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"Will you marry me via Zoom?": New York will soon let you get married by video conference

2 years ago

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, allowed couples to obtain licenses and marry “utilizing audio-video technology.”. This was announced by the head of the region at a meeting with reporters, accroding to their website.

“Now there is no excuse when the question of marriage arises,” Cuomo said, bearing in mind that the pandemic is no longer a reason to delay the wedding, if such a decision is made.

A couple who is ready to take a decisive step can express their consent to officials using online video call services such as Zoom or Skype. The governor noted that in the United States during the quarantine the number of divorces increased, and the number of marriages decreased. Last month, many government offices were closed in the country, and weddings were banned.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, most of the New York marriage bureaus have been closed and many couples have postponed or cancelled wedding ceremonies.

Several other states, including Cuyahoga County in Ohio and the state of Colorado, have already begun issuing marriage licenses online, either through video call or an online paperwork process.

So, no matter if you use Zoom meetings, Skype, Webex or any other online tools - now there is no excuse to delay the marriage.

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Only movies after the heroes' wedding begins a romantic period, resembling an endless honeymoon, while in real life, everything is much funnier - newlyweds begin to live together and their friendship becomes interesting, so the jokes are more as always.


Marriage is, without a doubt, a challenging challenge for both partners. The most important thing is that at the end of the day, the two communicate and solve their problems. Bemorepanda collected he funnieste memes and tweets about marriage.


1.Where are you? Kitchen


2.I need to grow up


3.One brain


4.Falling asleep


5.Out in public


6.Muggy out


7.Put milk back


8.Still painful


9.You fired?


10.Basically broke




12.What's the problem?


13.Spending money


14.Relation status


15.Marriage is like coffee


16.Bee on you


17.What are you thinking about?


18.Been married


19.Eating ice cream


20.Opened car for me


21.Ending marriage


22.Texting each other


23.Pisses me off


24.Sitting at a table


25.Buy back something I donated


26.Talking about vacumming


27.Marriage is mostly about knowing


28.I'm tired


29.Proving how many times


30.Speaking treatment


31.IKEA relationship


32.Not going to share


33.Exactly the amount


34.Marriage teaches you


35.Just to disagree


36.Married for about 45 lbs


37.Getting lucky


38.Married life


39.Isn't that great?


40.Never listen to her


41.Out of ice again?


42.Cat purrs


43.Bigger blankets


44.Phone charger


45.Essentially agreeing


46.Terrible accident


47.Are we going out?


48.Let's share everything


49.Married sext


50.What marriage is like


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The connection between married partners is, in most cases, extremely strong. Often, partners know each other better than anyone. However, this does not mean that the spouse becomes clairvoyant on the wedding day. "The reason why many healthy marriages survive is the talent for communication and the acceptance of compromises.


If you want something, he asked. If there is a problem, it can be solved by communicating with respect and calm, not because the person next to us always knows what is in the other person's soul ", the American psychologist thinks.


Marriage is very funny, the relationship is friendship between spouses, it offers a pleasant feeling of humor and understanding. Jokes persist and must always be in a relationship. That's why Bemorepanda selected the funniest memes and tweets with funny messages from his wife.


1.Wanting two kittens


2.Husband got excited


3.Get potatos


4.Supposed to do something


5.Machine by mistake


6.Kids into Harvard


7.I was late


8.Relationship status


9. Finish my sentences


10. Without discussing


11.Husband gets so mad


12.Wenting down


13.One thousand babies


14.Where you fired?


15.It's called me


16.Need a hedgehog


17.About babies


18.Just for our house




20.About marriage




22.Married sexting


23.The car accident


24.Husband goes outside


25.Called me at work


26.My husband is on the roof


27.Milk in the fridge


28.Love me




30.Sitting at a table



31.Total MILF


32.Low sodium bacon


33.Murdered my husband


34.About vacumming


35.Smart shampoo


36.One last thing


37.Speaking treatment


38.Phone charger


39.Where I want to eat


40.My husband cry


41.The one to decide


42.Breaks toaster


43.So smart


44.The driveway


45.Wearing socks


46.Jay Z opens a new box


47.Loved when first dating


48.Lets share everything


49.Set the timer


50.All you crap


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There is nothing better than this bittersweet feeling when you are pranking a loved one. Regardless of whether you tried to prank your soul mate or not, if you are still together, you always have a chance to do it. But some pranks are definitely more creative than others, and prankster Justin Flom takes them to a whole new level.

It turns out that Justin is not new when it comes to practical jokes. After graduating from high school, the man posted videos on social media and was voted Best Promising Artist of 2013 by Las Vegas Weekly.

Fast forward to today: Justin has now appeared on the big screen, showing off his tricks on the show at Ellen DeGeneres and various other late night shows.

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Let's face it - marriage is not for the faint of heart. We like to believe that the pure love we share will make us move forward. Yes, it is true that it pushes us forward. But not all the things we face in marriage are so pleasant.

That may sound awful. But here's the secret: sometimes the least romantic parts of marriage are the ones that can teach you the most about yourself, your partner, and the nature of love between you. Here are some simple truths that open the way to the treasures and surprising pleasures of the true love life you have: imperfect and different from fairy tales.

When you get married, you think that because you have made the right choice - your soul mate - you will be happy together until death. Then you wake up one morning and realize that no matter how great he is, he doesn't make you happy at any time of the day. In fact, some days you may even wonder why you were in such a hurry to get married. And you probably think that's not what you're looking for, actually.

In fact, you wanted him or her. But, on that wonderful day when you and your boyfriend cut the cake together, smashed champagne glasses and danced the bride's waltz, you didn't realize that "for better or worse" doesn't apply only when a tragedy occurs in life.

Here are some funny memes and jokes about marriage that Bemorepanda collected from Twitter.

1.What sounds good for dinner

2.Key story

3.Cleaning room


The power of your relationship is actually being tested every day, when the awful monotony of living together can make you want to take your plains. Then the disappointment creeps into your soul, perhaps along with a very palpable sense of security and suffering. IT'S NOT HIS FAULT. It's about you, about the fact that you reunite with the sweetened fantasies related to marriage that were dancing in your eyes the day you two posed for the wedding album. Only now do you know that marriage is not a destination; it is a journey full of exaltation and boredom alike.

Waking up from a beautiful dream and seeing the raw light of the morning may not seem like a reason to celebrate. But is. Because after giving up those stories of eternal ecstasy, you will see that the reality of marriage is much richer and more fulfilling than you ever imagined. It's hard, yes. It's also frustrating. But this reality is equally full of pleasant and intense charm and is much better than all fairy tales.

5.Cheese toast


7.Black pants

At first, when people said, "Marriage means work," you thought work meant being patient with your husband when he forgot to lower the toilet lid. In your naivete, you think you're going to struggle to get used to some annoying habit, like the fact that he's cracking his wrists or squealing.

How nice it was to be so simple! But as you can see, people are not at all simple. Your husband has mysterious, twisted depths - and from his point of view, you look pretty complicated. You need to learn to know each other the same way you learned geography or physics at school. And if you got married, it doesn't mean it's over, but that you've been promoted to in-depth studies. This is because every time you think you have a good grasp of the subject, it changes. And so it is with you.


9.My husband body

10.He will be missed

As two people grow and evolve, the real job of marriage is to find a way to communicate with each other and to educate each other in the process.

This is the strange beauty of marriage: it is full of difficult times and hard lessons, for which no one prepares you. But in the end, these are the things that enrich your life together - making your love deeper and stronger than it was in the beginning.

11.Do that thing

12.Eating pizza


14.All of our cabinets

15.Makes me mad

16.Bubble wrap

17.Take a nap

18.Every Tuesday

19.Random items

20.Four languages

21.Marriage is strange

22.Married 25 years

23.Grocery store


25.Cold spouse

26.Accidentally scare

27.Always cold

28.Rum out

29.Stop breathing

30.Where is the remote?

31.Video call

32.Wash dishes for a month

33.Laundry to fold

34.Welcome to marriage

35.Finish the discussion

36.A man and a woman

37.Once married


39.Favourite spatula

40.Playing games

41.Secret to marriage

42.So mad

43.Day off

44.He was bored

45.Marriage be like

46.I’m your wife

47.Kids to sleep

48.Marriage ends in IKEA

49.We roll them now

50.Secret to successful marriage

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Are you interested in the best pizzerias in New York? Indeed, New York is a city of pizza lovers. Each resident chooses their favorite place. In all pizzerias, you can order pizza in slices, but there are places where you can spend the whole evening. Read about the best pizzerias in New York below.


New York pizza has little in common with thin Italian pizza. In an authentic Pizza slice - sauce, cheese, and dough and portioned pieces of such a size that you can eat one crust. There are hundreds of pizzerias in the city, but only those that are popular among the city's residents deserve the title of a real New York one. Below you will find a list of places where you can taste “the same” pizza.


How many pizza places are in New York City?


According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, there will be 78,092 pizza restaurants in 2020. Nearly 53 percent of these restaurants will be independent. According to industry reports, chain restaurants – those with ten or more locations – will have 36,213 locations in 2020.


What are the most iconic pizza places in New York City?

New York is not only full of expensive and fine restaurants but also small pizzerias on the corners of busy streets. The history of one of the most famous and oldest pizzerias in the city, which you have probably heard about more than once.


Pino "Joe" Pozzuoli immigrated to the US from Naples in the mid-1950s. When he moved to America, he first renamed himself, Joe, as Pino is the Italian form of the name Joseph. Joe began working in pizzerias throughout the Northeast, and by the 1960s, he was personally coaching the best pizza chefs in the area. In the early 1970s, he moved and opened Joe's Pizza at the intersection of Bleecker and Carmine Streets in Greenwich Village, Manhattan. He liked ​​setting up pizzerias in unique neighborhoods like Greenwich Village, which has a diverse population.


Joe and Pat’s Pizzeria

Another place in New York has ceased to please connoisseurs of good pizza for more than half a century. The restaurant's decor is made in the Mediterranean style and sets the visitors in a positive mood as if transferring them to the cozy towns of the Italian coast. The owners and employees of the pizzeria come from the same family and are always happy to keep up the conversation in English and Italian. A feature of Joe and Pat's is a pizza cooked in the shape of a heart. This underlines the chef's love for this dish. Like Grimaldi's, you won't be able to order a single bite at this restaurant. Going to Joe and Pat's, be prepared to beat the whole pizza or share it with a "brother in misfortune." In addition to delicious pizza, the restaurant's menu is rich in traditional salads and hot dishes, allowing guests to taste other delicacies of Italian cuisine.



According to the owners of this restaurant, the skill of cooking pizza on coals is a dying art. It is this skill that Grimaldi's chefs are proud of. The pizza here is distinguished by a light smoky flavor and the thinnest crust, which is impossible to achieve by baking the dough in a gas or electric oven. This high quality of the product is gained through coal from Pennsylvania, the highest quality on the planet. Each of the three New York restaurants burns about half a ton of coal every day, allowing heating of the ovens to 650 °C. The result is satisfied smiles on the face and excellent guest reviews. It's no surprise that queues for restaurants start to form long before they open!


Di Fara

According to the Zagat rating, for eight years now, Di Fara has been at the top of the list of the best pizzerias in New York. The restaurant owner comes from an Italian family of bakers and pizza makers and has even won the title of "rock star" among local fans. He makes his pizza for the restaurant's customers. And on those rare days when House DeMarco is away on business, the pizzeria is simply closed. All restaurant recipes are based on family traditions passed down from generation to generation and are kept in the strictest confidence. The ingredients are imported from Italy, which provides an indescribable authentic taste of the finished product.


When ordering a whole pizza at Di Fara, you will be given a choice between a round and square ($4 more expensive) shape. Remember also that there is no menu as such in the restaurant. All pizza is automatically served as plain (the combination of cheese and tomato sauce already described above). If you want something more interesting, you will have to choose the desired filling for a fee. Fans of the restaurant simply call the local pizza "di best"! Restaurant rules allow you to bring your wine or beer. This will enable you to have a pleasant and cheap time while waiting for a tasty piece!



This relatively new (by New York standards) pizzeria was opened in Manhattan by enthusiastic cousins ​​in 2008, followed two years later by second and third establishments in the Chelsea and Greenwich areas. The menu full of improvisation will surprise you with juicy broccoli and pecorino cheese sandwiches and the culinary intrigue of the restaurant - artichokes stuffed with cheese. This delicacy is also served with spinach on one of the restaurant's pizzas. Or maybe you prefer crab stuffing? How about pizza with meatballs and parmesan? In any case, be prepared for long lines, as the place is already trendy. This is perhaps the only minus of the restaurant.


If you do not want to waste time in line, come at 3 am or order home delivery. The restaurant is open and delivers 24 hours a day!



The history of the creation of this pizzeria has a romantic touch. Its owner and chef, Mark Yokano, volunteered to save his childhood favorite candy store from the rock of chain restaurants and decided to buy out the premises by opening an independent restaurant in it. Mark had to spend days and nights learning the art of making the most delicate dough in a traditional brick oven. However, his efforts paid off. Lucali instantly won the hearts of the area's residents and became famous for its great pizza throughout New York. The central place in the pizzeria's interior is occupied by the chef's desk, where this cherished dish is prepared in front of the visitors. The playful elements of the former candy store show through, giving the restaurant an air of freedom and spontaneity.


When you stop by Lucali for lunch or dinner, you can taste either the traditional pie or its sub-varieties wrapped in a cheburek (calzone). You will not find any other types of pizza or dishes here. In addition, all toppings are offered separately. But, as in Di Fara, you can bring your booze and spend the whole night in this homely restaurant.



The pizzeria is located in the hipster area of ​​Brooklyn - Bushwick. From the outside, the restaurant resembles an old garage. If you love thin crust pizza, then Robrta's is a gourmet paradise. Many ingredients are grown in a small garden right on the roof of the establishment. Pizza is not sold in slices, but in small individual portions. If you are in the eternal search for culinary delights, then you can safely go here.



Gennaro Lombardi opened the first pizzeria in the United States in 1905. Since then, the restaurant has changed its location, but the descendants of the family follow the traditions and cook pizza in an original way - in a coal oven. Lombardi's only sells whole pizzas, so it's worth going here for dinner with friends.



Giuseppina's owner and founder, Chris Iacono, proudly celebrates his apprenticeship at his brother's pizzeria, Lucali, for his craftsmanship. Chris Iacono's use of top tier ingredients, such as a cheese blend of low moisture mozzarella, homemade fresh mozzarella and imported Italian parmigiano reggiano cheese, as well as hand-cut pepperoni, fresh mushrooms, Italian olive oil and fresh basil, is evidence of commitment Giuseppin quality. The incomparable sauce comes from a secret family recipe handed down to the owner from his grandmother named Giuseppina.


NY Pizza Suprema

Very unexpected to find one of the best pizzerias in the city next to Pennsylvania Station. I learned about NY Pizza Suprema when I read about a guy who tried every pizzeria in Manhattan in two years. This place received very good reviews, and I had a desire to visit there urgently. The guy was right, it's really delicious here! Each pizza is excellently crispy, and the highlight of this place is the fragrant and slightly spicy tomato sauce. Try at least one slice of margherita pizza before you start ordering pepperoni.


John's Pizzeria of Bleecker Street

The interior of the pizzeria, also known as John's Pizza, is decorated with wood paneling and colorful paintings. Hipsters, artists, elderly Italians and many celebrities spend time here (at least I saw their photos on the camps). Here they canceled the sale of pizza in slices, so you can only order a whole one, such a portion will be enough for two or three people. All dishes are baked in a brick oven. This traditional method covers the edges of the pizza with a perfect, crispy, golden crust. John's Pizzeria prepares every dish in a traditional style. The pizza here is more refined than the American types. All ingredients used are exceptionally fresh. Hot sauces and premium cheese are used. The most popular dish is cheese pizza, for a change you can add toppings. You can also order a bottle of inexpensive wine.



Lombardi collaborator (and Neapolitan) Antonio Totonno Pero perfected the pizza recipe, and in 1924 he opened his place. Totonno's is still owned by the same family, although temporarily closed by Hurricane Sandy. It uses tomatoes imported from Italy, handmade mozzarella cheese, and dough made daily on the premises, but the crust is plump and thick rather than the usual thin plate (starting at $19.95). Totonno's should resume in the next couple of months. Cash only, no slices.


L&B Spumoni Gardens

The square pie at Spumoni is a classic Bensonhurst, one of the best Sicilian slices in town. Ludovico Barbati immigrated to the US in 1917 from Torella dei Lombardi, Italy. In 1939, he purchased property on 86th Street in Brooklyn to sell his spumoni (Italian ices); in the 1950s, his business expanded into a second building, which is now a pizzeria.


The pizza is still delicious: sweet tomato sauce covered in clear rectangles with a crispy toasted bottom, topped with melted mozzarella and a dash of parmesan. Slice $2.25, half tray $19, full tray $36. Credit cards, slices available.



Top 10 Pizza Places in America You Have To Visit


10. Big Lou's - San Antonio, TX

A Texas pun would be too easy, so we'll just say that Big Lou in San Antonio has some of the biggest pies. Not just a novelty, there are some pretty cool flavor combinations here, like bbq with pickles. But having a pizza that devours the table and produces slices over a foot long is everyone's dream, right?


9. Antico - Atlanta, Georgia

There are several impressive pizzerias in Atlanta. Antico in Atlanta is a small, casual pizzeria that serves super authentic Italian pizza. Cooked in a wood fired oven, the lovely chewy crust has those tender pieces of dough that give the crust a lot more flavor. There are a few variations on the menu, such as those filled with spiced meats or vegetables, but the Lasagna pizza, with bright slices of aged meat and ricotta cheese, is a real gem, unique to Antico. Topping substitutions are not particularly important here, and when you try a piece of any well-balanced pie, you will completely understand why.


8. Picco - Boston, Massachusetts

Picco in Boston takes two whole days to prepare the crust for the brick oven. The dough is fermented, which adds flavor. Flame-fried onions, shallots, garlic, sour cream, bacon and gruyère are an Alsatian pie that may be Picco's most popular. Every dish - from pizza to salads - is a beautiful work of art, combining color and artisanal ingredients. Even the ice cream is homemade.


7. Cloverleaf Pizza - Macomb, MI

Detroit-style pizza can be enjoyed at Macomb Michigan's Cloverleaf Pizza, which was inspired in the 1940s. Pies are more in the form of giant rectangles, as well as in places where sauce and cheese are sold. Topping your pepperoni pie is highly recommended.


6. Mulberry Street Pizzeria - Beverly Hills, CA

Perhaps one day you'll be traveling Beverly Hills - don't leave without grabbing a slice of thin-crust pepperoni from Mulberry Street Pizzeria. Quiet and surprisingly affordable, they make more New York-style variations and also have the best meatballs that customers regularly talk about. You might even see a celebrity or two munching on their favorite comfort food.


5. Ken's Artisan Pizza - Portland, OR

Portland Oregon has its fair share of eclectic eateries, so you bet they have a selection of pizza spots. Ken's Artisan Pizza combines authentic Italian wood-fired pizza with fresh, seasonal ingredients. The combinations are sometimes unexpected, but quite refreshing. Brooklyn has tomato sauce, mozzarella, Fra'Mani capicollo, marinated jalapenos, and that unexpected factor, some honey. Perfection. Don't miss Affogato for dessert - a local cup of coffee with brown sugar ice cream.


4. Slab - Portland, ME

Now on to another Portland on the east coast where you'll find Slab, a Sicilian-style restaurant with pizza and street food. The dough is hand-kneaded and grown in an "old world" style to reflect its true origins. Your typical slice comes with tomato sauce, mozzarella, provolone, and oregano, but you have choices for other toppings like savory provolone and sausage. Not a deep dish and not a thin crust, the classic slab-style pizza is perfect in the middle.


3. L&B - New York, New York

The L&B in Brooklyn, NY is refreshing on a classic if you want to shake things up a bit. The sauce comes on top of the cheese, fully blending the expected textures of the pizza while retaining phenomenal flavor.


2. Pequod's Pizza - Chicago, IL

Pequod's Pizza is for everyone who loves deep food and naturally in Chicago. Cheese, sauce, and caramelized crust fill the cast-iron platter that includes all of the "pan" pizzas, and you're likely to be stoked with a knife and fork. Deep dish pizza is amazingly delicious, and you'll taste some of the best at Pequod's. Starters and thin crust pizza are well received in this cozy place, but really deep dish pizza and pepperoni is the way to go.


1. Joe's Pizza - New York, New York

New York City is undeniably an amazing place to eat cheesecake, but to be honest, the choice of great places to do so is overwhelming. Joe's Pizza on Carmine Street has been around since the 1970s and is a community staple, so it's a good choice that's also easy on the wallet. Nothing beats the simplicity of a generous slice of New York-style cheese with just the right amount of sauce. Authentically cooked in a brick oven, the joint and pizza are no fuss and absolutely delicious.



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