In Russia, local authorities are planning to introduce a tax on dogs

3 years ago

Deputies of Yakutia region in Russia intend to discuss the introduction of a tax or a levy from dog owners to offset the costs of fighting stray animals. This was announced on a weekly meeting by the mayor of Yakutsk, Sardan Avksentiev.

She noted that trapping, quarantine, sterilization, vaccination and chipping of one dog cost 14.5 thousand rubles or around $211, which is more than the allowance for children. “People don’t understand why they spend more money on dogs than on children’s food,” she said.

According to Avksentieva, federal law forces the state and municipalities to be responsible, including financially, for working with stray dogs. However, there is no liability for owners who let animals walk on their own.

The administration of Yakutsk calculated that the regulation of the number of stray animals requires 190 million rubles a year, while in the city and republican budgets for this purpose only 7.4 million is provided.

Earlier, the deputy of the Saratov Regional Duma, Vladimir Esipov, proposed selling stray dogs from Russian cities “in good hands” to China and Korea. He explained that in the regional budgets there are no funds to create conditions in dog shelters, and on the street animals regularly attack people.

However, State Duma deputy Vladimir Burmatov praised the idea of ​​the Yakut authorities to impose a tax or levy on dog owners. This is reported by the newspaper "Izvestia".

According to the deputy, the tax should be taken from the officials who proposed it. He also said that in Russia there will never be such a duty, because otherwise people will start throwing their pets outside.

“Grandmother will estimate that for all her 15 cats they will start to take a tax, and will throw these cats even before it is introduced,” he explained.

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Russia will begin testing a covid vaccine on paid volunteers next week, writes The Moscow Times.

Vadim Tarasov, the director of the institute that will conduct the study, explained that 50 volunteers were selected, and those who will participate in the study until the end will be paid 100,000 rubles ($ 1,450).  Those who participate only partially will be rewarded with 20,000 rubles ($ 288).  The vaccine was developed by a state-owned research institute.

 The study, which will begin on June 7, is open to "healthy women and men, aged 18-60," according to documents distributed earlier this week on social media by students at a medical university in Moscow.  Tarasov confirmed the authenticity of the test guide and the online registration form.

 In the first phase of the study, participants will be isolated at a medical unit in Zvenigorod, a city 50 km from Moscow, on June 9-22.  The vaccine will be administered to participants only in the second phase, which will take place between June 23 and July 20, and the volunteers will be transferred to a research center in Moscow.

 Russia ranks third in the world in the number of coronavirus cases, with more than 440,000 patients.  On Thursday, 8,831 new cases and 169 deaths were confirmed.

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There is nothing more prolific than celebrity. Or at least that's what the richest celebrities in the world show us. And if you don't believe us, we're telling you that the highest paid 100-star budgets in the world have exceeded $ 6.3 billion in the last 12 months. And no less than 11 celebrities have surpassed $ 100 million in revenue.

Even in the largest cities on the planet, there are both rich and poor people. Experts such as sociologists and psychologists have studied this subject and identified several causes why some are rich and others are poor.

Bemorepanda collected the most richest celebrities in a top.

1.Kamala Harris – $6 Million

2.Nancy Pelosi – $120 Million

3.Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – $511K

Money is not important

This idea was instilled by ancestors and passed down from generation to generation. People stopped developing and lived on exactly what they earned and didn't think they could do more. It was easier to convince everyone that money was a bad thing than to step out of your comfort zone and try to earn more. Such complexes are still transmitted today. But if you change your mind and start moving in the right direction, then in time, man himself will understand that he can earn a lot of money, so that he will be rich enough. Of course, there are people for whom money is not really important and they live with this idea all their lives.

4.Condoleezza Rice – $8 Million

5.Colin Powell- $50 Million

6.Dick Cheney – $100 Million

Unloved work and lack of a clear purpose in life

From the school benches, they try to help the students find their way in life and see what they would like to do. However, not everyone is able to fully understand what they want and what their favorite occupation is. And if there is no clear purpose in life, then making money is very difficult. Either you work to have something to live on, or you work to not stay at home, but the activity you do not bring you pleasure and, most importantly, the desired finances. When you do something you don't love, both your interest and your personal potential are lost. In order to achieve what you want and go to your favorite service, you need to plan everything and have a clear purpose in life. When there is a goal, you have something to go for, the desire to achieve more persists, and as a result you earn extra money.

7.Hillary Rodham Clinton – $120 Million

8.Al Gore – $300 Million

9.Elizabeth Warren – $8.75 Million

The mentality is different from that of a rich man

The richest people in the world have a different mentality, priorities and goals in life. They think about personal development, read a lot and try to learn more. And poor people are quiet and complaining about their poverty. I work strictly according to the established schedule, do not work overtime and do not do more than what is stipulated in the employment contract. The rich, on the other hand, work even on weekends, applying different strategies to achieve their goals.

Another misconception that the poor often have is that they think they are not worthy of being rich. No one has the right to dictate whether someone can be rich or poor. The choice is yours. Criticism from loved ones, low self-esteem, communication with people with negative thinking - this also leads to the fact that a single person instills in himself that he is not worthy to be rich. But regardless of social class or nationality, everyone has the right to live well.

10.Bill Clinton – $120 Million

11.Jimmy Carter – $10 Million

12.Barack Obama – $70 Million

Focus on earning more, not saving

Everyone is writing or saying about how to save money properly and why we need savings in general. But you don't have to focus on that, on the contrary, you have to focus on gaining and at the same time saving.

Successful people are constantly thinking about how to earn more, and the poor, on the contrary, how to save more in order to have enough money. I have always advised you to keep track of your monthly budget and indicate your income and expenses there. If you do this, then you can be sure that you have already taken a step towards becoming a financially educated person.

But in order to earn more, you also need to invest in yourself or in different projects. And this requires money. Look here and there is a fear that this investment may not work and many will stop all plans. I decide that it is better to save money than to invest it. But the richest people think differently and are not afraid to lose money, because they are sure that they will always be able to win others, even if they sometimes lose. In addition, their budget is always planned, and if they take risks, they are confident that they will succeed.

Over time, no less than 700 celebrities have been in the top Forbes, totaling more than $ 80 billion in wealth.

13.Sarah Palin – $8 Million

14.Ted Cruz – $4 Million

15.Mike Pence – $1 Million

16.George W. Bush – $40 Million

17.Kevin McCarthy – $300,000

18.Mitt Romney – $250 Million

19.Elizabeth Dole – $40 Million

20.Nikki Haley – $2 Million

21.Tomi Lahren – $3 Million

22.Kayleigh McEnany – $2 Million

23.Antony Blinken – $10 million

24.Joe Manchin – $5 Million

25.Donald Trump – $2.5 Billion

26.Kaitlan Collins – $1 Million

27.Jake Sullivan – $5 Million

28.Anthony Fauci – $2.5 Million

29.Andrew Cuomo – $5 Million

30.Rashida Tlaib – $175K

31.Bernie Sanders – $2.5 Million

32.Tulsi Gabbard – $500K

33.Lauren Boebert – $2 Million

34.Kyrsten Sinema – $1 Million

35.Gavin Newsom – $20 Million

36.Chuck Schumer – $900K

37.John Lewis – $300K

38.Elijah Cummings – $1.3 Million

39.Pete Buttigieg – $250K

40.Roger Federer – $450 Million

41.Maria Sharapova – $135 Million

42.Alexis Ohanian – $9 Million

43.Tom Brady – $200 Million

44.Celine Dion – $800 Million

45.George Clooney – $500 Million

46.Julia Roberts – $200 Million

47.Jack Nicholson – $400 Million

48.Steven Tyler – $130 Million

49.Matt Lauer – $60 Million

50.Tina Turner – $250 Million

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Dogs love Christmas and the positive energy of their owners during this period. The quadrupeds are delighted to spend time with their families. The atmosphere and the agitation that is created when the whole family gathers, is taken over by our furs who certainly do not want to be ignored. Puppies with more withdrawn and quiet behavior will probably be reluctant to join, but most love these festivities.

All the guests who cross your doorstep, friends or relatives, will pay a lot of attention to your dog. Certainly no puppy will be bothered by a scratching session on the belly or many kisses.

1.Christmas Card photo

2.Let me be the star

3.Here I am

Where there is more food, the opportunity to receive delicious rewards increases. But we must remember what foods are allowed and what could harm the puppy. Christmas is for us the period when we forget about diets and pamper ourselves with delicious dishes. Christmas dishes are not only tempting for us, but also for them, especially if they are left at their fingertips. It would be best to store them carefully and not give them away (not even a little).

If you wrap presents at home, give your dog a toy so he can be busy with something. There are also dogs who love to help unpack gifts. Who doesn't love to receive Christmas presents? A new toy, delicious rewards or chewing bones, will delight any dog!

4.Fight on camera

5.Little buddy

6.Let’s smile

Dress your dog in fluffy overalls or blouses with Christmas themes: snowman, reindeer, Santa Claus or leprechaun. Preferably choose a fluffy and comfortable material.

Lights, balls, fir trees and balls rolling on the living room floor. This is the atmosphere long awaited by your four-legged friend who is just waiting for a new play session while you decorate the Christmas tree. Christmas is not Christmas without a big Christmas tree covered with lights and globes. The decorations help us make the house have a festive aura, but for dogs and cats they can be something new to play with or worse, something new to eat.

7.Get out of the photo

8.Merry Christmas

9.No love for Santa

10.Someone is afraid

11.No Santa on vacation

Cats really like to play with strings on which various toys are hung, and the tinsel, being shiny, is even more attractive. Although tinnitus is not poisonous, if it is eaten it can cause intestinal damage and surgery may be needed to remove it. The same goes for ribbons. If portions of the ribbon are food, they can in the worst case cause death of the animal by asphyxiation or, if they reach the intestine, they can cause injuries. And in the case of globes, you have to be careful. Hanging on the branches of the tree, the cat will find them as the perfect toys. If you accidentally break a globe, it can be cut into shards.

In order for these things not to happen, it would be good to get your four-legged child used to the decorations and the Christmas tree, or to install it in a room where he does not have access.

12.He is the star

13.Christmas glam

14.That’s all about Christmas vibes

15.Lights and dogs

16.Hi here

17.Let me in

18.No present for me


20.This is what I wanted


22.You see me?

23.No pics without me

24.Epic fail

25.Christmas dogs

26.Chilling with good music

27.Merry Christmas

28.Let me pose with you

29.Pet stuff

30.Christmas atmosphere with dogs

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The launch of gas via Nord Stream 2 and an increase in gas sales on the electronic trading exchange of St. Petersburg could help Europe overcome the energy crisis, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said at a meeting on energy development with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

LNG shortage and speculative factors that need to be investigated had a significant impact on the rise in gas prices in Europe. "Speculative factors are also driving up prices very strongly today, and here, most likely, we cannot do without investigating [actions] of exchange players, because the current price does not reflect the current situation," Novak said.

Bemorepanda collected some memes.

1.Why are we doing this?

2.Will protect you

3.Be brave


5.You should apply

6.Brace yourselves


8.Russia strikes again

9.Russia stop

10.Mother Russia

11.One big country

12.In a nutshell

13.EU and Russia

14.Russia and Europe

15.EU leaves you

16.Welcome to Russia

17.Russian things

18.Filled only



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