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Koalas are amazing mammals that do not have any related species among those living on the planet. And, despite some outward resemblance to bears, koalas are completely different creatures. Their friendly disposition, funny habits and attractive appearance have long made them the favorites of the public in many countries. They even became one of the symbols of Australia. In this article, we will reveal interesting facts about koalas and help you better understand these creatures.

1. The only continent they inhabit is Australia.

2. Koalas are one of the few marsupial animals in the world.

3. Newborn cubs are not yet fully developed embryos, like, for example, kangaroos, and therefore, after birth, they spend about 6 months in their mother's pouch.

4. Koalas do not have any different species - only one. Although a certain biological similarity with wombats is still traced, the latter are more reminiscent of huge hamsters.

5. The first settlers in Australia considered koalas to be bears because of their appearance. However, further research showed that they were wrong.

6. In our time, the habitat of koalas in the wild is about 1 million square kilometers. This is about twice the area of ​​Spain.

7. The basis of the diet of koalas are eucalyptus leaves. They are low in calories, and therefore these animals are rather slow, and they constantly eat most of their lives.

8. The first food to which koalas teach their cubs is the excrement of the mother. From them, the cubs receive nutrients that are not fully digested, and thus their body learns to assimilate eucalyptus.

9. Koalas usually form harems, where there are 3-4 females per male, or even more.

10. The gestation period of a female koala usually does not exceed a month. This is very small for such a relatively large animal, therefore, the development of a newborn cub continues in the mother's pouch.

11. James Cook, who opened the coast of Australia for Europeans, did not see any koalas.

12. They were first noticed and investigated only after several decades.

13. Koalas have a very slow metabolism, it is about 2 times slower in comparison with other warm-blooded mammals. Because of this, they survive on a low-calorie diet of eucalyptus leaves.

14. Despite the seeming awkwardness, koalas run pretty fast.

15. They swim, by the way, very well.


16. Koalas have five toes on their feet, but only four of them have claws. They help these animals climb trees.

17. Koalas living in the south of Australia are noticeably larger than their relatives from the north of the mainland.

18. On the front paws of koalas there are two thumbs, but no index.

19. The fur of these animals is very soft and delicate to the touch, and the thickness of the fur coat reaches 2-3 centimeters.

20. Whenever possible, koalas move by jumping from tree to tree.

21. They drop to the ground extremely rarely, as they are afraid of predators.

22. Eucalyptus leaves are almost never eaten by other animals, as they are poisonous. However, koalas have adapted to eating them, however, even they eat only 120 species out of almost 1000 - those in which there is less poison. In addition to leaves, they also eat young shoots.

23. The cry of a frightened koala is very similar to the cry of a baby.

24. Most of the koala's life is motionless.

25. They either sit and chew the leaves melancholy, or they just don't move. This is a consequence of the aforementioned slow metabolism.

26. During the mating season, male koalas, attracting a female, can scream so loudly that these screams are heard at a distance of 2-3 kilometers.

27. A study of the fossil remains of koalas showed that their ancestors had much larger brains. Over time, it degraded, most likely due to a low-calorie diet.

28. Male koalas have two penises, while females have two vaginas and two uterus.

29. The ratio of brain mass to body mass in these animals is one of the smallest among all mammals. On average, in an adult koala, the brain accounts for only about 0.2% of the total body weight.

30. Koalas have fingerprints, which are almost indistinguishable from human ones. Apart from them, only humans and monkeys have fingerprints.

31. The average lifespan of koalas in the wild is still unknown. The official record in captivity is 18 years.

32. Koalas spend almost their entire life in the crowns of eucalyptus trees.

33. Koalas are the only modern representatives of the family of the same name.

34. Contrary to popular belief, koalas are not bears and do not have any family ties with them.

35. The Latin name of the species of koalas is translated as "ashen".

36. Tenacious fingers, which have a special structure, allow koalas not only to climb trees, but also to sleep, clinging to the nearest branch or trunk.

37. Frightened or injured koalas scream like little children.

38. Pregnancy of koalas lasts about a month.

39. The body length of newborn koalas is only 15-18 mm.

40. The ancestors of the koala lived on our planet 25 million years ago. The animal was called Coalemus.

41. Koala is not afraid of sun rays and precipitation.

42. In the zoo, koalas live up to 18 years.

43. Koalas don't see very well. The deficiency is fully compensated for by excellent hearing and smell.

44. It's no secret that the most expensive coffee in the world is luwak. It is made from the excrement of small animals.

45. Due to the lack of competition in eating eucalyptus leaves, animals never need food.

46. ​​Koalas practically do not move on the ground. They descend from the tree, only to climb the next one.

47. Despite the use of eucalyptus leaves, animals often get sick.

48. Koalas do not hesitate to ask people for help. This happens during illness or moisture deficiency.

49. During the forest fires in Australia 10 years ago, koalas came to people in droves for water. However, even in the absence of cataclysms, it is often possible to meet an animal not far from the road.

50. Koala is on the list of animals that have a harmless appearance and at the same time are quite dangerous.

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We've put together a list of the best things to do this summer- indoors and outdoors, alone and with friends. Hurry to cross out all the points!


Things to do this summer


Summer is a particular time. Everyone tries to live a bright and eventful life. The days are getting longer; many people have a well-deserved vacation, and more free time needs to be taken in some unique way. You can make your list of hundreds of summer things, but we suggest starting with these:


1. Go on a spontaneous journey

All adventures begin with a spontaneous decision. A tour around the country, a weekend on the Cote d'Azur, or an unexpected visit to your beloved grandmother in the village - no matter what it will be, the main thing is to do everything quickly and without delay.


2. Walk all night long

What would summer be without long walks under the stars? The light of lanterns, deserted streets, and rare cars - feel the romance of a big city.


3. Kissing in the rain

Naturally, no romantic movie is complete without a kiss in the rain. If a downpour takes you by surprise, do not be discouraged, but seize the moment.


4. Try a new dish

Summer is always a new experience. Be sure to try the local cuisine if you're on a trip, or stop by a restaurant near your home and order a dessert you've never eaten before.


5. Help a stranger

Even if you do not believe in karma, memories of a good deed will warm your soul for a long time. Besides, perhaps a stranger is your destiny?


6. Write a letter

Send a postcard to a friend or write a letter to yourself in the future.


7. Read a new book

Have you been postponing War and Peace for a long time? Or are you still not going to read Zhadan's latest collection? Take action!


8. Try a Rooftop Picnic

What could be more romantic than a rooftop? Now some companies are ready to help organize parties and dates on the most enviable rooftops of the city.


9. Get lost in Paris

This is a classic.


10. Change your image

Admit it, you always dreamed of being in the place of a girl from a movie who leaves the salon with perfect styling and high heels, and passers-by turn around after her.


11. Run on a deserted beach

Yes, it's a stamp. But it’s also an excellent opportunity to feel like “the same girl from the movie.”


12. Throw a coin into the fountain to return

The main thing is to believe.


13. Play a friend


14. Light up at a noisy party

Dancing at the bar, summer cocktails, and good music - everything seems more straightforward and more fun in summer.


15. Try an extreme attraction

Parachute jump, roller coaster, or ordinary "banana" on the sea - take a chance!


16. Meet the sunset


17. Host a Candlelight Dinner

Very simple and very romantic.


18. Fall in love

When, if not in the summer?


19. Launch a Chinese lantern

It is better if the whole company gathers you.


20. Realize your old dream

Dig into your memories, re-read your wish list and act!


21. Do something stupid

Sing songs, laugh, splash water, and draw on the pavement. As Exupery said: " All adults were children at. First, only a few of them remember this."


22. Spend a day at home

Our scenario: a blanket, ice cream, and Bridget Jones's Diary. You can come up with your own. The main thing is to prepare in advance and stock up on goodies for the whole day.


23. Watch a movie

All parts of "Harry Potter" or "Sex and the City." Arrange a retrospective evening and revisit your favorite films.


24. Get rid of junk

Gifts from the former, a broken powder box, old papers, and 100 more items of unnecessary things - it's time to say goodbye to them.


25. Saying “Yes” all day

Like that movie with Jim Carrey, remember how it all ended?


26. Spend a day without any means of communication

No phone, internet, TV, or tablet. Scary? Consider it a test of endurance.


27. Review family records

A great way to spend time with family and remember the funniest childhood moments.


28. Arrange a photoshoot

In every summer movie, there is a moment when a group of friends takes a selfie. Do not miss the opportunity to take a photo for memory ...


29. Print summer photos


30. Look through a telescope

Seeing the Moon and the Milky Way up close is what you need to do in the summer. In August, the stars always fall! It is best to do astronomy outside the city - the night sky is better seen there.


31. Volunteer

You will be surprised, but volunteer work is not free. It’s just that it’s not paid for with money but with impressions. Volunteering at an equestrian club can interact with horses and maybe even ride. And volunteers at the stadium will be able to watch football for free. Find out where helpers are needed in your city!


32. Find a summer job if you are 14 years old.


33. Get out of your comfort zone

Walk up and talk to a stranger, ride a bike to the city's other end try something you have long been afraid of or embarrassed about. This is a must-do item for the summer!


34. All day long, compliment those around you - even strangers. 

"You look great!" It doesn't cost anything to cheer someone up.


35. Walk 30,000 steps in a day. 

It's not as much as it seems. Just go for a walk wherever your eyes look.


36. Walk barefoot on the grass. 

The list of things to do in the summer would be incomplete without this. A trifle, but pleasant and good for health!


37. Measure time with a sundial

Anyone can make a sundial, but one cannot tell the time from it. 


38. Read


39. Cooking food on a campfire is a thing that needs to be done in the summer. 

While studying, such an opportunity is given infrequently.


40. Bury up to your neck in the sand

Another thing to do in summer is it doesn't feel the same as winter.


41. Make a home shadow theater. 

Make up a story, cut out characters from cardboard, and put on a show.


42. Take a break from devices. 

Have a "digital detox" with friends - walk, chat, and have fun, but do not touch phones and computers. The world will be a little different, we guarantee!


43. Go to the rope park. 

The best is the outdoors. Have fun, enjoy the views from above and test your skill.


44. Arrange a board game championship. 

A great occasion to gather offline friends and have a fun evening.


45. Participate in a flash mob. 

Such events bring together and give a lot of positive emotions.


46. ​​Go on an expedition. 

It is not necessary to climb Everest - you can choose a forest nearby, come up with tasks, distribute roles in a team and go on an adventure.


47. Participate in the quest. 

Now they are held in every city. Choose the most exciting one, and organize it yourself if you don’t find anything to your liking! ‍


48. Organize a race of homemade boats made of paper, bark, and anything that floats. 

Find the stream faster and find out whose boat is faster.


49. Go to a flea market. 

There you can find natural treasures for mere pennies.


50. Read new articles on



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