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The real Wonder Women

3 years ago

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If you are good at memes, then you can earn some good money.

Bud Light is looking for Chief Meme Officer (CMO), a job that involves exactly what the title suggests. You will be responsible for creating good memes, which are humorous pictures that people can quickly copy and distribute on the Internet.

Memes had to highlight the Bud Light Seltzer, a 100-calorie drink available in black cherries, lemon juice, mangoes and strawberries. Bud Light posted a list of jobs on LinkedIn on Tuesday and offered the right candidate $ 5,000 a month.

On this vacation can apply adults over the age of 21 who want to join the brand's marketing team for three months. You can apply until September 20, 2020.

The role will require you to enjoy Bud Light Seltzer, create 10 viral memes and post the final product via social media, the company says.

The popularity of spirits erupted this year after the pandemic abruptly closed bars, restaurants and clubs in America.

Bud Light launched its strong Seltzer line in January ahead of the Super Bowl. The drink costs $ 3 per box or $ 15.99 for 12 packs.

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All the behaviors and addictions that appear to us in adult life have their roots in childhood, because the problems are registered in the subconscious and are manifested when a certain situation reveals them.


Everyone has childhood traumas, and the consequences appear when you are already mature. Johnny Depp is no exception. His divorce papers show shocking revelations about his childhood and how much he was affected by his mother's lack of affection. He was practically abandoned by the woman who gave him life.

Johnny can be presented in interviews as follows: he started taking drugs at the age of 11, at the age of 16 he left school to become a musician, and in 1980 he played guitar in the band The Kids. He moved to L&A and lived in the car for months. His first role came in 1984, "The Nightmare on Elm Street," after meeting Nicolas Cage.

"He said that from the age of 11 he took all sorts of substances: marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, strong sedatives, opium and hallucinogenic mushrooms. In this way, get rid of family problems. Look for relief in them. He struggled to succeed. It's hard to believe that at 16 he could take care of himself. It is clear to me: his mother abandoned him when he needed her most ", said a close source.

Here is what Depp said about his mother in a 2018 interview for Rolling Stone magazine. The woman died in 2016:


"My mother was born in a Kentucky slum and started taking phenobarbital at the age of 12."

About his father, who was an engineer, Depp confessed that he was never present in his life. He and three other siblings were raised by his mother alone, but he admitted that he had a heartbreaking and unhappy childhood.

"It simply came to our notice then. An ashtray in his head, maybe a phone. It was like a haunted house, no one was talking to anyone. I couldn't think of people, especially women, other than the idea of ​​changing them, or rather "fixing them," out of a clear idea that they all have problems",Johnny said. 

The actor remembered that he massaged his mother's legs after coming from his job as a waitress. At the woman's funeral, the actor was astonished with his statement: "I think my mother was the worst being I have ever met in my life."

Depp is considered to be one of the best film actors in the world. He managed to win critical acclaim for his performances, which included the following roles: director and director Ed Wood in Ed Wood, undercover FBI agent Joseph D. Pistone in Donnie Brasco, author JM Barrie in Finding Neverland, and Whitey Bulger, the American gangster from Black Mask.

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Traveling now is difficult, and in many places it is impossible. But the borders have begun to slowly open - and this year's vacation already sounds like a plan, not just a dream. But how risky is it and is it even possible to protect yourself from coronavirus on vacation? Weigh the pros and cons together.

Over the past year, everyone has grown tired of worries, confusion and prohibitions. This article was written to help you decide whether or not to go on vacation in 2021. Bemorepanda explains you how it is going.

Coronavirus: Summer holiday plans at risk over lack of travel insurance -  BBC News

Tourism in the era of coronavirus: where can you go abroad now? And whether to go at all?

Some countries are opening borders and easing quarantine measures, but this does not add confidence. The question of whether it is safe to travel now is even more worrisome after the resumption of international traffic.

The answer depends on many factors: the way of travel (by plane, train, car, or something else), direction, fresh statistics on cases of coronavirus infection in a certain place, quarantine measures and current prevention methods.

Should I book a flight this year?

Coronavirus: What to Consider While Planning Your Summer Vacation | Houston  Methodist On Health

Long queues at the check-in counters, security checks at the airport, waiting for departure side by side with a crowd of strangers, several hours in an airplane seat in the same cabin with other passengers - all this raises doubts about the safety of flights during a pandemic.

But the good news is that airports and airlines have already adjusted to the new reality.

For example, carriers have introduced flexible rules for canceling and postponing flight bookings, and large air hubs are closing some terminals to ensure more effective security measures in a pandemic. There are also far fewer cafes and shops at airports. Some sell only takeaway.

The temperature is measured at anyone who enters the airport building: passengers, greeters, crew members, airport staff and everyone else. In some cases, non-contact thermometers and thermal imagers are used again - just before boarding a flight.

In public transport, taxis, in terminal terminals and during the entire flight, masks are required, and sometimes other personal protective equipment (face screens, for example) are required.

How to stay safe when flying, according to two experts | World Economic  Forum

Social distancing rules are widely followed. Airlines are changing seating positions in aircraft cabins whenever possible, offering self-check-in instead of check-in at counters, and redesigning the queuing system so that passengers are at a safe distance from each other. The cabins of the largest carriers are equipped with HEPA air filters. Some air terminals have introduced one-way traffic through terminals to reduce the number of personal contacts between people.

The approach of airlines to in-flight meals has also changed: some carriers no longer serve food on their flights, others have cut down on the menu and offer only individually packaged snacks and drinks in cans. It's safer to take a snack with you from home - just check the airlines' requirements for food in hand luggage.

Isn't it dangerous to stay in hotels during the coronavirus?

Traveling during coronavirus: Tips to stay safe in hotels

Major hotel chains and small family hotels are well aware that in the era of the coronavirus, guests' demands on the hygiene and safety of vacation homes have increased.

To reduce the risks for guests, many hotels offer contactless check-in and check-out and virtual reception, but almost everywhere they abandoned the buffet and free use of pools and other public areas. In the hotels of large world chains, even the room service has been replaced with an application: you place an order through your smartphone - and it is left under the room door.

Social markings and machines with sanitizers at every turn are a new reality in the hotel world. Many good hotels use disinfectant mats, air ionizers and electrostatic filters, and offer guests free masks. Cleanliness in rooms is now more closely monitored than before the pandemic: in many hotels, tables with a schedule for the latest and planned cleaning have appeared, and the cleaning protocols themselves have become more stringent.

Coronavirus: Hotels and Airbnb plan 'fundamental shift' after COVID-19  lockdowns | Euronews

Most hotels around the world now allow free cancellation or modification of reservations up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled check-in date. And to make you even more relaxed, the cleanliness rating is immediately visible in the search results for hotels on Skyscanner. It shows you the hotel's hygiene standards and helps you make an informed booking decision.

Is it safe now to travel by car and is it worth renting a car on vacation from a hygiene point of view?

How a Nurse Road Trips During a Pandemic | Outside Online

Analysts predict an increase in demand for car rental and car sharing during the pandemic, as these are safer alternatives to public transport. If you rent a car on a trip or drive a car sharing car, do not forget about safety measures: gloves, ventilation and treatment of contact surfaces with an antiseptic will never hurt.

Car rental offices are doing everything to ensure that their service meets safety requirements during the coronavirus period. The giants are investing in the development of machines that unlock automatically, that is, without keys walking from hand to hand. But that's not all: many measures to protect against COVID-19 have already been implemented.

COVID-19: How to make your car safe after exposure and other tips for safe  travel

For example, a car from Sixt can now be ordered, picked up and returned without personal contact with managers and agents. The keys are left in the locker, which you can access through the mobile application. Another car rental company, Zipcar, has already introduced a mobile car unlocking system: they have an app that replaces keys. Read about other travel contactless technologies.

Is it dangerous to travel by train until the COVID-19 pandemic is over?

All aboard: Is it safe to take a train during the COVID-19 pandemic? |  Daily Sabah

Against the backdrop of the pandemic, railways strictly follows the recommendations.

Measures to ensure the sanitary safety of train passengers in our country are divided into two types:

Disinfection of trains. Before leaving the route, each train is thoroughly disinfected. Bed linen, which is given to passengers for rest and spending the night on the train, also undergoes additional sanitation.

Staff at train stations and on trains must wear masks and undergo a body temperature check before going on shift. All railway workers have received special training - they know how to take care of a passenger who has symptoms of SARS on the way, and of those around them.

Comprehensive disinfection is carried out at railway stations with the participation of specialists. A safe distance between passengers is also respected. The most walk-through places, checkout rooms, sanitary rooms, platforms, walkways and office premises are treated with special disinfectants. There are markings everywhere, and there are vending machines with sanitizers at the entrance, at the ticket office and in the waiting rooms. In some places, personal protective equipment (PPE) is issued.

Do they measure the temperature on the train and how is the railway being treated now?

Passengers disallowed train travel due to COVID-19 symptoms to get full  refund: Railways- The New Indian Express

On the way, train passengers are measured twice a day. If someone has a high rate, the conductors will exclude contact between the passenger and others and call an ambulance to the nearest station.

At least four times a day during the journey, the personnel must sanitize all surfaces of the rolling stock using means that prevent the spread of bacteria.

In addition to disinfecting bed linen and carriage surfaces,railways ensures safety in restaurant carriages. They use sanitization and checkerboard seating to maintain social distance, and all service personnel wear masks. If you do not want to visit the restaurant car, you can order any dish from the menu from the conductor with delivery to your place.

Similar rules apply at train stations and on trains abroad. Thorough multiple disinfection, social markup, checkerboard seating, thermometry, sanitizers, masks and contactless payment for services are used.

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Mother instinct ❤️

2 years ago

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50 things to do this summer

8 months ago

We've put together a list of the best things to do this summer- indoors and outdoors, alone and with friends. Hurry to cross out all the points!


Things to do this summer


Summer is a particular time. Everyone tries to live a bright and eventful life. The days are getting longer; many people have a well-deserved vacation, and more free time needs to be taken in some unique way. You can make your list of hundreds of summer things, but we suggest starting with these:


1. Go on a spontaneous journey

All adventures begin with a spontaneous decision. A tour around the country, a weekend on the Cote d'Azur, or an unexpected visit to your beloved grandmother in the village - no matter what it will be, the main thing is to do everything quickly and without delay.


2. Walk all night long

What would summer be without long walks under the stars? The light of lanterns, deserted streets, and rare cars - feel the romance of a big city.


3. Kissing in the rain

Naturally, no romantic movie is complete without a kiss in the rain. If a downpour takes you by surprise, do not be discouraged, but seize the moment.


4. Try a new dish

Summer is always a new experience. Be sure to try the local cuisine if you're on a trip, or stop by a restaurant near your home and order a dessert you've never eaten before.


5. Help a stranger

Even if you do not believe in karma, memories of a good deed will warm your soul for a long time. Besides, perhaps a stranger is your destiny?


6. Write a letter

Send a postcard to a friend or write a letter to yourself in the future.


7. Read a new book

Have you been postponing War and Peace for a long time? Or are you still not going to read Zhadan's latest collection? Take action!


8. Try a Rooftop Picnic

What could be more romantic than a rooftop? Now some companies are ready to help organize parties and dates on the most enviable rooftops of the city.


9. Get lost in Paris

This is a classic.


10. Change your image

Admit it, you always dreamed of being in the place of a girl from a movie who leaves the salon with perfect styling and high heels, and passers-by turn around after her.


11. Run on a deserted beach

Yes, it's a stamp. But it’s also an excellent opportunity to feel like “the same girl from the movie.”


12. Throw a coin into the fountain to return

The main thing is to believe.


13. Play a friend


14. Light up at a noisy party

Dancing at the bar, summer cocktails, and good music - everything seems more straightforward and more fun in summer.


15. Try an extreme attraction

Parachute jump, roller coaster, or ordinary "banana" on the sea - take a chance!


16. Meet the sunset


17. Host a Candlelight Dinner

Very simple and very romantic.


18. Fall in love

When, if not in the summer?


19. Launch a Chinese lantern

It is better if the whole company gathers you.


20. Realize your old dream

Dig into your memories, re-read your wish list and act!


21. Do something stupid

Sing songs, laugh, splash water, and draw on the pavement. As Exupery said: " All adults were children at. First, only a few of them remember this."


22. Spend a day at home

Our scenario: a blanket, ice cream, and Bridget Jones's Diary. You can come up with your own. The main thing is to prepare in advance and stock up on goodies for the whole day.


23. Watch a movie

All parts of "Harry Potter" or "Sex and the City." Arrange a retrospective evening and revisit your favorite films.


24. Get rid of junk

Gifts from the former, a broken powder box, old papers, and 100 more items of unnecessary things - it's time to say goodbye to them.


25. Saying “Yes” all day

Like that movie with Jim Carrey, remember how it all ended?


26. Spend a day without any means of communication

No phone, internet, TV, or tablet. Scary? Consider it a test of endurance.


27. Review family records

A great way to spend time with family and remember the funniest childhood moments.


28. Arrange a photoshoot

In every summer movie, there is a moment when a group of friends takes a selfie. Do not miss the opportunity to take a photo for memory ...


29. Print summer photos


30. Look through a telescope

Seeing the Moon and the Milky Way up close is what you need to do in the summer. In August, the stars always fall! It is best to do astronomy outside the city - the night sky is better seen there.


31. Volunteer

You will be surprised, but volunteer work is not free. It’s just that it’s not paid for with money but with impressions. Volunteering at an equestrian club can interact with horses and maybe even ride. And volunteers at the stadium will be able to watch football for free. Find out where helpers are needed in your city!


32. Find a summer job if you are 14 years old.


33. Get out of your comfort zone

Walk up and talk to a stranger, ride a bike to the city's other end try something you have long been afraid of or embarrassed about. This is a must-do item for the summer!


34. All day long, compliment those around you - even strangers. 

"You look great!" It doesn't cost anything to cheer someone up.


35. Walk 30,000 steps in a day. 

It's not as much as it seems. Just go for a walk wherever your eyes look.


36. Walk barefoot on the grass. 

The list of things to do in the summer would be incomplete without this. A trifle, but pleasant and good for health!


37. Measure time with a sundial

Anyone can make a sundial, but one cannot tell the time from it. 


38. Read


39. Cooking food on a campfire is a thing that needs to be done in the summer. 

While studying, such an opportunity is given infrequently.


40. Bury up to your neck in the sand

Another thing to do in summer is it doesn't feel the same as winter.


41. Make a home shadow theater. 

Make up a story, cut out characters from cardboard, and put on a show.


42. Take a break from devices. 

Have a "digital detox" with friends - walk, chat, and have fun, but do not touch phones and computers. The world will be a little different, we guarantee!


43. Go to the rope park. 

The best is the outdoors. Have fun, enjoy the views from above and test your skill.


44. Arrange a board game championship. 

A great occasion to gather offline friends and have a fun evening.


45. Participate in a flash mob. 

Such events bring together and give a lot of positive emotions.


46. ​​Go on an expedition. 

It is not necessary to climb Everest - you can choose a forest nearby, come up with tasks, distribute roles in a team and go on an adventure.


47. Participate in the quest. 

Now they are held in every city. Choose the most exciting one, and organize it yourself if you don’t find anything to your liking! ‍


48. Organize a race of homemade boats made of paper, bark, and anything that floats. 

Find the stream faster and find out whose boat is faster.


49. Go to a flea market. 

There you can find natural treasures for mere pennies.


50. Read new articles on



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