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Who will buy TikTo - Google or Microsoft?

2 years ago

Google as a potential buyer

TikTok has a young, creative, and highly motivated public. Sure, most of the TikTok audience is already on Google, but Google could use the app to bring them deeper into the Google ecosystem - YouTube, of course, but also Google Drive, Documents, Sheets, and the Chrome and of course Android universe. This move should also help Google strengthen its advertising business by not allowing Facebook and smaller players like Snap to take more.

In the long run, video ads seem to be the fastest-growing segment of Google ads. YouTube ad revenue has grown 36% annually over the past two years, roughly doubling the search rate for Google and other ad companies. Perhaps the TikTok agreement could help accelerate growth, given to its younger audience. Besides, TikTok is a major customer of Google's cloud business - it has agreed to buy more than $ 800 million in cloud services from Google in 2019, which could facilitate integration.

But why would Google buy another company at all? Think about it: 2019 full-year revenue is $ 162 billion, and Google's revenue has grown by an average of 21% over the past three years. To maintain even an average growth of 15%, you need to generate additional revenue of $ 200 billion over the next five years.

How much should Google pay for TikTok? TikTok is expected to generate global revenues of $ 1 billion. Although its leadership expects sales to grow to $ 6 billion. The US in 2021 looks aggressive and we estimate revenue of about $ 4 billion. The US could be more realistic.

Microsoft as a potential buyer

Microsoft is currently in discussions to buy TikTok's US operations, which are estimated to be worth $ 10 billion to $ 30 billion on September 15. However, this is not the end. There aren't many patterns for a social media app that connects users around the world to split into an independent company based on geographic location, and this could be a frustrating affair for both parties.

However, in late July, Reuters reported that TikTok was weighing the sale of all of its global operations, including US operations, which means it could be very open to a deal with Google to buy global assets. It could be a simpler transaction that Chinese parent company TikTok ByteDance could prioritize.

Risks for Google

If Google buys TikTok, there are still more risks. In particular, there are 4 main risks. Three of these risks are operational for Google: the risk of losing talent / TikTok product engineers and managers due to improper corporate culture, the risk of losing TikTok users, and the risk that TikTok will not be properly monetized. While these are key operational risks, as we discussed above with a successful YouTube acquisition history, Google is probably in a better position than others to alleviate these risks when taking advantage of this opportunity.

But a fourth risk may violate the terms of the agreement - the acquisition is considered anti-competitive. Google already has YouTube in its product portfolio, and the company is already controlled by lawmakers and regulators for its market power in digital advertising. Google's attempt to increase its influence on social networks and video networks with its TikTok agreement will face significant resistance from regulators.

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Last year, Google representatives presented various ways in which cutting-edge technologies can improve current features and applications, and one of the most interesting uses comes from combining maps from Google Maps with augmented reality. Street View, along with an artificial intelligence algorithm, will allow us to move around the city using augmented reality. We take the phone, look for the place where we want to go on the map and in addition to the 2D image we usually see on the map, we can pick up the phone to follow the surrounding reality in 3D.

Involving augmented reality in an application like Google Maps makes sense right now when it comes to walking. In the case of car navigation, this will become relevant when more and more cars will display information directly on the windshield.

Augmented reality in Google Maps, as in other cases, involves the use of the camera and is a two-way communication. The user, by pointing the camera in a certain direction, transmits the exact location to the company's servers, thus helping the precise location.

Google Maps, in turn, will display in the real environment filmed with the phone camera virtual indicators superimposed on the real plan that shows the user exactly the direction to follow.

Basically, instead of 2D maps and arrows, the app uses the real-time images provided by the camera to move the walking guide into the real environment.

It is important to mention that street view contains both images photographed by the Google car and the Tracker, but also by ordinary people who contribute to Street View. They can go to different areas - on top of a mountain, to different tourist attractions - to take pictures, and they will be uploaded on Street View.

The camera mounted on the roof of the Google Street View car has 15 lenses and can take 360-degree panoramic photos. Where cars cannot reach - pedestrian areas, parks or tourist attractions - the images are made using a portable device.

That's how these amazing images captured through Street View probably arrived in the frame. Bemorepanda collected them all for you.

1.The perfect view

2.A normal sunny day

3.Having fun on the street

4.Just a drunk man

5.A perfect photo of a bird

6.A cute driver

7.A road to the sky

8.The horse has gone

9.Enthusiasm of this kids is cool

10.Public transport

11.Walking the dog


13.The parrot makes this photo

14.A heart in the sky

15.Beautiful view

16.A double man

17.A normal picture

18.After party

19.Summer shower

20.A good place to hide

21.This baby was left in the middle of the street

22.Summer vibes

23.The white man


25.Burning house

26.They enjoy their flight

27.Sleeping robo

28.A romantic moment

29.Poor horse

30.Burning car

31.Street fight

32.Peaceful morning


34.Dangerous man

35.At work

36.Falling in the river

37.Strange picture

38.Riding down the street

39.A butterfly

40.Selling guns

41.Alone on the street

42.A tiger in the middle of the street

43.Horse going wild

44.Bike fail

45.The end

46.Hiding in the forest

47.Funny boys

48.Strange moment

49.The bloody fight

50.Caught in action

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The popularity of TikTok has grown in 2020 due, in large part, to the outbreak of the coronavirus. With people stuck at home, many have used the social app to create dance, lip-sync, and comedy. Indeed, TikTok has turned many unknown simple users into internet superstars. But what are the best TikTok alternatives?

Many government officials are concerned that the Chinese company behind TikTok is collecting telephone data for the Chinese government. India has already banned the application and even the US government is investigating the application for possible violations of children's privacy laws.

While you might enjoy watching TikTok videos, in the future it may be blocked from your phone. You may like the idea behind TikTok, but you want to use something like that. Regardless, there are applications like TikTok that have many of the same functions. Here are our picks for the best TikTok alternatives.



Byte is one of the newest alternatives to TikTok. This is an app from one of the developers of the Vine app that was used to popularize short videos for mobile apps. Application downloads increased last summer. Users downloaded it to make short clips that can loop over. The app also has its own "Communities" where you can browse videos in the categories "funny", "horror", "cinematic" and so on. It's one of the easiest and best applications like TikTok.

2. Chingari


India has already banned TikTok and other similar video content applications, so new applications that offer the same services are being created very quickly. One of them that has become popular in this country is Chingari. As with TikTok, developers can quickly record and download short videos, often with music and other audio tracks. Users can share videos with family and friends. Although some features of TikTok are missing, more will likely be added in the coming weeks and months. This app is a great alternative for the people of India as it is from there.

3. Dubsmash


Dubsmash has been around for a few years but has many of the same popular features as TikTok. The main function is that video artists can select music or audio content and then record a video on the subject of the clip, with the lips synchronized with the sound. It became very popular a few years ago but has lost many users to other applications over time. In the TikTok era, however, Dubsmash got a second chance and is now partially gaining popularity again. In addition to the lip-sync features, you can add visual effects to your Dubsmash videos.

4. Facebook


Facebook is the original king of short videos. They are easy to download and distribute. They can also go viral very quickly. Also, the Facebook app has a full video content section so you can easily manage your content. Of course, you'd probably want to create your page instead of using your regular profile. However, Facebook is one of the few platforms that work with shorter videos, or you can start live if you want to do longer things.

5. Instagram


Instagram is another decent site for short video content. You can post videos on your feed using different hashtags to grab the attention of non-subscribers. Of course, you also have the option to create live videos, post videos in your stories, and much more. For the most part, it's almost as good as Facebook.


Price: Free with in-app purchases.

Likee is one of the most popular TikTok alternative applications on the list. It's like a mix of YouTube and TikTok. You can make shorter videos just for suggestions or you can go live and make long content if you want. Of course, viewers can choose from a wide variety of content. There are a couple of filters like the hair color changer and a few other things. It's a little closer to TikTok than most of the others on the list, and overall, it's a worthy alternative.



Snapchat has been around for a long time, of course. However, it has also gained popularity this year, thanks in part to the success of TikTok. Snapchat has been used for years to create short videos that are meant to go away after a relatively short period. It can also be used for personal communication, photo sharing, and more. It is one of the best known and best TikTok alternatives out there.

8. Triller


Triller is a relatively new addition to the short video mass. However, it is used by musicians like Chance the Rapper and Justin Bieber to promote their music. Even comedians like Kevin Hart used it to download comedy videos. With Trill, not only can producers create their videos, but societies can also collaborate on video production. You can also add filters, text, and other effects to any video.

9. YouTube

Price: Free / $ 12.99 per month.

YouTube isn't the best platform for creating short videos. The company reduced this capacity many years ago in favor of longer content. However, it is one of the best websites for viewing short content in the form of video compilations. There are tons of video compilations from TikTok, Vine, etc. that show you many of the most popular things on the platform without the need for the platform itself.


Price: Free with in-app purchases.

Zoomerang is not a video viewing platform. However, it is a great short video editor for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and more, which easily replaces the TikTok app. This one comes with some fine tricks and effects. There are over 100 such effects in the library. There is also an optional ad-free editing subscription and some additional features. Finally, developers have an influential presence on social media and sometimes post videos of the creators to give them a little bit of potential.

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Using Excel is both difficult (when the user doesn't know how to use the program correctly) and makes life a lot easier when spreadsheet programs are used correctly.


We figure out how to speed up work in the office program on a PC


At a minimum, for faster and, let's not be afraid, correct work in Excel, you need to learn specific keyboard shortcuts. Knowing these combinations will help to speed up the work in this office program significantly. Let's take a look at 30 varieties. 



1. How to highlight and copy information?

Ctrl + A: select all.

Ctrl + C: copy.


2. How to quickly cut and paste information?

Ctrl + X: cut.

Ctrl+V: Paste.


3. How to make text bold or italic?

Ctrl + 2: bold.

Ctrl + 3: italicize.

Pressing again cancels the command.


4. How do I underline or strikethrough text?

Ctrl + 4: Underline

Ctrl + 5: Strikethrough

Pressing again cancels the command.


5. How to open the "Format Cells" dialog box in one click?

Ctrl + 1: Open the Format Cells dialog box.


6. How to find and replace text?

Ctrl+F: find.

Ctrl + H: find and replace.


7. How to quickly switch between work tabs?

Ctrl + PgUp: Switch between sheet tabs from left to right.

Ctrl + PgDn: Switch between sheet tabs from right to left.


8. How to insert and remove outer borders to/from selected cells?

Ctrl + Shift + & : Paste outer borders to selected cells.

Ctrl + Shift + _: Remove outer borders from selected cells.


9. How to hide marked rows and columns?

Ctrl + 9: Hide selected lines.

Ctrl + 0: Hide selected columns.


10. How to display hidden rows and/or columns?

Ctrl + Shift + (: show hidden lines in selection.

Ctrl+Shift+): Show hidden columns.



11. How to insert the current date and/or time?

Ctrl + Shift + ; : Insert the current date.

Ctrl + Shift + : : Paste the current time.


12. How to add/remove cells?

CTRL + SHIFT + plus sign (+) : Display the Add Cells dialog box to insert blank cells. If a row or column is selected, then, accordingly, the row or column is added immediately, bypassing the dialog box.

CTRL + minus sign (-) : Display the Delete Cells dialog box to delete selected cells. If a row or column is selected, then, accordingly, the row or column is deleted immediately, bypassing the dialog box.

see also


13. How to copy the formula of the top cell to the current cell or formula bar?

Ctrl + ' : Copy the formula of the top cell to the current cell or formula bar.


14. How can I redo or undo a previous action?

Ctrl + Y: Redo the previous action.

Ctrl + Z: Undo previous action.


15. How to open and close a document?

Ctrl + N : creates a new empty workbook (sheet).

Ctrl + W : closes the window of the selected book (sheet).


16. How can I save and print to the current location and existing format?

Ctrl + S : Save the working file with the current filename in the current location and in the existing format.

Ctrl + P : Displays the Print tab.


17. How to open an existing workbook?

Ctrl + O 



18. How do I open the Save As dialog box?




19. How to repeat the last command or action and close windows in Excel?

Ctrl+F4: close the window of the selected book.

F4 alone: repeat the last command or action if possible. For example, if the last thing you typed into a cell is "ABC", you can press F4 in another cell and repeat the process.


20. How do I go to the Help or Search field?

ALT+Q : To go to the Help or Search field.


21. How do I open the File, Home or Insert tab menu?

Alt+F : Open the File tab menu.

Alt+H : Open the Home tab and format text and numbers, or use the search tool.

Alt+N : Open the Insert tabs and insert PivotTables, Charts, Add-Ins, Sparklines, Pictures, Shapes, Headings, or Text Boxes.


22. How do I expand or collapse the formula bar?

Ctrl+Shift+U : Expand or collapse the formula bar.


23. How do I navigate to the Formula, Data, and Review tabs?

Alt+M : Switch to the Formula tab.

Alt+A : Go to the Data tab.

Alt+R : Open the Review tab.


24. How to switch to the "View" tab?

Alt+W : Switch to the View tab.


25. How to add a feature?

Shift+F3 : Display the Insert Function dialog box.


26. How to quickly calculate the sum in Excel.

You can start typing the sum formula, you can use the sum icon on the ribbon, or you can just press ALT+=.



27. How to highlight a column or row in Excel.

Everyone knows the keyboard shortcut for selecting the entire sheet in Excel "Ctrl + A", this combination works in many other applications, but in Excel you can select only a column or only a row.


28. How to hide a column or row in MS Excel.

It is unlikely that it will be a big secret to be able to hide a column using the context menu, but if you use the combination "Ctrl + 0" it will turn out faster, and "Ctrl + 9" hides a row from the Excel sheet.


29. How to delete a row or column in MS Excel.

If you need to not only hide, but delete a row or column, using the “Ctrl + -” combination will do it as quickly as possible.


30. How to add the current date/time to a cell.

Unlike the previous ones, a rather specific hot combination. But the fastest way to insert the current date into a cell is "Ctrl +;", and if you add the Shift key to this combination, then the current time is inserted - "Ctrl + Shift +;".



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