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Going to the paradise island of the Gods, you want to make friends not only with the ocean and the numerous beaches of Bali, but of course, if you do not plunge headlong into the culture of the island, then at least slightly open the secret curtain into the world of the island's unusually expressive sights.

In this article Bemorepanda will tell you just about one of the components of Bali's culture - the most significant, and at the same time popular (due to their unusualness) temples of the island.


You don't have to be religious or get carried away with cultural attractions to definitely want to see, for example, a tiny temple with monkeys on a huge sheer cliff above a raging ocean, or an incredibly graceful temple-pagoda in a sacred mountain lake.


In general, each of the Balinese temples described in the article, in our opinion, deserves a visit, but if you are limited in time, then Bemorepanda hopes this article will help you make the best choice in favor of 1-2 of the most interesting places in Bali for you.


A map with all the temples and other attractions of the island is at the end of the article!


Pura Tanah Lot

Bali - Pura Tanah lot - YouTube

Judging by the number of postcards, the Pura Tanah Lot is perhaps the most famous temple in Bali. A remarkable feature of the Tanah Lot temple is that you can approach it only at low tide, at other times the ocean separates the temple from the land.


The fact that Pura Tanah Lot stands on a cliff 100 meters from the shore does not mean at all that it is not worth going here at high tide, on the contrary, it seemed to me that this way the views from the shore to the temple in the raging waves only benefit, all the more inward anyway you can't go in, just climb a couple of steps and peep slightly.

A sacred snake lives in the rock next to the temple, which you can see for a donation.

Pura Luhur Tanah Lot - Bali Semara

In addition to the main temple on a rock-island, in the Tanah Lot complex there are other small graceful temples on the cliffs, to which (regardless of the water level in the ocean) you can walk along the narrow edge of the cliff, right a meter from the cliff, and it will take your breath away! I don't think it's even worth talking about what cool pictures you can take there.


The bulk of tourists come to Tanakh Lot at sunset, firstly, the temple looks most advantageous in sunset colors, and secondly, dance performances begin immediately after sunset, although their schedule is constantly changing, here you will get to, but in any case, in my opinion each of the Balinese dances deserves attention.


In the morning and in the afternoon, it is also no less interesting, for example, on the left to the temple complex there is a hotel, on the territory of which there is a beautiful green golf course. You can also walk to the field from the temple, here is a small deserted beach, and even extreme surfers find this place interesting.


Pura Oolong Danu

Download wallpapers Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple, Hindu temple, sunset,  lake, Bali, Danau Beratan, Candikuning, Baturiti, Tabanan Regency,  Indonesia besthqwallp… | Hindu temple, Beautiful locations, World heritage  sites

In the mountainous region of the island, on Lake Bratan (Beratan) there is a small, surprisingly harmoniously blending into the water landscape, the Pura Ulun Danu pagoda-temple.


The goddess of fertility Devi Danu "dwells" in this temple, so the temple is popular not only among tourists, but also an important place of pilgrimage for local residents, because according to legend, if you appease the goddess with generous offerings, then the harvest will be generous.


In addition to the multi-tiered pagoda on the water, there are other temple buildings with courtyards on the territory of the Pura Ulun Danu complex, which you can look into. There are also a couple of flower paths along the lake and a small green park for walking with benches and statues.

Download wallpapers Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple, 4k, Shaivite water  temple, Pura Bratan, Bali, Indonesia, Lake Bratan besthqwallpapers.com in  2021 | Cool places to visit, Places to visit, Cheap countries to travel

In general, this place is very picturesque, and if you really want to feel the atmosphere, admire the lake, temple and mountains, then it is better to come early in the morning or by sunset. Although, on the other hand, despite the crowds on weekends and festive ceremonies, on the territory of the Ulun Danu temple there is an opportunity to see beautiful girls dancing Balinese dances and musicians playing in the temple on a traditional gamelan instrument, and simply smart tourists.


A trip to this temple can be very successfully combined with a visit to rice terraces, strawberry farms, Git-Git waterfall, botanical garden and lakes Bratan, Buyan and Tamblingan.


Pura Besakih

The 10 Best Besakih Temple (Pura Besakih) Tours & Tickets 2021 - Bali |  Viator

"The mother of all temples" - that's exactly what the Balinese call Pura Besakih, because this is the main temple of the island, and it is amazing because it is located on the slope of the Agung volcano - the highest mountain in Bali, at about 1 km above sea level.


The mountains in Bali are considered sacred, because according to the most ancient belief, the gods live on them, by the way, the Besakih temple is more than 1000 years old. If you want to see no, not gods, but a stunning view of the mountains around, as well as the ocean, our advice to you is to come in the morning. By lunchtime, here most often, like over all the mountains, clouds are gathering, for the first time we did not take this moment into account and got into a rainy haze ((Pura Besakih, Bali

Pura Besakih, Temple on Gunung Agung, Bali, Indonesia

On the days of ceremonies, it is quite crowded here, which, on the one hand, slightly violates the idyll of these places, and on the other, allows you to see the Besakih temple, with its altars and statues in beautiful bright sarongs, as well as a hundred other local Balinese with offerings, if you wish, you can even join to their unusual ceremonies for us.


Pura Uluwatu

Uluwatu Tour – Brata Bali Tours

The Pura Luhur Uluwatu temple itself is not of particular interest, moreover, every time we were there, the doors to the inner courtyard of the temple were closed, it is very small and is opened only on special occasions.


It is the territory itself that is of interest, from the walking paths of which views of the mighty and endless ocean open.

And the unusual feature of the Uluwatu temple is that it stands on the edge of a huge rock, and 90 meters down the waves of the raging ocean break just on this rock, in general, the place is incredibly picturesque.

Pura Uluwatu Temple. Stone Cliffs, Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free)  21549787 | Shutterstock

If you like to get aesthetic pleasure from contemplating nature or are fond of photography, then come here to meet the sunset - the sun sets in the sea, and the black silhouette of the rock and the Pura Luhur Uluwatu temple against the background of a multi-colored glow spreading across the sky is something unimaginable.


After sunset, here, on the territory of the complex, they arrange a national performance - Kecak, the language does not dare to call it just one of the Balinese dances, the spectacle is spectacular - on a round stage, under cover of night and under mesmerizing cries, elegant, in sarongs and bright makeup, the artists introduce auditorium in a kind of trance.


We also want to note that the entire territory of Pura Luhur Uluwatu is occupied by the ubiquitous monkeys. Someone will enjoy watching these funny creatures, but you should be on the alert, seemingly kind creatures can easily take away glasses, a cap or a phone.


There is practically no shade on the territory, so my advice to you: come either early in the morning, because in the afternoon it was scorching heat, sometimes unbearable, or closer to sunset.


Pura Lempuyang

PURA LEMPUYANG TEMPLE (2021) • Visitor's Guide | Jonny Melon

As soon as you will see the Pura Lempuyang temple, You will immediately call it "heavenly", and then, when you decided to read more about it, you learn that one of the translations of the Pura Lempuyang temple just means a heavenly creation.


Pura Lempuyang is a whole complex of temples, all the components form like a staircase to heaven, each subsequent temple is located on a hill above. A hiking trail of 1,700 steps winding through the jungle leads to the top; the ascent takes about 4-5 hours.

Pura Lempuyang Luhur travel guidebook –must visit attractions in Bali – Pura  Lempuyang Luhur nearby recommendation – Trip.com

In general, trekking to the very top of the Lempuyang temple is probably not for everyone, but it is worth coming here anyway, because, even if you do not climb to the very top, already through the gates of the lowest temple, if you are lucky with clear weather, the view is simply fantastic - to the Agung volcano.


It is better to come in the morning to see everything at its best. Well, and of course, the morning arrival may well become an aid to go to "conquer" the rest of the temples, at this time the sun is not so terrible, and the reward will be not only a feeling of completeness and awareness of one's capabilities, but also an amazing atmosphere along the way, and especially on the very top.


One of our acquaintances said that the gazebo in the upper Lempuyang temple is one of the most amazing places where he had to meditate. If you are on this wave, then you are definitely there. If not, enjoy the view from the lower temple and head to the Tirta Ganga water palace, which is just around the corner!


We would not call this place a tourist, but the fact that the temple does not greatly attract tourists, rather speaks of its inaccessibility, rather than uninteresting))


They say that there are more temples on the island than houses, and this can be easily believed, here even the smallest village has at least 3 temples:


  • The central temple of Pura Desa is the main "temple of the village" dedicated to Brahma the Creator,
  • Pura Puseh is dedicated to the god Vishnu and other spirits of the earth,
  • The temple of "dead souls" Pura Dalem - dedicated to Shiva the Destroyer or his wife Durga.


There are even more temples in large towns and villages. In each of them, it is quite easy to get to some kind of ceremony or ceremony.

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Bali is one of the most beloved places on Earth and this is partly why most articles reveal the island from a positive side.


It so happened that we focus more on positive things (often even unconsciously), so many disadvantages fall out of sight. It's much easier to live like this, but for bloggers it's not a very good quality, so Bemorepanda, nevertheless, try to be more objective and look closely at the minuses too (there are plenty of them here too).


Bali is an island with character, it is quite contrasting, there are many different conjectures and stereotypes about it, and unlike the almost ideal Thailand, which almost everyone loves, after Bali some tourists spit and swear that they will not be here again. The other part, despite not all the disadvantages, considers it ideal and falls in love with the island irrevocably!


With this article, we decided to put everything in its place and talk about the pros and cons of Bali.




1. Traffic and driving style. For us, this is perhaps the most significant minus - on the roads, especially in the southern part of the island, chaos is happening here.

Traffic jams in a paradise called Bali

A cocktail of an incredible amount of motorbikes, narrow roads and a crazy driving style result in traffic jams and turn the movement from point A to point B into a real torture. ⠀


At the same time, sometimes it is worth turning aside to a secondary street and immediately the traffic disappears instantly.


2. Direct beaches. We have said this many times and will say it again, Bali is not for a beach holiday. There are no "bounty" beaches and most of them are shallow, or big waves, or there is no infrastructure, or very crowded. There are exceptions, but there are few of them, and it is not a fact that it will be possible to settle just next to them. ⠀

Best Resorts in Bali with Direct Beach Access - What's New Bali


3.High humidity. The humidity level here rarely drops below 80%, so the heat on the island is rather difficult to endure. In addition to this - long-drying things, mold on your favorite clothes and lenses. ⠀

Bali Weather, Seasons and Climate - Bali.com | The Best Time to Visit,  Rainfalls


4. Dangerous sun. Sun exposure during the day is tantamount to suicide. Skin, especially unaccustomed to the sun, burns instantly and can burn several times during the vacation. ⠀



5. The rainy season. Unlike most resorts around the world, winter is not the season here. Hot, humid and a lot of rain. Moreover, the rains are quite long, so if you go to Bali to celebrate the New Year, be prepared for the fact that you may have to ride a bike ankle-deep in water.

Planning a Trip to Bali during the Rainy Season - Lotus Bungalows


6. And also, the rainy season is very dirty beaches and a lot of garbage on the ocean. ⠀

Trash Attack: Bali's beaches are the worst they've been in 10 years, say  authorities | Coconuts Bali


7. Expensive seafood. Surprisingly, despite the fact that Bali is surrounded on all sides by water, seafood is quite expensive here.

Bali Jimbaran Bay Seafood with Sunset View 2021


At the same time, it is worth driving away from the coast and they disappear, almost completely.


8. Lack of public transport. If you are accustomed to using buses, trains, tuk-tuk, jeepney, songteo and other public vehicles, then here you will be disappointed, there is nothing like it and without your own transport (or using a taxi) it will be very difficult here. ⠀

How to Travel Around Bali, Indonesia


9.Taxis here, at the same time, are quite expensive by Asian standards, and besides, local taxi drivers are actively fighting with cheap Uber and Grab, up to the use of physical force, which significantly reduces their number and makes life difficult for visitors.

How to Ride Blue Bird Taxi & Others in Bali, Indonesia


10. The growing crime situation. In recent years, attacks on tourists have become more frequent - they rip off handbags and chains, snatch phones, push them off bikes, climb into houses and villas. It is worth noting that this mainly occurs at night and in the south of Bali. ⠀

crime in bali - Travel Off Path


11. Delicious local cuisine. Dishes prepared in varungs (local cafes) are often heavily fried, fatty and spicy. In tourist places, this is easier, but it is worth driving a little to the side, and only two dishes will be waiting for you on the menu - mi goreng and nasi goreng (fried noodles and fried rice).

Bali Food Guide: Traditional Balinese Food + Best Bali Restaurants


12. High prices in restaurants. If you focus on the average level, then the cost of cafes and restaurants here will be higher than in the same Thailand.

If you are used to good restaurants, then you will hardly notice the difference, and if you want to eat cheap, then see the previous paragraph. ⠀

Alcohol Prices in Bali (And Why Wine Is So DARN Expensive!)


13. Bank card fraud. In Bali, cases of skimming are very common, when, some time after you have withdrawn money from an ATM, additional charges are made from the card. You need to choose an ATM very carefully so as not to become a victim of scammers. ⠀

12 advices for safely withdrawing money in Bali - Bali Lost Adventure - Atm  Bali


14.Calculation. In small stores, they may incorrectly give change or break through excess goods. In the exchanger, you can easily see professional tricks with money, which look impressive, but are not cheap.

Ubud Traditional Art Market in Bali - Best Art Market in Bali


15. High level of corruption. The police often deliberately arrange raids in order to shake the cherished dollars from tourists.

How To Not Get Fleeced by Corrupt Bali Police | Compare Surfboards


However, if everything is in order with your documents, you are not violating anything, then most likely there will be no problems.


16. Slow internet. In general, the situation is noticeably improving, many places where fiber is laid and the speed becomes stable (we have 10 Mbit / s at home), but often it is still quite unhurried on the island.

Review: Best Internet Providers in Bali 2019 — ALT FN CTRL Tech Support


17. Dirt and debris. Despite the fact that the Balinese themselves are very clean, tidy and tidy, the roads and beaches, especially in the rainy season, can be quite dirty.

Bali beaches swamped by garbage as tourists, hotel workers sweep up each  morning - ABC News


Either the point is in the visiting Indonesians from other islands, or in their culture, which, accustomed to organic waste, did not have time to convert to a huge amount of plastic and other inorganic waste.


18.Active and diverse fauna. This is not a minus, but rather a common enough point for Asia.

Bali's Wild Side | Ultimate BaliThere is a huge number of all those who fly, crawl and jump - insects, frogs, lizards, geckos, snakes, scorpions, etc. in the overwhelming majority are not dangerous, but from habit they can, at least, annoy. There are also quite a few stray dogs here, which, again, are usually not aggressive, but love to bark and jump out onto the road in front of the bike.


19. Cataclysms. Bali is located in an earthquake-prone region, therefore it periodically shakes it. Earthquakes are usually not strong and do not happen very often, but anything can happen. There are also several volcanoes here, in particular the active Batur. It does not represent a serious danger, but for example, in the early 2000s, there was a small outflow of ash, which reached 300 meters in height.

Floodwaters swamp Bali as mini tsunami hits the famous tourist hot spot |  Daily Mail Online


20. Lack of sidewalks. In some places they are found, but in general, it is better not to count on them. Even where they are, they can be crammed with bikes, half-broken, etc. As a result, it is quite difficult to defile here in a long dress with heels, as well as to walk with a stroller if you are traveling with a small child. Locals here, in general, rarely travel on foot - they get on a bike whenever possible, even if you need to travel 100 meters.

Legian Street Walk | City travel, Street, Bali


21. A large number of tourists. Especially Chinese, and every year there are more and more of them. Popular attractions (such as the Tanah Lot or Uluwatu temples) are simply overcrowded during the day. Life hack for those who are not lazy - come early in the morning, for the opening, then there is a chance to walk almost alone.

Bali sees increase in number of European tourists - News - The Jakarta Post


22. Taxes in restaurants. Most cafes and restaurants here do not include taxes and service charges, as a rule, it is 15-21%. Judging by the fact that in some establishments the amount is already included, there is no single rule or law on this matter, so this can be considered a trick of the owners in order to make the price visually lower. Tax information is usually indicated at the bottom of the menu, but it also happens (infrequently) that this is reported after the fact.

Metis restaurant serves french cuisine in a beautiful setting #bali  #finedining #french cuisine #TTDIB #thingstodoinbali.com


23. Paid parking. Quite often, near beaches or attractions, locals charge for parking. Most often they give out a ticket, but it happens that they just collect it. The cost is small, usually $ 0.15-0.4 for a bike and about $ 1 for a car, but many people really don't like it, so let's write it down =)

Parking - The Sanctuary Bali


24. No direct flight. Well, another disadvantage is that it is quite long and difficult to get to Bali. There are no direct flights, from Moscow, as a rule, they fly with two connections, and if you do not live in the capital, then add one more. Sometimes you can pick up a flight with one stop, but it will be significantly more expensive.

Garuda Indonesia Is Launching Mumbai To Bali Direct Flights



1. Large selection of vegetables and tropical fruits, especially in August / September and also in winter.

Bali's Paradise Fruits | My Guide Bali

Dragonfruits, grapes, mangosteen, vani, marquise, durians, vani, rambutans, longans - all this can be found in Bali in certain seasons, and pineapples, papayas, bananas, watermelons, herring, tangerines, strawberries, young coconuts grow here all year round.


2. Amazing nature. There is an ocean and volcanoes, rocks and mountain lakes, jungles, rice terraces and waterfalls - such a variety on one island is difficult to find anywhere else.

A Nature Lover's Guide to Bali


3. The nature here is not only diverse, but also very photogenic, a real paradise for photographers and lovers of beautiful views.

Bali, Natural Beauty of the Land of the Gods


4. Picturesque ocean. Despite the fact that we included a beach vacation in the minus section, the ocean itself is very impressive, especially if you look at it from the side.

What To Do in Bali | Watersports, Temples, Nature Hikes & Yoga Retreats


5. A large number of tourist attractions. There are diving, snorkeling, rafting, safari park, elephant park, avkapark, bird park, cultural park, etc.

8 Natural Wonders in Bali, Indonesia - The Luxury Signature


6. Surfing. It should be highlighted as a separate item, as it is really cool here. There are waves all the time, all year round, there are a lot of spots, both for beginners and professionals - it is not for nothing that a huge number of Australians who know a lot about surfing come here for surfing. And besides, all this is very cheap here.

Top 5 Beaches For Surfing In Bali | ForeverVacation


7. A huge number of attractions. In Bali, there is no question of what to do with your time; rather, on the contrary, “how to cram all this into your short vacation”.

обои : Солнечный лучик, пейзаж, природа, Фотография, Зеленый, Холмы, Утро,  пальмовые деревья, Кустарники, Рисовый рис, Бали, Индонезия, Террасное  поле, 1600x1065 px 1600x1065 - - 619327 - красивые картинки - WallHere


8. Compactness. All the joys of life from the previous two points are located on a relatively small area, the distance from the southernmost point to the northernmost point is ~ 120 km.

17 Best Things to Do in Bali - What is Bali Most Famous For?


9. Unique culture and religion. Daily religious rituals and offerings in themselves already delight many, and there are also many bright holidays (Nyepi, Galungan, Kuningan), impressive cremations, and a thousand other ceremonies, when local residents in their outfits bring offerings to gods and demons - all it looks mesmerizing.

Pura Lempuyang Luhur (Gates of Heaven) — Through Her Wandering Eyes


10. Friendly local population. Balinese are very friendly, responsive and, in our opinion, smile much more than the same Thais from the “land of smiles”. Sure, in tourist epicenters, you are likely to be seen as a source of income, but a little aside, they are really cool and sincere.

The Bali Sun - Daily Bali News and Events


11. Wonderful architecture. Carved windows, doors, facades near houses, beautiful temples in picturesque places, stylish cafes and restaurants - the Balinese have their hands growing from where they need it, they are quite hardworking and this immediately catches your eye, literally as soon as you descend from the plane.

30 Best Bali Hotels - Free Cancellation, 2021 Price Lists & Reviews of the  Best Hotels in Bali, Indonesia


12. A wide range of accommodation. Here it is quite easy to rent a simple room in a guesthouse for $ 15, and rent a luxury villa for several hundred dollars a day.

There are no problems with both daily rent and long term rentals.

Bali Resorts | Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort Official Site


13. The civilized contingent of tourists. Due to the significant distance and a small number of "all inclusive", the audience here, for the most part, is quite decent. Although anything can happen, of course =)

Ubud Bali Swing Location - Bali Gates of Heaven


14. Good selection of cafes and restaurants. Despite the fact that we recorded the local food as a minus, it is difficult to die of hunger in Bali - here you can find almost any cuisine, all kinds of directions and specializations, including organic, vegetarian, etc. Many restaurants are very stylish atmospheric, or just with a cool look.

Bali 2021 | Ultimate Guide To Where To Go, Eat & Sleep in Bali | Time Out


15. A good selection of yoga schools. Many people go to Bali (and especially to Ubud) in order to join yoga and everything is really good here - there are many schools, studios and private teachers, both with classical directions, and with more sophisticated ones - for example roll and release, rope yoga, acro yoga, etc.

6 Days Yoga, Meditation, and Gaia Retreat in Ubud, Bali -  BookYogaRetreats.com


16. Cheap transport rental and inexpensive gasoline. Renting cars and motorbikes here costs almost two times less (especially if you rent for a long time) than in Thailand, and besides, it does not cause any hassle. Here no one requires a passport as a deposit and does not extort money for invented scratches. In addition, gasoline costs about $ 0.6 here, and you can rent a car with a driver here for $ 40-50 per day (including gas).

Bali Private Car Charter - Bali Car Rental - Wandernesia


17. Proximity to other islands. If, nevertheless, Bali is fed up, there are other islands nearby - Lombok, Gili, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Java, which can be reached in a couple of hours. Not to mention the other 17800 Indonesian islands, which, however, are more difficult to get to =)

Beyond Bali: Indonesia's other islands | OverSixty


18.Convenient visa policy. For Russians, you can enter the country either free of charge with a stamp at the airport (for a month), or for money, but with the possibility of extending the period of stay for another month. And for those who want to spend more time here - with the help of certain manipulations (legal) without departure, you can stay in Indonesia for up to 6 months. ⠀

Bali Visa For Indians, Everything A Traveler Must Know For 2021


19. Balinese love children. Every time the locals see a small child, they break into a touching smile. They will never look askance at a screaming child, they will always offer an extra pillow to put the baby somewhere in a restaurant, and in general they show pronounced positive emotions towards children. True, sometimes such love goes to an extreme, when they start grabbing children by the cheeks, asking them to hold them in their arms, etc., not everyone likes it.

Bali with kids: Best things to do, places to stay, where to eat |  escape.com.au


20. Large selection of spas and massage parlors. Here you can find massage at a local eatery for $ 5, and a European-level spa with good cosmetics, professional specialists and the highest level of service.

Bali Luxury Spa Treatmen for 2 Hour All Inclusive 2021 - Seminyak


21. Special atmosphere. This point is quite difficult to describe in words, but many people feel that something special is in the air here. Some attribute this to the enormous energy that thousands of Balinese generate every day with their religious rituals. Others explain the special location of the island.

Soori Spa | Well-being and wellness | Beauty & Balance


Bali island, Indonesia

If you, after reading this post, decide that you should not go to Bali, then you really should not! If you are not afraid of all the disadvantages, then welcome to the fan club of bali lovers 😉


In any case, we hope that the description of the pros and cons of Bali will allow you to put together a balanced picture in your head and decide for yourself whether you should go here! ⠀


Have you been to Bali before? Do you agree with our observations? Maybe you noted for yourself some other pros and cons?


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