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Each order of clothes on the Internet is a roulette that beckons, kindling a feeling of excitement in us. Then we look forward to the package, because this is a real Kinder surprise for adults - you seem to know what should come to you, but you're never sure how it will look in reality. And the reality is sometimes very cruel .. Often ordered things online do not look like in the photo on the Internet, and do not look like a model, but like a circus clown. As a rule, this is very upsetting for customers, but at the same time it makes others happy, because sometimes it looks so ridiculous that it is simply impossible to restrain a laugh. We have collected for you 20 examples of "expectations versus reality" from people who, for some reason, still continue to order clothes on the Internet.


"The mask I ordered (left) and the mask I received (right)"

1 564


"Discostans ordered on the Internet"

2 477


"I never thought this would happen to me ... but here I am."

2 553


Ordering a beautiful dress online: expectation versus reality

3 438


Not the best placement of the print on the bottom of the T-shirt ..

5 553


"What my mom ordered my wife for Christmas and what she got"



"I ordered a robe that is worn when the police come to report that your millionaire husband has died under suspicious circumstances."



"In these pants, I look like I wet myself."

7 507


Photos on the seller's page and photos from reviews on Wish


"What I ordered and what was sent to me"

8 500

This is a really big hat.


"Wise advice: be careful when ordering clothes online."



"Every order on is always a failure."

10 202


“I don’t know how people generally buy clothes on the Internet. It's always like this with me "

6 222


"It took me 14 letters to get them to return my money for this monster."


"The shorts my friend ordered from her Instagram ad are a little different from the ads!"


"Dress or bandage for dressing wounds?"

10 486


“My parents ordered jeans for me. They came in very poor quality, the holes were literally ordinary squares. My dad was laughing so hard. "


I wanted to be a wolf, but I became a sad bear


Before buying clothes online, remember to check the measurements .. and try not to forget that you are buying clothes, not the body

11 471


"A friend gave my cat this bear hat to recreate the adorable photo she saw on Instagram ..."

3,0 0

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For some unknown reason, some people treat animals worse than things. We will never understand what motivates them, but, fortunately, in contrast to their heartlessness, there are kind people who are always ready to come to the aid of animals. A dog named Mo was found by volunteers from Mission Pawsible in a gutter in Bali, where she was hiding from people. The hind legs of the dog were tied with a cord, and the muzzle was tied with tape, because of which it was very starved and was dying. It is believed that she was lucky to fall out of a motorcycle owned by dog ​​meat traders.


Mo immediately after she was found

1 584

The dog was lucky not to fall victim to the illegal dog meat trade in Bali.


The dog was found in the sewers, where she was hiding from people, being on the verge of life and death

2 572

Despite the very poor physical condition, Mo's main problem was her muzzle, which the dog catchers rewound with duct tape. The duct tape cut off circulation and her flesh died off. The dog was urgently taken to surgery, where his face was carefully stitched up using skin transplantation. Rescuers did not know if Mo would be able to survive the operation, but the dog regained consciousness and began to wag its tail.


Her muzzle was sealed with duct tape, and her hind legs were tied with a lace

3 574


Doctors stitched up Mo's face, for which they even had to transplant skin

4 560


Doctors along with the rescue team were not sure if Mo would survive this operation.

5 573


But Mo was a real fighter and soon after waking up she was already wagging her tail.

6 553


Through love, treatment and time, Mo began to recover

7 522


Trust in people has returned to her again.

8 520


The circulation in the face was restored and she could feel her nose again.

9 502


Mo started to gain weight

10 505


Confidence returned to the dog and it seemed to shine from within

11 490


Despite the pain and betrayal from people, she again learned to trust them.

12 483


She was again able to become the adorable dog she was before this sad incident.

13 465


Soon Mo found a new home and a loving family.

14 450


She even has a company

15 437


Now Mo's life is filled with love, care, toys and lots of goodies.

16 400


As soon as she got into a new house, she immediately slept for 10 hours in a row.

17 374


She is happy and often plays with other animals.

18 359


And receives many kisses and hugs from his loving masters

19 298


We hope that Mo can forever forget about what she went through, and she will always play happily, as in these photos.

20 243

21 149

23 75

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Dogs are only a part of our life, but for them we are their whole life. Saying goodbye to a dog is always very difficult, because over time they become full-fledged family members. Unfortunately, sometimes dogs get to people with a stone heart, and if they somehow "tolerate" young dogs, they can deal with them in the most heartless way when they get old. This is the story of Bella, a 10-year-old German shepherd from the UK, who was tied to a large rock by her former owners and thrown into the water, hoping she would drown.


Former owners tied Bella's leash to a large rock and threw it into the water, hoping she would drown.

1 577


Dog struggling to survive spotted by Jane Harper and her friend Joanne Bellamy

2 566

People walked by, walking their dogs

3 566


This is the stone that Bella's leash was tied to.

4 552


After being pulled out of the water, Bella was immediately taken to the local veterinarian.

5 565


Later she was placed in the care of the charity RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

6 545


Bella was lucky to survive in icy water with a stone tied to her neck.

7 520


But the physical examination also revealed that she had other health problems.

8 512


Bella was cared for by the kind and helpful staff of the Radcliffe Animal Center in Nottingham, UK

9 496


Animal welfare charity and local police have launched an investigation to find those responsible for the atrocities against the dog

10 499


Bela spent 15 months under the care of a charitable organization, and during this time she completely recovered and changed a lot.

11 483


She found a new home, and retired couple Maggie Mellish and Charlie Douglas became its new owners.

12 477


The couple used to keep herding-type dogs, and now they are ready to give all their love to Bella, since their last dog passed away a couple of years ago.

13 459


Jane Harper and Joanne Bellamy, who rescued Bella, visited her to see how she was doing.

14 446


Bella is now 11 years old, and you could hardly find better owners for her than a couple of retired dog lovers

15 432


The story told by Maggie, Bella's new owner:

“Over the past 30 years, there have been 3 shepherd-type dogs in our family. Two years ago we lost our dogs Tia and Luna, and this year - my daughter Flame's dog. We missed them a lot. But a few weeks ago we saw Bella's story in the press and learned that she needed a new home, so my daughter Claire Luscher advised us to apply for her adoption.

We know she will need regular veterinary visits and are willing to pay for them. We know she's old, but we just want to offer her the loving home she deserves after everything she's been through. We are both retired, so we will always be there for her, and this is what she really needs, and it will also be great for ourselves. "

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Scientists estimate that 8.7 million species of animals live on Earth. Some of them are fierce (lions, sharks, tigers), others are adorable (rabbits, deer, otters), and still others look strange. All over the world, unique animals can be found that exhibit truly amazing and bizarre features.


A dog with a sooo long neck



"I can't be the only one who hasn't seen mossy frogs before this day."



Large kudu with interesting horns and a "mask" on the face 



And this is the yellow-throated marten, which only pretends to be cute. In fact, she is a tough predator



Black cats with blue eyes are very rare, but this beauty was lucky to be born with a twist



The panda ant, which is actually not an ant (and not a panda), but a wasp



This is a binturong that looks like a mixture of cat and bear



Did you know that the teeth of a nutria are orange, like a carrot?


The color of their teeth is one of the indicators of the health of the nutria: in healthy animals, the teeth have a bright orange color, in sick and old teeth, the color of the teeth is weaker with dark spots.


Catalburun is the rarest canine with a split nose



Warty anglerfish (clownfish, frogfish) is a small fish that feeds on small fish, which it lures with a modified dorsal fin


This fish lives at depths of up to 24 meters and can be recognized by small growths on the skin, we are like warts.


Dragon-headed caterpillar



This is August the dog and he is the cutest albino dog



Adorable kitten with freckles on the nose and squint



Crested Jacana is a unique bird with very long legs and extremely long toes



This sea slug, called the Spanish Shawl, lives off the Pacific coast of North America, where it surely outshines everyone with its beauty.



Incredible furry moth that looks cute and scary at the same time



But the deep-sea goblin shark will definitely give you a reason to be scared.



Caterpillar - you are just space!



Stunning albino owl



Cat Olive, which nature has awarded with sectoral heterochromia


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People are most often concerned about the strength of other people, and they, as a rule, forget about animals, and in vain, since their capabilities far exceed human ones. Bemorepanda has compiled a list of the 10 most powerful animals on the planet, whose power cannot fail to impress. You can hardly guess who is at the bottom of the list, so get ready to be amazed!


Grizzly bear


Can lift objects over 500 kg, which is ~ 0.8 times their average body weight.


Green anaconda


This snake can squeeze someone to death, equal to its average weight of 250 kg.




Elephants are the strongest mammals and the strongest land animals. The African elephant can weigh up to 6.35 tons, while it can carry up to 9 tons, which is the weight of 130 adults.


Musk ox


A musk ox can carry an object of about 900 kg, which is 1.5 times its average weight.




A tiger can drag an object weighing about 550 kg onto a 3-meter tree. This is roughly double their average body weight.




The eagle is the most powerful bird, capable of lifting something 4 times its own weight during flight. Moreover, they weigh up to 6 kg.




Gorillas can lift about 2 tons (about 30 people can lift the same amount), which is more than 10 times their average weight.


Leaf cutter ant


These ants carry things in their jaws that weigh 50 times their average weight (about 0.5 grams). It's like trying to lift a truck with your teeth.


Rhinoceros beetle


These small beetles can lift things 850 times their own weight. For comparison, if a person had the strength of a rhinoceros beetle, he could lift a 65-ton object. And if an elephant had the same strength, it could carry 850 elephants on its back.



The dung beetle is not only the most powerful insect in the world, but also the most powerful animal on the planet compared to its body weight. They can push objects 1,141 times their own weight. In the case of humans, this is how the average person would push six double-decker buses packed with people.

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