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Ever since some Sheffield cricketers decided to try a new sport and set up the first football club in history, every team that has ever tied on the square or on the grass of the world's great stadiums has been looking for opponents on measure. There have been club tours in Europe since the 19th century, in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, then continued in various forms among the world wars until the 1950s, but the history of the Champions League, as we know it today, would begin in South America!

8 groups of 32 teams in the first round guarantee a minimum of 6 matches played for each club and this new format replaces the eliminatory scheme played in the old CCE. The UEFA Champions League began its adventure of conquering the world in the autumn of 1992 (exactly when the first season of the Premier League began!).

Bemorepanda has collected 100 interesting facts for you.

1. Real Madrid scored the most goals - 439

2. And missed the most 231 goals

3. Porto suffered the most losses - 51

4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Nicolas Anelka, Javier Saviola each played for 6 different teams

5. Ryan Giggs is a player with most Champions League appearances (19 rallies)

6. Iker Casillas played the most minutes (13,450)

7. Raul is the fielder with the most playing minutes (11,999)

8. Thierry Henry missed the most penalties (5)

9 . Zlatan Ibrahimovic and David Luiz are most removed - 4 times

10. Marco Balotta - the age goalkeeper (43 years and 253 days)

11. Cristiano Ronaldo - the player who won the most consecutive wins (14)

12. Péteri Ofori-Kwai - the young goalscorer (17 years and 195 days)

13. Arsene Wenger is the coach with the most appearances (19 rallies)

14. Carlo Ancelotti has coached the most teams (6)

15. Alex Ferguson is the coach with the most Champions League appearances (190 )

16. Arsene Wenger - coach with naib with most losses (49 matches)

17. Real Madrid (winner of the 2013/2014 season) with most goals per match (3.15)

18. Totalplayed 2533games Champions League

19. Total 1261 home wins, 650 away wins and 622 draws

20. Total scored 6,783 goals 

21. Total shot 534 penalties, 125 missed

22. The most popular 1: 1 score met in 280 games

23. Real Marid, Barcelona, ​​Porto and Manchester United are the teams with the most participation (20 draws )

24. Most productive match Monaco - Deportivo 8: 3 (05.11.2003)

25. Glasgow Rangers-Unira - the game with the most own goals (3 -20.10.2009)

26. Final (Real Madrid - Atlético) - the game with the most yellow cards (12)

27. The most common penalty is prescribed ingate the Arsenal(22 times)

28. most often disposed of players Juventus(20 times)

29. Kim Milton Nielsen - the referee, judging the most (53 games)

30. France - the country, represented the largest number of players (471)

31. Players of 124 nationalities played in matches

32. Daniel Amokachi - scorer of the first goal (25.11.1992 Bruges-CSKA 1: 0)

33. Lionel Messi and Luiz Adriano scored the most goals in one match (5)

34. Francesco Totti - oldest goal scorer (38 years and 59 days)

35. Celesten Babayaro - youngest debutant (16 years and 87 days)

36. Raul - youngest hat-trick at the age of 18 years 114 days (18.10.1995 Real Madrid - Ferencvaros 6: 1 (24, 25, 84 minutes)

37.13 Spanish teams have participated in at least one Champions League (Athletic, Atlético, Barcelona, ​​Betis, Valencia, Villarreal, Deportivo, Malaga, Mallorca, Real Madrid, Real Sociedad, Sevilla, Celta)

38. Luis Figo and Ruud Van Nistelrooy scored the most spenalti (10)

39. Manchester United - the team the most times played a draw (52 times)

40. Barcelona scored the most goals in the gate (9)

41. Marco Van Basten - the author of the first het-trick Champions League (25.11.1992 Milan-Gothenburg)

42. Glasgow Rangers - the team that won the first away victory (09.12.1992 CSKA-Glasgow Rangers 0: 1). Although formally the meeting took place in Bochum (Germany)

43. Donetsk Shakhtar - the author of the biggest away victory 7: 0

44. Real Madrid did not score the most penalties (11)

45. The referees most often sent off players in matches against Barcelona (29 times)

46. Real Madrid is the team with the most victories in one competition (12 - 2001/2002)

47. Maccabi Haifa (2009/2010) and Deportivo (2005/2005) have not scored a single goal

48. Iker Casillas - the player who played most often in the starting lineup (149 times) and finished the match (145 times)

49. Alessandro Nesta - the player who did not score in 99 matches

50. Vanden Borre - the player who did not win in 23 matches in a row

51. Xavi - the player with the most wins (91)

52. Raul was the first to play 100 matches in the Champions League

53. Cristiano Ronaldo opened the scoring most often (29 times)

54. The biggest victory in the history of the tournament - Liverpool-Besiktas 8: 0 (06.11.2007 )

55. Carles Puyol won the trophy most of all as captain - 3 times

56. Roy Macaay - scored the fastest goal 10.12 seconds (07.03.2007 Bayern-Real Madrid)

57. Milan most often played in the finals (6 times), Bayern, Barcelona and Juventus (5 times), Real Madrid and Manchester United 4 times

58. Juventus lost more than all finals (4 times), Milan and Bayern 3 times

59. Real Madrid (4) and Porto (1 time) have never lost in the final

60. Cristiano Ronaldo has scored the most in one draw - 17 goals (2013 / 2014)

61. The biggest difference in the final - Milan-Barcelona (4: 0) 05/18/1994

62. Liverpool-Milan (3: 3) - the most productive final (05/25/2005)

63. 5 players with doubles in the finals - Daniele Massaro (1993/1994), Karl Heinz Riedle (1996/1997), Hernan Crespo (2004/2005), Filippo Inzaghi (2006/2007), Diego Milito (2009/2010)

64.4 players scored in two finals - Raul ( 1999/2000 and 2001/2002), Cristiano Ronaldo (2007/2008 and 2013/2014), Lionel Messi (2008/2009 and 2010/2011), Samuel Eto'o (2005/2006 and 2008/2009)

65. Carlo Ancelotti won the trophy three times (2002/2003, 2006/2007 with Milan and 2013/2014 with Real Madrid)

66. Coaches who won the trophy with different teams - Otmar Hitzfeld (Borussia D 1996/1997 and Bayern 2000/2001), Jupp Heinckess (Real Madrid 1997/1998 and Bayern 2012/2 013), Jose Mourinho (Porto 2003/2004 and Inter 2009/2010), Carlo Ancelotti (Milan 2002/2003, 2006/2007 and Real Madrid 2013/2014)

67. Oldest winning coach - Raymond Gutals (71 and 232 days)

68.6 times the winner was determined in a penalty shootout - Juventus-Ajax (1995/1996), Bayern-Valencia (2000/2001), Milan-Juventus (2002/2003), Liverpool-Milan (2004/2005), Manchester United -Chelsea (2007/2008), Chelsea-Bayern (2011/2012)after

69.1 time winner extra time - Real Madrid-Atlético 2013/2014 (4: 1)

70. Oldest fielder - Alessandro Costacurta 40 years old and 213 days (21.11.2006 AEK - Milan 1: 0)

71. Clarence Seedorf - the only one who won the Champions League with 3 different clubs (Ajax 1994/1995, Real Madrid 1997/1998, Milan 2002/2003, 2006/2007)

72. Frank Rijkaard is the only one who won the Champions League as a player (Ajax 1994/1995) and coach (Barcelona 2005/2006)

73. Final Milan-Liverpool (2004/2005, 2006/2007) and Barcelona-Manchester United (2008/2009 , 2010/2011) played twice 

74. Real Madrid and Bayern - the team, who had gained the most consecutive wins (10)

75. 130 teams at least once participated in the draw of the tournament

76. Barcelona more than any win on the road - 45 matches

77 20 different stadiums hosted the final of the Champions League

78. In 13 of them the different winner was ahead

79. 14 teams lost all matches in the group stage of the Champions League - Kosice (1997/1998), Fenerbahce (2001/2002), Spartak Moscow (2002/2003), Anderlecht (2004/2005), Rapid (2005/2006), Levski (2006/2007), Dynamo Kiev (2007/2008), Debrecen (2009/2010), Zhilina (2010/2011), Partizan (2010/2011), Maccabi Haifa (2009/2010), Villarreal (2011/2012), Otelul (2011/2012), Olympique Marseille (2103/2014)

80. Real Madrid-Bayern have met the most in the Champions League - 22 times

81. Liverpool-Chelsea more often all met as representatives of one of the country - 10 times

82 5 finals played by representatives of the same country (Real Madrid-Valencia 1999/2000, Milan-Juventus 2002/2003, Manchestr e United-Chelsea 2007/2008, Bayern-Borussia D 2012/2013, Real Madrid-Atlético 2013/2014)

83. And only once by teams from the same city (Real Madrid-Atlético 2013/2014)

84. Marcel Desailly (Olympique 1992 / 1993 and Milan 1993/1994), Paulo Sousa (Juventus 1995/1996 and Borussia D 1996/1997), Gerard Piqué (Manchester United 2007/2008 and Barcelona 2008/2009) and Samuel Eto'o (Barcelona 2008/2009 and Inter 2009/2010) have won the Champions League twice in a row

85. Marcelo Lippi, Alex Ferguson and Carlo Ancelotti with their teams have4 times playedin the Champions League final

86. Jupp Hynckess, Rafael Benitez, Josep Guardiola, Carlo Ancelotti, Roberto Di Matteo and Luis Enrique won the trophy in their very first season

87. Chelsea is the only team to be eliminated in the group stage after winning the Champions League (2012/2013)

88. Athens (Olympiacos, Panathinaikos, AEK - 2003/2004), and London (Arsenal. Chelsea, Tottenham - 2003/2004) represented 3 teams each in the Champions League

89. Only Juventus (1995/1996) and Borussia D (1996/1997) managed to become winners in their country

90. Only Spanish teams won the Champions League in a row (Real Madrid 2013/2014 and Barcelona 2014/2015)

91. Brothers who won the Champions League - Frank and Ronald de Boers, Gary and Phil Neville, Gabi and Diego Milito

92. Brazilians scored the most in the Champions League - 747 goals

93. Raul was the first to reach marks of 50 goals 

94. Van Tiggelen became the first player sent off in the match (25/11/1992 Porto - PSV 2: 2)

95. Alex Ferguson is the first coach to score 100 wins

96. 3,002 goals scored in the first half

97. 3,764 scored in the second half

98. 9 goals scored in extra time

99. 5848 players have played at least one minute in the match

100 343 coach took part in at least one match


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Four European clubs' revenues from their participation in the 2020/2021 UEFA Champions League exceeded € 100 million.

On May 29, Porto hosted the final of the main football European Cup - the UEFA Champions League, where English teams met for the third time in 13 years in the decisive game of the season. Chelsea Roman Abramovich # 12 became the strongest club in Europe for the second time, beating Manchester City 1-0. It was originally planned that the match between them will take place in Istanbul, but UEFA moved it to Portugal, where there are no such tough covid restrictions.



Due to the lack of fans at the stadiums, the decrease in payments from TV broadcasts and advertisers, bonuses for performances in their national championships and European competitions have become one of the most important points in the income of the top teams. Teams from the leading European leagues can count on at least € 25 million just for getting into the group round of the Champions League. 



For some clubs, for example, from Belarus or Cyprus, playing in the Champions League covers almost all annual expenses. The current participants in the tournament will receive a total of over € 1.9 billion from UEFA. And this amount could have been more if the union had not introduced a covid tax (3.6%), at the expense of which the organization wants to make up for last year's financial losses.


UEFA publishes bonus data seven to nine months after the end of the tournament, but it can be calculated independently based on the prize money of previous seasons. The error with real indicators is insignificant - no more than 1.5-2%, but often it does not exist at all.


How is the prize money formed?

At the moment, it is impossible to extrapolate with great precision only the Danish Midtjylland and Hungarian Ferencváros' premiums, as in the previous two seasons, clubs from Denmark and Hungary did not play in the group stage of the Champions League. However, based on the tendencies of the tournament and on payments in the Europa League, it is already obvious that the Danes will definitely receive over € 20 million, and the Hungarians - more than € 17 million.



Bonus teams are made up of four components:

  • bonuses for participation at a certain stage (regardless of the results);
  • bonuses for the result at the group stage (bonuses for the results of matches);
  • a historical bonus based on a 10-year UEFA club rankings;
  • a marketing bonus mainly calculated from the sale of TV rights.


The better a team is performing now and over the past 10 seasons, the more money it gets. The more UEFA is paid in a given country for the rights to show the Champions League, the more money from the marketing bonus will go to the local clubs. Therefore, clubs from England or Spain will earn many times more than Russian or Hungarian teams, even if they show similar results in the season.



Hypothetically, one club in the Champions League could earn even more than € 200 million. This is spelled out in the conditions of the tournament, for this it is necessary that one team becomes the champion, winning all matches in the group stage, and the rest of the teams play all the games in a draw. Such an alignment, of course, is unlikely. So far, PSG holds the record for bonuses earned. At the end of the previous season, the Parisians received € 126.8 million from UEFA. And this despite the defeat to Bayern in the final of the tournament: the French got more Germans from the marketing pool due to a more expensive TV contract.


Who earned and how much?

The biggest prize money this time went to the champion - Chelsea. Thomas Tuchel's side will receive € 120.3 million from UEFA thanks to their victory in the final over Manchester City. If clubs had not returned a coveted 3.6% of their bonuses, Londoners' Champions League income would have been € 124.8 million.



The football club Manchester City lagged slightly behind Chelsea - € 119.6 million. Such a small difference is explained by the large incomes of Abramovich's rivals from the sale of TV rights: the clubs receive part of the funds for the final position in the previous draw of their championship, Manchester City ”Appeared in this table above.


In third place in terms of income this year - the leader of last season, PSG, who earned € 110.45 million, the Spanish “Real” a little less - € 110.44 million. Here Madrid earned almost € 8 million more than Parisians. But the French made up for it with more TV income.


How to further develop the Pay TV market: consolidation is inevitable



Last year's European Cup winners, Bayern Munich, have been eliminated in the quarterfinals this season. Because of this, the prize money of the German club sank from € 125.5 million to € 93.3 million. Liverpool, who won the Champions League in 2019, earned € 88.5 million. Also in the top 8 were Barcelona and Juventus , which, unlike Porto and Borussia who placed below, could not make it to the quarterfinals. 


Juventus received almost € 12 million more from UEFA than the Portuguese, although about them and lost in the 1/8 finals. This "injustice" is explained by the fact that TV rights to show the Champions League in Italy are much more expensive than in Portugal, and Juventus, for which Cristiano Ronaldo stands, has a higher historical rating.


In the first half of the ranking there were 15 teams that made it to the playoffs. The only exception is Manchester United, which finished third in their group. In the Champions League, the team earned € 62.2 million, but in the Europa League they reached the final, which added about € 14 million to them.


The difference between the Champions League and the Europa League is enormous. For example, the Spanish “Villarreal”, who beat Manchester United in the final, earned about € 32 million, which is more than half the amount of “Sevilla”, which was eliminated in the first stage of the Champions League playoffs. It is possible that next season the prize money in the second tournament will increase due to the appearance of the third European Cup (League of Conferences), which should “unload” the Europa League from weak teams.


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In 2020, it will be 60 years since the establishment of the football competition, and the European Championship was originally to take place in 12 cities on the continent between June 12 and July 12, 2020, but was postponed by a year due to the Covid pandemic.

The postponement has reduced the pressure on public services, especially health services, in countries affected by the pandemic, while providing space in the calendar for suspended European football leagues to complete their domestic competitions. UEFA has decided to keep the name of the competition EURO 2020, even if it takes place in 2021.

Bemorepanda collected several memes.

1.Phone stuff

2.Want to sleep

3.Like a boss


5.I don’t wanna sell

6.Messi effect

7.Messi crying


9.Clubs and their weaknesses

10.No debate anymore

11.Just drink




15.Change my mind

16.Because you promised



19.Grand Theft Football

20.Come here

21.Polish people

22.Humiliation time

23.Barca fans

24.Thanks man

25.Oh my goal

26.Don’t worry about it

27.City dejected

28.Taiwan won

29.Double standarts

30.Italy 2021

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The UEFA Champions League is considered the most prestigious European club competition. It has been called the Champions League since 1992, before that the tournament was called the European Champions Cup, and the format of the tournament has also changed: it moved from the playoff system to the group stage, and only then the knockout games followed. It was first held in 1955, where Real Madrid won.


From 1960 to 2004, the winner of the Champions League took part in the Intercontinental Cup, where they faced the winner of the South American Copa Libertadores. At the moment, the winner of the tournament gets the right to play at the Club World Championship.

Sevilla' reaches UEFA European League final for the sixth time in history -  World Today News


The number of teams in a draw depends on the association's position in the UEFA coefficient table:


  •  associations ranked 1st to 3rd in the table represent the first 4 teams of the
  •  association, ranked 4th to 6th in the table, represent the first 3 teams of the
  •  association ranked from 7 in the table 15th place, represent the first 2 teams of the
  •  association, ranked from 16th and below in the table, is represented by 1 team


The tournament itself consists of several stages: four qualifying rounds, a group tournament, playoffs.

Each team that qualifies for the UEFA Champions League receives 3 million euros from UEFA in reward, and an additional 2.4 million is given for participation in the group stage. At the group stage, 600 thousand euros are given for each victory. In addition, each participant in the quarter-finals receives 2.5 million, the semi-finals 3 million, the finalist receives 4 million, and the winner of 7 million.


2002–03 UEFA Champions League - Wikipedia


The winner of the Champions League for 10 months receives the won cup. In memory of the victory, the team receives a smaller copy of the trophy. The club that won 5 times or 3 times in a row has the right to keep the trophy forever. This right was received by Real Madrid, which won 5 victories in a row.


Only five teams won the right to keep the cup:

  •  Real Madrid. 5 victories in a row
  •  "Ajax". 3 wins in a row
  •  Bayern Munich. 3 victories in a row
  •  Milan. 5 wins
  •  Liverpool. 5 victories

The most titled club in the Champions League is Real Madrid, with 10 victories, the last of which dates back to 2014.


UEFA Champions League on Twitter: "#OnThisDay in 1985, 16-year-old defender  Paolo Maldini made his AC Milan debut. The rest is history. #UCL… "


Interesting facts:

  •  During the entire period of the Champions League, only 22 clubs have won it, and only 12 of them have won more than once.
  •  Since the tournament was renamed the Champions League, no one has won the tournament twice in a row.
  •  Bayern Munich, Benfica and Juventus are the most unlucky teams, losing 5 times in the final.
  •  5 English teams have won the Champions League, more than any other country.
  •  Real Madrid have passed the group stage twice without losing points (2011/12, 2014/15).


Zinedine Zidane has become the first manager to ever win three straight Champions  League titles


  •  Manchester United were unbeaten in 25 games in a row from 19 September 2007 to 27 May 2009.
  •  Bayern won 10 matches in a row in the Champions League - from April 2, 2013 to December 10, 2013.
  •  Biggest tournament win: Dinamo Bucharest 11-0 Crusaders (1973/74 season).
  •  The fastest Champions League goal was scored 10 seconds in the 2006/07 season. Goal scorer - Roy Makai.
  •  Most goals in one match: Lionel Messi, Luiz Adriano - 5 each.



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