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When your cat needs your attention, it will overcome all obstacles to get it. And despite the fact that your pet has its own unique character, all cats require attention in a similar way. Signs of attracting attention are familiar to all cat lovers: for example, she lies on her back, as if urging you to stroke her tummy, or gently fiddles with her paws, releasing her claws when she sits in your arms.

And if that didn't work, your pet will certainly have at least seven more classic tricks to get your attention:


This is the main way cats communicate. The timbre and tone of the cat's sounds change depending on what she wants to "say". If you are busy with household chores and do not pay attention to your pet, she will start with a quiet but persistent meow, similar to the cry of a newborn baby. She will then go on to a loud, hoarse screech that will make you run towards her, for example, into the next room. And there you will find her sitting with the most innocent expression on her face, which seems to say to you: "Who, me ??".

 Long gaze.

Sometimes a cat just needs to stare at you with delightful wide eyes to grab your attention. It's like a silent incantation: "You will do what I want!" And while this is a technique of indirect influence, you still cannot ignore this deep gaze. You will drop everything and turn your full attention to the cat.

 Lies on your laptop.

Another common and effective method is lying on your laptop (tablet, book, newspaper, magazine, dinner plate, etc.). In this way, your persistent purr asks for attention and reminds you that she is the most important creature in your life. You may think that the cat is lying on the computer because it is warm, but in fact, this way it shows you that it is more important than all these inanimate objects. "Why look into this iron box when you can admire me?" Yours took, dear! But you can use the weapon of the "enemy" by playing a video of squirrels or birds on a laptop screen - your cat will immediately forget that he just sought your attention.

 Waiting for the owner at the door.

If a cat is in your house recently, then you may mistakenly believe that in order to stay in peace and quiet, you just need to close the door of your bedroom or study. Nothing like this. Your cat will scratch and meow until you open it. She can do this for hours - eventually your patience will run out. Some cats run down the corridor, and then rush to the closed door, so it is better not to close it at all. This will help to avoid not only injuries to the animal, but also scratches on the door.

 Throws things off the table.

Is it worth throwing the TV remote off the table if the owner doesn't see it? Your furry pet will only use this clever trick if you are nearby. And if you are not around, then there is no need to do it. Smart cats determine where the valuable thing is, and begin to slowly but persistently push it to the edge of the table, chest of drawers or shelf, leaving you enough time to run up and catch the “jewel” before it falls. If you are focused on something else, the cat will push the object directly onto the floor. Either way, it will grab your attention.

 Gives "gifts".

Cats love to please their owners and pay attention to them as well, and one way to do this is to give a “gift”. Surprises include toy mice, stuffed animals, and even shoes and slippers (yes, dogs aren't the only ones who can do this!). When the cat is trying to get attention, this method works especially well. Sometimes she chooses a maneuver that will definitely make you get up: she takes a bowl and puts it near your feet, after which she begins to scream heart-rendingly until you praise her.

 Rubs against the owner's legs.

This is a win-win, because what could be better than bodily contact with a pet? The cat knows this and is sure that you know it too, so this method works every time. Realize that she is using this clever trick to grab your attention.

It doesn't matter which way your cat chooses - just remember that it can grab your attention for hours. But you can give what she needs: your love and affection (and, perhaps, a little cat food). After all, you've got a cat to share your love, which means you can show it too.

1.Cat hugging owner hand

2.Cat and human time together

3.Cats love for real human arms

4.Best hug ever

5.Cats are the cuttest hugs companion

6.Hugs with a cat

7.Owner lover

8.Who wants hugs?

9.Lil guy meowning

10.Touching the owner is cool





















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It so happened that some people are cat lovers, while others are dog lovers and cannot understand each other in any way. Those who like cats will not understand how it is possible to love someone who constantly demands attention and who, moreover, needs to be walked at least twice a day. And people who love dogs do not understand those who like wayward cats, sometimes not even allowing themselves to be stroked. One way or another, they both love their pets and are ready to do everything for their happiness. Just like the people in our article!


“My husband and our cat were born on the same day. I congratulated them! "



"Sometimes I ask myself, am I spoiling the cat too much?"



“Our cats are not allowed to go outside as we live in an area where foxes and coyotes live, which are a serious danger. Therefore, we made a tunnel and a tent for the cats so that they are outside and safe at the same time. "



Luxurious cat tree



"I gave my 17-year-old King Arthur a cardboard throne."




Just two guys walking their cats in strollers



"My cat loves to sit in pants, so while I have nothing to do, I wear an extra pair of pants so he can be with me."



“My cat sits in her boat in the hot tub every day and refuses to go out even after an hour. Her name is Trixie "



"Baby, of course, the cat will never come between us"



"My friend has a special hammock for his cat."




"My 79-year-old dad went from 'I don't want a cat' to taking her to 'her room' every night."



"Momo cries every day until my boyfriend puts him in his hammock to sleep."



SPA day with dad



The cat's bedroom is ready for use



“My mom crocheted a sofa for my cats. One of them appreciated! "



"My niece decided that her cats should sleep in bunk beds."



"She loves to look at garbage trucks, but she herself cannot jump on the windowsill, so I help her."



"Sometimes I think about what ruined them."



"She meows until I let her do it."



“Beans love to be carried in an empty soda box


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Not only is the animal world diverse and multifaceted, but it also manifests itself in an unusual way. Curly birds, buzzing dolphins, bodybuilding bulls and yellow penguins - and this is just the tip of the iceberg of the unique beauty that our planet possesses. We have collected for you 19 fascinating and informative photos of animals, which will not only show them from an unusual side, but also tell you something interesting. We love animals very much, and we hope you will too.


Italian Coast Guard officers free the tail of a sperm whale from a fishing net


A team of divers reportedly successfully freed a 10-meter sperm whale entangled in an illegal fishing net in the Mediterranean Sea off the southwest coast of Italy. As soon as he was released, the sperm whale slowly swam up to three other whales that were waiting for him nearby.

Not all heroes wear cloaks, sometimes they wear flippers 🤿


In 2022, a turtle named Jonathan will turn 190 years old. The turtle was born in 1832, making it the oldest known land animal.


Jonathan the tortoise has so much wisdom to share with the world, but alas, he can't. He's just a turtle 🐢

People: "Oh Jonathan, share your wisdom."


Jonathan: “It's good when it's warm. When it's cold - not very. "


The snow vulture (Himalayan vulture) has fake eyes on its body, with which it seems larger and more impressive


Who can blame his enemies for cowardice, because even many people, at the first glance at this photo, first of all see the huge head of a bird.


Curly arasari


Very beautiful birds that can rightfully be considered the decoration of the planet. Interestingly enough, they arrange nests for several families, and they feed and care for both their chicks and strangers equally carefully. As the saying goes, there are no strangers arasari.



Ganges dolphin (also susuk, suzu). The water in the Ganges is so muddy that its tiny eyes can only tell the difference between light and dark, so they rely entirely on sonar to navigate.


One of its official names is also "blind dolphin". Unfortunately, the Ganges dolphin is listed in the International Red Book and is on the verge of extinction. It has no natural enemies, but people get it for the meat, which is used as bait for fish. Its fat is used in folk medicine as an aphrodisiac.


Stunning cat with bicolor eyes due to heterochromia


As a rule, heterochromia is usually understood as cases when different eyes have different colors. This cat has a heterochromia called "sector".


Dolphins sometimes chew puffer fish to get high


In small doses, the fugu toxin has a narcotic effect. Dolphins provoke the fish to stress, and then gently chew it, passing it on to each other. After receiving a dose of the toxin, marine mammals enter a state similar to a trance.

🐬 + 🐡 = ✨


What does the mating season look like in squirrels?


The first squirrel on the right has a facial expression: "I just wanted a nut."


If you are interested in what the squirrel in the middle is doing there, then this is an adapter.


A mushroom that looks like a little owl


Yes, a mushroom is not an animal, but it looks like an OWL! In general, we could not pass by.


Dikdik is an adorable pygmy antelope native to eastern and southern Africa


The holes on the muzzle, which from some angles resemble the second pair of eyes, are actually the preorbital glands, with the help of which Dikdiks mark their territory. They also do it with piles of manure.

He also has a very stylish hairstyle.


Bad hair day at the sea lion


This sea lion slept on ice that melted a little under his body, the water smoothed the fur on one side (left), which made it look like this.


Don't be fooled, despite their cuteness, these are very dangerous predators, which from time to time are distinguished by the fact that they kill people.



Very rare "yellow" king penguin with leukism



This photo was taken by photographer Eve Adams on the island of South Georgia. To understand how rare it is - it was one of the 120,000th colony of king penguins. The hipster who changed the black tuxedo to yellow 🐧


After careful research by Maine wildlife biologists, it was concluded that this bald eagle was killed by a blow to the heart from a loon. The blow was delivered after the bald eagle dived down, grabbing one of the loon chicks


And there has been talk in the past that loons are capable of this, but this particular study has proven that loons can kill a bald eagle 🦅

In the area where the eagle was found, a dead loon chick was also found. A biologist from New Hampton, USA, noticed a puncture wound on the body of an eagle and put forward the theory that it was killed by a loon (the mother of chicks). Maine biologists agreed after extensive research.


Some alligators can survive even after being frozen. In winter, they undergo a process called brumation, where they literally slow down their body (pulse, breathing), which allows them to conserve energy for long periods of time.


Brumation and hibernation are not the same thing. Hibernating animals must eat off so that they have enough energy for the time they sleep, being in suspended animation. Some reptiles can fall into brumation, during this period they simply slow down the body's processes, being in a very sluggish state. Unlike hibernating animals, reptiles in brumation need to drink water. But, to be completely honest, before brumation, reptiles begin to eat a little more often, and during it they sleep longer than usual 🐊


Fantastic leaf-tailed gecko, also known as the satanic gecko


It's hard to believe, but the word “fantastic” is not our expression of delight, but it really is called “fantastic leaf-tailed gecko” 🍂


Long-tailed broad-beaked colors make them rock stars among birds.


This is all because of the stylish "black hair" on the head of these parrots, which was once very fashionable among old school rockers, for example, the musicians The Beatles or Oasis 🤘



This is a real Belgian blue bull. This breed of cows and bulls has the so-called "double muscles". A specific mutation results in an increase in the number of muscle fibers instead of the usual increase in individual muscle fibers


There are many rumors around the bulls of this meat breed, and the most important of them is that these are GMOs, and that their meat is dangerous to eat. In fact, the Belgian blue is the fruit of many years of work by breeders who carefully selected individuals with this natural mutation and crossed them among themselves. Those. for cattle of this breed, this mutation is the norm 🐮


Royal vulture native to South America. He was greatly revered by the Maya


It is the most colorful member of the American vulture family. This bird received the name "royal" not because it looks like a king, but because in the fight for carrion with other vultures, it usually comes out the winner.


And finally, this is an adorable young barn owl the moment she first heard the sound of thunder


Not only do owls have a very keen ear, which makes thunder sounds even more terrifying to them, but their feathers reportedly have no protection from water, so they never fly in the rain 🦉

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