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Globally, more than 182,000 people worldwide are suffering from COVID-19, according to the latest figures from Johns Hopkins University.


Among them are celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, his wife, Bond's daughter, Olga Kurylenko, and most recently, Idris Elba.


The stars did not refrain from saying that they were tested positive, while strictly following the doctors' advice.


1.Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka's Family 

"It happened very early [in the pandemic], like late March, early April," he said. "We were doing our best before, and I thought I had the flu, and I didn't want to be paranoid about it. And then I lost my sense of taste and smell, which was a big indicator, so we holed up."

Harris added that he and his family now "have antibodies and are feeling good."


2.Tiffany Haddish

“I was working on a movie and someone in the movie contracted coronavirus,” Haddish told Fauci. “I was not in direct contact with them, but they sent all of us home, we stopped the movie.” That time, she said, her test results came back negative. 

After another person she knew tested positive, Haddish got another test. “I’m not feeling any symptoms or anything, and it comes back like two days later, and they said I did have the coronavirus.” 


3.Robert Pattinson

Warner Bros. did not specify who on set was affected but did tell Vanity Fair in a statement on Sept. 3, 2020, "A member of The Batman production tested positive for Covid-19, and is isolating in accordance with established protocols. Filming is temporarily paused.”


4.Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's Family

"I wanted to give you guys a little helpful update on things that have been going on on my end for the past two-and-a-half to three weeks now. So the update is this: my wife Lauren as well as my two baby girls and myself, we have all tested positive for COVID-19," Johnson began his video message, shared on Instagram.

"I could tell you that this has been one of the most challenging and difficult things we have ever had to endure as a family, and for me, too, personally as well," he continued. "And I've gone through some doozies in the past."


5.Frank Fox

"Having just recovered from COVID-19, my next logical step would be to donate plasma, right? @RedCross we gonna chat about the antiquated, uninformed and frankly discrimatory [sic] policies that block me from giving back?" Fox tweeted.


6.Carlin Bates

"I have gotten some messages from some of you checking on us, because I have been a little MIA with our insta fam. Thank you for thinking of us. Evan and I both came down with COVID, so we have been a little out of it," Bates captioned a photo of herself and Stewart snuggled and sitting up in bed on Aug. 17.

"We are on the tail end of recovery and are both doing better," continued Bates, who shares 6-month-old daughter Layla Rae with Stewart.

In a statement to PEOPLE, the couple said that after learning about their positive diagnosis, caring for Layla was their "first concern."


7.Brian Cox

"I'm a diabetic, and I went from my usual bloods that I usually have between months," Cox told host James Corden. "I went there, and they took my bloods, and they took the COVID test. Then my doctor called me and said, 'Oh, congratulations. You've had it.' "


8.Antonio Banderas

"Greetings to you all. I want to make public that today, the 10th of August, I am forced to celebrate my 60th birthday in quarantine after [testing] positive for COVID-19," Banderas said, according to a translation.


9.Alyssa Milano

Alongside a photo of herself wearing what appears to be a mask attached to a breathing machine, Milano wrote, "This was me on April 2nd after being sick for 2 weeks. I had never been this kind of sick."

"Everything hurt. Loss of smell. It felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t keep food in me. I lost 9 pounds in 2 weeks. I was confused. Low grade fever. And the headaches were horrible," she continued. "I basically had every Covid symptom."

Milano wrote that she was re-tested for antibodies after an initial test — done with a finger prick — came back negative. She concluded, "I am POSITIVE for covid antibodies. I had Covid19." 


10.Lena Dunham

“I’ve been reluctant to share this, having written and rewritten it anxiously. I don’t want to unnecessarily add my voice to a noisy landscape on such a challenging topic,” Dunham wrote.

“The fact is, the Coronavirus kills people. We know that. But it will also alter the bodies and lived experiences of so many who are infected, in ways they could never have predicted,” she said, adding that had it not been for her years of health struggles, she didn’t know “how I would have tolerated crossing that threshold from well to unwell.”



11.Bryan Cranston

"Hi. About now you're probably feeling a little tied down, restricting your mobility and like me, you're tired of this!! Well, I just want to encourage you to have a little more patience," Cranston wrote.

"I was pretty strict in adhering to the protocols and still... I contracted the virus. Yep. It sounds daunting now that over 150,000 Americans are dead because of it," Cranston continued.

"I was one of the lucky ones. Mild symptoms. I count my blessings and urge you to keep wearing the damn mask, keep washing your hands, and stay socially distant. We can prevail — but ONLY if we follow the rules. Be well — Stay well," Cranston added, signing the caption BC.


12.Peter Thomas

"I'm in bed, of course. I've been in bed now for the last eight days," 

"I'm going to tell you something, wear your mask, wear gloves and practice social distancing," Thomas continued, adding that he believes he contracted the virus after taking photos with fans.


13.Shannon Beador

 "This photo was taken pre-pandemic. Today, we are Covid positive times 4."

"The girls and I are blessed to be quarantining in the same home (but isolating in separate rooms)," she wrote on July 24, 2020.

She added: "A huge thank you to all of the medical personnel that have been patiently guiding us through this illness. Sending prayers to all of those affected. 🙏🏻❤️"


14.Mel Gibson

"He tested positive in April and spent a week in the hospital," the star's rep told PEOPLE. "He was treated with the drug Remdesivir, while in the hospital, and has tested negative numerous times since then as well as positive for the antibodies."


15.Anna Camp

"Hi friends... I felt it was my responsibility to share that I ended up getting Covid-19. I have since tested negative, but I was extremely sick for over three weeks and still have lingering symptoms," she wrote.

"I was incredibly safe. I wore a mask. I used hand sanitizer. One time, when the world was starting to open up, I decided to forgo wearing my mask. One. Time. And I ended up getting it," she explained.

"The panic of contracting a virus that is basically untreatable and is so new that no one knows the long term irreparable damage it does to your immune system is unbelievably stressful. Completely losing my sense of smell and taste without knowing when or even if they will return is extremely disorienting," she wrote, adding that she's "only smelling about 30 percent of how I used to now."

"I’m lucky. Because I didn’t die. But people are," she continued, urging her followers to wear masks. "Please wear ur mask. It can happen any time. And it can happen to anyone. Even that one time you feel safe. We can all make a difference. Wearing a mask is saving lives."


16.Shereé Whitfield

"I just want you guys to know that this is no joke," she said of the virus. "I'm feeling much better today. Thank you to everybody who knew they had not heard from me and reached out ... I just have been out of it.'"

The star shared that she would also be posting an additional Instagram for anyone who may "have any questions" about the coronavirus, or "if you want to know what some of my symptoms were."

"Take care and be safe," she concluded the clip.


17.Shanna Moakler

 "I got my test results back yesterday and I am indeed positive. They think I'm in around about day seven."

"Mostly I'm just really exhausted in a way I can't even describe," she said.


18.Zoey Deutch

"I had the coronavirus early on, before the shutdown, and a group of my friends also got it. People keep asking me, 'Where did you get it?' and I wish I knew," Deutch, 25, began, adding that she stayed inside for nearly two months. "I feel like I could have spoken in a more eloquent way about my experience had I known. I continued testing positive for a month, which is longer than they’re saying you’re supposed to. I’m okay now. I’m so grateful for my health and I also feel guilty, in a way, for making it out okay."


19.Jennifer Wayne

"I’ve been struggling with whether or not to share, because to be honest it’s kind of rocked me and I wasn’t sure that putting it on a public platform was right for me," she began on April 15. "But as I’ve been telling people, I’ve had so many people reach out and say they have/had the virus and what did I do, what were my symptoms etc. So anyway, I am sharing this because I did contract Covid 19 (I’m assuming from the grocery store, it’s the only place I’ve been?!) and I had some great advice from doctors and friends and family (@travelingwithfinn !)... and this helped me kick this things ass."


20.Nick Cordero

According to wife Amanda Kloots, Cordero was "fighting for his life" after contracting the virus in early April.

My whole world has stopped. Please pray for my husband,” she wrote.

However, after battling health complications for 13 weeks, Cordero died on July 5, 2020. He was 41.


21.Todd Chrisley

“It has been the sickest that I have ever been in the 52 years I’ve been on this earth,” he said. “I cannot ever tell you a time in my life where I have ever been as sick as what I had been with the coronavirus.”

“This is serious. This is something that we’ve been dealing with for the past few weeks,” Todd’s wife, Julie Chrisley, chimed in. “Todd and I have been together for 25 years, I have never in 25 years seen him as sick as what he was in the past few weeks.”

She continued, “If you are doubting or have not been affected by corona personally … you need to know that this is serious. There are people who are dying and we have to take it seriously. We have to practice social distancing, and we have to stay in if at all possible.”


22.Jennifer Aydin

“Keeping my kids away has been the hardest,” Aydin said. “Bill’s really stepped up to the plate — he’s staying far, far away from me but he’s helping with the kids, which I’m grateful for.”

“I’ve been doing better now which is why I’m checking in,” she said of her current state. “There are a few rough days where I was just extremely tired and sleeping a lot. I had this very dense headache and extreme, extreme night sweats. I lost my sense of taste and smell. I have no breathing problems. I feel better today. I feel like it’s going in the right direction.”

“I will keep you guys posted on how I’m feeling,” she added. “I hope everyone is well and staying home, ’cause right now that’s what we have to do. We have to stay home to prevent the spread of this awful disease. Remember guys, we’re in this together. Stay safe, be well.”


23.Ali Wentworth

“I have tested positive for the Corona Virus,” the actress posted on Instagram on April 1.

“I’ve never been sicker,” she continued, before describing some of her symptoms. “High fever. Horrific body aches. Heavy chest.”


24.Sincere Show

“It took a lot for me to make this video as I am a very private person, but it is important for me to share my story,” he captioned the clip, which he filmed from a hospital bed. “Please everyone take this seriously #Covid19 #Coronavirus Protect yourself protect your family."


25.Matt Doyle

"We're positive for COVID-19 here," he wrote. "In good spirits and cooking dinner. Glad I stayed home! I didn't infect others!"


26.Greg Rikaart

 “I just tested positive for coronavirus. I am a pretty healthy 43-year-old who doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink much, eats well and exercises regularly and this has been the hardest experience of my life.”

“I was told to stay isolated for another 72 hours before I acclimate back into my family,” he wrote. “So, nice try coronavirus, but I have another 4-5 decades worth of experiences to have with these guys.”


27.Aaron Tveit

"I’ve been in quarantine since Broadway shows shut down on Thursday, March 12th, and I’m feeling much better."

"I want everyone to realize that this can affect anyone," he said. "And even if you aren’t feeling sick or showing drastic symptoms - please take heed, stay safe, stay healthy and I hope to see everyone at the theater again soon."


28.Harvey Weinstein

Weinstein’s rep, Juda Engelmayer, told PEOPLE: “Our team that has HIPAA consent has not heard anything like that yet. I can’t tell you what I don’t know.”


29.Debi Mazar

 "I have just tested positive for Covid-19. I AM OK! About a month ago my entire home(husband and two teen daughters) got an odd bug- Low grade fever,headaches,sore throat,body aches,ears ringing and a dry cough. It cleared up quickly. Seasonal I thought? but it felt unusual/different."


30.Andy Cohen

Cohen tested positive for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

“After a few days of self-quarantine, and not feeling great, I have tested positive for Coronavirus,” the Bravo host shared on Instagram on March 20.


31.Daniel Dae Kim

The Lost star, 51, said he started developing symptoms on his flight back to his home in Hawaii after spending several weeks filming in New York City.


32.Kevin Durant 

The Brooklyn Nets star and three of his teammates have contracted COVID-19, the team and Durant announced on March 17.


33.Idris Elba 

"This morning I tested positive for COVID-19," the Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw actor announced on Twitter on March 16. "I feel OK, I have no symptoms so far but have been isolated since I found out about my possible exposure to the virus," he captioned a video alongside wife Sabrina Dhowre. "Stay home people and be pragmatic. I will keep you updated on how I’m doing 👊🏾👊🏾 No panic."


34.Rachel Matthews

On March 16Frozen 2's Matthews opened up about the diagnosis and shared a timeline of her symptoms in a series of posts on her Instagram Story, explaining that she “only got tested because I had been around a confirmed case.”


35.Kristofer Hivju

The actor, who played Tormund on Game of Thronesrevealed on March 16 that he is self-isolating in Norway after testing positive for COVID-19, and he said he'd stay in quarantine for "as long as it takes."


36.Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson

The actor announced his positive results on Instagram on March 11.


37.Olga Kurylenko

The former Bond girl announced on Instagram that she tested positive for COVID-19 on March 15.


38.Neil Patrick Harris

The actor says he, his husband, and their two children contracted COVID-19 about 6 months ago. “It happened very early (in the pandemic), like late March, early April. We were doing our best before, and I thought I had the flu, and I didn't want to be paranoid about it. And then I lost my sense of taste and smell, which was a big indicator, so we holed up"


39.Jillian Michaels

The fitness trainer best known for her Biggest Loser role says she got COVID-19 from a friend who didn’t know she had it. "I literally let my guard down for an hour with one of my best friends who does my hair and makeup and got it"


40.Tony Shalhoub

The actor announced on May 11 that he and his wife, Brooke Adams, had COVID-19 in April. 


41.Tom Hanks

The two-time Oscar-winning actor tested positive for coronavirus while in Australia to work on a film. On Instagram, he said he and his wife, Rita Wilson, both 63, had fevers and felt “a bit tired, like we had colds, and some body aches.”


42.Rita Wilson

“So grateful for the outpouring of prayers, love and support. Means so much and strengthens us,” actress and singer Rita Wilson said in an Instagram post.


43.Kristofer Hivju: 

The 41-year-old actor, who played Tormund on Game of Thrones, tested positive for the new coronavirus on March 17. Known for his fiery red hair and beard, he said he and his family were in self-isolation at home in Norway.


44.Kiran Kumar: 

The 74-year-old Indian actor is under home quarantine after he tested positive on May 24. The actor said he asymptomatic and is doing “absolutely fine”.


45.Amitabh Bachchan: 

The Indian movie legend revealed on July 11 he along with his son Abhishek had tested positive for the coronavirus and had been shifted to a Mumbai hospital. 


46.Aishwarya Rai Bachchan:

 The Indian actress and former Miss World was hospitalised for contracting COVID-19, media reports said on July 18. 


47.Ragaa al-Geddawy: 

Famed Egyptian actor Ragaa al-Geddawy died on July 5 after contracting the COVID-19 disease. She was 81.


48.Eddie Large:

Best known for his role in comedy duo Little and Large, Large died on April 2 aged 78 after contracting coronavirus in hospital.


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American actor Sylvester Stallone left a bright mark in the history of cinema. He showed himself not only as a real athlete who achieved significant success, but also as a talented actor, capable of skillfully playing a variety of roles. His life, like that of other Hollywood stars, turned out to be quite interesting and eventful. Bemorepanda presents you some unique and unknown facts about the great actor.

1. One of Stallone's grandmothers, being Jewish, was born in Odessa, so the actor has Jewish-Ukrainian roots. And Italian, of course - on the paternal side. His parents came to the United States as immigrants.

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2. In his youth, he did not differ in exemplary behavior, for which he was expelled from ten different schools.

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3. Fascinated by sports in his youth, he, in the absence of money to visit the gym, adapted various heavy trash found at the dump for power projectiles.

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4. Stallone's trademark crooked smile is a consequence of damaged nerves on the face. They were injured by an inexperienced doctor during childbirth, when the future actor was just preparing to be born.

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5. Before the beginning of his acting career, Sylvester had worked as a ticket taker, a cage cleaner in a city zoo, a janitor, a bouncer, and even a professional gambler.

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6. The path in cinema began for him with the filming of a porn film in 1970. Subsequently, a version of the film was released with censored cut scenes, so that the movie turned into eroticism. The original version of the film has not survived.

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7. The script of the famous film "Rocky" Stallone wrote himself, locked in a room without windows.

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8. Once the Australian authorities forced the actor to pay a fine of 18 thousand dollars for transporting steroids into the country that were allowed in the United States at that time, but prohibited here.

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9. Despite the fact that Sylvester Stallone became famous after the release of the movie "Rocky", he became rich only after filming "Rocky 3". Then he received more than $ 10 million for this role.

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10. Stallone is married for the third time as of 2018. He has four children in total.

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11. At one time, the actor published his own magazine, each cover of which was decorated with his own face. The release did not last long.

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12. Since 2011, Stallone has been behind the production of its own perfumes, eyewear and fashionable clothes. He, like some others, managed to turn his famous name into a popular brand.

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13. Despite his considerable age, the actor does not lag behind life and even leads his own Instagram.

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14. Little known fact: Stallone is left-handed. However, he also wields his right hand very dexterously, having developed the appropriate skill during sports.

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15. Among all male actors, he was more than anyone else nominated for the anti-award "Golden Raspberry". In total, he has four anti-awards and nine nominations for it.

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The acting profession requires responsibility from a person, certain sacrifices and costs, but at the same time, it brings not only fame and popularity but also good money!


It's no longer a secret that Hollywood and Bollywood stars lead luxurious life. Many famous actors earn millions of dollars every year, which allows them to buy impressive villas and go on expensive vacations.


Even actors who play in lesser-known movies earn big enough to be the envy of some of us. And when it comes to acting in well-rated movies, their bank accounts make fabulous amounts.


The richest actors in 2022


Once he becomes known, a Hollywood actor no longer has to worry about money and, as long as he manages his expenses properly, they can reach him for the rest of his life.


Hollywood is a billion-dollar industry, and it's no wonder it offers fabulous contracts to famous actors. In addition, they are always looking for new talents who, with a little luck, sign a good contract that will considerably increase their income.


If you want to know how much some of your idols earn, take a look at this list of the richest actors in the world. About some of them, you certainly suspected that they have high revenues, but you probably didn't expect them to be so rich!



40. Leonardo Dicaprio $262 M


Leonardo DiCaprio is an American actor and film producer known for his performances in Titanic, Romeo + Juliet, Catch Me If You Can, and The Wolf of Wall Street.


His lead role in Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet grossed $147.5 million worldwide. Throughout his career, he has won 3 Golden Globe Awards and 1 Academy Award.


Net Worth: As of 2022, Leonardo DiCaprio's net worth is $262 Million, making him one of the richest actors in the world.


39. Samuel L. Jackson $270 M


Samuel Leroy Jackson is an American film and television actor and producer. In 1991, he received critical acclaim for his role in Tropical Fever and has since appeared in such films as The Goodfellas, Patriot Games, and Jurassic Park.


38. Akshay Kumar $273 M

Akshay Kumar is an Indian film actor and producer. Winner of the Filmfare Awards for Best Performance in a Negative Role in 2002 and Best Performance in a Comic Role in 2006. Received India's fourth-highest civilian award, the Padma Shri, in 2009.


37. Denzel Washington $280 M


Denzel Hayes Washington Jr. is an American actor, director, and film producer. Oscar winner for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor.


36. Morgan Freeman $280 M

Morgan Freeman is an American film and voice actor and director. Winner of the Oscar, the Silver Bear, and two Golden Globes. Freeman is also known for his characteristic calm deep voice and skill as a storyteller.


35. Katy Perry $285 M


Katherine Elizabeth Hudson, better known as Katy Perry, is an American singer-songwriter, songwriter, actress, and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador. In April 2007, Perry signed a record deal with Capitol Records.


34. Phil Collins $300 M


Phil Collins LVO is an English rock/pop singer, drummer, songwriter, actor, and producer. He gained fame as a member of the rock band Genesis, then went on to have an impressive solo career, selling over 150 million copies of his albums. Among his awards - was "Oscar" for the best song for the cartoon "Tarzan".


33. Brad Pitt $300 M


Brad Pitt is an American film producer and actor from Oklahoma. We know him for his amazing performances in Seven, Fight Club, Ocean's Eleven, and World War Z.


Brad Pitt's look has inspired countless magazine covers and in 1990 he became Hollywood's hottest face as "Sexiest Man Alive".


Throughout his career, his Plan B company has been behind films like Eat Pray Love, Punch, and Inglourious Basterds that have earned $320 million at the box office.


Net Worth: As of 2022, Brad Pitt's net worth is $300 Million, making him one of the richest actors of all time.


32. Kevin Costner $300 M


Kevin Michael Costner is an American actor, producer, film director, and musician. Winner of Golden Globe and Emmy awards. In 1991, he received two Oscars for Best Director and Best Picture.


31. Robert Downey Jr. $305 M


Robert Downey Jr. is an American actor and singer. He is known for his incredible acting career. He has acted all over the world in films such as Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes, and The Avengers.


His films have been sold for billions worldwide.


Net Worth: Robert Downey's net worth is $305 million in 2022.


30. Salman Khan $310 M

Salman Khan is an Indian actor and TV presenter. Considered one of the most popular Bollywood stars.


29. Victoria Principal $380 M


Victoria Principal is an American actress, writer, and entrepreneur best known for her role as Pamela Barnes Ewing on the popular television series Dallas, in which she starred from 1978 to 1987.


28. Will Smith $350 M


Will Smith is an American actor, filmmaker, and rapper. Smith was a millionaire before he turned 20. We know Will Smith from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Men in Black.


Smith was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records for recording three premieres in 24 hours.


Net Worth: Will Smith's net worth is $ 350 million starting in 2022, making him one of the highest-paid actors in the film industry.


27. Michael Douglas 350 M


Michael Kirk Douglas is an American actor and producer. Winner of two Oscars, six Golden Globes, and an Emmy Award. The son of the famous actor of the "golden era" of Hollywood Kirk Douglas.


26. Mark Wahlberg $350 M


Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg is an actor, film and television producer, and former American rapper. He was known as Marky Mark in his early years and became famous in 1991 when he debuted with the band Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. He is best known for his roles in films such as Fear (1996), Boogie Nights (1997), Three Kings (1999), The Perfect Storm (2000), Planet of the Apes (2001), Rock Star (2001), The Italian Job (2003), I Heart Huckabees (2004), Four Brothers (2005), The Departed (2006), Invincible (2006), Shooter (2007), Max Payne (2008), The Fighter (2010), Date Night (2010) ), “Ted” (2012) or “Shoot and Get Out” (2013). He has been the executive producer of TV series such as Entourage, Boardwalk Empire, and How to Make It in America.


25. The Rock Dwayne Johnson $350 M


Johnson, nicknamed The Rock after the battlefield name, earned $ 87.5 million between June 1, 2019, and June 1, 2020, according to Forbes, which includes the $ 23.5 million fees paid by Netflix Inc. for his role in the thriller Red Notice. The actor also earned money from his line of fitness clothing called Project Rock and produced by Under Armor Inc.


24. Hrithik Roshan $370 M


Hrithik Nagrath Roshan is an Indian actor, multiple Filmfare Award winner for Best Actor, one of the sex symbols of Indian cinema. Known for his dancing skills.


23. Penn and Teller $400 M


They define themselves as a "pair of weird boys who have learned to do something cool" ("a few cool things"). Their performances are a deliberate work of spreading skeptical, atheistic, and liberating ideas. In 2005 they received the Richard Dawkins Award for their work in promoting atheism.


Their latest art project is called Penn & Teller: Bullshit! , a television show now in its eighth season. It is a controversial show that, among the many topics covered, in the tradition of the last Houdini, directly addresses fraud and forgery in topics such as miracles, communication with the dead, alien abductions, religions, feng shui, prohibition, and conspiracy theories.


22. Keanu Reeves $400 M

Keanu Reeves is a Canadian actor best known for his roles in films such as The Matrix, Bill, and Ted's Excellent Adventure, and Speed. His career does not seem to be related to any genre and he has made humorous films, science fiction, action, and horror. Reeves continues to develop his acting career and has several projects underway.

In 2022, Keanu Reeves' net worth is estimated at $ 400 million.


21. Amitabh Bachchan $400 M

The second richest Bollywood actor is Amitabh Bachchan, who is worth an estimated $400 million. Bachchan was born in India in October 1942. He made his theater debut in the 1970s when he gained immense popularity. He was the equivalent of the American James Dean, with his evil youthful roles, which he played flawlessly. Bachchan has acted in over one hundred and ninety Indian films. He became almost a household name, and despite the angry characters he played in his early years, he was not cast. He can successfully portray a wide variety of characters from different genres. Bachchan has been in the business for nearly five decades. He is well known and respected as one of the most influential actors of all time in the history of Indian cinema.


20. Bill Cosby $400 M


This veteran of stand-up comedy began his career in Hollywood in the 1960s when he landed a role in "I Spy." His $ 400 million fortune is largely due to the American comedy series "The Cosby Show" in which he starred. Unfortunately, at the moment, the 84-year-old actor is serving his sentence in a US prison, after many women accused him of sexual harassment.


19. Tom Hanks $400 M


Tom Hanks is an American producer and actor. We bet everyone loves Tom Hanks, right? And he has the money to prove it.


Hanks has starred in films worldwide, including Forrest Gump, Da Vinci Code, and Angel and Demons. His voiceover as Woody in Toy Story 3 helped the film become the highest-grossing film of the year, with $ 1 billion in the box office.


Net Worth: Starting in 2022, Tom Hanks' net worth is $ 400 million.


18. Arnold Schwarzenegger $410 M 


The star of "The Terminator" started his acting career due to his well-worked body. After several successful films, the former governor of the American state of California has amassed a fortune of 410 million dollars.


17. Mel Gibson $425 M


Mel Gibson is a director, producer, and film actor from New York. He is best known for his performances in The Passion of the Christ, Soldiers, and Braveheart, for which he received an Academy Award and a Golden Globe in 1995.


Net worth: As of 2022, Mel Gibson's net worth is estimated at approximately $ 425 million, placing him on this list of the richest actors of 2022.


16. Adam Sandler $425 M


Adam Sandler is an American actor and film producer, who is sometimes called one of the biggest winners in Hollywood.


Sandler became popular when one of his films grossed $ 271 million at the box office. The movie made him Sandler's biggest income.


Net Worth: Today, Adam Sandler's net worth is $ 425 million, making him one of the richest actors and filmmakers in Hollywood.


15. Ryan Seacrest $450 M


Ryan John Seacrest is an American television and radio host, Emmy winner, producer, and actor. Regular host of the television show American Idol. In addition, he is the host of several radio programs and shows on the ABC television channel. How the actor played a TV presenter in the TV series "Beverly Hills, 90210".


14. Sylvester Stallone $450 M


Sylvester Stallone is an American actor. He created two of the greatest films of all time, generating nearly $ 4 billion. Stallone is one of Hollywood's highest-paid actors. We all know him from movies, including Rocky and Rambo.


Net Worth: In 2022, Sylvester Stallone's net worth is $ 450 million


13. Phil McGraw $460 M

Phillip Calvin "Phil" McGraw, better known as Dr. Phil, is an American psychologist, writer, and host of the television program Dr. Phil.


12. Jason Statham $500 M

Jason Statham is an English actor, best known for films directed by Guy Ritchie, the Adrenaline dilogy, as well as the Transporter, The Expendables, and Fast and the Furious series.


11. Robert De Niro $500 M


Robert Anthony De Niro Jr. is an American actor, producer, and director. He is best known for his work in crime films, thrillers, and collaborations with director Martin Scorsese. Golden Globe and Oscar winner.


10. Jackie Chan $520 M

Jackie Chan is a Hong Kong actor, producer, and director. He began his acting career at the age of five. His amazing performance brought him incredible net worth.


Net Worth: Since 2021, Jackie Chan has built an estimated net worth of approximately $ 520 million, making it the 8th richest actor in the world.


9. George Clooney $550 M


George Clooney is an American director and actor from Kentucky. He has won several awards for his shows in Ocean's Eleven, Three Kings, and Syriana. Clooney has been successful in many areas and has not gone unnoticed.


Net worth: Throughout his career, he has received several awards for his films, among other awards. Today, George Clooney has a net worth of $ 500 million.


8. Tom Cruise $570 M


Tom Cruise is an American film producer and actor from New York. He is one of the best actors of all time. His films have sold worldwide.


Net Worth: In 2022, Tom Cruise's net worth is $ 570 million, making him the eighties richest actor in the world.


7. Trey Parker $600 M


Randolph Severn "Trey" Parker III is an American film actor, voice actor, animator, film director, musician, and screenwriter. Winner of Emmy, Game Critics Awards, Grammy, Tony, Oscar nominations. He is best known as the creator of the animated series South Park with Matt Stone.


6. Eddie Murphy $600 M

Edward Regan Murphy is an American comedian, film director, producer, and singer who peaked in popularity in the 1980s.


5. Simon Cowell $600 M

Simon Phillip Cowell is a British television presenter, producer, philanthropist, figure in the television and film industry, founder, director, and co-owner of Syco, which includes a search for new performers, a record label, and a television company. One of the largest representatives of the British show business.


4. Park Chanyeol $620 M


Park Chanyeol is a South Korean singer, actor, rapper, songwriter, producer, and model. Member of the South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO, its subgroup EXO-K, and sub-unit EXO-SC.


3. Shah Rukh Khan $715 M


Shah Rukh Khan is an Indian actor from New Delhi. He is best known as the "King of Bollywood". With 80 Hindi films, he has received numerous awards for his performances.


Net worth: Today, Shah Rukh Kahn is one the richest actor in the world, Shah Rukh Khan's net worth is estimated at $ 715 million in 2022.


2. Jami Gertz $3 B

Jamie Beth Hertz is an American actress. Known for roles in such films as The Lost Boys, The Broker, Less Than Zero, and Tornado, as well as for the main roles in the comedy series Naughty Parents and Neighbors.


1. Larry Ellison $101 B


Lawrence Joseph Ellison is an American entrepreneur, actor, co-founder, chairman of the board of directors and chief technology officer of Oracle Corporation, former CEO of Oracle, the largest shareholder of NetSuite, and an initial investor in



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Many of us have heard (if not all) of such awards as the Oscars. This is a significant award in the field of cinematography, which is presented annually in the United States to the best actors, costume designers, directors, cameramen, etc. This event touches the nerve not only of all filmmakers in the world, but also of the audience.

Strange, unusual facts about the Film Academy, film awards, records, winners and nominees

Like any competition, the history of the Academy has its own records, little-known facts and events: actor Harold Russell received two statuettes for the same role, and Walt Disney was nominated by the Academy Film Academy 59 times, receiving 22 awards from them.

Bemorepanda will talk about the Oscar winners, facts about the award champions and more.

1. Eva Marie Saint is the oldest living Oscar winner at 98.

20 Facts About Celebrities And The Oscars, Movie Awards That Matter To Everyone

The actress is older than the Oscar itself. She was born on July 4, 1924, and the film award was created in 1929. The ceremony was first held in May. Eva won Best Supporting Actress for her performance as Edie Doyle in On the Waterfront (1954).

2. Beatrice Strait received the highest Academy Award for the shortest film performance of any actor who received a statuette.

20 Facts About Celebrities And The Oscars, Movie Awards That Matter To Everyone

In the film "Network" (1976), she was on the screen for only 5 minutes and 2 seconds. She won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, beating out Jane Alexander (All the President's Men), Jodie Foster (Taxi Driver), Lee Grant (Voyage of the Damned) and Piper Laurie (Carrie).

3. In the history of the film award, a total of 11 children under the age of 12 have been nominated for the award.

20 Facts About Celebrities And The Oscars, Movie Awards That Matter To Everyone

Two of them received an Oscar. This is Tatum O'Neal and Anna Paquin.

Here is the full list of nominees:

  • Justin Henry was 8 years old when he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in Kramer vs. Kramer (1979).
  • Jackie Cooper was 9 years old when he was nominated for Best Actor in Skippy (1931).
  • Tatum O'Neill was 10 years old when she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in Paper Moon (1973), with which she went on to win.
  • Mary Badham was 10 years old when she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in To Kill a Mockingbird (1962).
  • Wally Quvenzhane was 9 years old when she was nominated for Best Actress in Beasts of the South (2012).
  • Quinn Cummings was 10 years old when she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in Goodbye Darling (1977).
  • Abigail Breslin was 10 years old when she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in Little Miss Sunshine (2006).
  • Patty McCormack was 11 years old when she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in Bad Blood (1956).
  • Anna Paquin was 11 years old when she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in The Piano (1993), for which she received an award.
  • Haley Joel Osment was 11 years old when he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in The Sixth Sense (1999).
  • Brandon de Wilde was 11 years old when he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for Shane (1953).

4. In the Oscars' history, only one actor won two awards for the same role.

20 Facts About Celebrities And The Oscars, Movie Awards That Matter To Everyone

It was a non-professional actor Harold Russell, who lost both his arms during World War II.

Russell was also the first Canadian male to win in the acting category. He won Best Supporting Actor for playing a wounded soldier returning from war in The Best Years of Our Lives (1946), which ultimately won Best Picture.

By the way, the board of directors of the Film Academy did not think that a disabled actor would win in his category, so just before the ceremony (the night before!) They established a special Oscar for him.

The academy wanted to honor him in some way, and so they gave him a special Honorary Oscar for "inspiring hope and courage among his fellow veterans, which he showed in The Best Years of Our Lives."

That evening, Russell also defeated four acting legends—Charles Coburn (The Green Years), Claude Raines (Notorious), Clifton Webb (Razor's Edge) and William Demarest (Jolson's Story)—to win " Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

5. Only one person has ever been able to legally sell his Oscar at auction, and that too was Harold Russell.

20 Facts About Celebrities And The Oscars, Movie Awards That Matter To Everyone

In 1993, Russell decided to sell his competitive Oscar to help pay for his wife's medical bills. In 1950, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences added a rule that no future winner could sell their statuette "without first offering to sell it to the Academy for the sum of $1", but these rules did not apply to Russell because he had won the award three years prior to the introduction. this norm.

Incidentally, then Academy President Carl Malden tried to convince Russell not to sell his Oscar, even by offering him an "interest-free loan of $20,000" to cover his bills. Despite this, the actor sold his award to an anonymous buyer for $60,500.

6. The only person to ever win an Oscar for playing the real-life statuette winner is Cate Blanchett, who played Katharine Hepburn in The Aviator (2004)

20 Facts About Celebrities And The Oscars, Movie Awards That Matter To Everyone

This was Cate Blanchett's first statuette, which she received in the Best Supporting Actress category. By the way, over the past 25 years, she has already been nominated for eight Oscar acting awards.

7. Katharine Hepburn holds the record for the most statuettes and nominations received among actors and actresses.

20 Facts About Celebrities And The Oscars, Movie Awards That Matter To Everyone

She received four Oscars for Best Actress. During her career, the Academy nominated her 12 times (in the nominations for best actress).

Hepburn only appeared once at the Academy Awards in her entire career, and that was in 1974 when she presented Lawrence Weingarten with the Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award.

Her four Best Actress awards were in Early Glory (1933), Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? (1967), The Lion in Winter (1968) and On the Golden Lake (1981).

8. Walt Disney has won the most Oscars with 22 in total.

20 Facts About Celebrities And The Oscars, Movie Awards That Matter To Everyone

He also holds the record for the most statuettes won in a single ceremony with four.

Disney received a record 59 Oscar nominations in its lifetime. His first was in 1932 and his last in 1969. In 1954 he received six nominations and won four of them (4 Oscars in one year!!!).

Disney has also received a total of three honorary Oscars. His first special award was presented in 1932 "for the creation of Mickey Mouse". He received a second statuette in 1939 for innovations in cinematography, which he demonstrated in the cartoon Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

By the way, this film has captivated millions of viewers around the world, and it was this multi-story that opened up a great new area of ​​entertainment in the world of cinema. His third Special Award was presented in 1942 for "outstanding contribution to the development of the use of sound in motion pictures..."

9. In the history of the "Oscar" there is a case when two different actresses received a statuette for the role of the same character.

20 Facts About Celebrities And The Oscars, Movie Awards That Matter To Everyone

Actress Rita Moreno won Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of the character Anita in West Side Story in 1961.

Sixty years later, Ariana Debos won the award for her performance as Anita in the 2021 remake of Steven Spielberg's film of the same name.

10. Among the men, there are also actors who received a statuette for playing the same character.

20 Facts About Celebrities And The Oscars, Movie Awards That Matter To Everyone

And it was the first time in the history of the Academy. Two actors - Marlon Brando and Robert De Niro - received statuettes for playing the same role of Vito Corleone in the films "The Godfather" and "The Godfather 2".

Marlon Brando won (and then declined) the Best Actor Oscar for his performance in the 1972 film The Godfather by Vito Corleone. Two years later, in the film sequel of the same name, Robert De Niro won the Best Supporting Actor award for playing the younger Corleone.

11. Both actors who played the character of the "Joker" received a statuette - one posthumously

20 Facts About Celebrities And The Oscars, Movie Awards That Matter To Everyone

Actors Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix won major awards at the 2009 and 2020 ceremonies respectively for their successful performances as the Joker.

Heath Ledger received the award posthumously (for Best Supporting Actor as the Joker in The Dark Knight in 2008). Ten years later, Joaquin Phoenix won an Oscar for Best Actor for Joker.

12. Since 1929, when the Oscars were established, 16 statuettes have been awarded posthumously.

20 Facts About Celebrities And The Oscars, Movie Awards That Matter To Everyone

Of those 16, only two made it into the acting category: Heath Ledger and Peter Finch.

Ledger died in January 2008 when he was 28 years old. 13 months later, he was posthumously presented with an award for his performance in The Dark Knight. Peter Finch died in January 1977 at the age of 60 (two months before the Best Actor award for The Network).

13. Hattie McDaniel was the first black woman to be nominated for and win an Oscar.

20 Facts About Celebrities And The Oscars, Movie Awards That Matter To Everyone

McDaniel became the first African-American woman to be nominated for and honored at the same time. The actress won the statuette for Best Supporting Actress in Gone with the Wind.

14 Three Actors Turned Down Their Oscars

20 Facts About Celebrities And The Oscars, Movie Awards That Matter To Everyone

The most famous of these was Marlon Brando, who won the Best Actor award in 1973 for The Godfather.

He sent actress Sachin Littlefeather, who was then a member of the National Native American Positive Image Committee, to receive the award. Upon taking the stage, she stated that Brando "sadly cannot accept this very generous award, and the reasons for this are the poor treatment and treatment of the indigenous peoples of America (Indians) in Hollywood and on television."

15. A few years before Brando's refusal, George Campbell Scott refused the statuette.

20 Facts About Celebrities And The Oscars, Movie Awards That Matter To Everyone

The award went to him for Best Actor in Patton (1970). The actor explained his refusal by the fact that he "did not feel that he was competing with other actors."

Film producer Frank McCarthy accepted the award for Scott, but returned it to the Academy the next day. In total, Scott was nominated several times in three categories. One he turned down was his Best Supporting Actor nomination for The Rascal (1961).

Scott once showed his true hatred for Oscar by declaring, “It's all a goddamn meat parade. I don't want to be involved in this."

16. Dudley Nichols was the first to refuse his Oscar.

20 Facts About Celebrities And The Oscars, Movie Awards That Matter To Everyone

Because of the union boycott in 1936, he withdrew his Best Screenplay award for The Informant.

Nichols went for it because the Academy did not recognize the Writers Guild at the time. The exact wording of his refusal is "because of the antagonism between several industry guilds and the Academy of Trade Union Affairs." Nichols was the founder of the Writers Guild and also served as president in 1937 and 1938.

17. Patty Duke had the shortest Oscar speech.

20 Facts About Celebrities And The Oscars, Movie Awards That Matter To Everyone

In 1963, upon entering the stage, she simply said "thank you" for winning the Best Supporting Actress nomination.

Patty Duke received a statuette for her role as Helen Keller in the movie The Miracle Worker. She was 16 at the time, making her the youngest Oscar winner in history.

Another particularly short Oscar speech was from actor Joe Pesci, who, after winning Best Supporting Actor for The Goodfellas in 1991, simply said, “It's my privilege. Thank you".

And Fred Zinnemann said just two words (“Thank you very much”) after winning Best Picture for A Man for All Seasons in 1967. True, this laconicism was due to the fact that a few minutes earlier he had already gone on stage to receive a statuette for the best director, where he said in more detail what he wanted.

18. Edith Head is the most awarded and nominated woman in Oscar history with 8 wins from 35 nominations.

20 Facts About Celebrities And The Oscars, Movie Awards That Matter To Everyone

She became so iconic in the film world that the Pixar artists and animators were literally inspired by her when they created the character of Edna Maud in The Incredibles.

Edith Head for 29 years participated in 35 Oscar nominations (from 1949 to 1978). All of her nominations were in the "Best Costume Design" categories, which were originally split between black-and-white and color films. That is, in each category they gave their award. Then in 1967, the Academy combined these categories into one overall award for best costume design.

Some of the films for which Head has received the highest Academy Award are All About Eve, Scam, Sabrina, and Roman Holiday.

19. No one has ever won an Oscar for Best Actor in their film debut, but four have received a statuette in the Best Actress category.

20 Facts About Celebrities And The Oscars, Movie Awards That Matter To Everyone

Here are the winners in order: Shirley Booth for Come Back Little Sheba (1952); Julie Andrews for her performance in Mary Poppins (1964), Barbra Streisand for Funny Girl (1968) and Marlee Matlin, who starred in Children of a Lesser God (1986).

20. There have been six draws in the history of the Academy.

20 Facts About Celebrities And The Oscars, Movie Awards That Matter To Everyone

Two of them were in the acting categories (the most famous draw was between Katharine Hepburn and Barbra Streisand in 1969).

1. In 1932, Wallace Beery (The Champion) and Fredric March (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) shared the Best Actor Award.

2. In 1949, A Chance to Live and So Much for So Little shared the Best Short Documentary Film nomination.

3. In 1968, Katharine Hepburn ("The Lion in Winter") and Barbra Streisand ("Funny Girl") for the best female role shared the prize with each other.

4. In 1986, The Artie Show: Time Is All You Have and The Outcasts of America won the Best Documentary Film category.

5. In 1994, the Best Short Film category was tied between Franz Kafka's Life is Beautiful and Trevor.

6. And in 2012, the award was shared between Paul N. J. Ottosson (“Target One”) and Per Hallberg and Karen Baker Landers (“007: Skyfall”) in the nomination “Best Sound Editing”.

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Jean-Claude Van Damme is an American, Belgian by origin, who has played about sixty film roles, including Bloodsport, Double Impact, Universal Soldier, The Expendables 2, and others.


Interesting facts from his biography, career, and personal life.




1. When and where was he born?

Date of birth - October 18, 1960, is a native of the suburb of the capital of Belgium, Berchem-Saint-Agate; real name is Van Varenberg.


2. Started playing sports because of bullies

He grew up as a sickly and weak child, a typical "bespectacled man" who often got it from his peers, who thus sought to demonstrate their pseudo-coolness.


At the age of 11, at his father's insistence, he began to practice karate, after which Jean-Claude's life began to change dramatically - two years later, the former offenders avoided meeting him. The future actor is more and more interested in sports, and at the age of 16, he drops out of school.


3. Sports career

Before becoming a film actor, Van Damme achieved considerable success in professional sports. So, he spent 19 kickboxing fights, winning 18 victories in them and finishing 16 of his struggles in the first round while receiving only one defeat. Even that was technical, associated with disqualification.


During his sports career, Jean-Claude became a junior karate champion, and in 1979 he became the gold medalist in the European kickboxing and karate championships. In the late 70s and early 80s. he was considered one of the best kickboxers and karatekas of the Old World, but in 1982 he stopped participating in competitions.



4. Business and moving to the USA

Shortly before the end of his sports career, he opened his martial arts club in the center of the Belgian capital. The club became very popular, and the income of the future celebrity began to increase, but this was not enough for him - Jean-Claude dreamed of becoming an actor. After parting with his wife, who was not burning with the desire to change the tit in his hand for the crane in the sky, he goes to California.


5. Ballet classes

Van Damme is known for his kicks and splits, which resulted from the ballet training he received in his youth. He began to study at the ballet school at 16 and continued to master the art of ballet for the next five years.


The actor now feels special gratitude to the ballet for the stretch and flexibility he has received, referring it to a sport that requires exhausting and challenging training. According to him, anyone who has undergone ballet training can quickly adapt to training loads in any sport.




6. The beginning of a film career, a role in the film "Bloodsport."

With a stubborn character and excellent physical data, Van Damme was confident in the success of his Hollywood career. Starting in 1984, they began to offer him minor roles in action films, and in 1986, Jean-Claude was first invited to play the lead role in No Retreat, No Surrender.


With the start of filming a movie, he changed his unpronounceable name to a more harmonious one, taking the name of a deceased friend. But in parallel, the aspiring actor had to take on various jobs: he worked as a driver, a bouncer, delivered pizza, trained beginners in karate, and laid carpets.


The last of these works changed his life in many ways - while laying the carpet in the house of the famous martial artist Frank Dukes, whose biography became the basis for the script for the Bloodsport film, Jean-Claude talked with the owner of the home, and then, at his request, showed Frank his ability in karate.


Shortly after this meeting, he was invited to play the lead role in the film Bloodsport. However, Dux's invitation alone was not enough to get the part. The actor had to break into the office of producer M. Golan, to whom he showed his famous “Ushiro-mawashi” blow, to convince the latter to give the role to him, which happened.


With "Bloodsport," the actor's career went uphill; now, he began to offer roles in action films actively.


7. Quarrel and litigation with Frank Dukes

The name of Dux is associated with the beginning of Van Damme's excellent film career and with one very unpleasant incident that ended in a trial between them. The scandal erupted in the spring of 1997, when the film "In Search of Adventure" was released, which was very successful financially. Frank immediately filed a lawsuit against Van Damme, accusing him of deceit and fraud. He stated that before filming began, he promised to pay him $ 100,000 and, in the future - to deduct 2% of the profit received from the rental. The final amount of the claim was $1.5 million.


In addition, Frank accused the former partner of lying, saying that Van Damme had never won the European Championship and was an amateur in martial arts who had learned all his knowledge and skills in this area from Dukes.


The proceedings turned out to be very heated - the parties almost got into a fight right in the courthouse, but they managed to separate them. As a result, the court sided with Vam Damm, and Frank's demands were not satisfied.



8. Action Star

Bloodsport's success marked a turning point in Van Damme's film career, which he consolidated over the next few years thanks to his participation in the films Kickboxer, AWOL and Double Impact.


In the future, he is intensively engaged in acting, trying to improve his game as much as possible, which allows him to become one of the most famous and recognizable action heroes - the actor is invited to play the leading roles in the films "Universal Soldier," "Hard Target" and "Time Patrol."


This period is considered the most successful in the celebrity's film career; his acting fee eventually reached $ 8 million. At the same time, one of the highest-grossing films with the participation of Van Damme, Universal Soldier, was released, which grossed about $ 100 million at the box office.


9. Decline in popularity and subsequent return to big projects

By the end of the 90s, the action movie begins to lose ground as a genre, which naturally entails a drop in the popularity of the hero of our article. In his film career, an apparent and prolonged decline is planned; most of the films with the participation of Jean-Claude do not pay off at the box office, despite his professional abilities that have increased significantly by that time.


But in the future, persistent acting classes bore fruit, helping him return to his former professional demand - in 2008, the pseudo-realistic film “J. K. V. D. ”, where film critics positively assessed his acting abilities, thereby drawing the attention of viewers and journalists to him.


Then "Universal Soldier-3" was filmed, were Dolph Lundgren, who participated in filming the first part of this famous action movie, became Jean-Claude's partner. Film critics and audiences well received the film. And the release of “Killer Games,” which became the first picture with Van Damme in many years, which turned out to be in wide distribution, allowed the celebrity to return to roles in large-scale film projects.


In 2012, he played the main antagonist character in the second part of the action movie The Expendables. The tape exceeded $300 million at the box office, making it Jean-Claude's most commercially successful film project and earning him the Film Critics Award for Best Villain 2012.



10. Could Have Been In The First Expendables And Predator

He refused to participate in filming the first part of The Expendables because Sylvester Stallone could not accurately describe the nature of his character; however, by the beginning of work on the second part, all the omissions were settled.


In addition, he was supposed to play the Predator in the action movie of the same name as Arnold Schwarzenegger in the title role but was fired after filming began. The official reason for the removal from the position was the change in the concept of the picture, according to which the Predator became very tall and physically powerful, and Van Damme, who had an average height, looked unconvincing in this image.


But Jesse Ventura, who starred in the same tape, once let slip the real reason for Jean-Claude's departure from the set - the conflict between the actor and the representative of the management of the film crew.


11. Defeated drug addiction

The actor was treated for drug addiction in the second half of the 90s. He first entered a rehabilitation clinic at the end of 1996. Still, instead of the prescribed month, he stayed in the hospital for only a week, declaring that he intended to continue treatment at home.


At the same time, he made an official admission that he used cocaine, saying that he almost always starred in action scenes while under drugs, but now he is determined to quit. However, a year later, the actor broke down again and was forced to start treatment again. As a result, the addiction receded - in an interview, Jean-Claude admitted that he had found the strength to give up drugs and wanted to believe that he would never return to them.



12. Was treated for manic-depressive psychosis

In 1998, the celebrity was officially diagnosed with manic-depressive psychosis, also called bipolar disorder. This explains his sudden fits of anger, hyperactivity, and mood swings, which are visible in old video interviews.


Van Damme admitted that he suffered from depression from an early age, but in those years in Belgium, children and adolescents were not diagnosed with such diagnoses. Therefore only constant training and the accompanying solid physical activity helped him.


By coincidence, the peak of the development of bipolar disorder coincided with the actor's drug addiction and provoked a suicide attempt. After the incident, Jean-Claude immediately agreed to go to a specialized clinic and undergo the required course of therapy.


Personal life


13. A large number of marriages

He entered official marriages five times, while his current wife, Gladys Portugis, married twice. The rest of the actor's wives were Maria Rodriguez, Cynthia Derderian, and Darcy Lapierre.


The most scandalous and covered in the press was the marriage of Van Damme with Lapierre, who broke up with her first millionaire husband for his sake. Their life together was overshadowed by the decline in Van Damme's career and his passion for drugs and alcohol. For this reason, Darcy filed for divorce twice but still did not bring the matter to an official dissolution of the marriage.


However, in early 1998, Jean-Claude suddenly filed for divorce, motivating his decision by cheating on his wife and even demanding a paternity test - he seriously doubted that he was the father of their joint child. In response, Darcy filed a counterclaim against him, accusing him of assault.


After a divorce from his fourth wife, the actor returned to Gladys Portugis, who agreed to become his wife for the second time. Now their family life is developing almost perfectly, and Jean-Claude himself has repeatedly said that now he prefers silence and tranquility. Van Damme has three children: Christopher, Bianca, and Nicholas.


Other facts


14. Jean-Claude Van Damme vs. Chuck Norris

At the dawn of the 80s, Van Damme tried on the role of Chuck Norris' sparring partner.


In addition, Chuck decided to support the ambitious Belgian, who then survived only by odd jobs, and provided him with a permanent position in one of his bars while offering to star in an episode of the film "Missing."


15. Became a vegetarian

Since 2001, he has been a vegetarian because he does not want to eat anything that would have eyes, rightly considering them to be a mirror of the soul. And that which has a soul cannot bring any benefit to the body.


16. Why did they call him “Muscles from Brussels”?

His famous nickname - Muscles from Brussels got because of the accent - he once admitted to reporters that he loves mussels in Brussels, and the word mussels (mussels) in English sounds almost indistinguishable from the word muscles (muscles). As a result, this nickname firmly stuck to Van Damme.


17. Lost only to Jordan

Ranked fifth in popularity among celebrities in a 1998 poll of American teenagers. In the first place then was Michael Jordan.



18. Attacked his guard

At the beginning of the same 1998, he got into a fight with his former bodyguard, Chuck Zito, about whom he spoke impartially shortly before. The duel turned out to be very short - immediately missing one or two blows, Jean-Claude fell to the floor.


19. Van Damme loves dogs

Loves animals, especially dogs. Nine dogs live in his house, most of which the actor picked up on the street, and some even moved from Thailand on a rented private jet.


20. How the accent affected his career

Due to the strong accent, many of the characters played by the actor are either French or French-speaking by origin - for example, Luc Devereux, Lyon Gauthier, Jean Vilain, Chris Dubois, Philippe Savage, and others.



21. Once beat an extra participant

In 1989, he was brought to trial for intentionally inflicting bodily harm on one of the crowd participants. The incident occurred while filming a sword fight for the film "Cyborg."


22. Why does Van Damme have a bump on his forehead?

According to one version, the famous bump on Van Damme's forehead appeared in his childhood and resulted from an unsuccessful fall in the pool; according to another, it is an ordinary wen that cannot be removed.


By the way, on many posters for his films, Jean-Claude asked to retouch this defect.


23. How he said hello to Ufa

At the beginning of 2019, Artur Shaemov, a native of Ufa, recognized the famous actor in one of the visitors to the Gold’s Gym in Los Angeles, where he trained, and asked him to say hello to his hometown.


Jean-Claude did not refuse and recorded a short video for the Ufa residents, which Arthur posted on his social networks.



24. Got into the Comedy Club

In 2018, he visited the Comedy Club festival held in Yerevan, where he not only took pictures with his fans but also went on stage to participate in humorous numbers. True, Jean-Claude did not demonstrate his signature twine, citing that he came to the event in jeans.


25. He has his statue

On October 21, 2012, a life-size bronze statue of Van Damme was unveiled in the Belgian capital. So in the homeland, they decided to celebrate a fellow countryman's merits in sports and cinema. The actor arrived personally at the opening of his bronze counterpart and took part in the solemn ceremony.


26. Voluntarily became the hero of memes

He is one of the most popular characters when creating chromakey effects.


Quick Facts


27. Believes that humanity will perish after some five or six decades if it does not direct all its efforts to environmental protection.

28. Prefers classical music, especially appreciating the works of Beethoven

29. English began to study in childhood with the help of TV - on the English-language cartoon "The Flintstones."

30. Besides his native Flemish, he speaks English, French, German and Spanish.

31. In 1997, he received the title of "Hollywood's Sexiest Legs" from moviegoers; among women, this title was awarded to Tina Turner.



32. Studied five varieties of martial arts: Shotokan karate, karate-do, kickboxing, kung fu, and taekwondo. He holds a black belt in Shotokan Karate.

33. In his youth, he received the title "Mr. Bodybuilder of Belgium."

34. A citizen of three countries: the USA, Belgium, and Hong Kong. Currently lives in Hong Kong.

35. He is friends with Fedor Emelianenko and considers him an exceptional fighter with an unusual reaction.

36. In 2013, he starred in a sensational Volvo commercial, sitting on a twine between two moving trucks. In just seven days, the video gained 35 million views on the Web.



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