Top 10 largest planes in the world

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“The desire to fly is an idea passed down to us by our ancestors, who, in their exhausting off-road travels in prehistoric times, looked with envy at birds that soar freely in space, at full speed, without any obstacles on the endless road of air”, - once said Wilbur Wright.

Could the Wright brothers, back in 1903, imagine what their idea of ​​controlled flight in the air would turn into? Now you will not surprise anyone with supersonic aircraft and winged colossus capable of transporting not only people, but also heavy equipment. Well, even if we cannot fly like birds, we can, if we wish, fly on one of the largest planes in the world. Choose which of these giants you like the most.

10. ANT-20

Role: multipurpose aircraft.

Developer: KB Tupolev, USSR.

This aircraft, created at the Voronezh Aviation Plant in 1934, became the largest aircraft of its time. Its wingspan reached 63 meters, and the maximum take-off weight was 42,000 kg. The ANT-20 was serviced by a staff of 5 people, and the aircraft could take 48 passengers on board. When the "dad" of the Little Prince Antoine de Saint-Exupéry arrived in the USSR, he flew the ANT-20. But the life of this model was short-lived. In 1935, during a demonstration flight, the plane took off together with an I-5 fighter, which was supposed to demonstrate the difference in size for newsreels.

During the performance of aerobatics I-5 entered the Nesterov loop, lost speed and crashed on top of ANT-20. That, in turn, began to fall apart in the sky and fell on the holiday village Sokol. The accident killed 49 people. At the Novodevichy cemetery, a memorial has been preserved, topped with a huge granite bas-relief of the crashed plane.

9. Boeing 747 LCF (Dreamlifter)

Role: transport aircraft.

Developer: Boeing.

An unrivaled aircraft in terms of fuselage roominess. The volume of its transport compartment is 1840 cubic meters. It is used exclusively to transport parts of the Boeing 787 aircraft that are constructed by third-party suppliers. A total of 4 Dreamlifters were put into operation. 0 Source: basetop.ru The Boeing 747 LCF looks ugly, for which it has even been compared to the Wienermobile, a bun-shaped car used to promote and advertise Oscar Mayer products in the United States. And the head of Boeing, Scott Carson, jokingly apologized to Joe Sutter, the head of the Boeing 747 development team, for what he had done with his plane.

8. Boeing 747-8

Role: passenger airliner.

Developer: Boeing.

At Boeing, they know how to design aircraft that set records. The 747-8 became the longest passenger aircraft in the world. Its length is 76.4 meters. The Boeing 747-8 is a representative of the new generation of the Boeing 747 series (eighth in our list). It features a longer fuselage, improved wing, and greater cost efficiency.

7. Boeing 747

Role: passenger airliner.

Developer: Boeing.

Once upon a question about what is the largest aircraft in the world in terms of passenger capacity, the designers of the double-deck Boeing 747 proudly answered: "Our"! Depending on the modification, the aircraft can accommodate up to 624 passengers. But then the Airbus A380 appeared and pushed the Boeing 747 off the plinth of the most capacious aircraft. If you've watched Casino Royale with Daniel Craig as James Bond, you may remember the SkyFleet S570 that the terrorists wanted to blow up.

The role of this airliner was the Boeing 747-236B, which was built in 1980 and flew until 2002. A worthy end to your career. And one of the largest plane crashes in the world is associated with the Boeing 747. It happened in 1977 on the island of Tenerife. In the fog, two Boeing 747s collided with each other on the runway, killing 583 people.

6. An-22

Role: transport aircraft.

Developer: OKB im. O.K. Antonova.

This winged aircraft, named "Antey" in honor of the invincible giant

from ancient Greek myths, is still the world's largest turboprop aircraft. Transportation of goods during the war in Afghanistan and during the liquidation of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, transportation of refugees and military personnel from Eastern Europe and the near abroad - this is not a complete "track record" of An-22. And on one of the passenger flights organized during the air bridge between Egypt and the Soviet Union in 1972, Antey set a record, taking on board almost 700 people. This is a real hard worker, reliable and unpretentious in operation.

5. An-124

Role: transport aircraft.

Developer: OKB im. O.K. Antonova.

The five largest aircraft in the world are opened by Soviet development, which before the appearance of the Airbus A380 (the fourth number in the list) was considered the largest of the serially produced aircraft.However, the title of "the largest military aircraft" from the An-124 has not yet been taken away, as well as the title of the world's most cargo-lifting serial transport aircraft. 0 Source: basetop.ru And although the production of Ruslan, as Oleg Konstantinovich Antonov called this aircraft, is now suspended, the existing aircraft fleet will be modernized. This was announced in July 2018 by Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov.

4. Airbus A380

Role: passenger liner.

Developer: Airbus.

The largest commercial aircraft in the world (of mass production) and one of the largest aircraft on Earth. When you watch a video of one of the largest planes in the world, it's hard to believe that such a colossus is capable of taking off. 0 Source: basetop.ru Airbus A380 is capable of carrying up to 853 passengers in economy class configuration. By comparison, the A380's main competitor, the Boeing 747 passenger airliner, carries only 624 people in full economy class configuration. It's not just airlines that own the luxurious Airbus A380s. By order of the Saudi prince Al-Walid ibn Talal, a private jet was built, which cost the owner $ 488 million.

3. Airbus A340-600

Role: passenger liner.

Developer: Airbus.

It is the largest member of the Airbus A340 family and the third longest aircraft in the world (75.36 meters). Aircraft of the Airbus A340 type were produced until November 2011, but they could not compete with the Boeing 777. However, they still carry out passenger traffic in various countries of the world. 0 Source: basetop.ru It is curious that for the entire period of operation (since 1993) only five A340 aircraft were lost. However, not a single passenger or crew member was killed.

2. An-225 (Mriya)

Role: cargo plane.

Developer: OKB im. O.K. Antonova.

It is the largest transport plane ever built. Its maximum take-off weight is 640 tons, and its payload is 250 tons. 0 Source: basetop.ru An-225 is capable of transporting vehicles, construction and military equipment and other bulky goods to different parts of the world on its fuselage. But this giant was intended for a different, much larger purpose. It was created as part of the Buran reusable spacecraft project. It was assumed that the An-225 will transport the components of the Buran and the launch vehicle from the place of creation and assembly to the place of launch. 0 Source: basetop.ru The first flight of Mriya (a dream translated from Ukrainian) took place in December 1988, carrying a Buran weighing sixty tons. However, after the collapse of the USSR, the "dream" was left without work. They began to operate it again (after appropriate modernization) only in 2000, for commercial transportation. More recently, in September 2018, the giant plane set a new record by making a thirteen-hour non-stop flight from Ukrainian Gostomel to the American airport in Auckland. He covered a distance of 9800 km. ×

1. Stratolaunch

Role: carrier plane.

Developer: Scaled Composites.

This huge plane will not carry ordinary cargo. Rather, it will serve as another way to deliver objects, namely satellites, into the stratosphere before launching them into space orbit. This mode of transport will be more reliable and less expensive than traditional rockets. 0 Source: basetop.ru Unlike the largest aircraft in the world - the Ukrainian Mriya - the American Stratolaunch does not fly yet. Its first demonstration took place in May 2017. In terms of a wingspan of 117.3 meters, it is much superior to the An-225 (88.4 meters, respectively). The Stratolaunch is currently the largest wingspan in the world. However, the American is inferior to the Ukrainian "colleague" in maximum take-off weight (589,670 kg and 640,000 kg, respectively) and length (73 meters for Stratolaunch versus 84 meters for An-225). The exact dates of the new Stratolaunch tests are still unknown. Engineers hope this aircraft will enter service within the next 10 years.

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US Vice President Mike Pence, 61, was the target of social media amusement. That was after he tripped on the stairs of the Air Force Two plane, while boarding, on Tuesday, June 23, at the Washington airport.


 He was about to fall on his nose and get seriously injured. Fortunately, he managed to lean on his hands, avoiding a devastating fall.

Here is the picture: 

This did not spare him the jokes of his followers on the social network, such as: “Hey Pence - Have a nice trip, to see you at the next fall. When you collapse. ” Pence flew to Wisconsin to discuss schools with Education Minister Betsy DeVos.

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The plane is considered one of the most popular modes of transport. As of 2022, there were 22.2 million flights worldwide. Of course, not everyone likes this way of moving. At the same time, its positive aspects cannot be ignored. 


Recommendations for novice tourists who are at the airport and are about to fly.


We at Bemorepanda have compiled tips that will be useful for people who prefer air travel. Thanks to them, any trip will be as easy and interesting as possible. And at the end you will find a bonus that will be useful to those who are stuck at the airport for a long time.


Life hack 1: Correct actions at the baggage conveyor

When receiving luggage, you should not stand close to the conveyor belt all the time. It is better to take a few steps back and when the right bag appears, just take it and move on.


— sandypassage/reddit.com


Life hack 2: Arrive at the airport before check-in and boarding

Arriving early and being bored a couple of hours before departure is much better than arriving 5 minutes before check-in closes and feeling stressed out.


— anon/reddit.com


Life hack 3: Don't be silent

For example, if a passenger at Copenhagen Airport has some kind of problem that is invisible to others (disability, eating disorder, or something else), then he can go to the service desk and receive a sunflower badge. The staff will know that this person has some kind of problem (without asking what it is) and will be more accommodating to him.


Other airports may also have this option. Check it out ahead of time online.


— crazymissdaisy87 / Reddit.com


Life hack 4: If a person put on headphones, then he does not want to talk

Some people don't even listen to music while wearing headphones. They just use them to drown out sounds that are too loud. You should treat it like sunglasses on a blind person and don't get offended.


— jabs1042 / Reddit.com


Life hack 5: Be good on the plane

You should not stretch your legs towards another person, lean on and sleep on strangers. Men or women with long hair should not throw it over the back of the seat. This will cause inconvenience to the passenger sitting in the back.


— alieshasavage / Reddit.com


Life hack 6: Get everything you need done before landing

Before landing, you must go to the restroom and satisfy other similar needs.




Life hack 7: Don't lean on someone else's seat

A person sitting in the middle of the aircraft cabin has access to two armrests. Therefore, do not encroach on what belongs to another.


obligatoryclevername / Reddit.com


Life hack 8: Keep your distance

The passenger should not engage other people on the plane in small talk. Especially if they do not want this and continue to do their own thing (read, sleep or listen to music).


Also, before flying, children should be taught not to kick the seat of the person in front of them.


— anon/reddit.com


Life hack 9: Don't make everyone wait

After the security check, when the X-ray conveyor belt brings the tray with outerwear, wallet, belt, shoes, bag, laptop, etc., you should not stand in front of the queue, dressing slowly and making everyone else nervous and waiting. You need to take your things and take them to the benches and tables set aside specifically for this purpose.


— anon/reddit.com


Life hack 10: Children are the responsibility of parents

Passengers with children should bring something to keep them entertained during a long flight. If this something has sound, you should make sure that they are wearing headphones. Parents may have become accustomed to the PAW Patrol's cartoon talk and toy cries, but the rest of the plane doesn't have to listen.


Life hack 11: Do not neglect the rules of personal hygiene

When preparing for a flight, passengers should choose appropriate clothing. It is better to refuse shoes under which you will not put on a sock. Especially if you like to take off your shoes on an airplane. For example, agree that you will look silly with bare feet. The attention of other passengers to your feet will be ensured.


Also, barefoot passengers look ridiculous before boarding a flight, when they take off their shoes during the inspection. — icanbeafrick / Reddit.com


Also, travelers are reminded to remember to use deodorant before the flight. — DianneQuinn / Reddit.com


Life hack 12: Pay attention to the scoreboard

You should not just trust the number of the passage through which you board the plane indicated in the phone application. Always double check airport screens. In the application or on the site, the information about the place of boarding the aircraft may be incorrect.


— googooachu / Reddit.com


Life hack 13: Passengers are responsible for their belongings

Passengers are not recommended to leave their bags unattended, as well as instruct strangers to watch them. Of course, it's good to be a kind and helpful person, but you should never take responsibility for someone else's luggage - who knows what's in it? Therefore, it is easy to get into a difficult situation.


— kevinokai / Reddit.com


Life hack 14: Don't lean on adjacent seat backs

Passengers should never put their feet on the adjacent armrest. Also, do not use the head restraint in front of you for support to help you get up from your seat. This action turns the seat of the people in front into a catapult.


— CareerMicDro / Reddit.com


Life hack 15: You should take at least two bags on a trip

The backpack must contain all the things that passengers would like to have on hand at all times during the flight. A large suitcase should only be opened after the plane has landed.


— satya314 / Reddit.com


Life hack 16: Stay away from the queue of old people, children and families

Experienced travelers recommend standing in line for business people. There's a great scene in Up in the Air where Clooney talks about the different types of people who use planes to travel. Everything he said was true.


— satya314 / Reddit.com


Life hack 17: Control yourself

Flight attendants have heard a thousand times from passengers requests to transfer them to business class, naming hundreds of reasons why it is they who need to transfer from economy. However, changing from cheap seats to business class is not so easy. If you still managed to achieve what you wanted, you should not brag about it at every step. This can bring trouble to the flight attendants who transplanted you in good faith.


— satya314 / Reddit.com


Life hack 18: This can come in handy during the flight

If a person flies frequently, then he should purchase a pair of noise-canceling headphones.


A small powerbank can make all the difference if your gadgets run out of battery.


On board the aircraft, you should carry a small bag containing the usual over-the-counter medicines that you may need on the journey.


— satya314 / Reddit.com


Life hack 19: Don't sit by the window

If a person knows that he will constantly visit the restroom, it is better for him not to sit in the window seat.


— Vegas_Keys / Reddit.com


Life hack 20: Take an empty water bottle with you

An empty container can be refilled in a bar, cafe, and in case of emergency in the toilet, although it is not recommended to use tap water in the latrines. Air travel dehydrates the body, and most passengers still do not drink enough fluids during the flight. Plus be aware that airport water is very expensive


Airports are a place where people can forget the basic rules of courtesy. However, in order to catch your flight, you need to be able to quickly navigate and behave more decisively than usual.


Don't skip meals on long-haul flights, even if it's pizza and beer for breakfast.


If there are no empty seats in the waiting rooms, then you can safely sit on the floor - it's better than standing for several hours before the announcement of registration for the desired flight.


Life Hack 21: Use Useful Websites Before Your Flight

SeatGuru.com is a site for choosing the best seats on an airplane. Here you can read tips on where to sit in the cabin, find out where there are seats with extra legroom, considering the shape of the airliner, read the details of a particular flight, get a description of your aircraft, and read traveler reviews.


By the way, novice aviation tourists should know that engine vibrations are most felt in places near the wings. On long flights in such places, you may feel noticeably more tired.


Bonus: If you don’t know what to do at the airport after being stuck in it for a long time, here is what one traveler advises:


If you have a lot of time before your flight and you do not know what to do with yourself, go to the baggage claim area, to the place where passengers are given their arriving animals. You can get stuck for a long time watching dogs, cats and other beloved pets run out of their carriers and rush to their owners. According to the author of the advice, all animals behave differently, which was a discovery for him.


— Scrappy_Larue / Reddit.com



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The coronavirus spreads and continuously affects everyone, no matter where, on plane or ground. The virus resulted a new record for the world's longest commercial flight in distance, after an Air Tahiti Nui plane was forced to fly from French Polynesia to France in an epic, nonstop, 16-hour trip across 9,765-miles.


On March 14, Air Tahiti Nui flight TN064 from Tahiti to Paris became the longest recorded scheduled passenger flight by distance, The Independent reports. It took it flight from Papeete at 3 a.m., on the local time, on Saturday and touched the ground at Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris at 6:30 a.m. local time on Sunday, according to the New York Post.

Though the flight there is a stop in Los Angeles to pick up passengers and refuel, but not this time, due to imposed bans, it was prohibited for the planes that have at the board foreign nations that have been to Europe, to enter the U.S. 


From start to finish, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner reportedly spent about 15 hours and 45 minutes flying.

Though the Saturday flight happend because of the current travel ban, it beaten the distance record for a 9,534-mile passenger flight between Singapore and Newark, established by Singapore Airlines.


What are the top 10 longest flights?


  • Singapore Airlines: Newark (EWR) to Singapore (SIN): 9,521 miles; 18 hours, 45 minutes
  • Qatar Airways: Auckland (AKL) to Doha (DOH): 9,032 miles; 17 hours, 40 minutes
  • Qantas: Perth (PER) to London Heathrow (LHR): 9,010 miles; 17 hours, 20 minutes
  • Emirates: Auckland (AKL) to Dubai (DXB): 8,824 miles; 17 hours, 20 minutes
  • United Airlines (until October 27) and Singapore Airlines (starting November 2): Los Angeles (LAX) to Singapore (SIN): 8,770 miles; 17 hours, 15-50 minutes
  • United Airlines: Houston (IAH) to Sydney (SYD): 8,596 miles; 17 hours, 20 minutes
  • Qantas: Dallas-Ft. Worth (DFW) to Sydney (SYD): 8,578 miles; 17 hours, 15 minutes
  • United Airlines and Singapore Airlines: San Francisco (SFO) to Singapore (SIN): 8,446 miles; 16 hours, 35-40 minutes
  • Delta Air Lines: Johannesburg (JNB) to Atlanta (ATL): 8,439 miles; 16 hours, 27 minutes
  • Etihad: Abu Dhabi (AUH) to Los Angeles (LAX): 8,390 miles; 16 hours, 30 minutes
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In the first week, your cat kitty sleep over 20 hours a day: about 90% of the time! Her sleep is light, restless, with small rapid contractions of the muscles of the face and ears and can even make barely perceptible sounds. Let's find out together with Bemorepanda more interesting things about sleeping kittens!


There are signs of "superficial sleep" (sometimes called paradoxical sleep or REM sleep - rapid eye movement). You may also notice that the newborn sleeps with his siblings with his mother. Because he is not yet able to adjust his body temperature on his own, he sleeps instinctively to warm up and feel protected.


Remember that your kitten can double in size in the first week of life, and for such a fast growth process it takes a lot of sleep. Among other things, sleep allows your little friend to rest and, in addition, strengthens the learning and memorization process.


Sleep, along with a proper diet, is essential for the development of your cat's brain, nervous system, muscles and bones. The frequency and duration of sleep periods will depend on the age, but also on the personality and lifestyle of the cat; the more active the cat, the more it should sleep.


Cats sleep, on average, 15 hours a day and some of them can even sleep 20 hours. Kittens and older cats tend to sleep more than adults. Have you ever wondered what causes this phenomenon?


They are nocturnal predators

Cats are most active from sunset to sunrise, because they are nocturnal predators. Since most of their activity takes place at night, cats sleep most of the day.


Conserve energy

Cats have the body of a predator, adapted to running and hunting (especially at night). Bigger cats, such as lions, have a similar cycle during the day.


Prey hunting requires a very high energy consumption. Even if the only thing your pet cat hunts is the feathered toy, its body was created to conserve energy.


They are vigilant

Like humans, cats have light sleep and deep sleep. When your cat only moans (which takes about 15-30 minutes), it will position its body so that it can jump in case of danger.

Deep sleep lasts about 5 minutes, after which the cat will return to moaning. This pattern continues until he wakes up.


They are affected by the weather

Cats' behavior can vary depending on breed, age, temperament, health, etc., but experts have noticed that cats tend to sleep more if it is raining or cold outside.


They can adapt

Even if cats prefer to be active at night, they adapt very easily. If your cat notices that he will spend more time with you if he sleeps at night and is awake during the day, he will adjust his sleep pattern.





















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Sometimes you can learn a lot of useful things from the Internet by simply leafing through pictures.  In this post Bemorepanda collected different facts about everything that will help broaden our horizons, as well as distract for a couple of minutes from the routine. 

 1. In 2016, a Chinese businessman Xiong Shuihua demolished all the houses in his native village and built villas in their place.  

2. You would be confused to see such a door in your entrance for the first time.  This is just a drawing with an optical illusion. 

3. The Varani people live in Ecuador.  After lengthy litigation, they won a case against an oil company claiming their land.  In the photo, members of the Amazon tribe in the courtroom.

4. In 2015, Ford installed wide-angle front and rear 1-megapixel cameras on its cars that allow "seeing from around the corner."  The problem of "blind" zones has been solved.

5. Animal rights advocates have figured out how to protect elephants from poachers: they painted the animal tusks with pink paint, which is marked with banknotes in banks.  It does not harm the animal, but it is impossible to wash it off.  Buyers do not need such tusks. 

6. Does it look edible?  In fact, in the photo there is not grapes, but a mineral called "grape chalcedony".

7. This is the cross sea.  It looks like this because of wave systems moving at different angles. 

8. This is a tree called Jabuticaba (or Brazilian grape tree).  Its fruits grow directly from the bark. 

9. The guy took off the lightning for 2 hours and then combined all the frames in one.

10. City in Peru around the oasis in Huacachina.

11. In the Congaree National Park, the water in the lake turns different colors at a certain temperature.

12. Blacks couples born white baby.  No, the DNA test confirmed that the spouses are the biological parents of the baby.  Perhaps these are white dormant genes or mutating albinism.

13. Scientists have tracked eagle movements using GPS for 20 years.  Here are his flights.

14. Trace after a needle prick on the skin, taken with a microscope.

15. This is how entrants of the GITIS acting faculty are evaluated in the era of coronavirus.

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