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Google Maps told me to cross the river - and I did

3 years ago

Minneapolis firefighters rescued a man who attempted to walk across a frozen Mississippi River early in the morning.

The incident happened around 3 a.m. near the Stone Arch Bridge where the man was partially submerged.

The man told firefighters that Google Maps told him to cross the river. The Minneapolis Fire Department says that the app most likely told him to cross the Stone Arch Bridge, not walk across the river, WCCO reported.

The man, who was visiting from out of state, had a mild case of hypothermia.

Last week, a man in Berlin tricked Google Maps by carrying 99 smartphones together and made everyone believe that there was a huge traffic jam. But it was just him carrying an entire batch of phones with Google Maps turned on.

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A bridge to nowhere.

4 years ago

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Every question has an answer, and Google proves it. Whether it's interesting what the weather is like outside or if koalas are bears, Google answers. In the list of top questions that start with "Are", there are many interesting questions. People are curious and want to know as many things as possible. The internet generates answers to all our questions. It is very useful and fast, you just have to enter your question on the search bar. The questions are so diverse and sometimes unconventional that they are worth seeing. All the more so as we have all the answers collected.


It seems that today, Google has all the answers in the world. To all our possible questions.

2020 searches are performed on several categories. The lists were created using a combination of several services and tools that give us a detailed picture of global and regional search trends.


Most of the data comes from Google Trends, a public service that shows the volume of searches across different geographic regions, time periods, and terms used. Here is the list of top questions sought with "Who" with answers from Bemorepanda.


1.Are banks open on veterans day

As Veterans Day is observed as a Federal public holiday, in the U.S, banks will remain closed on November 11 and will reopen on November 12, according to the Federal Reserve. While most of the banks organization will be closed, but ATMs will still be functional, available for cash withdrawals.


2.Are you the one

Are You the One?, sometimes abbreviated as AYTO?, is an American reality television series on MTV, in which young singles try to find love. A group of men and women are secretly paired into couples by producers, via a matchmaking algorithm. Then, while living together, the contestants try to identify all of these "perfect matches." If they succeed, the entire group shares a prize of up to $1 million. All couples in the first seven seasons were male-female, while in the eighth season a contestant's match could be someone of any gender.


3.Are we there yet

Are We There Yet? is a 2005 American family comedy film directed by Brian Levant. It was written by Steven Gary Banks, Claudia Grazioso, J. David Stem, and David N. Weiss based on a story by Banks and Grazioso. Ice Cube stars alongside Nia Long, Aleisha Allen, Philip Daniel Bolden, Jay Mohr, and Tracy Morgan.


4.Are banks open today

When federal holidays fall on Saturday, as is the case this year with Independence Day, the Fed's policy is to keep all of its banks and branches open on Friday and closed the following Monday. 


5.Are koalas bears

The koala or, inaccurately, koala bear (Phascolarctos cinereus) is an arboreal herbivorous marsupial native to Australia. It is the only extant representative of the family Phascolarctidae and its closest living relatives are the wombats, which are members of the family Vombatidae. The koala is found in coastal areas of the mainland's eastern and southern regions, inhabiting Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia.


6.Are you sleeping

The baby is still asleep, and all his animal friends want to try and wake him up. What do you think they should try next?


7.Are you afraid of the dark

Are You Afraid of the Dark? is a Canadian horror anthology television series that was on YTV and Nickelodeon. It aired from 1990 to 1996, and for a second run from 1999 to 2000.


8.Are eggs protein

Eggs are pretty much synonymous with protein in the average American diet. Considering how much protein there actually is in an egg—six grams in one large egg and seven in an extra large, per the USDA—it’s understandable that we rely so heavily on the affordable, versatile chicken egg to get our protein. 


9.Are cashews nuts

The cashew seed is often considered a nut in the culinary sense; this cashew nut is eaten on its own, used in recipes, or processed into cashew cheese or cashew butter. Like the tree, the nut is often simply called a cashew.


10.Are schools closed today

Most governments around the world have temporarily closed educational institutions in an attempt to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.


These nationwide closures are impacting hundreds of millions of students. Several other countries have implemented localized closures impacting millions of additional learners.


UNESCO is supporting countries in their efforts to mitigate the immediate impact of school closures, particularly for more vulnerable and disadvantaged communities, and to facilitate the continuity of education for all through remote learning.


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Long before the advent of the Internet, learning to do certain things was a skill developed in school or learned from parents. Now that everyone is connected to the "world wide web" 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it seems we no longer need to communicate with other people. And this implies that we no longer ask questions of others, but look for the answer directly on the Internet.


It seems that today, Google has all the answers in the world.

2020 searches are performed on several categories. The lists were created using a combination of several services and tools that give us a detailed picture of global and regional search trends.


Most of the data comes from Google Trends, a public service that shows the volume of searches across different geographic regions, time periods, and terms used. Here is the list of top questions sought with "Why" with answers from Bemorepanda.


1.Why were cornflakes invented

Corn Flakes were introduced in the late 19th century and Kellogg was marketing the breakfast food as a "healthy, ready-to-eat anti-masturbatory morning meal". Since he believed that meat and rich foods would increase a person's sexual desire, he set about creating plain foods - like Corn Flakes - to suppress it.


2.Why you so obsessed with me

There is no clear answer for this question, while people are searching for the song Mariah Carey - Why You So Obsessed with Me, but also for memes with this title.


3.Why is the sky blue

A clear cloudless day-time sky is blue because molecules in the air scatter blue light from the sun more than they scatter red light. When we look towards the sun at sunset, we see red and orange colours because the blue light has been scattered out and away from the line of sight.


4.Why so serious

This is the phrase of the famous Joker.


5.Why should we hire you

You can do the work and deliver exceptional results. You will fit in beautifully and be a great addition to the team. You possess a combination of skills and experience that make you stand out from the crowd. Hiring you will make him look smart and make his life easier.


6.Why you always lying

Nicholas Fraser – Why You Always Lying this is the answer for this question


7.Why my poop green

Food may be moving through the large intestine too quickly, such as due to diarrhea. As a result, bile doesn't have time to break down completely. Green leafy vegetables, green food coloring, such as in flavored drink mixes or ice pops, iron supplements. A lack of bile in stool.


8.Why do dogs eat grass

There are a number of reasons why dogs eat grassDogs eat grass to add fibre to their diet, to induce vomiting if they feel unwell, as a distraction from boredom, or to fill a void in their nutrition.


9.Why am i so tired

While a lack of sleep may seem to be an obvious cause of chronic fatigue, it is a surprisingly common reason for feeling tired. Many people go through life feeling too stressed or too busy to slow down and get all of the sleep that they need to feel good.


10.Why do cats purr

In most cases, cats will purr when they are in a relaxed environment, sending out waves of calmness. This may also occur when you stroke them, and if this is the case, your feline friend is feeling happy or sociable. However, cats purr to communicate other emotions and needs, too.



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A politician or politician is a person with an important role in political activity; represents the occupation of the one who carries out his main activity in this field.

From the point of view of basic psychological functions, politicians are intelligent, with a good memory of the names and deeds of opponents and have an increased speed of processing information with potential opportunity.

We see daily in the media politicians who mourn the disappearance of family values, but in particular have a mistress, or politicians who criticize the government's waste, but in particular take advantage of public funds for private gain. This is simply hypocrisy, and the connection between power and hypocrisy is obvious. However, these common sense observations do not take the place of science, although they are correct. From a scientific point of view, the question must be reformulated as follows: does power tend to corrupt, or does power attract only the corruptible?

We need certain guidelines and constraints in politics, as in life. Freedom is truly protected when these security elements are strong. Western democracy has an elected government, but also constitutional laws and rights, an independent legal system, strong political parties, churches, companies, private associations and professional elites. Political democracy is an essential element - through which the people hold supreme power - but the system is complex and not all its parts are subject to election. The purpose of elites and other "undemocratic" groups and institutions is to temper the passions of the public, to educate citizens, to guide democracy, and thus to protect freedom.

We end here with our wishes as citizens and move on to the top of Google searches. In this list you will find the politicians who took the most searches on Google in 2020. You will also get to know them better with Bemorepanda.

1) Joe Biden


Biden, who was a Senator from Delaware for more than 35 years and served as vice president in the administration of the 44th US head of state Barack Obama, is considered one of the most authoritative and experienced representatives of the Democratic Party. At the time of his inauguration on January 20, 2021, he will be 78 years old: thus, he will become the oldest president in the history of the United States.


Joe Biden knows firsthand what it means to lose a spouse and bury a child. Because of the tragedies in his own family, he almost ended his political career - and not once, but twice.


This happened for the first time in 1972. Biden, a law graduate from Syracuse University, was only 29 years old when he decided to challenge seasoned Republican James Caleb Boggs to run for Senator from Delaware.


Despite an extremely small pre-election budget, he won the elections. However, just a few weeks later, a tragedy struck that changed the life of the young politician forever: his wife Nelia and their one-year-old daughter Naomi were killed in a car accident, and sons Bo and Hunter were seriously injured.


At first, Biden wanted to resign from the senatorial post, but in the end he was persuaded not to do so. He took the oath in the hospital where his sons were lying. The young senator began to travel by train every day from Delaware to Washington and back. His sister Valerie moved to him on purpose to take care of the children. She lived in her brother's house until 1977, when Biden married his current wife, Jill Jacobs. Soon, their common daughter Ashley was born.


However, bad luck continued to haunt Biden. In 2015, he served as vice president of the Obama administration and worked with him on legislation to guarantee access to health care for millions of low-income families. And at this time, Biden's eldest son Bo died of brain cancer. Joe Biden, who was about to run for President of the United States in the 2016 elections, chose to withdraw from the election race.


Despite this, just four years later, Biden nevertheless became the new president of the United States. The fact that Democrats ended up opting for a seasoned politician over younger candidates is not surprising, said University of Missouri professor Mitchell McKinney. He sees Biden as a sane, consistent, empathic and empathetic politician - the exact opposite of Trump, who liked to call his opponent "slow Joe."



2) Kamala Harris


Senator Kamala Harris from California, whom Joe Biden invited as vice president, initially intended to run for the Democratic presidency herself. Two things let her down: her own past and conflicting political views.


Harris' maternal grandfather, P.V. Gopalan, was born over 100 years ago in India into a family of the highest caste, Brahmins. He left his native village to get a job as a stenographer in the British government of the colony. Harris has repeatedly mentioned that her grandfather was a fighter for the country's independence. But none of her relatives confirmed this in a conversation with The New York Times. And how would a fighter against the metropolis work as an official?


After gaining independence in 1947, P.V. Gopalan continued to work as a civil servant under the new government and rose to the third-ranked non-political executive post in the Indian Cabinet - Joint Secretary of the Government. And his wife became an activist - she traveled to the villages teaching poor women in birth control.


Kamala's mother, Shyamala, applied for graduate school at the University of California at Berkeley, and told her relatives about this only when the application was approved. The grandfather did not hesitate to pay the amount necessary for education, although it was a lot of money for him. So Shyamala came to the United States at the age of 19. Upon completion of her studies, she had to return home, where a marriage of convenience awaited her. But it turned out differently.


The University of California was famous for its freethinking. Shyamala quickly joined the crowd of civil society activists. At one of the protests, she met a graduate student, Donald Harris, who studied economic theories of left-wing parties at the same university.


Kamala's parents received US citizenship and earned good money. Kamala was sent not to a free municipal school, but to a good private school. Every morning, a school bus took her from a predominantly black, lower-middle-class neighborhood to a thriving white neighborhood.


Since childhood, Kamala went to a Hindu temple and a black Baptist church. Once every two years, she and her mother flew to India. Kamala's grandfather had a ritual: in the morning he walked along the beach with his friends, discussing politics. He took his granddaughter with him. “I remember the stories they told and the passion with which they talked about the importance of democracy,” Harris said in a 2018 speech. “Those walks <...> had a profound effect on who I am today.” ... When Harris's mother died of cancer in 2009, Harris brought her ashes to India and scattered her on the very beach where she walked with her grandfather.


But the mother always told her daughters that in the first place they would be perceived not as Indian women, but as black girls, and they were brought up closer to this culture, writes The Indian Express newspaper. This played into the hands of Harris when Biden started thinking about the vice president. He wanted a woman for this post.


After George Floyd died in May and the Black Lives Matter movement began to gain momentum, Biden's entourage began to insist on a black candidate. In June, Biden announced he was looking for a female politician of color, and on August 11, the appointment of Harris. Asian Americans make up only 5% of the electorate, compared with 13% of black voters, in addition, the main interracial conflict is between the latter and whites, notes The Indian Express. Harris is mostly associated with African American politicians, BBC agrees. But her maternal descent may provide Biden with the voice of Indian and South Asian communities as well.



3) Boris Johnson


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to hospital due to a previously diagnosed COVID-19. The politician got worse on the 10th day after the discovery of his infection. He spent the night of April 7 in intensive care, but there was no need to connect him to a ventilator. Read the biography of Boris Johnson in the material of Channel 24.


The fact that Boris Johnson contracted the coronavirus became known on March 27. However, he stayed at home, performed his prime minister's duties, and even recorded several video messages to the people. During them, he said that he was feeling well, but complained of a fever.


Worse than the British prime minister was on the 10th day of illness. Johnson had to be hospitalized in a London clinic.


British media adds that Johnson was undergoing tests and examinations at the hospital. At first it was reported that he was to undergo artificial ventilation, but there was no need for this.


The night of April 7th was the first night he spent in intensive care. In general, there were no complaints about his state of health after that.


Johnson is known for being able to pull off Brexit. He is an impulsive, witty and outrageous politician. At one time he was the head of the British Foreign Office, the mayor of London, and before that - a journalist.



Johnson's full name is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel-Johnson. He was born on June 19, 1964 in New York. The father of the politician worked there, but the family soon returned to London. By the way, Johnson's father Stanley was a member of the European Parliament, worked in the European Commission and the World Bank.


As a child, Boris suffered hearing damage and underwent several operations.


Johnson is not a stranger to the British monarchs, as he himself spoke about in television programs. He is the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of King George II. And also Turkish and Circassian blood flows in the veins of the newly minted prime minister. Boris's great-grandfather, a wealthy Turkish nobleman, married a Circassian slave whom he bought at a bazaar in Istanbul.


4) Pete Buttigieg

The first intra party elections of a candidate for the presidency of the United States from the Democratic Party, held earlier this week in Iowa, ended in a real embarrassment for the recognized favorites of the presidential race.


Former US Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders were passed over by the ex-mayor of the tiny town of South Bend in Indiana, 38-year-old Pete Buttigiech.


On his election website, the ex-mayor calls himself a "new type of leader" who is able to unite Americans, specifying that his father is an immigrant from Malta, and his mother is a native of Indiana, whose ancestors lived in this state for five generations.


“I grew up in the same quarter where I live now with my husband Chaten and the dogs taken from the shelter - Buddy and Truman,” the applicant's website says.


His full name is Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigie. The surname, unpronounceable for Americans a year ago, was inherited from his father, who was born in the town of Hamrun in Malta. Sr. Buttigieg initially wanted to become a Catholic priest, but after arriving in the United States, he chose to teach literature at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. The surname "Buttigieg" is also Maltese, and comes from the Arabic "Abu-I-dajaj" which means "chicken owner" or "poultry house".


At the very beginning of the presidential race in the United States, Pete Buttidzic decided to alleviate the philological suffering of his supporters by introducing himself at all meetings with voters simply - "Mayor Pete". This is exactly what the hosts of all TV channels in the United States call him.


The future applicant received a bachelor's degree in history and literature from Harvard University, and then, having won the British Rhodes scholarship, spent three years at Pembroke College, Oxford, studying philosophy, politics and economics.


Buttidzic volunteered for the National Guard, receiving the rank of lieutenant. In 2014, already as mayor, he spent seven months at Bagram airbase in Afghanistan, serving in the US Navy's counter-terrorism intelligence unit, which analyzed the financial flows of the Taliban. In addition, the future presidential contender performed the duties of a driver, and, in his own words, drove the unit commander to Kabul and back at least a hundred times. Later, Buttidzic himself said that he worked in Afghanistan in the "military Uber" taxi service.


It is known that in addition to his native English, Butidzic is fluent in Norwegian, Spanish, Italian, Maltese, Arabic, Dari and French to varying degrees.



5) Mike Bloomberg

This past week, Michael Bloomberg took part for the first time in the televised debate of candidates for the presidency in the United States from the Democratic Party. The unanimous verdict of the experts: Bloomberg did not pass the test. Nonetheless, the 78-year-old multibillionaire's entire life is a testament to the fact that he feels best in the most toxic and hostile environment.


Republican Democrat


Michael Bloomberg - perhaps the only Democratic candidate capable of defeating Donald Trump - failed his first campaign debate. However, experts did not expect anything else: his opponents came up with the idea of ​​making him a clone of the current US president and almost did not change their rhetoric, accusing him of about the same thing that Trump was accused of.


Senator Bernie Sanders, who calls himself a socialist and still admires the USSR, called Bloomberg's wealth ($ 62.5 billion according to Forbes) "indecent." His colleagues expressed fears that the United States was gradually becoming an oligarchy. Bloomberg was reminded of accusations of sexual harassment of women. And finally, albeit not openly, he was very clearly accused of trying to influence the election results: given Bloomberg's financial capabilities, his opponents hinted that he could either buy votes or use for his own purposes those belonging to him (or dependent on him) ) media. It was not even the accusations themselves that were curious, but the fact that they almost word for word repeated the accusations that the US president throws at Bloomberg.


How did the Democrats cheat Michael Bloomberg in the debate?


Failure in the debate, however, does not diminish his chances of becoming president. The grandson of immigrants from the Russian Empire has no political preferences. He changed his party affiliation three times, moving from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party, or declaring himself an independent candidate for a while. But he has clear convictions, which, he says, made him first run for the mayor of New York, and now offer his services as President of the United States. Why? “Defeating Donald Trump and rebuilding America is the most pressing and most important battle in our life. And I'm in business. I offer myself as a person who knows how to do, not speak. And as a person who is ready to get involved in a tough fight and win. "



6) Andrew Cuomo


New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo is a stark contrast to Donald Trump. The calm and pragmatic politician who has found himself at the center of the main focus of the coronavirus epidemic seems to have become a regional leader, whose popularity has gone beyond the state. Cuomo, announcing the intentions of the seven eastern states to join forces and come out of the crisis in a coordinated manner, seems to be quite annoying for President Trump.


Earlier this year, it seemed that the career of the 62-year-old politician, who served as governor of New York for nine years, is slowly but steadily declining. In February 2020, only 44% of the state's residents approved of its activities, and more than half were dissatisfied.


After just a month and a half, 87% of New Yorkers said they fully support Andrew Cuomo's actions.


The only and main reason for the rapid rise in popularity of the governor, who has been in this position for the third consecutive term, is the coronavirus epidemic.


Governor Cuomo's daily televised briefings, always emphatically calm, have become America's premier televised event in recent months. Suffice it to say that speeches by the head of state are constantly broadcast by the leading US television channels, including cable stations with diametrically opposed political views - from the liberal MSNBC to the conservative Fox News.


The governor's speeches are constantly broadcast live by major newspapers and popular political websites in the United States.


Andrew Cuomo has always belonged to the Democratic Party, but in recent months even the most implacable political opponents have declared their unconditional support for the governor.


7) Chris Christie


Christopher James Christie was born September 6, 1962 in Newark, New Jersey (Newark, New Jersey), in the family of Bill and Sondra Christie. He grew up in Livingston, graduated from a local high school, and received his BA in Political Science from the University of Delaware in 1984; in 1987 earned his doctorate in law from Seton Hall University School of Law. In December 1987, Christie became a lawyer in the state of New Jersey. New Jersey apostille.


From January 17, 2002 to December 1, 2008, Christie headed the office of the Attorney General of New Jersey. He was responsible for 137 prosecutors, including offices in Newark, Trenton and Camden. Christie's appointment caused a lot of controversy. Some members of the New Jersey Bar Association have expressed concern about Christie's lack of experience in criminal law, in addition, his family connection with Tino Fiumara, nicknamed the Greek, one of the main figures in the Genovese crime family, has surfaced. However, Christie said that he never hid his relationship with him. There was also criticism that Christie used his office to discredit Democrats ahead of the election.


In January 2009, Christie began his election campaign for governor. In June, he won the inner-party elections with 55% of the votes of two of his rivals, and on November 3, he overtook his rivals, Democrat Don Basket and independent candidate Chris Daggett, in the general election. On January 19, 2010, he was sworn in and took over as governor.


The governor, a Catholic by faith, is a fierce opponent of abortion and same-sex marriage. He intends to cut spending on environmental protection, relentlessly fight crime, and also promised voters not to raise tax rates.


8) Mike Pence


In 2016, the former Indiana governor helped the Republican nominee defeat a Democratic rival and now hopes to repeat that success.


In February 2020, Pence was named head of the White House Task Force on the Consequences of the Coronavirus Pandemic. By all accounts, the Trump administration has failed to cope with this task, but the Democrats pin the main blame for this on the president himself, who was too frivolous about the outbreak of a dangerous disease.


Perhaps the greatest political achievement of Pence during his tenure is keeping Trump's confidence. According to sources in the White House, at some stage the president was thinking about how to force his vice president to resign, and instead find another candidate for the elections. One way or another, this did not happen, and Pence, like four years ago, remained Trump's partner.


When talking about Pence, Americans very often mention his religious views in the first place. "Christian, Conservative and Republican - in this sequence," - says the vice president of himself.


Pence was born into a Catholic family, his grandfather was an immigrant from Ireland. When he now, along with Trump, is promoting the idea of ​​toughening immigration laws, he likes to emphasize that his ancestors arrived in the country legally.


The turning point in his life came when he was in college - Pence left the Roman Catholic Church and became a Protestant, joining evangelical Christians. His political views also changed - his family traditionally supported the Democrats, but Pence became carried away by conservative ideas and became a Republican. In his own words, he was impressed by "Ronald Reagan's sound conservatism."


In 1986 he graduated from Indiana University Law School in Indianapolis, where he met his future wife Karen, also known for conservative views. According to media reports, she exerted and continues to exert a noticeable influence on her husband's worldview.


A deeply religious person, Pence adheres to strict principles in everyday life, which American journalists have dubbed "the Pence rules." He himself said that he never goes without his wife to events where they drink alcoholic beverages, and never go to a restaurant alone with another woman.


Pence is also conservative on many public issues, including the rights of sexual minorities and abortion. He opposes government regulation of the economy, supports cutting taxes and budgetary spending on social needs. American political analysts believe that Pence's participation in the election race in 2016 helped Trump win the votes of the conservative-minded part of the voters and made an important contribution to the victory of the Republicans.


9) Andrew Yang



Andrew Yang, a potential Democratic presidential candidate backed by Elon Musk in the 2020 elections, during a meeting with entrepreneur Sam Altman, founder of Y Combinator, said that the approach proposed by his political rival Elizabeth Warren today is a staunch supporter of the fragmentation of the IT giants. like Facebook and Amazon into small companies is fundamentally flawed.


Even splitting Amazon into four separate companies would not bring back stores and malls that have closed due to competition from Jeff Bezos, Ian said. In addition, the politician emphasizes, fragmentation as a whole is hardly applicable to the IT sphere, since the formation of monopolies is natural for this industry.


A participant in the presidential race admits that tech giants do create problems - for example, they prevent innovations from developing and absorb any promising start-ups, which is why today "many young entrepreneurs work only to subsequently sell themselves to IT giants, and not surpass them." ... However, their forced separation is an attempt to apply the outdated methods of the 20th century to a complex modern situation.


Finally, we note that, according to Business Insider, although Andrew Yang is far from the most popular among possible candidates for the presidency, his campaign is currently actively supported by Silicon Valley.



10) Mitt Romney


Willard Mitt Romney was born on March 12, 1947 in Detroit (Michigan, USA) in the family of businessman and politician George Romney, CEO of American Motors Corporation.


The Romney dynasty professes the Mormon religion and belongs to the main Mormon denomination - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Following the tradition adopted in it, Mitt Romney was sent to missionary work after studying at Stanford. He spent 2 years in French Bordeaux, urging him to give up alcohol and join the faith. At the age of 34, Mitt Romney is appointed bishop (ward leader) of Boston, Massachusetts. Five years later, he also became stake president there - the spiritual leader over several parishes of the church, and then led the association of 14 parishes.


Not the first generation of the Romney family is actively involved in politics. Romney Sr. served as governor of Michigan three times. Mitt took part in all of his father's gubernatorial campaigns. In 1968, George Romney fought unsuccessfully for the Republican presidential nomination. Later in the administration of President Richard Nixon, he served as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.


After school, Mitt Romney entered Stanford University, where he studied for two semesters. During his studies, he organized a demonstration against the antiwar sentiments of his peers. Upon his return from France, Romney Jr. attended Brigham Young Mormon University and graduated in 1971 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. In 1975 he received his JD and MBA degrees from Harvard University.


Mitt Romney started his career in financial consulting at BCG, then worked at Bain & Company. In 1984, he co-founded and CEO of the investment firm Bain Capital. The company soon became the owner of hundreds of firms, and its annual revenues reached 100 percent. Romney remained the head of Bain Capital until 2001. He also headed the consulting firm Bain & Company and served on the board of directors of Marriott and Staples.


In 1999, Mitt Romney was appointed head of the organizing committee for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. The successful holding of the games was in jeopardy: the budget was short of about $ 300 million, the organizers were accused of giving bribes to the staff of the International Olympic Committee. Romney revised the budget and found new sponsors. The Olympics generated $ 100 million in profits despite additional security costs following the September 11, 2001 attacks.


In 1994, Romney ran for the Senate seat from Massachusetts. Confronting veteran Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy, the last of the Kennedy clan, he spent more than $ 7 million and lost the election by more than 17% of the vote.


In 2002, Romney was elected Governor of Massachusetts. On February 13, 2007, after the expiration of the governor's term, Romney announced his decision to participate in the 2008 presidential elections. He became the wealthiest contender for the White House post with an estimated fortune of US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney at $ 250 million. In 2011, he earned $ 13.7 million and paid $ 1.94 million in taxes. Since 1969, Romney has been married to née Ann Davies. They met when 15-year-old Anne was in high school and Romney was preparing to go to Stanford.

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