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The childhood of the '90s was not an easy one, but it was beautiful through the simplicity of living and the joy that that "little" existing on all levels brought you. There were also few objects that served games or leisure, but that little means a lot to the children of that time and represents even more to the adults of today.

Why?! Because it has irrevocably marked them in a way that all the latest gadgets will not be able to mark today's children who are simply fascinated by them. If you are a parent, you probably want your foot to taste the wonderful aroma of your childhood.

We remember with nostalgia the times when we were children and as we get older we tend to compare our childhood with the younger ones like us. The childhood of the 90s and 2000s was really a colorful one. The children were eager for adventures and the evolution of the world in rapid steps.

Today we really miss the childhood of those years. Bemorepanda has collected top memes and tweets that will immerse you for a few minutes in those times.

1.The games of childhood

2.Windows Media Player

3.Parents of this years

4.Burning a CD


6.Cool celling

7.Windows 95

8.Vintage item

9.The ancestors of bath bombs

10.IPod shuffle

11.Time to watch a movie

12.The game was so real

13.Summer mix

14.So possitive

15.Having a good day

16.So old

17.Watch Titanic

18.You are so old?

19.Gen Z

20.Friday nights

21.Saturday morning

22.VR that time

23.Before the internet

24.That was pain

25.Remember this years

26.Gaming in the 90’s

27.That was a cool trend

28.Walk away from your problems

29.Real 90’s babies

30.Sabrina the teenage

31.That’s was sexy

32.Cool kid

33.Texting in the 90’s

34.I am so glad

35.Hiking day

36.So old

37.Nostalgic pic

38.Haunted house

39.Oh dear God

40.After school routine


42.Pizza hut

43.AA baterries

44.Taco bell

45.Jock Jams

46.Basketball hall

47.Stay home

48.Lit weekend

49.Laser point


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Children are the precious treasure of every parent. They do not need much to be happy, just love and caring adults. Because the smile and innocence of the little ones cheer everyone up, we have prepared a wonderful selection of quotes about children and childhood to read.

If you miss your childhood and the moments when playing was the main concern all day, then we have prepared a long list of memes about childhood, which will help you go back in time and remember the most beautiful moments of life.

1.My childhood memories

2.Windows 95

3.Vintage cool item

4.The ancestors of bath bombs

5.IPod shuffle

6.Time to watch a movie in school

7.The game was so real

8.Summer mix for a hot party

9.People were other

10.Having a great day

11.Old stuff

12.Watch Titanic

13.You are so old?

14.Gen Z

15.Friday nights in 1999

16.Saturday morning in the 90'

17.VR in our childhood

18.Before the internet

19.Destroying thumb

20.Remember masks

21.Gaming in the 90’s

22.Bycicle lovers?


24.Look at this pic

25.Sabrina the teenage

26.That’s was sexy

27.Starter pack

28.Texting in the 90’s

29.No social media

30.What ers it's from?

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Modern children are not familiar with many delicacies of the Soviet era, but their parents and representatives of older generations often recall with nostalgia their favorite delicacies from their childhood and youth. Let's remember the elements of the tasty and sweet life of Soviet children:

1. Bread crust

 Many children ran to the bakery for fresh flavored bread. Before buying, they were sure to check its freshness using a huge fork with two prongs, and on the way home they nibbled on a crust, it seemed that there was nothing in the world tastier than this fragrant bread crust.

 It was they who replaced the chupa-chups for Soviet children. Such delicacies could be prepared at home or bought in the city. The cockerels were very popular, all children liked the taste of burnt sugar in such a candy, moreover, through them one could look at the sun and see the world in a different color.

3. Natural chewing gum

 This delicacy was not sold in the store, the role of gum was played by the resin of fruit trees, which the children mined on their own. The most delicious were cherry and apricot resin.

4. The most delicious dessert

 Who among Soviet children did not go out into the street with a huge piece of bread dipped in water and sprinkled with sugar? Elementary and not very attractive, but divinely delicious.

5. Live drink

 And you saw a jar with strange contents that looked like a jellyfish. Adults said that a tasty and healthy drink was formed there, but it was far from everyone's taste.

6. Delicious medicines

Delicious sweet and sour balls, which were very useful, were liked by absolutely all children.

7. Sea pebbles

 The multi-colored sweets with raisins or nuts were really very similar to sea pebbles, but it was impossible to tear yourself away from them, so they were picked up with whole handfuls and snapped like seeds.

8. DIY cakes

Young chefs loved to cook an original cake, which consisted of two cookies, oiled and combined into one confection.

9. Delicious dry water

 The forbidden fruit is always, if not sweet, then necessarily delicious. This applies to dry briquettes, which the children chewed directly in dry form.

10. Ice cream

 A favorite delicacy of all children is a delicious ice cream in a crispy waffle cup, which, when melted, left white marks around the mouth.

11. Homemade toffee

 A real delicacy is boiled condensed milk, although this delicacy was also very tasty in its raw form.

12. Delicious cheese "Friendship"


 Thanks to its taste, Soviet processed cheese became the basis for many salads; it was used for sandwiches and ate just like that.

13. Ascorbic acid

 Tasty and healthy ascorbic acid could be bought at a store or in a pharmacy. Sweet tablets tasted more like candy, so all the children liked it so much.

14. Kis-kis

 The candy that broke the fillings and glued the teeth together, but was loved by absolutely everyone.

15. Potatoes on the fire

 The very first grilled dish of the Soviet people was baked potatoes over the fire, which was not only delicious to eat, but also very interesting to cook. Potatoes were turned over on the coals with a wooden stick, and then the charred skins were removed from the scalding hot potatoes and ate with pleasure.

16. Sweet potatoes

 In those days, a simple cake that could be made right at home was called sweet potato. A simple recipe consisted of crushed biscuits mixed with cocoa and butter to form balls that looked like small potatoes.

17. Halva

Chocolates were a real luxury, but halva was quite affordable, it was sold both by weight and packaged in cans.

18. Draft juices

 Apple, grape, birch and tomato juices could be bought at the Soki-Vody store. These drinks were very popular, and there was always a queue at the juice stalls.

19. Milk from the bag

 Not so much the milk itself as the triangular bag in which it was sold, especially attracted the boys. This bag made an excellent firecracker, which not only made a loud sound, but could also splatter everything around.

20. Delicacy from seeds

 Kozinaki was another test of dental strength. They were made from seeds and caramel to form small tiles.

21. Sweet Nuts

Such a delicacy could be prepared in a special pan that allowed baking halves of nuts. They were filled with condensed milk and the two parts were combined into a whole nut.

22. Tasty and economical

 A slice of black bread, sprinkled with sunflower oil and slightly salted with dill and green onions, could pass for an exquisite sandwich.

23. Drinks from the vending machine

Plain water for a penny, and sweet water with syrup - for only 3 kopecks was available to absolutely everyone. It was especially interesting to wash the glass right in the machine when a real fountain was forming. And even though some of the sweets of the Soviet era now seem to us not very appetizing, not a single generation of people recalls these sweets with nostalgia.

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