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Why penguins come out on land now - A difficult period begins in the life of flightless birds

2 years ago

Summer ended in Antarctica, and the first penguins stretched out of the water to nesting sites. By the beginning of this long and difficult period in the life of flightless seabirds, World Penguin Day is celebrated on April 25th. 



King penguins, like all penguin representatives, live in the sea of the Southern Hemisphere, closer to Antarctica.


They nest on islands such as South Georgia, Tierra del Fuego, South Sandwich, Crozet, and a number of others, in close proximity to seals, elephants, albatrosses and another 30 species of seabirds.



The king penguin is similar to the imperial penguin, the largest in the world, but differs in brighter color and slightly smaller size - its body length barely reaches 1 m and its weight does not exceed 17 kg.



Penguin ancestors who lived in a temperate climate, when Antarctica was not yet an ice-covered mainland, were the size of humas and could reach a weight of 120 kg.



During the nesting period, the male walks around the colony, showing orange spots on his head, indicating his puberty, and screams loudly, raising his beak to the sky.



An interested female approaches the male, the mating dance and hugs begin ...



In the middle of winter, the female lays one egg and covers it with a fold on her belly. A little later, a male is joining to the nestling hatchery.



King penguin chicks are brown in color. Only those who hatch from eggs laid from November to December survive.


The rest do not have time to grow before winter and die. The next year, parents left without offspring begin to lay their eggs earlier, and those who have already raised chicks nest later, taking a break.



On land, birds walk slowly, flipping from side to side, which saves a lot of energy.



In water, they develop a speed of more than 10 km / h, especially when they swim like dolphins, periodically jumping out of the water. Going to land, they can overcome almost two meters in a jump.



King penguins nest mainly on rocks, in places easily accessible to humans.



The measures taken to protect birds allowed for a century to restore the global population. There are currently about a million pairs of king penguins on earth.


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 If you are one of those people who avoids flea markets and second-hand shops, then you will never understand the excitement with which people are looking for "treasures" in these stores. And there, believe me, there are a lot of them! After all, what one person does not need can be a thing that another person desperately needs, and this is what makes finds from thrift stores so valuable.


“I am an electrician and I constantly save old fixtures by taking them out of the trash heap or buying them for next to nothing at thrift stores. I already have a whole collection in my basement, and this octopus will also replenish it ”



“I found this vintage Edwardian wedding dress at a local thrift store and couldn't leave it there. It cost only 7 dollars and, besides, I have a wedding soon, so I think I was very lucky "



 "I found these photos from the premiere of Good Will Hunting at an antique store in Seattle."



"For years I was tempted by miniature chairs in thrift stores, and one day I finally bought nine of them."



"I went to a thrift store and found this duck there, not even suspecting that it was an incense burner."




"I'm just in love with these gold earrings with an angel and a devil, which I was lucky to snatch at a flea market."



"This is one of the sweetest budget purchases I've made in a thrift store to date."



"A magical find at today's garage sale"



“As soon as I saw this chair, I remembered about my cat, August, and for good reason - he immediately appreciated it”



"I fell in love with them and just couldn't pass by!"




"I found this naughty raver outfit at a garage sale and I can't wait to get people to wear it!"



"I got this beauty for just 5 bucks."



"A wicker miracle that both my cats liked"



"I gladly paid $ 25 for this BEAUTY!"



“I found this brass fly ashtray at a thrift store in Wisconsin. I'm going to fill it with pretty pebbles that I found in our backyard. "



"I'm just wildly delighted with my recent find."



"I went to a flea market for things that I really needed ... and returned with a frog-shaped mirror for $ 2."



"A few months ago, I bought this incredible handbag for women at auction."



"This is possibly the coolest thing I've ever found in a thrift store!"


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Japan is an ancient country, with an extremely interesting history and traditions. Japan is also very closed to foreigners, which is why so many tourists are interested in these isolated islands. The modern Japanese way of life and culture are quite different from the USA and Europe. Read on for interesting things about Japan that you probably didn't know.

There are no people in Japan to collect garbage. The streets of Japan are extremely clean, even in Tokyo, which is the capital and a massive megalopolis, all the streets are clean and have no garbage. But how is this possible without garbage? It all comes down to their mentality. The Japanese rarely leave garbage on the streets. Also, volunteers, both young and old, clean the streets simply because they want to live in a clean city. If an employer sees that you have previously worked as a volunteer street cleaner, you will be seen as a responsible person and will probably hire you much faster.

In Japan, 98.5% of the population is Japanese. Today's world is becoming more and more international due to the mixing of cultures. But this is not the case in Japan, because of the extremely difficult visas and cultural mentality, it is a challenge for migrants to stay in Japan. On the one hand, it protects this unique and ancient culture with ancient traditions, but, on the other hand, it is closed to the outside world and migrants.

25% of Japan's population is over 65 years old. Japan is now facing terrible demographic problems. Because it is so difficult to afford the needs of children, such as schools, medicine, extracurricular activities, many Japanese simply do not have children. It has been like this for many years, and now over 25% of the population is over 65 years old. Immigrants are the solution to this problem, they do not like to integrate and want to have children.

In Japan you are allowed to sleep at work. You've probably heard about how long the days of service in Japan are. Officially, the schedule is 8 hours a day as in most parts of the world, but due to their mentality, any employee wants to stay over the schedule to show that he is willing to work. In Japan, if you sleep during the work day, it is a sign that you work extremely hard. Even if Japanese companies do the same job as Americans or Europeans, workers postpone their work until evening to stay at work and show a desire to work.

1.Giving everyone a change



4.Rice paddy

5.Tree in Japan

6.Telephone of the wind

7.Semi-transparent umbrellas

8.Just 2 days

9.Train seats in Japan

10.Turtle way

11.Toilets be like

12.Lumber production



15.Waiting at station


17.The oldest fish

18.Smooth train

19.Train stop

20.Bonsai tree

21.Trains in Japan

22.Private restaurant

23.Help in Japan

24.Japan under water

25.Japanese movie

26.Package from Japan

27.Relaxation drink

28.Rain storm



31.Two friends

32.Food at hospital

33.Cleaning together

34.Cool option

35.Floating solar power plant

36.Economy class

37.Vending machine

38.Isolated village


40.Pets button

41.Eye drops

42.Solar arc

43.Arch bridge

44.System for bags


46.Fish socks

47.KFC in Japan

48.Subway in Japan

49.Suit store

50.Producing woods

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Today, wherever we go, we take our smartphone with us everywhere and can take a picture at any time. But this was not always the case, and most of the story passed without cameras and video filming. That is why historical photographs are so valuable, especially if they were taken in ancient times. Today we want to plunge with you into the times of the past and look at the life of people of those years, as well as see rare pictures of stars that few have seen.


Moscow, 1965



David Bowie and Mick Jagger were very close friends, and according to some stories even more, 1970



Australian professional swimmer, actress and writer Annette Kellerman has fought for women's right to wear tight-fitting swimwear. She was arrested for indecent behavior, 1907



Frank Sinatra and his fans, 1940s



Sigourney Weaver on the set of the movie "Alien 3", 1991




Correctional colony of strict regime, Kovrov, 1993



Marilyn Monroe in 1957



Kylie Minogue, 1993



California Bikini Contest 1986



Reaction of a boy watching television for the first time, 1948




Perfume machine, 1952



"The health of workers is the work of the workers themselves." Psychiatric hospital, USSR, 1930s



This item was used to play the bottle game, Europe, 17th century



Gillian Anderson, 1996



Female sniper company of the 3rd Shock Army of the 1st Belorussian Front, Germany, May 1945


Albert Einstein, 1933



Tasting room "Nectar" in Leningrad, 1985



Nikita Khrushchev during a visit to India, 1956



Visiting quarantined relatives and friends at Ullewol Hospital, Oslo, 1905



Robert De Niro in Moscow, 1980s




Sellers of skullcaps, UzSSR, 1930



Former spouses Johnny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie, 1996



Madonna, Versace ad campaign, 1995



Victorian photographer's birdie, 1900s


In the 1920s, resourceful photographers attracted the attention of children with a brass bird placed near the lens. An interesting fact: not only was the toy shiny, it also emitted a whistle similar to the singing of real birds.


A soldier from the honor guard, passing out from the heat, Melbourne, January 20, 1974


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Who lives at the bottom of the ocean? Children will answer this simple-minded question very unequivocally and loudly, and biologists will list the animals until evening. However, there is a bottom dweller, who is recognized by both those, and those - a starfish. But today we will talk about the most titled type of these animals - the sunflower star, or pycnopodia.

Пикноподия: Крупнейшая морская звезда ещё и самая быстрая. Без неё океан обречен на порабощение морскими ежами

Why the most titled? Well, firstly, because sunflower stars are the largest among their relatives. The creeping "flower" can fatten up to a meter in diameter. With such a size, five branches, as in standard stars, are clearly not enough. At least, the starfish itself decided so, increasing their number by 3-4 times!

Пикноподия: Крупнейшая морская звезда ещё и самая быстрая. Без неё океан обречен на порабощение морскими ежами

But that's it, turn the starfish upside down and see hundreds of thousands of micro-legs! Such a number of walking and grasping accessories gives the animal a second title - the title of the fastest starfish. Pycnopodia "rush" at a speed of one meter per minute! Not impressive? And if I say that her relatives have an average acceleration of about 5 times less?

Пикноподия: Крупнейшая морская звезда ещё и самая быстрая. Без неё океан обречен на порабощение морскими ежами

Do you still doubt the speed abilities of our heroine? Well, okay. The main thing is that the pycnopodia itself does not need high speeds for happiness - the predator's prey can barely crawl, if at all, so that it does not have problems in catching up.

Пикноподия: Крупнейшая морская звезда ещё и самая быстрая. Без неё океан обречен на порабощение морскими ежами

You can find "sunflower fields" on the picturesque reliefs of the northern Pacific Ocean. There are underwater forests of algae rich in various living creatures. In the hunt for its inhabitants, the beast has honed its skills to the level of a serial killer.

Пикноподия: Крупнейшая морская звезда ещё и самая быстрая. Без неё океан обречен на порабощение морскими ежами

She easily catches up with sea urchins, hermit crabs and weakened fish. By the way, in reality, the friendship of SpongeBob and Patrick would last exactly as long as the pycnopodia would crawl to a sea sponge. Their stars gnaw with the same pleasure as everyone else.

Пикноподия: Крупнейшая морская звезда ещё и самая быстрая. Без неё океан обречен на порабощение морскими ежами

Neither scales, nor chitinous shells, nor even needles will save from the invasion of a starfish! The star swallows its prey whole, leaving bare skeletons after its meal. And if the food turns out to be too large, then the pycnopodia will release its stomach and begin to digest lunch just like that!

Пикноподия: Крупнейшая морская звезда ещё и самая быстрая. Без неё океан обречен на порабощение морскими ежами

And if the pycnopodia loves to gut the bottom dwellers, then it does not excite it very much to love its relatives. Looking for a partner? Raising children? To hell with all this, the hunt does not wait! Stars of different sexes simply throw eggs and sperm into the water, hoping that they will somehow intersect themselves. If a miracle occurs, a small and not at all star-shaped larva is formed, which will turn into the likeness of parents only under the influence of the pheromones of an adult star.

Пикноподия: Крупнейшая морская звезда ещё и самая быстрая. Без неё океан обречен на порабощение морскими ежами

With this level of carelessness in reproducing their own kind, extinction was only a matter of time. But now there is every chance that pycnopodia will finally disappear. And the sapiens are not even to blame. Sea stars were sharply knocked down by an incomprehensible infection 6 years ago, and they massively gave up - only some small populations remained. Without a bottom super-predator, unbelted sea urchins have bred to such an extent that they have eaten algae forests almost completely clean.

Пикноподия: Крупнейшая морская звезда ещё и самая быстрая. Без неё океан обречен на порабощение морскими ежами

Scientists are trying to breed pycnodia in captivity and release them to their old habitats, but so far the population of giant Patrick is still hanging by a thread, alas.

Пикноподия: Крупнейшая морская звезда ещё и самая быстрая. Без неё океан обречен на порабощение морскими ежами

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Sometimes, in order to surprise us, it is enough just to photograph a thing that has long been familiar to us from an unusual angle. And sometimes things familiar to us take on an unusual look, in which we never expected to see them. Both cases are very interesting, but where can you see them? Of course here! How about natural blue bread, black eggs, or the sudden comparison of the foot of an elephant and a human? Already interested? It's only the beginning! Unusual views of natural sites and world sights await you, as well as things that we hope you will find unexpected.


This bread was dyed with the pulp of the American genipa, a South American fruit that the locals often used to paint their skin.


This fruit contains the organic compound genipin, which, upon contact with proteins (such as from skin or milk), oxidizes and turns from colorless to dark blue.


Summit of the Great Pyramid of Giza


Pyramid of Cheops from an unusual and very rare angle.


Black Eggs from Sulfur Valley Owakudani, Japan


These are ordinary hard-boiled chicken eggs in natural hot water pools. The sulfur in the water makes the egg shells black and also gives it a specific smell.


Many have seen a photograph of a group of construction workers eating lunch at a high altitude, sitting on a beam. On the left, you can see photographer Charles Ebbets taking this picture.


One of the most famous photographs in the world, "Lunch on a Skyscraper" was taken in 1932. 


Compare the structure of the bones of the foot of a person and the foot of an elephant


The bones of the foot of an elephant and a man look almost identical!


Sunset on Mars


Yes, the same Sun shines on Mars as we do.


This is what a newborn (live) alpaca looks like.


You can see the adult version of the alpaca just above its skinny body.


What do beetles see crawling under a dandelion


Dandelion, which is somewhat similar to the Sun. 


The illusion of an underwater cliff at Le Morne Braban, Mauritius


Le Morne Braban is a peninsula on the southwestern tip of the island of Mauritius.


If you stand under the Eiffel Tower and look up, then it resembles a kaleidoscope


Such a spectacle can only be seen in the evening, when the tower burns like a Christmas tree.


On May 18, 1980, an earthquake caused by volcanic activity caused the largest recorded landslide on Mount St. Helens, followed by an eruption that claimed 57 lives. Photos of St. Helens before and after the disaster


Mount St. Helens, located in Scamania County, Washington, USA, is a stratovolcano that is still active today.


Margrethe Zimmermann walking on a tightrope above the ruins of Cologne, Germany, 1946


Looking at the photo, the illusion is created that the other end of the rope is not tied to anything. 


Abandoned hotel on the road in Switzerland


The Belvédère began to languish in the 1960s with the development of cars that became much faster and more powerful. The hotel was designed for rest on the road, but if earlier the trip through the pass took 2-3 days, then later it turned into a 1-day trip there and back. People stopped staying at the hotel and had to close it.


Extremely rare view of the Statue of Liberty from the balcony located on its torch


Access to the viewing platform of the torch has been closed since 1916.


Cloudy days are rare on Mars. Here is a photo of a cloudy day on Mars taken by NASA's Curiosity rover.


Isn't it amazing that we can get such clear images from another planet?


A look at the Richat structure, also known as the Eye of the Sahara


These are the ancient remains of a mega-mud volcano, which have acquired a symmetrical shape as a result of erosion and weathering. This geological formation is visible even from space.

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