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20 times when people failed with their purchases on the Internet and they no longer want to buy online

2 years ago

Shopping online is fun, easy and honestly addictive. Being a click away from the things of your dreams is, of course, cool, but before buying it is worth reminding yourself once again that you need to read descriptions and reviews in order not to end up with something strange. People from our article completely forgot about this rule and got burned on online shopping.


1. "Thank you, now I hate wolves"

2. "I ordered the wrapping paper online and it was a mistake"


3. "Be sure to check the size when buying anything online."


4. "I ordered this cutting board and waited 6 months for it."


5. "Do you think the groom will run away from me at the altar if I wear this dress?"


6. "I knew that my cat was a big boy and therefore I ordered the largest size for him."


7. "The air freshener that is sold on Facebook. This is a scam."


8. "I ordered this figurine online. It was supposed to be a cute Bulbasaur. Let's just admit I didn't get what I ordered ..."


9. "I ordered my boyfriend socks with his photo, but on the left toe is a man we don't know."


10. "I ordered a canvas for the wall, and I received a rag that can be worn, perhaps, in the form of a bandana."


11. "I ordered wet wipes online. Are you kidding me ?!"


12. "I was looking forward to the Chloe toy from The Secret Life of Pets, and such a bummer!"

13. "Can anyone tell me where I can shrink my head?"


14. "You probably think that I just chose the wrong size. But the size is okay."


15. "I will never order things online again"


16. "The dress for pregnant women turned out to be some kind of absurdity"


17. "Do they really think showerheads and wireless headphones are the same thing?"


18. "I thought it couldn't be easier than not messing with a silicone mask ..."

19. "Great prom dress. Very modest and conservative."


20. "Amazon, I hate you"

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There are manufacturers whose unwritten slogan is the phrase: “Have you bought it? What a fool!" The owners of such companies absolutely do not care about customer loyalty and satisfaction, because all they care about is profit. In pursuit of money, they go for devilishly cunning tricks, the purpose of which is to save money on the product itself and make the buyer believe in something that does not exist. They manage to do this not only with food packages and other items, but also with electronics, and even with entire buildings! We have collected for you 20 dastardly goods and things, the manufacturers of which are clearly afraid of sunlight and crucifixion.


Mirror backing that makes you think there are three handles in the package



"I think the meatballs just asked for a window seat."



Fake side buttons on this mouse


"Thought there would be more cheese here."



Why not add concrete to the flashlight to make it feel heavier and better?



"A friend of mine bought this jacket because it had pockets ..."



"I was definitely disappointed."


Instead of four full bath bombs, the girl received four halves of two.


"Artificial flowers were stuck into a real cactus to make it sell better"



"Double deception in one product"



"So much plastic waste to make the jar look a little bigger."



Fake speaker in the column



A plastic bottle inside a paper bottle, the "environmental friendliness" of which its manufacturers are proud 🤦



Packaging design that makes shoppers think there is real fruit inside



"My parents bought a couple of 'hard drives' from Amazon and found that when you write more than 30GB to them, they just replace the previous content."



"A university in my country (Peru) built a fake wall to make it look like a 7-story building."


In the comments, the author of the photo wrote: "In response to questions from the authorities, a university representative said that this is" just a model for advertising. "

"Cool, big bottle of Provencal herbs ... What?"



A sneaky sticker that says the bowl is microwave safe, even though the bowl says it isn't



"I paid $ 11 for 3 of these pens"



"We arrived at the hotel, paid extra for a room with a large TV .."


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When people buy a house or apartment, they do their best to equip them according to their taste. But everyone's taste is different and what seems beautiful to some will cause bewilderment to others. In this article, we've rounded up some of the worst house designs people could ever make.


1. In case you suddenly decide that you will sleep well tonight


2. Don't tell me what to do


3. Sink for suicides


4. Do you see it too?


5. Almost missed


6. When an unnecessary door remains and a designer wakes up in you


7. This will be the last cooked breakfast


8. At school, for a decoupage lesson, the designer of this house had an A.


9. When everything is clear without words


10. Practical


11. It could be a great cat toy


12. Why not make some kind of incomprehensible building next to the Rapunzel tower?


13. Looking at this table, the little toe on the leg begins to hurt itself


14. Everyone has their own approach to decorating the floor.


15. It's terribly original and endlessly ridiculous.



16. Who even needs to see themselves in the mirror


17. How will people know that you are rich if there is no Lamborghini on your window


18. How can a man sleep while THIS is on the wall?


19. What's wrong with this bed?


20. Don't even ask what it looks like































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A girl with the nickname Deo-Sloth24 posted a meek video on Reddit, which caused many users to laugh hysterically. It's all to blame for the plague doctor's mask, which the girl ordered on the Internet, obviously without checking the reviews.

"I received my mask by mail. It seems worth choosing a better mask ..", - the girl signed her video

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Games help build a trusting relationship with your pet, but at the same time encourage exercise - in short, it is an essential part of any dog's life! The selection of Bemorepanda Shop toys for dogs helps you to easily initiate games with your four-legged friend, to keep him active and in good physical shape. From toys to stimulate intelligence or movement, to chewing items or funny stuffed animals - we invite you to discover our wide range!


 1.Pet Toys Organizer

Finally, you may organize your pet toys in a very cute and stylish way, basically, dog's treasures will now have its spot and you will no longer bump into his toys. This basket is made of 100% recycled cotton and an eco-leather patch. Each basket is handmade from a soft cotton rope. Its length can be adjusted to the number of toys and/or the height of your pet. This toy basket in a timeless design and a fashionable color is not just a practical gadget, but also a designer addition to your home interior. 

Buy Pet Toys Organizer for just $ 186



2.Organic Unicorn Dog Toy

Choose only the best quality products for your buddy, this adorable Unicorn is made only of 100% organic cotton. It is going to be a very interesting toy for your pet, it will provide him with hours of fun. As well it is a handmade toy, wichs colors, texture and sounds will stimulate all senses of your pet. It is healthy and a beautiful choice. Your dog may play with it anywhere. Another important advantage is that the crochets weave cleans your dog's teeth during the play. 

Buy this Organic Unicorn Dog Toy for just $ 68



3.Rabbit Plush Toy for Dogs

A very stylish and adorable toy for dogs with long and cute ears, it will become your buddy's best friend. This lovely rabbit is made without a squeaker, so you will love him as much as your dog!

Buy this Rabbit Plush Toy for Dogs for just $ 60



4.Intelligence Game "Birthday Cake"

Dog toy made of certified wood

Do you think your dog is the smartest you know? If you are one of those who believe that their pet's intelligence is superior, you may be interested in trying the intelligence game for dogs Birthday Cake. My Intelligent Pets has developed this highly difficult intelligence game to train your dog's concentration and dexterity.

But the Birthday Cake dog intelligence game will not only entertain you and help you to become more skillful. The game mechanics will help you to increase the dog's natural instincts such as his curiosity or his sense of smell. Plus, it's great for medium to large breeds, and it can be configured in many different ways so the fun never ends.

Buy this Intelligence Game "Birthday Cake" for just $ 163


5.Interactive Game for Puppies


Interactive game for puppies, which can be very good for developing the attention and skill of animals. It is a strategy game with a medium level of difficulty. It is easy to use. You just have to hide the puppy's favorite food or rewards in the hidden compartments of the toy. He will have to look for ways to reach the rewards. This interactive game is made of durable materials. Also, the feet of the game have non-slip rubber, which means that it will not slip off the floor or other slippery surfaces. It is easy to clean. This interactive game is perfect for testing your puppy's intelligence, but it can also be a way to make him eat more slowly.

Buy this Interactive Game for Puppies for just $ 240



6.Rope with Knots for Dogs

Perfect Toy for your beloved friend, it is a classic toy that still remains a pet's favorite. For large dogs. 

Buy this Rope with Knots for Dogs for just $ 46



7.Plush Chicken Toy

Long-legged rubber chickens are a great classic among dog toys but this is a soft plush alternative, with extra long legs making it perfect for being thrown, caught, and brought back. This chicken will amuse your dog thanks to its 4 squeaks integrated into the head, body, and legs and the rustling film in the wings, which invite you to chase and capture it. Your dog will be able to play together with his plush bird for a long time. The patented and bite-proof lining, the reinforced seams, and the extra fabric layer make this plush resistant to the wildest games.

Buy this Plush Chicken Toy for just $ 65



8.Move the Flower Tower

With the Move the Flower Tower boredom disappears in no time. With its original design, this clever toy for dogs ensures a lot of fun and offers a very varied mental pastime for your four-legged friend.

Move the Flower Tower is inspired by a flower and is made up of elements that resemble parts of a flower and cones, which your dog must remove and move, in order to reach the treats hidden in the back of the game. You can fill it with snacks or croquettes at your choice. Depending on how you arrange the individual components, the difficulty level will be more or less high - perfect for any level of training.

Buy this Move the Flower Tower for just $ 93



9.Organic Cotton Dog Toy

Allow your hairy companion a charming and fun toy to play with. This natural cotton stitch toy culminates for littler mutts and puppies. Carefully assembled 100% tall quality delicate natural cotton, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. Each toy highlights a squeaker interior for included fun.

Buy this Organic Cotton Dog Toy for just $ 32



10.Organic Cotton Star Toy

Allow your furry companion a charming and fun toy to play with. This natural cotton sew toy is culminating for littler mutts and puppies. Carefully assembled 100% tall quality delicate natural cotton, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. Each toy highlights a squeaker interior for included fun.

Buy thisOrganic Cotton Star Toy for just $ 30



11.Interactive Tornado Toy

Complete with four layers of spinning fun, The Interactive Tornado Toy is sure to become your new go-to treat dog game. Help reduce destructive behavior and eliminate boredom while strengthening the bond between you and your dog by interacting with Interactive Tornado Toy.

Buy this Interactive Tornado Toy for just $ 88



12.Dog Smart Toy Puzzle

Get ready to hide, seek, and treat with this dog puzzle. It works with your dog to beat boredom and keep them engaged, reducing destructive behavior. Fun for all dogs regardless of age, size, or breed, it is sure to be your furry friend's new favorite!

Buy this Dog Smart Toy Puzzle for just $ 77


13.Puppy Cuddly Toy Cozy Crocodile

A puppy often likes security and something to sleep against, after all, they may still miss their littermates or mother. Especially in a "cold" bench, it is nice that they can sleep against something. The Puppy Cuddle Cozy from Beeztees is a wonderful cuddly toy for your puppy.

The Cozy cuddly toys are ideal to give your puppy a safe feeling in the crate. This extra long cuddly toy can be placed against the edge of the crate so that your puppy can snuggle up against it. And these cuddly toys also look very cute! Of course, you can also use the Cozy outside the crate as a cuddly toy or toy.

Buy this  Puppy Cuddly Toy Cozy Crocodile for just $ 61



14.Lovely Handmade Fox Toy

When it comes to playing, large dogs often become small children too. And nothing is stronger than the play instinct of cute puppies. The design of these toys takes this into account and is accordingly based on the look of cute baby toys. The handmade look in connection with the many imaginative details in shape and color as well as the pleasant vintage flair make it a charming addition to the play box of your four-legged friend.

Buy this Lovely Handmade Fox Toy for just $ 64



15.Huge Cuddly Dog-shaped Plush Toy

This huge cuddly dog-shaped plush toy won't leave your puppy indifferent!

It is the size of a real doggie, making it the perfect companion for your beloved little dog. He can snuggle up to him for a nap, climb on his back to pull his big ears if he feels like playing, or even chew on his nose!

The possibilities are endless with a friend of such size!

Buy this Huge Cuddly Dog-shaped Plush Toy for just $ 114



16.Plush Raccoon Toy

Plush Raccoon Toy is the plush toy that will stimulate your dog's hunting and chewing activity. Charlotte is a cute raccoon. Its shape facilitates the dog's grip and transport and offers the possibility of relieving stress.

It is the fluffy toy for dogs who love to hunt and gnaw on cloth. It is a soft plush raccoon that allows an easy grip by the dog.

Buy this Plush Raccoon Toy for just $ 55



17.Dog Ball with Double Handle

Dog Ball with Double Handle is the perfect toy for outdoor activities, in the garden, in the park, and at home. It is a double handle ball that supports the dog's play activity and allows an easy grip in case of throwing or retrieving.

Buy this Dog Ball with Double Handle for just $ 66



18.Chase the Ball Toy

It is an interactive toy for dogs. It is a sphere made of sturdy material, suitable for grip and small falls. It has a plush tail that recalls the shape of a small animal and invites the dog to chase it and try to catch it.

Buy this Chase the Ball Toy for just $ 76




19.Cute Plush Squirrel

It is a plush toy for dogs who love to hunt and gnaw on cloth. Dixie is a soft squirrel in a plush that allows an easy grip by the dog. It emits an attractive whistle, like Squeaker games, to make the playing activity even more stimulating.

Buy thisCute Plush Squirrel just for $ 55



20.Dog Ball Shooter Weapon

It is a ball shooting game to have fun with your dog: it contains 2 standard tennis balls and has a range of 23 meters. 

Dog Ball Shooter Weapon is a fun way to play with your dog in the open air. Thanks to it your dog will be encouraged to run, improving his weight and coordination. Have fun challenging him with more and more distant throws, up to a maximum range of 23 m!

Buy this Dog Ball Shooter Weapon for just $ 87



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It seems that 2020 was designed for failure. Probably enough to talk about bad days, when all of humanity had an extremely bad year. However, the curse of 2020 hit the people from our Bemorepand article especially hard, but despite this, they found the strength to talk about their failures.


Someone accidentally lost their fingers shortly before the delivery of a new guitar, someone almost nailed a woman with a violin, and the accident of a shepherd is better to see with your own eyes. Even if you quit your job, turn off the water, gas and electricity, and just lie on the floor doing nothing, then a tooth can easily fall out. We've all had a really bad year, but some of us might tell you more about it. Next up are 65 people whose 2020 was particularly lousy, and here's why.


1. You were like a brother to me!


2. “I'm going to move to a new home. Found a note on the table from the pest control that they were in the house recently. I called to see what they did with the cockroaches. They said nothing, because they didn't find any trace of cockroaches anywhere. So .. "


3.This house, too, will soon have to say goodbye


4. “I put on two different shoes this morning to get my wife's opinion. I forgot to change my shoes before going out, and I worked like this all day "


5. "The most expensive toy for a dog"


6. "Lost 2 fingers in an accident at work on the day my new guitar was delivered."


7. "It seems my pillow couldn't be washed in the washing machine."


8. This panda has completely lost her head


9. "A strong gust of wind blew my pipe"


10. Soft-boiled


11. Unsuccessful attempt to take a shortcut by running behind a street musician


12. "A candle accidentally leaked onto my new carpet."


13. How it all began and how it ended


14. "After a summer full of love .."


15. Glassware scattered in the oven


16. An ordinary day in the life of a shepherd


17. Dropped a can of paint from the steps


18. "My Xbox decided it would be a great idea to burn out after I leave the house."


19. "Tomorrow is my first day of distance learning"


20. “I went to play paintball with my friends. It seems that something went wrong "


21.Cooking fails


22.Ordinary school day


23.Shower fail


24.When you fail to instal the cat door


25.That cat is on his vibe


26.Nothing going wrong, just a normal day in kitchen


27.Empty streets on quarantine, but these two found each other


30.That's because a printer


31.Favorite new vacum


32.Short and clear description


33.Something's wrong with the pipe


34.How your day is going on?


35.Just a new road and a super car


36.Fails during 2020


37.Nevermind a good day


38.How 2020 is running after me


39.When you regret something


40.Tasty food, nevermind


41. "Just Lost My Job, Dental Insurance, And Now A Tooth"


42. "Pleased in oil paint"


43. “We canceled our honeymoon due to the coronavirus. After the wedding, at the last moment, we decided to go on a mini honeymoon. On the first night at the hotel, we saw a fat "boy" hobbling over the sheets. Of course, it turned out to be a bug. We did our best not to bring them home. We didn't succeed ... "


44. "The trip to the vet started very badly."


45. "I raised the stairs, forgetting that there was paint at the top."


46. ​​Circus number, in which one disaster after another


47. "Hair dye allergy"


48. “After losing a third of my weight, I finally didn't feel so fat anymore. The toilet did not agree with me "


49. "When you shoot a tiger shark, and it swims away with your camera."


50. “This morning I went to my first job with a glass of fresh coffee in my hands. This is not cream, this is crow shit. "


51. "Toilet paper the size of a small player"


52. The organizers arranged a bicycle race on the day when, according to the forecast, there was a strong wind


53. "My Lush bath bomb made my bath look like it was full of piss."


54. I tried to make a lobster-shaped pie


55. Not the best print location



56. Now I'll show you something cool



57. “In eastern China, a man cut off his finger after being bitten by a viper. The doctors at the hospital where he was treated said it was unnecessary since her bite is not fatal. "


58. "Today our dog soaked the entire corridor."


59. "I've been waiting for this for 3 months"


60. “A water snake has somehow settled in my closet”


61. Why you shouldn't go fishing in Australia National Park


62. “Yesterday we found my wife's phone in the toilet. We weren't sure which of our three children put it there ... until today my wife looked at her photos. "


63. "Never leave the kayak in the sun"


64. Well, this guy is not so bad, at least a cat warms him


65. “How my TV was delivered to me. Notice the word "FRAGILE" written in big red letters on each side of the box. "



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