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The most beautiful movies that every woman should see

1 year ago

Every time something goes wrong in a woman's life or when they simply don't have the same strength to fight for their dreams, they need a few hours of peace with themselves, in which not to think about problems, the time that unhindered passes them,but also past or future. In those moments, women choose to hide in the quiet of their room and be part of the journey and life of strong, complex and unpredictable women.

The Help

It is an emotional movie inspired by the book of the same name written by Kathryn Stockett. An emotional drama about courage, the power to inspire social change, love and friendship regardless of skin color.


Facing personal problems that devastate her inside, her mother's death, the end of her marriage and drug addiction, Cheryl Strayed (Reese Witherspoon) is at a point where she feels there is no hope. After years of reactions that slowly led her to personal destruction, she makes a decision that those around her consider totally reckless: to start a journey of 1500 km, on foot and alone, without experience, de- along the Pacific Crest Trail, a beautiful mountain trail that connects the northern United States border with Mexico.

Million Dollar Baby

An exceptional movie that blows up any stereotype about women. It also conveys to us in a very special way that our age can only slow down our physique, not our spirit. Maggie Fitzgerald, played remarkably by Hilary Swank, shows us that dreams have no limits and that you can get where you want as long as you fight with all your might.

Mona Lisa Smile

A movie that teaches you about the value of dignity, courage and firmness to fight for a purpose in life. An intelligent movie that talks about the status of women in a certain society and describes the relationship of admiration and respect that is born between Katherine Watson (Julia Roberts) who teaches art history and the students of Wellesley College in New England in 1953. A movie about the courage to be alive what you want, not what others want.


How a woman's life is seen through the eyes of a child. A special movie made with special attention to detail, filmed in a way that perfectly reproduces the atmosphere of the 40's in a Sicilian town by the sea, excellently complemented by music signed by Il Maestro Ennio Morricone. Malena is an extraordinarily beautiful woman (played by one of the most beautiful women in the world, Monica Bellucci) who lives in this town with her father and is waiting for her newlywed enlisted on the African front. The perfection of her body arouses bodily lust from men of all ages, but especially a 12-year-old boy is the one who will fall in love with her irretrievably, will become her shadow and will see her in all the stages in which her life will transform.

"I met many women who told me: don't look at me. I forgot them. The only one I haven't forgotten is the one who never asked me: Malena. "

Easy A

One of the most beautiful movies, which is seen every time with the same enthusiasm, probably to some extent and because of the charismatic Emma Stone, whom all adore. Easy A is, in essence, an exhortation to young and adolescent women not to let the narrow perception or vision of others affect them or change them inside. Don't let the mouth of the world hurt them and be aware that what they think and feel is important.

Eat Pray Love

We often forget that life should be seen as a journey, and sometimes you need to change direction if the road is wrong. Eat Pray Love is one of those beautiful movies good to see when you feel lost and don't know which way to go. It shows us that there are many ways you can fight monotony, that you don't have to explain to anyone how you choose to live your life, and that you can go and see the world in order to find yourself. The beautiful Julia Roberts takes us on a wonderful journey through beautiful Italy, enigmatic India and beautiful Indonesia.

Miss You Already

A true friendship put to the challenge. Jess (Drew Barrymore) and Milly (Toni Colette) have been best friends since childhood and have shared many beautiful moments, secrets, clothes, experiences, and the differences between them have helped them to have an even closer friendship. However, their lives are turned upside down when Milly finds out that she has breast cancer and needs Jess more than ever.

Bride Wars

The Bride's War is a romantic comedy, full of more and more funny moments, with all the ingredients of a successful movie. A story about life, love, friendship and planning a dream wedding that will turn into a real war.

Coco Before Chanel

A motivational movie about the life of the extraordinary woman behind the Chanel empire. Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel is the woman who revolutionized the world of fashion and changed its historical course, through the fierce struggle for integration into a society that was completely different compared to her innovative and original ideas regarding the image of the modern woman. From a singer in a bar in the province to the owner of a business empire, Coco Chanel's journey is absolutely remarkable.

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What do you do when you feel a wave of romance encompass you whose magic is almost impossible to remove? You sit in your favorite and comfortable place with your partner or friends or just with yourself and enjoy beautiful, funny and loving moments, watching the best romantic comedies.

The Ugly Truth

Abby Richter (Katherine Heigl), a successful TV producer, finds a solution to just about every problem in the world, except for her sentimental life, which is a disaster. For his part, Mike (Gerard Butler) is a guy who knows how to say things by name and this is exactly what he has to do with his show about men's secrets. Even if they hate each other, the two are forced to work together. And so they make a pact.


Amy (Amy Adams) is a girl who leads a carefree life. She works for a men's magazine, has a bunch of cool friends and a lot of one-night adventures, because she's not the kind to get serious about a relationship. When she begins to fall in love with Aaron Conners (Bill Hader), the doctor about whom she has to write an article, all her principles about freedom, love and relationships are called into question.

Love, Rosie

Rosie (Lily Collins) and Alex (Sam Claflin) are best friends and want to be their whole lives side by side. An unexpected event, however, changes Rosie's plans and moves Alex in a completely opposite direction.

The Back-Up Plan

Jennifer Lopez plays the role of Zoe, a woman who, after countless failures in love, decides not to wait and become a mother on her own. The same day she goes to the artificial insemination office, she meets Stan (Alex O'Loughlin), who is instantly attracted to her.

No Reservations

Kate (Catherine Zeta Jones) is a skilled chef from Manhattan, for whom the kitchen is her playground, but also the place where she spends most of her time. Her life is changing when her boss hires an extremely charming sous chef, Nick Palmer (Aaron Eckhart), a rising star whose work methods are a little more ... extravagant.

All Roads Lead to Rome

If you count yourself among those who love Italy and holidays there, All Roads Lead to Rome is only worth seeing on a Sunday dedicated to relaxation. In an attempt to get closer to her rebellious daughter, Summer (Rosie Day), Maggie (Sarah Jessica Parker) decides to take her on a trip to Italy, where she fell in love for the first time many years ago.

Life as We Know It

Holly (Katherine Heigl) and Eric (Josh Duhamel) hate each other passionately and nothing seems to help them reach a consensus. But when their best friends die in a road accident, the two must make peace in order to grow up with little Sophie, their fine daughter who has now become an orphan.

Friends with Benefits

From this list of romantic comedies could not miss Friends with Benefits, an important representative of the genre. Jamie (Mila Kunis) and Dylan (Justin Timberlake) meet for the first time in professional interest, but soon they become best friends ... with benefits.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Andie's (Kate Hudson) mission is to find a man to get her slippers in ten days. Benjamin (Matthew McConaughey) bet is to make a woman fall in love with him in ten days. Who will win?

50 First Dates

Henry (Adam Sandler) falls in love with Lucy (Drew Barrymore) at first sight. The only problem is that her memory disappears from day to day and she never remembers who he is.

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The heroes of this movies will reach everyone’s heart. During quarantine it is important to watch movies about animals combined with touching and fun moments.This movies always carry a life-affirming morality and teach viewers to be kinder to others!

Free Willy

Twelve-year-old tomboy Jesse gets acquainted with Willie's smart killer whale. Only now the evil owners want to kill the animal in order to receive insurance payment. But the devoted boy is going to desperately fight for the life of a friend.

For this and subsequent movies about Willy, they made a life-sized killer whale model that was so similar to the real one that Keiko, the male whale who starred in the picture, even tried to communicate with her.


An orphaned piglet Babe gets to the Hogget farm, where he is adopted by a shepherd named Fly. Soon, the owner notices that Babe is an unusual pig and wants to graze sheep, just like his adoptive mother.

The director of the film, George Miller, the author of the Mad Max franchise, was the first to force the animals to “speak” credibly on the screen. Therefore, the Oscar for the best visual effects picture deservedly. Up to this point, filmmakers for a long time did not dare to experiment with the articulation of animals and limited themselves to the application of voiceover.

The horse whisperer

A young rider named Grace has to amputate part of her leg after the girl got under the truck while riding. Her horse also receives serious injuries, both physical and mental. To save her daughter from depression, mother Grace decides to find a certain Tom Booker who can communicate with horses in one language.

Eight below

A scientific expedition sets off in search of a meteorite. However, an unexpected incident forces scientists to abandon their dog teams and go back. Now eight Siberian huskies must wait until they are rescued. At the same time, they have to withstand the unbearable natural conditions of Antarctica.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

Professor Parker Wilson finds an Akita Inu puppy and gives him the name Hachiko. A devoted pet escorts the owner every day to work to the station, and meets him there in the evening. However, an unexpected tragic incident destroys this idyll.

The story of Hachiko actually happened in Japan with Professor Hidesaburo Ueno and his pet. She formed the basis of the old Japanese painting in 1987. But the director Lasse Hallstrom tried to make his version closer to the Western audience, so the action takes place these days in Rhode Island, and the charming Richard Gere plays the main role.

We bought a zoo

Remaining a widower, the writer Benjamin Mi is trying to improve relations with children - fourteen-year-old Dylan and very young Rosie. When the family is going to move to a new house, it suddenly turns out that, under the contract, the owners must take responsibility for the ruined zoo as well.

Nicostratos le pélican

The unsociable fisherman Demosthenes experiences the death of his wife and has little interest in the life of his son Janis. The latter, meanwhile, secretly saves from his father an unusual chick, who becomes a local star and attracts crowds of tourists to an inconspicuous Greek island.

Red dog

The film tells the real story of a ginger dog from a mining town that set off on a journey in search of a deceased owner. Thanks to his loyalty, the dog becomes famous throughout the continent.

Water for elephants

The young veterinarian Jacob takes a job at a traveling circus and falls in love with the beautiful trainer Marlena. But the woman is already married to the power-hungry and eccentric manager Augustus Rosenbluth.

Big miracle

Three gray whales somehow find themselves under a thick layer of ice near the town of Barrow. The poor journalist accidentally sees the television journalist Adam Carlson, and after a short time the news of the captured giants flies around the world.

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There is some kind of week of self-isolation there, and you no longer know what to do with yourself? The way out of the situation is to get hooked on a good series. Especially for our beautiful ladies, we have made a selection of TV shows that will help you brighten up quarantine everyday life.

"Sex and the City"

This series has won millions of hearts. The story of four girlfriends living in the dream city of New York. Each of them is unique and goes its own way of life. Being between career, family and love affairs, they are not averse to meeting and gossiping on all pressing topics.

"Desperate Housewives"

Another classic of the "female" series. A tragicomedy about four housewives living on Wisteria Lane. The life of each of them is shrouded in secrets, therefore you observe with interest the life of all the heroines.

"Wild Angel"

Which girl didn’t watch this romantic series? How cool is to watch the love story between the main characters played by Natalia Oreiro and Facundo Arana. Quarantine is a great opportunity to review the series.


The mysterious gossip on the pages of her anonymous blog shares all the intrigues that unfold among the characters in a private school. Not a single secret passes by, and students believe its notes unconditionally. The main secret is kept secret until the very last series.

"Big little lie"

The murder that occurred during the school prom, turns the life of five women in a new adventure. The detective line of the series is intriguing and exciting.

"Insidious maids"

Seductive Latin American maids work for the wealthy and famous inhabitants of Beverly Hills. They have to keep clean, although there is a lot of dirt in these mansions. Gossip, intrigue, treachery of the owners and the worst - the brutal murder of their fifth girlfriend. The series resembles such hits as "Desperate Housewives" and "Sex and the City."

“Why do women kill?”

The stories of three women: housewives from the 1960s, socialite from the 1980s and a lawyer from the 2010s. But it is interesting that the stories of all the heroines occur in one house. Each of them is faced with the betrayal of his beloved, which subsequently leads to murder.


The sensational Russian series of Konstantin Bogomolov, which became very popular with the audience. The action takes place in Moscow, in a city of big money and passions. The series opens the door to the world of glamor, dangerous games and intrigue, but there is always a downside.


An American drama series about four friends, each of whom has their own secrets, problems in life and relationships. The main role in the movie was played by actress Alyssa Milano.


Sofia has always been a rebel, anarchist and implacable fighter with all sorts of rules and conventions. She for a very long time refused to grow up and accept reality as it is. However, finding herself in a practically hopeless financial situation and faced with the need to take some serious steps, she was not at a loss.

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Interesting dramas, detective stories, witty comedies and even a gloomy anti-utopia. This are the best series collected by Bemorepanda about women and their life. 

Sorry for Your Loss

Lee Shaw was happily married.  And then her husband died, and the young heroine lost almost everything in life.  Do you need to learn to communicate with friends again, remember your interests and gradually let go of the past.

Little Fires Everywhere

Elena Richardson lives with her husband and children in the quiet city of Shaker Heights, where everyone is literally obsessed with order and cleanliness.  Once the heroine meets Mia Warren - an artist and photographer who came with her daughter Pearl and temporarily lives in a car.  Elena decides to help her new friend, but gradually this leads to serious problems.

Good Girls

Three housewives found themselves in a very difficult situation: they do not have money to pay the bills, and one also has a sick daughter.  Desperate, they arm themselves with a toy gun and go to rob a supermarket.  The proceeds are much higher than expected, but the heroines are taking over the world of crime.

Russian Doll

Nadia leaves the party dedicated to her birthday, and then dies under the wheels of the car.  The next moment she returns at the moment when she was just about to leave the holiday.  The heroine will die over and over again, stuck in a loop of time.  Then Nadia decides to figure out the cause of the anomaly.

Dead to Me

After her husband was hit by a car, Jen alone brings up two sons.  She believes that she can find the culprit of the accident by inspecting cars on the streets.  In a support group, Jen meets Judy's strange neighbor.  Women become friends, supporting each other in difficult moments.  But Judy has some secrets in the past.

Sharp Objects

Reporter Camilla Priker returns to her hometown to write an article about disappearances and murders of children.  But once at home under the control of an autocratic mother, she again plunges into unpleasant memories of her childhood and her dead sister.  And at this time, the general situation is heating up.


In the Wild West, criminal Roy Hood escaped from his adoptive father and accomplice Frank Griffin with looted goods.  He took refuge in a secluded ranch near the city of La Belle, where almost only women live after the collapse of the mine.

Why Women Kill

Three women lived in the same house, but at different times.  Each of them at some point encountered difficulties in their relationship.  It is impossible to predict what a housewife from the 60s, a socialite from the 80s and a lawyer from today will do.  Although the headline hints that good things will not end.

Killing Eve

Eva Polastri, a MI5 employee, is completely different from the cool movie intelligence agents.  She is mired in domestic problems and feels very insecure.  But it is Eve who will have to track down the insane hired killer with Russian roots, known under the pseudonym Villanel.  Over time, their confrontation develops into an obsession.

The Morning Show

For many years, Alex Levy hosted the popular Morning Show program with her colleague Mitch Kessler.  But then he was accused of sexual harassment and fired.  Now Alex must fight for her place with the new employee Bradley Jackson.

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Movies about dragons are always colorful and breathtaking. Classic hand-drawn animation, modern 3D-graphics and exciting multi-part projects.

The Hobbit

The hobbit Bilbo Baggins, in the company of the wizard Gandalf and the Dwarves, sets out on a journey to recover the treasures of the Kingdom of Piedmont that were captured by the insidious dragon Smog.

The Flight of Dragons

Inventor Peter Dickinson through the efforts of the sorcerer Carolinus finds himself in a fairyland where good wizards and dragons live.  The hero has to defeat the evil magician Omaddan.  The only trouble is that Peter accidentally turns into a dragon.


Mulan's parents expect their daughter to become a worthy bride, but the girl does not manage to impress the stern matchmaker, despite all the efforts.  It suddenly turns out that every family is obliged to send one man to the war.  Then Mulan, without saying anything to his relatives, goes there instead of his old and sick father.  Only here in China, women are forbidden to serve in the army.  Therefore, the heroine pretends to be a young man, but at any moment she can be revealed and severely punished.

Quest for Camelot

Girl Kylie wants to join the ranks of the Knights of the Round Table, but when the villain Rubert kills her father, the noble Sir Lionel, the heroine has to flee.  Over the years, it turns out that the villain has again planned the evil and is going to enslave the whole world with the help of dark magic.  Then Kylie goes on a trip to prevent Rubert, and new friends help her in this - the blind hermit Garrett, his falcon Aiden and the funny two-headed dragon.


A huge green ogre named Shrek is completely satisfied with his bachelor life in the swamp.  But once his idyll is violated by fabulous creatures expelled from the kingdom by order of the evil Lord Farquhad.  To get back silence and calm, the hero must free Princess Fiona.  She is imprisoned in a tower guarded by a fire-breathing dragon.  The ogre will be assisted by the annoying talking Donkey.

Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi

While moving to a new home, the girl Chihiro with her mom and dad got lost and wandered into a strange empty city.  Having a snack there, parents turn into pigs and, together with their daughter, find themselves in a world of ghosts and demons ruled by the sorceress Yubaba.  Now Chihiro needs to serve the witch and come up with a plan to save relatives.

Chasseurs de dragons

Girl Zoe meets the brave dragon fighters Guizdo and Lin-Chu and leads them to her uncle.  He invites friends to accomplish a feat and kill the most terrible monster that has ever existed in the world.  The company plans to slowly run away with an advance, but Zoe’s enthusiasm stops them, so the team really goes on a very dangerous trip.

How to Train Your Dragon

Severe Vikings are used to not letting dragons terrorize them.  But once among the islanders there is a boy who understands that these animals are not at all as dangerous as is commonly believed.

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