How Pets Help Us Overcome the Coronavirus Crisis And Chase Away Anxiety

3 years ago

Pets dispel loneliness and anxiety, bring joy and maintain the well-being of those around them, many studies show, and not under normal circumstances, but in the isolation required during this period to limit the spread of coronavirus, they prove to be more than that.

After craving for a pet, Barney, the cavalier King Charles spaniel, could not have arrived at a better moment, says Marie Brown. “We picked him up the day before lockdown. The timing is a godsend.”

The puppy has helped her children, aged 12 and 15, adjust to life at home in Sevenoaks, Kent, without school, sport or much of a social life.

"I brought Barney home the day before the isolation was imposed. It was a perfect timing, "a woman confessed to The Guardian.

Barney is a king charles spaniel knight, and after a few years when the woman's two 12- and 15-year-olds insisted on a puppy, he entered their lives. Barney now helps them adapt to life in self-isolation, without school, without too many outdoor activities and without social life.

"Certainly Barney makes us less stressed and raises our morale," says the woman. He borrowed his neighbors' dog Somewhere in north London, Honey, a two-year-old cockapoo, smiles on the lips of a doctor struggling to withstand the crisis of coronavirus. "When my husband enters the house, she is there, waiting for him at the door. The next moment, he is on the floor and playing with Honey.

You can see how stress and fatigue and anxiety disappear, ”says a woman living in Highgate, London.

He borrowed his neighbors' dog

Somewhere in north London, Honey, a two-year-old cockapoo, smiles on the lips of a doctor struggling to resist the coronavirus crisis.

"When my husband comes into the house, she is there, waiting for him at the door. The next moment, he is on the floor and playing with Honey. You see how stress and fatigue and anxiety go away, ”says a woman living in Highgate, London.

Someone else borrowed his dog, a griffin brussels named Loki, to the neighbors, "for their own good and his."

"We remember that life goes on"

"He is very sociable and cannot understand how he went from being treated like a star to seeing me and my husband daily," says Loki's mistress. "We are reminded that life goes on" Belle and Little Tyke, two London cats, are a comfort to a mother and her 11-year-old son living in Birmingham.

"We realized that when it all goes wrong, it is very nice to have them near us - we are reminded that life goes on," says the owner of the two cats.

The kid confesses that every time he feels worried or sad, he takes Little Tyke in his arms and immediately feels better.

The 18-reptile boy

Not only dogs and cats can be perfect pets. An 18-year-old from Wales says his reptiles have helped him overcome anxiety and depression.

It has 18 animals, including turtles, snakes and lizards. His favorite is Lily, a nine-month-old Argentine lizard.

"I have a special connection with her. I put my hand on the floor and run at me like a puppy, ”says the young man, for the British newspaper.

Animal adoptions in the UK have increased

Animal shelters have seen an increase in the number of adoptions in recent weeks, although most of them have been closed to the public.

"A dog is for life, not just for isolation", draws attention to Dogs Trust, the NGO that launched the famous slogan "A dog is for life, not just for Christmas" / "A dog is for life, not just for Christmas ”.

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People have long acquired a variety of domestic animals, taming their wild species. Breeding and geneticists joined the work, and many of the popular favorites were bred artificially. Some people have very peculiar tastes, and sometimes they have the most unusual pets.


Most interesting facts about domestic pets



1. People have long acquired a variety of domestic animals, having tamed their wild species.


Later, breeders and geneticists joined the work, and many of the now popular favorites were once bred artificially.


2. The most popular pets in the world are dogs and cats. 95% of all owners talk to their pets.


3. Both cats and dogs help relieve stress and nervous tension, relax and unwind at the end of the working day. They give positive energy to their owner.


4. Scientists suggest that the first domestic animal was a wild wolf, tamed by ancient people in ancient times. He is also the ancestor of most dog breeds.


5. The Incas tamed such popular pets as guinea pigs about 7000-9000 years ago for agricultural purposes.


6. In Arab countries, nobles kept large predators from time immemorial, and cheetahs enjoyed special honor. But not everyone could afford them, and wealthy people, but not overly rich, got themselves caracals - an African lynx. By the way, they are still relatively popular.



7. The most dexterous dog in the world was the Labrador and Collie mix.


8. Dogs have about a hundred different facial expressions. With the help of their ears, dogs can make various grimaces.


9. Amazingly, these animals can smell if there is a cancerous tumor in the human body.


10. Food containing chocolate (sweets, a piece of cake, etc.) is contraindicated for dogs. For them, chocolate is a poison and can cause very severe poisoning.


Cats are incredibly clean. They devote a quarter of their time to licking their fur! But they take care of themselves for cleanliness and accuracy. A cat licks off a vitamin D substance, which is necessary for its health.


12. In complete darkness, a cat can navigate with the help of whiskers.



13. Cat jaws cannot move to the sides.


14. Cats sleep about 18 hours a day, and cats love to breathe fresh air.


15. Cats can develop a speed of 19 kilometers per hour.


16. Compared to dogs, cats have a better memory.


17. A sign of a cat's well-being is when a cat licks its body.


18. Often, people keep birds as pets, parrots in particular.


19. Parrots do not have vocal cords. Imitating human speech and making other sounds, they use their tongue and beak.



20. Budgerigars are very jealous. If the partner has changed, the female will peck him mercilessly, and her beak is very sharp. Therefore, males show their interest in other females when no one is watching.


21. Males conquer females with the help of singing. As soon as the parrot hears the sweet-voiced singing of the male, she immediately assumes a mating position.


22. Males and females treat offspring differently. The female feeds the babies in turn, and the male gives food to the chick that screams the loudest (as if trying to “shut up” his mouth faster).


23. There are lovebirds. This name was not given to them by chance. A pair of birds are very devoted to each other. However, after the death of one parrot, the second immediately needs to find a new friend. Otherwise, he may not survive.


24. Recently, it has become fashionable to have a hummingbird as a pet.



25. Domestic cats meow only when they communicate with people. And for communication with each other, meowing is useless to them.


26. Hunting dogs were the favorite pets of the French kings.


27. The Labrador in the United States is recognized as the most popular dog breed.


28. By the number of favorite pets, cats break all records.


29. In third place among the most popular pets are ferrets.


30. Rats at home cannot be kept alone - without the company of their kind, they wither and feel sad. They always need company.


31. The smell in cows is much more subtle than in dogs. These ruminants can smell at a distance of up to 8-10 kilometers.



32. If a cow has her eyes closed, she is not necessarily asleep, even if she is lying at that time. She's probably just dozing. For these animals, the most important thing is to relax.


33. Cows watch their relatives and learn from them. For example, if one of them were electrocuted by an electric fence, the others would not come close to it.


34. These animals are squeamish and will never pluck grass where cow cakes have recently been lying. For more than 8 hours a day, a cow continuously chews grass, and a cow can perform more than 90 chewing movements per minute.


Cows do not like to sleep side by side as pigs do. They prefer to lie separately. A cow will not lie down in the mud.


36. Horses are a few animals that can recognize themselves in photographs.


37. The wild ancestors of modern domestic horses died out so long ago that little is known about them even now.



38. Goldfish are trendy pets and can live in room temperature water.


39. Females of some aquarium fish, seeing the danger, put the babies in their mouths. And when the situation is calm again, they are released into the wild.


40. Females of some fish give birth without fail in the presence of "spectators," other fish. The more observers, the more fry are born.


41. Pigs also have a highly developed sense of smell. They distinguish many odors. Therefore, in some countries, pigs work in customs, for which they are pre-trained.


42. In France, pigs are still used to find truffles, fabulously expensive mushrooms.


43. They also showed themselves well as hunters and rescuers. For example, a pig can sense a game at about 40 meters. She can find a person lying under the snow.


44. And what pigs are champions in is in sex. The orgasm of the female lasts about 10 minutes, and the male at a time spews up to 0.5 liters of semen.



45. Pigs are also good swimmers.


46. ​​UK law provides a fine for negligent pet owners if their pet is obese.


47. For many pets, mold is poisonous and deadly.


48. Domestic rabbits often like to play hide and seek, both with their owners and each other.


49. More than 11 kilograms can weigh rabbits.


50. In most countries, it is against the law to keep dangerous wildlife such as large carnivores or poisonous reptiles in the home.



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Only a loving owner can truly understand what a treasure he sheltered by letting a dog into his house.


How dogs have affected the lives of Reddit users


Twenty stories from Reddit users whose interaction with dogs was for them, if not a turning point, certainly influenced their lives from the best side.


Take care of your pets because they are not more defenseless and devoted in the world!


1. Tell me, is this not fate?

Recently, a wonderful girl, a shepherd dog named Gerda, began to live in our house. The baby is only a year old, and her owners have already abandoned her. They quickly left the city, collected all the valuables, and left the biggest treasure in the apartment without water and food.


The poor man was saved by volunteers who help such animals abandoned by their owners leave the country or another city.


My husband and I did not think for a long time; we immediately said we would take it ourselves. The dog is incredibly quick-witted, intelligent, affectionate, and kind, and how it guards the apartment! She serves us and tries to thank us for giving her shelter. Sometimes, animals seem to have much purer souls than humans. Yes, and love in them a hundred times more. — #Beastfast@pn6


2. Meeting the one that changed my life

They wanted to get a dog with a girl, rummaged through the sites of animal shelters, and thought through all the details (the first dog). On the same day, a friend asked me to help after work (to remove construction debris from the floor).


In the evening, as usual, I stood at the bus stop with a plan to call in to help and ignored how I got into the 101st bus (21 was needed). At that moment, I thought it was not scary since the bus would pass nearby, but I would have to walk a little to his house due to inattention. The bus was almost empty, and I sat in the back without any problems and turned on the music in my headphones.


When I had about 10 minutes left to go, some grandfather with a dog in his arms sat down next to me. I did not immediately pay attention to him, but we instantly liked each other when I noticed the dog. The man saw this, and we started talking; he said he had found a puppy abandoned somewhere near the clinic, hungry and frightened.


He said he was taking him home, but after a couple of days, he was leaving, did not know where to attach him, and offered to take him to me. At first, I refused and even told myself in my head that this was a bad idea and an impulsive act, that I had to go on business, and in general, I had never had a dog. Still, when the bus almost arrived at my stop, and the doors were already open, I agreed, and grandfather gave me this little puppy.


We have been together for almost three years, and during all this time, I have never regretted my decision on the bus. — Pikabu


3. "I didn't know I could love someone as much as my dog."

“I just happened to save a dog during COVID quarantine. And just at that time, she had just broken off from a long and abusive relationship and lived alone. In the end, saving my dog ​​saved me. She was my roommate and my best friend. Her selfless love for me showed that I deserve happiness. And it was she who eventually brought me to my fiance ...


Now they are my joy and my light, and my world is a much better place because of them.” — ramire37


4. Hunting dogs are the best excuse for adventurous owners

Although I am not a hunter, I love hunting dog breeds. They are so funny! Constantly looking for adventure. And when you go for a walk with them, you become involved in these searches and wait for new finds with anticipation. I have a dachshund. And this walking sausage never ceases to amaze me. What we didn’t find with him: lost toys, bags forgotten by neighbors, and even a duck) It was both funny and strange: where does a live duck come from in our yard ?! She settled in our yard for a few days and became a local landmark) But she disappeared as suddenly as she appeared. Hope you're okay, duck! — #Beastfast@pn6


5. Dog - as a reason to become more disciplined

As a child, she was a terrible bitch. She could dress or undress for hours, being distracted by everything that could be distracted. When I turned 12, my parents gave me a dog, happiness knew no bounds, but I also had to take care of it. The dog is small; from the diaper, you need to retrain to the street. As a result, I learned to dress in 3 minutes a month. A couple of years passed, and I began to like the boy; I didn’t go outside without makeup. Another week - and I apply daytime light makeup in 2 minutes. It's been seven years. The dog is no longer alive, and I still dress and paint in 5 minutes. And just dreaming about a dog… — #Zveropost@pn6


6. “We got a puppy after we found out we were having fertility issues.”

“It was a bold decision, but I am very grateful to him. He is the best thing I have ever bought in my life. He brings us both so much joy and love. We both adore him, and he has changed our life and waistline for the better…” — lauraw4671f5ac2


7. The moment when a dog can marry people

I was afraid of dogs. I was bitten as a child, and the scar on my leg is still visible. One summer evening, my girlfriend and I were walking in the park. I hear someone shouting from behind: “Stop, Devil!” I turn and see a vast Golden Retriever dog running towards me. All life flashed before my eyes. The dog knocks me to the ground with its front paws and looks at me; I look at it; I don’t know what to do. Fortunately, the owner ran up and took her away. I have never experienced such fear in my life. When I came to my senses, the dog's owner apologized for a long time, and the dog himself looked modestly at me. We exchanged numbers and talked for a long time; it turned out that we have a lot in common; I'm getting married in a month. And the Golden Retriever turned out to be the cutest and kindest creature, only her nickname is frightening)) — #Zveropost@pn6


8. Friends can be supported, including dogs.

For three years, I have been living with two beautiful dogs: Joe, the little Spitz, and Jim, the German Shepherd. They are great friends; they started sleeping on the same pillow as puppies, got along well, and never quarreled. Joe and Jim love to play catch-up all over the house, but the Spitz's paws are too short of catching up with a shepherd dog quickly; because of this, he can get upset and sadly go to another room. But Jim's act shocked me - he began to succumb to it! The dog realized that the other dog was sad, so he began to run more slowly! I'm in complete shock at how they feel about each other! Yes, not every person can read emotions and moods so well! — #Beastfast@pn6


9. Fate as it is!

I work in a nursery. A family came to us with a 7-year-old girl. We walked for a long time, chose among small dogs, and then moved to the next building to look at the big puppies. And there was a husky. I think everyone knows how beautiful they are, especially their eyes. Suddenly, the girl squeaked and began to poke her finger into one of the enclosures, and she was jumping up and down with impatience! It turned out that this puppy had heterochromia (different colored eyes), just like the girl! This is how it happened by chance! They immediately decided that this puppy was waiting for them, and they had no right not to take it away. And, having quickly issued everything, they left, happy, home. This is why I love my job! — #Beastfast@pn6


10. "My boy saved me from myself."

“I was on the verge of a major breakdown, but one day he came to my house and taught me how to be myself again.” — goniamiksch


11. You're too close⁠⁠

We got our dog by accident. We didn't plan. We didn’t even think this would be a good test for stress resistance and endurance. Walk three times a day in any weather, and treat a runny nose, allergies, and indigestion.


We are now ready for kids! — Natashiashi/Pikabu.


12. “Having a dog changed my life. I'm fighting depression and can't live without my dog ​​and best friends."

“We do everything together. We went to the indoor dog park the other day, and I needed to go to the bathroom. She was waiting for me by the fence until I got back. If that's not love and devotion, then I don't know what love and devotion is." — katelinaverkamp


13. Don't be mean to your pets or people; they trust you unconditionally!

He picked up a dog right in the middle of the field a year ago. He was collared, well-groomed, and plump like that, they searched for his owners for a long time, but no one responded. It was noticeable that the poor fellow was thrown out - he was very bored, and for the first week, he refused food and only drank water. We left him at home; the dog quickly adapted and realized that we are a new family, but here's something he has retired from his "past life." He is afraid of driving a car; when we need to take him to the vet or go to nature to relax, the dog shrinks into the seat and is afraid to get out of the car. Poor guy probably thinks we'll take him out and leave him, just like the previous owners... — #Beastpost@pn6.


14. Buns and dogs⁠⁠

When I was in the 6th grade, life was especially hard for our country. I remember school lunches getting scarcer.


And the thing was that the road home lay through the entire private sector of my village. Then many kept dogs for protection, which happened to run without a leash. To appease such a crazy dog, I just needed a school bun. I broke off a small piece and treated all the animals I met.


Over time, dogs from all over the area became my best friends. I knew everyone by name, and even the most formidable representatives happily waved their tails when they saw me:


And only one dog did not succumb to either my charm or treats. It was a little black curly Lota of our neighbors‍🦺. She didn't bark; she had a thin, shrill voice, incredibly loud. Any person passing by was always qualitatively barked at by her. I remember, and in my ears, there is a screech of this dog devoted only to its owners. — Natalymarketolog/Pikabu


15. Lessons from dogs can be cruel but effective!

As a child, I was bitten by a dog. This vinegar was left on my body as a reminder not to approach an animal when it is eating. I learned this lesson long ago, but I could not think it could catch up with me in the future. Once, walking on the street, I noticed a lonely booth in the middle of the park, and next to it was a playground. Near the booth sat a small dog that sweetly ate a giant bone. From afar, the baby picked up speed on his tiny legs. At some point, I realized that now there would be fierce trash if I didn’t make it on time. At breakneck speed, I block the already-ready-to-bite small dog from the child instead of a small dog biting me. That day I received 40 injections in my stomach. But the child remained intact. My parents invited me to dinner, and the dog was taken to a shelter. I hope the dog will find his family well, and the parents will not be too lazy in the future and take care of their child's safety. — #Beastfast@pn6.


16. Not only can people raise pets, but also people's dogs

I love my dog, but I never thought she could be so bright. We have been with her for more than a month, so she knows the correct commands and always listens to me, but sometimes there are exceptions. Probably, my pet, in such cases, believes that I am wrong and thus insists on his own. Otherwise, I cannot explain this. For example, the other day, when hyperactivity woke up a dog, I forbade chasing it around the apartment and went to my room because my head hurt terribly. After a couple of seconds, a dog approached me with my sneakers in his mouth. And no, it was not an offer to go out and take a walk; it was, as always, a warning that now she would do things to them because I forbade something stupid. I didn’t understand this hint of her right away; only after about five washing of shoes I realized that the dog was well-mannered, but that’s too cunning). — #Beastfast@pn6.


17. When a dog leaves memories for a lifetime

Our family had a dog Nyusha. She recently died. But she left behind a good memory and a bunch of funny stories. One day we went camping for a few days. Nyusha, of course, is with us. We began to set up camp for the night, so Nyusha would not get under her feet; her father tied her leash to a tree. Everyone was busy with things. Nyusha was nearby, running, and playing.


The following day we had to move on. We began to gather. Look, there is no dog leash. They began to find out who untied her yesterday. It turned out - no one. Where's the leash? All rummaged - no.


The father comes up to Nyusha and says: “Nyusha, did you take the leash? Bring it if you do!" She ran into the bushes, and he followed her. The dog began to dig. The father saw that the leash was on the ground. Such was the girl - you can’t tie her without her consent))) — #Zveropost@pn6


18. “My dog ​​teaches me to keep things in perspective and focus on what I can or cannot control.”

“She helps me feel grateful for the little things! When life seems incomprehensible and people turn away from each other, I sometimes feel powerless. However, I know it's not so bad when my dog ​​brings me another stick and spins around in the autumn foliage! — hannahbennett3


19. "It's okay to fool around and play with your dog sometimes like you're a kid again."

"Even if you look a little silly, just stop and enjoy life with your four-legged friend." —amandal493b7ea41


20. We hope this event will be a lesson for this man. But we're now to look for this dog and money?!

After going to the store, the man decided to put his purchases in the trunk and put a purse with money in the car. Naturally, he forgets about her and leaves the parking lot. Literally, in a couple of minutes, the realization comes that there is no purse, and there are documents and 250K. By car, not in the parking lot either. Calls the police (shops do not show cameras to the townsfolk). Operas come to the guards:


- Where is the purse?


The guards neigh


- The dog took it.


They show a video where the car moves off, the purse falls, and a healthy dog ​​grabs it almost on the fly and runs away as fast as possible.


Now the dog has rights, a car, and good cash. — Kayt. ya/Pikabu



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People with COVID-19 can infect their pets with the new coronavirus. Conversely, it is almost impossible, according to experts. However, this does not apply to all animals.


Italian researchers tested 540 dogs and 277 cats in households, where people had tested positive for COVID-19, or in areas severely affected by the pandemic, such as Lombardy. The scientists detected antibodies against the virus in 3.4% of dogs and 3.9% of cats.


Studies on a relatively large number of animals confirm the premise that pets can be infected by humans with SARS-CoV-2, but vice versa is very unlikely. Tests taken from the mouth, nose and throat tested negative in all animals. Cats and dogs were tested between March and May 2020.


Pets do not spread the virus

Researchers say this extensive study is very useful. According to Thomas Mettenleiter, president of the Friedrich-Loeffler Institute (FLI) in Greifswald, the results are not surprising: "Confirm what we already know." However, a study with such a large number of pets is welcome. "Samples are not easy to obtain."


Contact with the pet should not be reduced (picture-alliance / dpa Themendienst / K. Neumann)

Healthy people should not restrict contact with pets


The study therefore confirms the FLI researchers' assumption that dogs or cats have not yet played a role in the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The decisive factor is the transmission from person to person. "We start from the premise that the virus is usually transmitted from humans to animals," says Mettenleiter. Therefore, FLI considers that healthy people have no reason to restrict contact with their pets. On the other hand, patients infected with coronavirus should avoid contact with pets in order not to infect them.


Animals do not die from coronavirus infection

So far, Mettenleiter claims, there is no evidence that the animals could die from coronavirus infection. Even if pets contract the virus, it does not automatically mean that it can spread to animals and then spread through nasal, coughing or fecal secretions.


In addition, researchers at FLI have found that there is currently no evidence to confirm that pigs, chickens and other farm animals can be infected with SARS-CoV-2. The institute is currently conducting experiments with several species of animals. According to the initial results, ferrets and fruit bats are sensitive to the virus, but chickens and pigs are not. Cattle studies are still in their infancy.


Outbreaks of coronavirus on farms

Scientists are also investigating how the virus reached mink farms in the Netherlands and Spain, infecting almost all the animals kept there - that is, whether farm staff infected the animals or vice versa.


Precautionary measure in mink farms in the Netherlands: over one million animals have been killed


The outbreak of coronavirus on mink farms near the Spanish town of La Puebla de Valverde, a village of 500 inhabitants in northwestern Aragon, was discovered after 14 employees tested positive for the new coronavirus in late May. Two other employees became infected after the farm was closed.


Outbreaks in the Netherlands began in April. During the examinations, veterinary professor Wim van der Poel, from the University of Wagingen, found that the strain of virus found in mink is similar to that circulating in humans.

"I suspected that it might be transferred to humans (from animals)," van der Poel said. Which happened to at least two farm employees.


Authorities killed more than a million miners

As a precautionary measure following the outbreak, the Spanish authorities ordered the killing of more than 92,000 minks on the farm. 90 percent were infected with the new coronavirus.


In the Netherlands alone, more than 1.1 million minks, which have spread the virus, have been killed, the Dutch Food and Consumer Safety Agency said.


There are about 160 mink farms in the Netherlands. The country is the fourth largest fur producer in the world, after Denmark, China and Poland. Spain has 38 mink farms, most of them in Galicia.


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In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, residents from Moscow and several other regions are urged to stay at home. Under quarantine conditions, it is recommended to go outside only in case of emergency.

One good reason to leave your home for a short while is to walk your pets. First of all, dogs.

For those who do not have them, but really want to leave the house and take a walk, dog owners offer to rent a “friend for an hour”. Such ads have already appeared on well-known classified sites.

Price - from 500 rubles ($7) and above and a mandatory deposit, and some also have people "accompanying" the animal.

However, people who really love their dogs, this service causes at least confusion.

For example, corgi breeder Alexandra Baklamina, in a comment to Vesti.Ru, said that a normal owner of a dog would not give it to a stranger, even for a while.

"How can a person be sure of the behavior of his own dog? A dog may not listen to a stranger, pick up something or run away," Alexandra argues.

In addition, as other dog owners say, their pets, in principle, would not go for a walk with a stranger.

The veterinarian, professor of the Department of Biology and Virology, Doctor of Biological Sciences Elena Yarygina, for her part, noted in a comment to m24.ru that renting an animal is very cruel in relation to it.

Yarygina said that this will lead to stress and may affect his health.

The only situation where you can be trusted to walk with your pet acquaintances, friends or neighbors is when you cannot do this for health reasons.

However, the veterinarian believes that such announcements do not make much sense, since walking animals is not the only condition under which a person can leave his home during quarantine: there is still the opportunity to go to the nearest store or pharmacy.

Earlier it was reported about the Spaniard, who decided to earn extra money during strict quarantine, renting out his dogs for walking.

The Nature Protection Service and the Civil Guard drew attention to him. The man was asked to stop this activity, but he continued it.

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Many pet owners know how important the companion of our beloved animals can be, especially the joy they bring when you arrive home.

And now, as most of the population around the world is on lockdown, many pet owners have started to share funny pictures of how they currently cope with sharing “their territory” between them.

Bemorepanda has collected a compilation of top cute and adorable pictures that show how much joy and affection pets can bring during self-isolation.

















A dog wearing a protective mask is seen with its owner inside an autorickshaw in Chennai, India, March 30, 2020. / P. Ravikumar


A man wearing a protective mask walks his dog in Bari, Italy March 31, 2020. / Alessandro Garofalo


A man relaxes with his dog on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, March 26, 2020. / Ricardo Moraes


A dog looks out the window as a boy studies at home via video conference in Rome, Italy, March 30, 2020. / Alberto Lingria


A dog wears a mask on a street in Shanghai, China March 22, 2020. Aly Song



Home veterinarian Wendy Jane McCulloch examines 8-year-old cat Ivy at the closed Botanica Inc. office as she makes client home visits, in Manhattan, New York City, March 31, 2020. / Caitlin Ochs


A man wearing a face mask and his dog look out of a window in Prague, Czech Republic, March 24, 2020. / David W Cerny


A cat lies in a window near a theatre in Oberammergau, Germany, March 19, 2020. Bavaria's Passion Play, staged every decade since the 1630s when villagers thanked God for the end of the plague, has been postponed for two years due to the spread of the coronavirus. / Andreas Gebert


A dog looks through an apartment window in Washington, March 17, 2020. / Carlos Barria



Lea, 19, plays with her cat as she studies at home during the coronavirus lockdown in Moorsel, Belgium March 31, 2020. / Francois Lenoir

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