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The floor is lava. Babies:

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Stray is a video game in which the protagonist is a cat, but it was not created just for memes, it is an adventure game that brings us a new perspective and one with an emotional story and likable characters.


Stray has piqued the internet's curiosity ever since it was revealed at a PlayStation event. And rightly so since it was a cat-starring game in a cyberpunk environment. If one thing is certain in this world, it is people's fascination with cats.


Stray memes and pictures


In Stray you play with an unnamed cat with whom you can do all the cat things: walk, sleep, bathe, climb objects, knock things over, hide in boxes, and claw at furniture and carpets. If it was just that, it would probably be enough for cat lovers, but Stray is more than that, and we recommend it to non-cat lovers as well.


1. Cat help


2. Meow


3. Voice actor


Stray starts with a group of cats on a walk, you control one of them, the most orange one, and as a kind of little tutorial you start exploring the environment, jumping from one object to another and meowing. At one point, you slip and your furry friends look on helplessly as you fall. You find yourself in a cyberpunk city that seems to be populated only by robots.


Through messages you are directed to a house where you come across a small drone that seems to have belonged to a scientist. It will help you in your adventure and can unlock doors, translate robot language and communicate with the cat. Basically, this little drone is the only direct way you perceive the story being told by the game. Indirectly you learn a lot just by observation, through short conversations with robots, and the environment can tell more than you think.


Stray isn't just the adventure of this cat trying to get back to the surface, it's also a mystery where you try to find out what's wrong with this city, where are the people, what's going on with these robots and why aren't they trying to get out on the surface.


It's an interesting thing to have a cat as your protagonist because you have another useful perspective both from the gameplay point of view, which I'll talk about later, but also from the story point of view. As a cat you are a very good observer of what is happening around you because you are small and you are not much noticed, especially by robots who are not familiar with the existence of such animals. You can observe them from a distance and watch them go about their useless existence in this closed city. There is even a button, L2, with which you can zoom in and thus better perceive the atmosphere of this sad city.


The story is short and you'll finish it in about 5-6 hours of gameplay, depending on how much you're willing to explore. A bit short for a video game, but if it was longer I think it would have affected the quality of the final product.


4. Playing Stray


5. System requirements to run Stray


6. Feelings


7. Moding community


8. Male fantasy


With this game people started to be more understanding with their cat who climbs on the typewriter at night, on the headboard of the bed, who knocks things off the desk or the chest of drawers, who claws at the door frames and who sometimes just run around the house. 


Even when you didn't need to you were climbing on things, why? Because the perspective was too low: cats are small creatures and the environment is one created by humans for humans. This means that in a chair or on a table you can see things differently and have a wider perspective on your surroundings and dangers. It's no wonder cats prefer high places because they have a better view of what's going on around them.


At the same time, knocking over objects, walking over keyboards is simply fun and satisfying. The game was created by cats, not humans, so much fun to climb on the table and knock over glasses and bottles.


Our cat has no super powers, nothing special. He's just a fast, smart, but vulnerable cat. In this world there are creatures like oversized worms that eat everything they catch, including robots. At first our cat has no choice and all he can do is run away from them, but later he will get his hands on a weapon that you can use against them.


Besides that there are times when you have to solve various simple puzzles like move an object to one side to climb on it to jump to another and so on. There are also side quests in the game, but they are all related to the main quest, and that's a good thing. Most of them are simple, but it couldn't be otherwise, after all you are a cat without superpowers and without opposable fingers.


9. Follow


10. Bruh


11. Mod turns the cat


12. Mewo button


13. Perfect


14. Had you time


15. My cat


16. CJ


17. No context




19. Perfect game


20. Stary reviews


21. Orange


22. Love this game


23.  A game about a cat


24. Playing Stray


25. So cute


26. Press B to meow


27. Winner


28. Stray now


29. Pspspspsps


30. A must in the game



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@Theturtle202 OMG! I want that game soooo bad!

Even if you've never played Minecraft, chances are you've heard someone talk about the game, or even know someone who already plays. In recent years, Minecraft has gained a lot of popularity, both among children and adults: Lego has released special editions dedicated to Minecraft, Warner Bros. bought the rights to produce a film about Minecraft, and Denmark has built a replica of 1 : 1 of the country inside the game for the purpose of tourist promotion.

Minecraft is a sandbox game (or open-world game - a video game in which the player can move freely in the virtual world) that focuses on construction and exploration activities.

Every time you upload a new game, the virtual environment in which you are transposed is randomly assembled, so you will never end up playing the same game twice. Unlike most computer games, there are not many rules or objectives in Minecraft, and the game is so simple that even children get to learn how it works, just "trying and doing".

Minecraft items are made of gravity-defying cubic blocks that can be stacked on top of each other or manipulated in any way you can think of - basically, you can reproduce grandiose buildings like the city of Westeros in Game of Thrones, movie posters or, as I said above in the case of the Danish government, whole countries, including houses, highways and tourist attractions.

What's interesting is that in Minecraft there are no scores and no final goal to make the game really "end".

In the main mode of the game you start in a world full of resources (stone, wood, etc.), and your goal is to build a life for the character. There are day / night cycles that come with certain restrictions: during the day you have to gather resources and build, in order to survive when night comes.

At night, the realm is patrolled by zombie-like creatures, and the only way to survive is to build a house to shelter. In addition to these, another challenge also appears in the form of a green monster that lives underground and comes to the surface when digging for resources.

Bemorepanda has collected some memes about this famous game.

1.When updates happen

2.Minecraft music


4.Having a house

5.Mojang vs Minecraft

6.Minecraft spiders

7.Recreating a meme

8.Best item


10.Diamonds in Minecraft

11.Emerging to house


12.Desert wells


13.1st diamond

14.Survive lava


15.Just finished

16.Money can’t buy happiness

17.Bees are big

18.Peace symbol

19.Looking for mine

20.Hello Minecraft fans

21.When you have flowers

22.She smart


24.Diamond vs Iron

25.The boss

26.Curse of Vanishing

27.Minecraft friends


29.Laying eggs

30.The end of minecraft



32.Black skeletons

33.It’s time to go

34.Kill cows

35.Me going to mine

36.Minecraft Skins

37.Wandering trader

38.Become famous

39.Don’t mine at night

40.Minecraft miners

41.Opens can of Soda

42.I imagine what I want

43.It doesn’t matter

44.Starts explaining

45.Reasons I can’t sleep

46.Overworld music 

47.Idea of hell

48.Quarantine day



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Being a parent does not mean knowing everything. We learn with our children as they grow up. All the more so because, if we end up in stressful situations, this “I don't know” comes because of strong emotions, which block our reason and prevent us from thinking coldly.

The parent-child relationship presupposes a harmonious communication between them. And children are, after all, the happiness of life. Surely many caught a funny picture with his child, some of these pictures became real memes. Bemorepanda collected the funniest memes with children.

1.Bring me milk

2.Where is my pizza

3.Draw me

4.Sunday morning

5.Let’s cry

6.What do you mean?


8.I didn’t talk to them

9.3 years in Jail

10.Tell me more

11.Summer is coming

12.What to wear

13.Do you not


15.Saw it, liked it

16.Mom calls

17.Alarm fail

18.Funny hair


20.No beer?

21.I dare you


23.I will

24.Turn the spoon

25.What’s this

26.Touch my cake


28.Into my trap


30.This pleases me

31.But when I do

32.Back to my crib

33.Stay strong


35.Are they crazy?

36.Take a nap

37.I want answers

38.Tell me

39.What do I do

40.Nap time?




44.Hurry up, mom

45.Laught at my jokes


47.Hey doctor


49.I’m a cutie


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