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Compilation of May 10 major series

2 years ago

Due to the oronavirusc pandemic a couple of premieres were canceled, others will show only part of the season.  But you still have something to see.


Jason and Nikki are happy together, but can not have a baby.  The couple have to go through many trials that will make them only closer.


A new series from the creator of American Horror Story, Ryan Murphy, will talk about young actors who are struggling to make their way in post-war Hollywood.


Mankind has invented a way to choose the options for the afterlife.  After a sudden death, Nathan goes to his own paradise, where he meets the girl Nora.  Now he needs to get used to a new kind of existence, and Nora to learn how to combine human everyday life with work in Nathan’s “paradise”.

The Eddy

American pianist Elliot Udo settled in a small Parisian club.  True, the institution often causes losses.  The hero contacts crime, but soon meets his 15 ‑ year-old daughter.  Now he will have to radically change his life.

Solar Opposites

Several aliens flee from a dying planet and crash on Earth.  They are forced to pretend to be ordinary people, but they can not get used to human society.

I Know This Much Is True

Mark Ruffalo will play the twin brothers Dominic and Thomas, one of whom suffers from schizophrenia. Together they have to endure the complexities of life: betrayal, love and a midlife crisis.

The great

The comedy series from Hulu will tell the story of the formation of Empress Catherine II. The young daughter of a German prince arrives in Russia and decides to change the order in the country. To do this, she only needs to kill her husband, start a feud with the church, confuse the military and attract judges to her side.

White lines

Zoe Walker comes to Ibiza to investigate the death of her brother - a famous DJ. He disappeared 20 years ago, but the body was discovered only now. The heroine will plunge into the world of money, filled with temptations and deception.


After the global catastrophe, a new ice age began on Earth. The few survivors settled in a giant train, where different sectors of society were divided into wagons. The poor are starving in the tail, and the elite feasting in the head of the train.


High school student Courtney Whitmore discovers that her father was an assistant superhero. And she also finds a staff with which you can fly, create a protective field and shoot energy. Then Courtney decides to assemble a new team of superheroes.

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A report from Wuhan cut off from the world, the story of the fight against the Ebola virus, memories of the Spanish epidemic and other educational projects.

Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak

At the beginning of the year, when coronavirus was not yet widely publicized, Pandemic appeared on Netflix - a six-part project dedicated to the global cause of the fight against viruses and, in fact, summarizing many documentaries from this collection.  Its creators methodically analyze the process of the emergence of new strains; answer why it usually happens in poor countries and how some infections spread through animals.

American Experience: Influenza 1918

The history of the spread of coronavirus is often compared with the events of a hundred years ago.  Then, in a world not yet recovering from World War I, an epidemic of Spanish flu was raging. The episode of the cult documentary series American Adventure is dedicated to her.

We Heard the Bells: the Influenza of 1918

This movie is also dedicated to the well known 1918 epidemic.  But this is not an attempt to recreate the events of a century ago, but rather the desire to reflect them.  The main characters are old people from different parts of the USA who, as children, became eyewitnesses of the spread of the disease.  They recall how they did not believe that the Spaniard would touch them, how they had faced the death of relatives and friends, how they were ill themselves - and after that they had a long biased attitude, because other people were afraid that they would infect them too.  According to many heroes of the movie, the events of those years became the most terrible memories in life.

The Lockdown: One Month in Wuhan

A documentary project about life in the famous city of Wuhan during its complete isolation.  At the beginning of 2020, 11 million people remained on their own at the epicenter of the spread of coronavirus.  The main characters are doctors, officials and ordinary citizens, who were able to organize themselves in the face of the disease.

How to Survive a Plague

Contrary to the name, this movies is not a training manual on what to do in the event of a “black death” pandemic.  We are talking about HIV and AIDS - diseases that they preferred to remain silent about until a certain time - but somewhere they are still silent today.

Fire in the Blood

If treating HIV-infected people in America is a difficult but solvable problem, then in Africa it is almost impossible.  The fact is that many pharmaceutical giants refuse to voluntarily supply medicines necessary for antiretroviral therapy to poor countries.  Because of this, dozens of people who are unable to receive treatment die every day.

Why Do Viruses Kill?

Of all the projects on the list, this is perhaps the least optimistic.  The movie was released 10 years ago after the swine flu pandemic, which killed some 18,000 people.  Then it became obvious that we are still powerless in front of some of the creatures of nature and that modern science is not fully aware of the mechanisms of the emergence of new strains.  "Why are viruses killing?" introduces us to the device of viruses and answers the question why, even today, scientists cannot stop their spread in time.

Hero with a Thousand Faces

From 2014 to 2016, a disease was raging in West Africa, killing more than 11,000 people.  But this movie is not about how quickly Ebola destroys a person from the inside, but about people who are fighting an epidemic.  The focus of the crew going to Sierra Leone is doctors and volunteers risking their lives.


Speaking of Ebola and other viral diseases, one can not help but talk about other human enemies.  We have long been accustomed to them and often do not even take them seriously, but they very often carry deadly infectious diseases.  That's right, we are talking about mosquitoes. The movie contains a fascinating and consistent story about how they reproduce, what they feed on and for what global epidemics these seemingly harmless insects are responsible.

Coronavirus: Explained

The most relevant project on the list.  This is the new season of the Explained documentary series, whose authors in half-hourly videos answer simple questions about health, sex, politics and economics in simple language.  One of the episodes of last season was devoted to epidemics - in it, Bill Gates and a team of visiting doctors discussed the likelihood that a new pandemic will happen in the next decade.  Alas, their predictions came true even faster.

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Beautiful nature shots, crime investigation, research projects and immersion in history. This is the collection of top 10 series that will teach you something new.

Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer

A creepy real story that emotional people should watch with great care. Once an unknown man posted on the Internet a video of the killing of kittens. Several strangers to each other on the Web decided to figure out the offender themselves. But soon the case took a more terrible turn.

Night on Earth

A stunningly beautiful series from the British studio Plimsoll Productions explores the life of animals that are active at night. The project provides an opportunity to observe the hunting of lions, and bats, and even plunge into the night ocean.

Shock and Awe: The Story of Electricity

Today it is impossible to imagine our life without electricity. It gives not only light in homes, but also provides communication around the world. However, this was not always the case. The project of the BBC channel tells how humanity began to use electricity.

Formula 1: Drive to Survive

A unique project gives fans the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Formula 1. The series allows you to follow the fight for the championship title, as well as learn more about the life of riders and the work of teams.

Making a murderer

Steven Avery was arrested on suspicion of rape. Despite the fact that the witnesses did not agree, he was sent to prison for 18 years. Having freed himself, Avery filed a lawsuit against the leadership of the district and several officials. But soon the man was arrested on murder charges.

Through the wormhole

Through the Wormhole is one of the most comprehensive documentary series. In it, even fantastic and philosophical questions are analyzed from a scientific point of view, inviting various experts. And the legendary actor Morgan Freeman brings together all the ideas and presents them in a simple and understandable language.

The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst

The HBO channel is investigating a case involving billionaire Robert Durst. He was accused of a series of murders, and the defendant even admitted to one of them, but convinced everyone that he was only defending himself. The authors of this mini-series found new evidence related to the case.

30 for 30

Back in 2009, the ESPN cable channel launched a series of films dedicated to pivotal events in the sports world. Each season contains 30 episodes telling about important moments in the history of boxing, football, hockey and other popular competitions.

One strange rock

The series, received in the original ironic title “One Strange Rock”, is dedicated to the secrets of our planet. The authors talk about unexplored corners of the Earth and the most unusual phenomena.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

Scientist Neil Degrasse Tyson “travels” in space and time, telling viewers about scientific discoveries, space, secrets of the past and the likely future.

This series is based on the project "Space: a personal journey" in 1980, which was led by Carl Sagan. But over the years, science has gone far ahead, and the possibilities of television have greatly expanded. The series has a sequel called "Space: Possible Worlds."

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This is the compilation of the best series about or with werewolves. Everyone, even the hopeless romantics, and lovers of scary stories will find here something interesting for themselves. Choose the best from this list to watch for the rest of quarantine.

As the quarantine measure have not been lifted in full across most of the countries, we still have time to stay at home and enjoy watching a good movie compiled by Bemorepanda

The innocents

16-year-old lovers Harry and June escape from the supervision of their parents. Suddenly strange things begin to happen to the heroes, after which June discovers the ability to transform into other people. Perhaps professor Halvorson will help her control supernatural powers.


The order

To avenge the death of his mother, freshman Jack Morton enters a secret community that involves him in a dangerous game. Gradually, the hero finds himself in the center of hostility between werewolves and dark magicians.



The only werewolf woman in the world, Elena Michaels, is trying to live a normal human life. But once something happens, because of which she has to return to the pack, leaving the groom - an ordinary guy.


Hemlock grove

In the town of Hemlock Grove, one of the local girls dies, and this event strangely coincides with the arrival of young Peter Rumancek, whom evil tongues call a werewolf. Rumors attract the attention of Roman Godfrey, the heir to the richest family in the city. The guys become friends and together try to reveal the secret of the killer’s identity, especially since he is clearly not going to stop on one victim.


Being human

The notorious werewolf and depressed vampire decide to rent a house, but do not suspect that there they will meet another neighbor. It turns out to be a cynical ghost of a girl.


Teen wolf

A sixteen-year-old teenager, Scott McCall, once bites a mysterious beast, after which the hero realizes that he has become a werewolf. Now he must learn to control himself in order to protect his loved ones.



This British fantasy series will be interesting mainly for a very young audience. In the story, the young girl Maddy lives in a family of half-wolves and carefully hides her nature from others. Once at a school where the heroine studies, a new one appears, in whose veins wolf blood also flows. After some time, an unusual relationship develops between teenagers.


Lost girl

An ordinary girl, Bo, learns that she is a born succubus, feeding on the energy of people. At the same time, the heroine refuses to take the side of dark or light forces and simply lives on her own, moonlighting as a private detective. She is assisted by Russian thief Kenzie, detective-werewolf Dyson and researcher Lauren Lewis.



Detective Nick Burkhardt learns that he is from an old family of fighters against evil spirits. Now the hero has to lead a double life in order to continue the work of his ancestors and protect everyone who is in danger. Nick’s associate is the re-educated werewolf Eddie Monroe, whom you can always turn to for help and advice.


The originals

“The originals” grew out of the multi-part teenage drama “The Vampire Diaries”. As in the original series, they immediately tell about werewolves and vampires, and a significant part of the timing is involved in the analysis of complex characters' family relationships.



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There is some kind of week of self-isolation there, and you no longer know what to do with yourself? The way out of the situation is to get hooked on a good series. Especially for our beautiful ladies, we have made a selection of TV shows that will help you brighten up quarantine everyday life.

"Sex and the City"

This series has won millions of hearts. The story of four girlfriends living in the dream city of New York. Each of them is unique and goes its own way of life. Being between career, family and love affairs, they are not averse to meeting and gossiping on all pressing topics.

"Desperate Housewives"

Another classic of the "female" series. A tragicomedy about four housewives living on Wisteria Lane. The life of each of them is shrouded in secrets, therefore you observe with interest the life of all the heroines.

"Wild Angel"

Which girl didn’t watch this romantic series? How cool is to watch the love story between the main characters played by Natalia Oreiro and Facundo Arana. Quarantine is a great opportunity to review the series.


The mysterious gossip on the pages of her anonymous blog shares all the intrigues that unfold among the characters in a private school. Not a single secret passes by, and students believe its notes unconditionally. The main secret is kept secret until the very last series.

"Big little lie"

The murder that occurred during the school prom, turns the life of five women in a new adventure. The detective line of the series is intriguing and exciting.

"Insidious maids"

Seductive Latin American maids work for the wealthy and famous inhabitants of Beverly Hills. They have to keep clean, although there is a lot of dirt in these mansions. Gossip, intrigue, treachery of the owners and the worst - the brutal murder of their fifth girlfriend. The series resembles such hits as "Desperate Housewives" and "Sex and the City."

“Why do women kill?”

The stories of three women: housewives from the 1960s, socialite from the 1980s and a lawyer from the 2010s. But it is interesting that the stories of all the heroines occur in one house. Each of them is faced with the betrayal of his beloved, which subsequently leads to murder.


The sensational Russian series of Konstantin Bogomolov, which became very popular with the audience. The action takes place in Moscow, in a city of big money and passions. The series opens the door to the world of glamor, dangerous games and intrigue, but there is always a downside.


An American drama series about four friends, each of whom has their own secrets, problems in life and relationships. The main role in the movie was played by actress Alyssa Milano.


Sofia has always been a rebel, anarchist and implacable fighter with all sorts of rules and conventions. She for a very long time refused to grow up and accept reality as it is. However, finding herself in a practically hopeless financial situation and faced with the need to take some serious steps, she was not at a loss.

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These romantic dramas, vivid detective stories and witty comedies are worth seeing for everyone.

Doctor Who

A time lord named Doctor from the planet Gallifrey travels in space and time on the TARDIS spaceship, which looks like a blue police booth.  The hero regularly saves entire worlds.

Monty Python’s Flying Circus

The brilliant path of the comedy troupe "Monty Python" began with the sketch show "Flying Circus", which immediately made a real revolution in the genre.  In their humorous scenes, the artists often broke the “fourth wall”, refused the final funny phrases (punchlines), and Terry Gilliam's psychedelic animated inserts gave a special relish to the project.

Fawlty Towers

Sitcom talks about the Faulty Towers Hotel on the English Riviera and its owner, Basile Faulty.  The owner understands very poorly how to manage a hotel, and his lack of professionalism and aversion to guests are eternal sources of trouble.  Together with him, the work of the hotel is supported by his bile wife, a stupid waiter and a business maid.

Only Fools and Horses

The main plot revolves around the next silly ideas of the Trotter brothers, who decided to become millionaires.  To achieve the goal, they drive around in a yellow three-wheeled van, selling useless and usually stolen goods.

The Black Adder

The series takes place at different times - from the Middle Ages to the First World War.  The hilarious Rowan Atkinson first plays the stupid and cowardly Prince Edmund, nicknamed the Black Viper, and in the remaining three seasons his descendants who participate in important historical events.  Each time, the characters find themselves in the most inappropriate place, in every possible way harm others and put themselves and others in awkward situations.

Agatha Christie’s Poirot

The reference adaptation of the classic works of Agatha Christie is dedicated to the famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot.  This pedantic detective is famous for his passion for order and is able to unravel even the most difficult thing.

Jeeves and Wooster

The hapless aristocrat Bertie Wooster is constantly embroiled in trouble and adventure, but the all-knowing and witty valet Jeeves pulls the master out of the most delicate situations.  And he does it easily and calmly.


Dr. Fitzgerald, nicknamed Fitz, successfully "splits" the criminals, helping the police to investigate the most complex and bloody cases.  He also has a lot of problems and shortcomings, for example, he smokes and drinks a lot, suffers from gambling and regularly cheats on his wife.  But still it remains extremely charismatic.

Pride and Prejudice

The legacy of the main English novelist Jane Austen was filmed very often.  And best of all, the BBC company succeeded, whose mini-series perfectly recreated the atmosphere of the 19th century and conveyed the true spirit of Great Britain.  According to the plot, a rich bachelor Mr. Bingley and his best friend Mr. Darcy visit the mansion of the Bennet family.  Acquaintance soon turns into a confused and turbulent story of love and hate.

Black Books

The owner of the bookstore Bernard Black wakes up every day in a bad mood, does not believe in the favor of friendly customer service, and indeed in the need for attention to them in general.  He just sits at the cash register, reads, drinks, smokes, is rude to everyone and, whenever possible, rushes to the pub with his friends.

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