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While they never have and will never run, hold a press conference or issue an executive order, more presidential pets have lived in the White House than people in the first family.

Indeed, some of the more than 400 pets that lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. they were more popular than the presidents who held them. Bemorepanda collected interesting photos and facts for you.

George Washington begins the animal parade

The tradition of presidential pets dates back to the nation's first president, George Washington.

While he never lived in the White House, Washington personally cared for many farm animals at his home in Mount Vernon. Obviously, his favorite was Nelson, the giant bear, General Washington, who was traveling when he accepted British surrender at Yorktown, the battle that ended the Revolutionary War.

According to presidential historians, Washington never led Nelson after the war, choosing instead to allow the "splendid loader" to live his days as a pampered celebrity. It was reported that when Washington reached Nelson's paddle, "the old war horse would have run to the fence, proud to have been stroked by the great master's hand."

Abe Lincoln's Dog

A beloved animal lover and pet owner himself, President Abraham Lincoln let his sons, Tad and Willie, keep all the pets they wanted. And, the pets they kept. According to various historians, at one point Lincoln's White Housekeeper raised turkeys, horses, rabbits and two goats named Nanny and Nanko.

Nanny and Nanko sometimes traveled with Abe in the presidential transport. The turkey, Jack, went from the main course of Lincoln's dinner menu to the pet dog, when Tad's first son demanded the lives of birds.

Benjamin Harrison's goat

Along with a Collie dog named Dash and two opposites named Mr. Reciprocity and Mr. Protection, the third president, Benjamin Harrison also allowed his grandchildren to keep a goat named Whiskers, who often pulled the children around the White House lawn. cart.

One unforgettable day, his Whiskers, with their children, were running uncontrollably through the gates of the White House. Many residents of Washington, DC, were amused to see the commander-in-chief himself, standing on his top hat and waving his cane, following a goat's cart on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Theodore Roosevelt, pet champion

With six children who love the animals that live with him in the White House for eight years, the president of twenty-six, Theodore Roosevelt easily reigns as champion owner of the presidential pet, including some rather unconventional creatures.

According to the National Park Service, Roosevelt's list of non-traditional pet families includes: "a little bear named Jonathan Edwards; a lizard named Bill; guinea pigs named Admiral Dewey, Dr. Johnson, Bishop Doane, Bob Evans Fight and Father O 'Grady; Maude the pig; Josiah the badger; Eli Yale the blue macaw; Baron Sprinkle the hen; a one-legged rooster; a hyena; an owl; Peter the rabbit; and the Algonquin pony. "

The family loved Algonquin so much that when Roosevelt's son Archie became ill, Kermit and Quentin's brothers tried to take the pony to his bedroom in the White House elevator.

But when Algonquin saw himself in the elevator mirror, he refused to leave.

Quentin's sister Alice also had a jargon snake that she called Emily Spinach, "because it was green as spinach and as thin as my aunt Emily."

As for the traditional part, the Roosevelts were loved by dogs. Among their first dogs are Sailor Boy, Chesapeake retinel, Jack the terrier, Skip the Mongrel, Manchu Pekingese and Pete, a bull terrier who was exiled to Roosevelt's family on Long Island due to his tendency to bite staff members. White House. Alice said she saw Manchu, her penguin dancing on its hind legs on the White House lawn in the moonlight.

The role of the first pets

Presidents and their families usually have pets for the same reason that someone else does - they love them.

However, White House animals often play their own unique roles in the lives of their presidential parents.

Not only do presidential pets tend to improve the public image of their owners as "good people like us," they help reduce the stress involved by being "the leader of the free world."

Especially with the invention of radio, television and now the Internet, the role of pets in the first family, not only in the daily lives of owners, but also in history, has become better known.

When President Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill signed the Atlantic History Charter in 1941 aboard the USS Augusta, radio and newspaper correspondents looked forward to the presence of Fala, Roosevelt's beloved terrier, Scottish.

In 1944, after Republican Congressmen publicly accused Roosevelt of accidentally leaving Fala after a presidential visit to the Aleutian Islands and sending him a shipwreck "for a cost to taxpayers of two or three or eight or twenty million. dollars, "FDR said memorably that the accusation affected Falla's" Scotch soul. "

"It's never been the same dog since," Roosevelt said in a campaign speech. "I'm used to hearing malicious lies about myself ... But I think I have the right to change my mind, to oppose slanderous statements about my dog."

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt detailed Fala's life in the first presidential "Petrography." Over time, other first ladies continued the tradition. Barbra Bush wrote about Bush's Springer Spaniel, Millie and Hillary Clinton wrote about Socks the cat and the president of Clinton's Labrador Retriever, Buddy.

Although they did not actually declare their platforms, presidential pets also played a role in politics.

When he ran for president in 1928, Herbert Hoover was to be photographed with a Belgian shepherd named King Tut. Hoover's leaders believed the dog would improve the candidate's public image. Ploy worked. Hoover was elected and took King Tut to the White House with him. Including King Tut, the Hoover White House housed seven dogs - and two anonymous alligators.

Along with a white Collie named Blanco and a mixed dog named Yuki, President Lyndon B. Johnson, a four-Beagle Democrat named El, Ea, Edgar, and Freckles. During the 1964 re-election campaign, Johnson was photographed holding him in his ears. Republican congressional leaders described the incident as "animal cruelty" and predicted they would end LBJ's political career. However, Johnson produced several books that prove that lifting Beagles by the ears was common and not harmful to dogs. Eventually, the photo ended up selling Johnson to the dog owners, helping them defeat their Republican opponent, Barry Goldwater.

Presidents who had no pets

According to the Presidential Museum Pet, the only president known not to keep a pet throughout his term was James K. Polk, who served from 1845 to 1849.

Although they never had "official" pets, Andrew Johnson was said to have fed a group of white mice he found in his bedroom, and Martin Van Buren received two tiger cubs by the Sultan of Oman.

While most of the early families owned several pets, President Andrew Jackson was known to have only one, a parrot named "Polly," whom he taught to swear by heart.

In his first six months in office, President Donald Trump has not yet received a pet in the White House. Shortly after the 2016 election, Palm Beach philanthropist Lois Pope offered Trump the Goldendoodle as his first dog. However, the Palm Beach Daily News later reported that the Pope had withdrawn his offer.

Of course, now that First Lady Melania Trump and her 10-year-old son, Barron, have moved into the White House, the chances of a pet joining them have finally improved.

While the Trumps have no pets, Vice President Pence is more than taking over the health of the administration. The cats have an Australian Shepherd puppy named Harley, a gray kitten named Hazel, a cat named Pickle, a rabbit named Marlon Bundo and a nameless beehive.

The election of Joe Biden as president of the United States will also mark the return of quadrupeds to the White House, a tradition interrupted by Donald Trump, who has no pets. Joe Biden has two dogs, Champ and Major, one of whom was adopted from a shelter, writes Agerpres, quoting AFP.

Joe Biden moved to the White House with two German Shepherd dogs: Champ, who has lived with the Biden family since 2008, and Major, who was adopted in 2018 from an animal shelter. Unfortunately, there was an unpleasant incident and his dogs were taken away.

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Hundreds of protesters, supporters of Trump, entered the Capitol and several buildings in the complex were evacuated. Several people were injured in the clashes with the police and several dozen people were detained. One person was shot dead.

Hundreds of Donald Trump supporters have crossed security and climbed the historic building, stopping a joint session of Congress in which elected officials were to certify President-elect Joe Biden's victory in the November election.

In these chaos scenes, during which some of the police officers who were protecting the seats and the congressmen had the gun in their hand, a woman was wounded by a bullet inside the Capitol. She died shortly after she was shot, the Washington police chief said without giving details of the circumstances of the tragedy or the perpetrator of the gunfire.

The United States Congress urgently suspended a session on Wednesday to certify the victory of Democrat Joe Biden in the November 3 presidential election, a measure taken after the pro-Trump protesters entered the Capitol, reports AFP. The incumbent president, who refuses to accept defeat, called on his supporters to protest in Washington on the sidelines of the protocol session. After listening to him, some protesters headed to Congress and police ordered the evacuation of several buildings.

Due to this event, the internet explodes with memes. Funny memes were collected by Bemorepanda for you.

1.Watching American Horror story

2.Wait a second

3.The season is weird

4.Musical version

5.Pence to Trump

6.Jason Derulo

7.Booming system

8.There is a lot of news

9.Storm the capitol

10.15 years sitting in the back

11.Watching CNN

12.Always funny

13.Walmart does a better job

14.I'm not a cop

15.Capitl building

16.So much better

17.Girls are fighting

18.Embarrassing man

19.Civil war

20.Tell this your kids


22.Demi Lovato in studio


24.F*cked up

25.This faces

26.US Capitol


28.Makes perfect sense


30.Aunt Tifa

31.Bigger police presence

32.The Simpsons

33.Cracker Barrel

34.This face

35.2020 showing 2021 the way

36.How it acually is

37.Aunt Tifa attended Capitol Riots

38.Georgia flag

39.Peaceful protest

40.Identify any rioters

41.Village people

42.Capitol defense

43.Party in U.S.A


45.How it started

46.The police at capitol hill

47.The hunger games

48.The girl i like

49.No cellphones

50.Be our guest

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Following the January 6 incidents in the United States in which Donald Trump's supporters stormed the Capitol, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram froze the accounts of the US President.

Twitter announced that it had blocked Donald Trump's account for the next 12 hours, and Facebook and YouTube withdrew the video message in which the current US leader declared, again, unfounded, that the US elections had been rigged and asked the protesters to go to their homes.

"Following the unprecedented and ongoing violent situation in Washington, DC, we have requested the removal of three @realDonaldTrump tweets that were posted earlier for repeated and severe violations of our civic integrity policy," the BBC was quoted as saying on Twitter.

If Trump does not delete the three messages, his account will continue to be blocked. Twitter has warned that Trump would remain "PERMANENT" without the @realDonaldTrump account if he violates the integrity provisions.

The internet explodes with memes and Bemorepanda collected all of them.

1.Tweet some dumb stuff

2.Acount suspended

3.Loading up the burner

4.All to us

5.Lord Trump

6.Trump right now

7.Coming on Twitter

8.Now what?


10.I need to use twitter

11.What's happening?

12.You're banned

13.The greatest writer of Twitter

14.I can't tell anymore

15.For this moment

16.Trump violated Twitter policy

17.How to become TikToker

18.Very productive

19.See you in the court

20.We did it Patrick

21.About twitter

22.Twitter bans Trump


24.Banning Donald Trump


26.No problem

27.Compared to Hitler

28.Tiktok banned


30.Trump supporters

31.Banned TRUMP

32.Tested positive

33.Executive order

34.Agree with Trump

35.The nest executive order

36.Here on Twitter

37.Say the haters


39.Supreme Court

40.Delete your account

41.Safe to turn off your computer

42.Account suspended

43.Jhon Barron

44.Live footage

45.New profile

46.Melania's Twitter

47.President banned from Twitter


49.Productive talks

50.Whats up?

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Founded in July 1921 with 70 members, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the vanguard of the Chinese working class and a representative of the interests of the multinational Chinese people. The CCP is the guiding force for the cause of socialism in China. The ultimate goal of the CCP is communism.

In 2021 the Party is turning 100 years, with this occasion, Bemorepanda collected some facts about the Chinese Communist Party.

The CCP adopted Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong's ideas, and Deng Xiaoping's theory as guidelines for action. The Communist Party led the heroic struggle of the Chinese people, as a result of which the rule of imperialism, feudalism and comprador burokuisia was overthrown and the People's Republic of China was proclaimed. After becoming the ruling party, the CCP has led the multinational Chinese people to defend the independence and security of their homeland. Under her leadership, the transition from new democracy to socialism was successfully carried out, large-scale planned socialist construction was launched, during which the country's economy and culture reached an unprecedented level of development.

Chinese soldiers train for V-Day parade-

At the present stage, the main task of the Chinese Communist Party is to lead the Chinese people in building socialism with Chinese characteristics and make efforts to achieve its ultimate goal - Communism.

Any Chinese worker, peasant, military, or intellectual who turns 18 can apply to join the CCP if he agrees to accept the CCP's charter and program, wants to join and actively work in a party organization, and agrees to periodically pay a party fee.

The CPC now has over 58 million members. The highest governing body of the CPC is the National Congress of the CPC and the Central Committee elected by it.

The National Congress of the CPC is convened by the Central Committee every 5 years.

China revives 'comrade' in drive for Communist party discipline | Financial  Times

The Chinese Communist Party is the vanguard of the Chinese working class and at the same time the vanguard of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation, the leading core of the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics and represents the requirements for the development of advanced productive forces in China, the progressive direction of Chinese advanced culture, the fundamental interests of the widest sections of the Chinese people. The highest ideal and ultimate goal of the party is the realization of communism.

The Chinese Communist Party is guided in its activities by Marxism-Leninism, the ideas of Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping's theory and the important ideas of triple representation.

Marxism-Leninism revealed the laws of the historical development of human society, its basic provisions remain true and have a powerful vitality. Communism as the highest ideal, to which the Chinese communists strive, is realizable only on the basis of the full development and high development of socialist society. The development and improvement of the socialist system is a long historical process. But if we firmly adhere to the basic tenets of Marxism-Leninism and follow the path chosen by the Chinese people of their own free will and corresponds to Chinese realities, then the cause of socialism in China will win the final victory.

Why Is the Chinese Communist Party So Tense? - The Atlantic

By combining the basic tenets of Marxism-Leninism with the concrete practice of the Chinese revolution, the Chinese Communists, represented by their main representative, Comrade Mao Zedong, created the ideas of Mao Zedong. The ideas of Mao Zedong as a result of the application and development of Marxism-Leninism in China are correct, practical, theoretical principles and generalization of the experience of the Chinese revolution and construction, the quintessence of the collective mind of the Chinese Communist Party.

Guided by the ideas of Mao Zedong, the Chinese Communist Party led the multinational people of the country through a long revolutionary struggle against imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism to victory in the new democratic revolution and the creation of the People's Republic of China - a state of a democratic dictatorship of the people. Following this, socialist transformations were successfully carried out, the transition from new democracy to socialism was completed, the main systems of socialism were created, the socialist economy, politics and culture were developed.

Era of Xi: China's Communist Party congress opens as president is expected  to enhance power | The National

The main line of the Chinese Communist Party at the initial stage of socialism is to lead and unite the peoples of the country to fulfill the central task of economic construction, to firmly preserve the four basic principles, to unswervingly implement reform and opening up, to fight to transform China into a wealthy and a powerful democratic civilized modern socialist state with its own forces, selfless labor.

In guiding the cause of socialism, the Chinese Communist Party is obliged to invariably give the central place to economic construction, subordinate and place all work at its service. Not missing the moment, accelerate the progressive process, implement a strategy for the country's rise through science and education and a strategy for ensuring continued development, fully identify the role of science and technology as the most important productive force, rely on scientific and technological progress, improve the business qualities of workers, ensure good efficiency, high quality and fast pace, improve economic construction in every possible way.

Party disciplinary sanctions are subdivided into five types: reprimand, severe reprimand, removal from positions held in the party, appointment of a probationary period with abandonment in the party, expulsion from the party.

The duration of the probationary period with leaving the party should not exceed two years. During the probationary period, a party member does not have a casting vote, the right to elect and be elected. If a party member corrects his mistakes during the probationary period, he is supposed to be reinstated in the rights of a party member, and if he holds on to them and does not correct them, he is to be expelled from the party.

Expulsion from the party is the highest measure of party punishment. When making a decision on expulsion from the party or approving such a decision, party organizations of all levels must comprehensively study the relevant materials and opinions, and exercise maximum caution.

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