterin even spoke at SPIEF-17 and talked with Russian President Vladimir Putin, discussing the prospects for using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in real business.

So, even in winter, Elon Musk completely trusts the classic cryptocurrency, and already in May, together with Vitalik Buterin, they begin to hammer the first nails into the coffin of the "cue ball". Tony Stark of American business and the Russian cryptocurrency genius almost simultaneously declare that the special "meme" (humorous, made for fun) cryptocurrency Dogecoin is much better and more useful than Bitcoin. Buterin uses this currency to help India fight the coronavirus, and Elon Musk claims on Twitter that he likes this currency the most.

Elon Musk says He Hasn't Sold any of his Bitcoins - NapBots

Will hackers win Elon Musk?

Cybersecurity experts are confident that Musk and his security services have calculated all the risks and are ready to confront the main hacker group on the planet.

Moreover, the hackers did not threaten Ilona with hacking the security systems of his enterprises, but said that they would not allow the billionaire to profit from ordinary people. Their complaint against Musk is formulated very shortly: "While you are playing with the exchange rate, ordinary people, who did not have parents who own gem mines in Africa, are trying to make at least something." Then Anonimus representatives declare that in their person the American genius and philanthropist has found a worthy opponent.

Another thing is that the jumps in the rate of cryptocurrencies were not preceded by Musk's tweets at all, but by global changes in the market. It's just that Musk, being, in fact, the owner of many insights from various markets, with the help of tweets, highlighted the upcoming changes.

Elon Musk Strikes Again: New Tweets Send Bitcoin Crashing | IE

For outside observers, which are millions of Elon Musk's subscribers, his messages seemed to be the starting point of the cryptocurrency rate change, while Musk simply warned of upcoming events, skillfully inscribing his messages on Twitter to the start of the fall or rise in bitcoin. Thus, the readers had the feeling that it was Musk who brought down one or another cryptocurrency into the abyss or lifted it to a pedestal.

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According to rumors circulating on the internet, Bixby, Samsung's voice assistant, could be replaced by Sam. It is difficult to find accurate information about the origin of images on social networks. But according to our research, they were published by mistake by the illustration studio Lightfarm.

According to an article published by mistake, Lightfarm allegedly signed a collaboration with Cheil - a communications agency belonging to Samsung. The article and associated images were removed immediately after publication, but an archive saved online can be viewed here at any time to see that the news is substantiated.

Sam is said to be a virtual female character with features reminiscent of a Pixar character. Many people expect Bixby to be replaced in the future, but rumors circulating online bring other surprises.

As you may have noticed, the new Korean assistant will have a female gender. This would mean that Samsung will reinforce stereotypes based on this aspect. Therefore, will the big company be able to get rid of the criticisms that will appear? Because there is a risk that such a feminized assistant will amplify sexism.

In April 2021, Apple removed the categorization of its Siri assistant's voices by gender. Now they are called "Voice 1" and "Voice 2" instead of "Male" and "Female". In addition, there is no default setting. When an iPhone is set up, you are now asked to choose one of the voices.

In short, Assistant Sam is a rumor that should be viewed with skepticism (at least until we learn more about him). It could be a simple proposal mistakenly published by the Brazilian studio.

1.Time to go

2.Going to sale

3.Sam be like


5.That's why

6.It be like


8.We need him



Out of window

11.Buy sony

Facebook reminded me that 9 years ago I posted this. Times when 9GAG had a link attached. Link still working


Aunt cass superiority

13.Here we go again

Ah shit here we go again

14.Who you are

The times, they are a changing

15.The reality

Reality is often disappointing

16.Write down

New feature in iPhone 13 pro max ultra


Aaaahh its ruined for me now iam gonna have nightmares of it

18.Who you are

Samsung waifu go brrrrrr

19.Sam is my girlfriend

I knew Sam kind of looked like my girlfriend. . . .

20.She is so cool

I did this (low res)

21.Virtual assistant

I'm not good with headlines.

22.Super stonks

Super stonks

23.Not her

We know where this is going

24.4 days?

How long has it been already? 4 days?

25.Bixby bye

We had such hope... Bixby can still suck my nuts.

26.We have a choice

We have big mama in May now be ready for new waifu in June

27.Samsung girl

Samsung Girl = Doomer Girl v4.0?

28.Where waifu?

Where waifu?

29.So hot

So hot right now!

30.Monke forever

Waifu's temporary, monke is forever

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