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Guess the flag games are one of the most popular general knowledge tests online. You can do this any time you have a free moment and need something to keep yourself occupied. Due to the fact that tests with flags not only entertain but also provide useful knowledge, this is a great way to learn while relaxing. If you want to learn more about flags and their origins, then check out vexillology, a field of study that studies everything related to flags.

Quiz "Guess the flag" for those who want to test their knowledge and learn new things.

We at Bemorepanda have collected questions about flags, some of which are very simple, while others will make you remember or look for information. This is your chance to showcase or expand your knowledge of flags and has a fun quiz with your friends along the way. Let's get started!

1. What type of leaf is featured on the Canadian flag?

Answer: Maple leaf.

2. How many rings are on Olympic flags?

Answer: 5.

3. Which country has the oldest continuously used national flag in the world?

Answer: Denmark.

4. What is the name of the flag of the United Kingdom?

Answer: Union Jack.

5. Is it true or false that the flag of Indonesia is red and white?

Answer: True.

6. Only two countries in the world have a square flag. What exactly?

Answer: Switzerland and the Vatican.

7. What are the colors on the flag of Italy?

Answer: Green, white, red.

8. What do the national flags of all the Nordic countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland, have in common?

Answer: They all have the symbol of the cross.

9. What do the flags of Lithuania, Luxembourg and Hungary have in common?

Answer: They have three horizontal colored blocks.

10. What is the only Scandinavian country that has one version of its flag with a coat of arms?

Answer: Finland.

11. Fiji, Australia, New Zealand and Micronesia - which country does not have the Union Jack anywhere on its flag?

Answer: Micronesia.

12. What color is the least common on the national flags of countries around the world?

Answer: Purple.

13. What are the three colors of the French flag?

Answer: Blue, white and red.

14. What are the three colors on the German flag?

Answer: Black, red and gold.

15. What color is the circle on the flag of Japan?

Answer: Red.

16. Is it true or false that the flag of Iran has blue?

Answer: False (it has green, white and red on it).

17. Is it true or false that the stars on the New Zealand flag are red?

Answer: True (four red stars in a white border).

18. Is it true or false that the coat of arms is depicted on the flag of the Netherlands?

Answer: False (there are red, white and blue stripes).

19. How many stars are on the EU flag?

Answer: 12.

20. What are the colors on the Russian flag?

Answer: Consists of three stripes: top - white, middle - blue, bottom - red.

21. Which US state has a navy blue flag with a white palm and moon?

Answer: South Carolina.

22. Which country has an AK-47 on its flag?

Answer: Mozambique.

23. What flower was on the flag of France before the French Revolution?

Answer: Golden lily.

24. Who wore the cross that is now on the English flag?

Answer: Saint George.

25. What do the flags of Albania, Sri Lanka and Kazakhstan contain?

Answer: Animals. Albania's flag features a double-headed eagle, Sri Lanka's a lion, and Kazakhstan's flag a golden steppe eagle soaring under the sun.

26. Which African country has a flag that is the reverse side of the Irish flag?

Answer: Côte d'Ivoire (it has the same colors as Ireland, but in reverse order).

27. What do the 13 stripes on the national flag of the United States mean?

Answer: 13 original colonies.

28. Which word refers to the study of the history of the use and symbolism of flags?

Answer: Vexillology.

29. What creature is depicted on the flag of Wales?

Answer: Red Dragon.

30. Which countries have their own geographical maps on their national flags?

Answer: Cyprus, Republic of Kosovo.

31. What does the white inscription on the inner edges of the red and green stripes on the national flag of Iran mean?

Answer: Allah Akbar ("Allah is great").

32. Which country's flag has a blue cross on a white background?

Answer: Finland.

33. In motorsport, what color flag requires drivers to slow down because of danger on the track?

Answer: Yellow.

34. How was the American flag of the Second World War different from today's version?

Answer: There were only 48 stars on it (the flag with 48 stars was used from 1912 to 1959).

35. If we turn the Indonesian flag upside down, which European country's flag will we get?

Answer: Poland.

36. Which US state has the Union Jack on its flag?

Answer: Hawaii.

37. Which country owns the blue and white flag with the sun in the middle?

Answer: Argentina.

38. Which Central African country has a bird on its flag?

  Answer: Uganda.

39. What animal bites the snake in the center of the Mexican flag?

Answer: Eagle.

40. Which country's flag has a shield and two crossed spears?

Answer: Kenya.

41. Which country's flag features the raggiana bird of paradise?

Answer: Papua New Guinea.

42. Which country's flag features a trident, the symbol of the sea god Poseidon?

Answer: Barbados.

43. Which island's flag features wavy blue ocean waves?

Answer: British Indian Ocean Territory.

44. What do the flags of Bahrain and Qatar have in common?

Answer: They both have the same sawtooth pattern.

45. What color is on the right side of the Vatican flag?

Answer: White.

46. Which countries' flags have the Union Jack in the upper left corner?

Answer: Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Tuvalu and many other small island states.

47. If you change the background of the flag of Bangladesh from green to white, it will look very similar to the flag of another country - what is its capital?

Answer: Tokyo.

48. Which country has changed its flag the most times?

Answer: Afghanistan.

49. How many stars are on the US flag?

Answer: 50, according to the number of states.

50. What color are the stripes on the flag of Uruguay?

Answer: Blue and white.

51. Is it true or false that the star on the Vietnamese flag is red?

Answer: Lie, it is yellow on a red background.

52. Is it true or false that there are four green triangles on the Jamaican flag?

Answer: False, it has two green and two black triangles.

53. What are the two colors on the Nigerian flag?

Answer: White and green.

54. What color is the cross on the Danish flag?

Answer: White.

55. What is the only country in the world that does not have a quadrangular flag?

Answer: Nepal, the flag of this country consists of two triangles.

56. What are the colors on the flag of South Africa?

Answer: Green, black, white, gold, red and blue.

57. Which country has a flag depicting the Moon, the Sun and the peaks of the Himalayas?

Answer: Nepal.

58. Which national flag bears the motto "Ordeme Progresso" ("Order and Progress")?

Answer: Brazil.

59. How many stars are on the flag of Ghana?

Answer: One.

60. Which country's flag depicts a shipwreck?

Answer: Bermuda (the "Bermuda Triangle" is famous for its lost ships).

61. In which direction is the dragon on the Welsh flag (the flag of Wales) facing?

Answer: To the left.

62. What is the shortest time to identify all national flags?

Answer: 4 minutes 51 seconds is a record set by the American Gabe Oosterhout in November 2019.

63. Which country most recently changed its national flag?

Answer: Mauritania.

64. If we turn the national flag of Poland upside down, which country's flag will we get?

Answer: Monaco and Indonesia.

65. What plant is depicted on the national flag of Lebanon?

Answer: Cedar tree.

66. Unlike other national flags, which are rectangular in shape, what two figures superimposed on each other depict the flag of Nepal?

Answer: Triangles.

67. What is the most common color on the national flags of countries around the world?

Answer: Red.

68. What item is depicted on the national flag of Saudi Arabia?

Answer: A silver saber, which symbolizes strictness in the application of justice.

69. The national flag of which country is the only one that depicts people?

Answer: Belize (formerly British Honduras).

70. With which African country does Romania have an almost identical flag?

Answer: Chad (the flags are almost the same - both are blue-yellow-red tricolors, but one has a slightly lighter blue color).

71. In what part of the world would you find the flag of Saint Piran?

Answer: This is the flag of Cornwall (England, Europe).

72. Is it ever appropriate to raise a flag upside down?

Answer: Yes, but only in emergency cases. It means: "Help me! This is urgent! Call the police! I am in terrible trouble and need immediate help!”

73. Which country's flag is considered the most confusing due to its intricate design?

Answer: Turkmenistan.

74. On the flag of which territory is the triskelion symbol depicted with three running legs clad in armor, which are connected into one, bent at the knee and have golden spurs?

Answer: Isle of Man (part of the Crown, but not part of the UK).

75. On the flag of which country is the “tunduk” (the central part of the roof of a traditional yurt) depicted in the center?

Answer: Kyrgyzstan.

76. Which flag has a red and blue yin-yang on a white background?

Answer: South Korea.

77. What are the two main colors on the flag of Portugal (excluding the coat of arms)?

Answer: Green and red.

78. Is it true or false that the flag of Botswana has two blue stripes?

Answer: True (they are separated by a black stripe with a white border).

79. Is it true or false that Gibraltar is the only British Overseas Territory that does not have the Union Jack on its flag?

Answer: True (there is a red castle with three towers).

80. Is it true or false that the flag of Indonesia has two blue stripes?

Answer: False, the flag of Indonesia is not blue at all, it has red and white stripes.

81. How many stars are on the flag of China?

Answer: 5.

82. What constellation is depicted on the Australian flag?

Answer: The constellation of the Southern Cross.

83. What color is the circle on the flag of Bangladesh?

Answer: Red.

84. What religion does the yellow color on the flag of Malaysia symbolize?

Answer: Islam.

85. What color is the flag of the United Nations?

Answer: Blue and white.

86. What symbol is usually depicted on the national flags of many Muslim countries?

Answer: Crescent and star.

87. What animal is depicted on the flag of the Falkland Islands?

Answer: Sheep.

88. Which country's flag is the only national flag in the world that has a Bible on it?

Answer: Dominican Republic.

89. The flag of which English county is divided into two vertical halves, red and black, with a swan on a chain in the center?

Answer: Buckinghamshire.

90. Which country, starting with the letter "A", has a flag that has three equal horizontal stripes of red, blue and orange?

Answer: Armenia.

91. Which country has this flag? Three equal horizontal stripes (from top to bottom): white, blue and red. On the left is a coat of arms with a white mountain with three stars.

Answer: Slovenia.

92. In addition to Mauritania, is there another country on the flag that does not have either white or blue? What country?

Answer: Jamaica.

93. What two national flags contain the same colors?

Answer: Monaco and Indonesia (they have white and red colors on their flags).

94. What is special about the flags of Montserrat, Tuvalu, Saint Helena and Turks and Caicos?

Answer: They all contain the Union Jack.

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Who among us does not like funny and fun logic puzzles - they are easy to solve and immediately feel like an intelligent person! People have come up with many of them - do you still remember such problems from elementary school math textbooks?

Logic tasks for children and adults

Bemorepanda's selection contains funny and witty puzzles that will take you little time to solve. Forget about formulas and calculators. All tasks are based on simple logic and ingenuity.

50 witty puzzles for logic and ingenuity that the whole family can guess

1. What is so fragile that just saying its name will destroy it?

Answer: Silence.

2. The prisoner is forced to go to one of the three rooms, and he can choose which one. The first room is on fire. The second is booby-trapped with explosives that will explode as soon as he enters. The third contains a pair of lions that have not eaten anything for years. Which room should he choose to survive in?

Answer: The third room - after all, any lions that have not eaten for years would be dead long ago!

3. It belongs only to you, but others use it more than you. What is it about?

Answer: Your name.

4. There are ten children and a bowl of 10 oranges. How do you divide the oranges so each child gets an orange, but one orange remains in the bowl?

Answer: You give nine children an orange each and the tenth child a bowl with the last orange.

5. Which of the months of the year has 28 days?

Answer: All months have 28 days.

6. What can run but cannot walk? It has a mouth, but it never speaks. Having a head, it never cries. It has a bed, but it never sleeps there.

Answer: The river runs, has a mouth, headwaters and a bed.

7. The person who did it doesn't want it. The person who bought this does not need it. The person who needs it does not know about it. What I'm talking about?

Answer: This is a coffin.

50 witty puzzles for logic and ingenuity that the whole family can guess

8. Two fathers plus two sons are driving in the car, and there are three in total in the car. How come?

Answer: This is a son, father and grandfather.

9. The more of it there is, the less you can see. What is it about?

Answer: Darkness.

10. There is a one-story house where everything inside is pink: pink walls, pink doors, pink floors, pink ceilings, pink windows, pink curtains, pink chairs and pink tables. What color is the ladder?

Answer: It is not - after all, this house is on one floor.

11. Why can't a person who lives in Maine be buried in Florida?

Answer: Because this person is still alive.

12. When you want to take advantage of me, you leave me. When you stop using me, you take me back. Who am I?

Answer: Anchor on a ship.

13. You can destroy me without touching me, you can not even see me. Who can I be?

Answer: Promise. Or silence

14. There is a house with four walls. Each of these walls faces south. The bear is circling around the house. What color is the animal?

Answer: White. Since all the walls of the house are facing south, this means that it is located at the North Pole, therefore, this animal is a white polar bear.

15. The owner of a pet store had a parrot with a sign on the cage that read: "The parrot repeats everything it hears." Davey decided to buy this parrot and had conversations with it for two weeks. But the parrot never uttered a single word. Davey brought the parrot back, and the pet store owner swore he hadn't lied about the parrot. How can it be?

Answer: The parrot was just deaf.

50 witty puzzles for logic and ingenuity that the whole family can guess

16. Three gentlemen are fishing in a boat when a killer wave knocks them all overboard and they sink under the water. But only one of them got his hair wet. Why?

Answer: The other two were bald.

17. I travel all over the world but always stay in my corner. Who am I?

Answer: Postage stamp on the envelope.

18. A man, describing his daughters, says: “They are all blondes, except for two; all brunettes, except for two; and all redheads except for two. How many daughters does he have?

Answer: Three daughters - a blonde, a brunette and a redhead.

19. Mr. Blue lives in a blue house. Mr Yellow lives in the yellow house. Mr. Black lives in a black house. Who lives in the white house?

Answer: President!

20. I have a neck, but no head, and at the same time I wear a cap. Who am I?

Answer: bottle.

21. Why did the boy throw his watch out the window?

Answer: He wanted time to fly!

22. Who always goes to bed with shoes on?

Answer: A shod horse.

23. What is it very easy to get into but hard to get out of?

Answer: In trouble.

50 witty puzzles for logic and ingenuity that the whole family can guess

24. A man needs to clean the windows on the 25th floor of a high-rise building. Suddenly he slips and falls. Nothing to cushion the fall, no equipment, but he didn't hurt himself at all. How can this be?

Answer: This man was just washing the windows inside the building.

25. The girl fell off a 30-meter ladder, but at the same time remained safe and sound. How did this become possible?

Answer: She had to fall from the lowest bar.

26. What does not know how to talk, but each time he answers when he is addressed?

Answer: Echo.

27. A rich man looks at a picture in his big house and says: “I have no brothers and sisters, but this man’s father is my father’s son.” Who is in the picture?

Answer: This man's son.

28. A girl has as many brothers as sisters, only each brother has half as many brothers as sisters. How many brothers and sisters does this family have?

Answer: Four sisters and three brothers.

29. If you had to participate in the race and you overtook the runner who came second, where would you be?

Answer: Your place is second.

30. I have lakes without water, mountains without rocks, and cities without buildings. Who am I?

Answer: Map of the area.

31. I am the size of an elephant, but I weigh nothing. Who am I?

Answer: The shadow of an elephant.

50 witty puzzles for logic and ingenuity that the whole family can guess

32. What can be caught but not thrown?

Answer: Cold.

33. The man called his dog, who was running on the opposite bank of the river. The dog managed to cross the river without getting wet or using a bridge or a boat. How did the dog do it?

Answer: It's just that the river was frozen.

34. You will find me only in December and you will never be able to meet me in any other month. Who am I?

Answer: Letter D!

35. What will always be in front of you, and yet you will never see it?

Answer: Your future.

36. What passes through forests, fields and cities, but does not move anywhere?

Answer: Road.

37. The driver drives a truck. The car's headlights weren't on, and the moon wasn't shining from the sky. Suddenly, a woman dressed all in black began to cross the road in front of him. Fortunately, the man braked so she could cross the road and no one was hurt. How did he see her?

Answer: It's simple - then it was the middle of the day.

38. Eight magnificent ladies tried to fit under one small umbrella, and at the same time not a single one of them got wet. How did they do it?

Answer: It didn't rain!

39. Three doctors said that Bill was their brother. But Bill claims he has no brothers. How many brothers does Bill actually have?

Answer: None. He has three sisters who are doctors by profession.

40. How many bananas can you eat on an empty stomach?

Answer: Only one banana - after that the stomach is no longer empty.

50 witty puzzles for logic and ingenuity that the whole family can guess

41. In what month do people sleep the least?

Answer: February is the shortest month.

42. What can you easily hold in your right hand, but never in your left?

Answer: Your left elbow.

43. Walk on the living, they don't even moo. Walk on the dead, and they mutter and grumble. And who is it?

Answer: Leaves of trees.

44. What question can you never answer yes to?

Answer: To the question "Are you already sleeping?"

45. David's father and mother had only three sons: Snap, Crackle ... can you tell me the name of the third son?

Answer: David, of course!

46. Which is heavier: a ton of bricks or a ton of feathers?

Answer: Neither bricks nor feathers - both of them weigh one ton.

47. What do pandas have that no other animal in the world has?

Answer: Panda cubs!

48. What is the next letter in this row: I F M A M I I A S O N?

Answer: The letter D - the sequence contains the first letters of each of the months in order.

49. How many cats can you put in an empty box?

Answer: Only one. After that, the box will no longer be empty.

50. I shave every day, but my beard remains the same length. Who am I?

Answer: Barber in a barbershop!

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Board games are not limited to chess, backgammon, checkers, and Monopoly; there are among them what can be called analog versions of digital games: where the graphics are on top, the rules of the game are like a movie script, and the plot is no worse than in a book. Even those for whom board games are a long-forgotten childhood will want to play them.


Board games for those who are tired of Monopoly


At Bemorepanda have found that 35 strategy board games are just as captivating as games on smartphones and PCs. You can play them in the family circle and have a great time with friends and colleagues.


1. Catan


This is the best board game if you want your spouse to play with you like a schoolboy.


In this board game, players will take on the role of the first settlers, mastering the newly discovered island - of Catan.


2. Risk


For those who don't like short board games. If you are ready to spend a very long evening, this is the game for you. The board game is the ultimate military strategy game! Challenge: You are a commander who commands a vast army and want to take over the world!


3. Scythe


The printing is on top. The game materials are high quality, and tactics and strategy are 5+. But not suitable for small children.


4. Carcassonne


It's easy to learn the game. There is no monotony. There are several difficulty levels. Ideal for those who, in their hearts, consider themselves real strategists. Game from 8+.


5. Wingspan


For families with real fans of board strategy games. There is a digital version for those who don't like endless games.


6. Ticket To Ride


Railroad game. Players collect cards of different wagons, which they can then use to lay railroad tracks on the map.


7. Betrayal At House On The Hill


Feature: players do not fight but unite against the game, plotting them. But at one point, a Traitor appears among the players ...


8. Pandemic


Players in the form of explorers are fighting a pandemic. As you already understood, the participants in the game do not fight each other.


9. Twilight Struggle


If you are a fan of Monopoly, you will be pleasantly surprised that there is a game that is no worse than the cult one and maybe even surpasses it in some way.


10. Cards Against Humanity


An analog of the cult American game Cards Against Humanity. For lovers of black humor, sarcasm, and more.


11. Terraforming Mars


One of the most sensational board games of 2016. Until now, it is at the top of the ratings of many countries. The task of the players is to colonize Mars.


12. Tiny Towns


An exciting family board game with high-quality printing and excellent strategy.


Do you want to feel like the mayor of a town where the little forest inhabitants live?


13. Disney Villainous


Each player chooses one of the six Disney Villains and, using his unique abilities, tries to achieve his Goal (Villains have different Goals).


14. Gloomhaven


Hardcore strategy games will be interesting for both teenagers and adults. Incredibly cool to play if you have a lot of free time! This tactical board game is not for you if you don't have one.


15. Risk: Game Of Thrones


For true connoisseurs of tactical board games. It may not appeal to those who are not fans of such desktops.


16. Splendor


Not a boring and fun game for those who do not want to spend a lot of time on board games. Captivates from the first move.


17. 7 wonders


The game is suitable for children from ten years old. It will also be of interest to adults. You play as the ruler of an ancient city. Objective: build your civilization, accumulate military power and start trading with other countries.


18. Dominion: Intrigue


Medieval political strategy. Players have the opportunity to influence opponents by intriguing them.


19. Azul


Players have to decorate the royal palace walls—a fantastic board game. But more importantly, she is brilliant.


20. Small World


Even though the game was released in 2009, it remains one of the most popular worldwide. Players have to fight for the land.


21. Agricola


For fans of video games from the "farmer" series. You must become a farmer to create a profitable farm from a small piece of land.


22. Root


A game about adventure and war. Plot: Cute creatures have united in the Forest Union to fight against cats, to undermine their power in the forest, where Marquis de Côte rules.


23. Castles Of Burgundy


The events take place in France in the Middle Ages. Players are aristocrats who rule principalities by developing their regions.


24. Lost Ruins Of Arnak


An expedition game where players have to explore a lost island, unraveling the mysteries of an ancient people.


25. Puerto Rico


The events of the game take place during the development of the islands of the Caribbean. You have to be planters which provide Europe with demanded goods.


26. Power Grid


You are the manager of your own energy company. Your task is to enter the market for the sale of energy resources in the United States and Germany. But don't think that everything is so easy. You have to make a lot of effort to make a profit.


27. Everdell


For lovers of beautifully designed board games. The board game authors did their best to create the game with a fabulous atmosphere.


28. Terra Mystica


Fourteen different people are living in Mystic Lands. Task: to develop neighboring landscapes into suitable lands for themselves, competing with other inhabitants of these areas.


29. Orleans


A game about medieval France - the cradle of absolute monarchy and feudalism. Task: recruiting supporters and appointing them to important positions, developing trade, and expanding their spheres of influence is necessary.


30. Stone Age


All players must help the ancient people survive during the Stone Age.


31. The Crew: Mission Deep Sea


A team game to explore the ocean floor, where you have to look for something unique.


32. Paladins Of The West Kingdom


A game in the era of the West Frankish kingdom.


33. Grand Austria Hotel


Each player becomes the owner of a hotel where you have to compete with each other for the success of your hotel.


34. Race For The Galaxy


A strategic cardboard game in which players have to explore new planets, creating their space empires.


35. Photosynthesis


Players will have to grow a shady forest in an empty clearing and watch the natural process of turning a tiny seed into a giant tree.



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