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These are the countries where the restaurants are still open and you can live your old life during the coronavirus lockdown

2 years ago

There are currently over 6 billion people living on lockdown, over 71,950 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection, 33,633 confirmed deaths and out those infected, around 5% or 26,737 are either in serious or critical condition.


While those numbers are already a serious wakeup for local governments, some countries are saying there is no need to panic.


Take Belarus as an example. The president, Alexander Lukashenko refuses to cancel anything and says vodka and saunas will cure any COVID-19 symptoms. Very few measures have been enforced to curb coronavirus in Belarus and instead, people are being urged to drink vodka and go to saunas. On top of that, all the sporting events are taking place as usual and this picture tells everything about the mood on the ground.



The football organizers have said they do not intend to postpone any matches or to cancel the season. President Alexander Lukashenko took part in an ice hockey match last week - declaring that sport "is the best anti-virus remedy".


Another country, Sweden, is the only EU country that has not yet introduced strict quarantine measures. Although the Prime Minister of the Scandinavian kingdom, Stephen Leuven, urged citizen to mentally prepare for an increase in the number of cases of COVID-19, the Swedish authorities are in no hurry to limit public life.


According to Spiegel Online, the cafes and restaurants of Stockholm are packed to capacity - perhaps now visitors have been obliged to sit at their tables and not crowd around the bar. More recently, mass gatherings of people within 500 people were allowed in the country, which many theaters and concert halls used to sell tickets for 499 spectators.



The chief epidemiologist in Sweden, Anders Tegnell, who heads the public health agency, responsible for these decisions, continues to insist that "the population should be ill with the virus." At the same time, his British and Dutch colleagues still refused this approach. According to Johns Hopkins University, already 3069 patients with coronavirus have been identified in Sweden, 105 patients have died. Now, 500 intensive care beds have been deployed throughout the country, although experts admit that this is at least three times less than might be needed in a critical situation.


Another country, Brazil, called the pandemic a momentary, minor problem and saying strong measures to contain it are unnecessary. The Brazilian Presidentm Jair Bolsonaro told reporters that he feels Brazilians’ natural immunity will protect the nation.


“The Brazilian needs to be studied. He doesn’t catch anything. You see a guy jumping into sewage, diving in, right? Nothing happens to him. I think a lot of people were already infected in Brazil, weeks or months ago, and they already have the antibodies that help it not proliferate,” Bolsonaro said. “I’m hopeful that’s really a reality.”


The number of COVID-19 cases approach 4,000, deaths top 100. And while he believe that  the virus will be vanquished by a cocktail of drugs and Brazil’s tropical climate, analysts say a more calculated political gamble may underlie his increasingly defiant position.


In Singapore, tourism receipts rose to S$27.1 billion (US$19 billion) in 2019 based on preliminary estimates, from S$26.9 billion the year before. Even though tourist arriving in Singapore must be placed in quarantine for 14 days, all the restaurants, pubs, gym, hotel are open. Singapore, as with many other countries that did not took a more drastic approach during the epidemic and people are now living their daily life as other countries once did.



No one knows which approach will work better, as we haven’t seen anything like this before so only time will tell. Bemorepanda has published a research by the Imperial College London (UK) with three different scenarios of the coronavirus epidemic here

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The operation to attract tourists in times of pandemic has begun.  With more and more people preferring to stay home this summer for fear of the new coronavirus, countries that base their economy on tourism are doing everything they can to persuade them to travel.  The Cypriot authorities have announced a new measure: they will cover the cost of the holiday for tourists tested positive after entering this country.

 The Cypriot government announced on Thursday that it will cover the cost of the holiday for any tourist who will contract the new coronavirus in Cyprus.

Authorities have pledged to cover the cost of accommodation, food, drink and medicines for travelers tested positive for coronavirus after entering Cyprus.  Tourists will only bear the cost of the transfer to the airport and the return ticket to the country of origin.

 A hospital with a capacity of 100 beds will only be made available to foreign visitors who contract the virus and extra beds can be provided if needed, according to the government.

 For travelers with severe symptoms, authorities will provide 112 seats for intensive care and 200 medical ventilators.

 A number of 500 rooms in "quarantine hotels" will be offered to close contacts of people infected with coronavirus.  And this number can be supplemented as needed.

 The hotel room where a tourist who contracted the virus was accommodated will be carefully disinfected before being used again.

 According to Johns Hopkins University, 939 cases of Covid-19 and 17 deaths from the disease have been confirmed in Cyprus.

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Vaccines are used all over the world as an effective solution to protect people from contracting infectious diseases, helping to prevent the spread of disease in the community. Vaccines work by "teaching" the human immune system (the body's natural defense mechanism) to defend itself against a certain disease. They mainly target diseases caused by viruses or bacteria.

The current pandemic with the new Coronavirus has stimulated medical technology to develop new safe and fast methods of obtaining prophylactic preparations that immunize a large part of the global population.

Thus, following the determination and publication of the sequenced viral genome, it became possible to design DNA and RNA vaccines through genetic engineering. In other words, the viral protein is no longer synthesized in the laboratory to be introduced into the vaccine, instead DNA or RNA sequences are used that contain genes that after introduction into the body encode the synthesis of specific proteins, similar to those contained in Covid.

To date, there is not enough data to demonstrate how effective the vaccine is at new strains of SARS-CoV-2. But one thing is certain: the probability of the vaccine being ineffective is very low. Moreover, antibodies in the serum of vaccinated individuals recognize and neutralize viral strains that contain some of the recently reported mutations.

With the vaccines, the internet exploded with memes, Bemorepanda collected them all for you.

1.Baby first word now


2.Google for savings


3.More arrows


4.AstraZeneca is ready to help


5.May be able to help


6.Brace yourself


7. Cool facts


8.Strict home quarantine


9.Mandatory vaccine


10.It may be able to help

11.Introverts and the vaccine


12.People in the country




14.99 problems




16.If you die from polio


17.Drink alcohol


18.Being proffesional


19.Because people die






22.Will you be my Valentine?


23.Pass alright


24.Pfitzer and vaccine


25.Thanks Biden


26.One week after elections


27.But when I do


28.Against humans?


29.Pfitzer and the vaccine


30.Me when the vaccine drops


31.Stop it Jesus

32.Well handle this

33.The pandemic

34.Providing the vaccine

35.The IQ


37.Capitalists in the spot light

38.An opportunity

39.Not natural

40.C minus

41.Holding a tracking device

42.Pfitzer and Viagra

43.Covid vaccine



46.The calculation

47.Stop socialism

48.Portugese president


50.People complain

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Sleeping during quarantine

2 years ago
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The coronavirus continues to spread throughout the world. A pandemic has been declared, people are asked to stay at home and go outside only if absolutely necessary. Someone panics, and someone, although they take this situation seriously, does not forget about humor. In order to cheer you up during quarantine, the editors of the First Regional website have collected the best jokes and anecdotes about coronavirus and quarantine. Laugh and be healthy!


The coronavirus is taking over more and more countries, air traffic with the whole world is being interrupted, those who have been abroad are self-isolating, resorts, shopping and entertainment centers, cafes and restaurants are closing. Every day, the news of the coronavirus pandemic snowballs.


In response, photoshoots, memes, and funny videos are spreading at the same speed on the Internet, and entrepreneurs are beginning to repurpose production and release creative "anti-coronavirus" products. Bemorepanda collected all of them.


1.Going to be sunny


2.Logging off from my work


3.The first call


4.Its the worst friday


5.Travel times


6.Good time




8.Weekend plans


9.I will not engage


10.My dreams


11.Ripping off mask


12.I need a day


13.Cancelling plans


14.Constantly distracted


15.About emails


16.One of those days


17.Cup of coffee


18.Boring show


19.Background of a meeting


20.Emerging from my room


21.What's the situation


22.Camera disabled


23.2020 plans


24.About this week


25.About dinners


26.Name to Emily


27.We are tired


28.Possibly go wrong


29.Asking for input


30.About 2020





32.My vibe right now


33.Unprecedent times


34.I know




36.That's funny


37.Eat out to help out


38.My plans vs 2020


39.That's funny


40.Plans of 2020


41.Me right now


42.Zoom needs a button


43.Longest year ever


44.As soon as quarantine is over


45.A movie right now


46.I want to go out


47.That's about 2020


48.Cutting fringe


49.Wanna travel so bad


50.This is how it looks

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