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20 pictures of dogs who refuse to sit like normal animals

1 year ago

You've probably noticed that some dogs like to sit up straight like humans, for reasons that remain a mystery to us. The dogs from our article also decided that they were tired of sitting and lying like normal dogs and showed all their eccentricity, this is real fun.

1. "My puppy has taken such a strange position that it's hard for me to describe it."

2. "I saw my dog ​​sitting on the stairs just like a man. His butt was on the step, and his paws were next to each other."

3. "Hmmm, my dog ​​is weird."

4. "My favorite girl loves to sit on the stairs, but not like dogs do. This time she added an accessory to her look."

5. "I photographed my dog ​​in this weird pose. Its hind legs are relaxed and the front legs are ready to run at any second."


6. "Only in this position my puppy Peach can sleep sweetly and soundly"

7. "This is how she sleeps"

8.This dog seems to be learning yoga

9. "She really likes to lie like that."

10. "The way he likes to sit on the stairs and reflect on life ..."

11. "My dog ​​loves to sit on the windowsill and look out the window. True, she does it in a weird way."

12. "This is not a cat, but my Dalmatian who likes to lie with his paws tucked in."

13. "I think I got a cat, not a dog."

14.Are you okay buddy?

15. "My pug is a funny little creature"


16. "This is a moped and he's weird"

17. "She sits there and judges me."

18. "I can never understand my dog"

19. "He slept in this position for about 30 minutes. Haha, I love my best friend."

20. There is no better pillow than your friend.

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The internet is full of funny videos about dogs, puppies and new content is being uploaded to social media every single day. According to Android Authority, people watch over 5 billion of hours every single day on YouTube while the number of videos uploaded per minute is close to 500 hours.


With such a popular demand, Bemorepanda continues to pick the latest, must-see clips with cute and hilarious dogs from around the world that will put a smile on your face.


Here is a list of top 10 funniest videos for October that are going viral on Instagram:


1 The fact that the dogs know what to do is mind blowing

2 Come and play with me

3 Don’t panic! Just keep swimming

4 Younger siblings are forever annoying

5 What does this button do? 😂

6 Who doesn’t love a cute corgi?

7 You can tell that its Weekend time for this adorable Chihuahua

8 Can I please have a kiss?

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All natural

1 year ago
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The coronavirus continues to spread throughout the world. When the pandemic has been declared, people were asked to stay at home and go out only in case of emergency. Now it is september but things keep going, but fun is always avalaible. Someone panics, and others, although they take this situation seriously, does not forget about humor. In order to cheer you up, the Bemorepanda has collected the best memes about coronavirus and quarantine. Laugh and be healthy!

1.The war between masks and hand sanitizer

2.Days during quarantine

3.Baby boom after quarantine

4.Every disaster starts with the government

5.Reopen America

6.Apocolypse outfit

7.Things in 2060

8.Haircuts and coronavirus

9.Pubs in Ireland

10.Who won the war against corona?

11.Telling Mother Nature we're sorry

12.No one wants to stay in the house

13.Press conferences

14.Unsanitized bat

15.Corporations be like

16.States reopening soon during corona

17.Toilet paper war

18.Coughs during coronavirus pandemic

19.Just survive this pandemic

20.The photo of Hudson River

21.DIY mask

22.My niece keeps coughing

23.Teaching classes online

24.Quentin Tarantino

25.Who stocked toilet paper?

26.COVID or Corona?

27.When diagnosed with Covid-19

28.It's over !!

29.Someone eating a bat

30.Toilet paper shortage

31.First coronavirus case in Turkey

32.I don't want to go.

33.Supply of toilet paper

34.During Coronavirus Outbreak

35.Cutting toxic people from my life

36.Las Vegas and the pandemic

37.This reboot looks scarier than the original

38.Trump and coronavirus

39.UN doctors

40.DIVOC a new factor during pandemic

41.Working from home

42.Is that what you want?

43.Milano during pandemic

44.Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 23 years in prison

45.On a airplane

46.Coming out of quarantine like:

47.Incredible punctuation here

48.People with flu

49.The coronavirus won't last long

50.Just spread it

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Dogs love Christmas and the positive energy of their owners during this period. The quadrupeds are delighted to spend time with their families. The atmosphere and the agitation that is created when the whole family gathers, is taken over by our furs who certainly do not want to be ignored. Puppies with more withdrawn and quiet behavior will probably be reluctant to join, but most love these festivities.

All the guests who cross your doorstep, friends or relatives, will pay a lot of attention to your dog. Certainly no puppy will be bothered by a scratching session on the belly or many kisses.

1.Christmas Card photo

2.Let me be the star

3.Here I am

Where there is more food, the opportunity to receive delicious rewards increases. But we must remember what foods are allowed and what could harm the puppy. Christmas is for us the period when we forget about diets and pamper ourselves with delicious dishes. Christmas dishes are not only tempting for us, but also for them, especially if they are left at their fingertips. It would be best to store them carefully and not give them away (not even a little).

If you wrap presents at home, give your dog a toy so he can be busy with something. There are also dogs who love to help unpack gifts. Who doesn't love to receive Christmas presents? A new toy, delicious rewards or chewing bones, will delight any dog!

4.Fight on camera

5.Little buddy

6.Let’s smile

Dress your dog in fluffy overalls or blouses with Christmas themes: snowman, reindeer, Santa Claus or leprechaun. Preferably choose a fluffy and comfortable material.

Lights, balls, fir trees and balls rolling on the living room floor. This is the atmosphere long awaited by your four-legged friend who is just waiting for a new play session while you decorate the Christmas tree. Christmas is not Christmas without a big Christmas tree covered with lights and globes. The decorations help us make the house have a festive aura, but for dogs and cats they can be something new to play with or worse, something new to eat.

7.Get out of the photo

8.Merry Christmas

9.No love for Santa

10.Someone is afraid

11.No Santa on vacation

Cats really like to play with strings on which various toys are hung, and the tinsel, being shiny, is even more attractive. Although tinnitus is not poisonous, if it is eaten it can cause intestinal damage and surgery may be needed to remove it. The same goes for ribbons. If portions of the ribbon are food, they can in the worst case cause death of the animal by asphyxiation or, if they reach the intestine, they can cause injuries. And in the case of globes, you have to be careful. Hanging on the branches of the tree, the cat will find them as the perfect toys. If you accidentally break a globe, it can be cut into shards.

In order for these things not to happen, it would be good to get your four-legged child used to the decorations and the Christmas tree, or to install it in a room where he does not have access.

12.He is the star

13.Christmas glam

14.That’s all about Christmas vibes

15.Lights and dogs

16.Hi here

17.Let me in

18.No present for me


20.This is what I wanted


22.You see me?

23.No pics without me

24.Epic fail

25.Christmas dogs

26.Chilling with good music

27.Merry Christmas

28.Let me pose with you

29.Pet stuff

30.Christmas atmosphere with dogs

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It's a shame when your favorite fast food restaurant does wrong with you. The reason for this, most likely, is personnel error, but sometimes it seems that this is a uniform mockery. Well, how can you forget to put a patty in a burger? All in all, McDonald’s, you break my heart, don’t do that.

1.Why put six normal nuggets when you can stick three shapeless and death-fried pieces?

2.He asked to add pickled cucumbers. 

3.Is mini chicken new on the menu?

4.Do you know why mozzarella sticks are so light? Because they stupidly do not have mozzarella.

5.This breakfast was supposed to be with egg and cheese, but looks like sadness in the form of a sandwich.

6.Who needs chicken in McChicken?

7.The cook decided to make vegetarians out of his clients?

8.It seems you forgot to put something. The most important thing.

9.Putting pickled cucumbers inward is a past century.

10.In fact, all salads should be so small.

11.Super flat burger. It’s as if a skating rink has passed on it.

12.Both vanilla and chocolate shakes. Because just chocolate is the mainstream.

13.I requested without Canadian bacon.

14.Not a piece of cheese, but a mockery.

15.Yes baby, I love my burger with cheese and onions.

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