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Compilation of best outer space movies to watch during quarantine

2 years ago

Outer space has almost always fascinated mankind, and the imagination, like space, has no limits whenever it bends to this subject. In addition to the efforts of scientists to find out what is beyond the Earth's atmosphere and what is found on other planets, in addition to space missions organized with considerable effort and often with human losses, space has always been the favorite subject of writers. Science Fiction and filmmakers. So today we present you the best space movies that have conquered the audience over time.

Interstellar, 2014

We could say that the story is a classic one. The earth is preparing for the end, it is turning into a huge desert, food resources are increasingly limited, and former NASA pilot Cooper, played by Matthew McConaughey, has the role of discovering another planet where humans can move. He goes on a mission with 3 researchers and, as in any respected Hollywood movie, tensions, internal struggles and sabotage appear.

Interstellar has impressed the public since its launch with the high issues, real problems we face every day, as well as the way it was made.

2001: A Space Odyssey, 1968

Filmed in 1968, the movie, directed by Stanley Kubrick, is still considered one of the best space movies ever made. Bringing to the fore topics such as human evolution, technology, artificial intelligence, existentialism and having the support and information of more than 50 organizations in the aerospace industry, the movie is considered one of the most realistic in the field.

Solyaris, 1972

The movie directed by Andrei Tarkovsky and inspired by the novel of the same name, written by Stanislaw Lem, is not only a science fiction story, but also a psychological meditation on the meaning of life. The 4 scientists aboard an orbital station are facing strange phenomena, for which they fail to find explanations, and they are caused by a planet that is covered by an ocean of reason, a substance that has the same properties as the human brain. The movie raises a lot of issues, starting with morality and the struggle with one's conscience, reaching neuroses and even hallucinations.

Apollo 13, 1995

Apollo 13 is more than a movie, it is an invitation to forget. Presents the third NASA mission to reach the moon in 1970. The crew never landed again because, 2 days after launch, a malfunction in the electrical system turned them off and became the point to start some terrible acts of courage.

Star Wars, Episode IV - A New Hope, 1977

The first of the space odyssey that generated a franchise and that has fascinated and continues to fascinate generations, George Lucas' Star Wars is a reference film in world cinema, not only in SF and has entered smoothly since its launch. , on the list of the best movies about space.

The action takes place on the desert planet Tatooine, where Luke Skywalker discovers that the R2D2 robot he received as a gift has an intergalactic message from Princess Leia, who asks for help to escape from the hands of the evil genius Darth Vader. From here begins a fantastic adventure with the Rebels and the ruling Empire, which rules the galaxy.

Alien, 1979

The movie directed by Ridley Scott is considered to be a masterpiece of the science fiction genre. The action takes place in space where the crew of a space tug responds to an aid signal. He arrives at an alien ship where he discovers some mysterious eggs, and from here things take a turn for the worse.

The movie enjoyed great success, being awarded an Oscar for best visual effects, Saturn Awards for Best SF Film, Best Director and Best Supporting Actress, Veronica Cartwright. It was the inspiration for several novels, comic book series, video games, toys and other movies, as well as the scene that brought the celebrity of the actress Sigourney Weaver.

The Martian, 2015

The Martian is directed by the same Ridley Scott and was awarded a Golden Globe. Starring Matt Damon, the movie tells the story of an astronaut considered dead and abandoned on Mars. His struggle for survival and his attempts to return home keep the public speechless.

To make the story as truthful as possible, Scott asked a NASA team to help make it happen, bringing inside information about attempts by American researchers and astronauts to conquer Mars.

Gravity, 2013

The space adventure made by Alfonso Cuaron, with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in the main roles, was very well received by both the public and the critics. The movie received no less than 7 Oscars, 6 BAFTAs, a Golden Globe and 7 Critics Choice Awards, so it could not miss the list of best movies about space.

A doctor specializing in bioengineering, on his first mission in space and an astronaut on his last command mission before retirement, end up lost in space after their ship is destroyed. With no chance of communicating with those on Earth and with fear taking over, the two have no choice but to look for a way to survive and return home.

From The Earth To The Moon, 2019

After the success of "Apollo 13", director Ron Howard teamed up with Tom Hanks for the HBO miniseries "From The Earth To The Moon" which presents the lives of the men and women involved in the first Apollo missions.

The series is valuable because it presents many archive images from the first missions, combined with interpreted scenes, giving the production a documentary side while preserving the style of an intense drama.

First Man, 2018

"A small step for man, a huge leap for humanity" - probably the most famous quote of the 20th century. Neil Armstrong's life was marked by these words he uttered the moment he became the first man to foot on the moon.

The triumphs and tragedies that accompanied Armstrong on his journey to this historic achievement are captured in an emotional way in the movie in which the lead role is excellently constructed by Ryan Gosling.

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What do you do when you feel a wave of romance encompass you whose magic is almost impossible to remove? You sit in your favorite and comfortable place with your partner or friends or just with yourself and enjoy beautiful, funny and loving moments, watching the best romantic comedies.

The Ugly Truth

Abby Richter (Katherine Heigl), a successful TV producer, finds a solution to just about every problem in the world, except for her sentimental life, which is a disaster. For his part, Mike (Gerard Butler) is a guy who knows how to say things by name and this is exactly what he has to do with his show about men's secrets. Even if they hate each other, the two are forced to work together. And so they make a pact.


Amy (Amy Adams) is a girl who leads a carefree life. She works for a men's magazine, has a bunch of cool friends and a lot of one-night adventures, because she's not the kind to get serious about a relationship. When she begins to fall in love with Aaron Conners (Bill Hader), the doctor about whom she has to write an article, all her principles about freedom, love and relationships are called into question.

Love, Rosie

Rosie (Lily Collins) and Alex (Sam Claflin) are best friends and want to be their whole lives side by side. An unexpected event, however, changes Rosie's plans and moves Alex in a completely opposite direction.

The Back-Up Plan

Jennifer Lopez plays the role of Zoe, a woman who, after countless failures in love, decides not to wait and become a mother on her own. The same day she goes to the artificial insemination office, she meets Stan (Alex O'Loughlin), who is instantly attracted to her.

No Reservations

Kate (Catherine Zeta Jones) is a skilled chef from Manhattan, for whom the kitchen is her playground, but also the place where she spends most of her time. Her life is changing when her boss hires an extremely charming sous chef, Nick Palmer (Aaron Eckhart), a rising star whose work methods are a little more ... extravagant.

All Roads Lead to Rome

If you count yourself among those who love Italy and holidays there, All Roads Lead to Rome is only worth seeing on a Sunday dedicated to relaxation. In an attempt to get closer to her rebellious daughter, Summer (Rosie Day), Maggie (Sarah Jessica Parker) decides to take her on a trip to Italy, where she fell in love for the first time many years ago.

Life as We Know It

Holly (Katherine Heigl) and Eric (Josh Duhamel) hate each other passionately and nothing seems to help them reach a consensus. But when their best friends die in a road accident, the two must make peace in order to grow up with little Sophie, their fine daughter who has now become an orphan.

Friends with Benefits

From this list of romantic comedies could not miss Friends with Benefits, an important representative of the genre. Jamie (Mila Kunis) and Dylan (Justin Timberlake) meet for the first time in professional interest, but soon they become best friends ... with benefits.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Andie's (Kate Hudson) mission is to find a man to get her slippers in ten days. Benjamin (Matthew McConaughey) bet is to make a woman fall in love with him in ten days. Who will win?

50 First Dates

Henry (Adam Sandler) falls in love with Lucy (Drew Barrymore) at first sight. The only problem is that her memory disappears from day to day and she never remembers who he is.

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The cat is currently the best known pet in the world. The senses of this animal are very sharp, especially the sight, hearing and smell, which is why they have sometimes been assigned supernatural powers. There is talk of cats that have predicted earthquakes and other disasters, probably due to their ear being able to perceive vibrations that the human ear cannot perceive. It is an independent animal, walking and cleaning itself, unlike a dog. These qualities of cats have attracted the attention of producers in the movie industry. Whether they were protagonists or supporting characters, the cats passed the acting tests, showing tact, personality and intelligence.

The AristoCats

The story of the movie has in the foreground some Parisian cats, which, unfortunately, get to be left by his master, because he stops living, and they become the heirs of the entire fortune. And, because not everyone is happy with the will left, even the butler of the house decides to get rid of the aristocratic cats and leave them in the desert.


Who hasn't heard at least once about the Garfield overweight guy? It is not an animated movie, even though the rider is animated, but it is an extremely funny and interesting production. You will follow the story of John and his cat Garfield. Garfield is the king of the house, he is red-haired, naughty and extremely passionate about lasagna. Well, everything changes in Garfield's life when his master goes to the vet and falls in love with the doctor. This is how a new colleague appears in Garfield's life, namely the dog Odie.

The Adventures of Milo and Otis

An adventure movie in which you will be able to watch both cats and dogs, because in the foreground there is a specimen of each breed. Specifically, you will follow Milo, a red cat, and Otis, a pug. They both wake up away from home and do their best to get back, but until then, they go through a lot of more and more interesting adventures.

Puss in Boots

An extremely well thought out comedy movie that definitely will make you feel good. A clever cat who has only one dream: to get her hands on the enchanted beans, from there to sprout a twig, which will take her to the sky, where she will find the goose with the golden eggs.

Two Brothers

It's a movie about felines, in which you will follow the story of two tiger cubs, brothers, but totally different: one extremely quite, while the other is extremely brave. They live in the jungle, have a quiet life, but at one point someone breaks their peace. They get lost in their mother and later become the property of an explorer.

Nine Lives

A movie also with an animated cat, but which, this time, presents the life story of an extremely stressed and busy businessman with his jobs. He has no time with family or friends, but arrives at a store. The adventure begins when he learns that he has a week to resume family relationships, because otherwise he will remain stuck in the cat's body forever.

A street cat named Bob

The movie is inspired by a bestseller. James Bowen is addicted to heroin and to get rid of this drug he follows a recovery program at a clinic in Tottenham. One night, Bowen finds an injured cat that he takes to the vet, and she begins to follow him everywhere. Bowen named it Bob. The two travel with the bus through the city, Bowen playing guitar to earn a living. 

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

One of the most entertaining movies with cats and dogs, Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore is about the eternal conflict between cats and dogs. Kitty Galore, a former elite agent for the spy organization MEOWS, who has become quite diabolical. Her mission is to annihilate the enemy dogs, humiliate her former comrades and conquer the world. Under this unprecedented threat, dogs and cats will have to make a common front to save themselves from the ultimate evil.

Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties

Garfield is back in Europe this time. He travels to England with his master Jon and his canine companion Odie. The purpose of the trip is for Jon to ask his wife, Liz. The story is inspired by the famous story "Prince and Beggar". Coincidentally, due to the striking resemblance, Garfield replaces Prince, a royal cat who had just inherited a castle. Here, it has at its disposal all the staff that has a royal jig, butler, servants and servants.

Oliver and Company

It is a classic animated movie inspired by Oliver Twist's extraordinary story. Oliver, a keen and lively kitten, strolls the streets of New York. It is gathered by a pack of stray dogs, who live stealing from the goods of others. Oliver learned from them that in order to overcome life obstacles.

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We are in self-isolation at the moment and as the situation is too changing and does not allow us to make a concrete plan, we thought of a safe option: a marathon of friendly comedies, only good to watch together with the whole family. We have ten proposals for you that will surely save you during quarantine.

The Princess Switch: Switched Again

The first movie had divided opinions, the second one appears to be a good one, it is looked forward to an interesting story in which the main character inherits an unexpected avenue but some problems will still appear. 


Hugo is an orphaned boy who lives alone at a Paris railway station. He made a new friend, a young girl (Chloe Grace Moretz), and the two set out on a journey that puts them into direct contact with the work and legacy of groundbreaking filmmaker Georges Méliès.

Mary Poppins Returns

Even though nobody was expecting for a new Mary Poppins, Emily Blunt initiated into Mary Poppins Returns, and managed to make it a winner. Returns looks to improve on the original by offering an actual villain and some action, but it's still for the younger set, with plenty of positivity, as well as catchy songs.

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Ralph and Vanellope potentially going separate ways as they enter the massive world of the internet, and the movie explores themes of toxic masculinity and online culture — though never in a preach-y manner. There’s plenty of time for fun as well, and while one could see the Star Wars and Disney Princess references as shameless cross-promotion, that doesn’t mean they aren’t wonderfully delightful. Thankfully, this is a sequel with a story worth telling.

The Princess and the Frog

Tiana is a working-class woman who dreamed of one day opening her own restaurant. That dream was far more important to her than the romantic notions of childhood stories like "The Frog Prince", but as Disney movies go, Tiana soon finds herself smack in the middle of a froggy fantasy complex complicated by a voodoo curse. And while all’s well that ends well, The Princess and the Frog takes some fun liberties with the original source material.

Incredibles 2

Superheros favorite family returns to "Incredibles 2", but this time Helen is in the spotlight, leaving Bob at home with Violet and Dash to navigate the daily heroism of "normal" life. It is a tough transition for everyone, made more difficult by the fact that the family still does not know about the emerging superpowers of the Jack-Jack child.

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

The movie stars Clara on Christmas Eve when she receives a gift from her deceased mother, a sophisticated mechanical egg whose key is missing. Sweetened by the incomplete gift, she reluctantly cuts it to a pompous ball organized by her godfather, on which occasion she discovers a magical land in danger due to an evil queen.

Tall Girl

Directed by Nzingha Stewart, Tall Girl introduces young teenager Jodi Kreyman (Ava Michelle) who for many years lived with complexes due to her size, being considered the tallest in college, but managing to get over these problems and wakes up caught in a love affair with a high school classmate.

Rise of Guardians

Jack Frost is far from a hero, but the moment Boogie Man embarks on his evil plan to take over the dreams of the world's children and make them stop believing in magic, The Man in the Moon chooses him as his guardian, to join Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Santa Ene. But the fight is hard, especially when Boogie Man uses fear to stir up nightmares, but the team of heroes is based on a little boy who never loses faith.

Johnny English Strikes Again

A funny family comedy to watch during quarantine which tells a story after a cyberattack exposes every undercover agent in Britain. There emerges a certain tech-challenged former agent from retirement to catch the hacker.

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There is some kind of week of self-isolation there, and you no longer know what to do with yourself? The way out of the situation is to get hooked on a good series. Especially for our beautiful ladies, we have made a selection of TV shows that will help you brighten up quarantine everyday life.

"Sex and the City"

This series has won millions of hearts. The story of four girlfriends living in the dream city of New York. Each of them is unique and goes its own way of life. Being between career, family and love affairs, they are not averse to meeting and gossiping on all pressing topics.

"Desperate Housewives"

Another classic of the "female" series. A tragicomedy about four housewives living on Wisteria Lane. The life of each of them is shrouded in secrets, therefore you observe with interest the life of all the heroines.

"Wild Angel"

Which girl didn’t watch this romantic series? How cool is to watch the love story between the main characters played by Natalia Oreiro and Facundo Arana. Quarantine is a great opportunity to review the series.


The mysterious gossip on the pages of her anonymous blog shares all the intrigues that unfold among the characters in a private school. Not a single secret passes by, and students believe its notes unconditionally. The main secret is kept secret until the very last series.

"Big little lie"

The murder that occurred during the school prom, turns the life of five women in a new adventure. The detective line of the series is intriguing and exciting.

"Insidious maids"

Seductive Latin American maids work for the wealthy and famous inhabitants of Beverly Hills. They have to keep clean, although there is a lot of dirt in these mansions. Gossip, intrigue, treachery of the owners and the worst - the brutal murder of their fifth girlfriend. The series resembles such hits as "Desperate Housewives" and "Sex and the City."

“Why do women kill?”

The stories of three women: housewives from the 1960s, socialite from the 1980s and a lawyer from the 2010s. But it is interesting that the stories of all the heroines occur in one house. Each of them is faced with the betrayal of his beloved, which subsequently leads to murder.


The sensational Russian series of Konstantin Bogomolov, which became very popular with the audience. The action takes place in Moscow, in a city of big money and passions. The series opens the door to the world of glamor, dangerous games and intrigue, but there is always a downside.


An American drama series about four friends, each of whom has their own secrets, problems in life and relationships. The main role in the movie was played by actress Alyssa Milano.


Sofia has always been a rebel, anarchist and implacable fighter with all sorts of rules and conventions. She for a very long time refused to grow up and accept reality as it is. However, finding herself in a practically hopeless financial situation and faced with the need to take some serious steps, she was not at a loss.

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Sometimes directors are real clairvoyants.  It delights, and sometimes even scares. 

Bemorepanda has compiled a list of top 10 movies you should watch that predicted in one way or another the existing pandemic, which affected the entire world not seen since the Great Depression.

Forbidden Planet

A rescue expedition flies to rescue a distant earthly colony, which was attacked by an unknown creature.  By their arrival, only Dr. Morbius, his daughter Altair and the robotic servant Robbie survived.

2001: A Space Odyssey

In prehistoric times, the black monolith turned Australopithecus into people.  After millions of years, humanity finds on the moon the same stone, sending a powerful signal somewhere in the region of Jupiter.  The Discovery research ship is sent there.  But on the way, the on-board computer HAL 9000 starts to behave very strangely.


TV presenter Howard Beal fired due to low ratings.  Then he decides on extravagant acts on the air: threatens to commit suicide, swears, makes revealing speeches.  All this unexpectedly brings him breathtaking popularity.


Max, director of a small adult channel, in search of a new porno sensation, stumbles upon a video signal from a pirate satellite.  The broadcast show, entitled “Videodrom,” contains horrific scenes of violence with bloody torture and murder.  Max is trying to learn more, but soon the line between the real world and hallucination begins to blur.

Back to the Future Part II

In the second part of the franchise, the young Marty McFly goes from 1985 to 2015 to help his own children out of a very unpleasant situation.  However, in the future, he and Professor Emmett Brown make a mistake, as a result of which the elderly Biff Tennen takes possession of the time machine and changes a lot in the fate of the heroes.  McFly and Brown understand that everything needs to be fixed urgently, and are postponed to 1955.

Total Recall

Builder Douglas Quaid has obsessive dreams about Mars.  In search of answers, he turns to a company that implants false memories into his brain.  But everything is not going as planned, after which the hero suddenly discovers the capabilities of a super agent.  Douglas realizes that his whole life until this moment was an illusion.

The Net

Programmer Angela Bennett accidentally crosses the path of the Praetorian hacker group.  Then the attackers substitute information about her identity in the databases.  And now the heroine is considered a dangerous criminal on the federal wanted list.

The Cable Guy

Stephen Kovacs moves to a new apartment and calls a cable man to set up a TV.  The charming Chip Douglas comes to him, and they quickly become friends.  But Chip is behaving more strangely, and Stephen decides to stop communicating.  This is where the real nightmare begins.

The Truman Show

Truman Burbank considers himself the most ordinary person, but in fact he is a participant in a reality show involuntarily.  Video cameras watch him around the clock, and his whole world - sets and actors.  And once the hero begins to notice it.

Enemy of the State

In the hands of a successful lawyer Robert Dean is compromising evidence exposing an dishonest official.  Very quickly, the life of the protagonist turns into a nightmare: American intelligence chases him everywhere, he becomes a universal enemy and outcast.

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