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For men, women are the most misunderstood creatures on this earth. They possess a lot of amazing skills that men have only just begun to understand. Although modern science can be helpful in this regard, there are still many other things that men still do not understand how wonderful these qualities are.

From real decisions that have affected the lives of millions of people, to protecting the planet from fantastic beings, here are some of the bravest heroines on screen, ready to risk everything in the name of good. Bemorepanda collected memes about these wonder women.

1.After seeing wonder woman

2.She is beauty

3.Change perspective

4.Can't be together

5.Be Yourself

6.Wonder Woman

7.Strange woman

8.Invisible jet

9.My boss said

10.How dare you

11.She protects

12.Superman 1978

13.What you're saying

14.Look wonder woman

15.Perfect wonder woman

16.Suicide squad

17.I grow humans

18.Too frail

19.She's down

20.At this moment

21.Wonder woman

22.Two kinds of people

23.Call of bey

24.Sick of it

25.Killed a mass

26.4 k

27.Random lady


29.Her movies

30.Can't work as a movie

31.Floor is lava

32.Wonder woman

33.Do you bleed

34.About wonder woman

35.The right way

36.Clean rooms

37.Wonder woman partner

38.See this?

39.Invisible jet

40.Plane crash

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American actor Sylvester Stallone left a bright mark in the history of cinema. He showed himself not only as a real athlete who achieved significant success, but also as a talented actor, capable of skillfully playing a variety of roles. His life, like that of other Hollywood stars, turned out to be quite interesting and eventful. Bemorepanda presents you some unique and unknown facts about the great actor.

1. One of Stallone's grandmothers, being Jewish, was born in Odessa, so the actor has Jewish-Ukrainian roots. And Italian, of course - on the paternal side. His parents came to the United States as immigrants.

Sylvester Stallone's long-lost cousin, 33, burned alive in horrific  fireball car crash in Ukraine

2. In his youth, he did not differ in exemplary behavior, for which he was expelled from ten different schools.

Sylvester Stallone Birthday Special: 5 Things You Didn't Know About  Birthday Boy Sylvester Stallone

3. Fascinated by sports in his youth, he, in the absence of money to visit the gym, adapted various heavy trash found at the dump for power projectiles.

8 Little Known Facts Sylvester Stallone Fans Will Want To Know

4. Stallone's trademark crooked smile is a consequence of damaged nerves on the face. They were injured by an inexperienced doctor during childbirth, when the future actor was just preparing to be born.

Sylvester Stallone pulls the trigger on sale of four Richard Mille watches

5. Before the beginning of his acting career, Sylvester had worked as a ticket taker, a cage cleaner in a city zoo, a janitor, a bouncer, and even a professional gambler.

ROCKY / Sylvester Stallone...Rocky trivia: this was Stallone dog in real  life, they used him for the movie. | Rocky film, Sylvester stallone, Rocky  balboa

6. The path in cinema began for him with the filming of a porn film in 1970. Subsequently, a version of the film was released with censored cut scenes, so that the movie turned into eroticism. The original version of the film has not survived.

12 Celebrities Who Were Once A Porn Star

7. The script of the famous film "Rocky" Stallone wrote himself, locked in a room without windows.

Sly Stallone Posts Rare Photo of Rocky Deleted Scene | Rocky film, Sylvester  stallone, Rocky balboa movie

8. Once the Australian authorities forced the actor to pay a fine of 18 thousand dollars for transporting steroids into the country that were allowed in the United States at that time, but prohibited here.

Has Sylvester Stallone used Steroids or he is all Natural? | Anabolic  Muscles

9. Despite the fact that Sylvester Stallone became famous after the release of the movie "Rocky", he became rich only after filming "Rocky 3". Then he received more than $ 10 million for this role.

Sylvester Stallone on never getting ownership of 'Rocky' franchise -  Business Insider

10. Stallone is married for the third time as of 2018. He has four children in total.

Sylvester Stallone Wife: Meet the 'Rocky' Star's Longtime Spouse

11. At one time, the actor published his own magazine, each cover of which was decorated with his own face. The release did not last long.

Rocky': Sylvester Stallone on Being Deprived of Ownership Stake - Variety

12. Since 2011, Stallone has been behind the production of its own perfumes, eyewear and fashionable clothes. He, like some others, managed to turn his famous name into a popular brand.

Montegrappa unveils limited edition pen designed by Sylvester Stallone -  The Moodie Davitt Report - The Moodie Davitt Report

13. Despite his considerable age, the actor does not lag behind life and even leads his own Instagram.

1,151 mentions J'aime, 44 commentaires - @sly.stallone.46 sur Instagram : «  The best,the boss🥊🏹🗡 👉follow @officialslyst… | Sylvester stallone, Sly,  Rocky balboa

14. Little known fact: Stallone is left-handed. However, he also wields his right hand very dexterously, having developed the appropriate skill during sports.

Rocky star Sylvester Stallone faces elderly fan who is gloved up and ready  for a smacker - Irish Mirror Online

15. Among all male actors, he was more than anyone else nominated for the anti-award "Golden Raspberry". In total, he has four anti-awards and nine nominations for it.

Fifty Shades and Pixels among Razzies 'worst film' nominees - bloc

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Bruce Wayne was the son of a wealthy and respectable physician, Dr. Thomas Wayne, and his wife, Martha Wayne. One day, when he was a child, he went with his parents to the cinema where they watched the movie Zorro. The character Zorro would influence Bruce Wayne's personality throughout his life. Leaving the cinema late at night, he and his family were suddenly attacked by a jewelry thief armed with a gun. Bruce's father retaliated.


In a few moments, both parents were lying on the asphalt, being shot by the thief who managed to escape. The child was left alone and helpless. The moment marked Bruce forever. Since then, he has vowed to dedicate his life to catching criminals, but without using firearms, but other methods. Also known as the "Dark Knight", he would serve justice in the war against criminals in Gotham City.


Batman is a superhero who appears in American comic books published by DC Comics. It was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger and first appeared in Detective Comics # 27. It was originally called "Bat-Man" while also being referred to as Crusader Caped, Dark Knight and the greatest detective in the world. Here Bemorepanda has collected a top of good comics for all Batman fans.


1.But so we did

DC Comics's pivotal Batman #86 teases a new beginning for the Joker -  Polygon


2.Green costume

Classic Cover of the Week: DETECTIVE COMICS #241 ("The Rainbow Batman!")


3.Planet and Batman

The Top 25 Best Batman Comics and Graphic Novels - IGN


4.From You

The Top 25 Best Batman Comics and Graphic Novels - IGN


5.True strenght

Batfamily. Bruce being nice?? And expressing his feelings?? Sign me up.  Batman # - Be Batman - Ideas of Be Batman #batman #ideas… | Batman family,  Nightwing, Comics


6.Close atention

If Batman is being nice something must be wrong. : batman


7.You were dead

Batman: world's greatest jerk | Comics Amino


8.Master Bruce

Batman being jerk- dump - Album on Imgur


9.Not right now Alfred



10.Awful sandwich

Never Insult Alfred - Superheroes - superheroes, batman, superman,  avengers, spiderman, Pokémon GO


11.They float

Alfred Pennywise by Kubi-Wan on DeviantArt


12.Come here

Alfred Pennyworth the clown by on @DeviantArt  | Batfamily funny, Batman family, Marvel dc comics



Batman being a good parent : outofcontextcomics


14.Proud of you

Tim Drake 🔍 on Twitter | Tim drake, Indie comic, Drake


15.This is true love

▫️ on Twitter: "Finding cures for the plague, supporting people off that  proverbial ledge, being a dad.....That's Batman, baby. Everyday…"


16.You're not my partner

batman being father | Batman love, Batman and superman, Superhero comic


17.Trusting you

Shame on you, Jason Todd! That is not how you talk about a lady [Batman Inc  v2 #6] : DCcomics


18.It will be good

best of Jason Todd (the pink hood) on Twitter: "Bruce talking about Jason  to Superman and Wonder Woman. - Justice League of America 2006 #0… "


19.Boy wonder

Slings & Arrows


20.Baker's lesson

Batman #94 and DCeased Top The Weekly Bleeding Cool Bestseller List


21.What was that?

Comic Excerpt] I love this moment between Damian and Jon. (DCeased: Dead  Planet #1) : DCcomics


22.That message of Batman

DCEASED #1 Review - Impulse Gamer


23.I have something for you

DCeased 2-8 - Comic Book Revolution


24.How many infected?

DCeased (2019-) Chapter 1 - Page 23


25.Batman fight

DCEASED | Dc comics funny, Dc comics artwork, Dc comics characters heroes


26.Cool attack

Read DCeased Issue #3 Online Page 17


27.Take me, Harley

Batman #97 Top Of Every Chart - Bleeding Cool Bestseller List


28.The streets of Gotham

The 18 Best Batman Panels Ever


29.A big start

The 18 Best Batman Panels Ever


30.Horrible needs

It's Funny Panel Friday! | Old comics, Vintage comics, Comic panels

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Being a parent is the most beautiful thing in the world. There is nothing in this world that you can do and that will bring you as much joy and fulfillment as that mound that is born of you.

Modern parents share various funny things about their children. Bemorepanda has collected the funniest tweets written by parents to start this spring.

1.Wow so cool

2.No excuse


4.What the hell

5.My 4 year old

6.What do you like better

7.I worked from home

8.Zoom class

9.We are drowning

10.Clean your room

11.I keep thinking

12.Parenting a toddler

13.My kids ask

14.Huge amount

15.Guess things

16.Binge watching

17.I just yelled

18.Parenting is basically

19.Grab her mask

20.Just walked in

21.About Netflix

22.Me and my husband


24.Until parenting


26.Zoom preschool

27.No fury

28.My son


30.Flex on


32.Keeping the magic

33.Buy clothes

34.My child

35.Tooth stuff

36.Playing guys

37.Scary thoughts

38.3 year old

39.Two year old


41.Against Zoom

42.Out in public

43.Say a prayer

44.Never right

45.My husband

46.Thomas the train

47.Asked my son

48.Get married

49.Still watching?

50.My Ipad

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