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Riddles are an excellent exerciser for the mind, as it allows you to stretch your brain. And it's also a great way to pass the time. Therefore, they are often used for both educational and entertainment purposes. There are riddles for both the smallest and adults. We at Bemorepanda have prepared riddles designed for schoolchildren. You can use them at a party, a classy event, or on a hike, but you never know where else - it doesn't matter. You just need to print these riddles on a piece of paper or memorize them if you have an excellent memory.

Riddles for children, teenagers (and their parents)

By the way, adults can also try to guess them - they are not so simple.

So, are you willing to take the risk? If you cannot give answers or want to check their correctness, hints will be given below. Good luck!

60 school-level brain teasers (with answers)

1. Lighter than a feather, but you can't hold it for more than two minutes. What it is?

Answer: Breath.

2. You hear me, but you don't see me. I don't speak until you do. What am I?

Answer: Echo.

3. There are two fathers and two sons in the car, but there are three people in the car. How so?

Answer: This is grandfather, father, and son.

4. The person who produces it does not need it, just like the one who buys it. But the person who uses it cannot see or feel it. What it is?

Answer: a coffin.

5. Name three consecutive days that are not days of the week.

Answer: Yesterday, today, tomorrow.

6. I get bigger from alcohol, but I die from water. Who am I?

Answer: Fire.

7. In which month do people sleep the least?

Answer: February.

8. Tom is younger than Dave but older than Jill. Lou is older than Sally, who is older than Tom. Dave is older than Lou. Who is the middle child?

Answer: Sally.

9. What word is always misspelled?

Answer: Wrong.

10. What gets sharper the more you use it?

Answer: Your brain.

60 school-level brain teasers (with answers)

11. I have seas without water, mountains without land, and cities without people. What am I?

Answer: Map.

12. The boy and the engineer were fishing. The boy is the son of an engineer, but the engineer is not the father of the boy. Then who is the engineer?

Answer: The engineer is the boy's mother.

13. What can pass through glass without breaking it?

Answer: Light.

14. What is full of holes but holds water?

Answer: Sponge.

15. Two people played chess and both won. How did it happen?

Answer: They played against other opponents.

16. What comes in to let us go or goes out to make us stay?

Answer: Anchor.

17. What question can you never answer yes to?

Answer: Are you sleeping?

18. What is heavier - a kilogram of iron rods or a kilogram of feathers?

Answer: Neither. They weigh the same.

19. Which month has 28 days?

Answer: In each.

20. A girl sits at night in a dark house. No lamps or candles are lit. And yet she reads. How?

Answer: The girl is blind and reads Braille.

60 school-level brain teasers (with answers)

21. You are in a race and overtake a second-place finisher. Where are you now?

Answer: Second place.

22. The train goes east. Where does the smoke go?

Answer: The train does not smoke.

23. Most people spend years with me. I can also make you smarter. What am I?

Answer: School.

24. How can you go 10 days without sleep?

Answer: Sleep at night.

25. What has no beginning, no end, no middle?

Answer: Circle.

26. I am made of water, but I die when you pour water on me. Who am I?

Answer: Ice.

27. What has a face and legs but no body?

Answer: Clock.

28. What has a thumb but no fingers and is not alive?

Answer: Mitten.

29. What disappears the moment you start talking?

Answer: Silence.

30. What goes up and never goes down?

Answer: Age.

31. What ancient invention allows people to see through walls?

Answer: Window.

32. They go out at night without being called and get lost during the day without stealing. What are they?

Answer: Stars.

33. I call the tree my home, but I never go inside, and if I ever fall from the tree, I will definitely die. What am I?

Answer: List.

60 school-level brain teasers (with answers)

34. I am a ball that rolls but cannot bounce or be thrown. What am I?

Answer: Eyeball.

35. What travels the world but stays in one place?

Answer: Equator.

36. When do you go on red and stop on green?

Answer: While eating watermelon.

37. I am hard to find, hard to leave and impossible to forget. What am I?

Answer: Love.

38. Born in an instant, I tell all stories. I may get lost, but I will never die. What am I?

Answer: Remembrance.

39. You are in a dark room with matches. There are three things nearby: a candle, an oil lamp and a log of firewood. What will you light first?

Answer: Match.

40. What gets wetter the more it dries out?

Answer: Towel.

41. What has a neck but no head?

Answer: bottle.

42. How many books can you pack in an empty backpack?

Answer: One. After that, it is no longer empty.

60 school-level brain teasers (with answers)

43. The girl fell from a 50-meter ladder, but was not injured. How so?

Answer: She fell off the bottom step.

44. All five sisters are busy. Ann reads a book, Rose cooks, Katie plays chess, and Mary does laundry. What is the fifth sister doing?

Answer: He plays chess!

45. A girl buys a dozen eggs and all but seven are broken on the way home. How many eggs are left whole?

Answer: Seven.

46. The farmer has a sack of corn, a chicken and a fox. He needs to cross the river, but he can only take one thing with him, since his boat is small. If the chicken has corn left, it will eat it. If the chicken stays with the fox, the fox will eat the chicken. How can a farmer get it all across the river?

Answer: The farmer takes the chicken with him into the boat and leaves it on the other side. He returns and brings the fox with him. He drops the fox on the other side, but takes the chicken with him. Then he takes her to the first shore and takes the corn with him. He leaves the corn across the river with the fox. He then returns one last time to retrieve the chicken.

47. If you drop me to the ground, I will survive. But if you drop me in the water, I will die. What am I?

Answer: paper.

48. I am smooth as silk. I can be hard or soft. I'm falling but I can't get up. What am I?

Answer: Rain.

49. You are alone at home and sleep when your friends ring the doorbell. They came for breakfast. You have corn flakes, bread, jam, a carton of milk and a bottle of juice. What will you open first?

Answer: Your eyes.

50. I go, they go. I stop, they are still coming. What it is?

Answer: Clock.

51. You throw away my shell, eat my insides, and then throw away what's inside. What am I?

Answer: Corn on the cob.

60 school-level brain teasers (with answers)

  52. I live in winter from top to bottom, but disappear with the onset of heat. What am I?

Answer: Icicle.

53. She has four fingers and a thumb, but she is not alive. What it is?

Answer: Glove.

54. While the cat was outside, it started to rain. The cat did not find shelter and got wet in the rain, but not a single hair was wet. How could this happen?

Answer: It was a hairless cat.

55. A farmer goes to his field. On the way, he sees three frogs sitting on the shoulders of two rabbits. Three parrots and four mice run towards him. How many pairs of legs go towards the field?

Answer: One pair is a farm pair.

56. Who has 13 hearts but no lungs or stomach?

Answer: A deck of cards.

57. I have no doors, but I have keys. I don't have rooms, but I do have a place. You can enter but you cannot exit. What am I?

Answer: Keyboard.

58. Not a hat, but with fields, not a flower, but with a spine, speaks to us in a patient language.

Answer: Book.

59. In what word of the Russian language do three letters “e” go in the middle in a row?

Answer: Snake.

60. The name of which river in Russia begins with the letter "y"?

Answer: Ygyatta (river in Yakutia).

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Life experience is a gain. Each of us has our own household tricks that make life easier for us, making it more comfortable and enjoyable. That is why it is useful to have a baggage of worldly knowledge behind you. You can, of course, come to the realization of many things through trial and error, but why, when there is an opportunity to draw ready-made experience in the form of life hacks from people who are happy to share it! Moreover, these tips are so simple and understandable that you just want to exclaim: why didn’t I think of this myself?!

Simple tips and life hacks — from cooking to psychological tricks.

Fortunately, the Internet is such a place where you can find a lot of useful things. We at Bemorepanda have collected life hacks that Internet users have told about and which you may find useful. We are sure that at least something you will take on board.

68 people shared their tricks that make life easier

So, here are these simple yet valuable tips.

1. “First of all, when moving to a new home, equip your bedroom so that after all the hassle you can fall into bed. There is nothing worse, barely standing on your feet from fatigue, to make a bed before you lie down in it. – VLC31 / Reddit

2. “The mask on the face should cover not only the mouth, but also the nose. Otherwise, there will be zero sense from it. — kytheon/reddit

3. "It's better to exercise every day for 5 minutes than not to do it at all." — 0x0ddba11 / Reddit

4. "Read reviews with 3 and 4 stars to get the most reliable information about products on marketplaces." — Raspburyberet / Reddit

5. "If you want to wear white/light colored clothes, your underwear should match your skin tone, not be white." — SoupPoops / Reddit

6. "Identify and, if possible, eliminate toxic people from your life." — DinosAteSherbert / Reddit

7. “If you need help, don't be afraid to ask for it. It's a strength, not a weakness." – IntelligentTune5497 / Reddit

8. "Don't buy things you can't afford." — luongolet20goalsin / Reddit

9. “If you want to piss someone off even more, tell them, “Calm down!” — notreallysrs/Reddit

10. “If you have a free moment or play video games on your computer at home, take a few minutes to just pet your dog/cat. A phrase that I heard somewhere sunk into my soul: "Pets are just a part of your life, but you are your pet's whole life." — Amanda30697 / Reddit

68 people shared their tricks that make life easier

11. “If you have trouble choosing, flip a coin. While you are waiting for what comes up, your mind automatically starts wanting what it wants. Then you can easily choose." — riathekid / Reddit

12. “Every time someone in your family or friends mentions something they like/need, write it down on your phone/notebook. In the end, you will have a list for all your friends and family to help you choose a gift for them.” - Rambo_number_5 /Reddit

13. “Sometimes changing your pillowcase every day helps with acne.” —

14. “Get in the habit, if you go somewhere in your apartment, to take some of the things that you can put away along the way. For example, put your coffee cup in the sink on your way to the bathroom.” — ikedaman/reddit

15. “Sometimes it’s easier to agree with people so that they finally shut up.” — JamyDemoIcan/Reddit

16. “Air fryers make any leftover food taste delicious.” —

17. “If you screwed up, admit it. In most situations, admitting you're wrong and taking responsibility is a lot easier than trying to blame someone or come up with an excuse." — pdxblazer/reddit

18. “If you accidentally turn on Caps Lock, instead of deleting it and starting over, you can highlight the capital letters and press Shift and F3 to switch them back to lowercase.” —

19. "Tell the people you love that you love them often." — Rab1227 / Reddit

20. “Buy a pack of bagels. Cut them all in half (as you normally would before tossing them in the toaster). Put them back in the packaging / plastic bag / whatever and put them in the freezer. The result is a pre-cut bagel that you were going to toast anyway, + no chance of mold and waste.” — terrarisa/reddit

68 people shared their tricks that make life easier

21. “Shower before bed, not when you wake up. This will keep your sheets clean and won't become a cesspool for bacteria." — Petabread / Reddit

22. “When you need to sauté onions and garlic, don't put the garlic in the pan until the onions are almost translucent. Garlic cooks much faster than onions; if you add them at the same time, the taste will be ruined because the garlic will burn. It takes literally 30 seconds to cook minced garlic.” — Razwog / Reddit

23. “Get in the habit of doing hip and chest stretches if you have a sedentary job. This is especially true for people suffering from constant lower back pain due to the fact that they slouch at the table. —

24. “If you ever fall overboard into the sea and happen to be seen, don't try to swim to safety. The more you try to swim, the less likely you are to survive. Just try to stay afloat and conserve energy (and body heat) while the rescue team does what is required of them. Unless you're in very cold waters, it's best to always stay afloat without trying to swim anywhere. This advice is based on my own 12 years experience sailing merchant ships.” RoamerRealm / Reddit

25. "Don't discuss politics at work." — kaushrah / Reddit

26. “If you can’t line a baking sheet with baking paper, first wrinkle it up and then unfold it. It will be easier to put it down." — Rade/Reddit

27. “If you have a cold pizza, put it in a pan with a little oil and cover with foil, this is ideal for reheating the pizza.” — TTVBlitz_f4kegod / Reddit

28. “When you cook, clean up as you go! It has made a huge difference in my experience in the kitchen!” — d_frost / Reddit

29. “No matter how good a person you are, at some point you will become a bad person for someone. You can't please everyone, and you shouldn't. Just be a good person and make friends with people you have something to respect and look up to." — cheesypoofs_1776 / Reddit

30. “In a lot of tough situations — like asking someone out on a date or standing up for yourself — you only need to muster up the courage for just a few seconds to get it over with.” — Zuverally / Reddit

68 people shared their tricks that make life easier

31. “Don't use an alarm when you wake up in the morning, just set your phone to vibrate. You won't feel so overwhelmed when you wake up. In any case, this has worked for me for many years. — 90smovies / Reddit

32. “If you have a complaint about poor service or something like that, you will get much more if you are polite to the manager, and not aggressive. I just had this happen at the hotel we were staying at. I politely explained the issues with the room and asked for a discount and they cut me off half the room rate which was about $70!” JLAbraham / Reddit

33. “If honey has hardened, it does not mean that it has gone bad. It just crystallized and can become liquid again with a little heat." — cbreeze2121 / Reddit

34. “If you are outside in extreme heat and you feel weak or as if you are about to pass out, take cold water or pieces of ice and rub your forearms. You will feel the effect immediately: the dizziness will disappear and your core temperature will stabilize.” — EnderOfHope/Reddit

35. “If you can't open a jar or container, place the lid under hot water for 30 seconds. Dry it to ensure a tight grip, then open it. There has never been a time when it didn't work." — zanoske00 / Reddit

36. “Brush your teeth more thoroughly before bed after you have finished eating and drinking.

Morning brushing is also important, but more for fresh breath, and brushing in the evening will prevent bacterial growth and damage to teeth and gums.” — graycat3700 / Reddit

37. “Whenever you have an appointment at a certain time, try to leave early. It's better to be there 15 minutes early than to keep yourself waiting. People respect punctuality." – androidis4lyf / Reddit

38. "Life is not a rehearsal." — Raspburyberet / Reddit

39. “Find a hobby and get involved in it, it can lead to new friends. How to search? Try something new and don't be afraid to look inept. Believe me, you will find many more people who are ready to help you than those who will laugh at you. — DinosAteSherbert / Reddit

40. "When you're studying, use mind maps, color coding, and reread your notes before bed the night before the test." — licina181 / Reddit

68 people shared their tricks that make life easier

41. “If you want to park your car but don’t know where to do it and want to avoid theft, park your car near banks or ATMs.” — Sulochanap / Reddit

42. “In order not to forget where you put something, say out loud: “I put a screwdriver next to the microwave” or something like that. Then you'll remember where to get it." —

43. “Good manners and common courtesy will always work in your favor and will become the norm with a little practice. Just say 'hello', 'please' and 'thank you' with a genuine smile." —

44. “If you bring something to someone’s house that you don’t want to forget, put your keys with it (if you can trust the people who are there, of course). Also, get a Tile or similar Bluetooth device so you never lose your keys or phone again." — Torrence Mightingale / Reddit

45. “Change the oil in your car regularly. Do it in a timely manner. This will help her last longer." — centaur_unicorn23 / Reddit

46. “In a pinch, the seat belt in your car can be used as a bottle opener.” ForceSensitiveKitten/Reddit

47. “If you have acne on your back, after you wash the conditioner out of your hair, fix it on your head. The last thing you should do in the shower is wash your body. This will remove any leftover conditioner or shampoo that may have been left on it. Otherwise, they may cause skin irritation." — Mimosa Madness / Reddit

48. “WD40 removes almost any adhesive residue. This will help if you can't remove the sticker, or if a white streak is left after peeling it off. — EImoMan / Reddit

49. “Drink some water and have a snack. Seriously, it's shocking how few adults know about how blood sugar affects mood." — dracarys_dude / Reddit

50. “When you are in a group of people and they start laughing, watch who is looking at each other. People look at the people they feel closest to when they laugh." — LexiPietenpol / Reddit

68 people shared their tricks that make life easier

51. “The easiest way to remove blood stains is to use a bar of laundry soap and wash by hand. Works better than laundry detergent." — Rie Marxelinne / Reddit

52. “Rinse the rice before you cook it! It may seem obvious to some, but rinsing really improves its palatability noticeably.” — izzadorr / Reddit

53. “Never talk to the police in case of any serious legal problems. Always ask a lawyer. It's amazing how many people don't actually know this." — Danilo24k / Reddit

54. “Take a shower or bath before shaving, especially if you have coarse hair. Moisturize your skin after, this will save you from the appearance of pimples, rashes or skin irritation. — RiotousTotalus / Reddit

55. "Set aside money, even if it's a few dollars a month." — zzzojka / Reddit

56. “Spend 10 minutes of your morning time meditating. It will improve your mood, reduce your stress levels and help you start your day right. I have been meditating for almost 12 years now and every day I feel better than the last.” — we_must_wake_up / Reddit

57. “If you're hosting a house party where you plan on having a decent drink, start cleaning while you're high. Believe me, waking up with a hangover in a clean house is much more pleasant than in chaos and among mountains of dirty dishes. sunshinejack23 / Reddit

58. “To keep your glasses from fogging up when you are wearing a mask, apply dishwashing detergent to them and wipe with a soft towel. There will be no more fog." — ArchieLube/Reddit

59. “If you are caught in a strong current, swim diagonally or parallel to the shore. If you swim perpendicular to the shore, the current will carry you even further away from it, and you will simply become exhausted. Knowing this could save your life." — Voina040806 / Reddit

68 people shared their tricks that make life easier

60. "If you're having a party, open the bottom of the bag of chips and pour it into a bowl, and then all the whole chips will be on top, and all the crumbs will be at the bottom of the bowl." — starfish921/reddit

61. “When you cook in the oven (roast, in a pan), you can add hard-skinned garlic cloves (but remove as much of the dry skin as possible). This will fry the garlic inside the shell to a creamy consistency and make it taste delicious.” — gregmc/reddit

62. “If you accidentally close your browser tab, press Ctrl + Shift + T to bring it back. If you've closed multiple tabs, just keep pressing those keys on your keyboard." — Avalon44 / Reddit

63. "If you need shredded cheese and don't have a grater, you can use a potato peeler." — Noximilien05 / Reddit

64. “The best way to be healthy is to get enough sleep. Do not go on a strict diet, but learn how to properly distribute portions and make sure that you have a variety of foods. And don't forget to be active. — DinosAteSherbert / Reddit

65. “If you put Oreo cookies in the fridge, they will taste much better than at room temperature.” — Batz_R_Nocturnal / Reddit

66. “For people with short nails (mostly men): press down on the closed end of the soda can lid to lift up the other side so it’s very easy to open.” —

67. “When setting up a smart TV with Netflix / Kinopoisk, Okko, etc., you can usually connect a USB keyboard and enter the password faster without using the remote control.” —

68. “When writing an essay, Wikipedia is not considered reliable. But using internet encyclopedia sources and footnotes in the article is 100% reliable, and even anti-cheat software can't track it down." —

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The vast majority of people associate Latin with doctors' prescriptions, because, as we know, they are written in Latin. But at the same time, there are many well-known phrases in Latin, which, no, no, and you will meet in someone's speech.

People who can speak this ancient language are perceived by others as educated. But sometimes it’s not at all necessary to learn it “from and to”, it’s enough to remember a few common phrases and, if necessary, flaunt them in a conversation - and then you will certainly look smarter in the eyes of other people. Moreover, you already know something: for example, alma mater, persona non grata, etc.

Learn to speak Latin

Bemorepanda has collected 35 Latin expressions (and their meanings) that can be used in conversation. The main thing is that they are "on topic".

35 famous Latin phrases to add to your vocabulary and what they mean

1. "Mulgere hircum" - "Milk a goat"

This Latin phrase means trying to do something impossible. Which makes sense, given that it's impossible to milk a goat.

2. "Festina lente" - "Hurry slowly"

In fact, this expression calls to act quickly, but prudently, carefully. Augustus, the Roman emperor, often chastised his generals, advising them to "make haste slowly" because he thought that haste was dangerous.

3. "Persona non grata" - "Persona non grata" ("Unwanted person")

Refers to a person who is not welcome or is not wanted to go anywhere due to their behavior or other reasons. For example: "He became persona non grata in our company after his indecent behavior."

4. "Alma mater" - "Caring mother"

This refers to the educational institution that a person once attended: school, college, university.

5. "Veni, vidi, vici" - "I came, I saw, I conquered"

Julius Caesar is believed to have used the phrase in a letter he wrote to the Roman Senate in 47 BC to inform them of his victory over the Pontic king Pharnaces II near Zela.

6. "Acta, non verba" - "Deeds, not words"

In other words, "More action - less words." That is, always back up your words with deeds or act in accordance with what you say.

7. "Ad meliora" - "For the better"

8. "Mortuum flagellas" - "Smack the dead"

This Latin phrase means a useless action towards someone who will not be affected in any way.

35 famous Latin phrases to add to your vocabulary and what they mean

9. "Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur" - "Friends are known in the hour of need"

We have it sounds like "A friend in need is known."

10. "Malo mori quam foedari" - "Better death than dishonor"

11. "De gustibus non est disputandum" - "Tastes do not argue"

Tastes are evaluated more subjectively than objectively - everyone has their own.

12. "Lupus in fabula" - "Wolf in a fairy tale"

With the meaning "Speak about the wolf and he will come" (from Terence's play "Adelfoy").

13. "Alea iacta est" - "The die is cast"

This is another phrase Julius Caesar uttered when he entered Italy and started a protracted civil war against Pompey and the optimates. The meaning of the phrase is "There is no going back."

14. "Carpe diem" - "Seize the moment"

Another Latin phrase that is often used these days. The saying aims to motivate people to focus on the present, not the future, and make the most of it.

35 famous Latin phrases to add to your vocabulary and what they mean

15. "Aut Caesar aut nihil" - "Either Caesar, or nothing"

It is pretty much the Latin equivalent of "All or Nothing". The notorious Italian Cardinal Cesare Borgia lived according to this principle. Now this phrase can be used to denote an adamant desire to succeed.

16. "Ad astra per aspera" - "Through adversity to the stars"

For us, the sound is more familiar: “Through thorns to the stars,” but the essence of this does not change.

17. "Pecunia non olet" - "Money does not smell"

It is believed that the history of the origin of this expression is as follows. When the Roman emperor Vespasian introduced a tax on public toilets, his son Titus complained about the "disgusting" nature of the money. Vespasian held up a gold coin and asked if it smelled, and he himself answered: non olet ("it does not smell"). From here, the phrase was expanded to pecunia non olet - "Money does not smell."

18. "Mea culpa" - "My fault"

This Latin phrase is used to admit one's fault or mistake.

19. "De facto" - "Actually"

De facto describes a real situation, though not necessarily intentional or legal. For example: Whatever is on the calendar, Florida is de facto summer. Or: De facto, it is he who is the leader at the moment.

35 famous Latin phrases to add to your vocabulary and what they mean

20. "Et cetera" - "And so on"

Perhaps every student's favorite expression when they simply can't name more examples.

21. "Nitimur in vetitum" - "We strive for the forbidden"

Means that when we are denied something, we will want it even more. Think of Eve, who ate the forbidden fruit. No wonder they say: "Forbidden fruit is sweet."

22. "In vino veritas" - "Truth is in wine"

This Latin proverb implies that a person under the influence of alcohol is more inclined to express his hidden desires and thoughts.

The same as "What is on the sober mind, the drunk on the tongue."

23. "Quid pro quo" - "Something for something"

In other words, quid pro quo. Basically, this Latin phrase means favor in exchange for something.

24. "Status quo" - "The current state (of affairs)"

Applies to the current situation. For example: "The maintenance of such a status quo only weakened our already fragile positions."

25. "Audentes fortuna iuvat" - "Fortune favors the brave"

Apparently, these were the last words of Pliny the Elder before he sailed from the docks of Pompeii in 79 to save his friend Pomponianus from the eruption of Vesuvius.

In the same sense as "Who does not risk, he does not drink champagne" or "The courage of the city takes."

35 famous Latin phrases to add to your vocabulary and what they mean

26. "Amor vincit omnia" - "Love conquers all"

This Latin saying originally appeared in Virgil's Eclogues (X, 69) in the 1st century BC. The phrase means unshakable love that will endure any trials and overcome all obstacles that stand in the way. Therefore, they often say: "There are no barriers to love."

27. "Surdo oppedere" - "Burp in front of the deaf"

Simply put, according to Desiderius Erasmus' Adagia (1508), surdo oppedere means a useless action.

Well, or in our manner: “Throw pearls in front of pigs”, that is, it’s pointless to prove or explain something to someone, because he still won’t understand or appreciate it.

28. "Cui bono?" "Good for who?"

This term implies that one should look for the culprit in the person to whom the unpleasant event will benefit / benefit.

29. "Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes" - "Fear the Danaans who bring gifts"

This expression from the Aeneid, the Latin epic poem by Virgil, was uttered by the Trojan priest Laocoön when he warned his fellow Trojans about accepting the Trojan horse from the Greeks.

An alternative translation could be: "Do not trust your enemies who bring you gifts", as this may be to your detriment.

35 famous Latin phrases to add to your vocabulary and what they mean

30. “Homo sum humani a me nihil linearum puto” - “I am a man, therefore nothing human is alien to me”

Something like “We are all people, we are all people” (the expression came from Russian classical literature). It means that any person has weaknesses or can stumble, do something unseemly.

31. "Sine qua non" - "Sine qua non"

Refers to something absolutely necessary, without which something is impossible.

32. "Qui totum vult totum perdit" - "He who wants everything loses everything."

From the same series as "You want a lot - you get a little."

33. "Solamen miseris socios habuisse doloris" - "Misfortune loves company"

It is understood that it is a consolation for the unfortunate that others share their grief.

We usually say: "Together, grief is easier to bear."

34. "Oderint dum metuant" - "Let them hate, if only they were afraid"

Favorite saying of Caligula, originally attributed to Lucius Actius, Roman tragic poet (170 BC); also the motto of the Russian noble family Krasnitsky.

35. "Cogito, ergo sum" - "I think, therefore I am"

This famous phrase by René Descartes may seem vague and confusing, but it was the result of his unique, individualistic approach to philosophy. According to him, many of the world's problems stem from the way we use our minds - from misunderstanding, poor definition, and unintentional illogicality.

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Guess the flag games are one of the most popular general knowledge tests online. You can do this any time you have a free moment and need something to keep yourself occupied. Due to the fact that tests with flags not only entertain but also provide useful knowledge, this is a great way to learn while relaxing. If you want to learn more about flags and their origins, then check out vexillology, a field of study that studies everything related to flags.

Quiz "Guess the flag" for those who want to test their knowledge and learn new things.

We at Bemorepanda have collected questions about flags, some of which are very simple, while others will make you remember or look for information. This is your chance to showcase or expand your knowledge of flags and has a fun quiz with your friends along the way. Let's get started!

1. What type of leaf is featured on the Canadian flag?

Answer: Maple leaf.

2. How many rings are on Olympic flags?

Answer: 5.

3. Which country has the oldest continuously used national flag in the world?

Answer: Denmark.

4. What is the name of the flag of the United Kingdom?

Answer: Union Jack.

5. Is it true or false that the flag of Indonesia is red and white?

Answer: True.

6. Only two countries in the world have a square flag. What exactly?

Answer: Switzerland and the Vatican.

7. What are the colors on the flag of Italy?

Answer: Green, white, red.

8. What do the national flags of all the Nordic countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland, have in common?

Answer: They all have the symbol of the cross.

9. What do the flags of Lithuania, Luxembourg and Hungary have in common?

Answer: They have three horizontal colored blocks.

10. What is the only Scandinavian country that has one version of its flag with a coat of arms?

Answer: Finland.

11. Fiji, Australia, New Zealand and Micronesia - which country does not have the Union Jack anywhere on its flag?

Answer: Micronesia.

12. What color is the least common on the national flags of countries around the world?

Answer: Purple.

13. What are the three colors of the French flag?

Answer: Blue, white and red.

14. What are the three colors on the German flag?

Answer: Black, red and gold.

15. What color is the circle on the flag of Japan?

Answer: Red.

16. Is it true or false that the flag of Iran has blue?

Answer: False (it has green, white and red on it).

17. Is it true or false that the stars on the New Zealand flag are red?

Answer: True (four red stars in a white border).

18. Is it true or false that the coat of arms is depicted on the flag of the Netherlands?

Answer: False (there are red, white and blue stripes).

19. How many stars are on the EU flag?

Answer: 12.

20. What are the colors on the Russian flag?

Answer: Consists of three stripes: top - white, middle - blue, bottom - red.

21. Which US state has a navy blue flag with a white palm and moon?

Answer: South Carolina.

22. Which country has an AK-47 on its flag?

Answer: Mozambique.

23. What flower was on the flag of France before the French Revolution?

Answer: Golden lily.

24. Who wore the cross that is now on the English flag?

Answer: Saint George.

25. What do the flags of Albania, Sri Lanka and Kazakhstan contain?

Answer: Animals. Albania's flag features a double-headed eagle, Sri Lanka's a lion, and Kazakhstan's flag a golden steppe eagle soaring under the sun.

26. Which African country has a flag that is the reverse side of the Irish flag?

Answer: Côte d'Ivoire (it has the same colors as Ireland, but in reverse order).

27. What do the 13 stripes on the national flag of the United States mean?

Answer: 13 original colonies.

28. Which word refers to the study of the history of the use and symbolism of flags?

Answer: Vexillology.

29. What creature is depicted on the flag of Wales?

Answer: Red Dragon.

30. Which countries have their own geographical maps on their national flags?

Answer: Cyprus, Republic of Kosovo.

31. What does the white inscription on the inner edges of the red and green stripes on the national flag of Iran mean?

Answer: Allah Akbar ("Allah is great").

32. Which country's flag has a blue cross on a white background?

Answer: Finland.

33. In motorsport, what color flag requires drivers to slow down because of danger on the track?

Answer: Yellow.

34. How was the American flag of the Second World War different from today's version?

Answer: There were only 48 stars on it (the flag with 48 stars was used from 1912 to 1959).

35. If we turn the Indonesian flag upside down, which European country's flag will we get?

Answer: Poland.

36. Which US state has the Union Jack on its flag?

Answer: Hawaii.

37. Which country owns the blue and white flag with the sun in the middle?

Answer: Argentina.

38. Which Central African country has a bird on its flag?

  Answer: Uganda.

39. What animal bites the snake in the center of the Mexican flag?

Answer: Eagle.

40. Which country's flag has a shield and two crossed spears?

Answer: Kenya.

41. Which country's flag features the raggiana bird of paradise?

Answer: Papua New Guinea.

42. Which country's flag features a trident, the symbol of the sea god Poseidon?

Answer: Barbados.

43. Which island's flag features wavy blue ocean waves?

Answer: British Indian Ocean Territory.

44. What do the flags of Bahrain and Qatar have in common?

Answer: They both have the same sawtooth pattern.

45. What color is on the right side of the Vatican flag?

Answer: White.

46. Which countries' flags have the Union Jack in the upper left corner?

Answer: Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Tuvalu and many other small island states.

47. If you change the background of the flag of Bangladesh from green to white, it will look very similar to the flag of another country - what is its capital?

Answer: Tokyo.

48. Which country has changed its flag the most times?

Answer: Afghanistan.

49. How many stars are on the US flag?

Answer: 50, according to the number of states.

50. What color are the stripes on the flag of Uruguay?

Answer: Blue and white.

51. Is it true or false that the star on the Vietnamese flag is red?

Answer: Lie, it is yellow on a red background.

52. Is it true or false that there are four green triangles on the Jamaican flag?

Answer: False, it has two green and two black triangles.

53. What are the two colors on the Nigerian flag?

Answer: White and green.

54. What color is the cross on the Danish flag?

Answer: White.

55. What is the only country in the world that does not have a quadrangular flag?

Answer: Nepal, the flag of this country consists of two triangles.

56. What are the colors on the flag of South Africa?

Answer: Green, black, white, gold, red and blue.

57. Which country has a flag depicting the Moon, the Sun and the peaks of the Himalayas?

Answer: Nepal.

58. Which national flag bears the motto "Ordeme Progresso" ("Order and Progress")?

Answer: Brazil.

59. How many stars are on the flag of Ghana?

Answer: One.

60. Which country's flag depicts a shipwreck?

Answer: Bermuda (the "Bermuda Triangle" is famous for its lost ships).

61. In which direction is the dragon on the Welsh flag (the flag of Wales) facing?

Answer: To the left.

62. What is the shortest time to identify all national flags?

Answer: 4 minutes 51 seconds is a record set by the American Gabe Oosterhout in November 2019.

63. Which country most recently changed its national flag?

Answer: Mauritania.

64. If we turn the national flag of Poland upside down, which country's flag will we get?

Answer: Monaco and Indonesia.

65. What plant is depicted on the national flag of Lebanon?

Answer: Cedar tree.

66. Unlike other national flags, which are rectangular in shape, what two figures superimposed on each other depict the flag of Nepal?

Answer: Triangles.

67. What is the most common color on the national flags of countries around the world?

Answer: Red.

68. What item is depicted on the national flag of Saudi Arabia?

Answer: A silver saber, which symbolizes strictness in the application of justice.

69. The national flag of which country is the only one that depicts people?

Answer: Belize (formerly British Honduras).

70. With which African country does Romania have an almost identical flag?

Answer: Chad (the flags are almost the same - both are blue-yellow-red tricolors, but one has a slightly lighter blue color).

71. In what part of the world would you find the flag of Saint Piran?

Answer: This is the flag of Cornwall (England, Europe).

72. Is it ever appropriate to raise a flag upside down?

Answer: Yes, but only in emergency cases. It means: "Help me! This is urgent! Call the police! I am in terrible trouble and need immediate help!”

73. Which country's flag is considered the most confusing due to its intricate design?

Answer: Turkmenistan.

74. On the flag of which territory is the triskelion symbol depicted with three running legs clad in armor, which are connected into one, bent at the knee and have golden spurs?

Answer: Isle of Man (part of the Crown, but not part of the UK).

75. On the flag of which country is the “tunduk” (the central part of the roof of a traditional yurt) depicted in the center?

Answer: Kyrgyzstan.

76. Which flag has a red and blue yin-yang on a white background?

Answer: South Korea.

77. What are the two main colors on the flag of Portugal (excluding the coat of arms)?

Answer: Green and red.

78. Is it true or false that the flag of Botswana has two blue stripes?

Answer: True (they are separated by a black stripe with a white border).

79. Is it true or false that Gibraltar is the only British Overseas Territory that does not have the Union Jack on its flag?

Answer: True (there is a red castle with three towers).

80. Is it true or false that the flag of Indonesia has two blue stripes?

Answer: False, the flag of Indonesia is not blue at all, it has red and white stripes.

81. How many stars are on the flag of China?

Answer: 5.

82. What constellation is depicted on the Australian flag?

Answer: The constellation of the Southern Cross.

83. What color is the circle on the flag of Bangladesh?

Answer: Red.

84. What religion does the yellow color on the flag of Malaysia symbolize?

Answer: Islam.

85. What color is the flag of the United Nations?

Answer: Blue and white.

86. What symbol is usually depicted on the national flags of many Muslim countries?

Answer: Crescent and star.

87. What animal is depicted on the flag of the Falkland Islands?

Answer: Sheep.

88. Which country's flag is the only national flag in the world that has a Bible on it?

Answer: Dominican Republic.

89. The flag of which English county is divided into two vertical halves, red and black, with a swan on a chain in the center?

Answer: Buckinghamshire.

90. Which country, starting with the letter "A", has a flag that has three equal horizontal stripes of red, blue and orange?

Answer: Armenia.

91. Which country has this flag? Three equal horizontal stripes (from top to bottom): white, blue and red. On the left is a coat of arms with a white mountain with three stars.

Answer: Slovenia.

92. In addition to Mauritania, is there another country on the flag that does not have either white or blue? What country?

Answer: Jamaica.

93. What two national flags contain the same colors?

Answer: Monaco and Indonesia (they have white and red colors on their flags).

94. What is special about the flags of Montserrat, Tuvalu, Saint Helena and Turks and Caicos?

Answer: They all contain the Union Jack.

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There is hardly a person who the sight of these black and white teddy bears would not touch. Why bears? Because, in fact, they are bears. At least, that's what scientists say.

The good news is that pandas are no longer on the brink of extinction

But most don't know anything about pandas other than that they have black spots around their eyes and that they eat bamboo. However, these cute animals deserve to get to know them better.

We at Bemorepanda love to talk about different representatives of the animal world. And today the heroes of our selection will be pandas. If you are wondering what they are, then check out the facts below to learn all about their habits and lifestyle. 

1. There Are Two Subspecies Of Giant Pandas

Giant pandas can be seen in Qinling and Sichuan. Only 18.5% of giant pandas live in the Qinling area. The appearance, coloration, and body shape of giant pandas vary between Sichuan and the Qinling Mountains due to differences in soil, temperature, and vegetation in each region.

The Sichuan giant panda has a bear-like head, while the giant Qinling panda has a smaller skull and wider fangs, giving it a more cat-like appearance.

The two pandas have the same origin, but they are separated from each other by a vast river, mountains, and human activity. According to paleontologists, they lost contact 50,000 years ago, after which they began to evolve and reproduce on their own.

2. Pandas are loners

The giant panda lives alone. They have their own territory in the wild and protect it from other pandas. This is because giant pandas eat bamboo and have no need for coordinated hunting. To meet their nutritional needs, they must consume a lot of bamboo.

Conflict over access to enough bamboo would prevent giant pandas from peacefully coexisting in groups, which would be detrimental to their overall survival.

A panda usually needs its own bamboo forest of 3-8 square kilometers in order to exist.

3. Pandas need at least 2 different types of bamboo in their range to avoid starvation.

Pandas are some of the most adorable vegetarians in the world. Their digestive system has evolved in principle to process meat, but they do not eat anything but bamboo, and every day. A new study shows how these animals survive on a plant-based diet that, logically, should be harmful. But how do they do it? The thing is that they feed on several types of bamboo that grow in different places.

It turns out that pandas migrate to eat different kinds of bamboo, getting different nutrients. For example, in spring they feed on young bamboo shoots rich in nitrogen and phosphorus. In June, the bamboo shoots mature and become depleted of nutrients, so the pandas migrate to a different height in the highlands and start eating the young shoots there. However, the shoots of both species are low in calcium, prompting the bears to make their next dietary change in mid-July: migrating to an area where calcium-rich bamboo grows.

4. Giant Pandas Are No Longer Endangered

Their number has increased to around 2,200 as a result of giant panda conservation initiatives. There are currently 1,864 giant pandas living in the wild, 422 of them were born in captivity. This changed their status from "Endangered" to "Vulnerable".

5. Giant Pandas Spend 14 Hours A Day Eating A Diet Of Bamboo

Pandas, members of the bear family, usually lead a solitary lifestyle. They are excellent tree climbers but spend most of their time eating. They can feed for 14 hours a day, eating mainly bamboo, which makes up 99% of their daily diet.

6. Adult pandas average about 150 cm long and 75 cm high

An adult has a height of 60-90 cm (shoulders), and the length is 1.2-1.9 m.

An adult panda can weigh up to 150 kg, while males are 10% larger and 20% heavier than females.

7. Pandas can swim and even climb trees

Giant pandas are excellent tree climbers and swimmers. Giant panda cubs begin climbing at about 5 months old, often climbing on top of their mother.

8. In addition to bamboo, pandas also eat eggs and rodents.

The panda's diet is 99% vegetarian and consists mainly of bamboo roots, stems, shoots and leaves. However, because they have a carnivorous digestive system, the remaining 1% of their diet may include eggs, small animals, and carrion. Farmed pandas have also been observed feeding on squash, beans, wheat, and domestic pig food.

9. Unlike other bears, pandas don't hibernate.

Because of their bamboo diet, giant pandas cannot accumulate enough fat to hibernate in the winter.

However, pandas are not afraid of the cold. They can be seen walking through the bamboo forests, which are covered with abundant snow, even at temperatures as low as -4°C.

10. A panda year is roughly equal to three human years.

In terms of lifespan, a panda year is comparable to about three human years. Giant pandas can live up to 25 to 30 years in captivity and 18 to 20 years in the wild. A giant panda aged 38 years and four months, known as Xinxing (or "New Star"), lived in the Chongqing Zoo (1982-2020). This is the same as 115 years in human years.

11. Babies are well protected in the first month

Pandas are born without the characteristic black and white markings, but they quickly appear in color. Here is a photo of a six-week-old bear cub, which already has a recognizable appearance:

The giant panda's distinctive black and white markings serve two purposes: camouflage and communication.

12. Pandas have great camouflage for their habitat.

The panda's muzzle, neck, belly and rump are white, which helps it to hide in snowy environments. And thanks to the black fur, they can blend in with tree trunks and dark hues.

13. Pandas sometimes do a handstand when they pee.

Pandas can often climb a tree backwards on their hind legs until they are in a full handstand upside down, allowing them to mark territory as high as possible, leaving their scent behind.

14. Pandas do not have round pupils, but slits, like cats.

One feature of panda bears is that they have a vertical pupillary slit like cats, rather than round pupils like other bears. This allows them to see well at night, which is handy as they are constantly looking for food, even at night.

15. Giant pandas can defecate 40 times a day.

The food of other animals remains in the stomach for more than a day, while bamboo in the intestines of giant pandas lingers only for 8-12 hours, and the shortest bamboo shoots. In panda habitats, you can watch pandas eat and poop at the same time.

16. Pandas have 6 "fingers"

The panda's sixth "finger" resembles a human thumb. It is actually a unique carpal bone or opposing paw heel pad with powerful muscles but no movable joints that serves the same purpose as the thumb and can retain food.

17. Pandas live in dense bamboo forests high in the mountains of Central China.

Once upon a time, the giant panda was widespread in the south and east of China, as well as in neighboring Myanmar and northern Vietnam. But due to population growth and the development of human settlements, this kind of teddy bear is currently living in about 20 isolated areas of the bamboo forest of six mountain ranges in the Chinese provinces of Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu.

18. Pandas use scent to mark their territory.

Giant pandas use a variety of methods to mark their territory, including rubbing their olfactory glands against tree bark and urinating on it. A typical rule among pandas is that they get stronger the higher they can place their scent marks on the tree.

19. Panda cubs are born pink and measure about 15 cm.

20. Female pandas give birth to one or two cubs every two years.

Giant panda cubs can spend up to three years with their moms before heading out on their own.

21. Pandas will abandon one of their cubs if they have twins.

While pandas in captivity are more likely to have twins, wild pandas often have only one cub. If a mother panda gives birth to two cubs in the wild, she will only feed the one she deems stronger. The other will be left to itself.

At about 12 months of age, the cubs start eating bamboo, but until that point they are completely dependent on their mother. Therefore, in the wild, panda mothers lack the milk and energy needed to care for two babies.

22. Spring is mating season for pandas

Females have a complex reproductive cycle. The breeding season for giant pandas is usually in the spring from March to May. But, despite the long “mating season”, one female has a estrus period of only 24-72 hours, and once a year. The average pregnancy lasts five months.

While male giant pandas leave scent marks as a sign to attract females, female giant pandas will make distinctive sounds during their reproductive season in the wild.

23. Giant pandas and red pandas are not closely related.

Despite the similar name, giant pandas belong to the Bear family, while red pandas are the only surviving members of their taxonomic family Panda (from the order Caniformia).

24. Giant pandas can experience false pregnancy.

The pseudo-pregnancy, which mimics a real pregnancy, does not end in childbirth, instead the giant panda's hormones and behavior return to normal. Mei Xiang of the Smithsonian National Zoo is estimated to have had at least six false pregnancies.

25. Most of the world's giant panda cubs go to China before they are 4 years old.

Most of the giant pandas in the world are on loan from China, and cubs born outside of China must be transferred back under the Chinese breeding program in order to increase the gene pool.

26. The biggest threat to wild giant pandas is habitat loss.

Poaching and habitat destruction over the past 3,000 years has brought the total number of funny bears down to below 2,000. Today, giant pandas live in an area that is less than 1% of their historical range.

27. The first giant pandas at the Smithsonian National Zoo were Ling-Ling and Sin-Hsing.

After First Lady Patricia Nixon expressed her admiration for them at a banquet in Beijing, China in 1972, Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai sent them as a gift to the American people.

28. The bite of a giant panda is incredibly strong.

Its bite ranked third among the living species studied, with a bite force coefficient of 151. The giant panda is one of the few carnivores that primarily feed on vegetation, particularly bamboo, a tough, fibrous plant that requires vigorous chewing. The strength of a panda's bite has nothing to do with the size of its food.

29. Much of what pandas eat ends up as waste.

The giant panda's digestive tract is more like that of a carnivore than a herbivore, and much of the food it consumes comes out naturally as waste.

30. Mei Xiang, Tian Tian and their cub will remain at the Smithsonian National Zoo until 2023

An adult pair of pandas, Mei Xiang and Tian Tian, arrived at the zoo in 2000. The contract with the China Wildlife Conservation Association stipulates that the couple and their cub will remain at the zoo until the end of 2023.

31. The Chinese distribute pandas around the world as part of a panda diplomacy program, a practice dating back to the Tang Dynasty in the 7th century, when Empress Wu Zetian sent a pair of pandas to the Japanese emperor.

Today, China typically offers two healthy and fertile pandas to other countries for 10 to 15 year leases. For this, countries must pay $1 million every year. When signing the contract, the host party undertakes to send to China all cubs aged 2 years, which will be born to a rented pair of bamboo bears. Moreover, in this case, each bear cub will have to pay an additional 600 thousand dollars annually.

32. In Chinese zoos, there is a position of "hug" pandas

His duties include not only looking after the bears, but also stroking them and hugging them to relieve stress.

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