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How to protect yourself from coronavirus if you need to get back to work

3 years ago

These simple rules will help you stay healthy at your workplace during the coronavirus.

  1. Keep the social distance.

When you walk fast, run, ride a bicycle, it can increase to 4–20 meters.

 If you keep such a distance with others, the smallest droplets of saliva that will not reach you when talking, coughing, breathing will cause another, possibly infected person.  And you, in turn, do not share your own.

 2. Try changing your work schedule.

 Your task is to make it possible to get to work and leave it before or after rush hour.  In this case, you don’t have to jostle in crowded public transport or walk along crowded streets where it is difficult to maintain distance.

 Talk to your boss: maybe you will meet and shift your working hours.

 3. Use less public transport

 If possible, get to the place of work by your car or bike or walk.  Naturally, at a safe distance from others.

 And try not to use elevators.  Even if the cab comes empty, you don’t know who was riding it 10 seconds before you.  The virus can still remain in the air.

 4. Wear a mask on the way to work

 On the street, if you are absolutely healthy, and there are few people around, you can walk without it.  But only if the authorities of your region do not require otherwise.  

5. Wear a mask in the workplace

 You need to wear it all day for your safety.

 At the same time, you need to wear a mask correctly.  Here's what the WHO recommends:

  •  Do not touch the mask with your hands after putting it on.  If you still touch, wash your hands with soap or treat with an antiseptic gel.
  •  As soon as the mask becomes wet from breathing, replace it with a new one.  Usually you have to do this every two hours.
  •  Only remove the mask by the mounts.  In no case do not touch the part that is adjacent to the face.  After this, the disposable medical mask should be immediately discarded, the reusable - sent to the wash.

 6. Disinfect hands

 The primary transmission route for coronaviruses is via airborne droplets.  But there is a risk of contracting by the contact way: first, touch the surface on which the coronavirus donkeys, and then touch the mucous membrane of the nose, mouth, or eyes.

 Therefore, it is extremely important to wash your hands regularly during a pandemic.  Best of all - with warm water and soap, at least 20 seconds.  If there is no access to water, you can treat your hands with an antiseptic or alcohol wipes.  Make sure that the alcohol in these products was at least 70%.

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Six months ago, no one knew about the existence of coronavirus. Now the virus has spread to almost all countries, infecting more than 3 million people - and these are only those cases that are known. How this epidemic will affect the economies of countries, as well as the mental and physical health of people, is described in a new issue.

Many media personalities, politicians and ordinary Internet users claim that the panic around COVID-19 is bloated out of nothing, and the virus itself is no more dangerous than ordinary flu.

The supposedly frightening number of people who died from the infection is very high, and those who died of natural causes and old age are included in it. And coronavirus, like seasonal flu, kills the time required to estimate the case fatality ratio of Influenza using only the tip of an iceberg: joint estimation of the virulence and the transmission potential "only" about 0.1 percent of infected. So, this is not so.

A new study, an empirical estimate of the infection fatality rate of COVID-19 from the first Italian outbreak, published by specialists from Harvard and the US Bureau of Economic Research, has more accurately established the mortality rate of COVID-19 using Italy as an example. It was established that the official number of deaths from coronavirus is not exaggerated, but rather underestimated by COVID-19 in Italy: An analysis of death registry data almost doubled, because many patients did not die in hospitals, but at home.

After reviewing the available data, researchers Gianluca Rinaldi and Matteo Paradisi came to the conclusion that an empirical estimate of the infection fatality rate of COVID-19 from the first Italian outbreak shows that the mortality rate of COVID-19 is 1.29%. For young people, it is small - 0.05%, but for older people the risk is already 4.25%.

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Good news for Facebook employees!  The founder of the famous social network made an unusual announcement on Thursday, May 21.  He said he would allow a considerable number of Facebook's 50,000 employees, as well as new recruits, to work from home all the time!

 Mark Zuckerberg said on Thursday, May 21, that in the next five to 10 years, about 50% of Facebook's workforce will work remotely.  The founder of the social network added that this will involve, among other things, a radical change in the way the famous Silicon Valley-based company operates.

Mark Zuckerberg explained that the process is a long one and that it will take place in a series of steps that must be followed exactly in order to be successful.  The first step is "an aggressive opening of distance recruitment," first in the United States, then abroad, beyond urban centers where Facebook has offices.  "I don't think it's good to limit employment to people living around offices," said the Facebook CEO.

The Facebook founder is not the first to think of such a radical measure!  Also on Thursday, the head of Twitter announced that his employees could work from home indefinitely.  The Canadian e-commerce company Shopify announced a similar measure later that day, as the coronavirus pandemic paved the way for unexpected changes in the organization and operation of large companies around the world.

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You should not hope that life will immediately return to its former course.

We all wait until the moment when we can hug friends, have a party or go on a trip. But do not rush. Although Coronavirus: Austria and Italy reopen some shops as lockdown eased are showing the first signs of weakening isolation measures, the situation is still serious. The death toll every day is still measured in thousands. We still do not know much about coronavirus and do not have a vaccine.

Whatever rules you enter in your area, use common sense. Here's what you definitely shouldn't do.

1. Have a party or go to a bar

Social distance measures have been introduced for a reason: they slow down the spread of the virus from person to person. A big party or gatherings in a crowded bar is a lot of contacts. If at least one of those present is a coronavirus carrier, he can transfer it to everyone else.

2. Stop washing hands

Even when restrictions are loosened, it will not mean that the coronavirus is over. Many organizations and stores will have to be reopened for economic reasons, although the virus will still spread, albeit more slowly than now.

3. Immediately visit people at high risk

Surely you would like to see elderly relatives as soon as possible, but do not rush with this. There will be no vaccine for a long time, and for people at risk, distancing is still the best way to protect. Before you go to them, think carefully about whether you really need this visit.

4. Start a big trip

When travel is allowed again, hotel and ticket prices are likely to be attractively low. But do not forget that at airports and train stations you will be in close proximity to a large number of people, which means that the risk of infection will greatly increase.

5. Throw away masks

In the future, a new outbreak of coronavirus or even some completely new infection may await us. So reusable masks are definitely not worth throwing out. When travel restrictions are loosened, it is best to combine optimism with realism. Use freedom, but do not give up precautions.

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Internet memes are an everyday part of modern social life. Humor is shaped by social and cultural factors and, like language, we take this common heritage and make it our own, something deeply personal and characteristic.

In the last six months, a whole new category of memes has been created, reflecting the struggles and inconsistencies of life during a pandemic. So our topic this week is pandemic memes.

It took us a while to convince ourselves that this COVID-19 story was real. Our fears gradually gave way to anxiety and fear. Many pandemic memes evoke and play on these fears to provide comic relief.

1.Corona vs Fear of Corona

2.Looking outside to the chapters

3.Not scared of coronavirus

4.Goodnight zoom, moon, doom

5.New monthly budget

6.I gained a little weight during pandemic

7.Human race and coronavirus

8.When you want to be a king but mother refuses to die

9.Surviving Covid19 then a new version of it

10.How to survive without going outside?

11.Stay indoor and avoid public places to limit Coronavirus

12.Zombies during Covid

13.Life during the pandemic

14.Ordering pizza during pandemic

15.20's are dangerous

16.Handling coronavirus

17.Toilet paper shortage history

18.Developing feelings for covid-19

19.Russia and the Covid vaccine

20.Results of the corona

21.Wear a mask during the pandemic

22.Time traveller and coronavirus

23.PSP and the pandemic

24.Drawing a mask is a good idea

25.People buying toilet paper

26.Comming outta quarantine like

27.You can't get married because of Covid!

28.When your girlfriend is in quarantine for two weeks

29.Testing for Covid at our doors

30.Not a hand sanitizer!





















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We received a message from Santa telling us that Christmas is immune to coronavirus.


Santa Claus promises you, right from his home in Lapland, that the holiday so loved by all of us will not be canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But for that, Santa tells you to respect all the protection measures.


Elf: But now, with the coronavirus around the world, how are we going to spend Christmas?


Santa: One of the most beautiful aspects of Christmas is spending time together. I hope we are all safe and see you soon. ”


Once we start on a positive note, let's move on to a funny one. Bemorepanda has prepared the funniest memes for Christmas 2020.


1.Brace yourselves


2.Covid is outside


3.Died laughtig


4.Coming in town


5.Look like 2020


6.Santa ain't coming


7.Stealing Christmas


8.Christmas cancelled


9.Around COVID-19


10.Christmas shopping


11.Just wait


12.Done shopping


13.Picked both


14.Christmas 2020


15.Bad news


16.Elves make it all




18.Santa died of Covid


19.Looking forward Hallmark's holiday


20.That's sad


21.Closing the doors


22.Merry Christmas


23.Too soon


24.Let's see


25.Time traveler be like


26.Oh quarentree


27.My plans for 2020


28.Ordering pizza


29.Due to coronavirus


30.No more gifts



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