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If there is anything that will cheer you up, it is hilarious animal pictures. And not just animals, but cats! Cats can be incredibly independent creatures, and it is difficult for them to stay in place while they are being photographed, but if people do manage to take a picture, then it is often funny or at least funny.


Cats have been ideal pets for humans since 4,000 years ago, and even more so. Find out more curiosities about cats in the articles on Bemorepanda.


An animal lover who loves cats and already has one must be put in touch with everything related to the behavior and needs of the little cat. Several cultures around the world show us that cats are mysterious beings. Here are some things about behavior, physical characteristics and their influence in the world that you did not know about cats.


1. Warm and does not move. What else does a cat need?


2. What a ferocious kitty!


3. "This is how catnip works on my cat"


4. And everything started so well ...


5. "The cat gets angry when mom doesn't let him out."


6. "Photographed a cat looking out of the window and accidentally turned him into some kind of deity."


7. "This is our cat Charlotte. She is not familiar with boundaries and has absolutely no shame."


8. "When I took one of my cats to visit the dogs"


9. "So, from now on you bring me all the milk."


10. "Do you think you've seen suspicious-looking cats? You haven't seen anything."


11. Coffee table: expectations versus reality


12. "My darling"


13. "I guess she's comfortable."


14. Apple from apple tree


15. “I'm a simple cat. I see my knees - I lie down "


16. "After having a tooth removed for my cat today, she decided to use her fish dinner as a substitute."


17. "Try it" they said, "it will be fun" they said


18. Cats are very heavy and when they land they leave dents.


19. Too many hugs?


20. "Do you think this is funny, man?"


21. No cats were harmed in this photo.


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Whether they jump over long distances or usually fall on their feet, or hide in boxes, or climb high places, cats have always managed to amaze and amuse us with their behavior and abilities. And we still don't know everything about them.

When choosing a cat, you need to think about what characteristics you want from the new pet and what breeds of cats they have. Of course, every cat is unique in character. But there are some traits that characterize certain races. In order for sparks not to come out at home in the end, make sure that the cat's character traits match those of yours in principle. The cuteness factor must play a secondary role in the choice of the cat.

If you have a family and there is always something going on in your home, an awake and adaptable cat, such as Selkirk Rex, Ocicat or Singapore, may be the best choice. There are also cats that love peace, for example - Korat, Snowshoe and Nebelung. These breeds are especially suitable for people who lead a stress-free life at home.

Bemorepanda collected some funny memes from the famous Twitter page "Memes I wish I could tag my cat in".

1.Friendship level

2.Friends forever

3.Joker cat

Sometimes you approach a cat faster than you would like. For example, if a cat makes kittens in a circle of friends, or if a nearby farm gives free kittens. There are a number of characteristics by which you can recognize, before making a final decision, whether the animal is in good shape. This is usually the case if:

  • the cat is relaxed and playful.
  • it has a soft and shiny fur.
  • the gums are pale and without redness.
  • the nose is dry, warm and does not flow.
  • the eyes are clear and the ears are clean.

The expression "gourmand as fine as a cat" does not come from anywhere! A diet adapted to the cat's breed is the most important factor for a healthy and long life! An optimal cat diet is particularly high in protein and varied. The food must be adapted to the special needs of your cat and must be diversified because cats are gourmets.


5.Big stretch

6.A punk

Cats are also game animals - as are their wild relatives, prey cats. Their bodies are prone to processing animal feed and protein. However, cats also assimilate plants through the food consumed by their prey. Their food is therefore balanced and rich in vitamins.

Due to the natural predisposition of its body, give your cat a balanced and highly protein-rich diet consisting of dry food and moist food. Also pay attention to a varied diet, adapted to the special needs of your gourmet.

Variation is obtained through a combination of main food and snacks, as well as nutritional supplements. This will optimally cover your cat's nutrient needs and ensure a varied diet.


8.Owning a cat

9.Look at this picture

Elderly cats should be given a carefully selected diet. Many quality brands offer food specially adapted to the needs of older cats. It should be offered as exclusive food or mixed with regular cat food. Your veterinarian will give you extra advice when it comes to recognizing any age-related weaknesses in cats.

Feed cats with sensitive digestion only with quality products, specially adapted to their needs. Important here is a careful change of diet spread over about a week, so that the cat can adapt to the new food. Severe digestive as well as skin problems may indicate a possible grain allergy; in this case you must also adapt the food accordingly. If problems persist or occur frequently, be sure to see a veterinarian.

10.Lose a bit of weight


Cats are "desert animals", thus being able to concentrate their urine strongly. For this reason, in cats there is generally a tendency to form kidney stones. Therefore, always make enough fresh water available to the cat in several easily accessible places and watch his behavior carefully.

Long-haired cat breeds swallow more hair during daily fur care than short-haired cats. In addition, it tends to knot and tangle more often. That is why there is special food for long-haired cats, which reduces the formation of lumps and ensures a soft fur. If you give your cat a bowl of grass for cats, it will help to regurgitate swallowed hair. In addition, you should regularly take care of your cat's fur with a dedicated comb so that it stays long and shiny.

12.Bloody cat

13.Get kissed

14.Why fight

15.Lemme in

16.House cat

17.Energy as cat

18.Wake up this morning

19.I love Disney

20.Love cats

21.Tag my cat

22.Wet food


24.Two types of cats


26.Zen garden

27.Four cats

28.Eat this

29.Cat escape

30.Dog owners

31.Pants on

32.Kitty love

33.Bean harvest


35.Kitty hi

36.Cat beds

37. I give up

38.Getting into bed

39.Pizza boxes


41.Buff and angry

42.What you drink with your cat

43.Our cat

44. Time passes by

45.Cat of the week

46.Desk decoration



49.Works all day


51.House cats

52.Flower in the garden

53.Love someone

54.Growing up

55.Being a cat owner

56.This face


58.Saying something

59.Stop messing

60.Cat arm

61.Shame your cat


63.No thanks

64.Cat stuff

65.Lulu for dinner

66.Not well

67.Cat owner



70.Five minutes late


72.Not yours

73.The sink

74.Ignore me

75.Delivered today

76.Wet food


78.Ignores u

79.Toilet but


81.I hate myself

82.Going up

83.I have plans


85.Take a photo


87.Good things

88.Eating bugs

89.A cat

90.Fat cat


92.Come back

93.Cat vibe

94.Dealing with my cat


96.Takes a photo

97.One photo

98.Airplane ears

99.Going crazy


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@Marina Its hard to be a cat

Cats are interesting and curious animals. Many of their actions are inexplicable. For this reason we have many questions for our dear quadrupeds. But they also have questions for us. For this reason, Bemorepanda combined the most interesting questions that cats could have for their owners but also other interesting questions about cats.

Sometimes the cat behaves strangely. He puts his toys in the food, prefers the water from the toilet, washes himself immediately after you bathed him, etc. Find answers to weird questions! Whether they jump over very long distances or usually fall on their feet, or hide in boxes or climb high places, cats have always managed to amaze and amuse us with their behavior and abilities. And we still don't know everything about them.

1. Why don't people like it when the cat licks them?

It is neither the most pleasant thing, because the tongue is very rough, nor the most common thing for a kitten. However, licking is the best way to show your affection. When they are little, kittens enjoy the attention and care of their mother, this being the first sign of the condition they learn. To show you that I love you, the cats will take care of you, washing you :)

2. Why do some guests not love cats?

When an animal threatens another animal, it stares at it and approaches it. This is how an animal lover behaves who can't take his eyes off the kitten. A person who does not suffer from cats will avoid looking at her and approaching her. For this reason, the kitten will perceive her as a benevolent and non-threatening person.

3. Why don't you like licking our fur after a fresh bath?

There are several theories to explain this behavior. On the one hand, it is said that the cat wants to get rid of the human smell. On the other hand, it is assumed that the cat wants to prolong the pleasant moment and wants to smell you again.

Image: AlterMark

4. Do you know why cats use sand?

In the wild, kittens bury the big deal to hide their presence from predators or rivals.

5. Why do cats check the sand before using it?

Each kitten had at least one less pleasant experience with a puddle of mud, so check the territory first.

6. Why do cats attack people's ankles?

The kitten actually wants to play, and her favorite ways to play are the ones inherited from the wild: surprise attacks, jumps, etc. So he will attack what he finds most at hand… his ankles. Give him another way to play and he will leave you alone.

7. Why does your cat bring dead or near-dead animals?

There are several explanations. It can be considered a way to show gratitude for the fact that you feed her and take care of her. Another explanation is that the cat brings its prey home, where it can eat it safely or play with it in peace. The notions of life and death, morality, etc. are unknown to the cat, so she won't understand why you're arguing with her. No matter how domesticated, the animal instinct sometimes makes its presence felt.

8. Why does the kitten play with prey?

Cats are attracted to movement. If he has the desire to play or attack, he will remember the moment of the attack playing with prey.

9. Why do you put your toys in food?

The area where the cat eats is her area. No one does anything else there, so the area belongs to him and is safe, and the cat will bring all his belongings there.

10. Why does the cat roll on its back?

Sometimes cats want to show their confidence in you, and they sit on their backs to let you caress their bellies. At other times, he simply wants to play. If the kitten is in heat, then rolling on the back is part of the foreplay.

11. Why do cats put their paws on the window?

They just check to see if there really is a barrier or not.

12. Why do cats want to drink tap water?

Your kitten likes food and fresh water, and moving water gives her the certainty that water is good. So you will always prefer to drink water directly from the tap or from the bathroom than from the bowl.

Image: we coat

13. Why do cats wash so often?

First of all, it's about hygiene. Second, cats wash when they feel ashamed or threatened. For example, if he did something stupid and slipped or hit himself, he grabbed and washed nonchalantly, as if that was their goal.

14. Why does the cat need fixed attention when talking on the phone?

Seeing that you are talking and you do not have an interlocutor, the cat will assume that you are talking to her, so she will answer you.

15. Why doesn't the cat eat directly from the bowl?

The kitten can't stand her mustache being touched, so if the bowl is too narrow or too deep, she will find a more comfortable way to eat.

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super cats😀

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