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Compilation of the best jokes spotted this week.

2 years ago

During this difficult times, let’s laugh a little bit and cheer up ourselves. Staying home, many of us being alone, need to draw a smile on our face during this stressful moments. Stress is causing a lot of health issues, so let’s try a smile on our face, even if is hard, happiness keep us alive and healthy.

Bemorepanda collected the best jokes for today, so let’s enjoy them together and increase out immune cells. Being at home people let their creativity come out, people are making jokes and funny comments during quarantine.

When we have to go to work, or meet our friends, everywhere around the world people joke and make fun, but what to do this time when we are home? Of course, making fun on internet and sometimes on the street. There were spotted a funny photo on internet of a red balloon coming out of a sewer drainage, on which is a toilet paper. Yes, this is a scene from the movie “It”, but how about the toilet paper? Coronavirus times.

Here is the our collection of the funniest jokes for today. The coronavirus pandemic, is not a joke itself, we need to take care of ourselves and stay safe. We recommend you to stay at home and feel the spirit of this fun within your family, make some jokes, watch some funny movies and keep smiling!

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Even if we spend time in the house, that doesn't mean we don't have a lot of activities we can do.  From reading, cooking, meditating, sports to watching series that have become classics.

 And in case you have no idea what to watch, we come to you with a series of recommendations that you should consider.

 1. The Twilight Zone

 If you're a fan of fantasy series, then The Twilight Zone is right for you.  In fact, the series is a continuation of another, produced between 1950-1960 by screenwriter Rod Serling.  From horror, mystery or extraterrestrials, you will find them all in the series.

 2. Mad Men

 Although it ended five years ago, the Mad Men series is still appreciated.  It captures the story of Don Draper, played by actor Jan Hamm, and the advertising agency he works with, Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency.  The action takes place in New York in 1960. You will see how, both women and men, will be put in positions of power and will try to reconcile their personal and professional lives.

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

 Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, protagonist of the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is that elegant girl, always fashionable, ready to conquer the world.  The series features the adventures of a teenage girl who starts on the trail of vampires.

 4. Breaking Bad

 Another classic fast-paced series is Breaking Bad.  It ended seven years ago, but it is still being pursued.  The series captures the story of Walter White, a chemistry teacher who, after being diagnosed with cancer, is told he has two more years to live.  So, in order to protect his family and ensure their financial situation, he is entering the dangerous world of drugs.

5. Twin Peaks

 You've definitely heard of David Lynch's Twin Peaks so far, so you should give him a chance.  The series debuts on a rather strange note, more precisely with the murder of Laura Palmer. Her body is discovered in a lake, and with it, the true personalities of the protagonists are revealed.

 6. Arrested Development

 Another series that you should include in your list is Arrested Development.  And we say that because he has a family in the foreground, namely Bluth, who despite having been financially successful, now has problems.

 7. The Office

 If you have ever had a weird boss or had a coworker you didn't understand, then you should look at The Office.  The serial is a perfect representation of the different human characters you can meet in the workplace.

8. Parks and Recreation

 Similar to The Office is Parks and Recreation.  Leslie Knope is a bureaucrat from an Indiana Department of Parks and Recreation who wants to beautify the city.  Her plan to turn a construction site into a park is hampered by government bureaucracy, but also by other challenges.

 9. Star Trek: The Next Generation

 You've certainly heard of the famous Star Trek series so far, and if you haven't had the opportunity to watch it so far, well, that would be the time.  Producer Gene Roddenberry conceived of a world in which gender and racial equality were normal during space exploration.

10. The X-Files

 X-Files was one of the most successful series.  The mystery, but also the tension between Fox Mulder, played by David Duchovny, and Dana Scully, played by Gillian Anderson, will make you watch the entire series.  The cases investigated by the FBI department are new, almost unexplained, and their solution is hindered by the hidden forces.

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Internet memes are an everyday part of modern social life. Humor is shaped by social and cultural factors and, like language, we take this common heritage and make it our own, something deeply personal and characteristic.

In the last six months, a whole new category of memes has been created, reflecting the struggles and inconsistencies of life during a pandemic. So our topic this week is pandemic memes.

It took us a while to convince ourselves that this COVID-19 story was real. Our fears gradually gave way to anxiety and fear. Many pandemic memes evoke and play on these fears to provide comic relief.

1.Corona vs Fear of Corona

2.Looking outside to the chapters

3.Not scared of coronavirus

4.Goodnight zoom, moon, doom

5.New monthly budget

6.I gained a little weight during pandemic

7.Human race and coronavirus

8.When you want to be a king but mother refuses to die

9.Surviving Covid19 then a new version of it

10.How to survive without going outside?

11.Stay indoor and avoid public places to limit Coronavirus

12.Zombies during Covid

13.Life during the pandemic

14.Ordering pizza during pandemic

15.20's are dangerous

16.Handling coronavirus

17.Toilet paper shortage history

18.Developing feelings for covid-19

19.Russia and the Covid vaccine

20.Results of the corona

21.Wear a mask during the pandemic

22.Time traveller and coronavirus

23.PSP and the pandemic

24.Drawing a mask is a good idea

25.People buying toilet paper

26.Comming outta quarantine like

27.You can't get married because of Covid!

28.When your girlfriend is in quarantine for two weeks

29.Testing for Covid at our doors

30.Not a hand sanitizer!





















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The coronavirus continues to spread throughout the world. When the pandemic has been declared, people were asked to stay at home and go out only in case of emergency. Now it is september but things keep going, but fun is always avalaible. Someone panics, and others, although they take this situation seriously, does not forget about humor. In order to cheer you up, the Bemorepanda has collected the best memes about coronavirus and quarantine. Laugh and be healthy!

1.The war between masks and hand sanitizer

2.Days during quarantine

3.Baby boom after quarantine

4.Every disaster starts with the government

5.Reopen America

6.Apocolypse outfit

7.Things in 2060

8.Haircuts and coronavirus

9.Pubs in Ireland

10.Who won the war against corona?

11.Telling Mother Nature we're sorry

12.No one wants to stay in the house

13.Press conferences

14.Unsanitized bat

15.Corporations be like

16.States reopening soon during corona

17.Toilet paper war

18.Coughs during coronavirus pandemic

19.Just survive this pandemic

20.The photo of Hudson River

21.DIY mask

22.My niece keeps coughing

23.Teaching classes online

24.Quentin Tarantino

25.Who stocked toilet paper?

26.COVID or Corona?

27.When diagnosed with Covid-19

28.It's over !!

29.Someone eating a bat

30.Toilet paper shortage

31.First coronavirus case in Turkey

32.I don't want to go.

33.Supply of toilet paper

34.During Coronavirus Outbreak

35.Cutting toxic people from my life

36.Las Vegas and the pandemic

37.This reboot looks scarier than the original

38.Trump and coronavirus

39.UN doctors

40.DIVOC a new factor during pandemic

41.Working from home

42.Is that what you want?

43.Milano during pandemic

44.Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 23 years in prison

45.On a airplane

46.Coming out of quarantine like:

47.Incredible punctuation here

48.People with flu

49.The coronavirus won't last long

50.Just spread it

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The coronavirus virus is spreading at a fast pace, with more than 1.1 million people already infected at the time of writing and 56.740 deaths. The entire population is currently on lockdown and there is no clear sign when this epidemic madness will end. While everyone is stressed and uncertain about the future, here at Bemorepanda we decided to collect another compilation of funny memes and jokes to make you stay positive during this difficult time for all us. While we can’t fight the virus yet, we can definitely use humour to boost our mood. 


Below, we have created a list of the most trending posts going viral across the internet.

In Prague, a man dressed as a Christmas tree was arrested for breaking the quarantine rules.

What is like for a couple to sleep together during the COVID-19 quarantine

A funny note on the door in a Russian store saying they do not sell face masks to anyone that does not have a face mask

This is how safe sex looks like during the coronavirus epidemic

When the police officer thinks you have been but it’s just the sanitizer

Quarantine lifestyle

Wedding-dress and evening-wear designer Friederike Jorzig adjusts a mannequin wearing a wedding dress with matching protective mask in her store, in Berlin, Germany

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During quarantine people spend a lot of time online, Bemorepanda decided to collect some interesting websites for you to randomize your online life. Today we read a lot of news and are tired to watch the feed on our social media. It’s time to give yourself a break from all the breaking news and release stress.

Maybe you will get entertained to play a virtual piano or tetris.

Tetris is the well known game, playing some rounds can release your anxiety. It is a easy game that enjoys everyone. Piano is another online platform where you can try your musical skills or develop them. Turning your keyboard into a piano is really fun.

You can also create a song using the Tone Matrix application. It’s simple and interactive to make some music online. Song Maker is another option for those who are interested in music creation.

Live-streams of cute animals are enjoyed by everyone, LiveCam is the best option for you in this sphere. Lovely animals seen online brings happiness and increase your mood for the hole day. Animals are stress releasing, so if you don’t have a little buddy near you, just click the website and admire how a little puppy is playing.

Bubble wrap is real fun. Sometimes you have to pop some bubble wrap to feel better, so here you are. Other ambient sounds to wash away your distraction and relax yourself can be heard on A Soft MurMur. Here you can create your own white noise which will calm you.

For those who love drawing, Quick Draw is a cool website where you can draw whatever you want. Spending time useful if very important toda during quarantine. We have a lot of time and sometimes it’s really boring, that’s why you have to entertain yourself and stay positive.

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