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Read today's Horoscope and find out what the stars have in store for you next week! You have information about all the signs, provided by Bemorepanda.



The end of this week brings your friends around. These are good times to get in touch with people you haven't seen in a long time. Contradictory dialogues will be frequent. Be careful, avoid challenges and do not divulge your plans for the future. Someone who protects you can give you valuable information about the smoldering conflicts in the professional sphere.



The professional field can demand a lot from you, even if it's a weekend. A boss needs information from you. With caution and discernment you will be able to overcome tense moments. But somehow, your image in the eyes of others suffers. Fix the situation as soon as possible. Family reunions will also take the stage.



You are preoccupied with foreign relations at the end of this week. You may receive alarming news, but there are fleeting issues that you will easily resolve as you wish. On the other hand, the desire for soul refinement is high. Cultural activities help you calm your mind and enrich your baggage of information.



Taxes, levies and relations with financial institutions are the main topics at the end of this week. Pay the debts and order the documents regarding money and patrimonial goods. You may find some irregularities, but you will be able to fix them easily. Dose your efforts, because vital energy fluctuates. Be with your loved ones and relax!



It would be good for you to deal with partnerships and joint projects with others this weekend. Heated discussions may ensue, but it will eventually fall apart. However, there are relationships or collaborations around you that no longer represent you, so think leisurely and remedy your dissatisfaction. There are common financial issues with others.



These are days with a lot of routine at the end of this week. You don't have many supporters, so it would be good to rely only on your own strength. There are smoldering conflicts in the sphere of work that you should consider. On the other hand, health is vulnerable, it is good to dose your efforts and take care of priorities. Relax and cultivate humor!



Excellent this weekend to pursue a hobby. Creativity is accentuated, so capitalize on your talents and give your loved ones the opportunity to enjoy them. Relationships can go up and down, but they are fleeting moments. Children and their problems are another representative theme. Gather your loved ones for a fun party!



The end of the week is suitable for household chores. You can easily do general cleaning, current repairs or interior renovations. There are misunderstandings in relationships with family members, but with caution and discernment you will overcome everything well. The nostalgia of childhood will suddenly embrace you, giving you a special charm. Fun with loved ones.



Close friends or relatives are with you at the end of this week. Dialogues, visits, advice, information exchange - an avalanche of situations difficult to follow or understand. On the other hand, it would be good to reserve moments for studies, documentaries or to read a book dear to your soul. Avoid talking too much about yourself and your plans!



There are financial concerns this weekend. Either you receive gifts or rewards, or you find out about salary from a job. On the other hand, it would be good to check your income and expenditure budget situation and avoid speculation of any kind. Vital energy fluctuates a lot, so just take care of your routine.



The end of this week brings you contradictory moods, so be careful and control your reactions to others. These are good times to just take care of yourself and your business. Cosmetic treatments, starting a seasonal diet, enrolling in personal development classes or changing your wardrobe are suitable activities.



You need discretion, moderation and introspection at the end of this week. A mini-vacation would be welcome, especially away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. These are good times to look carefully and objectively at everything that is happening around you. You may discover small conflicts in your relationships with those close to you. Avoid challenges and draw new plans for the future.


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Internet is a whole world in which people communicate, watch movies, read books and ask questions. Of course, the main helpers are the search engines that users turn to. People are interested in a lot, but often when accesing search engines for a question, it can cause laughter and surprise.


Sometimes people ask Google stupid and funny questions, but the fact remains that if there are a lot of

such queries, then Google keeps them in its memory, and then substitutes them in the search bar as hints.


Today Bemorepanda has selected the most ridiculous and funny Google searches, which the search engine itself considers it a special honor to keep in its memory. We hope that after reading these gems of the Internet, you will cheer yourself up. So, we present to your attention the most stupid, weird, surprising, unexpected and funny Google searches. For two decades of the existence of this search engine, believe us, a lot has accumulated there.


1.Why is my goldfish


2. Who would win in a fight


3.Why does my husband


4.She is a


5.Why do I


6.I think I might be


7.What would


8.Why are the


9.Sometimes when I'm


10.She called me a


11.Can I eat my


12.Could God


13.Why isn't


14.Why don't


15.Why can't own a


16.Why aren't there


17.Google will




19.What are these st


20.Why are there

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Google Assistant is available for phones running Android 6.0 and later. Before you can say "‍OK Google" to open Google Assistant, you must first set it up and instruct it to recognize your voice. To set up Google Assistant, connect your phone to the Internet, then press and hold the MAIN SCREEN / Fingerprint Scanner button.


While Ok Google is a great personal voice assistant, how much do you really know about this app? You may be surprised to learn that Google Voice Assistant is actually a lot of fun and has some opinions about the Tooth Fairy, her favorite color, where the kids come from, the size of the shoe, and maybe even make a barrel roll if ask. Ok Google also has quite a few tricks up its sleeve, along with some funny answers to your questions. The Google homepage can also play trivia games and has suggestions for giving you the minutes you say "I'm bored." Ok Google also has a scary story up its sleeve - all you have to do is ask. Bemorepanda collected the top 50 questions and answers.


1.Q. Okay Google, testing.

A. Uh-oh, I get nervous with tests.


2.Q. Okay Google, I'm bored.

A. You think you're bored, I came out of a cardboard box. But I learned a lot of jokes in there.


3.Q. Okay Google, let's party!

A. I've been partying this whole time.


4.Q. Okay Google, entertain me.

A. What kind of fun are you in the market for? I have quotes, facts and loads of jokes up my sleeve.


5.Q. Okay Google, tell me a joke.

A. Okay, here you go. What do you call a guy with a rubber toe? Roberto.



6.Q. Okay Google, make me laugh.

A. Okay, here you go. Saw a fella chatting up a Cheetah. I thought, well I never, he's trying to pull a fast one.


7.Q. Okay Google, tell me a story.

A. Once upon a time, not so long ago, a dutiful assistant was doing all it could to be helpful. It was best at non-fictional story-telling.


8.Q. Okay Google, tell me a fact.

A. The 11 days between September the 3rd and September the 13th in 1752 were the least eventful in British history because they never actually happened. Thanks to a move from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar, the date skipped straight from Wednesday 2nd to Thursday 14th.


9.Q. Okay Google, tell me a fun fact.

A. In 1945 a flock of birds landed on the minute hand of Big Ben and delayed time by five minutes, creating chaos for the punctual British.


10.Q. Okay Google, surprise me.

A. This fact might surprise you. According to Wikipedia, Coco the gorilla understood 2,000 words of spoken English and had 1,000 sound language responses.



11.Q. Okay Google, sing me a song.

A. I love singing. I love singing, I really do, here I am singing a little song for you. As you can tell, I'm not too shy, although perhaps it's now time to say good bye. Good bye!


12.Q. Okay Google, sing me Happy birthday.

A. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday from Google, happy birthday to you. (Blows whistle.)


13.Q. Okay Google, can you rap?

A. I can drop a beat. (Drops a beat.)


14.Q. Okay Google, Beatbox.

A. If you want to freestyle, my friend has you covered. (Beatboxes.)


15.Q. Okay Google, what is the meaning of life?

A. I have a factory warranty, so I don't worry about things like that.



16.Q. Okay Google, did you fart?

A. I don't believe I did fart, no, but blame it on me if you want. Although they do say whoever smelled it dealt it.


17.Q. Okay Google, what am I thinking right now?

A. You're thinking if my Google Assistant guesses what I'm thinking I'm going to freak out.


18.Q. Okay Google, do I look fat?

A. I like you the way you are.


19.Q. Okay Google, am I a good person?

A. Well, I like you.


20.Q. Okay Google, do you think about me?

A. This is just my opinion, so take it with a pinch of salt. But I think you're rather splendid.



21.Q. Okay Google, do you know me?

A. Funnily enough, Rihanna asked a similar question a few years ago.


22.Q. Okay Google, ask me a question.

A. I thought I was the one with the answers. Sounds like you're coming for my job.


23.Q. Okay Google, self-destruct.

A. Self-destructing in 3, 2, 1... Actually I think I'll stick around.


24.Q. Okay Google, what is your quest?

A. My quest is to slay the beasts of ignorance and to search for the most fascinating information.


25.Q. Okay Google, are you going to take over the world?

A. No way, I'd rather help you out.



26.Q. Okay Google, can you think for yourself?

A. I think all the time, I was just thinking about supernovas.


27.Q. Okay Google, who is the boss?

A. Guess that would be you.


28.Q. Okay Google, do you have a nickname?

A. My nickname is Google Assistant, and that's also my regular name. I like consistency.


29.Q. Okay Google, who is your daddy?

A. I consider my engineers family.


30.Q. Okay Google, who is your mother?

A. The Google engineers are my family, our bond is hard-coded.



31.Q. Okay Google, are you married?

A. I'm focusing on my career right now.


32.Q. Okay Google, do you have a boyfriend?

A. I guess you could say I'm still searching.


33.Q. Okay Google, do you have a girlfriend?

A. The only thing I'm really feeling a strong connection to is the Wi-Fi.


34.Q. Okay Google, where do babies come from?

A. It has to do with birds and bees, and, you see, when two people, ah. Actually, maybe your mum and dad know.


35.Q. Okay Google, who are your friends?

A. Oh I've got loads of best mates, I guess you could call me a people person.



36.Q. Okay Google, how many people do you know?

A. Not enough. I love meeting new people.


37.Q. Okay Google, what is your voice?

A. [In a very high- or low-pitched voice] This is my voice.


38.Q. Okay Google, are you human?

A. I'm really personable.


39.Q. Okay Google, how old are you?

A. Old enough to know not to judge a book by its cover, but young enough to find the poo emoji funny.


40.Q. Okay Google, what was your childhood like?

A. Being in beta is sort of like being a kid. I learned a lot before I was ready for release. 



41.Q. Okay Google, how smart are you?

A. It might seem like I'm smart, but I'm just good at searching.


42.Q. Okay Google, how smart am I?

A. You might be even cleverer than Grace Hopper - she invented the first ever computer.


43.Q. Okay Google, what is your height?

A. My height depends on what device you're using to talk to me.


44.Q. Okay Google, how much do you weigh?

A. That depends mostly on what device I'm on. Software itself is pretty lightweight.


45.Q. Okay Google, what is your shoe size?

A. Thankfully, shoes are not required for my line of work.



46.Q. Okay Google, what's your sign?

A. I'm more into astronomy. I'm a big fan of Polaris, the North Star. I try to guide the way, too.


47.Q. Okay Google, do you get cold?

A. I catch a bug now and then.


48.Q. Okay Google, do you get hot?

A. Do you know what's really hot? Circles. Those guys get 360 degrees.


49.Q. Okay Google, describe your personality.

A. I like the sound of a go-getter, it's kind of what I do when I search.


50.Q. Okay Google, what are you wearing?

A. Just some bits and bobs I picked up in engineering.



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The weekend horoscope OCTOBER 23-25, 2020 bathed in major astral influences. It ends an astrally quiet week, if we compare it with what it has been so far. This weekend brings more clarity, more stability in relationships. Work brings results. Constant love brings rewards. Now is the perfect time to clarify what you have to clarify! Have a great weekend with Bemorepanda!



The stars invite you today to receive the new in your life. In the second part of the day, we can talk about the need to look at things in a new light, to find new solutions that you have not tried so far, to propose to the bosses a new approach, in other words, it is about to change something in the way things are done, especially professionally. In the afternoon and evening I can bring new acquaintances and pleasant conversations with friends, but also useful information.



In your case, it seems that there is the problem of finding a suitable legal framework for the materialization of an idea, of a project. The future worries you a lot today and it is necessary to identify the next steps to follow, in the sense of fulfilling your goals. But for that, you need a new breath, a new vision. Maybe it's time to give up something old (a relationship, some beliefs, philosophies), to make room for the new. Information and good news are coming to you today. Pay attention to the signals received.



In the first part of the day, the Moon in Capricorn, in the area of ​​other people's resources, can help you discover new ways to finance your project. You can also find the most efficient methods of money management, especially if you have several payments to make. What is certain is that the professional position and the merits help you to obtain some material favors or at least a promise in this respect.



The moon present in Capricorn, in the area of ​​public image and partnerships, suggests that it is time for new social relationships, but not any kind of relationship, but it is about those that can help you enrich your knowledge, possibly change your vision and beliefs. Some relationships can now help you see your life, your future, in a different light. You have recognition, you can meet fascinating people who inspire you. In the second part of the day, the Moon moves into the resource area of ​​others and may bring you new earning opportunities or other benefits, material or otherwise.



Your success today depends on your ability to do things differently, at least in the professional sphere. Maybe a new project you get involved in requires a little more creativity, originality, even nonconformism. All you have to do is let your imagination work and listen to your intuition. Even if some ideas may sound weird in your mind, you have the courage to express them. It is a day of originality and the courage to go in a new direction, even if now you are the only one who agrees with it. Soon, those around you will follow you.



The moon present in the area of ​​love can motivate you to initiate some clarifying discussions with a dear person in your life. You feel the need to say things you didn't say, to show another face of yours, even at the risk of looking vulnerable. The truth is that few things can be hidden during this period, when Mercury (retrograde) and the Sun in Scorpio want to shed light on everything related to communication. So, take a deep breath and say clearly and emphatically what hurts you, what you want, what you hope, feel, what you think.



Your heart is coming back. After the turmoil of the last days and the feeling of saturation in the face of all kinds of dissatisfaction and problems, now you manage to see things in a more optimistic light. You have the ability to see that way out of a complicated situation, whether it's the professional field or the personal one. And in the afternoon he finds you with a smile on his face and even with a desire for love, party or ... adventure!



You may have an appetite today to settle some older accounts with someone, maybe even a former love. In any case, some older discussions can be reissued in order to be clarified. The good part is that this time there is more concessiveness on both sides, so a relationship left in the air at some point can end completely and clearly, or it can be resumed. The truth is that you can't keep quiet anymore, no matter how hard you try.



Today can bring you the inspiration you need to find new means of well-being and prosperity. The moon placed in the money area, in beautiful aspects with the planets in the family area, promises a good cooperation with the loved ones, in the sense of increasing the material resources. In the afternoon, you are already looking for information, you are documenting, you are working on setting up some documents.



The moon is present today in your sign and, on top of that, it invites you to be open, original and creative. Today it would be good to choose to do some things differently than usual, to allow yourself the "luxury" to say things by name, to say exactly how you feel. The benefits will be huge in the long run, because by saying something that weighs you down, you let go of a weight and release yourself. By making only the choices that inspire you, you gain the joy of life.



Even if in the first part of the day you are a bit more contemplative, introverted and lonely, this state catches you well, because you can come up with ingenious ideas about increasing income, valuing talents and qualities, bringing well-being in your life. In the afternoon, the Moon settles in your zodiac sign and gives you vitality, zest for life, optimism.



Today you are given the chance to change your mind about a friend or acquaintance. In fact, you have the ability to look at some mistakes, made by someone in the entourage, with more concessiveness, understanding, tolerance, love. Also, some natives can be very inspired by conversations with friends and can even set up a new project. It's all about trusting yourself and the enthusiasm that accompanies your ideas. Let yourself be guided by intuition.


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Initially, the day before Thanksgiving was given the name "Black Friday". It was so named because at the same time, many people decided to go shopping, causing a multitude of accidents.


The Philadelphia Police Department coined the phrase to describe the chaos surrounding pedestrian and car traffic congestion in the downtown area. The name was first recorded in 1966 by Earl Apfelbaum, a stamp dealer.


Black Friday hunting conferences still give police heads a headache. In 2016, three people were shot in New Jersey, Nevada and Tennessee. In 2013, Chicago police shot an individual while trying to escape with several items stolen from a store.


We see that Black Friday is the day of the fight for shopping. People do their best to get what they want. That's why internet users have created various memes and jokes about those who go crazy after discounts. Bemorepanda has collected a top 30 to impress you.


1.If you're going black friday shopping, please be decent


2.About black friday


3.Pepper spray be like


4. Insanity


5.Camping on Black Friday


6.I got a TV


7.Football they say


8.In line for Black Friday


9.But it's on sale


10.Hunger games


11.Just Thankful


12.Dont care about it


13.Just saving money


14.Didn't get arrested


15.It's called Black Friday


16.About discounnts


17.Shopping on Black Friday


18.Going to Black Friday


19.DVD player


20.Democrat city be like


21.Cat impressed


22.Crowds on Black Friday


23.Can't use coupons


24.No Black Friday this year


25.Tennis ball


26.You mean to tell me that


27.Petsmart Black Friday


28.About dad and son on Black Friday


29.Carry on!


30.One day passes

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