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Who says only people get bored in the quarantine imposed by the restrictions on the spread of COVID-19?

Almost all of the world was quarantined because of Covid 19, and we humans were forced, in the new circumstances, to be isolated between four walls, our pets were facing an unprecedented challenge.  Suddenly, our cats and dogs found themselves having to endure us, their two-legged roommates, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And somehow adapt to these strange and unique circumstances for them.

The mourners empathize with their owners and suffer from the "hysterical euphoria of isolation", a behavioral phenomenon that makes them put their heads where their pot doesn't boil and try the crazy things they haven't done before.

This is how social networks are filled with canine guides.  A desperate owner in Manchester pinned his dog between the cushions of the couch, and another with difficulty freed him from the hammock in which he had landed and dozens of Britons had to find ingenious solutions after the pet locked his head or bottle in glasses,  bottles, mailboxes or chair backs.

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The COVID-19 vaccine will be a tool of major importance to help control the pandemic, along with effective testing and prevention. With several promising candidates working on vaccine development, others under review, but also Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna vaccines approved for use, the road to a safe and effective vaccine has entered a new phase.

Developing a safe and effective vaccine takes time, but thanks to unprecedented investment in research and development, global cooperation, researchers have been able to develop a vaccine against COVID-19 in record time, based on rigorous evidence and standards. Currently, there are more than 200 candidates working on the development of a vaccine (56 are in the clinical phase and another 166 in the pre-clinical phase). Some of these vaccine candidates are in Phase III clinical trials - the last stage before the vaccine is approved.

Of course there are those who are campaigning against the vaccine and with that the internet of memers exploded, and Bemorepanda collected them all for you.




2.Teens sneaking out to get shots



3.Anti-vaxxer logic



4.Does it hurt?



5.Essential oils






7.It is done



8.Top scientists



9.Preventable disease



10.Missing her vaccinations?



11.Someone says thi



12.Mom refuses to vaccinate



13.Uses facts and logic



14.Antivax kid



15.Uncle picks



16.This logic



17.Same undermath



18.When doctors tell you that not vaccinating



19.Normal parents



20.Actual evidence



21.Get vaccines



22.I want to live 100 years



23. Not giving shots



24.Turns 3 years old






26.Fool me once



27.Excuse me



28.Finally 18






30.When I grow up



31.Zoom and vaccine


32.I'm ready


33.Move on


34.Popping to Boots


35.Me and the fellas


36.Me with besties


37.Not taking the vaccine


38.Same person


39.Taking Covid-19 vaccine


40.All laughting


41.Introverts and the vaccine


42.People in the country




44.99 problems




46.If you die from polio


47.Drink alcohol


48.Being proffesional


49.Because people die





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Valentine's Day, the Western holiday of love is celebrated every year on February 14. On this day, lovers around the world celebrate Valentine's Day. This holiday, when people send about 150 million greeting cards, is considered the second most popular holiday after Christmas.

The origin of this holiday of lovers is not clear even today, there are only the legends that mysteriously surround this day and that have in their center St. Valentine. The first attestation of February 14 was in the year 498, when three saints were appointed by Pope Gelasius I, the date of their celebration being this day.

But the holiday remains associated with the name of Valentine in Rome, who was sent to prison for secretly officiating marriages for soldiers who were forbidden to do so. While in prison, he allegedly healed his guardian's daughter, Asterius. It seems that, before the execution, he would have sent her a letter, which he signed with "your Valentine", as a sign of goodbye.

On the other hand, other legends claim that this day is celebrated in early February, because during this period the Roman holiday Lupercalia took place. The event took place around February 15 and honored fertility, Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture, but also Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome.

Bemorepanda collected a top of funny memes for this day.

  1. Valentine's Day is coming


2.Do you have a crush?


3.Around the corner


4.Violets are blue


5.The day of love


6.Single on Valentine's Day


7.It's Valentine's Day


8.Stuff of love


9.Regional Manager


10.Spending Valentine's Day


11.Solo for too long


12.Kanye likes kanye


13.Prettier face


14.Saved money on Valentines Day


15.Attention lover


16. What about lonliness




18.Valentines Day less than 2 weeks away


19.Valentines Day?


20.Do I have a date for Valentines Day?


21.Treating you right


22.This fish, is my fish


23.Boyfriend's clothes


24.I'm DTF


25.When bae text you love messages


26.Relationship goals


27.The day I met you


28.Hi there, how are you


29.I am not the best


30.Both crazy, but you're in love


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If you create a good design that is useful, consider that you are at the pinnacle of success. But if the consumer cannot figure out how to use your notion and any decision to use the product only makes it worse, then consider yourself a bad designer or a lousy master. After all, these are the only ones collected on Instagram under the name "Typical Rykozhop" (typical.rykozhop), where you can see marasmus, unusual design and humor.

Let's laugh out loud with Bemorepanda.


1.Keep a nightmare at night: you dream that you want to go to the toilet, go into the right room, go to the toilet, and it keeps moving away and away. Worthy of a Stephen King-style novel?



2.Smoking room for the bravest

2ен 5


3."Harry Potter And The Chamber of secrets". From unenclosed

3кен 5


4.Without leaving the stove

4енг 5


5.A place for brutal negotiations

5uio 0


6.No, this is not a guy too tall, and the cabinets are not hung correctly

6енгш 3


7.The main thing is functionality

1578387695 8xf99n fb plus


8.“We'll put you door to door. Call us! Fast, inexpensive, stupid "

8uyi 4


9.A variation on the capsule house theme. Everything is close, everything is at hand

9енг 2


10.It seems this washing machine lives in two families

10енг 5


11.This is a typical gaming glitch, nothing special

11ен 6


12."Yes, of course, I'll just cut off my left shoulder."

12нг 11


13.At some point, it may seem like you are looking at something edible ...



14.Apparently some magic has been applied



15.Does this mean that the monster living in the wall can turn on the light when it is scared?

15енг 4


16.How to make a flat screen TV in no time without spending money

16ryu 0


17.Hooray, he could!

17енг 7


18.Why not a loft?

18енгш 0


19.You will have to get used to peeing while sitting.

19нгш 3


20.When a neighbor is so arrogant that he is ready to do anything to steal your electricity

20енш 0

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Valentine’s Day. There are several options, given that the exact origin of the holiday is still a mystery. The feast of St. Valentine, or Valentine's Day, is, according to historians, a combination of Christian and Roman traditions, transformed and modernized over the centuries. The origin of this Catholic holiday is unclear and there are many legends about the characters who inspired it. One of the stories recovered from the mists of history centers on a priest from Rome - named Valentin, obviously - who is said to have lived in the third century AD.

At that time, Emperor Claudius II (or Claudius Gothicus) decided that bachelors were better soldiers than married men - the former would devote body and soul to war, while the latter would be torn apart by the longing for wives and children and not he would give his all on the battlefield — so he outlawed marriage in the case of young people. Father Valentin, considering the measure unjust, defied the emperor and officiated secret weddings for couples in love. Claudius found out and sentenced him to death.

Of course is the day of love, but there are a lot of people who are alone on this day. To cheer them up, Bemorepanda colected a top of funny quotes.

1. Soon on February 14th. Someone does not have a second half, but this is not a reason to lose heart! After all, it is on this day that you can meet your happiness (at least in a drunken state).

2. I have a dream that the two of us are drinking wiskey under the fence .. this is such a damn picture, Happy Valentine's Day.

3. Valentine's Day is not a holiday for lovers, but for sellers of chocolates.

4. For most, February 14 is a normal day, but deep down, everyone hopes for something more.

5. Dear! I congratulate you on Valentine's Day! Let today, under the watchful eye of Valentine, our hearts once again merge in unison and the words of love will sound: "I love you!"

Funny Valentine's Quotes That Add A Bit Of Humor To The Holiday

6. Someone celebrates February 14 with their second half, and someone gets drunk and cries ... to each his own ...

7. February 14 is the saddest and loneliest day of the year.

8. February 14th is just a reminder that there are 14 days left until spring.

9. On February 14, Banana and Ribbed Valentines are in great demand.

10. You need to love and please each other not on Valentine's Day, but 365 days a year ...

45 Best Funny Valentine's Day Quotes - Funny Love Sayings and Quotes for Him

11. I love the smell of coffee in the morning, beautiful stories, fallen leaves and writing your name with my finger on a foggy window ... and I also love you ... Happy Holidays

12. I love you so sincerely, so tenderly, especially, of course, without clothes! Happy holiday, darling!

13. In the ocean of bottomless feelings, we will drown headlong, because Valentine's Day is your and mine !!!

14. On this day I will receive a bunch of unnecessary cards and gifts, but not a single declaration of love.

15. February 14th ... I will sit at the computer with a cup of tea, because this is the only thing that will warm me on this day ...

Funny Valentine's Day Quotes about Being Single

16. February 14th ... I hope that there will be more people who will enjoy this day than those who will listen to the player and say "It's just a day" ...

17. I still hope that on February 14, a Valentine from my beloved will be on my table. But, unfortunately, my cat will not be able to sign it.

18. I give you a HEART of unreal beauty ... AND I HOPE that you will believe: in my heart ONLY YOU!

19. I love you! More than anyone else in the world !!! You are my only, beloved, and the best girl in my life ... ”- the mirror told me on Valentine's Day.

20. Saint Valentine is honored by the earth, the planet has gone mad from love. And I will go, wanting only you. My love, save me soon!

15 Funny Valentine's Day Quotes to Warm Your Cold, Dead Heart | Valentines  quotes funny, Funny valentines day quotes, Valentine quotes

21. I sincerely congratulate you on Valentine's Day, Happy eyes, illuminated with love! Let sadness melt like a winter snowflake, Valentine's card will help you with this !!!

22. Since we are all in love, How else, by God ?! The heart has one road - Love! We are strong with love.

23. Why are you sad, silly? Why do you dream about him? He's not worth you, baby. He's not completely in love with you. You will grow up and be happy. There will be a sun in your heart. Be patient, there will be a boy in life with whom you two will be good.

24. Confessions, wishes, congratulations. Anger, pangs of jealousy, doubt. Sometimes I get angry, but sometimes I don't sleep, all because I love you!

25. It's great that today is Valentine's Day! After all, this is another reason to tell you how much I love you, mirror.

Best 10 Funny Valentines Day Quotes And Sayings

26. How nice to know that today is February 14th and you have someone who will make this holiday even better !!

27. Valentine's Day is the best time to confess your feelings and, most importantly, find out if they are mutual ...

28. Valentine's Day, I will walk down the street again, looking at the kissing couples, no, I will not envy them, because I myself know that it is only me who is to blame for being alone now.

29. On St. Valentine's Day I am in love and you are loved, how I would like you to confess your love to me!

30. Being lonely on Valentine's Day is the same as being lonely the other 364 days. Don't make this a tragedy.

105+ Funny Valentine's Day Quotes | Smallpdf

31. On Valentine's Day, I want to say to the love of my life: "Hey, and why are we still not familiar?

32. On Valentine's Day I wish you money and intimacy. There will be money and sex - why do you need Valentine?

33. You don't have to think on Valentine's Day. We must act!

34. What? Valentine's Day soon? Damn, I forgot to get a boyfriend again.

35. This is our first day of lovers together with you! We, like magnets, are drawn to each other more and more and I hope that we will have many more such days!

Waiting For Discounted Valentines Day Candy | Funny valentines day quotes, Valentines  quotes funny, Happy valentine day quotes

36. This day will just remind me of how we celebrated it with you last year.

37. Oh, yes, February 14 is on the nose. Soon, these postcards in the form of organs are everywhere again.

38. On Valentine's Day, you can't do without Vaseline!

39. Why is a citizen's trouser leg protruding on Valentine's Day? No, he is not a maniac at all, he is bringing cognac to the department!

40. I gave my beloved an iPhone on New Year, now on Valentine's Day it demands a Yamaha mini-system for it, guys, do not repeat my mistakes! Do not think that having bought an iPhone, you will only get off with cases later!)

I would check the box that says, "eating chocolate and watching reruns of  full h… | Funny valentines day quotes, Valentines quotes funny, Happy valentines  day funny

41. I congratulate everyone on Valentine's Day !! Girls give guys love !!! Guys, and you cherish and appreciate the love that girls give you!

42. February 14 - Valentine's Day, when it is customary to give gifts to your most beloved people. It's also a good day to confess your love to someone.

43. February 14 - St. Valentine's birthday, March 8 - the day of his death.

44.14 February - a holiday after which it is not the head that hurts, but the heart ...

45. Soon, on all Internet sites in the country: February 14 is the official Forever Alone day.

Valentine Ideas: Funny Single Valentines Day Quotes

46. ​​Look at the world with a gentle smile! Live easily and joyfully! I wish you light and hope! Good luck and LOVE!

47. But I want to dedicate this status to all the cool women who, like me, will celebrate alone on Valentine's Day, sit at home with a chocolate bar and a mug of tea ...

48. Do you remember how we were looking for a beautiful date to get married?

49. And I'm on February 14 with the boy for a walk, and where are you going? - And I drink, I drink ..

50. So many plans for February 14, I don't know where to stop: watching movies, sleeping or surfing the Internet.

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