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In a nearly two-hour video, which has already garnered 16,811,603 views on YouTube, the Kremlin's main critic accuses the Russian president of being, through intermediaries, the beneficiary of a vast property and a huge palace near the city. Ghelendjik, on the shores of the Black Sea.

This very luxurious ensemble, containing, among other things, vineyards, an ice hockey rink and a casino, was allegedly financed - according to Navalny - by relatives of the Russian president, such as Rosneft owner Igor Secin and businessman Gennady Timchenko.

"It is a state in the Russian state. And in this state there is only one irremovable tsar. Putin, "Navalny said, also accusing the Russian president of being" obsessed with wealth and luxury. "

According to the opponent, 100 billion rubles (1.12 billion euros during the day) were spent to build this complex, whose total area would be 7,000 hectares and which is owned by the FSB (Russian Federal Security Service), quotes Agerpres.

The existence of this palace and its alleged links to Vladimir Putin was first discussed in 2010, when several journalistic investigations suggested fraudulent actions.

Bemorepanda shows you 30 pictures from the secret castel of Putin.

We remind you that the castle is kept in a great secret, and these are the pictures taken from a 3D demonstration of the castle. The 3D video was made based on the plan of the castle, where it is indicated even the name of each piece of furniture and even of the toilet paper holder which is estimated to be worth thousands of dollars. There are a few realistic photos, that the workers made, you will see them below.

1.In this real picture we see the small living room, which is actually a huge one. It is all with luxury Italian brand furniture "Citterio Atena". All furniture is exclusively made to order. The furniture is estimated at a price of over millions of dollars.

2.This is the picture of one of dozens of other halls. It's all hand-painted with gold details.

3.This is the garden inside the castle, here you have the feeling that you are in one of the ancient castles of Italy.

4.Here is the picture of the reading room. It is a huge and bright one.

5.The other side of the reading room, exclusive furniture and other gold items.

6.Thanks to this image we can see how real the 3D view of the castle is. We see attached here a real picture from the castle.

7.Here we see the gold coat of arms of Russia. The coat of arms of the Russian flag is in the castle practically everywhere. Putin, thanks to these inlays, will never forget that he is the king of Russia.

8.The rest room before entering the theater is all made of mramura stone. Here we see a bar where Putin will be able to taste a good whiskey before the show.

9.We see more closely the bar which is truly exclusive.

10.In Putin's castle, he has a real theater, with a stage and room for grimaces.

11.Visitors can stay on both floors. Here we also have exclusive furniture that also costs over thousands of dollars. Between the areas you can draw the curtain to have a better privacy.

12.We see up close the amazing furniture in the theater.

13.Putin loves hookah. Of course he also has a room in the castle to smoke hookah.

14.We see how well arranged the room where Putin invites her friends and relatives to a hookah.

15.Besides, Putin has a small scene in the hookah room. Girls from all over the world will dance on this stage to delight the eyes of the president and the guests.

16.Here Putin will never lose. It is his own casino room. Exactly he has a well-equipped casino where he will spend his time happily.

17.Here's the casino table.

18.Of course Putin loves dancing. Here is a dance machine that costs a fortune.

19.Casino machines.

20.You can see here well the casino.

21.Here is a miniature ring, where electric toy cars will travel under speed, to fascinate guests.

22.Here is the track itself.

23.Of course, the Red Square is here.

24.This is one of dozens of other elevators.

25.The view in an ordinary hallway that transits the rooms.

26.One of the other living rooms.

27.Putin's bedroom with a huge bed and canopies.

28.A TV so as not to miss the Russian news.

29.A picture of the worker is captured here. This dresser costs around a few million dollars.

30.Here's Putin's amazing bathroom.

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Following the January 6 incidents in the United States in which Donald Trump's supporters stormed the Capitol, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram froze the accounts of the US President.

Twitter announced that it had blocked Donald Trump's account for the next 12 hours, and Facebook and YouTube withdrew the video message in which the current US leader declared, again, unfounded, that the US elections had been rigged and asked the protesters to go to their homes.

"Following the unprecedented and ongoing violent situation in Washington, DC, we have requested the removal of three @realDonaldTrump tweets that were posted earlier for repeated and severe violations of our civic integrity policy," the BBC was quoted as saying on Twitter.

If Trump does not delete the three messages, his account will continue to be blocked. Twitter has warned that Trump would remain "PERMANENT" without the @realDonaldTrump account if he violates the integrity provisions.

The internet explodes with memes and Bemorepanda collected all of them.

1.Tweet some dumb stuff

2.Acount suspended

3.Loading up the burner

4.All to us

5.Lord Trump

6.Trump right now

7.Coming on Twitter

8.Now what?


10.I need to use twitter

11.What's happening?

12.You're banned

13.The greatest writer of Twitter

14.I can't tell anymore

15.For this moment

16.Trump violated Twitter policy

17.How to become TikToker

18.Very productive

19.See you in the court

20.We did it Patrick

21.About twitter

22.Twitter bans Trump


24.Banning Donald Trump


26.No problem

27.Compared to Hitler

28.Tiktok banned


30.Trump supporters

31.Banned TRUMP

32.Tested positive

33.Executive order

34.Agree with Trump

35.The nest executive order

36.Here on Twitter

37.Say the haters


39.Supreme Court

40.Delete your account

41.Safe to turn off your computer

42.Account suspended

43.Jhon Barron

44.Live footage

45.New profile

46.Melania's Twitter

47.President banned from Twitter


49.Productive talks

50.Whats up?

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Hundreds of protesters, supporters of Trump, entered the Capitol and several buildings in the complex were evacuated. Several people were injured in the clashes with the police and several dozen people were detained. One person was shot dead.

Hundreds of Donald Trump supporters have crossed security and climbed the historic building, stopping a joint session of Congress in which elected officials were to certify President-elect Joe Biden's victory in the November election.

In these chaos scenes, during which some of the police officers who were protecting the seats and the congressmen had the gun in their hand, a woman was wounded by a bullet inside the Capitol. She died shortly after she was shot, the Washington police chief said without giving details of the circumstances of the tragedy or the perpetrator of the gunfire.

The United States Congress urgently suspended a session on Wednesday to certify the victory of Democrat Joe Biden in the November 3 presidential election, a measure taken after the pro-Trump protesters entered the Capitol, reports AFP. The incumbent president, who refuses to accept defeat, called on his supporters to protest in Washington on the sidelines of the protocol session. After listening to him, some protesters headed to Congress and police ordered the evacuation of several buildings.

Due to this event, the internet explodes with memes. Funny memes were collected by Bemorepanda for you.

1.Watching American Horror story

2.Wait a second

3.The season is weird

4.Musical version

5.Pence to Trump

6.Jason Derulo

7.Booming system

8.There is a lot of news

9.Storm the capitol

10.15 years sitting in the back

11.Watching CNN

12.Always funny

13.Walmart does a better job

14.I'm not a cop

15.Capitl building

16.So much better

17.Girls are fighting

18.Embarrassing man

19.Civil war

20.Tell this your kids


22.Demi Lovato in studio


24.F*cked up

25.This faces

26.US Capitol


28.Makes perfect sense


30.Aunt Tifa

31.Bigger police presence

32.The Simpsons

33.Cracker Barrel

34.This face

35.2020 showing 2021 the way

36.How it acually is

37.Aunt Tifa attended Capitol Riots

38.Georgia flag

39.Peaceful protest

40.Identify any rioters

41.Village people

42.Capitol defense

43.Party in U.S.A


45.How it started

46.The police at capitol hill

47.The hunger games

48.The girl i like

49.No cellphones

50.Be our guest

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The COVID-19 vaccine will be a tool of major importance to help control the pandemic, along with effective testing and prevention. With several promising candidates working on vaccine development, others under review, but also Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna vaccines approved for use, the road to a safe and effective vaccine has entered a new phase.

Developing a safe and effective vaccine takes time, but thanks to unprecedented investment in research and development, global cooperation, researchers have been able to develop a vaccine against COVID-19 in record time, based on rigorous evidence and standards. Currently, there are more than 200 candidates working on the development of a vaccine (56 are in the clinical phase and another 166 in the pre-clinical phase). Some of these vaccine candidates are in Phase III clinical trials - the last stage before the vaccine is approved.

Of course there are those who are campaigning against the vaccine and with that the internet of memers exploded, and Bemorepanda collected them all for you.




2.Teens sneaking out to get shots



3.Anti-vaxxer logic



4.Does it hurt?



5.Essential oils






7.It is done



8.Top scientists



9.Preventable disease



10.Missing her vaccinations?



11.Someone says thi



12.Mom refuses to vaccinate



13.Uses facts and logic



14.Antivax kid



15.Uncle picks



16.This logic



17.Same undermath



18.When doctors tell you that not vaccinating



19.Normal parents



20.Actual evidence



21.Get vaccines



22.I want to live 100 years



23. Not giving shots



24.Turns 3 years old






26.Fool me once



27.Excuse me



28.Finally 18






30.When I grow up



31.Zoom and vaccine


32.I'm ready


33.Move on


34.Popping to Boots


35.Me and the fellas


36.Me with besties


37.Not taking the vaccine


38.Same person


39.Taking Covid-19 vaccine


40.All laughting


41.Introverts and the vaccine


42.People in the country




44.99 problems




46.If you die from polio


47.Drink alcohol


48.Being proffesional


49.Because people die





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WhatsApp, the encrypted messaging application that boasts a privacy-focused service, will force users to share personal data with Facebook, the company that owns the service, Business Insider reports.

In a message sent to users on Wednesday, WhatsApp says they must let Facebook collect data from the app, including phone numbers, locations and more. If users do not agree by February 8, they will no longer have access to WhatsApp.

As a result of this announcement, several people have recommended using applications such as Signal or Telegram.

"Signal and Telegram are now better alternatives if you are concerned about your privacy," TechCrunch editor Mike Butcher wrote on Twitter. He pointed out the differences between WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram in terms of data collection.

Elon Musk also issued this recommendation: "Use Signal." After that the internet exploded with memes, Bemorepanda got them all.

Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014, and in 2016 offered users the chance to give up sharing data with Facebook.

1.Use Signal

2.Poor company

3.This face

4.Buy twitter

5.Because of twitter

6.Use Signal

7.Look at this

8.Bad signal

9.It's safer

10.Train from Whatsapp

11.Anyone to message


13.People sharing Signalapp

14.Signal App owner

15.Sending links of SignalApp

16.Time to say bye

17.Sharing Signal App

18.Waiting for friends to switch to signal so I can delete my WhatsApp

19.Just use Signal

20.Yes for Signal

21.Use Facebook instead

22.I use Signal every day

23.But when I do I use Signal

24.Dissapering messages

25.This messages

26.People crying

27.Playing campaign

28.Use Signal App

29.That's great

30.Signal App

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