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'Sex Buddies' can cure lockdown loneliness, according to Dutch Government

2 years ago

The Dutch government has advised single people to find a ‘sex buddy’ for intimacy during the lockdown imposed to control the spread of coronavirus.

Netherlands has joined other European countries in announcing the easing of the lockdown, outlining a four-month plan to phase out social restrictions if the virus will stay under control.

According to BBC, single people should come to an arrangement with another person, but the two should avoid having sex if either of the two are suspicious of having Covid-19.

The guidance comes after many critics said there was no sex advice for singles.

RIVM said "it makes sense that as a single [person] you also want to have physical contact" during the pandemic.

Should single people choose to engage in sexual contact, precautions should be taken to minimise the risk of coronavirus exposure, the authority said.

"Discuss how best to do this together," the RIVM guidance says. "For example, meet with the same person to have physical or sexual contact (for example, a cuddle buddy or 'sex buddy'), provided you are free of illness.

"Make good arrangements with this person about how many other people you both see. The more people you see, the greater the chance of (spreading) the coronavirus."

The RIVM has also issued advice for people whose long-term partners suspect they have contracted the coronavirus.

"Don't have sex with your partner if they have been isolated because of (suspected) coronavirus infection," it says.

"Sex with yourself or with others at a distance is possible," it adds, suggesting "erotic stories" and "masturbating together" as possible solutions.

On Monday, the Netherlands began the first stage of a five-phase lockdown exit plan.

As part of the first phase, libraries, hairdressers, nail bars, beauticians, massage salons and places providing occupational therapy were allowed to reopen from 11 May.

The relaxation of restrictions came after Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said the country had made "headway" in its effort to bring the number of coronavirus infections and deaths down.

In total, over 43,995 people have tested positive for coronavirus in the Netherlands so far, with more than 5,680 deaths. The number of people that have been tested so far in the country is close to 300.000.

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As the number of people infected with coronavirus jumped to over half a million people worldwide and the whole population is now on lockdown, the stress level for most of us has skyrocket. People are especially worried that no one knows how long it will last.

So in this challenging times, the adult entertainment site Pornhub wants you to relieve the stress and now is offering a free premium subscription until the 23th of April. So, users have almost one month to enjoy the service.  

In a statement, Corey Price, Vice President of Pornhub, said the company wanted to provide a way for people to pass the time under lockdown:

“With nearly one billion people in lockdown across the world because of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important that we lend a hand and provide them with an enjoyable way to pass the time. We hope by expanding our offer of free Pornhub Premium worldwide, people have an extra incentive to stay home and flatten the curve.”

The company itself has seen a surge in traffic since the lockdown begin, with a 57% increase from Italy, which is currently the worst hit European country for coronavirus, a 38% increase in France and 61% in Spain.

However, critics questioned their move as it will benefit Pornhub with more clicks and more traffic.

“They’re making a lot more money and getting a lot more traffic,” said Laila Mickelwait, director of religious anti-trafficking organization Exodus Cry, who posted the petition aimed at shutting down Pornhub.

Pornhub is owned by Luxembourg-headquartered company MindGeek Holding SARL, which employs over 1,352 people according to LinkedIn and has an estimated revenue of $1 billion. 

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The Western edition of The Journal of Sexual Medicine has published a frightening study. According to them, coronavirus hit not only health but also sexual life. The forced self-isolation quarantine destroys the intimate relationship of couples.

Chinese scientists interviewed 270 men and 189 women. 37% of respondents said that they became less likely to have sex. Approximately the same number of men and women said that they experience less pleasure from bed comforts. So, this is what psychologists advise in such a situation.

Stop indulging stress

A closed space, somewhere near a deadly disease, and what’s wrong with work, and how much longer self-isolation will be extended - stop thinking about all this. Yes, everyone is in a difficult situation. But if you focus on the problems, then you can forget about sex once and for all.

The body in stress mode does not think about reproduction and pleasure - you will feel like an animal chased by a predator on its heels: food and sleep - that’s all you need from pleasure. Just take self-isolation for granted and stop thinking about the future. Give yourself at least a week of rest, and your sex life will become normal.

Forget about any claims

Self-isolation is, in a sense, the moment of truth. If before the couple could rest from each other at work, now they can’t leave the house. In such a situation, the main thing is to avoid resentment, claims and mutual reproaches.

Suppose you can still withstand a couple of scenes or scandals and even use them as a reason for passionate reconciliation in bed. But the constant pill literally cuts off all sexual desire under the root. And this concerns both tantrums from the wife and reproaches from the husband.

Want sex - learn to enjoy each other, cheer and support.

Discover Role Playing Games

And it's not about computer heroes. In the end, it was not for nothing that nature rewarded man with fantasy. And two people have twice as much imagination. You can watch erotic films together or present different exciting scenes.

Stroll through classic adult movie plots. Yes, it is possible that sex in the castle of the counts cannot be portrayed in the kitchen as a small-sized bedroom, but the arrival of a nurse who takes your analysis for coronavirus is a convincing fantasy. Psychologists believe that isolation is not only stressful, but also a good reason to rely on each other in intimate relationships.

Adult toys

Sex shop - saving bored couples. And even though you can’t reach him, no one canceled the delivery. And what to choose - here to help youtube and various blogs. Moreover, there are thousands of sex teachers on the Internet.

Jointly discuss what you are interested in. And shame down, you are locked in your apartment, no one will know about your tricks. However, for especially risky couples there are swing parties - they can also be organized online.

In general, self-isolation is not a reason to be sad. Rather, you need to look at what is happening from a different angle and stir up yourself and, it seemed, asleep an intimate life in the family. Then perhaps quarantine will leave you much happier.

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In the Russia city of Sochi, a bear walked around the hotel. The video, recorded by an eyewitness, was published by the Hue Telegram channel.

The video show how a brown bear walks along the paths for guests, then runs out onto the lawn, and then calmly goes to the gates of the hotel.

Earlier in Kamchatka, a bear attacked two tourists, one of them fought off the animal with a bicycle. The author of the video zoomed and drove up to the animal, thereby scaring him. A cyclist threw stones at a bear.

Reported by Bemorepanda

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Everyone is talking about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and everywhere there is information about the virus and how to protect yourself from it.

The coronavirus is spreading to more and more countries, air traffic with the whole world is interrupted, those who have been abroad are self-isolating, resorts, shopping and entertainment centers, cafes and restaurants are closing. Every day, the news of the coronavirus pandemic snowballs.

In response, photoshoots, memes, and funny videos are spreading at the same speed on the Internet, and entrepreneurs are beginning to redesign production and release creative "anti-coronavirus" products.

Being in this situation, again in quarantine, there was nothing left to do but joke. Bemorepanda has collected the top of the funniest memes and jokes.

1.Coronavirus lockdown

2.Lets go, man!

3.No eating

4.Dont ever go

5.My dog and quarantine

6.Gamers be like

7.Normal lifestyle

8.Pep talk

9.You know the rules

10.Because of corona

11.Not coming down


13.My travel plans

14.Before and after

15.Lockdown 2020

16.Isolating is your ally?

17.Day 25 of quarantine

18.Remember the time


20.Right now

21.Any mask

22.Oh yeah!

23.Novel Coronavirus

24.Birthday in March

25.Turining ito potatos

26.What year it will stop?

27.Corona is a person

28.Uno game +4

29.Mood for everyday

30.All day the same

31.Full effect

32.All is on fire

33.Protesting again coronavirus

34.That would be great

35.Me in quarantine

36.It's gonna be may


38.Can't be alone

39.Titanic be like 2020

40.Coronavirus be like

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With more than half the global population under lockdown over coronavirus pandemic, cities have become shadows of their former selves. And for some animals, this is the perfect opportunity to go and explore the empty streets.

Even though many countries around the world have started to ease restrictions on movement, people are yet to return to their old ways of living, as bars, restaurants, hotels and many entertainment venues will continue to be closed for the foreseeable future. 

In fact, according to a recent report by Bloomberg, “The coronavirus pandemic is likely to last as long as two years and won’t be controlled until about two-thirds of the world’s population is immune, a group of experts said in a report”.

Because of its ability to spread from people who don’t appear to be ill, the virus may be harder to control than influenza, the cause of most pandemics in recent history.

And while the full lockdown is no way near from over and many of the cities are almost empty, animals are taking over the streets. From all around the world, people are posting funny pictures with wild animals seen around their house or city center.

Here at Bemorepanda, we spent some time collecting a list with top 50 wild animals that have been noticed in places where we haven’t seen them before. 

1 A herd of buffalo walk along an empty highway in New Delhi, India, during the pandemic lockdown.

2 In Nara, Japan's first permanent capital, deer are considered "messengers of the gods" and have been designated national treasures. More than 1,000 regularly wander through the city's central park, and visitors are encouraged to feed them sugar-free wheat crackers. But with tourists staying away during the outbreak, some curious deer have been quietly investigating nearby shops and restaurants.




6 Dogs rest on the deserted Man Singh road during lockdown in New Delhi, India, on 19 April.






12 A cow walks along an empty highway road in Bhaktapur, Nepal, on 19 April.











23 In the coastal Welsh town of Llandudno, usually timid mountain goats have ventured into the empty streets to take a look around. They've become an online favorite thanks to Twitter posts by video producer Andrew Stuart. "There's hardly anyone around to scare them or anything … they just don't really care and are eating whatever they can," he said.

24 Hungry monkeys clambered all over a car in the village of Ode, outside Ahmedabad, in hopes of getting a few morsels of food during the lockdown in late March.


26 Surrounded by deer, a tourist shows her empty hands after feeding them crackers, treats made mostly with wheat flour and rice bran, near Todaiji temple in Nara, Japan, Tuesday, March 17, 2020

27 A woman stops to watch the Fallow deer from Dagnam Park as they rest and graze on the grass outside homes on a housing estate in Harold Hill, near Romford on April 2, 2020 in Romford, England


29 Venice, usually a popular tourist destination, has seen dramatic changes during the outbreak which has brought Italy to near collapse. The northern city is normally swamped with visitors, but canals have emptied during the country's strict lockdown measures. Without the constant passage of boat taxis and gondolas the muddied waters have settled, and seabirds and fish are once again visible.


31 This young puma was recently found stalking through the empty streets of downtown Santiago, Chile, followed soon after by two more. The animals live in the nearby Andes Mountains and have increasingly been spotted in the locked down capital, home to about 6 million people. "There's no people, there's no noise, so they dare to explore a little more," said a regional official.





36 In Ajmer, a city in northwestern India, several dogs were spotted hunting a wild boar on the city streets during the lockdown on March 26. They eventually herded the boar into a sewer trough.



39 A Coyote stands alone Academy Road outside of Dodger Stadium during the Coronavirus Pandemic in Los Angeles on Friday, April 03, 2020.

40 Thousands of macaques that roam the streets of Lopburi in Thailand haven't been so polite. Usually well-fed by tourists, the monkeys have been finding snacks hard to come by during the pandemic. They've even engaged in intertribal warfare over scraps, fighting in the streets and historic temples. Thailand had more than 39 million tourists in 2019.

41 Pigeons walk on the empty street in San Juan, Puerto Rico on March 29, 2020. Puerto Rico is on a mandatory quarantine since March 16th, due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

42 A security guard feeds sika deer at a temple on March 12, 2020 in Nara, Japan. Like a number of tourist hotspots around the country, Nara, a popular ancient city where free-roaming deer are an attraction for tourists, has seen a decline in visitor numbers in recent weeks amid concern over the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Some groups of deer have begun roaming in the city’s residential area due to shortage of food partially fed from tourists according to media reports.

43 A raccoon walks in an almost-deserted Central Park in New York on 16 April.

44 Goats and sheep are seen near the empty Istanbul airport highway in Istanbul, Turkey, on 19 April.

45 A deer walks across a pedestrian crossing in Nara, Japan, on 19 March. Despite the town’s tourism decline, these wild animals are doing just fine without treats from visitors, according to a deer protection group.

46 A herd of fallow deer graze on the lawns in front of a housing estate in Harold Hill in east London on 4 April.

47 Grey langurs run along a deserted road during lockdown in Ahmedabad, India, on 19 April

48 A wild boar eats the grass in a garden close to residential buildings in Ajaccio, Corsica, on 18 April.

49 Peahens seen on Motilal Nehru Marg during lockdown in New Delhi, India, on 19 April.


Human presence would typically keep such wildlife from roaming. But billions of people are inside, socially isolating themselves under the direction of health and government officials. Businesses, tourism, restaurants, clubs and many other venues are closed and the once busy streets are now completely silent. 

While some animals are curiously wandering or enjoying the quiet, others are going hungry because they’ve become dependent on tourists who feed them treats. 

Source: Bemorepanda

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