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Meet the "Dog Heroes" at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum in New York City

3 years ago

In the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, hundreds of dogs served had a crucial role in the search for survivors, and for victims remains. Now these heroes and their teams are getting their do in an exhibition at the 9/11 Memorial Museum. 

“Putting the photographs together is what makes this exhibit special,” said Amy Weinstein, the museum’s oral historian, who curated the show.

Their contribution to the massive rescue and recovery effort was vital.

“On the 11th, we saw the value of the dogs. We saw that there was nothing as effective as the dogs for searching wide areas, for clearing spaces,” says Dr. Cynthia Otto, executive director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Vet Working Dog Center. “Their ability to recognize odors, respond to odors, to trace the source of an odor is phenomenal.”

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There is not the slightest doubt - dogs are insanely cute, and they deserve all the attention of the Internet and simply have to move cats off the pedestal. Well, judge for yourself, dogs are so adorable that sometimes their owners can't resist patting their cheeks and sharing these photos on the web.Dogs are the animals that attach themselves most to humans and in most cases are able to sacrifice their lives to defend their owner, if he is in danger. As each being on this planet has its specific characteristics, so this animal, of rare intelligence, has some interesting aspects.


Dogs are so sweet and that's why people love them. Bemorepanda loves them so collected some cute pictures with dog's cheeks.


1.Lovely cheeks




3.So good for snack


4.Fluffy cheeks




6.So happy


7.So cute


8.Lovely face




10.Extra skin




12.Lovely buddy


13.Seems so funny


14.Large smile




16.Smile large




18.Love this buddy




20.About extra skin


21.Don’t touch my face


22.Oh no


23.Lovely stretch


24.Mr. Cheek


25.Sleeping beauty






28.Lovely tongue


29.Oh no



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Everyone who has had a pet at least once knows how fast they grow. You just brought a little kitten or puppy to your house and literally after a couple of months you won't recognize him! However, there is one thing that remains the same no matter how old your four-legged friend is - his charm. And Bemorepanda put together an adorable selection of doggie photos for you to prove it.


"My Big Boy and His Plush Friend Two Years Later"



"Fifteen years later, we are still best friends"

2ен 13


"Mom, well, he's too small for me"

3ен 11


"My dog ​​grew up with his best friend - a brick"

4кен 8


"My best friend beat cancer twice and celebrated his 15th birthday this week."



He grew up, but the smile remained the same

6нг 17


Now only fits one foot

7егн 0


"My big guy being a puppy and 2 years later"

8гш 13


"Our first and our 14th Christmas together"

9гш 12


They grow so fast

10нгш 11


6 years of friendship

11ке 1


8 weeks to 8 months

12tru 3


Not much has changed after 1 year

13ен 8


Ordered a grilled chicken? 

14еун 0


Cute little puppy turned into an awesome good boy

15uyi 3


3 years later, he still looks pretty in his sweater

16енш 3


"My boy Ferris is 3 years old today. He still thinks he is as small as when he was a puppy."

17uio 0


Even after 10 years, some things don't change

18uyi 6


Даже через 10 лет некоторые вещи не меняются


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Dogs are very cute, intelligent and loyal pets. It is said that they are the only beings on earth who love us more than they love themselves. Scientific studies prove that dogs are in the first place in the top of animals that understand human communication.

They become easily attached to people and can be just as easily trained, because they understand with their eyes what you want to tell them or what you are thinking at that moment. It is not in vain that the dog is said to be man's best friend, and rightly so; he will never leave you, as long as you give him attention, care and love. A dog will never betray you, as they say: “History is full of loyal dogs and less of loyal friends. “. Bemorepanda collected the top buddies for this week.

1.Dog and snow



4.This eyes

5.Puppies are so cute

6.That’s much snow

7.Ma dogga


9.Meal time


11.This buddy

12.Blue eyes


14.Perfect outfit

15.Good boy


17.Washing time

18.So great

19.Walking time

20.So olorful

21.Weekend time


23.Lovely eyes

24.Perfect pic

25.Baby time

26.White puffy

27.Best friends



30.Fun time

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A dog is a friend of man! At least, this is what many millions of people around the world think, who cannot imagine their life without these four-legged companions of her, devoted and loving. The dog has become a symbol of devotion for a reason - these creatures are so attached to their owners that they are ready, without hesitation, to sacrifice their lives for them.

Dogs are the only animals capable of recognizing human emotions and empathizing with their owners. There are 703 purebred dog breeds in the world. Intelligence development in dogs is comparable to that of two-year-old toddlers. Dogs can memorize about 250 commands expressed by gestures and words, count to 5 and solve elementary math problems.

Bemorepanda collected some top twitter posts with dogs for this week.

1.Ferocious beast

2.A long run

3.This smile

4.All the moods


6.So fluffy

7.Nap time



10.So pretty

11.Sunny day

12.Cute buddy


14.One love

15.He is afraid

16.Small dog

17.Husky love

18.Dog training

19.Looks angry

20.Sorry for being late



23.Old but still so good looking

24.Don’t care

25.Funny face

26.Snow time

27.This face

28.Love all around


30.So sad

31.Nap time

32.So cute

33.Nap place

34.Snow lover

35.Leave us alone


37.A good driver

38.So sunny

39.So sad

40.So beautiful and fluffy

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While they never have and will never run, hold a press conference or issue an executive order, more presidential pets have lived in the White House than people in the first family.

Indeed, some of the more than 400 pets that lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. they were more popular than the presidents who held them. Bemorepanda collected interesting photos and facts for you.

George Washington begins the animal parade

The tradition of presidential pets dates back to the nation's first president, George Washington.

While he never lived in the White House, Washington personally cared for many farm animals at his home in Mount Vernon. Obviously, his favorite was Nelson, the giant bear, General Washington, who was traveling when he accepted British surrender at Yorktown, the battle that ended the Revolutionary War.

According to presidential historians, Washington never led Nelson after the war, choosing instead to allow the "splendid loader" to live his days as a pampered celebrity. It was reported that when Washington reached Nelson's paddle, "the old war horse would have run to the fence, proud to have been stroked by the great master's hand."

Abe Lincoln's Dog

A beloved animal lover and pet owner himself, President Abraham Lincoln let his sons, Tad and Willie, keep all the pets they wanted. And, the pets they kept. According to various historians, at one point Lincoln's White Housekeeper raised turkeys, horses, rabbits and two goats named Nanny and Nanko.

Nanny and Nanko sometimes traveled with Abe in the presidential transport. The turkey, Jack, went from the main course of Lincoln's dinner menu to the pet dog, when Tad's first son demanded the lives of birds.

Benjamin Harrison's goat

Along with a Collie dog named Dash and two opposites named Mr. Reciprocity and Mr. Protection, the third president, Benjamin Harrison also allowed his grandchildren to keep a goat named Whiskers, who often pulled the children around the White House lawn. cart.

One unforgettable day, his Whiskers, with their children, were running uncontrollably through the gates of the White House. Many residents of Washington, DC, were amused to see the commander-in-chief himself, standing on his top hat and waving his cane, following a goat's cart on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Theodore Roosevelt, pet champion

With six children who love the animals that live with him in the White House for eight years, the president of twenty-six, Theodore Roosevelt easily reigns as champion owner of the presidential pet, including some rather unconventional creatures.

According to the National Park Service, Roosevelt's list of non-traditional pet families includes: "a little bear named Jonathan Edwards; a lizard named Bill; guinea pigs named Admiral Dewey, Dr. Johnson, Bishop Doane, Bob Evans Fight and Father O 'Grady; Maude the pig; Josiah the badger; Eli Yale the blue macaw; Baron Sprinkle the hen; a one-legged rooster; a hyena; an owl; Peter the rabbit; and the Algonquin pony. "

The family loved Algonquin so much that when Roosevelt's son Archie became ill, Kermit and Quentin's brothers tried to take the pony to his bedroom in the White House elevator.

But when Algonquin saw himself in the elevator mirror, he refused to leave.

Quentin's sister Alice also had a jargon snake that she called Emily Spinach, "because it was green as spinach and as thin as my aunt Emily."

As for the traditional part, the Roosevelts were loved by dogs. Among their first dogs are Sailor Boy, Chesapeake retinel, Jack the terrier, Skip the Mongrel, Manchu Pekingese and Pete, a bull terrier who was exiled to Roosevelt's family on Long Island due to his tendency to bite staff members. White House. Alice said she saw Manchu, her penguin dancing on its hind legs on the White House lawn in the moonlight.

The role of the first pets

Presidents and their families usually have pets for the same reason that someone else does - they love them.

However, White House animals often play their own unique roles in the lives of their presidential parents.

Not only do presidential pets tend to improve the public image of their owners as "good people like us," they help reduce the stress involved by being "the leader of the free world."

Especially with the invention of radio, television and now the Internet, the role of pets in the first family, not only in the daily lives of owners, but also in history, has become better known.

When President Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill signed the Atlantic History Charter in 1941 aboard the USS Augusta, radio and newspaper correspondents looked forward to the presence of Fala, Roosevelt's beloved terrier, Scottish.

In 1944, after Republican Congressmen publicly accused Roosevelt of accidentally leaving Fala after a presidential visit to the Aleutian Islands and sending him a shipwreck "for a cost to taxpayers of two or three or eight or twenty million. dollars, "FDR said memorably that the accusation affected Falla's" Scotch soul. "

"It's never been the same dog since," Roosevelt said in a campaign speech. "I'm used to hearing malicious lies about myself ... But I think I have the right to change my mind, to oppose slanderous statements about my dog."

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt detailed Fala's life in the first presidential "Petrography." Over time, other first ladies continued the tradition. Barbra Bush wrote about Bush's Springer Spaniel, Millie and Hillary Clinton wrote about Socks the cat and the president of Clinton's Labrador Retriever, Buddy.

Although they did not actually declare their platforms, presidential pets also played a role in politics.

When he ran for president in 1928, Herbert Hoover was to be photographed with a Belgian shepherd named King Tut. Hoover's leaders believed the dog would improve the candidate's public image. Ploy worked. Hoover was elected and took King Tut to the White House with him. Including King Tut, the Hoover White House housed seven dogs - and two anonymous alligators.

Along with a white Collie named Blanco and a mixed dog named Yuki, President Lyndon B. Johnson, a four-Beagle Democrat named El, Ea, Edgar, and Freckles. During the 1964 re-election campaign, Johnson was photographed holding him in his ears. Republican congressional leaders described the incident as "animal cruelty" and predicted they would end LBJ's political career. However, Johnson produced several books that prove that lifting Beagles by the ears was common and not harmful to dogs. Eventually, the photo ended up selling Johnson to the dog owners, helping them defeat their Republican opponent, Barry Goldwater.

Presidents who had no pets

According to the Presidential Museum Pet, the only president known not to keep a pet throughout his term was James K. Polk, who served from 1845 to 1849.

Although they never had "official" pets, Andrew Johnson was said to have fed a group of white mice he found in his bedroom, and Martin Van Buren received two tiger cubs by the Sultan of Oman.

While most of the early families owned several pets, President Andrew Jackson was known to have only one, a parrot named "Polly," whom he taught to swear by heart.

In his first six months in office, President Donald Trump has not yet received a pet in the White House. Shortly after the 2016 election, Palm Beach philanthropist Lois Pope offered Trump the Goldendoodle as his first dog. However, the Palm Beach Daily News later reported that the Pope had withdrawn his offer.

Of course, now that First Lady Melania Trump and her 10-year-old son, Barron, have moved into the White House, the chances of a pet joining them have finally improved.

While the Trumps have no pets, Vice President Pence is more than taking over the health of the administration. The cats have an Australian Shepherd puppy named Harley, a gray kitten named Hazel, a cat named Pickle, a rabbit named Marlon Bundo and a nameless beehive.

The election of Joe Biden as president of the United States will also mark the return of quadrupeds to the White House, a tradition interrupted by Donald Trump, who has no pets. Joe Biden has two dogs, Champ and Major, one of whom was adopted from a shelter, writes Agerpres, quoting AFP.

Joe Biden moved to the White House with two German Shepherd dogs: Champ, who has lived with the Biden family since 2008, and Major, who was adopted in 2018 from an animal shelter. Unfortunately, there was an unpleasant incident and his dogs were taken away.

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