Two-year-old girl made friends with wild hyenas and now she is famous

3 years ago

Some people adore puppies - other likes hyenas.

A two-year-old girl from Zimbabwe made friends with a flock of hyenas living in the nature reserve where her father works. The video of the child’s playing with predators was noticed by the Daily Mail.

Passion for predatory animals was passed by two-year-old Kiki Wolhuter (Kiki Wolhuter) from his father. Kim, the father of the girl, creates films about the wild animals.

For many years, he and his family have been living in the Sango Nature Reserve in eastern Zimbabwe and studying the life of hyenas.

Kiki asked Kim many times to show her the predators closer, but he refused for a long time, because he was afraid that they would attack the child. However, after much persistence, the man decided that he would allow his daughter to get to know the hyenas closer.

At first, the predators cautiously approached Kiki, sniffed her, but soon realized that she was not dangerous, and began to play with her. The girl immediately liked the hyenas, as they looked like her favorite plush toy.

Kiki's father said that the girl perceives predators as pets: she loves to run and play with them. “Hyenas are like puppies to her. They became very attached to Kiki and really fell in love with her, ”Kim admitted.

The scientist is upset that in movies and cartoons hyenas are always perceived as angry and aggressive, and he hopes that he will be able to change people's perception of these predators.

“Hyenas are very smart animals. In addition, they are brilliant hunters and caring parents for their pets, ”he said.

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If you want to prepare your child for the future, you need to help him develop a strong and especially positive self-image. Equally important are self-discipline (which they often lack), social and emotional skills, and a sense of responsibility (from an early age). You need to start working on all these aspects in time, even when the little one goes to kindergarten and starts to get in touch with people outside the family on a daily basis. It is an enormous responsibility and a mission quite difficult to accomplish.

Education based on feeling management is not just a fad or a simple tool for psychologists, but it is an effective way to use your knowledge and talent to have a good relationship with your child. In this type of education you do nothing but use your knowledge and emotional skills to teach him how to react to social situations. You need to keep in mind a few things that will help you manage your relationship with your little one properly.

Children should be encouraged and taught with a lot of love and affection. In this top collected by Bemorepanda, maybe you will notice a mistake of yours that you commit in the child's education, it is never too late to change that, in order to raise a child worthy of a welcoming and loving society.

1.Bullying taught incorrectly

2.Boys cry!

3.Don’t do this to your child

4.How to think

5.No questions?

6.Failure is bad

7.Eating everything


9.Being wrong is normal!

10.Sex education


12.No is a bad word



15.Adult problems

16.I’m an adult!


18.If he’s mean he likes you

19.Sex education


21.Parents never mistake

22.Social media

23.Doing the right thing

24.Highschool level

25.Going too far


27.Political views

28.Everybody is a winner

29.About illness


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Children are the precious treasure of every parent. They do not need much to be happy, just love and caring adults. Because the smile and innocence of the little ones cheer everyone up, we have prepared a wonderful selection of quotes about children and childhood to read.

If you miss your childhood and the moments when playing was the main concern all day, then we have prepared a long list of memes about childhood, which will help you go back in time and remember the most beautiful moments of life.

1.My childhood memories

2.Windows 95

3.Vintage cool item

4.The ancestors of bath bombs

5.IPod shuffle

6.Time to watch a movie in school

7.The game was so real

8.Summer mix for a hot party

9.People were other

10.Having a great day

11.Old stuff

12.Watch Titanic

13.You are so old?

14.Gen Z

15.Friday nights in 1999

16.Saturday morning in the 90'

17.VR in our childhood

18.Before the internet

19.Destroying thumb

20.Remember masks

21.Gaming in the 90’s

22.Bycicle lovers?


24.Look at this pic

25.Sabrina the teenage

26.That’s was sexy

27.Starter pack

28.Texting in the 90’s

29.No social media

30.What ers it's from?

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The first steps in animation were made over 100 years ago. During this time, animated characters have shown themselves to be excellent companions for a child. They opened him new information about the world around him, suggested how to learn how to make the right decisions, how to be friends and not be afraid of mistakes. And if earlier cartoons attracted only children, now everything has changed: adults also watch them with pleasure. After all, this is a great reason to get together with the whole family and escape from worries for at least a couple of hours.

We at Bemorepanda love cartoons very much and think that sometimes cartoons can “talk” to a child better than any adult. See for yourself.

Raya and the Last Dragon (2021)

12 мультфильмов, которые нужно показать ребенку, пока он не перестал мечтать

The cartoon takes place in a fictional country called Kumandra. Raya, the daughter of the leader of one of the 5 warring tribes, goes in search of the last dragon. The girl believes that he will be able to stop the creatures of chaos from nowhere, the Druuns, who turn everything they touch into stone. But it turns out that the strength of one dragon is not enough: only by uniting with each other, people will be able to activate the magic stone and save their land.

The cartoon raises the issue of disunity. In the finale, the heroine understands that not only courage is valuable in life, but also the ability to trust other people, and the common good is more important than personal.

  • IMDb rating - 7.5

Ainbo. Spirit of the Amazon (2021)

12 мультфильмов, которые нужно показать ребенку, пока он не перестал мечтать

The hapless young huntress Ainbo grew up in the Amazonian jungle and is magically associated with this place. But one day, foreigners invade her house. Everyone Ainbo knows is in danger. Then the brave girl, along with her companions - the tapir Vaka and the battleship Dillo - sets off on a long journey to the top of the volcano to ask the good spirit of the Amazon for advice.

With its plot, the cartoon draws attention to environmental problems and the negative consequences of deforestation. In the course of his wanderings, Ainbo will grow up, learn to accept his weaknesses and transform them into strength.

  • IMDb rating - 6.1

Secret Magic Control Agency (2021)

12 мультфильмов, которые нужно показать ребенку, пока он не перестал мечтать

Gretel is an experienced agent of the secret magical security department. She is entrusted with a serious matter - to find the disappeared King. Her brother Hansel, known for his frivolity, becomes the girl's partner. Together they will have to reveal the secret of the disappearance of the King and fight with a powerful enemy wielding black magic.

The cartoon emphasizes the importance of family relationships. Brother and sister, different in character, eventually accept each other's shortcomings and find a common language.

  • IMDb rating - 6.3

Soul (2020)

12 мультфильмов, которые нужно показать ребенку, пока он не перестал мечтать

Another Pixar masterpiece, one of the top contenders for the Oscar in 2021 for Best Animated Film, tells the story of music teacher Joe Gardner, who loves jazz more than anything else. But when Joe is presented with the chance of his life, he falls through a manhole and finds himself in the afterlife. There he gets to know the soul 22 and begins to look at his life in a new way.

The groundbreaking cartoon touches on universal problems: how important is it to find your purpose and what to do if you have not found it? How to deal with routine and should your lifelong dream bring money?

  • IMDb rating - 8.1

Wolfwalkers (2020)

12 мультфильмов, которые нужно показать ребенку, пока он не перестал мечтать

Another Oscar contender is the cartoon by Tomm Moore, who is called the Irish Hayao Miyazaki. A girl named Robin moves from England to Ireland with her hunter father. He is given the task of destroying the wolves that live in the surrounding forests. Ignoring the parental warning, Robin goes outside the city walls and meets the werewolf girl Mab.

The cartoon illustrates the theme of the collision of old and new. So, Robin and her father learn to understand and accept beings unlike them. For this, it is very important not to be limited in views, and also not to allow prejudices to rule you.

  • IMDb rating - 8.1

A Whiskers Away (2020)

12 мультфильмов, которые нужно показать ребенку, пока он не перестал мечтать

Japanese high school student Miyo receives a magic mask from a stranger, putting on which she turns into a cat. Being in the body of an animal, the girl spends time next to her classmate, with whom she is unrequitedly in love. Reincarnating back into a person, the heroine feels lonely and even seriously thinks to remain a cat forever, because everyone loves cats.

This story teaches how to find strength in yourself and remain a sincere and pure person in a cold and sometimes hostile world.

  • IMDb rating - 6.7

Onward (2020)

12 мультфильмов, которые нужно показать ребенку, пока он не перестал мечтать

The second Pixar cartoon to compete in this year's Oscar race. Two elf brothers, Ian and Barley, live in a world where magic has given way to modern technology. On his 16th birthday, Ian receives a staff from his mother, which his father bequeathed to him. Thanks to the magic of the staff, the elves manage to return the parent from oblivion, but, unfortunately, only half. Together they set off on a journey in search of another magic crystal that will complete the magic rite.

The story of the journey of 2 dissimilar brothers, which began with a rivalry, teaches how important it is to let another person into your heart.

  • IMDb rating - 7.4

Over the Moon (2020)

12 мультфильмов, которые нужно показать ребенку, пока он не перестал мечтать

A girl named Fey-Fey builds a rocket to go to Earth's satellite and prove the existence of the moon goddess. For all this, the heroine is inspired by the memories of her mother. Fey-Fey cannot forgive his father for the decision to marry a second time and wants to prove to him that immortal love exists. The cartoon is nominated for an Oscar for Best Animation.

In the course of the plot, Fei-Fei learns to say goodbye and let go of the past. Having met the goddess of the moon, the girl understands that eternal love is also eternal sadness, so you need to allow yourself to let new people and new feelings into your life.

  • IMDb rating - 6.4

The Croods: A New Age (2020)

12 мультфильмов, которые нужно показать ребенку, пока он не перестал мечтать

The cartoon takes place in the Stone Age. The Croods are busy looking for a new, safe place to live. So they get to know the Bettermans, who have a beautiful garden, a well-thought-out economy and, in appearance, seem much more civilized than the main characters. But the Bettermans also have their skeletons in the closet.

The cartoon is a sequel to The Croods, which was released 8 years ago. He reminds viewers that no one is allowed to single-handedly dispose of natural resources, which rightfully belong to everyone. Using the Betterman family as an example, it is shown how important it is not only to think about your own good, but also to evaluate the consequences of decisions for others.

  • IMDb rating - 7

Abominable (2019)

12 мультфильмов, которые нужно показать ребенку, пока он не перестал мечтать

A schoolgirl named Lou meets Bigfoot. He escaped from the laboratory in Shanghai, where he was placed by evil scientists. The girl decides at all costs to help her new friend return home - to Everest. But in their footsteps are a collector of unusual creatures and a zoologist who pursue their own selfish goals.

In the language of animation, the cartoon reminds viewers of how much family and the support of friends mean. It was important for Lou and her companions to learn how to work in a team and listen to each other.

  • IMDb rating - 7

Missing Link (2019)

12 мультфильмов, которые нужно показать ребенку, пока он не перестал мечтать

A puppet cartoon from the independent animation company Laika, which gave the world "Coraline in the Land of Nightmares". The amateur naturalist Lionel Frost dreams of telling the world about the various mythical creatures that are legendary. In the deep forests of North America, he finds an intelligent primate named Link, who is the missing link between humans and their distant ancestors. To help Link find his family, Lionel travels to the Himalayas with a group of friends.

At the beginning of the film, public recognition means more to the protagonist than anything else. But as the journey progresses, he realizes that the friendship of his companions is much more important to him than the honorary decorations and the location of the scientific community.

  • IMDb rating - 6.7

Mirai no Mirai (2018)

12 мультфильмов, которые нужно показать ребенку, пока он не перестал мечтать

4-year-old Kun is jealous of his parents for his newborn sister named Mirai. The newly born child takes all their attention. Feeling unhappy, Coon begins hiding in the backyard where a magical family tree grows. Under its branches, the past and the future are superimposed on each other: the boy meets his matured younger sister and sees his mother very little.

The cartoon character learns to deal with his fears and understand the feelings that overwhelm him. But first of all, of course, this is the story of a small and friendly family, where everyone loves and supports each other.

  • IMDb rating - 7
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A young mother says that she went through the most difficult moments in trying to find a shelter so that she could give birth to her child. The first cries of the newborn were heard even during the bombings in the capital Kiev.


Thousands of people are waiting in the underground and waiting for the latest news on social networks. A doctor says that another mother also managed to give birth in a subway station where hundreds of people took refuge.


Against the backdrop of airstrikes on Kiev, residents took refuge in the city's underground subway stations. Subways remained open to accommodate people. Those sheltered on the platforms used the Telegram application to communicate with the outside world.


The image of the war in Ukraine is shocking. Exciting images of premature babies, lined up, wrapped in blankets and towels and rocked by medical staff at a hospital in the Dnipropetrovsk region of Ukraine, have appeared in public. Babies born prematurely were moved to a bomb shelter in Ukraine.



Maternity doctors in Dnipro, a city in eastern Ukraine, are desperately trying to protect newborns.


The babies, who are wrapped and lined up next to each other, are cared for and rocked by the medical staff in the shelter that was improvised on a lower level of the hospital building in the Dnipro region in eastern Ukraine.


The anti-aircraft shelter was improvised on a lower level of the hospital building.


"It simply came to our notice then. In a bomb shelter. Can you imagine? "Dr. Denis Surkov, head of the neonatal unit at the Children's Clinic Hospital in the Dnipropetrovsk region, told the New York Times in a WhatsApp message posted on Twitter.


Babies born during the war in Ukraine


A little girl, whom her parents named Mia, was born last night in the Kiev subway.


The girl was born around 20:30 on February 25.


  "Mia was born in a bunker tonight, in the midst of extremely stressful circumstances, when Kiev was under airstrikes. The baby's mother is very happy after this difficult birth, "said Hannah Hopko, chair of the Conference on Democracy in Action in Ukraine.


This young woman gave birth to a baby girl in a bomb shelter in the Kiev subway system when the Russian army launched a military operation in the city.




"In the evening, at the Gurkit in Gostomel, to the sound of sirens, my wife gave birth to a baby girl! This is such an important time for us! We are in a sloping house, in a bomb shelter, with military and operational accommodation and gentle, absolutely calm, medical care and with the people of today. Glory to Ukraine and our soldiers, "wrote a Ukrainian who became the father of a girl last night.



Also in Kiev, still under a rain of bombs, a little boy was born. Between the crumbling walls in the basement of a hospital where they were sheltered by the light of the lamp, three nurses helped the mother to give birth.


Another two babies were born under shelling. Yesterday in Kherson, under shelling, in one of the maternity hospitals equipped in a bomb shelter, two boys were born.



Babies born in difficult conditions during the war in Ukraine


These little ones are true heroes and bearers of peace on earth.



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The childhood of the '90s was not an easy one, but it was beautiful through the simplicity of living and the joy that that "little" existing on all levels brought you. There were also few objects that served games or leisure, but that little means a lot to the children of that time and represents even more to the adults of today.

Why?! Because it has irrevocably marked them in a way that all the latest gadgets will not be able to mark today's children who are simply fascinated by them. If you are a parent, you probably want your foot to taste the wonderful aroma of your childhood.

We remember with nostalgia the times when we were children and as we get older we tend to compare our childhood with the younger ones like us. The childhood of the 90s and 2000s was really a colorful one. The children were eager for adventures and the evolution of the world in rapid steps.

Today we really miss the childhood of those years. Bemorepanda has collected top memes and tweets that will immerse you for a few minutes in those times.

1.The games of childhood

2.Windows Media Player

3.Parents of this years

4.Burning a CD


6.Cool celling

7.Windows 95

8.Vintage item

9.The ancestors of bath bombs

10.IPod shuffle

11.Time to watch a movie

12.The game was so real

13.Summer mix

14.So possitive

15.Having a good day

16.So old

17.Watch Titanic

18.You are so old?

19.Gen Z

20.Friday nights

21.Saturday morning

22.VR that time

23.Before the internet

24.That was pain

25.Remember this years

26.Gaming in the 90’s

27.That was a cool trend

28.Walk away from your problems

29.Real 90’s babies

30.Sabrina the teenage

31.That’s was sexy

32.Cool kid

33.Texting in the 90’s

34.I am so glad

35.Hiking day

36.So old

37.Nostalgic pic

38.Haunted house

39.Oh dear God

40.After school routine


42.Pizza hut

43.AA baterries

44.Taco bell

45.Jock Jams

46.Basketball hall

47.Stay home

48.Lit weekend

49.Laser point


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