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2 years ago
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Elon Musk is a South African entrepreneur and philanthropist, founder of PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla, who has lived in the United States for many years. He is currently the CEO and CTO of SpaceX, CEO and Chief Architect of Tesla Inc. and a member of the board of directors of SolarCity. Its capital for 2018 is $ 22.4 billion. Musk is called a man of success who wants to change the world for the better, thinks about the future and is not sad.

Bemorepanda collected all his advice that should be followed, in order to become successful and rich in our nowadays society.

Here are 10 principles for you to follow in 2021, so to become a successful businessman:

1. Never give up

Elon has suffered many setbacks as an entrepreneur. For example, his company Space X had significant barriers to creating a space rocket that would be much cheaper than previous ones - it would be reusable and could return to Earth. Millions of dollars were lost when rockets exploded. However, Musk did not give up. Today his company is the largest privately-owned rocket engine manufacturer in the world. He signed a contract with NASA to develop vehicles for American astronauts.

Elon plans to further conquer space and send a man to Mars. He believes that if we can reduce the cost of transportation in space, we, as humanity, can achieve great success.

“I have a samurai psychology. I would rather choose hara-kiri than lose, ”Musk says.

2. Do what you really enjoy

Choose a job, career, profession, business, field of activity in which you are interested. Elon believes that if someone really likes what he does, he will never give up, despite his mistakes and failures. If you love your job, you always think about it, you are drawn to it like a magnet. A person who follows their passion and has a real interest in some activity will be more focused and focused.

3. Don't listen to "little people"

If you have chosen a more difficult path and want to do something important, then you should avoid people who criticize you and predict failure. Sometimes even close friends and relatives can dissuade them from their plans based on their own fears and limitations. It is better to stay away from such advisors who will try to stop you and limit the chances of great things.

4. Take risks

Elon Musk believes that young people are more inclined to take risks. Even if they fail, they still have time to correct their mistakes. Students who are graduating from universities or just starting their careers have more opportunities and time to experiment, as long as they don't have children and big commitments. Later, they must take into account not only their own interests, and this can influence decisions and approach to risk. Stability and security will become more important to them. While you are young, full of strength and desire, take risks! Later, you may wish you did this.

5. Do something important

When Elon Musk invested in Tesla, he did not know if the company would succeed. However, he believed in the founders' main idea that electric vehicles could be attractive and that this was the future of the automotive industry. Elon wanted to change the attitude of people towards electric cars. He was faced with a difficult task: to convince society that this is not just a golf cart, but a full-fledged means of transportation that will replace a car. Musk took an active part in the design, believing in the idea. Undoubtedly, it was a big risk, and the chances of defeat were great.

If something is really important to you, you have to make up your mind and do it, even if the possible result is failure.

6. Focus on signals, not noise

Elon believes that companies should be able to distinguish between which efforts directly contribute to the improvement of their product or service, and which do not. When people identify the elements, the factors that add value and make the product better, they should focus on them. Efforts that do not actually improve the product should be considered “noise” and should be stopped as soon as possible as they consume time and other resources. In Tesla's case, the investment goes primarily to research and design to make the cars as comfortable as possible. Significantly less finance is allocated to advertising.

7. Look for people who solve problems

When employing people, pay attention to whether they can solve problems. It is best for the person who is applying for a certain position to tell what he managed to do on his own. Elon thinks if people can describe in the smallest detail what happened, what were the reasons and what they did about it, then they participated in solving the problem. If the answers are superficial and not very specific, it is likely that the person was not actively involved in solving the task. The people who actually solved the problem never forget how much effort it took.

8. Attract successful people

According to Elon Musk, a company is just a group of people. The most important thing in starting a company is finding and attracting successful people and working with them. A company's success is largely determined by how talented, hardworking, and goal-oriented the people who create it are. Great teams make great products.

9. Build a good product

Elon says that no matter what others do, you have to create a great product or service. Big companies are built on big products. If you want to work in a market where you already have competitors, you must offer something much better, much better. Otherwise, consumers choose a reliable and well-known brand.

10. Work hard

Elon warns young entrepreneurs who are just starting their own businesses that they must be prepared for very hard work. It's about working hours, every day, seven days a week, especially if you're a budding entrepreneur. Work as hard as possible, this increases the chances of success. If others work 40 hours a week, and you work 100 hours, then in 4 months you will reach what it takes them a year to do. It takes a lot of effort and sacrifice, saving and investing in your business. Musk believes that a person who works hard redoubles their efforts towards others. At the end of this journey, much more will be achieved and realized.

Successful people like Elon Musk did not appear in one day or month thanks to their continuous series of successes. All great entrepreneurs and businessmen had many defeats and losses, but they were resilient, did not give up, rose and continued on their way again.

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COVID-19 has stopped many people's businesses by quarantining many parts of the world. In addition to losses due to business interruptions, businessmen cannot pay rent and pay salaries to their employees, because they have nothing. A leather goods store recently opened its doors for the first time in two months since the introduction of a nationwide quarantine, and what the owner saw did not make him happy.


As if the quarantine was not enough blow to the business, the owner of this store in Malaysia opened his doors 2 months later and found a sad surprise.


A Facebook user named Nex Nezeum recently shared several photos of various leather goods covered in insane amounts of mold.


Shoes, bags, wallets, belts, and even furniture and floor coverings were moldy - a truly depressing sight for a store owner.


Back in March, Malaysia decided to introduce quarantine in its country in response to the COVID-19 pandemic


Minor businesses like Nex's store have been closed until further notice.


But on May 10 - 53 days after the start of quarantine - the country relaxed quarantine conditions and allowed some businesses to reopen their doors.


When Nex entered his store, he saw that everything from shoes and bags to furniture and flooring was covered with mildew colonies.


The owner of the store is still in shock and does not comment on this incident.


But people on the Internet suggested that this could be due to the fact that the ventilation stopped working, which was turned off while the store was not working.


The only plus in this situation is that Nex's photos went viral, collecting over 11,000 likes in just a day, and were circulated in various media.


Of course, the store owner is not in the mood for jokes, but netizens were humorous, saying that this is a good way to find out if it is real leather or fake.


A little later, Nex posted a few more photos, which show that the cinema is also captured by mold.



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It is well known that for a foreigner, Americans often look like a bunch of weird people. Solo red cups, free refills and bulk shopping are all just the tip of the iceberg, where it gets much weirder. But most interesting is how Americans ask questions of foreigners.

So when an Australian TikToker, @Voidable from Brisbane, asked people, "What's the worst thing an American has ever told you?" the multitude of questions immediately pervaded the entire social platform, with people telling stories about it.

From questions like "Do you speak European?" or "Asian?" Let's really ask ourselves if a person from Egypt lives in a pyramid, are these some of the most "serious?" questions to non-Americans. Get ready to giggle, then make sure you check out our previous post with Americans who are headless on the moon and back.

1.What country?

2.European cruise

3.Electricity in Germany


5.Egypt pyramid

6.Running our country

7.Foreign ID

8.I’m Spanish

9.Peter Pan is real



12.US history

13.Our sun is brighter

14.It snows?

15.Internet access

16.Volcano eruption

17.Florida of Europe

18.Gravity questions

19.Best country


21.Countries have presidents




25.American taught Canada is a third country


27.Do you speak European?

28.I have freedom


30.American dude

31.I’m Italian

32.Polar bears

33.Grass in Mexico

34.When's December for you?


36.Driving a lot

37.Do you watch TV?

38.It’s mercury

39.Visiting LA

40.From Libya

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@2844_panda_7438 I was once asked by an American if we have cars in Germany he thought that we ride horses lol and then I told them Germany invented cars and we have one of the best cars he was shocked lol

If the thought of your own career and finance upsets you, then Chinese billionaire Jack Ma has advice for you.

Ma is a Chinese entrepreneur who founded the Alibaba Group and amassed a multibillion-dollar fortune despite all the difficulties. He was named "Person of the Year" by the Financial Times in 2013 and is often cited as an example of the Chinese entrepreneurial spirit. Ready to take Ma's advice in managing your professional and financial life? Copy the tips that motivate you the most, save them to your computer, print them out and put them in your wallet.

Jack Ma, founder of, is the first Chinese businessman to be featured on the cover of Forbes. He is the richest man in China and the eighteenth on the list of the richest people in the world. And here are 10 rules for his success.

Bemorepanda gives you the opportunity to feel like you're in a dialogue with Jack Ma. If you feel demotivated and unenthusiastic, here is Jack Ma's speech to you.

1. Get used to rejection.

After graduating from university, I failed my entrance exams three times. I applied for a job as many as 30 times, but I was refused, I wanted to work as a police officer, but I was told. Out of five applicants they took 4. I was the only one who was refused.

I even tried to work at KFC when they were just opening a network in China, 24 people wanted to get a job and 23 of them were accepted. I was the only one who was refused.”

So I'm used to being rejected, by the way, I applied to Harvard 10 times and was rejected. I knew that they would refuse me, I just wanted to be convinced of this now, and then I said to myself: "Someday, perhaps, I will teach there.

2. Hold on to your dreams.

We have the secret code of success, Ali Baba, the secret code is “open until the next day”, and for every person the secret code is the ability to keep his dream, because one day this dream may come true, this is what the secret code is.

3. Focus on culture.

I think that technology is just a tool, the main advantage of our company is that at the very beginning we had 18 people, and now we have 20 thousand young employees and we value each employee very much. We constantly make sure that each employee really works for the benefit of our clients, so that we do not just make money from our business.

4. Ignore the opinion of spiteful critics.

Many people with whom I talked about my idea - Ali Pay (payment system), answered me: “This is the stupidest idea that ever occurred to you!”, To which I replied: “Stupid or not, but people are use ”. Now 800 million people use Alipay.

5. Look for inspiration.

I've learned a lot from films. I learned how to compose a speech by watching the film “Bodyguard” with Whitney Huston. When she sings her songs there, I can't take my eyes off her, it's cool, this is how to compose a speech, before that I did not know how to do it, I’m not an actor, but when I saw the film I said: “wow”.

If you sing from the heart, if you sing naturally, if you remain yourself, it works. So I learned a lot from the films, I even learned a lot from the godfather.

My favorite movie is Forrest Gump, this is what I have learned, this is my muse, the inspiration we draw from films.

6. Focus.

I say no to many ideas, as a CEO I have to give up some opportunities, because if I say yes, then I will get about 5,000 good ideas a day.

But whether it’s refusal or acceptance, I am guided by the principles of “helping to make business easier”, if the ideas are aimed at this, I will consider them, if someone comes and says: “Look, we can make a lot of money”, I'm not interested in that.

7. Come up with a good name.

After all, the Internet is a global network, which means that we must have an international name and it must be interesting. I thought for many days and suddenly it occurred to me that alibaba is the right name.

That day I was in San Francisco, I was having lunch and a waitress came up to me, I asked her: “Do you know anything about Ali Baba?”, She said: “Yes,” I asked: “What is alibaba ? ”, She replied:“ Open sesame ”. Super, I went out into the street and started asking this question to 10, 20 people, they all knew the tale about Ali Baba, the forty robbers, and open up until the season. So I realized that this is a great name, it starts with the letter A. Whatever they say, alibaba always comes first on the list.

8. Customers come first.

We believe that our company differs from Wall Street in that our customers come first, employees come second, and shareholders come third.

This is my religion, because our clients pay us money, our employees use innovations and only then come the shareholders.

I remember the day before the first public sale of the stock, when many asked me Jack to sell us the shares, we will be long-term shareholders, but when the crisis came, these guys ran away at the speed of sound, my people stayed, clients also stayed.

9. Don't complain - look for opportunities.

Happy opportunities are in the same place as complaints. Where problems lie, there are happy opportunities.

10. Be dedicated.

We are gathered here today to discuss what we should do in the next five ten years. What alibaba will become in the future.

I have always said that our competitors are not some kind of home websites, but international websites and our competitors are not in China, but in the American Silicon Valley.

So first, we need to position Ali Baba as an international website, not just a home website.

Second, we must embrace the working spirit of Silicon Valley. If we come to work at 8 in the morning and leave at 5 in the evening, we will not become a high-tech company and alibaba will never succeed.

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Madness is all around us, but only a few examples of it are worthy of attention. Today we will amaze you with crazy photos, in which such a game is going on, that it is better not even to try to explain them. A snow woman in the shower, a carpet on the escalator, a hookah with sausages and many more brain explosions await you further.

1. Snow woman in the shower

2. Circus show at the crossing

3. Escalator with carpet

4. Hookah with sausage

5. This fashionable man

6. What could raccoons need so badly in this store?

7. Film suit

8. When they said that the ballet lacks expression

9. It is very difficult to explain how you can live with such nails

10. Tango mask. Dance the coronavirus!

11. Who even thought of making a similar mannequin, which is also a child's

12. And the pens are here.

13. Apparently waiting for the steamer

14. Facial care level: miner

15. Hopefully this is not a controller

16. I decided to ride a hare

17. Who needs to hang a car in the forest?

18. Oh, the leg bought herself a new phone

19. This catalog with children's knitted masks

20. Finally, this stylish coffin

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