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Top compilations of coronavirus memes to boost your mood during the pandemic lockdown

1 year ago

In this difficult times, people are scared, no one knows what will happen or for how long this coronavirus pandemic will last. As of today, there are 613.700 confirmed cases with over 30,712 deaths. At the same time, Italy has reported the largest increase in death, with over 919 in just one day followed by Spain with 569 deaths.


In order to reduce the number of new infections, governments are forced to impose new restrictions on movement. So, if there is one thing we can do apart from staying home is trying to have a positive attitude. Bemorepanda has compiled a new series of the most popular memes from the internet and we hope that it will put a smile on your face in this difficult situation we’re currently in. 


President of France, Emmanuel Macron tells it's citizen to avoid visiting old people, while sitting next to his wife, Brigitte Marie-Claude Macron who is 66 years old



People now remember the time when the biggest problem of the US was a glowjob given to Bill Clinton by Monica Lewinsky.




The quarantine is having an emotional impact on parents, especially if you live with more than two children in one small apartment



While it's very difficult to find toilet paper in US supermarkets, in Afganistan it's a different story



Can this be a cure for coronavirus?



The reason why in Burundi has 0 cases of coronavirus is because no tests have been made





When police test you for coronavirus but it turns out the test is positive for marijuana




Why some users prefer not to share hands




EBITDAC = earning before interest, taxes, depreciation, amortization and coronavirus



The list is compiled by Bemorepanda


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Everyone is talking about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and everywhere there is information about the virus and how to protect yourself from it.

The coronavirus is spreading to more and more countries, air traffic with the whole world is interrupted, those who have been abroad are self-isolating, resorts, shopping and entertainment centers, cafes and restaurants are closing. Every day, the news of the coronavirus pandemic snowballs.

In response, photoshoots, memes, and funny videos are spreading at the same speed on the Internet, and entrepreneurs are beginning to redesign production and release creative "anti-coronavirus" products.

Being in this situation, again in quarantine, there was nothing left to do but joke. Bemorepanda has collected the top of the funniest memes and jokes.

1.Coronavirus lockdown

2.Lets go, man!

3.No eating

4.Dont ever go

5.My dog and quarantine

6.Gamers be like

7.Normal lifestyle

8.Pep talk

9.You know the rules

10.Because of corona

11.Not coming down


13.My travel plans

14.Before and after

15.Lockdown 2020

16.Isolating is your ally?

17.Day 25 of quarantine

18.Remember the time


20.Right now

21.Any mask

22.Oh yeah!

23.Novel Coronavirus

24.Birthday in March

25.Turining ito potatos

26.What year it will stop?

27.Corona is a person

28.Uno game +4

29.Mood for everyday

30.All day the same

31.Full effect

32.All is on fire

33.Protesting again coronavirus

34.That would be great

35.Me in quarantine

36.It's gonna be may


38.Can't be alone

39.Titanic be like 2020

40.Coronavirus be like

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Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, there is practically no place for a joke in the world. However, some Internet users and individual opinion leaders manage to bring a smile on the faces of millions of people, even in a difficult epidemiological situation.

Coronavirus is a sore subject of recent weeks, about which people jokes every day. In the era of global cataclysms, people are saved by humor. Users of social networks never cease to amuse and amaze with their resourcefulness and humorous talent. Experience shows that laughter is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress and discomfort caused by quarantine and the state of emergency.

Numerous memes and cartoons, which multiply like mushrooms after rain on the Internet, help to dispel boredom and drive away fear. This is the compilation with best coronavirus memes.

1.Telling my future grandchildren about coronavirus

2.Primary school children coming back to school after corona ends in 2040

3.Coronavirus in 2020 hitting me

4.Lifestyle during quarantine

5.Coronavirus can be killed by alcohol

6.Jobs closing down because of corona

7.Introverts and coronavirus

8.Parenting during coronavirus quarantine

9.Coronavirus cancel bills

10.When you work at bank during corona

11.Flights during quarantine

12.Washing hands during coronavirus

13.Online lessons during quarantine

14.Cooking during quarantine

15.Laughting at corona memes

16.China and coronavirus

17.Toilet paper and quarantine story in 2040

18.Feelings for coronavirus

19.Russia finds a vaccine for Coronavirus

20.Golf balls during pandemic











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About 8.8% of total working hours were lost in 2020 due to pandemic reductions. In figures, it would be the equivalent of the hours worked in a year of 255 million full-time workers.

This percentage summary captures the different ways in which the pandemic has affected the global labor market.

In addition, the crisis continues to affect employees and businesses, with the most disadvantaged being those who had problems before the crisis. In fact, the crisis has only exacerbated existing social and economic inequalities, nullifying the little progress made previously and making them considerably more difficult to implement for sustainable development by 2030.

These intensified social and economic inequalities and the labor shortage will lead to the creation of long-term "scars" on economies and societies, unless precisely targeted efforts are made by policy makers to make the recovery as broad as possible and human-centered.

Bemorepanda is here to cheer you up and collected some funny memes about this sad situation.





3.Essential workers


4.Unemployment be like




6.Getting hurt






9.Stimulus check


10.Crack sandwich


11.Making more than you


12.Collapsing world


13.Founder of Twitter


14.Drowning at work


15.Pay people not to work


16.Unemployment check


17.Protesting lockdowns






20.Work from home


21.Coronavirus lockdown


22.Interview be like

23.Not sure if weekend

24.Order your meal

25.Hit the hay

26.Unexpected call


28.No skills

29.Thousands of online

30.At home being quarantined

31.The government

32.Unemployment be like

33.Going high

34.Freelancers be like

35.Out of work

36.Dropping memes

37.Job offers interviews 

38.Non essential work

39.Hey guys

40.Modern problems - modern solutions

41.Best economy


43.Keep the website broken

44.More views

45.Loving unemployment

46.Parents be like

47.U.S government

48.Unemployed before pandemics

49.Covid unemployment

50.Structural unemployment

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Russia has registered a second vaccine against COVID-19, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced at a government meeting in Moscow on Wednesday. 


The Vektor State Research Center for Virology and Biotechnology in Novosibirsk, Siberia, registered a second coronavirus vaccine today (Wednesday): "EpiVacCorona," after completing the first stages of human testing last month, Putin said. involved in its development.


 "We need to increase production of the first and second vaccines," he said in comments to state television.


 Along with the vaccine, many funny memes appeared. Bemorepanda collected them all.


1.When introducing Russian Vaccine


2.First leaked image of Russian Vaccine


3.Russian Covid Vaccine


4.After the Russian Vaccine


5.Side effects of the Russian coronavirus vaccine


6.Becoming a superhero after the Russian coronavirus vaccine


7.The light has come out after the Russian Vaccine


8.Putin getting orders on coronavirus vaccine




9.When that Russian vaccine kicks in


10.Release the Russian Vaccine


11.Early look at the Russian Vaccine


12.When you get Russian covid 19 vaccine


13.Are you ok after the Russian Vaccine?

14.Putin after getting the coronavirus vaccine


15.Everyone after being vaccinated with the Russian vaccine


16.Russian researchers of vaccine


17.Covid 19 Russian vaccine


18.Americans worry that Russian vaccine will have microphones


19.Side effects of Russian Vaccine


20.Talking Russian after Russian vaccine


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The final results of Pfizer Inc.'s COVID-19 vaccine study, developed in conjunction with German partner BioNTech SE, showed almost 95% safety efficacy, paving the way for the drug to apply for its emergency authorization in the US in a few days.


The efficacy rate of the vaccine, the highest of all clinical trial candidates, has been well received by experts who have already said that the interim results, which demonstrate the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine by over 90%, are very encouraging.


"Efficacy has been constant depending on age, race and ethnicity. The effectiveness observed in adults over the age of 65 was over 94% ", announced Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech in a joint statement.


Pfizer said there were 170 cases of COVID-19 in its study of more than 43,000 volunteers and only eight patients received the vaccine rather than a placebo, meaning the vaccine had a 95% efficacy rate. Of the 10 people who developed severe COVID-19, one received the vaccine.


"The data is very strong," Ian Jones, a professor of virology at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom, was quoted as saying by Reuters.


Pfizer said it expects the US Vaccine Advisory Committee to review and discuss the data in a public meeting in December.


"We continue to move with the speed of science, and we know that every day counts on our path to authorization," said Albert Bourla, Pfizer's chief executive.


"The rapid protection offered by this vaccine - combined with its tolerability profile in all age groups studied so far - should help make this vaccine an important tool for addressing the current pandemic," said Dr. Ugur Sahin. , CEO and co-founder of BioNTech.


"There were 10 severe cases of COVID-19 observed in the trial, with nine of the cases occurring in the placebo group and one in the vaccinated group," the two companies said.


The analysis comes just one week after the initial results of the study showed that the vaccine, developed together with the German partner BioNTech SE, had an efficiency of more than 90%.


And Moderna Inc. released preliminary data on Monday for its vaccine, which shows an efficiency of 94.5%.


1.Zoom and vaccine


2.I'm ready


3.Move on


4.Popping to Boots


5.Me and the fellas


6.Me with besties


7.Not taking the vaccine


8.Same person


9.Taking Covid-19 vaccine


10.All laughting


11.Introverts and the vaccine


12.People in the country




14.99 problems




16.If you die from polio


17.Drink alcohol


18.Being proffesional


19.Because people die






22.Will you be my Valentine?


23.Pass alright


24.Pfitzer and vaccine


25.Thanks Biden


26.One week after elections


27.But when I do


28.Against humans?


29.Pfitzer and the vaccine


30.Me when the vaccine drops




32.The fight begins


33.Pfizer vs Moderna


34.Pfizer Vaccine


35.Somewhere in Denmark


36.That vaccine


37.Pfizer be like


38.Thanks Biden


39.My face when Pfizer says their Covid vaccine is 90% effective


40.Stay calm


41.Darkest nightmare




43.So funny


44.75 degrees?


45.Plant chips


46.Failed vaccine


47.Me rolling up


48.Well done


49.Pfizer and Moderna vaccine


50.Light in Pfizer


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