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Do you know what is most important on April 1st? Make a prank that will make everyone laugh. Choose cool jokes, pranks for April 1 for dad.


April 1 is the day when you can not limit your imagination, joke, and have fun with your loved ones. On this occasion, Bemorepanda has compiled a list of the best pranks for every taste - from the most harmless to those that require the skill of running fast: the victim will obviously want to discuss your bad behavior with you.


The second month of spring begins with a fun holiday that falls on April 1st. How to make a joke on your parents and set a good mood for the whole day? It is important that pranks are harmless and fun.


Prepare jokes in advance from April 1st. SMS will help deliver them to the recipient:


The transfer of money from your bank card to the account of Shelter for Homeless Raccoons LLC has been successfully completed. Thank you for your humanity!


Dear subscriber, your phone is blocked due to the squandering of state secrets on our network.


Dear subscribers! Free SMS-mailing of works of classics of world literature begins. The 1st volume of L. Tolstoy "War and Peace" is being prepared for release. The cost of canceling the service is $1.


Please stay at home from 6 am to 8 pm today. Bed bugs will be killed in your apartment!


In addition to SMS messages, you can play a fun prank on your parents: On the night of April 1, wait until your parents are fast asleep. Sew their duvet cover to the sheet with large stitches. Early in the morning, run into the room and shout loudly "Fire!" (or other special word).


Enjoy the spectacle! Get up early in the morning and cover the mouth of your toothpaste with cling film. Cut off the excess and close the cap with the paste. Watch with interest as parents try to brush their teeth.


Do your parents have a great sense of humor? Then at night, paint your dad's toenails with bright varnish. Hide your nail polish remover and watch your dad get ready for work.


Other Pranks


"Milk Spot"

Create a spot of glue by spilling it on glass. After drying, place on the keyboard. Ready!


You can make the crane more fun

Food coloring will make your morning colorful when placed in a diffuser.


Stickers on the car

You will need a lot of stickers, but the result is worth it. Tip: think ahead about the colors that different parts of the car will show off. You can even post an inscription. Fantasize!


Cola snag

Replace the drink with soy sauce and suggest to your friends. Tip: It will be best to work with small bottles with plastic caps. And be sure to check in advance if the person is allergic to soy.


Leap into the unknown

Have you ever seen a person jump in surprise? Tip: make sure that the victim does not have anything in their hands that breaks or spills easily.


Insidious mouse

Cover the mouse with funny pictures. Tip: You can use both funny photos and ordinary friendly ones.


Mouse in the house

It is not difficult to depict a mouse in the house - you will need an "overturned" box and a suitable beetroot with a tail. Tip: In the absence of the perfect beetroot, you can use a potato with a twine tail.


Astronaut juice

Drinking this "juice" from jelly is unlikely to work, but you can get a bunch of positive emotions by watching the reaction of a person who does not understand why the juice does not pour out of an overturned glass.


Classic never gets old

A harmless and funny prank with soap covered with clear varnish - quite a few people rubbed it in surprise under running water without getting a single gram of foam.


"We must share," said my mother

Deceptive cookies will be in great demand among the sweet tooth. Tip: carefully remove the cream from the cookies, they must be whole in order to be suitable for your insidious plans.


Drawing with clothes on April 1 for the whole family

This draw for April 1 is suitable for those families who love order in the house, and all things are put in their place. If your children or your significant other are sure that for many years their socks, T-shirts or shirts have been in this drawer or closet, rearrange everything in advance.


Let dad find his daughter's pink hairpins in his drawer, and let the daughter be surprised to find several daddy's suits in her closet. A smile and indignant joyful exclamations are guaranteed to you!


The main condition is not to hold such a prank on April Fool's Day, when all family members are in a hurry to work or study in the morning. But this year you can, because April 1, 2018 falls on Sunday.


April 1 Breakfast Draw

This April Fool's drawing is suitable for those households who love a healthy breakfast in the morning and prefer to eat porridge or muesli, steaming them with boiling water or milk. Your task: in the evening, make porridge according to the usual scheme, in the usual dishes and put the workpiece in the freezer for the night. In the morning, events can develop according to two scenarios.


Drawing with tea on April 1

What is breakfast without tea, coffee or juice? The traditional prank on April Fool's Day, which has been fun for lovers of jokes and humor for many years, is to add salt instead of sugar to your favorite morning drink.


The prank requires special preparation: beforehand in the evening, when everyone has gone to bed, pour salt into the sugar bowl, and no one will have suspicions until they taste the drink.


The pranks with tea do not end there. Drop a little iodine into your cup of tea beforehand, and when the whole family gathers for breakfast, take a piece of bread or a bun, dip it in tea and get ready to be surprised by others. The starch in the bread will react with the iodine in the tea, and the piece you hold in your hand will turn blue!


How to play a prank on your parents on April 1


Jokes for parents on April 1 must be chosen responsibly, as they may turn out to be unpleasant, offensive. The easiest and classic way to play mom and dad is to cover the soap with clear varnish. You can also pour food coloring into the cap of the faucet spout.


The dye can be hidden in a drain barrel, mix well. Here dad or mom will laugh when they wash it off. You can treat your parents to onions in chocolate: you need to melt the chocolate, peel the small onions, cut into balls, and dip in chocolate. When they harden, they will look like chocolate candies.


Another funny prank for parents: buy eye stickers, stick on all the food in the refrigerator. They look cooler on eggs and jars. You can also prepare breakfast for parents: scrambled eggs, but instead of protein - yogurt. Another trick is to glue the sensor of the television remote control.


How to play dad at home on April 1


Method 1 - Glue the toothbrush to the bottom of the glass.


Method 2 - Add salt to tea or coffee in the morning.


Method 3 - Varnish your fingernails and toenails while dad is sleeping.


Method 4 - Cut the bottom of the box, put it on the cabinet, fill it with papers, confetti, and ask dad to get it.


Method 5 - Ask friends for help. Have them ring the doorbell every 15 minutes.


Other funny pranks


  • The simplest version of the draw at home is a snag in shoes. Stuff a dry, crumpled newspaper into the sock of your mom's or dad's favorite pair. Press thoroughly and cover with an insole. On the morning of April 1, watch the torment of parents while putting on shoes. It will be fun!


  • A hackneyed but still hilarious way to play pranks on grown-ups within the bounds of decency is to stick slippers to the floor with double-sided tape. There is indeed one caveat here. Make sure that mom or dad does not fall on the floor from the height of his height, God forbid, hitting his head on the corners of the furniture. Remove all "obstacles" and imperceptibly "soften" the surface of the intended fall.


  • A simple and funny joke - colored balls in the closet. Buy a collection of colored jumpers and tamp them down on a shelf in your mom or dad's closet. The trick is that on the morning of April 1, the balls fall on the parents along with things as soon as the closet door opens.
  • Funny joke - replacing mom's things with dad's. Swap underwear in drawers, socks, and even toiletries. Don't forget to film the reaction of your parents to the prank, show your talent to the paparazzi, and then laugh with the whole family!


  • Cool prank - with soap. Want to laugh at Mom and Dad's surprise when they try to wash themselves in the morning? Coat the soap with colorless nail polish. It is better to take a new dry bar. Such soap will never be lathered, no matter how carefully it is wetted.
  • Well, the classics of the genre - salt in tea or coffee instead of sugar. I agree, a little cruel, but really very funny!


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Birthday for everyone is a very personal and memorable holiday, especially for women who expect attention from close people, gifts, and surprises. However, at the same time, the birthday is tremendous stress for friends and relatives because congratulating the birthday is necessary for this day to remember with tenderness and warmth for a long time. How can you congratulate a woman on her birthday? See the memes below but don’t forget about flowers.


Birthday Memes for Her


No matter who you have a birthday, you have to give her flowers. Of course, before choosing a bouquet, it is desirable to ask his friends what flowers he prefers. It is believed that the most beautiful flowers that will not leave a girl indifferent are roses. For a woman you love, you can pick red roses, for the one you meet - pink or white; for a friend - yellow or peach.


Funny Happy Birthday Meme


1. Fabulous Lady


2. Wine…




4. Hey girl


5. Barry Happy


See here 40 funny happy birthday memes for him that will make his day. Download for Free 


How to make an actual surprise card?


If you want to turn a woman's birthday into an incredible vacation, you can come to her in the morning with a bunch of balls and a present. First of all, you have the opportunity to congratulate the little girl for the first time and, secondly, imagine how pleasant it is to receive such a greeting card.


Instead of a postcard, you can take a large piece of paper and paste a picture of the girl's birthday and write everything you want for her on this day. If you rely on tea, get a cake or candy. A short wish can be attached to each ball. Such a greeting card will be pleasing to the birthday girl. If you want to congratulate a woman collectively and know that she is not ready to celebrate a holiday, the best option for her is to organize a small party. Prepare a short greeting card and cover a small table with sandwiches and sweets. Decorate the room with flowers and balls and prepare a small gift. Ask the birthday girl to come under any excuse and then arrange a surprise.


For a woman you love, you need to prepare a separate gift. 


Congratulations, it should be when the boyfriend stays in bed in the morning—Cook a delicious breakfast. If you are not strong in cooking, you can cook ordinary edible eggs and toast. The main thing is to decorate everything nicely with vegetables and fruits. Put a flower in a small pot and wake up your birthday with a pleasant greeting.


Then you can go for a picnic in the park or meet your friends. If you want to congratulate your loved one uniquely - arrange a search game, the prize of which will be your gift. Before the birthday wakes up, glue the first tip to the mirror. The second can wait on the street, on the bench, the third - in the park. So you can congratulate them on an incredible and exciting game. The finish can be expected from a beloved woman in a restaurant where you will meet her with a large bouquet.



6. Cool girl


7. Sexy beast


8. Happy birthday co-worker


9. You deserve me


10. Bananas


Sarcastic Happy Birthday Meme for Her


11. Thinking of you


12. Getting lit


13.Hello it’s me


Congratulations to a colleague


A birthday at the office can be a bit of celebration. Before the arrival of a colleague, he should decorate his closet with balls and flowers. On the wall, you can close a poster with wishes. It is best to arrange a holiday after a working day, in honor of the birthday girl that you can shorten or let her go home and invite her to a party.


Through the team's strengths, you can make a short video that will show the working days and collective holidays with the little girl's birthday. Before preparing a greeting card, it should be noted that if as many people congratulate young employees as possible, then senior women are usually complimented by a narrow team.


What gift to choose a woman for a birthday greeting?


To please the birthday girl, the birthday of a single word of congratulations is not enough. It is also desirable to give her a small memorable gift. How to choose? We must undoubtedly proceed from the fact that a woman loves. The facility should be personal, so you shouldn't think that the coffee grinder or blender will please the culprit of the holiday because it will be used by everyone in the family, which means that it will not be intended only for him.


For women who take care of themselves, you can offer cosmetics. A standard set of gel shampoo will not hurt anyone, especially if it is an expensive brand and has a good quality. Give a gift certificate if you don't know what to choose as a greeting card. It is sold in almost all cosmetic supermarkets and beauty salons. So, a woman can select a gift within the specified amount.


For an active woman, a trip full of love and sports, the ideal gift will be a sea trip to the resort. The girl's birthday friends can arrange more modest greeting cards. Organize a trip with fire songs and barbecue—an excellent option for greeting cards in the year's warm season. As a gift, you can set up a tent or camp. For a woman who likes secular outings, you can offer theater tickets. After that, you can arrange dinner in a good restaurant.



14.Facebook reminder


15. My best wishes


16. So smart


17. Special lady


18. Reminder


19. Can I see your ID


20. Besides you


Getting Old Meme


21. Age and wine


22. Fabulosity




24. How old you are


25. I know your actual age


26. Getting old


27. A month late


28. Being older


29. None of your business


30. Perfect birthday meme for her


Girlfriend Funny Birthday Meme


31. Spoil yourself


32. Baby


33. I made you a drink


34. I know I won’t see you


35. Do it your way


36. It’s your birthday


37. Guess the day


38. Love you sexy beast


39. Controlling my excitement


40. Facebook vibes


See here 40 funny happy birthday memes for him that will make his day. Download for Free 


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April 1 is the day when people with humor make all kinds of pranks and jokes to those close to them. Fool's Day is not, however, a modern invention, but has a history of hundreds of years.

The origins of the Day of Fools, long disputed, have not been found exactly, historians consider that the custom of pranks is a intertwining of local folk customs specific to each country with ancient legends and ceremonies to welcome the New Year and later spring.

One of the hypotheses, accepted by the majority, claims that the origin of April 1 is closely related to the change of the Julian calendar with the Gregorian one. In the old calendar, New Year's Day was celebrated on April 1, instead of January 1.

After the change of the Gregorian calendar in 1582, during the reign of Charles IX, people initially had trouble getting used to the celebration of the new year on January 1. Those who celebrated the New Year on April 1 were called April Fools.

As time went on, the greetings sent for the New Year on April 1 began to be considered pranks, often accompanied by funny gifts.

Tradition says that pranks must be done by noon; after 12 o'clock the farce brings bad luck to the deceiver.

Also, marriage is not recommended from April 1: it is said that the man who marries from April 1 will be under the slipper for life. At the same time, it is said that the girls who chose their husbands on April 1, had luck and happiness in life.

The earliest reference to the Day of Fools seems to be, according to the Museum of Hoaxes, a fragment of a Flemish poem from 1539, in which a man allegedly fooled his servant on the very day of April 1st.

Another explanation would be that, a few hundred years ago, people celebrated the New Year on April 1st. The replacement of the old calendar with the new one created confusion, initially some people not being able to adapt to the change: they celebrated the New Year on April 1 instead of January 1 and, for this reason, they were called "April Fools". Bemorepanda collected some pranks for this day.

1.Scary lamp

Insect Lamps

2,Balloons prank

Balloon Prank Fake Out

3.Plants everywhere

Plant A Grass Garden In Your Coworkers Keyboard

Plant A Grass Garden In Your Coworkers Keyboard

4.Try to get out

Create An Infinite Loop Of Shopping Carts Around Their Car

5.That horn

Attach An Airhorn To Their Seat

6.No signal

Mouse Prank

7.Onion prank

Delight Their Taste Buds With Caramel Onions

8.Integrating with car seat

Become A Seat And Watch Peoples Reactions

9.Good photos on the wall

Hang Kim Jong Un On The Staff Picture Wall

10.Making soda

Make Mentos Ice Bombs For Your Friends That Love Soda

11.Shrimp scent 

Replace Air Freshener With Shrimp Scent

12.The shark

Prank At Walmart

13.Get out

Leave A Surprise For Whoever Redoes The Carpet


The Cage Copier

15.This soap prank

Paint Soap With Clear Nail Polish And Leave It In The Shower

16.A good idea

Install An Airhorn As A Door Wall Protector


Bathroom Is Occupied

18.Cups with water

Cups Full Of Water

19.Cleaning up

Offer Them Some Water In An Original Way


Mentos Prank

21.Chicken soup 

Chicken Soup Shower

22.The green grass

Plant Your Own Lawn In The Office

23.Roar contest

Chewbacca Roar Contest

24.Thats a point

Turn Their Cubicle Into A Bathroom

25.Dinner with friends

Make Dinner For Your Friends

26.Something went wrong

Leave This In Your Roommate's Bathroom On April Fools' Day With The Door Shut


Give Them An Office Technology Upgrade

28.The poop

Fake Poop

29.Bowl of sweets

Mix Skittles, M&m's And Reese's Pieces

30.Rat office

Infest Their Office With (fake) Rats

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