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Have you ordered the new iPhone? 😀

4 years ago
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Apple released a new version of the iOS operating system, which includes many new features, including user privacy.

Thus, many years away from Google, iOS supports widgets that can be placed on the main screen. Until now, iOS widgets could be placed on a separate screen. Now widgets and applications will share the same screens.


iOS 14 gives a completely new look to the things you do most often, as well as easier use than ever. New features provide you with everything you need, exactly when you need it. And the applications you use all the time become even smarter, more personal, and more private.

1.Widgets on the Home screen

The widgets have been completely redesigned to give you more information at a glance. And now you can add them to the Home Screen. Choose from different sizes and arrange them however you want.


2. The application library

The new Application Library automatically organizes all your applications into a simple, easy-to-navigate view. Applications are sorted by category and the most used applications are always just a touch away.


3.Compact call display

Calls from iPhone, FaceTime, and third-party apps are displayed in a completely new, more compact design that doesn't take up the entire screen.


4. Using two applications simultaneously

You can now continue watching videos or making a FaceTime call while using another application.



Keeping in touch with others has never been more essential. So iOS 14 gives you new ways to connect to the conversations that matter most, to keep up to date with group conversations, and to express yourself exactly the way you want.

6. Fixed conversations

Fix up to nine of the most important conversations at the top of the conversation list so you can easily access them.


7. Group photos

Give the group conversation a visual identity by adding a picture or memo. Or choose an emoticon.



Write a name to direct a message to someone. When you are mentioned, your name is highlighted. You can even customize an active group to receive notifications only when you are mentioned.


9. Direct answers

You can now reply directly to a specific message in a group conversation. You can view the answers in the full conversation or in a thread that includes them all for a more specific view.


10. New Memoji styles and stickers

In addition to the new age options and face masks, you can choose from over 20 new hairstyles and accessories that reflect your hobby, profession, and personality.

11. Maps

Maps are the best way to navigate and explore the world while protecting your privacy. With Maps in iOS 14, it's easier than ever to discover new places to travel and eco-friendly ways to get there.


12. Indications for cycling

You can now use Maps to get directions for cycling using bike lanes, routes, and roads. You can also see level differences, crowded streets, stairs, and steep passages when planning your route.


13. Guides

Apple Maps editors have partnered with trusted brands and partners to provide guides to wonderful places around the world where you can eat, shop, and explore. You can save your guides, and they're automatically updated when new places are added. , so you always have the latest recommendations.


14. Translation

Conversations in different languages ​​should be conducted naturally and easily. In addition, they must remain confidential. Introducing the all-new Translation app, designed for conversations in 11 different languages.


15. Conversation Mode

With Translation, conversations are meant to be easy. Turn the phone to landscape mode and tap the single microphone button to say something.

16. Translation app

Do you want to use the Translation app even when you don't have internet access? Use all the features of the application for the downloaded languages ​​and keep the translations private, without having to deactivate the internet connection of the phone.


17. Favorite

Save the translations in the Favorites tab for easy access later. You can also view recent history and save sentences you've just translated.


18. Attention Mode

Enlarge the translated text in landscape view to make it easier to read and more effective when you want to get someone's attention.


19. Home App

The Home app helps you manage your home smarter and, most importantly, more safely. And now it's easier than ever to take advantage of the wide selection of HomeKit accessories.


20. Automation suggestions

When you add a new HomeKit accessory, the Home app suggests useful automation so you can get it up and running right away.

21. House Status

A new visual status in the Home app prioritizes the accessories that need your attention the most and allows you to easily control them.


22. Adaptive lighting

Set your lights to change their color temperature during the day.


23. Safari

Surfing the internet must be fast, powerful, and private. So with iOS 14, Safari is more responsive and capable than ever, while also offering you new ways to protect your privacy.


24. BetaTranslation

Safari can now translate websites into seven different languages. When you enter a website that Safari can translate, an icon appears. Touch and read.


25.Back Tap

Back Tap (under the Touch menu), and it lets you double or triple tap the back of your iPhone to perform certain actions faster. 

A logical thing you could do is set your iPhone to take a screenshot when you double or triple-tap the phone. Firing up Siri is also a solid option, as is opening the Control or Notification Center if you prefer tapping to sliding your finger across the screen. Frankly, nearly all of them are great. 


26. Confidentiality report

You can now tap the Privacy Report button to better understand how websites treat privacy. Password monitoring.

Safari warns you if the password has been used.


27. AirPods

AirPods offer a magical audio experience. With iOS 14, this magic has some new tricks, whether you're listening to music, a podcast, or watching a movie.


28. Spatial audio

Take the surround sound anywhere with you.


29. Battery notifications

New battery notifications conveniently let you know when to charge your AirPods.


30. Automatic switching

Switch seamlessly from one device to another without manually switching AirPods. If you end a phone call on your iPhone and pick up your iPad to watch a movie, the AirPods headphones will be switched automatically.

31. Headphone sound adjustment

Adjust the sound of the AirPods headphones according to your hearing differences. Headphone adjustment amplifies faint sounds and can adapt them to individual hearing, so that music, phone calls, and more have a clearer sound.


32. Audio sharing for Apple TV

Connect two sets of AirPods to your Apple TV 4K, so you can enjoy movies and shows with someone without disturbing others.


33. App Clips

Apps in the App Store have changed the way we do almost everything. Now there is an even faster way to take advantage of them with App Clips. A small part of an app - a so-called App Clip - can be discovered when you need it and focus on a specific task.


34. Discover App Clips

App Clips are easy to discover and use exactly when you need them. Such as renting a bicycle, paying for parking, ordering food, and much more.


35. Resume Animation Discover App Clips

Fast loading.

Small size. It charges in seconds. It launches quickly.

36. Simple and confidential

Quickly log in to apps that use Apple Connect, then securely and instantly transact with apps that use Apple Pay.


37. Confidentiality

Confidentiality is a fundamental human right and is at the heart of everything we do. That's why, with iOS 14, we give you more control over the data you share and more transparency over how it's used.


38. Privacy information in the App Store

You can now get information in the App Store to help you understand the privacy practices of each app before downloading it.


39. Registration indicator

An indicator appears at the top of the screen each time an application uses your microphone or camera. And in the Control Center, you can see if an application has used them recently.


40. Upgrade to Connect with Apple

Easily switch to Connect with Apple when you sign in to participating apps. You will keep the account you are already using, but you have a password to keep in mind.

41. Approximate location

Share only your approximate location and not your exact location - a perfect solution for apps like local news or weather.


42.Apple Arcade

Discover and play your next game with new navigation features in Apple Arcade. Now you can see which games are popular with your friends in Game Center. And you can easily take your games to iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV with the Continue the game function.


43. Camera

 Take pictures in record time, with faster speed on the first picture and optimized performance between shots. And now you can set a certain exposure value with the new exposure compensation control, while blocking the camera's focus for a certain picture. 


44.Game Center

Game Center has a new, gorgeous design that helps you discover new games and play with friends. Quickly access your Game Center trophies, leaderboards and profile directly from the App Store and Game Center-enabled games.


45. Health

A completely new sleep experience from the Health app, helps you reach your sleep goals. The new hearing functions help you understand how much you listen to media on your headphones and how they can affect your hearing over time. You can manage your health and safety in one place with the Health Checklist.

46. ​​Notes

The artificial intelligence on your device helps you do everything better - from finding notes faster to scanning documents more clearly. And the design updates in the app help you focus your attention on the content and the most important actions.



Organize your photos and videos with new filtering and sorting options, and easily navigate using zoom in and out in multiple views in Photos.



Quick input and smart suggestions can help you record new reminders effortlessly. Members of a shared list can now assign reminders to each other, so sharing tasks is easier than ever.



The most popular audio recording application in the world receives new tools for organizing recordings. And the new recording enhancement feature optimizes sound quality with a simple touch.



Be aware of severe weather events and find out about future weather changes so you know if it will be significantly warmer, colder, or wetter the next day. In the US, you can see a graph showing a minute-by-minute forecast of precipitation intensity in the next hour.


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During the protests triggered by the death of the black American George Floyd, among the target shops of the protesters' robberies was the giant Apple, from where many phones and other devices were stolen.  However, it appears that the perpetrators will not be able to use any object "purchased" illegally,

 The iPhones stolen by those who robbed Apple stores during the protests triggered by the death of George Floyd will not only not be able to be used, but would take the police directly to the thieves, informs BBC.

The stolen phones were deactivated by the company and are being tracked, and local authorities were notified of the theft.  The company sent a message displayed on their screens, explaining all these things.

 Several images with these warnings appeared on the screens of the stolen phones were later published on social networks.  Apple has temporarily closed some of its stores in the US, after a series of attacks during the BLM-Black Lives Matter movement.

 There has long been a suspicion that phones on display in Apple stores have software installed that allows them to be tracked even if they are stolen.  This was originally created if they are lost, if the buyer can no longer find his mobile.

 The photos published on social networks confirm these rumors.  An image on Twitter shows a phone with the message: "Please return the product to Apple Walnut Street.  This device has been disabled and is being tracked.  Local authorities will be alerted. "  It seems that this type of message would have appeared on all stolen electronics during this period, so thieves will not be able to enjoy their use.

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Rumors of Apple's involvement in the automotive industry are not just rumors, given that several hundred people are already working in the prototype development department of a car, and people in Apple's management have already met in Austria with several car manufacturers, including with officials from Magna Steyr, a company that assembles cars for several brands, from Mercedes-Benz to BMW. Here's everything you need to know about what Apple could do in the automotive industry by Bemorepanda.

1. Apple has a mountain of money that lies unspent

$ 155 billion in cash. It made a profit of 18 billion in the first quarter of fiscal year 2015 alone (October-December 2014). BMW and Mercedes-Benz, together, are worth a little over 105 billion dollars (BMW: 83 billion, Mercedes-Benz: 23.8 billion). Tesla is worth $ 25 billion. Romania's gross domestic product was, last year, about 190 billion dollars. That's to put things in perspective. By the way, Apple's market value is about $ 483 billion…

This is what Apple's headquarters will look like in the near future. Really, cities do not build Apple?

2. Apple already has hundreds of people working on this project

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, Apple already has several hundred employees working on this project, and the team will reach 1,000 people. So no, it's not just a rumor. Cars with the Apple logo on them are already on the streets of California, and the project is clearly one for autonomous cars…

3. The project is essential for Apple, given who runs it

This is not a side project, given that Steve Zadesky, Apple's vice president, has been named at the helm, none other than the one who led the development teams of the two products that brought Apple to where it is today: iPod and iPhone . His appointment as team leader shows that Apple considers involvement in the automotive field as a priority.

Стала известна точная дата презентации электромобиля Apple Car -

4. We don't know yet if it will be a car that will go into production, but we can guess

Analysts are still divided on whether to produce a stand-alone car as part of a future car range, or just want to build a prototype to show the car world what an autonomous car should look like. -would it facilitate both the development of our own solutions for current car manufacturers, but also the imposition of their Apple ecosystem? Hard to say.

Британские дизайнеры создали концепт Apple Car - 24 Канал

However, the fact that they also hired top car designers shows us that we will have a finished product, at least in the form of a prototype. And Apple is not used to developing only technologies, but wants absolute control to develop a top product. So we're inclined to believe that Apple will still produce a production car as part of a strategy to revolutionize the field.

5. Apple has hired top designers from car manufacturers. And that fills our souls with joy

First of all, Jonathan Ive, Apple's design director, is a big fan of cars, with an impressive collection already in the garage. Secondly, the team working on this prototype includes Mark Newson, who has already drawn a prototype for Ford, Julian Honig, who has already done the exterior design for the Audi Q3, Audi A4 and also has in his CV a few years at Lamborghini, but also Aaron von Minden, who was part of the team that created the famous Gina concept for BMW.

Apple Car может дебютировать уже в третьем квартале 2021 года — i2HARD

In other words, if they wanted to think only of the technologies inside the cars of others, why would they turn to specialized designers outside of them?

6. Where it has no expertise, Apple simply buys it

In addition to car designers, Apple is able to buy, if necessary, entire companies that develop technologies of interest. In addition, it has invested in people who have already headed the research and development departments of major manufacturers (Johann Jungwirth, former president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz's North American R&D division, for example).

A 1999 design by Mark Newson for Ford. Ugly today, but beautiful in his day

Several company executives also met in Austria with several carmakers, including representatives from Magna Steyr, a division of Magna International, a company that assembles cars for several European premium brands (MINI, BMW, Mercedes-Benz etc). So creating a coherent team, able to introduce it to the automotive industry, is absolutely no problem for Apple.

7. The Titan car will be an electric one with advanced autonomous car functions

Apple's interest is especially for cars with advanced autonomous driving functions, because in them we spend about 2 hours every working day, and these two hours can be the basis for consuming media content through the Apple platform.

Building an electric car is simpler than making a combustion engine car, and the horizon of the 2020s will bring us the first fully autonomous cars. Apple cannot miss the two new technologies essential for the future of mankind.

It is rumored that, unlike Tesla, which produces cars with sporty valences, Apple would initially focus on building a minivan, a stylish people carrier. Remains to be seen

8. Profits would be made from the sale of applications throughout the life of the machine

Here, in fact, is Apple's interest: making huge profits by rethinking revenue sources in a particular industry. In the case of the automotive industry, the fact that the car will drive alone means that the two hours a day can be dedicated to interacting with Apple devices in the car.

Schedule the destination, possibly choose the route, then let the car drive. But Apple would like to keep an eye on a screen…

Then people would be willing to pay significantly more for a car app. Today, users of Apple mobile devices spend, on average, over $ 40 a year on applications. In a car, this revenue could even increase several times, especially if the applications come as an option to a car that could cost over $ 40,000 at launch. Apple already has over 800 million iTunes users, and its involvement in the automotive industry, both as a carmaker and as a technology provider, could much better monetize at least some of this huge user base.

9. If you enter the automotive industry, Apple must build or buy processes and production units

Although appealing to a third party like Magna Steyr, who could assemble her car in the first instance, is the shortest path to the automotive industry, the reality is that you can't count on it until you have complete control over the entire production chain. It's absolutely no problem for Apple to build cutting-edge plants, just with the money from quarterly profits, and Apple can make a difference here, especially since it would start from scratch.

BMW is already building wind cars at the Leipzig pilot plant. And it's just the beginning!

Apple could even buy Tesla, and a combination of the two companies would allow it to enter the market with fully autonomous electric cars even earlier than 2020. If Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, would like this, it's a whole other story ( the two companies have completely different market philosophies).

10. The Apple car will not be on the market before 2017, but in 2020 the car world will not be the same

Even if it wants to make its own car, Apple will not be able to launch it before the end of 2017, and only if it uses a subcontractor to build it (like Magna Steyr). Unlike computers and telephones, the construction of a car is much more closely controlled and the restrictions related to safety and environmental protection are much more numerous. Also, the production cycles are much longer, a generation of a model lasting 7-8 years, not 18 months as in the case of a telephone.

But the entry of Google, Apple and Tesla into the realm of automakers will forever change the automotive world as we know it now. The only ones who have reacted to the futile ambitions of IT companies are BMW (in the field of electric cars rethought from scratch) and Volvo (in the field of car safety), the others still have to regain ground, although they do it quickly. However, the huge amounts of money available to IT companies also mean a very fast scalability of new technological solutions, which will lead to the much faster adoption of electric and autonomous machines, if the IT giants finally decide to invest their electronic devices than driving and watching other cars stuck in urban traffic.

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@2443_panda_8800 I'll never understand how Nokia fucked it up. They had like 15 years headstart on both Apple and Samsung.
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