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Compilation of the most hilarious scenes when food cooking went wrong - 30 funny pictures

2 years ago

Those who are used to cooking often know that sometimes, no matter how good you are in the culinary art, fail happens. Accidents can happen to even the best of us, but some people are simply not made to cook and no matter how hard they try, they fail anyway in the kitchen. We have some concrete examples of culinary failures right in the present material picked up by Bemorepanda. We can't know if these dishes were tasty or not, but they don't look good at all.

The recipes we try to prepare from the internet, have as cover pictures with dishes that look impressive. The thing is, in reality, they can end up looking like a real culinary failure. What we prepare for good hours at the end make us laugh. It can be so painful sometimes that we cry for grief, but sometimes so funny that we cry with tears of laughter. But cooking is fun anyway and we have to appreciate our work.

1.Chocolate penguins gone wrong

2.Cute squirrel

3.Perfect snowman

4.It had to be an adorable puppy

5.Morining mouse pancake

6.Fried eggs

7.Halloween party hands

8.Teddy Bear

9.Groot, hello!

10.Precious Mini Minions

11.Spongebob cake

12.Fried eggs in the shape of an owl

13.Delicious caramel-chocolate rolls

14.Creepy teeth

15.Chocolate cupcakes

16.Heart shape Bacon

17.Cute ghosts

18.Chicken-shaped buns

19.Cacao-vanilla rolls

20.Perfect nuggets

21.Homemade pizza

22.Spaghetti fireworks

23.Athlete-shaped bun

24.Marshmallow-chocolate cookies

25.Snowflake cookies

26.Chicken-shaped eggs

27.Baking with glasses, this time for real

28.Panda cake

29.Glazed ghosts

30.Cat-shaped cake

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Cooking is an optional activity that we do when we don't want to look like lazy bums who eat nothing but sandwiches and scrambled eggs.Cooking is an art, and like any art, not everyone can be good at it. Some people are so clumsy when it comes to cooking that the kitchen is simply destroyed.


But even with the help of modern cooking tools and step-by-step recipes, it happens that our culinary attempts completely fail and we turn a masterpiece into failure. These are the photos of culinary failures that we want to share with you.



1. "My 'damaged' nipples came out in the test ..."



2. "This is our ladybug bun. She seems to judge us."


3. "Composition:" Dad tried to make wine ""


4. "It looks like using a syringe to inject the filling into a jelly bun is not a good idea."


5. "I will never be called to marry"


6. "My sister made French fries. By the way, they also burned."


7. "I found a spoon in my homemade bread. That's a plus, I thought I lost it."


8. "I wanted to bake a lobster-shaped pie ..."


9. "I was trying to have dinner after work. I hate my life."


10. 5 minutes before closing after 12-hour shift


11. "My friend made a hedgehog for the birthday of her 14-year-old son. Strange, for some reason her child was not happy."


12. "When all I want to do is cook spaghetti, but all the signs indicate that this will not happen."


13. "Thought I'd make pancakes tonight, turned the pancake over and almost wet my pants."


14. "I came tired from work and decided to cook pasta. The first pan slipped out of my hands, and I dumped everything on the floor. I decided that on the second try everything would work out, but the handle broke, and now my pasta is everywhere. I didn't eat, I went sleep"


15. "I baked some cat-shaped strawberry muffins and then froze them. Now they look like burn victims."


16. "I was making homemade chicken broth. The recipe was that after a few hours of boiling it should be drained. Damn it."


17. "I was boiling an egg this morning and something went wrong."


18. "I tried to cook sweet potatoes in my new deep fryer. You can cook meat on these coals."


"19. Today was a foreign culture night in my house, so I decided to cook a traditional dish from Pompeii."


20. "Apparently, proper nutrition is not mine."

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Hosting a party can be extremely beautiful, but also very demanding, because every detail matters. However, after you have established the intention of the party, you have made the guest list and you have thought about how you will decorate the house, the biggest challenge will remain the realization of the snacks and their aesthetics. It is very difficult to cook so as to please everyone. No matter how many dishes you have, guests seem to pay the most attention to appetizer platters. Thus, in order not to fail, it is advisable to go for variety: a little of all.


Organizing a children's birthday party or just a plate prepared for your child at home, is an important event and every detail must be perfect. But you don't have to be a chef at a five-star restaurant to amaze your child and guests with a balanced meal that is fun at the same time. You can simply opt for your little one's favorite vegetables and combine them with interesting decorations.


The first time it is extremely important to know what are the culinary preferences of your guests or your child. There are a few ingredients you can choose without fail, but you need to keep a balance between them. If there are vegetarians on your list, you will definitely want to take this into account and prepare a plate of special appetizers for them.


Art party food ideas


1.Sushi turtle cake - Food art ideas


2.Fruits city - Food art ideas


3.Orange reindeer - Food art ideas


Aesthetics are extremely important when it comes to a food, especially at a party. People are mostly visual, plating becomes a criterion that makes the difference between a popular snack and a good one. The real appetizer trays are the ones that will be satisfying for both the stomach and the eyes. From this point of view you can choose appetizers with contrasting shapes and colors to attract the eyes of your guests.


Cold appetizers are the most common. They are suitable for absolutely any situation and have the role of preparing guests for the tasty dishes that will follow. The most popular cold appetizer ideas are those that combine elements from all five categories mentioned above.


4.Palm trees - Food art ideas


5.Minion corn - Food art ideas


6.Morning breakfast - Food art ideas


Generally, the first option when it comes to hot plates includes combinations of pork and chicken. Also, when you want to vary and add a different taste, you can opt for lamb, sheep or rabbit.


It is advisable to take into account the mixing of the five types of ingredients in their case as well. In this way you will ensure the appropriate combination of carbohydrates with proteins, you will also have fiber (preferably vegetable) and you will not miss the sauces either.


7.A great plate for kids - Food art ideas


8.Unusual sandwich - Food art ideas


9.Peanuts - Food art ideas


In fact, in the case of hot dishes, sauces can make a very big difference in taste and although the star is the same type of meat, through a sauce you can go from one culinary style to another, from one kitchen to another.


The decor of the platter proves to be really important, so always remember that a key element is the aesthetics of the platter served.


10.Who’s the fairest? - Food art ideas


11.Walle plate - Food art ideas


12.Frida fans - Food art ideas


13.Mike Wazowski - Food art ideas


14.Great idea for kids - Food art ideas


15.Strawberry city - Food art ideas


16.A cute taxi for a boy - Food art ideas


17.Morning pancake with fruits - Food art ideas


18.Pancake girl - Food art ideas


19.Spongebob - Food art ideas


20.Panda rice - Food art ideas


21.Bunny - Food art ideas


22.Autumn plate decoration - Food art ideas


23.Soup with rice - Food art ideas


24.Brave - Food art ideas


25.Apple crab - Food art ideas


26.Luca plate - Food art ideas


27.Winnie pooh - Food art ideas


28.Pepa Pig - Food art ideas


29.Cute squirrel - Food art ideas


30.Owl - Food art ideas



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All people have different tastes and this is just wonderful and wonderful, because otherwise we would all be terribly boring. But we can not always understand the tastes of other people, with regards to, for example, appearance or eating habits. And if in the first case it will be more tactful to remain silent, then in the second it is much more difficult to do this, because some people eat completely incompatible foods, thereby causing a lot of questions.


Apple burger (yes, someone used apples instead of buns)



Sweet glazed donut sprinkled with ... cheetos



How can you even eat an eclair stuffed with meat?



A cold, dead heart that thought it was a good idea



The monster who ruined a great pizza with spaghetti



Some people couldn't decide if they wanted to have breakfast or lunch.


All this horror is held together by the icing dripping from the bacon.


Let's not even imagine how it tastes



The man who thought cinnamon rolls weren't good enough and added sausages to them



A bowl of cereal and canned meat. Are you sick already?



The cheese and strawberry pizza that tarnishes the good name of pizza



And the taste of this dish is very difficult to imagine.



Salad with sausages, parmesan cheese and strawberry jam - even sounds terrible



Cheese crackers with milk. What kind of antichrist is eating this?



No, this is not a chocolate covered strawberry, but a tomato



A tuna peanut butter sandwich that will make your taste buds quiver with fear



This ice cream drizzled with soy sauce is just disgusting



People, why are you doing this with food?



"My mom's 'traditional' dinner on St. Patrick's Day. Doesn't that look delicious ?!"



An unforgettable combination


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