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On March 24, 1972, The Godfather premiered in the United States and Canada. This year, the famous tape was again released on the screens. In honor of the 50th anniversary, Bemorepanda has collected 50 facts about the legendary film history.


Facts about the Godfather movie


The epic gangster saga The Godfather is considered one of the best films. The film has been quoted, imitated, and admired. The bright plot, the brilliant direction of Coppola, the fantastic performance of Al Pacino and Marlon Brando, the magnificent music - all this made the film "The Godfather" unforgettable.



1. In the 1960s, Mario Puzo was not the most successful writer. The father of five children suffered from gambling and was ruined. Creditors threatened to seriously injure him if the writer did not return $11,000 to them.


2. to get even with his debts, Puzo wrote the script for the film "Mafia" and brought it to the Paramount film studio. The author was advised to write a book and immediately forgot about him.


3. “I am ashamed to say, but I wrote The Godfather solely based on my literary research. I have never met a real crystal-clear gangster, ”the writer later admitted.


4. According to rumors, Puzo was inspired by Dostoevsky's novel The Brothers Karamazov.


5. While the book was being prepared for publication, the publisher leaked information, and Paramount decided to make a film based on Puzo's novel. For the film rights, the writer received $ 2 million.


6. The studio did not expect much success from the gangster drama until the book The Godfather, published in 1969, became wildly popular.



7. A novel by obscure author Puzo stayed on the NY Times bestseller chart for over 60 weeks.


8. Director Francis Ford Coppola was practically nobody at that time. He even founded American Zoetrope with friend George Lucas to prove his worth. But success came to Coppola from the other side...


9. The film studio wanted to entrust Sergio Leone to shoot The Godfather. But he refused and later regretted it immensely. After 11 years, the director took revenge by telling his story about gangsters - Once Upon a Time in America.


10. Directors Elia Kazan and Costa-Gavras also said no.


11. Coppola, like Puzo, did not know anything about gangsters. Moreover, he did not even finish reading the book "The Godfather," which many admired, tired of the overabundance of erotic scenes. “A third of the book is devoted to the anatomical problems of a minor heroine,” the director admitted years later.


12. The producers signed a contract with Coppola, counting on his Italian origin and the unknown as a director (you could save on the fee).



13. Through negotiations, Francis increased the film's budget from $2.5 million to $6 million.


14. During filming, the producers were unhappy with Coppola. But this continued only until he received an Oscar for the script for the film Patton.


15. The prototype of Vito Corleone is the famous gangster Joseph "Joe" Bonanno.


16. Corleone is the name of a small town in Sicily.


17. Laurence Olivier, Burt Lancaster, Anthony Quinn, Raf Vallone, and Ernest Borgnine were predicted for the role of Don Corleone. It was rumored that they asked for the part of "godfather" Orson Welles and even Frank Sinatra.


18. Puzo saw only Marlon Brando as Don Corleone. Coppola was of the same opinion.


19. The producers were categorically against the participation of the stellar Brando (he had a reputation, frankly, not very good) and set three, as it seemed to them, impossible conditions: the actor works for free, in case of disruption of filming he pays a penalty of $ 1 million, participates in auditions for general grounds.


20. Coppola took two operators and went to Brando's house to make samples. Seeing footage with a "real gangster," the producers found no objection.



21. Contrary to the producers' fears, Marlon did not disrupt a single day of shooting.


22. Brando often joked and arranged practical jokes. For example, in the scene where the guests were photographed at the wedding of Don Corleone's daughter, the actor suddenly took off his pants and showed everyone his butt. At that moment, there were 500 actors and extras on set.


23. Samples of unknown James Caan, Robert Duvall, and Diane Keaton, the director, did in his home. Coppola's wife even cut the men's hair to make them look like heroes.


24. The role of Michael Corleone could be played by Robert Redford, Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, Dustin Hoffman, and Robert de Niro.


25. "Unknown Ugly Shorty" Al Pacino did not suit anyone except Coppola. During filming, the producers could not understand for a long time when the actor would start acting.


26. Pacino agreed to a fee of $35,000.


27. Sinatra was considered the prototype of Johnny Fontaine. He thought that this image in the book was written off from him and even yelled at Puzo, meeting him by chance in a restaurant. So Fontaine practically does not appear in the film.



28. The scene where Sonny beats up Carlo takes four days to shoot. Seven hundred extras participated in it.


29. Real gangsters created the League for the Defense of the Rights of Italian Americans. One of the directions of their struggle was the eradication of the frequent use of the word "mafia." The producers of The Godfather were subjected to surveillance and intimidation. One of them even had to go to a meeting with gangsters. Fortunately, the word "mafia" appeared in the text only once...


30. The film "The Godfather" was filmed in 4 months.


31. A special secret show was arranged for the Mafiosi. The producers did not know about this "misconduct" at the film studio. However, the guests were delighted. The film became a cult classic for American gangsters.


32. The Godfather started on 400 screens at once. But people still paid resellers for tickets 3-4 times more to get to the session quickly.


33. On the day of the premiere, 32-year-old Coppola was nervous: “I think failure is inevitable. What I've done? Took a popular, full of piquancy and "strawberry" novel, and turned it into the endless chatter of a gang of bandits in dimly lit interiors.



34. Shortly before the premiere, Coppola joked in a conversation with the producers. If the film collects $ 50 million, they will buy him a Mercedes 600 limousine. When fees exceeded $ 100 million, Coppola went to order a car driven by the Pope and Francisco Franco.


35. A few months later, The Godfather became the highest-grossing film in US history, breaking the record for Gone with the Wind.


36. During the election campaign of Richard Nixon, he was compared to Vito Corleone. And it sounded like… a compliment. The term "godfather" also took root after the film's release.


37. At the Oscars in 1973, Coppola received the highest film award for the screenplay. And The Godfather became the best film.


38. Brando was named the best actor in 1972. But he refused the Oscar awarded to him, thus expressing a protest against discrimination against the indigenous population of America.


39. Composer Nino Rota was nominated for an Oscar for the best film score. Still, the nomination was canceled when it turned out that he did not write new music entirely but used and reworked his melodies from the film Fortunella.



40. According to the American Film Institute, "The Godfather" is ranked #1 in the list of the ten best gangster films.


41. Two years after the premiere, Coppola decided to build on the success and shot the film The Godfather 2.


42. The Godfather 2 won 6 Oscars.


43. In the Soviet Union, Roman Puzo first went to samizdat, until in 1987, it was published by the Znamya magazine.


44. The film "The Godfather" was one of the major hits in the underground video market of the USSR. But even those who did not have a "Vidik" knew him.


45. In 1985-1989. The USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs blocked Coppola's tape as "propagating a cult of violence."



46. ​​The Soviet Union bought all parts of The Godfather only in 1990 when the third part of the legendary film saga came out. According to unofficial information, for $200,000.


The presentation of the film in the USSR took place at the Rossiya cinema. The sponsor spent 100 thousand rubles. The host was Nikita Mikhalkov, who is called Coppola's friend. Tickets cost 17-25 rubles.


48. The song "Speak Softly Love" to the melody of Nino Rota from the movie "The Godfather" was sung by Muslim Magomayev - in Italian, Sofia Rotaru - in Ukrainian, Renat Ibragimov, Emil Gorovets, and Nina Brodskaya - in Russian.


49. The restoration of the three parts of the film for the 50th anniversary of the premiere of The Godfather took three years. Experts studied 300 boxes of film. For more than 4,000 hours, they eliminated stains on negatives and restored color—more than 1000 hours of color grading.


50. The film was re-released in 4K Ultra HD.


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The Renaissance is called the period of European history, marking the transition from the Middle Ages to the New Age and covering the 15th and 16th centuries. Some researchers consider it the beginning of the era of humanism. Others believe it is a step backward because magic and witch-hunts flourished in parallel with the flourishing of art in the Renaissance.


Top facts about the Renaissance


We at Bemorepanda decided to find out more about the mysterious Renaissance. We dug up exciting facts that will allow you to draw your conclusions about whether that time is rightly called the Renaissance.



1. In Renaissance Florence, men married at 30, while girls became wives at 17–18. Such an age difference led to the fact that there were many young widows in the city.


2. The life of the ladies in Florence was not sweet. Having visited this city, a French traveler wrote: “Women are more reserved here than in any other part of Italy; they see the world only through small holes in their windows.”


3. According to other information, the ladies were forbidden even to look out the window to not tempt random passers-by on the street.


4. The main task of women was to be beautiful. Therefore, they were forbidden to play wind instruments: it distorted their facial features. The ladies were asked to master the strings, such as the lute.


5. The most beautiful room in the palace was the bedroom. They received guests there.


6. Hairstyles that covered the ears were in fashion. Women wore them for fear of pregnancy. According to legend, the Virgin Mary became pregnant through her ear after hearing the word of God.



7. One of the principal masterpieces of the Renaissance - "The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci - is in poor condition because of the great painter's love of experimentation. Instead of applying paint to wet plaster, as was usually done when creating a fresco, the master decided to develop the "Last Supper" on drywall. As a result, the paint began to peel off, and Leonardo had to correct his work before it was finished. Perhaps in the Last Supper that we see today, almost nothing remains of the original.


8. The Renaissance style icon was Henry VIII, who introduced square-toed shoes into fashion. At the same time, he strictly regulated the trend, issuing an order that limited the width of the sock to 6 inches (15.24 cm).


9. During the Renaissance, a fashion trend arose to reveal what was hidden under clothing to the world. And all thanks to the English laws on luxury, which ordered commoners to have a single-color wardrobe. They came up with slits on them to diversify their monotonous costumes, thereby demonstrating the lower layer of clothing painted in bright colors.


10. The professions of a surgeon and a hairdresser were different facets of the same work. The same artisans could pull out a tooth and cut their hair.


11. At the same time, Renaissance doctors began to do plastic surgery. At that time, duels and diseases could significantly spoil a man's appearance, but surgeons were able to fix it. They performed rhinoplasty, transplanting a piece of skin from the forearm to the bridge of the nose. Thanks to the artisans of the Renaissance, many celebrities today can boast of chiseled noses.



12. Another Renaissance invention is ice cream. The Medici family announced a competition for the most unusual dish, the winner of which was a Florentine chicken seller, who presented a frozen dessert to the court of the famous family. Around the same time, another Florentine, the courtier Bernardo Buonaletti, was organizing a celebration in honor of the arrival of the Spanish guests. He put on theatrical performances and set off fireworks. Most importantly, he prepared a cream with the taste of bergamot, lemons, and oranges, chilled with a mixture of his invention.


13. The famous Uffizi Gallery was not conceived as a museum. It was the official center of Florence. Actually, "Uffizi" is translated as "offices".


14. The famous Roman Colosseum served as an industrial building during Renaissance. In the 16th century, it was planned to turn it into a wool factory, but this would have led to its destruction. In 1594, a glue factory was built in the building. By the end of the 17th century, the ancient stadium had turned into a dump.


15. During the Renaissance, the Latin language ceased to be alive. Back in the Middle Ages, it was spoken and evolved. Still, the enthusiasm of Renaissance scientists for Antiquity led to the fact that Latin returned to its classical form and its natural development stopped.



16. The Renaissance got its name because, in these few centuries, the flourishing of interest in ancient culture began, which had utterly faded away in the previous Middle Ages.


17. The second name of this era is the Renaissance. It comes from the French "Renaissance" and means, in fact, "Renaissance." Interestingly, this world-famous name came from the French language, although the Renaissance began in Italy.


18. To describe this era outside of Italy north of the Alps, "Northern Renaissance" is used. And some researchers even single out the French Renaissance, the Renaissance, Spanish, English, and others.


19. During the Renaissance, she was not called by this word. It was popularized and introduced by the French historian Jules Michelet only in the 19th century.


20. The Renaissance lasted a little less than three centuries, at least where it originated, that is, in Italy - from the beginning of the 14th century to the end of the 16th. But it came to some other countries later and ended there too later.


21. The names of the most famous Renaissance artists are familiar to the world. Leonardo da Vinci was generally a “universal man” who succeeded in everything, including Michelangelo, Titian, and Raphael Santi.



22. The Renaissance had a significant impact on the development of the sciences. In this era, medieval superstitions began to lose popularity, more attention was paid to scientific development, and the most important discoveries were made. In particular, the Great Geographical Discoveries and the findings of Nicolaus Copernicus.


23. Renaissance literature began, by all accounts, with the Divine Comedy by the famous Dante Alighieri. This work became so popular that it brought the Tuscan dialect of Italian to the forefront, effectively establishing it as the "official Italian."


24. With the beginning of the Renaissance, music ceased to be a purely ecclesiastical art. It began to spread around the world, imbued with a new worldview.


25. The ancestor of the Renaissance in Russia is considered the Grand Duke of Moscow, Ivan III. The latter invited Italian architects and other masters to Moscow. But in general, the influence of the 

Renaissance in Russia was relatively weak due to its remoteness and attachment to Byzantine traditions.


26. The Vatican stubbornly opposed many of the ideas of the Renaissance, and many scientists, poets, and writers were persecuted, but they had their patrons. In France, such as, for example, the wise King Francis I, a well-known philanthropist.



27. In the Renaissance, the old prejudices were supplanted, replaced by scientific views, but not entirely, as is commonly believed. For example, alchemy and astrology were considered essential sciences. The famous Galileo was engaged in the compilation of horoscopes, Isaac Newton wrote many works on alchemy, and the astronomer Johannes Kepler was also an astrologer.


It was the Renaissance that gave humanity oil painting. Jan van Eyck was a Dutch artist. Oil paints came to Europe early in the 12th century.


29. Of great importance to the Renaissance was the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in 1450. This machine made books dozens of times more accessible, contributing to enlightenment.


30. One of the strangest events popular during the Renaissance was anatomical theater. This is a public autopsy carried out by doctors who commented and explained their actions to all those present. In the Middle Ages, the “desecration” of the human body was strictly prohibited. Still, during the Renaissance, these prejudices gradually died out, thanks to which anatomy and medicine began to develop rapidly.



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The first Monday in May is an important date for those interested in fashion. Since 1948, this day has hosted a luxurious ball dedicated to raising funds to benefit the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute, abbreviated as Met Gala. An invitation to this event is an important symbol of recognition for many stars because only A-list celebrities can receive it. From year to year, the theme of the ball changes, and, based on this, guests must follow a specific dress code. This year it was labeled "Gilded Glamor."


Met Gala 2022 stars


We at Bemorepanda decided to look at the outfits the stars chose for their first legendary ball and compare them with this year's companies.


Sophie Turner. 2015 vs. 2022


Kaya Gerber. 2021 vs. 2022


Emma Stone. 2009 vs. 2022


On May 3, the annual Met Gala Costume Institute ball was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.


The event was dedicated to one of the brightest periods in American history - the Gilded Age. It lasted from the 1870s to the 1890s. It was characterized by the rapid growth of the US economy and population after the Civil War.


The chairman's board and the global editorial director of Vogue, Anna Wintour, also included designer Tom Ford and the head of Instagram (the company that owns Meta is recognized as an extremist organization), Adam Mosseri. The evening was hosted by actors Regina King, Blake Lively, and Ryan Reynolds.


Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, Kris, Kylie, and Kendall Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Billy Eilish, Hailey Bieber, Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz, Elon, and May Musk, Naomi Campbell, Irina Shayk, Kaia Gerber took to the red carpet, Cara Delevingne, Emily Ratajkowski, Chloe Moretz, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, Emma Stone, Sarah Jessica Parker, Julianne Moore, Jessica Chastain, and many others.


Jessica Chastain. 2011 vs. 2022


Maisie Williams. 2021 vs. 2022


Lily James. 2017 vs. 2022


Lucy Boynton. 2019 vs. 2022


New York hosted the annual Met Gala Ball, the famous charity fundraising event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute, which invites the most famous stars. Especially for this event, fashion houses prepare for their clients - guests of the show - special outfits, sewn in a single copy for the ball. The ball is expensive even for celebrities: a ticket costs about 25 thousand dollars, and a table reservation costs 200-300 thousand dollars.


Part of the broadcast was devoted to Ukraine. Hamish Bowles spoke about Kyiv resident Valentina Sanina-Schlei, who founded the fashion house of the same name in the United States. Her clothes are considered classics of American design. Sabina graduated from the Kyiv gymnasium.


“The war in Ukraine forced many to leave their homes. We remember the contributions of millions of immigrants and refugees to American culture and American fashion history. In 1917, designer Valentina, born in Ukraine, came to New York. She established herself as an elite couturier, dressing the most fashionable and famous women of her time. One of her dresses is on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute exhibition on American fashion. This night our hearts are with the people of Ukraine and the victims of the war worldwide. Conde Nast donated to the Red Cross Committee. We encourage you to do the same if possible,” he said.


Chris Jenner. 2015 vs. 2022


Cardi B. 2018 vs. 2022


Gwen Stefani. 2010 vs. 2022


Emily Ratajkowski. 2015 vs. 2022


Kim Kardashian 2013 vs. 2022


Kim Kardashian appeared at the party in the legendary "naked" Marilyn Monroe dress, exhibited at the Ripley Museum, and was sewn in 1962 by designer Jean Louis. In this outfit, the famous blonde sang “Happy Birthday, Mr. President" in honor of the 45th anniversary of John F. Kennedy. The dress was rented for only an hour to take a photo on the red carpet. During the holiday, the rest of the time, Kim showed off a copy of the outfit. The one-of-a-kind outfit, which Marilyn once paid $1,440 for, was last sold at auction for $4.81 million, making it the most expensive Met Gala red carpet dress. He is 60 years old.


Actor Jared Leto came to the Met Gala in a Gucci suit, with a stylish clutch and flowing hair. The artist was accompanied by Gucci's creative director, Alessandro Michele, in the same image.



Dakota Johnson. 2014 vs. 2022


Chloe Bailey. 2021 vs. 2022


Winnie Harlow. 2018 vs. 2022


The topic of defiant luxury caused controversy on social networks; many criticized the organizers of one of the most important events of the year in the fashion world for not taking into account the current situation in the United States, where many working-class families barely make ends meet due to high inflation and a shrinking economy. In the last quarter.


Riz Ahmed, a British actor and musician of Pakistani origin, known to the Russian audience for The Sound of Metal and Star Wars, came to the ball dressed as a "smart worker."


He stated that his costume is a tribute to the immigrant workers, thanks to whom, in his opinion, that golden era in the country's economy became possible.


This charity event is being held again in May - after being canceled in 2020 and postponed to autumn last year due to the coronavirus epidemic.


This time around 400 celebrities from the worlds of music, fashion, cinema, and sports came to the Metropolitan Museum, one of the largest art museums in the world.


Among the guests was former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. He admitted that for the first time in 20 years, this fashion holiday, which reflects the spirit of America, is celebrated in this way for the first time.


Tickets were, according to tradition, prohibitively expensive - from $35,000 for admission to $300,000 for a table. Every year this ball raises millions of dollars for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute.


Katy Perry. 2009 vs. 2022


Gigi Hadid. 2015 vs. 2022


Bella Hadid. 2015 vs. 2022


Chloe Grace Moretz. 2014 vs. 2022


Billy Eilish. 2021 vs. 2022


Kendall Jenner. 2014 vs. 2022


Nicki Minaj. 2013 vs. 2022


Blake Lively. 2008 vs. 2022


Sarah Jessica Parker. 2006 vs. 2022


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If you have been learning English since childhood, firmly remember that London is the capital of Great Britain. You have watched many British TV shows, but this does not mean that you know everything about England. This country still has something to surprise you with!


Best facts about England


We have collected 50 interesting facts about England, many of which will be unexpected. It will be fantastic to know about this if you live and study in England or are interested in foggy Albion.



1) Until 1832, only two universities in England were Oxford and Cambridge.


2) England is one of the most student countries in the world. With 106 universities and five university colleges, England is among the world's top countries in terms of educational institutions. It is one of the leaders in the number of universities annually included in international rankings.


3) About 500,000 foreigners come to study in England every year. According to this indicator, the country is second only to America.


4) According to statistics, international students often come to England to study business, engineering, computer science, biomedicine, and law.


5) From year to year, London is recognized as the best student city globally according to the authoritative QS Best Student Cities ranking.


6) School uniforms still exist in England. It is believed that she disciplines students and maintains a sense of equality in them.


7) The English language that we learn from school is nothing more than a mixture of German, Dutch, Danish, French, Latin, and Celtic. And this quite capaciously reflects the influence of all these peoples on the history of the British Isles.


8) In total, the inhabitants of England speak 300+ languages.


9) And that's not all! Get ready for the fact that you will encounter a variety of English accents in England - Cockney, Liverpool, Scottish, American, Welsh, and even aristocratic English.


10) No matter where you go in England, you will never be more than 115 km from the ocean.



Facts about London

11) Traveling from England to the continent and back is more accessible. An underwater tunnel connects England and France for cars and trains.


12) London is a very international city. 25% of its residents are ex-pats born outside the UK.


13) The London Underground is known as the oldest in the world. And yet, it is the most expensive to maintain and, at the same time, one of the most unreliable.


14) By the way, the London Underground has unique venues for musicians to perform.


15) About 80,000 umbrellas are lost on the London Underground every year. Given the changeable weather, this is the most characteristic English accessory!


16) By the way, the raincoat was invented by an Englishman, and it was the British were the first to use an umbrella to protect themselves from the rain. Before that, it served mainly for protection from the sun.


17) But heavy London rains are more of a myth. The weather here is changeable, but, statistically, more precipitation falls, for example, in Rome and Sydney.


18) The City of London is nothing more than a ceremonial county in the center of the British capital. It has its mayor, coat of arms and anthem, and fire and police departments.


19) In England, the monarchy is respected. Even a stamp with a portrait of the queen cannot be pasted upside down, which would never occur to anyone!


More facts about Queen Elizabeth 


20) Also, the Queen of England cannot be sued, and she never had her passport.


21) Queen Elizabeth II personally sends every Englishman who turns 100 a greeting card.


22) All swans living on the River Thames belong to Queen Elizabeth. The royal family established ownership of all the swans on the river back in the 19th century when they were served at the royal table. Although swans are not eaten in England today, the law has remained unchanged.


23) In addition, Queen Elizabeth is the owner of whales, dolphins, and all sturgeon, located in the country's territorial waters.


24) Windsor Palace is a special pride of the British crown and nation. It is the oldest and largest castle where people still live.


25) By the way, Queen Elizabeth can rightfully be considered the most advanced grandmother globally. The Queen of England sent her first email back in 1976!


Facts you didn’t know about England


26) Have you heard the English like to line up everywhere? So there is a profession of "standing in line in England." A person will defend any queue for you. His services cost, on average, £20 per hour.


27) The British value privacy highly. It is not customary to come to visit without an invitation or ask too personal questions.


28) A melody from an advertisement or a movie that gets stuck in the head for a long time is called “earworm” in England.


29) The British take 1st place in the world regarding the amount of tea they drink. More than 165 million cups of tea are drunk every day across the UK.


30) Great Britain is the only country on the stamps in which the state's name is not indicated. This happened because Great Britain was the first to start using postage stamps.


31) In England, they don't believe in omens. More precisely, they believe, but vice versa. For example, a black cat running across the road is considered a good omen here.


Facts about animals in England


32) The British love the theater, and in particular - musicals. The Theater Royal, Bristol, has been playing Cats since 1766!


33) In England, they give birth to pets in agreement with exceptional services, and homeless animals in the country are a rarity.


34) The first zoo in the world was opened in England.


35) And the fabulous bear cub Winnie the Pooh got his name thanks to a real bear from the London Zoo.


36) England is a country with a rich sports history. Here, football, the equestrian field, and rugby got their start.


37) The British have a peculiar idea of ​​​​hygiene. Here they can wash all the dirty dishes in one basin (all because of saving water!), And not take off their street shoes in the house or put things on the floor in a public place - in the order of things.


Food in England


38) Traditional English cuisine is quite rough and straightforward. It has been repeatedly recognized as one of the most tasteless globally.


39) For breakfast, many English people eat eggs with sausages, beans, mushrooms, bacon, and not oatmeal.


40) There are a lot of Indian restaurants and fast foods in England, and the British already call the Indian "chicken tikka masala" their national dish.


41) The British assure that only they can fully understand English humor. It is so subtle, ironic, and specific. Indeed, many foreigners have a problem due to insufficient language knowledge.


42) The British love pubs. Most of the country's inhabitants visit the pub several times a week, and some - every day after work.


43) A British pub is a place where everyone knows each other. People come here not only to drink but also to chat and learn the latest news. The establishment's owner often stands behind the bar himself, and the regulars treat him with drinks instead of tips at their own expense.


Rules in England


44) But you can’t get drunk in English pubs. The laws of the country officially prohibit it. We do not advise you to check whether these laws work in practice!


45) In England, it is customary to be polite. In a conversation with an Englishman, a lot of "thank you," "please," and "excuse me" do not happen.


46) Be prepared because almost nowhere in England there are electrical outlets in the bathrooms. The reason for this is the security measures taken in the country.


47) Farming is developed in England, and there are more chickens in the country than inhabitants.


48) There are many fantastic festivals and events in England every year - from the Coopershill Cheese Race and the Weird Arts Festival to The Good Life Experience, a return to simple pleasures, and the nostalgic Goodwood Festival for lovers of the 60s.


49) All English TV channels have ads, except for the BBC. This is because the viewers themselves pay for the work of this channel. If a family in England decides to get a TV broadcast, they must pay around £145 a year for a license.


50) William Shakespeare is known not only for his literary works but also for adding more than 1,700 words to his English dictionary. Among the words that first appear in English in the works of Shakespeare are "gossip," "bedroom," "fashionable," and "alligator." And you thought they were always in English?



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These are 15 excellent adventure family movies that adults can safely show their children and enjoy watching for themselves. This list contains touching stories about animals that save people from trouble and become their life companions. Here you can find magical worlds, the passage carried out through a hollow tree, a massive wall, or simply thanks to your imagination. And, if you don’t like any of this, then look at the pranks of schoolchildren who get away with it but help them grow as individuals. These pictures are recommended for viewing by the whole family because such a movie can make you believe in a miracle again, or at least cheer and distract from everyday problems for at least a couple of hours.


15  best family movies that are guaranteed to keep your kids entertained this summer


You have a free evening, and you will spend it with your family. Our selection of the best family films will help you choose a movie for this occasion. As many as sixty stunning paintings are perfect for a cozy family evening.


15. The Call of the Wild, 2020

IMDb rating: 6.8


Genre: adventure, drama


The picture's protagonist is a kind and quick-witted but very trusting dog Buck, a mix of St. Bernard and Collie. Initially, he lives in warm and sunny California, from where he is taken out by scammers and sold to Alaska, gripped by a gold rush (gold mining in California in 1848-1855. - Approx. ed.).


Baku will have to become part of the dog team, deliver the mail, and then become the leader of the male dogs. But stability does not last long, and soon they want to sell Buck again. An elderly prospector rescues him (a person who extracts minerals. - Approx. ed.) named John Thornton. John will become a real friend to Buck and help him find his way.


14. Nicostratos le pelican, 2011

IMDb rating: 7.0


Genre: comedy drama


Janis's mother dies, and his father, Demosthenes, closes in on himself from grief and does not seem to notice his son. The only reminder of a past happy life is the pectoral cross that Janis left from his mother.


Once, the boy met the ship captain, known for his bad temper, and saw him have a pelican chick, which he exchanged for his mother's cross. With the help of a familiar monk, Janis raised and tamed a bird, which he named Nikostratos. Soon, the hand-held pelican became a local landmark. Tourists began to flock to the city that wanted to see Nikostratos.


The friendship between the boy and the bird ended on the day Nikostratos was hit by a bus. Demosthenes took the bird and took it to die. Janis fell into depression, but he noticed that his father periodically disappeared from the house, even in this state. It turned out that Demosthenes, in secret from his son, treated the bird and taught the pelican to fly. This story is a vivid example of how one kind of activity changes many people's lives.


13. My Dog Skip, 2000

IMDb rating: 7.0


Genre: Drama, historical


This is a story about how a pet can radically change the boring life of a modest boy from a provincial town. Will Morris is given a puppy that helps him overcome his shyness, make friends, and finally start living life to the fullest.


12. Hector and the Search for Happiness, 2014

IMDb rating: 7.0


Genre: comedy-drama, adventure


Hector is not the most successful psychotherapist. He worries his patients are not getting happier. To fix this, Hector sets off on a journey to find the secret of happiness. He will meet various people and be taken prisoner in Africa. All these events will show Hector that happiness depends on the person himself and his ability to appreciate simple things.


11. Real Steel, 2011

IMDb rating: 7.0


Genre: science fiction, drama


This sci-fi movie takes us to the future. Boxing and similar sports are banned because they are considered inhumane. Instead of them, there are battles of giant robots controlled by people. The main character is Charlie Kenton, who trains robots. A series of failures haunt him, and he also learns that his ex-wife has died and, therefore, their familiar son Max will now live with him.


Together with his son Charlie, he finds an outdated but competent Atom robot in a landfill and begins to participate in illegal battles with him. Max shows extraordinary abilities and helps to make a champion out of the found robot in fights. After a series of victories in the Real Steel tournaments, Atom has to go to battle with Zeus, the recognized leader of the Living Steel, whom no one has been able to defeat. Can Charlie and Max win this fight as well?


10. We Bought a Zoo, 2011

IMDb rating: 7.1


Genre: comedy drama


Another picture is based on actual events. Benjamin Mee lost his wife, but a son and a daughter survived. He buys an old house with a zoo. There are still employees who want to revive it.


It turns out that restoring the zoo will cost $100,000, which Benjamin doesn't have. He is ready to give up, but it turns out that the late wife left him an account, the amount of which will allow him to complete all the work. Will Benjamin manage to build relationships with children and revive the zoo?


9. Bridge to Terabithia, 2007

IMDb rating: 7.2


Genre: fantasy, drama


Even though this film belongs to fairy tales, it is based on actual events in the family of the author of the script.


Jess and Leslie are schoolchildren who cannot find mutual understanding with their peers. They get closer to each other. On one of their walks, they find an abandoned tree house in the forest and turn it into the fabulous kingdom of Terabithia known only to them.


Meanwhile, the guys have to confront school bullies in the real world and learn to uphold justice. They're doing pretty well until Leslie dies. Can Jess save Terabithia on his own?


8. Lady Bird, 2017

IMDb rating: 7.4


Genre: comedy drama


This is a story about the complexities of teenage life. The main character Christina lives in a low-income family, studies in a Catholic school with strict rules, and plays in the school theater. The girl has red-pink hair. She dreams of leaving her hometown and enrolling in a prestigious college on the east coast of the United States.


7.  I Can Only Imagine, 2018

IMDb rating: 7.4


Genre: musical drama


The film is based on the life story of musician Bart Millard. Viewers are shown the story of the problematic relationship between Bart and his father, Arthur. After his father's death, Millard creates a rock band and travels. But the words that he never said to Arthur while he was alive haunt him. So Bart writes the song "I Can Only Imagine," which becomes a platinum hit.


6. Demain to start, 2016

IMDb rating: 7.4


Genre: comedy drama



The main character of the picture, Samuel, finds himself in a strange situation. Ex-girlfriend Kristin leaves his three-month-old daughter Gloria in his care and disappears. The guy has to move to London, start working as a stuntman and raise a girl. Over time, the girl becomes essential to him, but suddenly Christine returns and wants to take her daughter.


5. Best in Show, 2000

IMDb rating: 7.5


Genre: comedy


What can be dramatic in a show where dogs perform? Everything is not simple, and behind each animal that takes part in the competition, its owners have a complex story. This picture shows what people are ready to win.


4. Little Miss Sunshine, 2006

IMDb rating: 7.8


Genre: comedy drama


The main character of this tragicomedy, Olive, is only seven years old, but she knows exactly what she wants. Her goal is to win the beauty contest. To help the girl, the members of her complex family unite and throw all their efforts into making the girl's wish come true.


The path will not be easy, and the heroes will face scandals, showdowns, and losses. But as a result, they will understand that success is not the only thing that can bring happiness. And sometimes the most important thing is to be surrounded by loved ones.


3. The Pursuit of Happyness, 2006

IMDb rating: 8.0


Genre: Drama, biography


This movie is based on actual events. The main character Chris Gardner is abandoned by his wife, who leaves him a son. The boy is only five years old, and together with his father, he will have to endure many difficulties.


An unsuccessful investment in medical equipment makes Gardner bankrupt. He and his son have to spend the night in the subway and shelters. And during the day, he diligently plays the role of an ultimately successful person to undergo an internship at the school of brokers. This job is Chris' dream and his only chance to secure an everyday life for himself and his son. Will Gardner be able to persevere and not give up on the path to happiness?


2. Wonder, 2017

IMDb rating: 8.0


Genre: drama


Even for adults who are not like others, life is complicated. But what about when you are eleven years old, and your face remains unusual even after 27 operations? In this situation, the protagonist of the film August "Auggie" Pullman, finds himself.




A boy who suffers from a genetic disease will have to go to a regular school with "normal" children and join their team. This film shows how important it is to maintain humanity and kindness even under a hail of ridicule and misunderstanding. These qualities can change others and make them think about their behavior.


1. Hachi: A Dog's Tale, 2009

IMDb rating: 8.1


Genre: drama


A story based on actual events. Once upon a time, university professor Parker Wilson found a tiny puppy of the Akita Inu breed on the street, took him home, and named him Hachiko. As a result, Wilson acquired a devoted friend who accompanied him every morning to work at the railway station and met him there in the evening. Everything in Hachiko's life changed when Parker didn't come home from work one evening. The dog continued to wait, no matter what.


Where to watch the latest and best family movies: on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video?


The growth of streaming services has continued rapidly over the past few years, with many platforms available offering all sorts of entertainment for all tastes.


However, two remain the most talked about: Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. They offer similar functionality: TV shows and movies are available to watch at your leisure. They offer 4K HDR content and offline viewing. This makes it difficult to choose between them.


Netflix has a handful of films with titles like The Irishman that make a big splash on the service. There are several Netflix exclusives, but outside of them, the movie selection tends to get old - it's back catalog stuff, not somewhere you go to watch the latest blockbusters. Since everything is part of a Netflix subscription, there is no natural way out of it.


Amazon has the upper hand here. Because it offers content to rent or buy, you can find newer stuff and pay for it. Some may not want to fork out the money. Still, if you're going to watch something in particular, Amazon will often have it available for some before Netflix does.


Amazon then tends to offer some movies as part of Prime, but that's the flip side of the dual approach - sometimes you see something you want to watch, and then you find out you have to buy it. Netflix never does this to you, so you will never feel disappointed.



Let's just say that choosing between Netflix and Amazon Prime Video is not an easy task. It will most likely come down to two things: price and preference.


You need to consider which type of movies and shows you enjoy the most and compare the results of each incredibly original and exclusive content. Top Gear fans, for example, will no doubt want to subscribe to Amazon's The Grand Tour service to watch the exploits of Jeremy Clarkson and his henchmen.


Comic book fans would prefer to choose Netflix due to the content partnership with Marvel Studios. However, there is now a move to DC with Disney + taking Marvel under its roof. Netflix is ​​probably the best single access to streaming content - with so many big shows running through the service, watching it is practically a must.


On the other hand, Amazon is a much larger platform - content to rent or buy, additional channels to subscribe to - Amazon offers a lot beyond streaming entertainment. Of course, the TV service is essentially free for those who pay for Amazon Prime.


Could you live with Amazon Prime instead of Netflix? Of course, you can - you will have a lot of entertainment. The question is, can you live without Netflix, which still dominates streaming communication.


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