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Only a person who knows everything in the world can say that he does not need new knowledge. For everyone else, it is equally useful to both refresh old information and receive new ones. Next, you will find informative historical photographs that will arouse interest even for those who have never been fond of history.

Bemorepanda collected all this historic pictures to impress you.


Robot to disperse demonstrators, 1920s

1ен 35


The assistant director sometimes replaced the horse for Kakha Kavsadze on the set of the film "White Sun of the Desert", 1968

2ке 30

Life jacket made of bicycle tires, Germany, 19253е 11


Radon baths in the sanatorium of Pyatigorsk, USSR, 1975

4ке 9


Elvis Presley fan at one of the concerts, 1957

130880553 3439767302787689 7676017571428809807 n


Sylvester Stallone on the set of The Muppet Show, 1979

6ке 17


Soviet family, 1980s

7кн 4


Jane Mansfield is an American film actress who has appeared on the pages of Playboy magazine, who, along with Marilyn Monroe, was one of the sex symbols of the 1950s

8нг 30


Fearless female photographer. Berlin, 1910

9ге 3


The smallest printed book measures just 0.74 x 0.75 mm and is called Flowers of the Four Seasons.

10гн 14


Bronze head of King Sargon the Ancient, ruler of Sumer and Akkad. The age of the artifact is about 4300 years.

11ек 3


Renee O'Connor and Lucy Lawless during a break between filming Xena: Warrior Princess, 1996

12уе 6


Portrait of Yuri Gagarin

13уе 10

So the first man in space was portrayed on April 16, 1961 by Pablo Picasso, having learned about the flight from the newspapers.


Equipment for the soldier of the future according to the version of the American military in 1959

14уе 12


Sword 94 cm long, dating from the 14th century, found in the medieval castle of Ain, Castellón, Spain

15ке 10


Soviet ecological poster, 1970s

16нк 1


Bjork at Covent Garden, London, 1994

17кен 5


Nevsky prospect in the early morning, Leningrad, 1960

18не 11


The prototype of the sculpture "The Motherland Calls!" Valentina Izotova. Worked as a waitress in a restaurant

19не 10


David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, 1996

20нг 20


Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray on the set of Ghostbusters, 1984

21еу 0


Lorraine Cole, Queen of Frankfurter Sausages, New York, 1956

22еу 0


At the Detsky Mir in Moscow, 1992



Will Smith on the set of Men in Black, 1997



Priests and hippies in one place, Glastonbury, 1971

24уе 3

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The mobile phone has become the main gadget for taking personal photos, primarily due to the fact that it is the only device with a camera that we carry with us almost permanently, but also due to the increase in picture quality.

Usually, those pictures eventually end up on your computer or laptop after being transferred via a USB connection, but most of the time this process is cumbersome and time consuming. In addition, it sometimes happens that you accidentally delete some older photos before you can save them to your computer.

Here, however, the smartphone applications designed to significantly facilitate your transfer and, especially, the backup of photos through dedicated functions. With such an option, a picture taken with your phone's camera is automatically transferred to the cloud as soon as an internet connection is available. Ideally, however, you can choose to upload photos only via Wi-Fi, to avoid data consumption in 3G or 4G.

In this collection you can see pictures taken from mobile phones. It looks like art or even a picture from the most expensive and high-performance camera, but yes, it's about ordinary people and their phone.

Bemorepanda has collected these pictures to inspire you and show you that art is everywhere.

1.Tradition and culture

2.Taking a look back


4.Digital art

5.Opera and pandemic

6.Human, nature and horse

7.The shadow

8.Black and white

9.It seems like it’s paint

10.Daily life

11.The beauty of details

12.Swimming mood

13.The road







20.So close










30.Sky beauty

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Bad design no longer surprises anyone. We buy bags with chips, where instead of the product 50% air or we get something different from what is shown on the package. But believe it or not, there is ample evidence on the internet that there is the exact opposite of bad design. It's true, sometimes brands and companies can actually offer products that show that they really care about the people who use them.

Today more and more sustainability industrial designers and engineers are trying to come up with a product that can “do more” for less. These trends are especially relevant in the field of product packaging. Companies around the world are reinventing bottles, boxes, containers to make them more convenient, environmentally friendly, and also trying to endow them with a "second life" after they fulfill their main function. Bemorepanda have compiled a few examples of smart packaging that change our perception. In addition, we invite our readers in the comments to share their samples of smart design.

This toilet paper roll contains a mini roll that you can carry around

1екн 3


This bottle allows you to use all the liquid in it

2р 0


The largest Chinese company uses its boxes as leaflets for missing persons

3уен 5


This pharmacy has a magnifying glass for shoppers to read the medicine labels

4ен 22


This sardine package has a clear lid so you can see what's inside

5кен 6


Laser mark instead of a sticker

6нг 32


During a pandemic, it is much safer than using regular buttons.

7нг 28


This metal slide is water-cooled, so it won't burn children in summer.



"My bike seat is also a bike pump"

9ш 2


An American bookstore chain lays a sheet of paper underneath the stickers on its books so that no sticky marks remain on the covers. Brilliant!

10нг 27


"They sent me a light that came with cotton gloves to minimize fingerprints."

11ен 22


"My paper towels are also halved for smaller needs."

12ке 6


How this cookie company makes it easy to remove them from packaging



Bottle opener slippers



There is a tuxedo inside the pizza box to help you avoid getting dirty while eating

15ен 11


"My Lipton tea came with a mug shaped tea bag holder"

16кг 0


This package shows how much milk is left inside.

17нг 16


"There was already a level built into my TV mount."

18нг 22


This chocolate bar can be broken into uneven pieces. This is clearly not to the liking of perfectionists.

19гш 11


"I went to a restaurant where there were two types of soap in the washroom: one before meals, odorless, and the other scented, which is recommended for use after meals."

20г 2

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When we look at ancient sculptures and busts, we ourselves, without noticing it, give free rein to the imagination, imagining how these historical figures looked in real life. Now history lovers can breathe a sigh of relief and no longer strain their brains about this, because thanks to modern technology and the skilled artist Harun Binus, you can admire the recreated faces of the Roman emperors from Augustus to Marcus Aurelius and see how realistic they look.

An AI-powered toolkit has helped recreate portraits of Roman emperors. The photographs of sculptures with numerous chips, cracks and other defects were carefully processed by him. At the same time, the researcher tried to retain information about the ethnicity of the rulers of Ancient Rome, as well as the age at which they died.

The use of this technique allows, in particular, to generate images that are perceived by the human eye as real photographs. It can also be used to improve the quality of blurry or partially damaged sculptures.

Bemorepanda collected 30 photos for you.















8.Constantine The Great

Constantine The Great

9.Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius



11.Julian The Apostate

Julian The Apostate

12.Lucius Verus

Lucius Verus



14.Claudius Gothicus

Claudius Gothicus

15.Gordian I

Gordian I







19.Didius Julianus

Didius Julianus







23.Gordian II

Gordian II

24.Maximinus Thrax

Maximinus Thrax





27.Severus Alexander

Severus Alexander

28.Constantius II

Constantius II





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Rumors of Apple's involvement in the automotive industry are not just rumors, given that several hundred people are already working in the prototype development department of a car, and people in Apple's management have already met in Austria with several car manufacturers, including with officials from Magna Steyr, a company that assembles cars for several brands, from Mercedes-Benz to BMW. Here's everything you need to know about what Apple could do in the automotive industry by Bemorepanda.

1. Apple has a mountain of money that lies unspent

$ 155 billion in cash. It made a profit of 18 billion in the first quarter of fiscal year 2015 alone (October-December 2014). BMW and Mercedes-Benz, together, are worth a little over 105 billion dollars (BMW: 83 billion, Mercedes-Benz: 23.8 billion). Tesla is worth $ 25 billion. Romania's gross domestic product was, last year, about 190 billion dollars. That's to put things in perspective. By the way, Apple's market value is about $ 483 billion…

This is what Apple's headquarters will look like in the near future. Really, cities do not build Apple?

2. Apple already has hundreds of people working on this project

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, Apple already has several hundred employees working on this project, and the team will reach 1,000 people. So no, it's not just a rumor. Cars with the Apple logo on them are already on the streets of California, and the project is clearly one for autonomous cars…

3. The project is essential for Apple, given who runs it

This is not a side project, given that Steve Zadesky, Apple's vice president, has been named at the helm, none other than the one who led the development teams of the two products that brought Apple to where it is today: iPod and iPhone . His appointment as team leader shows that Apple considers involvement in the automotive field as a priority.

Стала известна точная дата презентации электромобиля Apple Car -

4. We don't know yet if it will be a car that will go into production, but we can guess

Analysts are still divided on whether to produce a stand-alone car as part of a future car range, or just want to build a prototype to show the car world what an autonomous car should look like. -would it facilitate both the development of our own solutions for current car manufacturers, but also the imposition of their Apple ecosystem? Hard to say.

Британские дизайнеры создали концепт Apple Car - 24 Канал

However, the fact that they also hired top car designers shows us that we will have a finished product, at least in the form of a prototype. And Apple is not used to developing only technologies, but wants absolute control to develop a top product. So we're inclined to believe that Apple will still produce a production car as part of a strategy to revolutionize the field.

5. Apple has hired top designers from car manufacturers. And that fills our souls with joy

First of all, Jonathan Ive, Apple's design director, is a big fan of cars, with an impressive collection already in the garage. Secondly, the team working on this prototype includes Mark Newson, who has already drawn a prototype for Ford, Julian Honig, who has already done the exterior design for the Audi Q3, Audi A4 and also has in his CV a few years at Lamborghini, but also Aaron von Minden, who was part of the team that created the famous Gina concept for BMW.

Apple Car может дебютировать уже в третьем квартале 2021 года — i2HARD

In other words, if they wanted to think only of the technologies inside the cars of others, why would they turn to specialized designers outside of them?

6. Where it has no expertise, Apple simply buys it

In addition to car designers, Apple is able to buy, if necessary, entire companies that develop technologies of interest. In addition, it has invested in people who have already headed the research and development departments of major manufacturers (Johann Jungwirth, former president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz's North American R&D division, for example).

A 1999 design by Mark Newson for Ford. Ugly today, but beautiful in his day

Several company executives also met in Austria with several carmakers, including representatives from Magna Steyr, a division of Magna International, a company that assembles cars for several European premium brands (MINI, BMW, Mercedes-Benz etc). So creating a coherent team, able to introduce it to the automotive industry, is absolutely no problem for Apple.

7. The Titan car will be an electric one with advanced autonomous car functions

Apple's interest is especially for cars with advanced autonomous driving functions, because in them we spend about 2 hours every working day, and these two hours can be the basis for consuming media content through the Apple platform.

Building an electric car is simpler than making a combustion engine car, and the horizon of the 2020s will bring us the first fully autonomous cars. Apple cannot miss the two new technologies essential for the future of mankind.

It is rumored that, unlike Tesla, which produces cars with sporty valences, Apple would initially focus on building a minivan, a stylish people carrier. Remains to be seen

8. Profits would be made from the sale of applications throughout the life of the machine

Here, in fact, is Apple's interest: making huge profits by rethinking revenue sources in a particular industry. In the case of the automotive industry, the fact that the car will drive alone means that the two hours a day can be dedicated to interacting with Apple devices in the car.

Schedule the destination, possibly choose the route, then let the car drive. But Apple would like to keep an eye on a screen…

Then people would be willing to pay significantly more for a car app. Today, users of Apple mobile devices spend, on average, over $ 40 a year on applications. In a car, this revenue could even increase several times, especially if the applications come as an option to a car that could cost over $ 40,000 at launch. Apple already has over 800 million iTunes users, and its involvement in the automotive industry, both as a carmaker and as a technology provider, could much better monetize at least some of this huge user base.

9. If you enter the automotive industry, Apple must build or buy processes and production units

Although appealing to a third party like Magna Steyr, who could assemble her car in the first instance, is the shortest path to the automotive industry, the reality is that you can't count on it until you have complete control over the entire production chain. It's absolutely no problem for Apple to build cutting-edge plants, just with the money from quarterly profits, and Apple can make a difference here, especially since it would start from scratch.

BMW is already building wind cars at the Leipzig pilot plant. And it's just the beginning!

Apple could even buy Tesla, and a combination of the two companies would allow it to enter the market with fully autonomous electric cars even earlier than 2020. If Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, would like this, it's a whole other story ( the two companies have completely different market philosophies).

10. The Apple car will not be on the market before 2017, but in 2020 the car world will not be the same

Even if it wants to make its own car, Apple will not be able to launch it before the end of 2017, and only if it uses a subcontractor to build it (like Magna Steyr). Unlike computers and telephones, the construction of a car is much more closely controlled and the restrictions related to safety and environmental protection are much more numerous. Also, the production cycles are much longer, a generation of a model lasting 7-8 years, not 18 months as in the case of a telephone.

But the entry of Google, Apple and Tesla into the realm of automakers will forever change the automotive world as we know it now. The only ones who have reacted to the futile ambitions of IT companies are BMW (in the field of electric cars rethought from scratch) and Volvo (in the field of car safety), the others still have to regain ground, although they do it quickly. However, the huge amounts of money available to IT companies also mean a very fast scalability of new technological solutions, which will lead to the much faster adoption of electric and autonomous machines, if the IT giants finally decide to invest their electronic devices than driving and watching other cars stuck in urban traffic.

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