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Almost every film has curious details that are difficult to notice when you first watch it. Sometimes it can be unexpected characters, unobtrusively left by the director. Or inconspicuous moments that reveal the plot of the picture and add a special peppercorn to it.


At Bemorepanda, we found 13 hidden movie parts that even seasoned moviegoers might overlook. At the end of the article, you will find an unexpected fact about the cult melodrama, which many watched before the holes in the sunset of the 1990s.


1. "Matrix" - the symbol of yin and yang

When Neo and Morpheus attack each other in The Matrix, their clothing and body position form a symbol of the union of yin and yang. In Chinese philosophy, it means the interaction of opposites: light and darkness, day and night, positive and negative.


2. "Pirates of the Caribbean" - compass

In Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, when Commander James Norrington holds up the compass, he points to Jack, not Elizabeth. This compass does not point north or south, but in the direction of what the person holding it desires most. So the filmmakers wanted to show that the commander values ​​his duty above his feelings: it is more important for him to catch a pirate than to be with his beloved.


3. "Casino Royale" "- actress

In the 2006 film Casino Royale, actress Tsai Chin plays one of the poker players. She also appeared in the role of a minor Bond girl in the 1967 film "Live Only Twice".


4. "Cabin in the woods" - pupils

In the thriller "Cabin in the Woods" after a van crash and a collision with a zombie, you can see that Dana's pupils have become of different sizes. This is a common symptom of a concussion.


5. "The Truman Show" - cameras

In The Truman Show, the cameras appear in very obvious places, but the main character (Jim Carrey) stubbornly does not notice them. Even when a neighbor brings a trash can to Truman's car, he still does not see anything unusual in what is happening, since he has always lived in the conditions of a TV show.


6. "Shape of water" - shoes

The Oscar-winning film The Shape of Water features a scene in which Eliza admires a pair of red shoes. Later, when the heroine begins a relationship with Amphibian Man, you can see how she confidently walks through the laboratory in those very shoes. Perhaps this is how the filmmakers wanted to show that Eliza gained confidence and expanded the boundaries of her capabilities.


7. "Pirates of the Caribbean" - Jack Sparrow's father ring

In Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Captain Teague wears a silver skull ring. In fact, it is not a prop for the film, but a real decoration of actor Keith Richards. This ring was given to him for his birthday in 1978, and he has not taken it off since.


8. "Santa Claus" - elves

In the movie Santa Claus, when Charlie walks to school, an elf can be seen sitting behind him. This means that throughout his life, the elves watched over him and his father.


9. "Maleficent" - magic

Maleficent's magic changes color. When a witch is kind, her magic is golden. And when she does evil things, her enchantment turns green.


10. "The Chronicles of Narnia" - the fur of the White Witch

In The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the White Witch gave the order to cut the mane of Aslan's lion, and then coldly thrust a dagger into him. Later, Tilda Swinton's heroine can be seen wearing his mech during the battle.


11. "Parasites" - Mr. Pak's company

In Parasite, the viewer is constantly reminded that Mr. Park runs a firm called Another Brick, like the song of the same name by Pink Floyd. The film's director Bong Joon Ho was a huge fan of them in college. It raises the problems of education, inequality, there is a significant line: "In general, you are just another brick in the wall." The company logo appears on the glass in the office of the head of a wealthy family, as well as on the mugs from which the heroes drink.


12. "Alice in Wonderland" - the Hatter's phrase

The Mad Hatter's lines are not as meaningless as they seem at first glance. When the Hatter asks "What do a raven and a desk have in common?" One of the most famous works of Poe is the poem "The Raven".


By the way, Depp himself suggested adding orange spots on the Hatter's face. The fact is that in the 18th-19th centuries, hatters worked with mercury, which left orange and reddish spots on the skin. In addition, the metal caused chronic intoxication, which had a detrimental effect on mental health.


13.Bonus: "10 reasons I hate" - a scene with a poem

At the end of the tape "10 Things I Hate" Julia Stiles burst into tears while reading a poem she wrote about Patrick for her English lesson. This was not actually in the script. In one of the interviews, the actress told why emotions came over her during this scene. “I absolutely did not expect to start crying. I don't know why this happened. Perhaps this was due to what was happening in my life at that time. Or I was just blown away by the whole experience of making my first big movie, ”admitted Stiles.


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Currently, scientists have described more than 1.6 million animal species, but for some reason we are used to looking at the same ones. As a fight against this injustice, we decided to show you photos of outstanding animals, each of which is unusual in its own way. Some of them are of rare beauty, others were photographed at a delicate moment, and still others came here thanks to the stories that made them famous. Sit back, it will be interesting.


This African Nyala antelope looks so different


It also looks like an attempt by artists to show what an extinct animal might look like.


Termite queen sizes


As Simba from The Lion King said, "Slippery but nutritious!"


Great underwater photography of humpback whales: mom and her cub


A charming moment of whale tenderness.


Newborn (live) alpaca


We have never seen anything alive that looked so dead.


This is a rusty-spotted cat, and this is her adult size


It is likely that nature made them so adorable to lull the vigilance of their prey. P.S .: man for scale.


Translucent baby surgeon fish


His organs are not even visible.


Bagworm caterpillars collect and saw up small sticks to build intricate log huts


Who, who lives in the little house? BAG!




Beetle infected with the parasitic fungus cordyceps


A beetle that looks like it has the hair of a mad scientist.


A NYPD officer looks at Ming, a 160kg tiger secretly kept in a Harlem apartment, 2003


Real estate in New York is so expensive that it is still unknown how the tiger could afford to rent an apartment.


A stunningly beautiful caterpillar of the subfamily Hemileucinae of the family of peacock eyes


Caterpillars of the subfamily Hemileucinae are reported to have venomous hairs. The tiny bristles in many Hemileucinae species are stings attached to small blisters that are filled with toxin.


Glaucus atlanticus - also known as the blue dragon


Despite its beautiful appearance and miniature size, this mollusk is a predator and has some poisonousness. Reportedly relatively safe for humans.


Sampson is a Shire horse born in 1846 in Toddington Mills, Bedfordshire, England. He was the tallest and heaviest horse ever recorded.


And this horse also looks like it is in house slippers.


A beautiful blue crayfish found in the mountains of West Virginia


A beautiful blue crayfish with golden claws. This is probably the cambarus monogalensis crayfish.


Australian veterinarians rescue rare Pikachu-like golden possum


In Australia, there is at least some animal cuter than in other countries - these are possums.


Squid eggs, with little "aliens inside"


Tiny Kutlhunyata.




A Swedish company has created an environmentally friendly reflective paint designed to be applied to deer antlers to protect animals at night.


In 2014, some reindeer farmers took advantage of this innovation. Perhaps this way the drivers will shoot down deer much less.


Grizzly bear caught salmon with caviar


With all its salmon, it is as if begging the photographer to help him.


Strange Norwegian bird Turukhtan


Looks like a classic Count Dracula.


The cat Stubbs, who was the mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, from 1997 to 2017.



Take a moment to look at this adorable painted titmouse



Kizay is the world's only brown panda



Differences are what makes this world so beautiful



The rare yellow penguin that came out this way due to a lack of melanin


A bottle of Cola with orange and vanilla flavors that beckons with its cheerful orange label






"The rarest blue crab discovered in Wilmington, North Carolina last year. I personally know this family and in fact it is still alive and happy."



Adorable blonde seal cub



Python of insanely beautiful colors



When you are black and gloomy, but very cute



Not one, but two black and white iguanas





Cotton candy lobster



Golden tiger, which, apparently, came out as a result of inbreeding (crossing of closely related forms within the same population of organisms)



"My son was born with a black spot in his blond hair. It's just that a clump of hair grows black, there are no moles or birthmarks under it."



There is clearly something wrong with this snail.



Orange is the new white








Black cat with pink nose



Fanta, you're drunk, go home!



Black monitor lizard that looks a little brutal



 This is a freaky tree frog, and its name suits her perfectly.



Kea - one of a kind mountain parrot from New Zealand


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Do not crowd, there will be enough interesting things for everyone! Who ordered a cat that has two "Eyes of Sauron" at once? What about a white moth with a chicken on its back? And this is just the tip of the iceberg, because we have prepared for you a lot of interesting photos with stories that will tell you about something that you have not seen yet. Some people are constantly striving to learn something new, while others are keen to share their experiences. Fortunately, there is a thread on Reddit that caters to the needs of both. We hope you are also from inquisitive minds who are eager to learn something new and interesting.

Make a coffee, sit back, we're getting started!


This piece of foam floated in the ocean for so long it looked like a stone.


"This tree that I met in Tokyo has grown over a fence and it looks like it put its elbows on it to lean back and relax."


"A friend of mine found a green stem growing out of a shell. It was a grain of popcorn."


"I just finished this puzzle that has no picture."


"It rained at night and washed away all my child's chalk drawings, except for the one under the sheet."


"The disappearing stain on my thumb looks like the development of a deadly virus."


Beets with a flawless heart shape


"The alarm clock at this hotel has three displays so you can see the time while lying on any bed in the room."


"I just landed in Berlin and the plane lights are colored."


Traffic light showing how long you have to wait


"Alien DJ on my coffee cup"


"Green bread with the addition of pandanus leaves is sold in Malaysia"


Perfectly trimmed tree in Seville, Spain


"Found a set of round playing cards"


"My grandparents measure time on the dial with one week instead of 24 hours."


Clear hot sauce


"My friend looks like a giant"


A cat with two "Eyes of Sauron"


A boat that has a part for underwater views


Single egg tray


"Bumped into a Danish door leading to a field"


Someone crocheted a cover for this tree

Butterfly with transparent wings


This is a building that looks like a huge open cardboard box.


Fleet of delivery robots at work


The leaves of this tree grow in such a way that it feels like it was blurred in Photoshop.


White moth with a picture of a chicken on the back


"The color of my red pen is exactly the same shade as the margins in the notebook."


Babies sleep on the street in the courtyard of a hospital to strengthen the immune system, Moscow, USSR, 1958

Raindrops only cling to the colored areas of this poster.


National Geographic's door handles are shaped like the brand's logo


"My oatmeal became smooth and egg-shaped after I ran to work."


There is a miniature copy of it near this temple so that blind people can get acquainted with its architecture.


Tiny starfish


Pizza box opening from the center


Smoke from the fire painted the cobweb black


"Gradient colors on eggs that I collected from my chickens"



The photographs on the walls of this pub curve along with the walls


These chairs have a recess so you can hang your bag


"My coffee with milk came out the same color as my mug."


"This cactus has been growing from the metal roof of my friends for 4 years now."


Tiny seashell in sea salt


It says "Closed"


Funny patterns on ventilation grilles in new Swedish trains


A bench and a table made of rails. Vandalism level: 100


Toilet paper that helps you learn English


Stone before and after polishing


This is what bags of potato chips look like in a store located at an altitude of 2250 meters.


Here's what $ 1 million looks like in 10 dollar bills.


Plain 2D graffiti, but it looks like it's three-dimensional


From the inside, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is hollow


Wolves can be very large


At a time when there were still no clocks, people used candles with marks, each of which marked 1 hour. If it was necessary to set an alarm, then people simply stuck nails into the candle and put it on a metal surface.


Another alternative to the alarm clock was special people who were paid to spit frozen peas at windows to wake people up for work.


How much Shanghai (China) has changed in just 20 years


Jupiter and Saturn's Northern Lights compared to Earth


These two photos are exactly the same - they were taken from the same angle, they have the same crop and contain the same pixels, but the second one looks different


There is a truck on the left in this photo.


Inside the fire alarm is the usual small toggle switch.

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